Sunday, 2014-12-07

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zGrrmoin :)01:36
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carepack_building the mako middleware packages -> but sensors missing qt5 packages:
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situcarepack_: I build sensors packages on OBS, try that.10:13
carepack_ok. thx for the hint...10:22
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gogetalibhybris ....10:39
locusfbeidl_: which package should I install in order to get battery stats on maguro?10:39
gogetamb2 -s ../rpm/libhybris.spec -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl build10:41
gogetaerror: File /home/gogeta/mer/devel/mer-hybris/libhybris/libhybris/rpm/libhybris-0.0.0.tar.bz2: No such file or directory10:41
locusfgogeta: issue a zypper dup in the sdk10:41
locusfsudo zypper dup that is10:41
locusfnot in the target10:41
gogetasorry my lord10:42
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locusfseems that upower provider was enough10:52
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gogetalocusf, qtscenegraph-adaptation11:05
gogetahow to?11:05
locusfgogeta: build from source?11:06
gogetanot yet11:06
gogetai've fired sudo mic11:07
gogetai'm dealing now with it11:08
gogetalast time i've built sfa was pre jul 1411:08
gogetasledges, need to update HADK docs11:09
gogetaare just few bits11:09
gogetajolla conf need to replaced with ?11:10
gogetai didn't remember right now11:10
locusfme either11:11
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alingogeta: you need a newer sdkutils11:36
alingogeta: check the script and see somewhere inside the scripts the exact path11:36
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Stskeepstbr: minnowboard has working android 4.4?12:15
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tbrStskeeps: yeah, someone mentioned that at least for minnowmax there is one on 01.org12:37
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tbrStskeeps: If you are interested in it we could look at things together. After all I ditched the BBB HADK idea (SGX, broken, surprise), so still have to play around with it proper.12:38
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Stskeepssheesh, 67 hours left of tablet campaign12:57
gogetaStskeeps, so no split screen12:59
gogetabut any forecast for 201513:02
Stskeeps2015.. i'll worry about that after 1st january13:03
gogetabeside toab13:03
stephgUbuntu will definitely, absolutely, positively release a device this time, no really :P13:03
stephgditto Tizen ;)13:04
Stskeepsi really hope they do.13:05
stephg(more a comment on their execution, rather than a swipe at the OS)13:06
gogetayou wanna join canonical ?13:06
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alteregostephg: well, Tizen already have, I heard they have a watch ;)13:07
gogetastephg, a gift ... a don't like tomato souce I always prefer chopped13:09
gogetathat machine cost just 70 euro more or less + 1 euro for modding an alluminuium plate13:10
gogetaif you are an addicted is a must13:10
stephggogeta: heh13:12
gogetathis is now out of production13:12
gogetawith rotating stone13:12
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se3ker42how is the .ks file in installroot/usr/share/kickstarts/ created?13:28
se3ker42I am porting sailfish to lge p99013:29
se3ker42when I run the command in section 8.2 its gives an error saying No file or directory13:31
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RaYmAnhm, so once mer is running correctly, with telnetd on there, but no ui appearing, any way to debug? I can't find any logs mentioning anything failing but there isn't any hwcomposer/wayland interface logs at all.14:41
Stskeepsyou're in 23 or 2323?14:41
RaYmAnStskeeps: 232314:42
Stskeepsand systemd is running as pid 1?14:42
Stskeeps(ps aux)14:42
Stskeepsif so, journalctl -n 500014:43
RaYmAnhm, /sbin/init is pid 114:43
Stskeepsthat's okay14:44
RaYmAnbut journalctl does give logs, just nothing graphical14:44
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RaYmAninteresting - jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session is unable to find hwcomposer backend (minimal, wayland-egl and wayland are the only ones available) - I'm guessing that means qt5-qpa-hwcomposer is broken or missing - any way to verify that manually on a running device?15:06
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locusfsorry, I have a non-sfa setup17:13
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sledgesRaYmAn: is lipstick running?20:34
UmeaboyHi sledges!20:38
RaYmAnsledges: no20:40
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sledgesRaYmAn: which version of sailfishos?20:46
Stskeepsthink we got it diagnosed down to a possible qt5.1/5.2 u8/u9 clash20:47
* sledges nods20:50
RaYmAnboth lipstick and jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session dies with failing to load hwcomposer plugin (and claiming only minimal, wayland-egl and wayland available)20:50
RaYmAnok, so I should try with u8 then?20:50
sledgesor do with proper update9 target:
RaYmAnthat's what I did..20:51
sledgesupdate9 armv7hl ?20:51
RaYmAnI even redid my target setup/build etc with a freshly downloaded update9.20:52
sledgeshave you built anything on obs?20:52
RaYmAnno, all locally20:53
sledgesso you now have two targets u8 & u9 with different names?20:53
RaYmAnI've never had an u8 target installed20:53
sledgesfair enough20:53
StskeepsRaYmAn: can you rpm -q --info sailfish-version on the device?20:54
Stskeepswhat version does it say?20:54
RaYmAndoesn't that just say whatever you put in RELEASE when doing mic build?20:56
RaYmAnI'll admit I went lazy-mode and just copy-pasted the commands from the guide rather than actually bothering to figure out what version I needed to put in RELEASE var20:57
RaYmAnbut it says20:57
RaYmAnVersion     : 1.0.820:57
RaYmAnRelease     : 10.18.19.jolla20:57
sledgesthere we go20:57
Stskeepsok, so that's update820:59
sledgesyou have u820:59
sledgeshybrid :)21:00
Stskeepsso your target would need to match; or just make a u9 image instead21:01
RaYmAnI'll admit I'm confused right now. What doesn't match? Platform SDK and Target?21:02
Stskeepstarget doesn't match with the image you built21:03
RaYmAnOh, now it's starting to make sense. The RELEASE ver is used to fetch packages?21:04
RaYmAnso uhm, what should it be for update 9? 1.0.9?21:04
Stskeepssledges: you recall? should be 1.1 something AFAIK21:05
RaYmAnis it sufficient to run the mic part again?21:06
sledgesok i was right in both cases21:06
sledges.39 is with connectivity hotfix21:06
RaYmAnthis might be something that should be in the guide ;)21:06
Stskeepsyeah.. :P21:06
sledgesguide says - use latest version21:06
RaYmAntechnically a comment in the code in the guide does :P21:07
sledgesyes, a comment there21:07
sledgesand since u9 was opt-in, we got the target autodetect one-liner to fail too (and repos on OBS as well)21:08
sledgesi'll put a paragraph about a stronger target<->mic ties in general, cheers21:08
RaYmAnthanks :)21:09
RaYmAnwell, it's at least doing stuff differently now ;) It also wants me to provide qtscenegraph-adaptation now21:09
sledges"Go compile" (tm)21:10
* lbt has hadk patches for u9 and AOSP stuff21:12
lbtbut then bigger form factor stuff happened :D21:12
lbtalso "good evening"21:13
* Stskeeps passes a beer to lbt21:13
* lbt glugs21:13
* sledges has hadk doc bugfixes and dh-version split21:13
sledgeswhich im revising now21:13
* lbt has modular21:13
lbtwhich buggers it all up21:14
lbtand don't get me started on manifests21:14
lbtor that we'll need to rip most of dhd out to make rebuilds more sane21:14
lbtbut hey ... that's what mondays are for!21:14
sledgesi'll do a MR only for hadk corrections, sod the version-split for now21:15
* lbt forgets what the version split thing is21:15
sledgessbj-version equiv21:16
sledgeswhich contains hw-release21:17
sledgesand lots of other stuffs which are needed only for QA/CI21:17
sledgeshence the split21:17
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lbtOK - I'll need to look at it21:18
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RaYmAnhave you considering putting the porting guide on like github or similar so one could submit patches for making it more clear etc? :)22:00
RaYmAnSo far so good - it gets further, with hwcomposer loading etc, but lipstick seems to fail to start still  - but it's clear progress :)22:07
RaYmAn seems to be the relevant part of the log - it's not really clear which of those warnings/errors are fatal - ofono timeout maybe?22:15
sledgesRaYmAn: we have probably fallen asleep on praises of how good this porting guide is compared to other hardware adaptation guides :D and did not put it on github22:27
sledgesbut every bug you find ends up in my todo list, and i'm modding the guide as we speak actually (coincidence:p)22:28
sledgeslardman gave amazing feedback back in a day, putting his remarks from the backlog into hadk now22:28
RaYmAncool :)22:30
sledgesRaYmAn: issue `systemctl stop lipstick`22:30
sledgescd /var/lib/environment/compositor22:30
sledgescat *22:30
sledgesand export all lipstick variables22:30
sledgesthen launch lipstick via22:30
sledges/usr/bin/lipstick $LIPSTICK_OPTIONS22:30
sledgesall ^ as nemo user22:31
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RaYmAnhm, double timeout on ofono getModems, then segfault22:35
sledgesbtw, you can start the SUW exaclty the same way22:36
sledgesjust replace lipstick with jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session22:36
sledgesjust to check if graphics is sane22:37
RaYmAncrashes too22:39
sledgesexport EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev22:40
RaYmAnI already know that doesn't work, but:22:40
RaYmAnERROR: failed to open framebuffer: (Invalid argument)22:40
RaYmAnjolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session: eglplatform_fbdev.cpp:34: void fbdevws_init_module(ws_egl_interface*): Assertion `0' failed.22:41
sledgesinstall strace and strace it22:43
sledges(with EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer)22:43
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beidlhello hello, fine people22:58
beidlsledges: habe die ehre! :)23:00
beidlI see the way adaptations are pulled has changed23:01
sledgesthey have? they are about to :)23:03
RaYmAnsledges: thanks,I'll do that tomorrow - need to actually find a way to install it without network ;)23:04
beidljumping ahead of myself then :P23:04
sledgesRaYmAn: no probs, hints for tomorrow: and rpm -i ;)23:05
sledgesbeidl: "be prepared" is good ;)) they train you well in the army23:07
beidlsledges: :D well, I'm prepared to defend the nation with a cooking spoon o723:09
beidlhabt acht! kompanie ruht!23:09
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