Saturday, 2014-12-06

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_dinsdaleMorning Gents; how's the coffee?06:51
_dinsdaleSo for *fun* I'm building cyanogen on my host fs for the OnePlus.06:52
_dinsdaleI am hoping I can glean some sort of clarity through the excersise06:53
_dinsdaleAs to why I'm having SELinux issues06:54
_dinsdaleLast error:
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_dinsdaleWow, it takes a long time to build cyanogen...08:15
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johnyz89finally ive managed to build sailfish08:39
johnyz89got few problem with kernel, but now i think it boots ok08:40
johnyz89on hybris-boot.img i can ssh to my phone via usb08:40
johnyz89but gui doesnt start08:41
johnyz89thats my journal08:41
johnyz89any advices what should i check to run gui ?08:41
johnyz89anyway im building for galaxy note 2 (n7100)08:42
Stskeepsdoesn't go further than that?08:49
Stskeepsdoes it reboot after that, or?08:53
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johnyz89just stays like this08:54
johnyz89no reboot08:54
Stskeepsok, might want to add a little more debugging or check dmesg08:55
johnyz89ok, wait ill send my dmesg08:57
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johnyz89dmesg from sailfish09:09
Stskeepssystemctl status09:09
johnyz89Failed to get D-Bus connection: No connection to service manager.09:11
johnyz89ok, had to manually echo continue09:23
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RaYmAnis there any requirement for the base OS to be CM or is AOSP fine too? Here i'm primaryly talking about the stuff in /system, not the sailfish-built semi-android? I'm assuming patches are only done on those hybris variants of the repos and not in CM as such?12:26
Stskeepsaosp is fine too12:26
RaYmAnperfect :)12:27
Stskeepsthe cyanogenmod thing is basically about known working matching sw12:28
RaYmAnso not supporting stock roms is more about the fact that they vendors change random things making things potentially incompatible?12:40
Stskeepsand that there's not really that much in pure aosp12:42
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johnyz89found an error13:45
johnyz89and booted to ui13:45
johnyz89mountpoinf for system was mmckblk9 insted of 1313:46
johnyz89in few minutes ;p13:47
johnyz89even wifi is working out of the box, im impressed13:51
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piggz_johnyz89: what device?14:32
johnyz89galaxy note14:50
johnyz89almost same as s3, except 2gb of ram14:50
johnyz89now time to make gsm work14:51
johnyz89are there any repos for sailfish other than sailfish store ?15:00
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tbrthere is mer-tools15:01
tbrthere is chum15:01
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johnyz89ok thx for info15:03
piggz_johnyz89: like openrepos?15:10
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piggz_johnyz89: try my game on there to see how well it works15:23
johnyz89which game ?15:24
johnyz89cant enable untrusted software15:32
johnyz89dont have
Stskeepsjohnyz89: good work15:45
johnyz89its your good work, without this channel i would stuck on building libhybris, but found many useful info in channel log15:46
johnyz89ok, i have to go16:01
johnyz89se ya later16:01
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gogetahi guys17:23
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* gogeta cooking for sgs2 i910018:04
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RaYmAnpossibly stupid question - section 13.8 seems to assume you magically have tar.bz2 source packages available..Is there some authoritative place to get those?19:15
RaYmAn(13.8 is Build HA middleware packages)19:17
* Stskeeps looks19:17
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RaYmAnStskeeps: it's building libhybris, qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin etc.. The docs never mention these packages, but the actual builds expect the tar.bz2's to be there19:18
Stskeepswell, we rarely use tarballs in general, .. tell me where you hit that?19:19
Stskeepswe checkout git trees there afiak19:19
* lbt uses html version ... no section numbers19:19
RaYmAnit errors out because it can't find that file19:20
lbtdoesn't it start talking about git clone ?19:21
RaYmAnI may have explained poorly19:21
RaYmAnfollowing the steps in the guide, e.g. checking out, fetching submodules and then finally running mb2 to build libhybris errors out immediately because it can't find a libhybris-0.0.0.tar.bz2 file19:22
RaYmAnand yes, that's from within the sourcetree which you'd imagine would have the sources available =P19:23
Stskeepsthaaat shouldn't happen19:23
lbthow new is your Mer SDK setup ?19:24
RaYmAnfrom today19:24
lbtwhat does sdk-version say 0.20130801.2 and rolling ??19:25
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RaYmAnCore repos says latest, tools repos say rolling19:26
lbtdoes :  sudo zypper dup19:27
lbtdo anything (hope it's a no-op)19:27
RaYmAnThe following packages are going to be upgraded: osc sdk-chroot sdk-sb2-config sdk-utils19:27
lbtsay Y19:28
lbtsdk-utils contains mb219:28
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lbtI'll check to see why the tarball isn't updated19:28
RaYmAnbtw, another minor issue19:30
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RaYmAnthe TARGETS_URL, TARBALL_URL stuff in the guide fails a bit - TARBALL_URL=$(curl $TARGETS_URL | grep 'armv7hl.tar.bz2' | tail -n 1 | cut -d\" -f4) matches two entries in the json19:31
RaYmAnit still kind of works, but seems to mostly be by chance =P19:31
lbtI patched that this week19:31
RaYmAnah, cool cool19:32
RaYmAnthere we go - after the update it doesn't fail with the tar.bz2 error19:37
RaYmAnlbt: do you have a link to the html version of the guide?19:37
lbtno .. we don't publish it in HTML yet19:38
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lbtRaYmAn: I'm doing 5 things at once atm - so yell if you need anything or are still blocked19:43
RaYmAnthanks :)19:50
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se3ker42I am trying to port sailfish to lge p990 . facing issue on step 7.1.1 ,no rpm packages shown in RPMS . Some kernel flag errors appearing. how can i rectify them?22:30
se3ker42anyone there?22:34
gogetain kernel config22:37
RaYmAnhm, any good tips for debugging? =P debug telnet comes up in ramdisk, but then when it moves to rootfs, I get iSerial as "Mer Debug: ERROR: could not setup USB as usb0 or rndis0" - which seems weird since it works in ramdisk22:44
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se3ker42@gogeta there are multiple kernel config files.. how can i know which one is being used?23:02
RaYmAnif you are porting from CM, then it will be in iirc, TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG or something like that23:04
RaYmAn(in the device tree)23:04
se3ker42thanks RaYmAn23:18
se3ker42cp: cannot stat `/home/seeker/mer/android/droid/rpm/device-lge-p990-configs/*': No such file or directory23:32
se3ker42How can I create config files?23:33
RaYmAnthe guide jumps around a bit so you might have to read the full thing to get everything setup right23:33
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