Thursday, 2014-12-04

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_dinsdaleGood evening Gentlemen, I hope you are enjoying your morning coffee.05:21
_dinsdaleI was speaking to Mr. Sledges the other day and indicated I need to disable SELinux...05:22
_dinsdaleas per: <sledges> _dinsdale: did you disable SELINUX and others in kernel config?05:22
_dinsdaleSo, I disabled everything I could find in cyanogenmod_bacon_config05:23
_dinsdaleIs there anything else I should do to disbale SELinux in the build process of HADK section 5.205:24
_dinsdaleer, that's my latest error05:27
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_dinsdaleHere is my config file cyanogenmod_bacon_defconfig: I have noted all my changes with RH05:36
_dinsdaleAlso, the notes from vgrade say "removed xt9 from ks", which I don't understand.05:52
locusf_dinsdale: ks == kickstart file, which is generated automatically, I don't however remember the HADK chapter where this takes place06:17
_dinsdaleThese instructions are from Mr. Vgrades notes on his OnePlus build (bacon)06:21
_dinsdaleI have not reached any point where this item has become of issue yet. I still need to get past my SELinux issue06:22
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locusfyou need to add something to your manifest, please stick around so I can find out what it is06:33
_dinsdalelocusf: here is the manifest I am using:
_dinsdaleI do my best to stick around but this little project has me up pretty late sometimes! :D06:36
locusfhehe has happened to me as well :)06:37
_dinsdaleFor anyone who still cares, my wife dropped her Lumia 920 and broke it so we are down to our last Nokia in the house (my mothers 920) :(06:37
_dinsdaleI sold Nokias from a cell store in college back in 1997. They were my favorites, but I can't remember the model numbers06:38
locusf_dinsdale: try to add CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX=n06:40
locusfand then rerun mka hybris-boot06:40
_dinsdaleI currentltly have # CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX is not set06:41
_dinsdaleis that not the same thing?06:41
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locusfI dunno, but try it :)06:45
_dinsdalesame error. Thanks for the optimism, it gave me a little boost!06:45
_dinsdalesorry, I just saw that you told me to run mka, not make. I'm running it your way now...06:48
_dinsdalenope. same.06:48
locusfthen I'm out of ideas, you probably want to go to sleep now :)06:48
_dinsdaleYes, I should. I don't want to though, I want to build Sailfish! :(06:49
_dinsdaleAny idea who I should run this problem by? Should I check the cyanogen forum? xda?06:50
_dinsdaleOR, should I add the files that I find on various repositories and see if I can make it work?06:51
locusftry modifying the file to say: #include <selinux/av_permissions.h>06:52
_dinsdaleoh, good catch...06:53
_dinsdaleoh, except I don't have a selinux/av_permissions.h file06:55
locusfhmm actually06:55
locusfyes it appears it is generated06:55
locusfso you do need CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX=y06:56
_dinsdaleso the generation tool is failing?06:56
locusfyes since the code is only generated when SELINUX is enabled06:56
_dinsdaleah, okay. Will turn it back on06:56
_dinsdaledrum roll...06:57
locusfbut do set SECURITY_SELINUX_DISABLE=y06:58
locusfso that its disabled in runtime06:58
locusfbut is built to kernel06:58
_dinsdaleshould I be running any clean up commands between calls to make?07:00
locusfit should just automatically remake files07:00
locusfso no cleaning up required07:00
_dinsdalegood to know. Thanks. drum roll...07:01
locusfdamn selinux07:03
_dinsdaleindeed. okay, now I gotta go to bed. Thanks locusf. Speak to you again soon.07:07
locusf_dinsdale: ok bye :) better luck next time :)07:07
_dinsdaleThanks, seems I'll need it. :D +++07:08
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carepackgood morning!08:15
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sledges_dinsdale, locusf, how about removing selinux from the manifest?09:29
locusfsledges: no can do, its in the kernel source treee09:29
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sledgesoh right, just read the error again09:30
sledgesso maybe run make libselinux first to generate that .h?..09:31
locusfnope, different source tree again09:32
sledgessome flask command generates those .h? $(call if_changed,flask)09:39
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sudomatici would like to build sailfish for my android device, i have tried googling and reading through various pages but did not find anything solid. is there a basic tutorial or something I can follow or just where the source is and what to pull from which repo etc... anything to get started14:36
SK_worksudomatic: hi, welcome14:36
SK_workyou are in the right place14:36
SK_worksledges, you have one more person to coach14:36
sudomaticah i thought it would be like that14:37
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sledgeshey sudomatic14:53
sledgesstart of with the porting guide and shout when you have questions :)
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sudomatic@sledges, thanks for the linky15:24
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locusfare there any plans on making the sbj adaptation headers available?15:44
sledgesSage: ^15:44
locusfI'm just starting to do a open repository for all the free software packages like pulseaudio and other android middleware packages15:47
* sledges read malware instead of middleware %)15:48
locusflol :D15:55
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piggz_gotta love being the guy on the street that 'knows computers'
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stephgpiggz_: needs more pop-ups ;)18:56
sledgesyou haven't moved your mouse yet ;)18:56
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piggz_mcafee just says 'youre not secure' and when you click 'fix' it gives up!18:57
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lbtPSA: Please don't push any [all] changes to droid-hal-device - moving to 'modular' and removing all device-specific stuff :
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situlbt: where would device specific stuff go ?19:55
lbtin a device specific repo which has that as a submodule19:56
lbtjust wanted to mention it19:56
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lbtsitu: ... just working on it20:39
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sledgesim afk until sunday, hope transition won't be like bees on the honey and throughout sunday/monday we'll iron out remaining bits too20:46
sledgesspeechless job lbt !!20:47
lbtjust saying ... I think the manifest can fit in there too20:47
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