Wednesday, 2014-12-17

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jcbjoe__Question .. the end users that are testing .. are there daily things you want us to do or something .. or is there like a post we go to to test things ?00:40
jcbjoe__i got a nexus 4 using sailfish as a daily driver00:40
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SirCmpwnany chance at samsung galaxy s5 support?01:23
SirCmpwnnot listed in current status page01:23
jcbjoe__SirCmpwn: the links i gave you should help i don't have a nexus 5 just a nexus 401:24
SirCmpwnnot a nexus, a samsung01:25
jcbjoe__oh my bad01:25
SirCmpwnI'm running CM on it (I know CM has far broader support)01:25
jcbjoe__let me look again01:25
SirCmpwnI would guess that SGSIII == samsung galaxy s301:25
jcbjoe__i don't see samsung s501:26
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SirCmpwnmy end goal is to get used to the system before the tablet arrives01:27
jcbjoe__oh nice01:27
jcbjoe__SirCmpwn: yea i'm using my nexus 4 rightn ow with sailfish on it ... on the 1st im gonna get a jolla phone on ebay :D01:28
SirCmpwnnot really interested in the jolla phone01:28
jcbjoe__i am :P01:28
SirCmpwnbut I backed the tablet because I would totally buy a tablet that runs a GNU/Linux system01:28
jcbjoe__i love phones01:28
jcbjoe__jolla phone on the 1st daily driver .. N9 meego Feburary 1st just to have it for not apprent reason01:29
jcbjoe__not i will just stay with jolla01:30
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jcbjoe__SirCmpwn: looking at the tablet... looks really nice01:49
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situsledges: I don't have any fix for the usbmod thing.06:13
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SirCmpwnunder what license are the proprietary bits of sailfish distributed?06:54
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sledgessitu: alpha3 was built with this version, do you have the same in?
situsledges: I have been building my images from same repo isn't it ?09:30
sledgessitu: idk:)09:32
situThis package was built almost 4 months ago, I should have the same one on my device.09:32
sledgesthis one:
sledgesalin: ping09:34
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alinsledges: pong09:39
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sledgesalin: we can't get usb-moded-0.80.4 to work with update9
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sledgesusing the same version as in alpha3 (
sledgessitu: does your .ks have all these usb-moded packages ?09:41
alinsledges: meaning? you get the black screen?09:41
alinsledges: I used to use a trick to boot it09:42
alinsledges: start it connected with usb cable09:43
sledgesummm, but that has been released as alpha3, so means that all users have blackscreen with usb out?09:43
alinsledges: after few seconds trying to get an IP remove the cable09:43
alinsledges: no... only update 909:43
sledgesgood catch;)09:44
alinsledges: with alpha 3 was ok09:44
sledgeswe might have to revert usb-moded then (alpha1 and 2 did not have it so a regression which we could permit)09:44
sledgesin case we can't fix it09:44
alinsledges: may phdeswer can have a look at it09:45
sledgesalin: how many working features did usb-moded bring if you remember? dhcp server, ..., ?09:45
alinsledges: working dhcp server09:46
alinsledges: he fixed it pretty fast then09:46
phdeswerwhat's the problem exactly?09:47
sledges we can't get usb-moded-0.80.4 to work with update9
alinnow out of topic do you know if tsadar updated his mutirom09:48
sledgesit worked with
phdeswersledges: be a bit more specific...09:48
sledgesphdeswer: black screen09:48
alinphdeswer: the only way I got it work was to start it with the usab cable and remove the cable few seconds in the process of gettign the ip09:48
phdeswerWeird. I really can't see how that could be usb-modeds fault. Unless systemd messes up badly09:49
sledgesalin: which one did you use for - jolla-devicelock-plugin-encpartition09:49
sledgesjolla-devicelock-plugin-encsfa ?09:50
sledges(same question to situ:)09:50
phdesweralin: so start with usb connected and then you need to remove it?09:50
alinsledges: I do not know09:50
alinsledges: the image is here... I cannot boot it now I as I do not have the multirom installed09:51
alinsledges: can you try that image?09:51
sledgesok, i'll check the contents09:51
sledgesit's enough to extract it and grep rpm db09:51
sledgeswhich means, you don't have .ks?09:51
situsledges: I think we already tried that .ks and it didn't boot.09:55
situtried that image *09:55
sledgeswhich reassures that i need to dl it and see which package is in ;)09:56
alinsitu: boots if you do the trick I said.. I posted that when I generated09:56
alinbut we said we shall concentrate on 8 rather than 909:56
sledgesalin: because we thought camera is coming, but requirements change ;)09:57
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phdesweralin: can you check what happens when the udhcpd service file gets removed?09:58
phdeswerGiven what you told me I can only think of systemd stopping boot hanging on udhcpd failing to start (which it should not even try to start)09:59
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alinphdeswer: nope I cannot try now... let us hope multirom works on 5.010:00
alinphdeswer: I am not really int he mood of going back to 4.10:00
phdesweralin: ok. No problem.10:00
alinphdeswer: if you have multirom you can try that image fast10:01
alinphdeswer: I remember you have n510:01
alinreboot/root time wish me luck10:01
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sledgesalin: i see no reason why it shouldn't work:10:03
sledgesit's v30 out10:03
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alinok root complete and multirom installed10:11
alinnow time to get the image boot...10:11
alinsledges: to skip the turorial the same thing? 3 ave maria 2 push ups and 3 times jump on the left foot?10:11
sledgesalin: are you saying you forgot the incantations?10:15
phdesweralin: hit each corner afaik10:16
sledgesyes, starting top-left, clock-wise10:16
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sledgessitu: found one problem: replace jolla-devicelock-plugin-encpartition with jolla-devicelock-plugin-encsfa in your .ks10:20
situsledges: What was the problem ?10:21
sledgespattern/package resolving/handling u8 vs u910:22
sledgeswe should always have jolla-devicelock-plugin-encsfa, yet u8 had an unfixed problem that to pull encsfa, encpartition had to be specified10:22
sledgesu9 has that fixed so10:22
situIs that related to usbmod ?10:24
sledgespossible and hopefully10:24
phdeswerWell if devicelock does not work, usb-moded will not turn on usb functionality. But that should no stop booy10:26
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situbuilding image now.10:28
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zGrrmoin :)10:49
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alinok after many boots reboots managed to get to language selection10:57
alinthen I got a black screen10:57
alinphdeswer: more on the thing... it boots then tries to set the netwrok I can see it in nm then fails10:57
alinimmediately while led is on10:57
alinbut the google logo is on all the time10:58
phdesweralin: that is why I suspect a systemd failure and the udhcpcd service file10:59
alinphdeswer: but I thought you fixed this11:00
phdesweralin: well we never had this problem. I really doubt it is usb-modeds fault.11:01
phdeswerIt's kind of hard to guess what is wrong now without logs or any indication what might be wrong.11:02
* phdeswer needs to get his hands on an n5 to figure out what goes wrong11:04
alinphdeswer: yap it is tricky to do anything11:04
alinphdeswer: one thing is that the netwrok interface does not come up11:04
alinafter it fails to set the network address11:05
alinphdeswer: I think we may need a new image too11:05
alinas I suspect since 31/10 when I generated it many things changed11:05
phdesweralin: the usb network interface right? Do you see it in dmesg? Or mass-storage?11:06
alinphdeswer: no11:08
phdeswerSo no mass-storage or usb net?11:08
alinphdeswer: none11:08
phdeswerThat rather indicates something goes wrong before usb-moded starts11:08
sledgeslet's wait for situ to test the correct devicelock package. might be that the incorrect one simply blows things up11:09
sledgeshowever strange that chucking usb-moded packages out makes it boot..11:09
alinsledges: did situ build a new image?11:10
sledges12:28 < situ> building image now.11:10
alinsledges: I missed that was rooting mine11:10
alinsledges: I cannot build an image right now will take till tomorrow to download the crap11:11
alinsledges: the kernel one11:11
alinsledges: also do we move to cm12?11:11
phdeswersledges: I don't get it either.11:11
phdeswerBecause if what alin says is true, it fails before usb-moded is even started11:12
phdeswerUnless for some reason it keeps failing and systemd stops boot. But that would mean some major change in the kernel11:12
sledgesalin: feel free11:13
situInstalling now11:21
situsledges: GUI comes up but telnet connection is down.11:23
sledgessitu: wasn't it like this before, in your case?11:23
situsledges: Yeah, right.11:24
situNow interface to phone is up again.11:24
situwith correct ip address and I can ssh to the phone.11:25
Nokius1except the opo all device are added P611:25
sledgesok, i'll rephrase: is it any better now than before?11:25
situsledges: Actually earlier we were having 2 issues, GUI was not coming up (because of systemd dependecy problem) and interface to phone was not working.11:26
sledgessitu: you fixed the systemd, and which interface are you referring to?11:26
situsledges: After we fixed the problem with systemd dependency we never check if usb-moded issue was still there. Probably usb-moded comes up only aftr GUI starts.11:27
sledgesofc, because you kept usb-moded out of build at that time11:27
sledgessitu: at any rate, the correct devicelock package will now permit device lock (really?!) and allow untrusted software sources11:28
situok, so in short we are not having any issues with usb-moded now, all looks good to me.11:28
sledgessitu: do we have telnet? (it's not needed if ssh is in..)11:28
situtelnet is not working but ssh does work.11:29
alinsitu: cool can you make an image available?11:29
sledgesshall we put it here?
situalin: I will upload the image but it will drain your N5 battery. There's an issue with backlight staying up.11:29
alinsitu: yes11:30
alinsitu: that was the most annoying11:30
phdeswersledges: do we have the jolla-rnd-device package now?11:30
sledgesphdeswer: nope11:30
alinsitu: and most annoying is sometimes is up sometimes goes down11:30
sledgessitu: mce fixed it, but need to cherry pick the right version (i.e. not too new)11:30
alinsitu: another issue that you cannot unlock the screen sometimes11:31
situsledges: Right and then there was an issue with mce  blocking touch with newest version.11:31
alinsitu: the ghost script11:31
alinsledges: but that was fixed long time ago I thought we commited that changed11:31
alinsledges: i think spiiroin fixed it or so11:32
sledgesalin: 13:30 < sledges> situ: mce fixed it, but need to cherry pick the right version (i.e. not too new)11:32
alinsitu: how did you build the image?11:32
alinsledges: yap I read.. I do not understand what do you mean pick the right version11:33
alinsledges: i thought that was properly commited11:33
situalin: I didn't use the script that you guys used, directly created it with mic.11:33
sledgesalin: 13:31 < situ> sledges: Right and then there was an issue with mce  blocking touch with newest version.11:33
situalin: You can build it with your script if you like.11:33
sledgesNokius1: where is sfosDeviceFilterList picked up from ?11:34
alinsledges: this supposedly is the right version11:34
alinsitu: I have no preferences as long as we have an image11:35
situUploading it, hang on.11:35
alinsitu: I will build one with the script just tomorrow when I get to a proper source of internet11:35
situvolume keys don't work.11:39
alinsitu: this one I did not have11:40
alinsitu: thanks now let us see how long it takes to download11:48
Nokius1sledges:  may this helps
Nokius1sledges:  but iirc it is in the Common.js12:02
sledgesis what need12:02
Nokius1*afk unboxing my new toy*12:03
sledgesNokius1: where is Common.js?12:03
sledgeswhat's the toy? ;P12:03
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sledges\o/ thanks12:05
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spiiroinsledges: situ: have you already tried if with mce 1.37.4 helps with that touch blocking issue?12:15
situspiiroin: Let me try12:16
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spiiroinIf the ps does not work properly, it should still stay disabled in mce config.12:17
spiiroinBut the changes made in mce might help in partially-working-sensorfw cases.12:19
situspiiroin: btw what was the fix for touch issue that I need to disable ?12:19
spiiroinsitu: basically, same as: mcetool --set-ps-mode=disabled12:21
situstill touch works on wakeup.12:21
spiiroine.g. install from some package "/etc/mce/70-no-proximity.conf" with content "/system/osso/dsm/proximity/ps_enabled=false"12:23
spiiroin... or if there is already some n5 specific config file for mce, add the line there12:23
sledgeswe already have that12:25
spiirointhen if mce is not blocking input on display wakeup, thigs are ok12:25
spiiroinmight have been that it occurred on bootup though12:25
situspiiroin: mce still not blocking, all looks good.12:26
spiiroinso better test after reboot situation too12:26
situdid reboot12:26
spiiroingood. I did not have n5 around while doing that fix, but suspected that proximity=covered could have leaked through in non-jolla devices too.12:28
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sledgessitu: if all is good, do you want me to link mce-1.37.4 to ?12:31
situsledges: Yeah, we can do that.12:31
sledgessitu: done12:39
situalin: Feel free to make new image with your scripts and check if it works well.12:40
alinsitu: I will but tomorrow...12:42
alinsitu: sound is muted12:42
situYes, I see same issue with sound.12:42
sledgesmy fault, broke it 17 days ago, fixing12:43
alinsledges: sledges sledges12:44
stephgI love that song :D12:46
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sledgestested, sound+vol keys is back12:57
alinsledges: ok... let me add the repos and update from them12:58
alinsledges: to confirm12:58
situsledges: then we are good for a release.12:58
alinsledges: usb-moded brings cool tethering too12:58
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sledgeslatest mce works fine too13:05
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alinsledges: there is one issue I see and
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alinStskeeps: yes I know I was thinking will mess my things in the script13:38
Stskeepsyou mean sledges ;)13:41
sledgesi think he meant both, as the storm is approaching;D13:41
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alin_Stskeeps: yes sledges...13:51
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alinsledges: situ things look ok14:46
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situStskeeps: Great post. Thanks!15:47
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jcbjoe_is there a list of devlepoer mode commands ?16:54
SK_workjcbjoe_: well, devel-su16:55
SK_workto be root16:55
SK_workand all linux stuff16:55
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jcbjoe_SK_work: ok17:00
jcbjoe_SK_work: i'm new to the devloper thing on here .. it seems i can only ssh on the phone itself correct ? right now im usb plugged in / devlopler mode on and im trying to ssh from my computer17:03
jcbjoe_i can ssh from the phone easliy but not from the computer17:04
SK_workjcbjoe_: weired17:04
SK_workfirst, are you phone recognized as a modem ?17:04
jcbjoe_how do i make sure it is ?17:04
SK_workjcbjoe_: what os are you running ?17:06
jcbjoe_1.1.0.39 (*itukka)17:07
jcbjoe_err i jacked that one up17:07
jcbjoe_1.1.0.39 (Uitukka)17:07
jcbjoe_SK_work: or the os on my actual computer ?17:08
SK_workjcbjoe_: are you running Sailfish OS on a Jolla or a different phone ?17:08
jcbjoe_SK_work: running sailfish os on a nexus 417:09
jcbjoe_daily driver17:09
SK_workok :)17:09
SK_workcomputer OS ?17:09
jcbjoe_Mac osx17:09
jcbjoe_yosemite 10.10.117:09
SK_worksorry, don't know if it is in modem mode then :s17:15
SK_workcan you try to ping it's wireless ip ?17:15
SK_workand ssh through this ip ?17:15
SK_workyou need nemo as username17:15
SK_workssh nemo@ usually17:15
SK_work(for usb modem interface)17:15
jcbjoe_wierd i can't text my wifes number .. i can call her .. and i can text my number and other numbers17:16
jcbjoe_ok let me do the ssh thing17:17
SK_workjcbjoe_: your wife don't like you :(17:18
SK_workor at leat her phone don't like you17:18
jcbjoe_i was texting her all last night .. wierd17:18
jcbjoe_i texdt my mom it wen throught .. i text myself right now it went through .. oh well17:18
jcbjoe_SK_work: do i ping the wlan ip or the usb ip ?17:19
SK_workjcbjoe_: try both17:20
jcbjoe_ssh nemo@ worked17:21
SK_workjcbjoe_: then use this ;)17:21
jcbjoe_so set the password in devloper mode correct ?17:21
SK_workjcbjoe_: what do you mean ?17:22
SK_workhow to set dev password ?17:22
jcbjoe_ijm logged in as neo17:22
jcbjoe_im looged in as nemo17:22
SK_workjcbjoe_: nice17:22
SK_workyou can devel-su to go root17:23
SK_worksame pw as dev mode17:23
jcbjoe_aw ok17:23
jcbjoe_SK_work: sudo devel-su17:24
jcbjoe_ ?17:24
jcbjoe_or just su devel-su17:24
SK_workjust devel-su17:24
jcbjoe_got it17:25
jcbjoe_i don't think my wife payed her phone bill17:27
jcbjoe_SK_work: you got a jolla phone ?17:28
jcbjoe_oh wow17:28
SK_workwell, the Jolla phone itself is nothing to be wowed17:28
SK_workit's good enough17:28
SK_workwhat's wow, is Sailfish OS :)17:28
jcbjoe_good enough to get by ?17:28
jcbjoe_the os itself right ?17:29
SK_workbut I really like the Jolla. The design is nice17:29
jcbjoe_he sailfish os itself is the wow factor17:29
jcbjoe_i been researching it alot and i like the os17:29
SK_workwell, HW design is pretty good too17:29
SK_workthe OS is awesome17:29
SK_workand very hacker-friendly17:29
jcbjoe_are you in the uk ?17:30
jcbjoe_i convered the jolla phone from euro to us dollars and was like o_O < -- i litterally made that face lmao17:31
SK_workI'm in FR17:31
SK_workit is expensive yeah17:32
SK_workrather expensive for specs etc.17:32
jcbjoe_i'm going to purchase my phone from ebay decent prices17:32
SK_workbut it's nice to help Jolla17:32
SK_workjcbjoe_: you have your N417:32
SK_workyou can enjoy SFOS on the N9 :)17:32
jcbjoe_whats that SK_work  ?17:33
sledgesjcbjoe_: where do you live?17:33
jcbjoe_Sacramento Califorinia .. United Sates17:33
SK_workon the N417:33
SK_workSFOS = Sailfish OS17:33
sledgesjcbjoe_: did you check your jolla modem and mobile data baseband compatibility?17:33
SK_workon the N417:33
locusfwoops yeah it doesn't work in states :/17:34
jcbjoe_sledges: yea im on the nexus4 using the sailfish os i use it as a daily driver daily17:34
sledgesonly 2G or it doesn't work at all?17:34
sledgesjcbjoe_: im talking about Jolla phone17:34
jcbjoe_dosen't it get 3g ?17:35
sledgesthat you are about to buy from ebay17:35
locusf2g only in Canada17:35
SK_workJolla is only 2G in the states17:35
locusfah ok17:35
sledgesfor canada17:35
sledgesnow what about states?17:35
jcbjoe_i thought it only dosen't get LTE17:35
SK_worksledges: I think it's the same17:36
SK_worknot 100% sure17:36
sledgesbest to double-check on #jollamobile17:36
jcbjoe_thanks sledges17:36
locusfalso tmo17:37
locusfbut thats of course again unofficial :)17:37
sledgesok, good we give early-warning to jcbjoe_17:38
locusfI didn't know when I recommended dfos to him :)17:39
jcbjoe_sledges: well i will even so i can donate my jolla to the cause right and i can help with the nexus 4 and help out with other phones and we can get them up and running right ?17:40
jcbjoe_i like giving back17:40
SK_workjcbjoe_: helping with porting to phones is important indeed :)17:41
sledgesjcbjoe_: sure, and you can always carry around two phones with multiSIM, using one's 3G/LTE as WiFi hotspot to Jolla ^_^17:42
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters17:52
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters17:52
jcbjoe_sledges: are there other tricks we don't know about17:59
sledgesryukafalz: jcbjoe_: pkcon install jolla-devicelock-plugin-encsfa18:00
sledgesis the correct one18:00
jcbjoe_sledges: is there a list of stuff that i can look up ?18:00
*** alin has quit IRC18:00
ryukafalzsledges: that worked, thanks :)18:02
* jcbjoe_ needs to get his n4 that is charging18:02
sledgesgreat! jcbjoe_ this particular one is a bug, not a trick ;)18:02
jcbjoe_oh ok18:02
sledgesjcbjoe_: have you checked this one: (cc ryukafalz )18:03
jcbjoe_bookmakred thanks sledges18:04
ryukafalzahh, I have not seen that one - didn't think to look at xda, I'm mostly around TMO and here18:05
sledgesthe information is everywhere 8)18:05
ryukafalzI'll have to ask around re: a few things there, I can't seem to get camera working but it's listed as working on the adaptations table18:06
sledgesryukafalz: if you use two latest releases, camera works there18:06
sledgesu9 and u818:06
sledgesdo you get a picture?18:07
sledges(i'm asking literally, not figuratively:))18:07
ryukafalzsledges: I'm using, how would I see what update version I'm on?18:08
sledgesryukafalz: that's sailfishos update818:08
ryukafalz(and no, the camera app just crashes on start)18:08
ryukafalzah, okay18:08
sledgesryukafalz: where did you download the .zip from if you remember?18:08
*** Taaeem has joined #sailfishos-porters18:08
sledgeswas it EA4 ?18:08
ryukafalzit was EA3, manually updated. bit of a frankenstein. :P18:09
ryukafalzis there an official EA4 image?18:09
ryukafalzthere wasn't when I'd last checked18:09
sledgesso EA3 was update7, and you updated it to u8 manually?18:09
sledgesthat would explain things18:09
ryukafalzmanually as in, ssu re, etc18:10
sledgesyeap, not supported ;)18:10
ryukafalzfigured as much ;)18:10
sledgestime for wipe?:)18:10
sledgeswe also have multirom support now18:10
ryukafalzI suppose so, haha18:10
ryukafalzwas something updated beyond what's tracked by the package manager?18:11
sledgeshardware adaptation18:11
jcbjoe_sledges: that worked .. thanks18:12
ryukafalzare the ks files for the EA* images available?18:12
sledgesno, only last community one18:12
ryukafalzoh, that would explain why I couldn't find it - it's not an official image18:13
ryukafalzthis one presumably?
ryukafalzwas also done well after I updated haha18:13
ryukafalzI'll have to give that one a try though :)18:14
sledgestell us how goes18:14
ryukafalzwill do!18:14
ryukafalz(need to back up my TOTP tokens first though, the backup system won't catch those and they're kind of mission critical :P)18:14
sledgessadly backup doesn't work at all, so a transfer between updates is painful with loss (of messages, photos and unsynced contacts)18:15
ryukafalzoh dang wait it doesn't?18:16
sledgesyes, because it's looking for sd card18:16
ryukafalzI mean, can I just copy the backup dir as a whole to another machine?18:16
sledgesis there a backup dir?18:17
ryukafalzI believe so - my phone's rebooting, one sec18:17
ryukafalzsledges: $HOME/.vault18:18
sledgesthat one is a git repo18:19
ryukafalzhmm... is that where the backup content is stored though or is that something else?18:19
sledgesall depends on what backup app says, have you tried running it successfully?18:19
ryukafalzI have, yeah, and it appears to have worked18:20
ryukafalzhaven't tried a restore though ;)18:20
sledgescd ~/.vault18:20
sledgesgit log18:20
ryukafalz"Author: Some Sailor <>"18:21
ryukafalzI do see the image it just created, so seems to be working18:21
ryukafalzthis being a git repo makes things interesting actually :P18:22
* ryukafalz suddenly has grand thoughts of automated backups to his server18:22
sledgesso if you backup that .vault somewhere, and see how restore function works18:23
sledgesand even go as far as cd /home; mv nemo oldnemo; mkdir nemo; cp -r oldnemo/.vault nemo/ ... you catch my drift18:24
ryukafalzooh, right, good idea18:24
sledgesbeware it might be annoyed by absence of ~/Pictures et al., so baby steps18:24
sledgesyou'd be the pioneer of nexus4 backups;)18:25
ryukafalzI should just be able to xdg-user-dirs-update for anything I'm missing18:26
ryukafalzactually maybe not as that's stored in ~/.config18:27
sledgesyou can just take /home/nemo from tarball inside the orig .zip18:28
sledgesits skeleton18:28
*** mispp has joined #sailfishos-porters18:29
ryukafalzwould have to redownload the EA3 zip, I'll try going without for now :P18:29
* jcbjoe_ eats chicken and looks on18:34
* ryukafalz is jealous of maguro users looking at the adaptations table18:40
locusfbeidl did most of the work with vakkov18:41
ryukafalzI have a gnex too but it's toro :(18:41
ryukafalzsledges: restore works perfectly :)18:43
sledgesnice! on the same update for now :)18:44
ryukafalz(now time to move all my stuff back :P)18:44
sledgesdid you fiddle with /home/nemo/ ?;)18:44
ryukafalzyep haha, mv /home/nemo /home/oldnemo; mkdir /home/nemo; chown nemo:nemo /home/nemo; reboot <- really freaking scary18:45
ryukafalzbut it works :P18:45
jcbjoe_oh wow18:51
jcbjoe_#jollamobile are all professionals18:51
jcbjoe_i see why you got us out of there sledges18:51
*** Tassadar has joined #sailfishos-porters18:52
sledgesjcbjoe_: just staying on-topic, nothing else18:52
sledgeshey Tassadar18:53
ryukafalzso -porters would be the right place for discussion of things not currently working on mako, etc. then?18:53
sledgesyes, all except jolla phone18:53
ryukafalzuh oh, can't seem to get past device lock after moving my old home dir back :<18:54
ryukafalzfortunately ssh is still enabled :P18:55
sledgesstill password protected if you choose;)18:55
ryukafalzkey auth ;)18:55
ryukafalzbut I guess this, uh, "accelerates" my switch to the community image :P18:55
sledgesit's just as good;)18:56
ryukafalzstill need to figure out where those TOTP tokens are though, welp18:56
ryukafalztime-based one time password - basically, two-factor auth tokens18:56
sledgesnot ~/.ssh/authorized_keys?18:57
ryukafalznope, from an app in harbour - sailotp18:57
sledgesoh wow18:57
ryukafalzyeahhhh :P18:57
sledges:) noidea, ask on #sailfishos18:57
sledgesone more channel to your toolbox :D18:57
sledgesor contact author18:57
sledgesis it opensource? ;P18:57
ryukafalzit is, but even if not it's mostly QML so I could inspect it anyway ;)18:58
*** furikku has quit IRC19:00
ryukafalzI have a half-working nexus 7 with the keys as well so I'm not totally out of luck if I can't recover them, but it would still be a pain, heh19:00
sledgesi think apps use Qt storage facilities19:00
locusfI sure hope they weren't dconf :p19:00
sledgesor that :D19:00
ryukafalzI think this one stores them in an encrypted DB somewhere19:01
sledgesif it's from openrepos then it can do whatever it wants19:02
locusfno its in store too19:02
locusfbut I guess the openrepos version exists too19:03
ryukafalz"import "../lib/storage.js" as DB"19:03
ryukafalz".import QtQuick.LocalStorage 2.0 as LS"19:03
sledgesah, understandable19:04
ryukafalzso it's sqlite, somewhere- now we're off topic for this channel, I'll stop ;)19:05
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC19:05
vakkovis the port working on the toro?19:10
locusfah its the verizon version19:11
ryukafalzI haven't tried - if I were to guess I'd imagine it might, with the exception of CDMA support19:11
beidlhello party people19:11
beidlI did read about a toro user wanting a port, I should have asked him to try it, just to see if it boots19:11
ryukafalznow that that's no longer my primary device I may give it a try, heh19:12
beidlnice :)19:12
ryukafalz(as I sit here breaking my primary device)19:12
sledgeschanges in .zip's update-script needed for codename19:12
beidlryukafalz: get a Jolla as fallback :)19:12
ryukafalzbeidl: that would have been my first choice if it weren't for lack of US 3G and >2x the price ;)19:13
ryukafalzmostly the former though, the latter can be remedied by waiting :P19:13
beidlryukafalz: I figured that. well, finally "why we can't have nice things" is the other way around :P19:13
ryukafalzI did order a tablet though as 3G isn't an issue there19:14
beidlI'll wait until the tablet is out for implementing a "KDE connect"-like system19:16
ryukafalzI mean... why not KDE connect itself?19:16
beidlryukafalz: I'll take a look at it and the protocol19:17
ryukafalz-> #sailfishos19:19
jcbjoe_sledges: you around ?19:44
jcbjoe_from my question earlier im still going to get a jolla phone and stay with my nexus 4 ... even if i do get 2g tecnology and get edge gprs thats not bad right ? i don't do a lot of data as it is right now19:45
jcbjoe_text / phone calls / wifi for data isn't bad right ?19:45
sledgesjcbjoe_: go to Settings->System->Mobile Network->Network mode->2G only and you tell me19:46
jcbjoe_apn settings are automatic in there right ?19:59
sledgesjcbjoe_: have you tried mobile data on nexus4 sailfishos before?20:00
jcbjoe_sledges: nope20:01
jcbjoe_sledges: just wlan20:01
sledgesyou have to provide apn from your operator, if it is not autodetected correctly20:01
*** misprint1 has quit IRC20:03
*** misprint_ has quit IRC20:03
jcbjoe_ok .. i have the apn settings .. let me let it find it auomatic if it fails i will put them in20:04
jcbjoe_it found t-mobile20:04
jcbjoe_sledges: it found it at first but coldn't find it 2x .. how do i put them in manually .. if i pull down it just wnats to search them .. do i have to add them via the terminal ?20:09
sledgespress and hold on the first checkbox item under Settings->System->Mobile Network20:10
*** misprint has joined #sailfishos-porters20:11
*** misprint_ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:11
jcbjoe_add to favs ?20:11
sledgescheckbox item, which is under "Mobile data" section20:12
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters20:12
*** eleroux has joined #sailfishos-porters20:12
sledgesinside that menu20:12
jcbjoe_i see it20:13
ryukafalzmmh, now that I think about it, I never did get MMS working on my n420:13
jcbjoe_ryukafalz: everyone getting lessons today lol20:13
* ryukafalz will wait until he's installed a non-frankenstein image to troubleshoot that more ;)20:13
jcbjoe_thanks sledges20:14
*** Nokius has quit IRC20:18
jcbjoe_i sent the wrong link sorry20:22
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters20:25
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:26
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:26
Nokiuslocusf: no mail today20:26
locusfNokius: ok20:27
NokiusSo immigration is done20:42
*** Tassadar_ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:43
Nokiussledges: did you chance anything today? will add opo tomorrow and check the information of the devices20:43
sledgesNokius: yes, I've been playing in a sandbox, still thinking about proper removal of hardcoded sailfishos, and add ROMs instead:
sledgesthinking to abuse *_supported_versions approach20:44
*** Tassadar has quit IRC20:45
*** Taaeem has quit IRC20:54
*** Taaeem has joined #sailfishos-porters20:55
ryukafalzThis is the relevant bug report for lack of bluetooth on mako, correct?
MerbotNemo bug 779 in Hybris-ing "[ace] [vision] ofono only talks ril protocol version 7" [Normal,New]20:56
kimmolisledges: don't drool too much20:57
ryukafalzHmm, okay... I'm not overly familiar with the sfos bluetooth stack20:57
sledgeskimmoli: i might short-circuit it in its current shape-o-form? ;)20:58
sledgesryukafalz: bluez20:58
ryukafalzsledges: do you know if there's a bug filed for that anywhere?20:58
sledgesryukafalz: it's not;
ryukafalzah, never mind20:58
sledgesryukafalz:) ?20:59
ryukafalzer... never mind my never mind21:00
ryukafalzthought I found it but I was mistaken, haha21:00
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters21:00
sledgesryukafalz: just file a bug saying "[mako] no can haz bluetooth :("21:01
ryukafalzhaha, I'll do so once I've verified it still doesn't work with u9. adaptations table says it doesn't but who knows if that's up to date. :P21:02
* ryukafalz may wait until after finals week to muck around with his device further21:03
sledgeswhen's that?21:03
ryukafalzthursday's the last day21:04
sledgestomorrow? ;)21:04
gogetahi guys21:04
ryukafalzindeed :P21:04
sledgesryukafalz: good luck with your remaining finals that you're busy preparing for :D21:05
sledgeshi gogeta21:05
* ryukafalz should indeed be studying but this stuff is fun ;)21:05
sledges"sailfishos, successfully derailing prospective students since 2010s"21:06
gogetatwo yr before ?21:07
*** Sequenced has quit IRC21:17
alinsledges: situ so we do a release?21:20
sledgesyes ofc21:20
alinsledges: testing the store now21:21
alinsledges: let us hope we do not get the ghost screen anymore21:21
alinso practically still there is no progress on anything21:22
alinnot even theglue for maps?21:22
sledgesstore works21:24
sledgesmagnetometer works too21:24
alinsledges: store workds here too21:24
alinsledges: magnetomer works how to test that one?21:24
sledgesbuy a flipcase21:25
*** Nekron_dev has joined #sailfishos-porters21:25
alinsledges: ok... so untestable21:25
alinsledges: I do not like cases21:26
sledgesalin: situ tested21:26
alinespecially flipping cases21:26
beidl(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻21:27
dwangoACbeidl: I'mm.. not sure what that is :)21:27
dwangoACAndroid that's happy to see you?21:27
dwangoACOh, wait, those are his arms21:27
dwangoACsledges: I have flippin' on the mind, I'm trying to organize bringing pinball machines to the Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 charity marathon (for the Prevent Cancer Foundation)21:29
sledges(╯°□°)╯ ︵ɐ||oɾ21:29
beidlahahaha :D21:29
sledgesdwangoAC: you might go in tilt21:30
dwangoACsledges: Very much so :)21:30
dwangoACsledges: My part (where I connect TASBot to the controller ports of an SNES and.. um.. abuse it) will happen on Jan. 4th at 5:35 PM EST21:31
sledgesfingers cross(compil)ed!21:31
sledgesi'll still be on holiday by then21:31
sledgeswhich will about to end21:32
dwangoACsledges: As in, taking a break but near a computer, or completely away from society?21:32
*** gogeta has quit IRC21:32
sledgeswe'll see :P21:32
sledgesif i can resist :D21:32
dwangoACsledges: heh21:32
dwangoACsledges: Well, the marathon runs for an entire week, and there are some really great games on the schedule21:32
beidlsledges: you deserve a long vacation after being the IRC-mutter-für-alles21:33
beidlfor months21:33
dwangoACMy part is listed as TASBot, but I'll probably have them break it up21:33
sledgesbeidl: thanks but i don't feel like working ;P21:34
sledgesSK_work: i remember you admired what dwangoAC is up to ^21:34
dwangoACsledges: Oh, I finally got arbitrary code executing on Pokemon Red, it was .. crazy difficult21:36
dwangoACsledges: The Super Game Boy prevents you from pressing up and down at the same time21:36
dwangoACAnd that means that the bit representing binary value 128 and the bit representing binary value 64 can't be pressed at the same time21:36
dwangoACAnd a few of the opcodes we need for the Z80-like processor in the Game Boy are in that range21:37
dwangoACSo we read input a nibble at a time instead (yep, 4 whole bits a frame)21:37
* sledges feels hungry now21:38
dwangoACNot that kind of nibble21:39
sledgesthat got bit? :P21:39
dwangoACI've seen people spell it nybble though (always looked strange to me)21:39
sledgesnot even in mortal combat one needs to press up and down simultaneously ;P21:39
*** alin has quit IRC21:40
dwangoACsledges: Well, we set up a simple routine to read the value on the controller port address and write it to a position in memory and advance one spot, then repeat, so we can write a sequence of bytes / a series of opcodes / execute arbitrary code21:40
dwangoACsledges: But the SGB prevents U+D and L+R, which means some of the hex values we want at that memory position are impossible21:40
dwangoACSo, we made it possible by taking twice as long and performing a SUB21:41
*** eleroux has quit IRC21:45
*** r0kk3rz has joined #sailfishos-porters21:49
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters21:56
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters21:56
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*** r0kk3rz_ is now known as r0kk3rz22:50
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