Thursday, 2014-12-11

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tbrsledges: pöng05:49
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spiiroinfyi/review appreciated:
spiiroin^ should also help with proximity sensor problems if they are caused by crashing sensord06:29
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zGrrmoin :)08:13
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mikpeHi. I am continuing yesterdays attempt to port SailfishOS to Nexus7 tilapia.09:05
mikpeBuilding droid-hal-device packages seems to be succesful. It bothers a bit that there are warnings about kernel flags, which I cannot silence.09:05
johnyz89if you use older kernel some flags may not exist09:08
johnyz89if there are only warnings you can try to ignore them09:08
johnyz89errors must be corrected09:08
mikpeOk. So I can continue porting without worries about warnings.09:09
johnyz89you can always send those errors on paste bin and we can check it09:10
mikpeI believe the kernel version is 3.1.1009:10
mikpeHere is the output from building droid hal command:
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carepackgood morning09:12
johnyz89i have more warnings on n7100 and its working09:12
mikpeOk. Thanks. I'll try how it goes on.09:13
johnyz89hey there09:13
johnyz89what is the correct way to add some third party binary to image ?09:13
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energycsdxjohnyz89: what do you like to add?11:19
johnyz89cbd binary in /sbin/cbd, same as on i9300 because its necesary to start ril properly11:20
sledgesrusty88 has addressed that, have you checked logs?11:20
johnyz89i have to check agn for it, cause i didnt find anything useful11:22
johnyz89sledges:i see you wrote about complications with distributing antyhing in /sbin11:28
johnyz89"rusty88: so make a script which downloads this file inside a device"11:29
sledgesjohnyz89: yes, a dead-end problem sadly :(11:29
sledgeswith kludges such as downloaders..11:29
sledgescould this be done during installer?11:30
sledgesto use current boot.img or recovery.img at that point and extract them?11:31
sledgesto avoid connectivity/hosting11:31
johnyz89ok ill try to figure it out11:32
sledgesis a challenge to wipe sammy's nose ;)11:32
johnyz89just thought it was already solved11:32
sledgesi wish11:33
energycsdxwhy just not to extract that file and put it into dhd rpm?11:44
sledgesask tbr ;)11:44
energycsdxsledges: ok, i just don`t mount /system and my dhd rpm is not depends on files on system partition11:47
sledgesenergycsdx: what do you do with closed blobs?11:47
energycsdxsledges: sony published zip file with most closed blobs11:48
tbrsledges: so what folder should I create for sledges?11:52
tbrsledges: err for carepack11:53
energycsdxsledges: need to check EULA, but CM distributes compiled images somehow11:54
tbrsledges/carepack: when was SfA renamed to SfE?11:55
sledgessfe should've been all along, comms issues, apologies11:55
sledgestbr: ^11:55
sledgessame about sailfishos vs sailfish os11:56
sledgescarepack: wrong11:56
sledges/var/www/devaamo_images/sfa/mako/ shuold stay11:56
sledgesbecause we have other devices there11:56
tbrsledges: I'll make a symlink sfe→sfa then?11:56
sledgesi don't want to make tbr's tree more messy11:56
sledgestbr: that would be best solution11:56
tbrjust need to check if apache will like that and if not change config11:56
carepackI didn't want to delete or rename. Misunderstanding11:57
sledgesyea, all legacy communications to be at cause of this :) sorry again11:57
sledgestbr: thanks, been there with apache and symlinks...11:58
tbrsledges: - I can add some rewrite rules to forcefully repoint browsers with a 301 moved permanently if you want11:58
sledgesgood you know configs magic :)11:58
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sledgestbr: let's leave status quo and transition gracefully11:59
tbrsledges: it's your herd of cats ;)11:59
sledgesin a bag:))11:59
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locusfdr_gogeta86: whats up?12:33
dr_gogeta86a new target is in town12:33
dr_gogeta86but this is a story for nemo12:33
dr_gogeta86not quiet for jolla12:33
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SK_workwhich target ?12:52
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mikpePorting of SailfishOS to Nexus7 tilapia continues...13:35
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mikpeWhat about now ?
mikpeURLGrabber error. What to do with it ?13:37
sledgesread carefully the 8.2 paragraph "If you only want..." and revert the changes :)13:40
sledgesmikpe: ^13:40
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sledgesgood you tripped on this one, i knew i forgot to fix this in the next hadk13:42
sledgesfixing now...13:42
mikpeYour welcome. I am glad that I could help :)13:43
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sledgeshear hear carepack has got a release for everyone!
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brlihi, does anyone interested in porting sailfishos to a Chinese MTK phone?15:32
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