Wednesday, 2014-12-10

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Sagelocusf: currently not sure when that could happen. (cc: sledges)04:39
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locusfSage: ok06:01
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zGrrmoin :)09:12
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lbthmm my nexus 4 gave its monthly "hey, can you charge me please" beep ...11:55
Stskeepsstill running sailfish?11:56
SK_workone month of battery ? pretty impressive11:56
lbtof course.,..11:56
lbtI think it may be one of those fusion cell ones...11:56
lbt100% idle - no wlan/SIM - but even so11:57
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VDVsxJolla device also lasts a lot for me atm, since I'm in roaming no mobile data, big difference :)11:58
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locusfyou guys have really done awesome job on the battery optimization of Sailfish, Nemo still falls quite short on that :)12:00
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mikpeCan someone help with a problem of porting SailfishOS to Nexus7 Tilapia?12:13
mikpeFollowing HADK (Chapter 7.1.1), building the droid-hal-device packages, I end up with empty RPMS folder.12:17
sledgeshi mikpe12:20
sledgesin 7.1.1 do not execute the first mb2 command anymore12:21
sledges(will be fixed in hadk v3)12:21
sledgesbut if 2nd mb2 fails, pastebin the output to us12:21
mikpeThis will take a bit ...12:22
mikpeHere comes:
sledgesyou need to adjust kernel flags12:31
mikpeOkay. Where can I find some guidance to this adjustment ?12:32
sledgesfrom section 14.3.512:33
mikpeThanks. I'll have a look and see what happens.12:33
sledgesgood stuff:)12:34
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mikpeYes for those who know what they are doing :)12:35
sledgesmikpe: sorry, lost in translation ;) i mean to say, "ok" :D12:38
RaYmAngrouper and tilapia are 99% the same, bootloader, kernel etc- only difference is 3g modem12:44
RaYmAnthe grouper build probably runs without modification on tilapia - just no 3g12:45
sledgesdevice name check comes in a way when uploading .zip, so technically no, but possible12:46
sledgesalso who knows what happens with android properties check in same fashion12:46
RaYmAnCM for grouper runs 100% on tilapia (but yes, there is the flash-time check. but that's it.)12:47
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sledgesmikpe: you are the 3rd guy attempting to make a tilapia port, i wish the previous 2 would've contributed to make your life easier but alas. however you'll certainly will learn new things :)12:49
mikpeI've been hoping for months that some kind soul would do this and save me the trouble.12:51
sledgesbut as RaYmAn said, you're nearly there12:51
mikpeYes. I was so happy to get make "-j4 hybris-hal" to finish on the second attempt yesterday.12:53
sledgeswhat was the 1st attempt about? :)12:53
mikpeHad to switch computer after first one run out of disk space :)12:54
sledgesah ok :D12:54
sledgesmeans you did everything else correctly ;?12:54
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vakkovbeidl: those graphical lags on maguro are everywhere :D  including a game i just ported to qt513:02
vakkovbeidl_: ^13:02
sledgesgeim? oO13:03
vakkovthis one :D
vakkovfor some reason the desktop UI is the one compiled for sailfish but that can be fixed :D13:04
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RaYmAnoh, funky issue/bug I've noticed on a few different devices - on a default build of update9 + 1.1.x for a new device, the init-debug sets up as ip and then udhcpd proceeds to give out ips in the 192.168.0.x range.13:33
Stskeepsyeah it happens if the udhcp.conf isn't copy'ied in13:34
Stskeepsinto the rootfs13:34
RaYmAnduring build?13:35
Stskeepsduring the bootup phase13:36
Stskeepslike in hybris-boot with debug13:36
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RaYmAnhm, it seems to generate an udhcpd.conf there - by appending 'interface <interface>' to it13:37
Stskeepshmm :P13:38
RaYmAnI'd generally expect udhcpd to infer the ip range from the interface though, but apparently it doesn't13:39
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mikpeThe kernel config file editing does not look like it's working. I guess the file I edited was not right one. Where is the file where mb2... command actually reads Kernel configs?14:26
sledgesyou need to re-run make hybris-hal14:27
sledgesto pick things up14:27
sledgesif you edited defconfig14:27
sledgesenough if you run make hybris-boot14:28
sledgesand make hybris-recovery14:28
mikpeOk. I'll do that. Thanks.14:28
Umeaboysledges: Thoose scripts that you mentioned earlier to build Sailfish in just 1 click, should I use them in the order that they're placed in?14:29
sledgesUmeaboy: you just run fullbuild.sh14:29
sledgesas written in readme14:29
UmeaboyOK. And have the phone connected to the Download mode right?14:29
UmeaboySince it'll flash it.14:30
UmeaboyOr doesn't it?14:30
sledgesit only fully builds14:30
UmeaboyI can't find the adress you gave me.14:32
UmeaboyWhere is it?14:32
UmeaboyI checked the mer-hybris git.14:32
UmeaboyAll of the pages.14:32
sledgesit's build by community member dmt14:33
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UmeaboyYeah....... I scrolled up in the channel history......14:33
UmeaboyThanks anyway.14:33
UmeaboyThat link is broken.14:34
UmeaboyChecking his page.14:34
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UmeaboyHe delete it.14:35
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Umeaboy is the correct link.14:35
UmeaboySo I guess he made two accounts.14:36
UmeaboyDo I change anything in that script?14:37
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UmeaboyNow running the script. ;)14:48
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Umeaboysledges: -bash: line 0: [: /home/kristoffer/Skrivbord/Sailfish: binary operator expected15:21
Umeaboy-bash: ./ No such file or directory15:21
UmeaboyHow do I fix it?15:21
UmeaboyThe file is there.15:22
UmeaboyHmmmmmmm. If I moved thoose files to the Desktop it works.15:23
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sledgesUmeaboy: you had spaces in your path i think15:34
UmeaboyYeah. Didn't think that'd cause a problem.15:35
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Umeaboysledges: After the error File '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium ''16:04
UmeaboyHow long should I wait for it to continue?16:04
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beidlhello guys16:04
sledgesUmeaboy: this script requires a repo on OBS16:06
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UmeaboyHi beidl!16:06
Umeaboysledges: So I just press Ctrl C on that?16:07
beidlsledges Umeaboy o/16:08
UmeaboyAny way..... Gotta go.16:08
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piggz_so, today i attended a code review at a suppliers .... mostly ok, but there was this one function....19:30
piggz_it took 15 paramters and returned 19 ..... the return values and 10 of the parameters were undefined, and depended on the value of the first paramter19:31
piggz_and i couldnt convince them this was wrong!19:31
piggz_there, had to get that off my chest! :)19:31
sledges:D i guess they are not your suppliers anymore19:39
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piggz_sledges: hmf, i have no such power!20:09
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gogetasledges, watch is town but not delivered yet20:44
sledgesgogeta: you lucky
gogetayou still got time to get one discounted20:49
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gogetaStskeeps, are you here ?21:01
gogetawhere are you now which nation21:02
gogetafin ?21:02
Stskeepsit's windy outside at least21:03
gogetaso it can be also sicily for me21:03
gogetasledges, may need your help21:03
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sledgesplenty of discounted ones on ebay, it's not a new toy so21:43
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sledgestbr: ping23:24
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