Tuesday, 2014-12-16

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Nokiuslocusf: no mail06:28
locusfNokius: ok06:28
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zGrrmoin :)09:23
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Nokiuslocusf: we are not the only one waiting :) a few on Twitter also wondering :) Lets see what Santa will bring :P09:46
locusfNokius: yeah, fingers crossed :)09:46
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locusfI wonder about the LPI cert, is it worth it?09:51
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Nokiuslocusf: have the LPIC1 (101/102) since summer not sure about the worth I made it only to have a cut after 3 years as apprentice who has "Linux" in his Resume (101 is about tools I have used in this time not so often like seg xargs … but now I know them :] / 102 is about more usefull stuff ) have a look here same brain dumps http://www.aiotestking.com/linux to get use to the possible questions10:22
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Nokiuslocusf: oh and you get this nice card (https://nokius.net/stuff/20141216_001.jpg) plus a papercertificate10:32
locusfNokius: ok, thanks for the info :)10:33
Nokiuslocusf: but to be honest I had expect more from it "usefull" lessons ware less a good resouce too from the big blue (https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/lpi/)10:36
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Nokiuslocusf: over view about the importen parts you have to know https://www.lpi.org/linux-certifications/programs/lpic-1/10:40
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cmazierihello guys, is there any image for galaxy s3 model i9300 ?10:47
mikpeHi. Have you looked this from XDA-developers ... http://forum.xda-developers.com/jolla-sailfish/general/jolla-sailfish-os-gs3-t202813310:51
cmazierinot yet, will look now10:51
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sledgescmazieri: here's the latest: http://impegoraro.github.io/sailfish-sgs3/11:02
cmazierisledges: Thanks.11:04
sledgesthanks mikpe for xda link, it's perfect to subscribe to it and stay atop of updates11:04
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mikpeNo problem. Link to xda was from Mer Adaptations/libhybris table.11:12
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Nokius1sledges: Reminds me in bring the Device wiki back, at lest a lot of work and a little problem with the cm guys  :-/ but can help to get problems with old information solved (https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Devices#vendor=;)13:45
sledgesNokius1: wow nice i haven't seen this:) all i knew was that you were working on it:)13:51
Nokius1sledges: Yes I have no idea why the img is not loading as it has to :( and yeah it needs "love" and content :-/13:53
sledgessure, is it difficult for anyone to contribute?13:54
sledgesi.e. the content13:54
sledgesI see, anyone can just follow oppo example for a device they want to add14:04
Nokius1no its not so hard when you understand how this templates work together :) they can confuse a LOT!14:04
Nokius1Yeah to add a device is "easy" atm we need a bit polish to get the WebOS parts field with SFOS :)14:05
Nokius1and may we have to get the HADK in to it too14:05
Nokius1as sad "bit" work is there :)14:06
Nokius1got some nice cookies today may I will add the devices from libhybirs  not sure if all  but lets see :)14:07
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Nokius1and may some has to chek if the current content is correct14:10
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Nokius1sledges: now the img problem is a pain :(16:51
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sledgesbug triage in over 10mins @ #mer-meeting17:48
situsledges: Are there any new bugs ?17:50
situJust one new bug.17:55
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sledgesmake it two ;)18:00
sledgesmeans we'll be quick :)18:00
situLet's do it :)18:00
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Nokius1locusf: no news so fare :-/18:18
locusfNokius1: alright, lets wait up then :)18:19
situsledges: When I plugin earphone while playing songs I hear disturbing sound for less than a second before music starts in earphones. Is that normal ?18:20
sledgesjusa_: ^ :)18:21
Nokius1sledges: so most of the devices are done rest tomorrow18:21
sledgesNokius1: thanks!18:23
Nokius1sledges: :) no probs but now we have to thing about what to do with it :-/ How to fill it proper and so on and we need a mediawiki expert to get the "img" thing sorted out18:24
sledges<img works in cyanogenmod wiki, so where do we differ?18:27
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Nokius1sledges:  sure it works but I have no Idea and i ask some one how work on the wiki at cm and he had also no Idea "may its a disable feature" ?18:38
Nokius1not sure if some one will remember who they made it owns and yeah The like that we mention cm some where and that will will make it a bit different (but this is why we like to use it coz all world knows how to use the cm wiki [Device section]  irrc)18:41
sledgesi'll take a look at that <img tonight out of curiosity18:42
Nokius1sledges: okay :)18:44
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jusa_situ: which device?19:30
jusa_hmm.. interesting.. I can probably take a look tomorrow19:31
jusa_which cm, which pulseaudio and pulseaudio-modules-droid versions?19:32
situcm11, pulseaudio-5.0+git7-1.9.1.armv7hl and pulseaudio-modules-droid-5.0.23-10.11.1.jolla.armv7hl19:33
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jusa_ok.. btw could you also run pulseaudio with logs (change /etc/sysconfig/pulseaudio and include -vvvvv to the CONFIG and restart pa or device) and paste somewhere logs of playing music & connecting headphones?19:37
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situjusa_: Here's the log when I connect headphone http://pastie.org/978475519:42
situjusa_: sorry it's not disturbing sound, it's a delay which may be normal.19:44
situjusa_: but there's also a delay if I wakeup my device from sleep.19:44
situjusa_: Here's the log for display sleep and wakeup http://pastie.org/978476119:46
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sledgesNokius1: lbt: mer wiki does not allow <img tags, cm does. there's no other way to get those images show up, due to mediawiki not supporting double-nesting. so mer wiki will have to allow <img tags (once this works, devices will work too https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/User:Sledge/test_dev )21:19
sledgeslbt cheers!21:25
lbtworking ?21:26
sledges16:05 < Nokius1> Yeah to add a device is "easy" atm we need a bit polish to get the WebOS parts field with SFOS :)21:28
sledgesand Nemo too :)21:28
lbt"Officially-supported" ?21:30
* lbt goes back to manifests21:30
sledges:) gimme a shout when you need a hand21:30
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lbtsure - just unsoldering my car-alarm keyfob21:38
Nokius1f5 and boom -> :D21:45
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BluesLeehi sledges21:47
Nokius1awesome work lbt sledges :D21:48
BluesLeethis morning i thought: why there are not nightly builds of sailfishos and now i see the wiki21:49
lbtwell, there are no nightly public builds21:51
BluesLeelbt: not yet i assume21:51
lbtI would be surprised if we ever did that21:52
lbtI think there's more to be said for a volatile public build of the mer-core stuff as the nemo mw moves in there21:53
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BluesLeelbt: in that case the wiki is misleading21:54
lbtplease fix :)21:54
lbtsfos only does public releases of updates and opt-ins - from those we can build ports21:55
lbtwe can do any frequency builds of specific HA code though21:55
lbtso eg if someone is working on mako you can do mako HA nightlies21:55
sledgesBluesLee: wiki is in alpha, but thank for pointing out:) our next goal is to make it non-sailfishos friendly too21:58
sledges(think webos, nemo, ...)21:58
BluesLeelbt: no way of fixing the wiki https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Hammerhead_Info i want the nightly builds :-)21:59
BluesLeesledges: a christmas build would be a nice present22:01
BluesLeesledges: how much hours it takes to build an image, just an estimation22:02
sledgesBluesLee: what device?22:02
sledgesand hours or two from scratch22:02
BluesLeesledges: nexus5, just two hours sounds good22:03
sledgesBluesLee: christmas present sounds good, i hope situ will free up for an hour;)22:04
BluesLeesledges: the latest status regarding camera functionality is from xda forum, it said something about waiting for ubuntu developers22:06
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sledgesBluesLee: camera on Nexus5 is far-fetched, not a christmas target22:06
BluesLeesledges: i got this information from MSameer too22:07
sledgesme too22:07
Nokius1sledges: may we have to add Template:Device_Info ad Warning box that this is a WIP and may contains wrong information22:10
sledgeswe already have that on the main page22:12
Nokius1I know22:14
Nokius1add it to the Devices as well :) safety first22:14
sledgesi suggest to wait for more people tripping on it to see if this becomes an issue at all22:15
Nokius1okay so I remove it :D22:18
sledgeslooks good, sorry misunderstood what you meant initially22:20
Nokius1:-/ okay will turn it on again22:21
Nokius1okay will get some sleep now tomorrow I will add the missing device and may find a way to add the information from the libhybris Matrix to the devices Info Pages22:24
sledgeswe should separate sailfish/nemo/webos from mer-hybris technology22:25
sledgesi see this as next step, because matrix is sailfishos oriented (the green squares)22:26
sledgesand it shouldn't be22:26
Nokius1ah tbr told a few week (month?) back that he had some space for the flashible images so we may can use this to replae it with webos links soon22:27
sledgesand we already have nemo flashable images so22:27
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sledgesneed to give a thought how to make initial page less sailfishos and more hybris friendly: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Devices22:28
sledgeswhere user can choose what adaptations they want to see instead22:28
Nokius1okay I wanted to add Camera working and so on but okay if this is not need :D22:29
sledgesit is, but it will depend where (as camera works on sailfish for now only)22:29
BluesLeeNokius1:  maybe the users expect those functionality informations on rhe single device pages22:32
BluesLeeat least this holds for me before trying an image22:32
sledgesubuntu touch does that22:32
Nokius1yep this is may a bit of a problem or we have a tabel which says nemo sfos and returns red yellow green but I guess first stepp is to have a good base and then will build on it :)22:33
Nokius1yes I was talking to add it to the codename Info Page for eace device22:34
sledgesyes, if templates allow flexible restructurisation before we go too far with data migration22:34
sledgesor even after that22:34
Nokius1and yes here we have a problem we we will have mer and nemo in one // but we only have to add some more "functions" :) but as mention first good base than we can try to get it consumer ready ? Roma was not build in one day!?22:36
Nokius1sledges: we may have to get a look to the Teplates to understand how this work :D than it will be eayser22:37
sledgesgoodnight and thanks for all the fish!22:37
Nokius1^^ cu tomorrow22:38
Nokius1locusf: no mail so fare :-/22:38
Nokius1locusf: but so fare no one tweet about fosdem and stand so may all is good lets see what the next days will bring22:40
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jcbjoe__caanyone on a nexus 4 running sailfish get device lock to work ? for some reason mine isn't working .. im looking at  https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris and it dosen't say antyhing about devie lock not working23:35

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