Sunday, 2014-11-30

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gostI'm in vivo transplantation.First,I encountered the same problem and piggz,Then I will after this issue is resolved,and the emergence of new problems,I do not know what the problem is,Finally,turn the card in htc page,and mount all the disks.adb shell useless.03:37
gostI solved this problem [10.337707] [USB] iSerial_store: Mer Debug: ERROR: could not setup USB as usb0 or rndis003:41
gostI found that did not start successfully sailfishos03:42
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gostI'm back10:58
gostI do not know how to do? sailfish not start up. adb shell will not work.10:59
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sledges"So I put Sailfish on my n5 it really is a good ui. After trying it I backed." \o/
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locusflbt: ping17:02
locusflbt: what is the repository of qt_latest_armv7hl in ?17:03
locusfsledges: thanks17:04
sledgesisn't mer:qt:devel supposed to be abolished?17:04
locusfhmm I dunno17:05
locusfI'm trying to build sbj pulseaudio modules17:05
locusfbut failing due to android-headers not being available17:05
sledgesi don't know the status of sbj HA <- Sage ?17:06
locusfthe requirements are the same for pulseaudio-modules-droid, still the nemo:hw:maguro packages build ok for the same repo17:07
sledgessbj has not followed HADK simply because there was none at that time, so you're up for one hell of a task17:07
locusfyeah seems so17:08
locusfsome of the HA packages are open source so thats why I was interested in building a non-jolla controlled HA repository17:08
locusfyou probably saw my todays progress on twitter :)17:08
sledgesi haven't no ;)17:09
* sledges doesn't check twitter on Sundays - you know, weekend and stuff :D17:09
locusfheheh :)17:09
sledgesgreat job!17:09
locusf <- the only propietary Jolla packages required17:11
locusfproprietary :p17:12
locusfI always mistype that17:12
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locusfhmm of course the maguro packages work since the adaptation repository builds the droid headers17:18
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energycsdxlocusf: gstreamer rpms are open17:33
locusfenergycsdx: for gralloc implementation as well?17:34
energycsdxlocusf: yes
locusfenergycsdx: its because the version for those packages is 0.1.0, the version for the LGPLv2.1 released binaries is 0.1.117:37
locusf0.1.0 is still proprietary17:39
energycsdxlocusf: you can get any tag from git17:41
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locusfenergycsdx: yes17:42
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neiotikHi, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I'm trying to get Sailfish running on my Nexus 4 but can't seem to get mobile data working. Could it be that my carrier is incompatible with Sailfish at this point in time or is there an alternative radio I can flash? I'm on Wind Mobile Canada which is AWS/UMTS 4 like T-Mobile is in the States.17:46
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sledgesneiotik: hi, have you entered APN settings?18:03
neiotikReinstalling Sailfish to do so.18:15
sledgesneiotik: no need to reinstall?18:20
neiotikI removed it from my phone because I couldn't get it working.18:21
sledgeshope you're using MultiROM18:22
neiotikNah, decided to clear my phone to give it a shot.18:28
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neiotikAnd wifi isn't working either at the moment, so, something must have gone wrong with flashing.18:29
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sledgesSage: updated:
sledgesjusa_: ^18:36
sledgesneiotik: what is your stock android ROM?18:37
sledgeswhich version, as that contains important firmware for wlan and possibly radio too18:37
neiotikI flashed that, and then CM10 and, then Sailfish18:37
sledgesneiotik: ok sounds good18:38
sledgesAndroid 4.2.2 (JDQ39)18:38
sledgesok, all should be good then18:39
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Sagesledges: lgtm19:44
sledgesSage: commented back and merged19:46
sledgeswould you like a tag?19:47
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_dinsdaleHey Guys, I'm really choking hard on building cyanogen for my OnePlus. I wasn't getting anywhere with my local_manifest file, so I extracted my manifest from the cyanogen rom on the phone (clean from cyanogen, not the stock os).20:21
_dinsdaleI'm getting build errors in SELinux that don't seem to make sense becuase the "missing" files from the build don't seem to be from any of the kernel projects for other phones either.20:22
_dinsdaleBuild errors:
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_dinsdaleSO: at this point I'm wondering if I should go back to the drawing board and try making stock cyanogen myself first20:23
_dinsdaleIf I do, should I stay in the ubuntu chroot or should I do this in my root fs?20:24
_dinsdaleIs there any reason other than convenience that I need to build android in the ubuntu chroot, or could I also adapt my sailfish build setup to use my rootfs?20:25
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Sagesledges: please yes20:26
sledgesSage: tagged without waiting for your answer, and all succeeded20:27
_dinsdaleI guess I'm also wondering if I should be posting these cyanogen build issues on XDA or the cyanogen forums or is this a better place to ask?20:28
energycsdx_dinsdale: ask vgrade about OnePlus20:31
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_dinsdale<energycsdx>:  I spoke to him a while ago and he was too busy at the time.20:33
_dinsdaleI can try him again.20:34
sledges_dinsdale: are you running the build in HABUILD_SDK ubu-chroot ?20:35
_dinsdaleThis is how I build:
_dinsdaleenergycsdx: That's great. I'll hit him up again today. It's difficult because I'm on the other side of the world. lolz20:39
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sledges_dinsdale: we had to feature freeze cm11 tree20:41
sledgesbecause it started breaking other devices builds20:41
sledgesyour case is a new device and constantly updated, i suspect its hardware adaptation bits pulled in a cm project (libminui) which has new api, but the rest of project are frozen20:43
_dinsdaleoh. okay, what does that mean for me?20:43
sledgesbuild errors20:43
_dinsdaleah. So these aren't issues with my process, they're actual build errors20:43
sledgesquite likely20:43
_dinsdaleokay, well that means I can start digging in then?20:44
sledgesbecause the rest of builds succeeded20:44
energycsdxsledges: what is libminui, and is there any way to add bootanimation?20:44
sledgesenergycsdx: libminui is a truly annoying pest20:45
sledgesno more clue on that20:45
_dinsdaleI think it has to do with the animation shown when the phone is off an charging?20:45
sledgesenergycsdx: bootanimation was a year-old research by lbt and alterego , has been shelved20:45
_dinsdaleIs there any way to know how long the freeze on CM11 will be?20:46
sledges_dinsdale: they'll be unfrozen as soon as someone rebases our* repos with a fairly recent tagged cm11 release20:47
_dinsdaleSo should I figure out how to build CM11 stock and then learn how to rebase?20:48
_dinsdaleOr is this a much bigger (sail) fish? :D20:49
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_dinsdaleokay, well I'll ask vgrade what he did. I wonder if he ported CM10 to the oneplus? really we're just trying to get the drivers out of it aren't we?21:00
_dinsdaleSo many questions. :(21:01
sledges_dinsdale: im bit busy atm :}21:01
_dinsdaleNo worries. I always look back at the logs anyway21:02
_dinsdaleI know it's your Sunday night so this is the last thing you want to be doing. lolz21:03
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sledges_dinsdale: you'll be surprised ;P21:03
_dinsdalesledges: I can't tell you how much sleep I have lost to this little project. My wife thinks I'm nuts. "it's just a stupid phone!"21:09
sledges_dinsdale: ok libminui is inside bootable/recovery21:13
sledges_dinsdale: cd bootable/recovery; git log21:14
sledgespaste the top commit21:14
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_dinsdalepaste that in my manifest?21:21
sledges_dinsdale: is it from your manifest?21:22
_dinsdaleokay, totally lost. please explain "paste the top commit"?21:23
sledgescommit 3350c8872c55506a576aef6ba565e5722c31e9c921:23
sledgesAuthor: Ethan Yonker <>21:23
sledgesDate:   Wed Jan 9 16:35:51 2013 +000021:23
sledgesfor example21:23
sledgesafter git log21:23
_dinsdaleI see the output21:23
sledgespaste it here21:23
sledgesto the channel21:24
sledgesjust the commit line21:24
sledges_dinsdale: this might be too drastic, but we can always revert21:26
sledgesgit reset 3350c8872c55506a576aef6ba565e5722c31e9c921:26
_dinsdalefrom within bootable/recovery?21:26
sledgesthen go back to $ANDROID_ROOT and recompile21:27
_dinsdaleUnstaged changes after reset:21:28
sledges_dinsdale: paste more than 4-5 lines using pastebin.com21:28
sledgesgit reset --hard 3350c8872c55506a576aef6ba565e5722c31e9c921:28
_dinsdale4-5 lines: okay. I thought I could slide that in. :D21:32
sledgesyes, also 4 is more than 5 :DD21:33
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sledgesok, i think it's time to start the weekend, math module malfunctioning ;P21:33
_dinsdaleIs there a convention on how long to leave pastebins active?21:34
sledges_dinsdale: why did you paste an unfinished build? ;P21:36
_dinsdaleBecause I'm going to update it when finished. :D21:37
_dinsdale :(21:39
_dinsdalek. My son is up from his nap so I'll be intermitent...21:42
sledges_dinsdale: make -j1 hybris-hal21:44
_dinsdaleOh, I'll be so embarased if that is my problem!21:46
sledgesnot your, bacon's21:47
_dinsdaleya, but I saw the instructions and didn't do it21:47
_dinsdalein the HADK21:49
_dinsdale5.3 page 1421:49
_dinsdalenope. paste bin in a second...21:50
_dinsdaleAlright, that's all the time I've got. Thanks for your help. I'll make sure to check the logs. Later!21:58
sledges_dinsdale: !21:59
sledgesso it worked! as now you have different error ;P21:59
sledgeseven if libminui is not yet fixed, we can properly deal with kernel first22:00
sledges_dinsdale: did you disable SELINUX and others in kernel config?22:01
sledgesspeak to you later ;)22:03
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vgrade_dinsdale: \o23:03
vgrade_dinsdale: my lab notes.
sledgesbloody recovery23:09
sledgeshow could i forget the existence of your famous labnotes! (facepalm) :D23:09

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