Saturday, 2014-11-29

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locusfhave any of you guys attempted to create a hadk setup on top of replicant instead of cyanogenmod?13:11
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sledgeslocusf: hadk can be done on top of aosp too, as long as you apply those patches13:12
locusfsledges: patches?13:13
locusffor hybris?13:13
sledgesall that you see in*13:13
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locusfsledges: ok13:15
vgradelocusf: I had some success on evervolv base with hybris patches13:27
locusfvgrade: ok cool13:27
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marxistveganfolks in nexus4 I think i missed a step but what is the default devel-su password?14:38
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sledgesmarxistvegan: set it yourself in settings->developer options15:34
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vakkovofftopic:   < -- you might find it interesting; they also hacked some of the new cars that are all computer-based. p.s. posting it mainly becuase the quadcopter english guy who collects smartphone data has an n900 on his desk :P15:42
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UmeaboyI know it'll take some time to do so, but it would be nice to make a program that uses the HADK to build an image and then flashes it at the end. Similar to the Jailbreak program for Apple devices that just need a mouse click. ;)16:38
Umeaboysledges: Your thoughts on that?16:39
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sledgesUmeaboy: its done16:56
Umeaboysledges: Really? In form of a GUI that you just need to click a button on?16:57
UmeaboyAny pic of it?16:57
marxistvegansledges: thanks17:03
sledgesshell script17:03
sledgesmarxistvegan: yw17:04
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Umeaboysledges: Link is broken.17:19
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Stskeepsvgrade: did you have a oneplus adaptation ooi17:31
Stskeepsor who did17:31
vgradeStskeeps: I have something but fails on lipstick with gralloc issues,
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vgradegralloc succeds first time nut fails on second17:33
vgradeon the list of things to look at17:33
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vakkovStskeeps: haha as i said - time for sailfish or nemo :D20:46
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vakkovis CONFIG_HOTPLUG supported in newer kernels23:48
vakkov3.12 is the one i am using23:48
vakkovbut i saw this23:49
vakkovi think those attributes are gone since 3.1023:49
vakkovsledges: is CONFIG_HOTPLUG that needed23:50

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