Friday, 2014-12-05

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_dinsdalevgrade: did you run into any of these selinux errors in your build? Any idea what I'm doing wrong?04:07
_dinsdaleManifest:, Kernel Config (cyanogenmod_bacon_defconfig)
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_dinsdal1this is a test of irc on my phone...06:03
_dinsdal1Ha, it worked. now I can be on irc FOREVER ahhahahahaha!06:05
_dinsdal1So is the real sailfish os muh different than using the Jolla launcher?06:09
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_dinsdaleOMFG that's so cool!07:02
Stskeeps_dinsdale: yeah, quite different, but homescreen is somehow comparable07:03
_dinsdaleI can only dream. :(07:04
_dinsdalelocusf: that's amazing. congrats07:04
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_dinsdaleluocusf: So nemoMobile is mer with a different er.. ui to it?07:05
Stskeepsthe story there is that sailfishos open sources pretty much all it's middleware07:09
Stskeepsthe qml part is the easier part to make/ui07:09
Stskeepsso all the productisation we've done can be used to build from-day-one already quite stable alternative uis, too07:10
* _dinsdale hugs stskeeps. I think I'm going to cry that's so poetic to my ears07:13
Stskeepsbut that doesn't often fly to the regular consumer.. for people who want to do something new, it's great, but not so much for users wanting to modify their uis07:13
Stskeepssome might argue it's an intentional attempt to make sure open source things beyond phones and tablets :P07:13
_dinsdaleA very noble cause. It's nice to know that someone is watching our backs. I don't like the way google is trying to tell everyone what to do with Android. It's very er, Nokia-ish the way they treated symbian07:15
Stskeepsthere's nothing stopping anybody from taking all this code and breaking into let's say, smartwatches..07:16
_dinsdaleOr cars, or home units...07:17
_dinsdaleso can the UI be productized by other companies like Jolla has done? I.E just by buying a QT developer license?07:18
Stskeepsyou don't even need that07:18
Stskeepsqt can be used in it's open source form, doesn't mean you have to open source your code07:18
Stskeeps* unless you do stupid stuff like static binaries07:18
Stskeepswe don't have a qt commercial license in jolla07:20
_dinsdalehmmm. that last comment streches my understanding of Linux devlepment. Do you mean "static linking"?07:20
_dinsdaleI see07:20
Stskeepswhich meanas the LGPL license will turn into GPL in practice07:20
_dinsdaleI see07:21
_dinsdaleSo if I already have a linux kernel build for a display system, I would just need to build and use the mer "userland" and I could have a nemomobile system?07:22
Stskeepswell, there's a bit more requirements such as wayland requirement but yes, strictly speaking07:23
_dinsdalecould you elaborate?07:23
Stskeepsas in there's some GPU requirements/driver requirements07:24
Stskeepsbut in practice there's nothing stopping you from doing a lot of things07:24
* Stskeeps needs more coffee..07:25
_dinsdaleSo plasma active is the KDE variant of a mer ui?07:26
Stskeepswell, they exist as somewhat OS agnostic in first place07:26
Stskeepsand mer doesn't have a ui07:27
Stskeepsit's boring core and middleware07:27
Stskeepsbut that's the Really Hard Part(TM) to get right07:27
_dinsdaleSo beside are you attempting to monetize mer other than the Jolla stuff?07:28
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Stskeepsreally hard to monetize that, but you can see it as a reduction of cost since multiple parties are working together to make the core better07:29
Stskeeps=> saves money07:29
Stskeepseven working on fixing packages for a toolchain upgrade can amount to let's say, several thousand of EURs saved07:29
Stskeepsin time07:29
_dinsdaleand time can be worth more than money to a small company...07:30
_dinsdaleThis is where I work:
_dinsdaleI write wayside (server side) software07:31
_dinsdalewell, I don't write it anymore... XD07:31
* Stskeeps clicks07:33
_dinsdaleSo all this hybris-hal stuff goes away if I am using a standard kernel?07:33
Stskeepsyes, but at same time you need to provide other enablers such as GPU07:35
_dinsdaleah, so many board support packages, so little time. /me sighs07:36
* _dinsdale sighs07:37
Stskeepssometimes it's just easier grabbing a android kit and HADK'ing it07:37
_dinsdalewhat's the performance hit for hybris?07:37
Stskeepspretty much none07:37
Stskeepswe did a whole product with it, the jolla phone07:38
_dinsdaleoh, you mean the phone you meanies won't release in Canada? :P07:38
Stskeepswell that's more of an antenna issue..07:38
_dinsdaleTalk to the hand...07:39
_dinsdaleomg, it's almost midnight. I should try and sleep.07:40
_dinsdaleThanks for the chat. Night!07:40
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locusf_dinsdal1: yup, different ui indeed + free software core apps08:31
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locusfsledges: lbt:
lbtlocusf: commit message could explain why and based on what?13:14
lbtI suspect new kernel config checker?13:14
locusflbt: yes13:20
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locusflbt: updated commit msg13:45
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gostpiggz_:I met the same problem,but the ifconfig -a output is not the same14:14
phdeswergost: which hw?14:15
phdeswergost: hardware/device14:18
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gostI am vivo porting.14:21
phdeswerOk, haven't seen that one passing by yet.14:23
phdeswerSo your problem seems to be there is no USB up?14:24
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locusflbt: thanks for merging :)14:24
gostMer Debug: ERROR: could not setup USB as usb0 or rndis014:25
phdeswergost: yes. What pc are you using to connect it to? As it would be a first step to consider if the usb interface is coming up on the Vivo, but just has a name different from usb0 or rndis014:26
gostI use piggz methods, add, and rebuilding, and then start, but don't succeed.14:26
phdeswergost: first of all. Does your pc see an usb network interface?14:27
gostI'm a little understand14:27
phdeswerAs piggz_ (if I recall correctly) had some device (ace) which needed an extra command to activate it.14:27
gostI didn't see it14:27
gostI really is added14:29
phdeswergost: you mean you have those lines? Because your log does not show them14:30
gostDo you want to see which logs?14:31
gostI said my process14:32
phdeswergost: any logs are good. But I don't know pigzz method. Anyway. If you have logs of where for example you have that extra USB enable line I would like to see them.14:33
phdeswerBut better would be trying to figure out the actual problem and then find a solution.14:33
gostI add first, and then rebuilding, and then restart.   Computer display all disk mount, but start is not successful, a network interface14:33
gostBecause all start failure, disk mounted, no init. Log log is generated.14:35
gostBut I didn't add before, have a init.log is generated.14:36
phdeswerok. so we know the usb network interface on the Vivo is not configured right.14:36
phdeswerSo now we need to check if it is actually active (but has a wrong name so configuration fails), or it does not work at all14:37
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gostusb0 or rndis0?14:38
gostI'll try to change name of these two.14:39
johny_how stable is sailfish on maguro ? i dont mean features (gps etc), just system stability and battery life14:41
phdeswergost: don't go there now.14:41
phdeswerIt tries both. So it is neither of those. Or the device is not active.14:42
phdeswerSo when connected do you see an usb network interface appear on your computer?14:42
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gostThis is my init. Log information14:43
phdeswergost: you're wasting your time by guessing. Start with what you know.14:45
phdeswer1. usb interface configuration on vivo fails.14:45
phdeswerSo possible causes: a) interface name is not usb0 or rndis0, b) device is not even active14:45
phdeswerWe know a) is probably not ok, but it would fail also if b) is wrong.14:46
phdeswerSo we check for b first.14:46
gostNext is the init. Log14:48
phdeswergost: ok. Have you checked that kernel? As there is no trace of the USB being activated.14:51
phdeswerCheck dmesg of your own computer to see if it does not recognize any USB network interfaces14:51
phdeswerAnd for example you don't have what is in the commit from pigzz I showed you before14:52
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gostThis is the kernel configuration14:56
phdeswerok, seems you're using a different kernel : dmesg :  Linux version
phdeswerconfig: 3.0.101-ck114:57
gostI check14:58
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gostThere is no reason to ah, my dmesg is copy in rec mode15:02
phdeswergost: check the kernels. Because your log clearly states you're running a different kernel than your config suggests.15:03
gostWhy is the kernel will not be the same15:03
phdeswerThen check your computer dmesg for rndis : something like this: [990504.184636] rndis_host 3-2:1.0 usb1: register 'rndis_host' at usb-0000:00:14.0-2, RNDIS device, ca:0b:76:64:90:8c15:04
phdeswergost: I have no clue. I did not build the image you use.15:04
phdeswerAnd if you see rndis in your computer log, then you have a wrong interface name. If not then you probably have to try the change from the commit I pointed you at.15:05
phdeswerHowever I have to go now, so cannot help you anymore atm.15:06
gostthank you15:06
gostI'll do as you say15:07
phdesweryou're welcome and good luck!15:08
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