Monday, 2014-12-01

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jeff2does anyonne know if vgrade is attempting backpprt of cm-10.1 to bacon or is trying to resolve dep between the hybris-10.1 branch and the CM11 releases for bacon?00:07
sledgesjeff2: he went straight to cm11 branch, because it was already there since Nexus5 sailfish port00:08
jeff2oh ok. yah. i didnt look at the other devices much yet. im just trying to figure out why my mb2 commands fail to make any rpms. i think ive got proper hybris-hal imgs made (err.. make'd, hahahh).. im sure hes lightyears ahead tho00:10
jeff2(i know those are unrelated things. just stating that it was smooth sailing up to then at least.... i havent wanted to throw my computer out the window even once yet)00:12
sledgesjeff2: you want to say you have successfully gotten bacon hybris-hal on hybris-10.1 branch? O_o00:14
jeff2someone somewhere in a log i havent been able to find mentioned that mb2 just called (i think) rpmbuild and something else which suceeded for them if run manually... does anyone know what im talking abt00:14
jeff2sledges: at least i have img generated and no errors from make hybris-hal00:15
sledgesjeff2: there is no 10.1 support not even on CyanogenMod so I think something'd gone too bizzare there ;)
jeff2i did have to add a ton of stuff from different sources to have it work.00:18
sledgesthen you are really determined ;)00:18
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jeff2if i mount the img. what should i find in there... i can check in a min (on my phone having a cigarette break)00:19
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jeff2hahaha. you are correct sledges00:19
sledgesjeff2: you should start with cm11 to follow vgrade's path:
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sledgestoo much trouble otherwise and no guarantees anything working on cm10.1 (we have enough trouble with 11 ;) but we'll crack it the more people stab at it!)00:20
sophiophileokay. i will do that...00:20
sledgesthe only difference:00:21
sledgesrepo init -u git:// -b hybris-11.000:21
sledgesand then follow his lab notes ^^00:21
sledges01:08 < vgrade> _dinsdale: my lab notes.
sophiophilei coilda sworn there was no hybris-11 when i was working on it00:21
sophiophileoh man. thank you! that will save me a tonne of pain...00:22
sledgesbeen there quite a while, since May00:22
sophiophilei need to be less of a reclusive dev.. my first time in any meego-lineage irc. my only post before this was explaining java setup on n9.00:24
sophiophile(on t.m.o )00:25
sledgeshehe we're here to help:)00:26
sophiophileand i am determined, yes... lol. i would simply buy a jolla phone, but they do not have band IV (1700/2100) and in canada. that means being monetarily assaulted out of an extra $40 a month til the end of time by the other providers00:28
sledgessophiophile: for a bacon?00:31
sophiophileno. simply for service at all00:31
sophiophilewe really get owned by the service providers00:32
sophiophile(in many ways the legacy left behind by Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone being invented and therefore first monopilized upon in Canada).... but then again Bell (labs and the ppl working there) also invented the transistor, unix, C, the laser, radioastronomy, and so on)00:32
sophiophileso i alllllllmost forgive him/them00:32
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sophiophileanywho. thanks sledges. back to work i go (from scratch using 11)00:46
sledgesgood work!00:47
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_dinsdalevgrade: Thanks so much Mr.vgrade! I guess no sleep this week either.06:12
* _dinsdale does the happy dance then falls asleep06:14
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reviewjollaGood morning! How's the N9 situation atm?07:16
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alteregoThere's an N9 situation? :)07:48
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reviewjollaalterego: I ment what's the current porting situation :) Last time I checked, e.g. no camera, gps...08:25
jusa_sledges: seems pa-droid was already merged and tagged. :) lgtm08:31
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alteregoreviewjolla: no idea, my last N9 seems to be on it's way out.08:53
alteregoSo it's in a box collecting dust somewhere ;)08:53
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sledgesjusa_: i read your mind that you'd lgtm it ;D thanks!09:13
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locusfreviewjolla: you can ask hedayat on #nemomobile for information about the n9 port09:14
reviewjollalocusf Thanks for the tip :)09:14
reviewjollaDo you happen to know when he's usually online? (not now at least)09:17
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zGrrmoin :)10:53
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stephgyes it is :)11:36
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Dinesh__anyone there?14:10
sledgeshi Dinesh__14:10
Dinesh__Hi sledges14:10
Dinesh__Is it possible to port sailfish os to micromax canvas 2 plus?14:11
sledgesif it has cm => 10.1 port to it, why not14:11
Dinesh__Yes. We have CM11. So, its possible to port ?14:12
Dinesh__only 10.1 ?14:12
sledges10.1 or newer, so yes14:13
Dinesh__Awesome ! Thanks14:13
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gogetahi guys15:13
gogetai need sledges or Stskeeps15:13
gogetais quiet delicate thing15:13
sledgesand if we're both absent? 8}15:15
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locusfphew, doing a repo sync since august or something :p16:26
locusfmight take a while16:26
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locusfhmm wonder why beidl wanted to include the devicelock as there is no encrypted partition as there is in jolla18:13
beidllocusf: it was needed for screen locking18:13
locusfbeidl: does it work?18:14
beidlor code lock rather18:14
beidllocusf: worked when I tried it :)18:14
locusfhmm interesting18:14
sledgesand allow untrusted software18:14
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beidland it might be that the top edge close/lock gesture is also related to that18:19
locusfok I removed the devicelock, I don't wanna have any proprietaries on the maguro :p18:36
locusfhmm can't get to mer boat loader18:42
locusfbut the wiki of course says it takes some time18:42
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locusfFYI I'm doing a nemo build18:44
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locusfbeidl: is the fastboot for kernel: "fastboot flash boot hybris-recovery.img" ?18:46
beidlfastboot flash boot hybris-boot.img18:46
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locusffound out that hwcomposer wasn't starting up18:54
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