Tuesday, 2014-12-02

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zGrrmoin :)08:20
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sledges< tbr> PSA: open source & jolla - meeting on #mer-meeting in 1h 10min13:46
tbrPSA: open source & jolla - meeting on #mer-meeting in 1h 10min13:46
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gostI use the mic to create sailfishos not start.14:37
gostI ported device is vivo14:37
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sledgesgost: can you ping the device?14:38
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gostHtc interface card14:38
sledgesgost: is usb0 appearing on your host?14:38
sledgesthe IP address is
sledgesfor the fisrt stage boot14:39
sledgesand telnet should be there too14:40
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gostERROR: could not setup USB as usb0 or rndis014:40
sledgeswhere did you find this?14:41
gostI entered the rec found14:41
gostdata .stowaways sailfishos init.log14:43
gostI encountered the same problem and piggz14:47
gostiSerial_store: Mer Debug: ERROR: could not setup USB as usb0 or rndis014:49
sledgesgost: could you analyse these two:14:50
gostI added14:51
gostThen rebuild14:51
sledgesgost: you need to enter recovery then perform ifconfig -a14:52
sledgesalso examine init.log for ifconfig -a14:52
sledgesfigure out which interface is HTC USB networking14:52
gostkeep in touch.14:54
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sledgesgost: booting to cm and cwm/twrp would give even more hints on what is being used and when14:59
sledgesremember that in recovery and in actual android, interface name may change! (hence the piggz' commits)15:00
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gostsledges:The hour is late, see you later.15:28
sledgessee you!15:29
gostWhat country are you from? Finland?15:29
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piggzsledges: what have i missed :)17:13
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sledgespiggz: a bug triage from the future? ;)17:14
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sledgessitu: nearby?:)17:25
situsledges: Yep17:25
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sledgessitu: awesome, ready in ~21mins?:)17:39
situsledges: Yeah, I have a meeting reminder set too :)17:39
sledgesgood man17:39
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sledgesPSA: mer-hybris bug triage starting at #mer-meeting18:00
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sledgespiggz: let's get back home19:09
sledges(sounded odd to those unaware)19:09
sledgeslbt: we should be able to see Priority of bugs, as taking "High" ones is more benefitial to everyone (80/20), than critical (coloured red) but e.g. this affect only 1 person: http://bit.ly/port-bugs19:10
sledgesand sort according to priority, and colour..19:11
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sledgespiggz: so how are you thinking to teach ofono?19:15
piggzsledges: look at the diff for guhls version (v4) .... build a rild with debug messages, and hack it to bits to make v3 work19:17
piggzthats the basic plan19:17
piggzto substantiate that i have a fully scoped project plan with gantt charts etc!19:18
piggzthe diff isnt very big https://github.com/guhl/ofono/compare/nemomobile-packages:master...master19:19
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piggzi could do with some documentation on the v3/v4 parcels19:22
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locusfhmm I got a request to do a n5 build out of nemo :p19:23
locusfwould be my 6th port19:23
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sledgespiggz: smirking/admiring the substantiation part:D19:24
sledgeslocusf: cool!19:24
sledgesyou've got many badge(r)s it seems :) (cc iekku )19:24
locusfhrhm its my sevenths actually, I didn't count Jolla port ::)19:26
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lbtsledges: https://github.com/lbt/droid-hal-device/tree/modular new branch21:02
sledgeslbt: niiice!21:09
sledgesok i want to see how it picks up patterns from a module-dhd to this generic one21:10
sledgessurely some glue will be needed21:10
lbtyeah - I can show you but not here :)21:10
lbtI'll mod one of the ports21:10
sledgesok you play via dhd_path nice21:16
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