Monday, 2014-12-15

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vakkovsledges: energycsdx: true that00:56
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wsvallis it possible to install port from i9300 to i9305?04:35
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Nokiuslocusf:  no mail so fare from FOSDEM :)12:16
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jcbjoe__hi .. whats the website that shows everything that is not working for salfish i think its a wiki12:59
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sledgesjcbjoe__: hi, first link in the topic13:00
jcbjoe__sledges: do you use slafish as a daily driver ? if so what phone do you use ?13:01
sledgesjcbjoe__: jolla phone13:01
jcbjoe__aw an actual phone ?13:01
jcbjoe__so your stuff works period13:02
sledges2nd choice is Nexus413:02
sledgespretty happy too, as I'm not an (android) app guy13:02
jcbjoe__sledges: i got a nexus 4 running jolla and my sound isn't working i don't know where to start .. i went to the broswer and was trying to watch a tutorial and just couldn't play any sound13:02
jcbjoe__any ideas ?13:03
jcbjoe__according to the wiki sound should work13:03
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sledgesjcbjoe__: does it work not for videos?13:03
jcbjoe__i can people ringtones and when people call and lots of stuff its just when i went to the browser to play a youtube video i couldn't hear it13:04
sledgesjcbjoe__: the video playback is not 100% there13:07
jcbjoe__oh ok13:07
sledges(you should get video freezing (sadly) as well)13:07
sledgesit's the same level as camera stream13:08
jcbjoe__how about usb i should be able to put some audio onthe phone right ?13:08
jcbjoe__mass storage theu usb ?13:08
sledgesjcbjoe__: check this (thanks carepack)13:10
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locusfNokius: okay, lets still wait :)15:08
Nokiuslocusf: Yeah had twice a little hearth attack but was only unimported mails15:10
sledgeswsvall: you can certainly try, although expect modem not to work at all15:14
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sledgesenergycsdx: thanks, submitted internal PR (should be out with u11) cc:vakkov15:28
sledgeswsvall: also you'll need to adjust device name within scripts inside the .zip15:30
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Nokiuslocusf: according to Twitter the first mails are out (atm only lightning talks ) hope soon stands :)16:37
locusfNokius: alright16:37
Nokiusalso"still" empty
locusfoh so little stands :/16:45
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locusfNokius: did you remember to request Jolla/Sailfish stand as well + Nemo & Mer?17:00
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Nokiuslocusf: its SFOS Community / MER / NEMO17:02
locusfNokius: ah ok, all-in-ine then :)17:02
Nokiuslocusf: Jolla will have a separated stand iirc17:04
locusfNokius: ok17:04
locusfNokius: yes I remember that meeting17:09
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Nokiuslocusf: no ping so fare will be afk for a few hours cu17:41
locusfNokius: okay cy17:44
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jcbjoe__when is updated ?18:48
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sledgesjcbjoe__: 4 days ago:
jcbjoe__sledges: weren't you up earlier18:50
sledgesjcbjoe__: the day is long, i'm still up :)18:50
locusfwow its gotten quiet on that page18:52
situjust updated the page about hammerhead magnetic sensor fix ;)18:53
jcbjoe__sledges: are you the main porter for nexus 4 ?18:54
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sledgesjcbjoe__: i used to package fixes by other people and make releases, now carepack is taking care of this :)18:55
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jcbjoe__im looking to see what xda threads to subscribe to / to stay on top of updates and stop asking so many questions18:55
sledgessitu: i still didn't find time to test nexus5 with non-latest mce (yet with display backlight fix)18:55
sledgesjcbjoe__: for n4 - the one i pasted when i was up earlier:)18:56
situsledges: I think I had tested it and it was fixed. Isn't it ?18:56
sledgesit was18:57
sledgesbut you tested with latest mce, and other things broke18:57
sledgeshence we didn't release iirc18:57
situsledges: Yes, mce was blocking touch but there was a workaround for it too.18:58
sledgesoh ok18:58
jcbjoe__sledges: -
jcbjoe__that one ?18:59
sledgessitu: gotta get it out through the door if all works then:)18:59
sledgesjcbjoe__: yes18:59
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jcbjoe__what i need is a unlocked jolla phone thats what i need19:02
sledgesall jolla phones are unlocked from the operator, aren't they19:03
jcbjoe__i been using my n4 as a daily driver since yesterday with jolla on it19:05
sledgesjcbjoe__: you mean, Sailfish OS19:05
jcbjoe__i got the multasking down19:05
jcbjoe__yes sorry salifhish19:05
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sledgesjcbjoe__: welcome aboard!19:07
jcbjoe__if i could program i could help a lot but i can't so i will just be a tester i guess19:07
sledgesevery little helps:)19:08
Nokiuslocusf: no mail will get same sleep hope to see tomorrow more :)19:27
locusfNokius: okay :)19:37
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mikpeHi. (still) trying to port SailfishOS to Nexus7 tilapia. Going strong until (HADK 7.1.2) building droid-hal-configs fail.20:39
mikpeBuilding droid-hal-configs is missing a lot of files...
mikpeSorry it should have been HADK
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energycsdxmikpe: did you build step 7.1.1 ?21:08
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