Thursday, 2014-11-27

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_dinsdaleI'm wondering if my build error is because there is no 10.1 manifest for a onePlus and I am fighting upstream instead of switching revisions?04:32
_dinsdaleThis is what my local manifest looks like:
_dinsdalehmm.. I suppose I am simply exposing my terrible understanding of Github and repo.04:44
_dinsdaleThis is the build error I'm getting:
_dinsdaleI have been trying to track down the package that's needed but I don't know enough about what is being built yet04:49
_dinsdalehmmm... and then every now and then this happens: "bash: repo: command not found"05:12
_dinsdaleokay, so ~/bin is not in my PATH now? weird...05:15
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_dinsdaleokay, I re-synced and it seems to be working now. :D05:32
* _dinsdale does the happy dance05:35
_dinsdaledamn, dies in the same place. make: *** No rule to make target `/home/russellh/mer/android/droid/out/target/product/bacon/obj/STATIC_LIBRARIES/libminui_intermediates/export_includes', needed by `/home/russellh/mer/android/droid/out/target/product/bacon/obj/EXECUTABLES/charger_intermediates/import_includes'.  Stop.05:38
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zGrrmoin :)08:15
zGrrmorgen, morgen :)08:28
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sledgesawesom news! Nexus5 can now have lollipop as primary ROM, and SFOS+CM11 as secondary, and it -just works-!! again thanks Tassadar for making this happen :)16:27
locusflol :)16:27
locusfsounds awesome16:27
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sledgessure, especially most on xda just switched to lollipop thinking that sfos would need an update too;P16:31
locusfI should do some newer Nemo releases soon16:33
locusfonce the maguro arrives16:33
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locusfand armv7hl project stops building for mer-core:devel16:34
sledgeshow's xulrunner doing?:)16:37
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locusfit compiled just fine on i48616:43
cjmI have Nexus5 version 4.4.4 as primary with SFOS+CM11 as secondary, is it possible to update to lollipop without reinstall SFOS+CM11?16:44
sledgescjm: how can you imagine upgrading to lollipop without losing all your data partition in genera?16:44
sledges(is where sfos/mroms reside altogether)16:44
sledgesyou'll also have to reinstall MultiROM on top of lollipop (patched kernel etc) over again16:45
sledgesso unless you know very well how MultiROM stores its roms, I don't think it's straightforward16:46
cjmsledges: Many Thanks.16:46
sledgesthis is when i miss sfos backup feature working under nexus5 ;p16:46
cjmNexus4 image is missing some gst plugins, I could not run any player16:47
cjmI meant Nexus5 instead of Nexus416:47
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sledgescjm: that's known issue, together with camera not working - they are all related16:48
cjmslefges: is there any way how to contribute?16:49
sledgessure, help testing gstreamer-1.0 on nexus5 and if successful, try to help more!16:50
cjmsledges: is there a place where I can report bugs or something else regarding Nexus5 image?16:51
sledgessure, it's in the topic16:51
sledges[hammerhead] are the nexus5 bugs16:52
cjmdo you mean in this channel?16:52
sledgesyes, of this channel's topic16:53
cjm<sledges> is the bug list only related to hardware or apps can also be covered?16:59
sledgescjm: if apps don't launch because of hardware, then yes. if unsure, or if app misbehaves, might be that you'll find an answer on https://together.jolla.com17:00
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cjmsledges: some apps, example: terminal has font too small on Nexus5, I guess it looks better on Jolla phone.17:06
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sledgescjm: the UI-scaling issues (as they are not HW bugs as such) please also report to TJC, tag it with "community-build". This way it will get picked up by our designers, especially when the tablet's on the way it's important, thanks!17:09
sledgescjm: terminal has option to increase font, but yes, keyboard looks horrid17:09
sledgesand it should auto-select font depending on device's DPI, so yes, a question worth submitting to TJC, hope you'll do that;)17:11
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vgradeif you see _dinsdale ask him to ping me18:50
vgradeevening btw18:50
sledgeso/ vgrade how goes?18:50
Stskeepsmoo vgrade18:50
vgradehad a day working from home so my head does not feel like exploding as it usualy does around this time18:51
vgrade\o Stskeeps18:51
vgradetravelling really take its toll18:51
Stskeepscan imagine18:51
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vgradesledges: I see N5 has had some love from situ and yourself18:54
vgradesledges: hows it looking18:54
situvgrade: We got update9 running18:54
vgradehey situ , nice18:54
situvgrade: but backlight remains on at the time of sleep which is causing battery to drain18:55
situmagnetic sensor now works (probably some android service is working now).18:55
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vgradesitu: there was some hack for proximety I recall18:56
vgradesensors nice18:56
situproximity sensor is not working.18:56
sledgessitu found that commenting some sensors out sensorfw (sensord) doesn't crash anymore-18:56
sledgesbut we haven't looked closer18:57
sledgeswe could hopefully come up with a set of sensors that could work, hopes up18:57
sledgesshould also be trivial to test18:57
vgradewas there a is there isdsddsd[6~[6~[6~[6~dsds18:58
vgradewas there an image link?18:58
situvgrade: this one without usb-moded18:59
vgradethanks sledges , situ18:59
situvgrade: Sure, glad to see you remember us :P19:00
vgradesorry guys , day job is really demanding at the moment19:00
situNo problems.19:01
vgradesitu: how is the Jolla going locally19:03
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situI think they made a good start. I know some people from kde community bought it.19:08
vgradegreat, still only seen one in the uk (apart from Jolla folks)19:09
sledgeshey fixed the backlight problem!19:12
sledgesmcetool --set-brightness-fade-blank=019:12
sledgesnow how to put it in autostart nicel :)19:12
spiiroinsledges: it is persistent19:12
sledgesspiiroin: yes, but in an image19:12
sledges(thanks for looking at us from between the clouds ;))19:13
spiiroinsledges: add /etc/mce/##xxx.conf19:13
sledgesyes, like no-proxim19:13
spiiroinbut is this for hammerhead?19:13
sledgesso what is the path i should write inside the .conf ?19:14
spiiroina sec19:14
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spiiroinbut I thought it should have worked with non-zero fade too... what version of mce you're using for hammerhead?19:17
situspiiroin: display fails to come up with that19:18
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sledgesspiiroin: we're running update9, where this problem popped up19:19
sledgesspiiroin: mce-1.33.5-1.30.1.armv7hl19:19
spiiroinsitu: yeah, I specifically made some changes that should have fixed it some time ago19:19
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spiiroin1.36.5 -> "Wait for fade-to-black to finish before stopping display updates"19:21
sledgeswhoopsers :)19:21
spiiroinnow that the mce<-->lipstick dbus breakage is done (update9 lipstick), there should be no reason not to use the latest mce19:22
situsledges: - [mce] Add support for hammerhead magnetic lid sensor. Fixes JB#2163919:23
sledgesspiiroin: wonderful! and also hugs for the magnetic sensor work \o/19:23
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situspiiroin: now make rest of the sensors work :P19:31
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sledgesplease :P19:32
sledgesbut situ (or anyone with hammerhead) , could you just find a working set of sensors, disable others, and then see if they work19:33
situsledges: Let me try latest mce first19:33
sledgesas long as sensord doesn't crash, that's a very promising progress already19:33
sledges1.36.5 ?19:33
sledgesor are you going an extra mile?19:33
sledgeshell yes :)19:34
sledgesbacklight you mean :P19:35
situbacklight is off I mean.19:35
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sledgesok sensord doesn't segfault with commenting only 3 sensors out in /etc/sensorfw/primaryuse.conf: accelerometeradaptor, alsadaptor, and magnetometeradaptor19:44
sledgessitu: ^19:44
sledgessadly q19:45
sledgessadly that doesn't give us any nice sensors remaining, nor easily checking if they work (proxim, gyro and orientationadaptor whatever that means)19:45
sledgesi think lpotter could help us here19:45
* sledges goes afk for couple of hours, have fun!19:47
sledgesok i just called 911 in my SIM-less hammerhead and proximity sensor didn't kick in when i put the phone next to my hea19:49
Stskeeps.. you walked into an accident?19:50
sledgesgood that it just said "Problem with network", not with me :D19:51
sledgesand didn't call authorities19:51
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energycsdxsledges: how to debug sensorsfw20:35
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sledgesenergycsdx: gdb, also loglevel=warnings, check cmdline in .service21:06
sledgestest_sensors also21:06
energycsdxsledges: restarted it several times and now it works21:07
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