Thursday, 2014-12-18

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jcbjoe_anyone around to help install some stuff from the repos ?01:46
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TNZHi sailors !08:32
TNZI've just read the 1st post on the blog about jolla tablet ...08:32
TNZand I wonder why it gonna be a 32bit kernel and userland on it08:33
Stskeeps64bit kernel, 32bit userland08:33
TNZyes, that's for android build to test the hardware08:34
Stskeepswell, not so much test08:34
Stskeepsit's a productised set of drivers08:34
TNZso it'll be the same for Sailfish ?08:34
Stskeepsthe problem is that the drivers that come along with it, the android 4.4, is only 32-bit (i've tried to explain that a bit in the post), so sailfish ends with needing to be 32-bit too08:34
Stskeepsas you can't combine 64-bit and 32-bit in same process08:35
Stskeepsie, opengl drivers as an example08:35
TNZI understand, Iv08:35
Stskeepsin practice it also means less memory usage, we don't gain much from things being 64-bit08:35
TNZbeen in formation on linux kernel & driver development08:35
TNZSo ...08:36
Stskeepsi was a bit surprised when i saw android 4.4 for intel mobile processors was 32-bit userland too08:36
Stskeepsgreat marketing, "64 bit kernel" ;)08:36
TNZare hardware providers ready to deliver "user manual" for their device instead of a android blob ?08:37
Stskeepssorry, could you rephrase?08:37
TNZin the post, device providers give andro driver ...08:37
Stskeepsthey still do08:37
TNZcan they deliver a user manual instead ?08:38
Stskeepsas in technical specifications/datasheets?08:38
TNZI mean ...08:38
TNZthe documentation of their device to develop a "real" linux driver08:38
Stskeepsit really comes down to what you want to spend your time doing :)08:39
TNZCould be ....08:39
Stskeepsa regular user, or even power users, could care less what drivers are in use, or their license, if the experience is not good enough08:39
TNZbut it'll be on my personal time08:39
Stskeepsyou can probably get mesa/KMS/etc working on the device and our UI would probably be happy too for it08:39
Stskeepsso one can either invest a lot of time on getting drivers working, meaning money would have to be spent on it, that could be spent on experience instead08:40
TNZI understand avantages of using andro drivers ...08:40
Stskeepsor reuse what's already working properly08:40
TNZbut it's quite pitty to implement stack of "compatibility", IMHO08:41
Stskeepsi can agree it's a pity08:42
Stskeepsbut the interest in alternative OS'es won't be there if you can't ship working and consumer ready products/performing08:42
Stskeepsi hope one day we'll be at a point where people make sailfishos specific drivers08:42
Stskeepsbut with meego dying, that battle was lost for the while being08:43
Stskeepsno chipset vendor wanted to invest into it08:43
TNZI see ...08:43
Stskeeps if you're curious though08:44
TNZso, normally, I will receive a tablet. Thx for the link, I gonna have a look on it.08:45
TNZ"sailfishos specific drivers", for this we need chipsets/devices datasheets ... but I'll see with the tablet08:47
Stskeepsyeah.. and the sad state of industry is that the moment you've made a useful driver, the chipset you've made it for, is obsolete.08:47
TNZ(FYI, I'm one the french guys following you since the N900 : I had 2 N900, 1 N9, 2 Jolla and the tablet in may ;) )08:48
SK_workTNZ: hi !08:50
SK_work(ou salut !)08:50
TNZ"sad state of industry", I know it well, I'm a senoir IT architect who loves kernel programming :D ... and for this, the 1st step is to have driver basis enough modulary to get a functionnal version on the next device generation.08:51
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TNZhi SK_work:)08:54
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situsledges: hammerhead release day ? :P09:14
sledgessitu: eyes alin09:15
TNZI go back to work ... see you all ! :)09:19
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Nokius_bacon is added an first entries fixed :)09:56
Nokius_sledges: |device_notes= is in my eyes the way to go but if we like to add the libhybris matrix to the Spec sector we need a new function (but I'm not sure if this is the right place, personally prefers info09:59
alinsitu: sledges why not10:06
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jcbjoe_whats this hammerhead relase day ? isn't hammerhead already on the wiki ?10:13
situjcbjoe_: Yes, but that doesn't stop us from making a new release for hammerhead :)10:14
jcbjoe_cool :D10:14
jcbjoe_i should get teh galaxy nexus everything works on that thing10:15
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alinsitu: heard you got some flipping cover and one sensor works10:33
situalin: right10:33
* sledges chuckles10:36
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Nokius_locusf: first tweets mention stand so may we get closer10:59
locusfNokius_: ok cool11:01
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SK_worksledges: Did you got a mug with your name from finland ?13:36
SK_worknice :)13:36
SK_workwas it full of candies ?13:37
SK_workand are they still edible ? :d13:38
sledgesyes, actually overly tasty13:38
sledgesprobably that's why :D13:38
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locusfreally nice :)13:51
sledgesI'm chuffed to bits:))13:55
sledgesalin_: do you have a broad band today?13:55
alin_sledges: yes13:57
alin_sledges: in 10m i start building an image13:57
alin_sledges: ok almost done a small chat with the secretary and I will do it14:00
alin_let us roll14:02
alin_do you have somewhere the old command I used in October?14:02
sledges./ -mer-root /home/alin/lavello/NEXUS5/mer-oct3 -android-root /home/alin/lavello/NEXUS5/ubu-oct3 -branch hybris-11.0 -device hammerhead -vendor lge -dest /home/alin/lavello/nexus5 -sfrelease -extraname ame -jobs 4 -dhdrepo "" -mwrepo x -extrarepo ""14:03
sledgesalin_: this is not ok:
alin_sledges: yes I know14:06
alin_the dhd repo is not ok either14:06
sledgesit's building against update8 (_latest_)14:06
sledgesand it has duplicates with
sledgesjust so we know14:06
alin_sledges: yes14:06
alin_I will use no extra repo14:06
sledgeslikewise situ didnt14:06
alin_use our official dhd and mw14:07
sledgeswhich is the same
sledgesto be precise14:08
alin_sledges: I see you publish mw and dhd in the same repo14:12
alin_that is bas bad14:12
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sledgesalin_: we don't build dhd on obs yet14:13
sledgesthat hasn't been tested14:13
sledgessitu: which dhd did you use?14:14
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alin_sledges: I think I have build it at the time and updated in my old repo14:16
alin_the -dhdrepo14:16
alin_anyhow things are kicking now14:16
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alinsmall failure14:36
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SK_workfailure still continues14:46
alinsledges: some issue with the mic and python14:49
alinin the build image14:49
alinI do not see what the hell I messes up14:50
sledgespaste .ks and mic line14:52
sledgesalin: ^14:52
sledgessomething wrong with repo names14:52
sledgesyou can check for http:// file://home... sanities..14:53
sledges(should be file:///home...)14:53
alinsledges: ok let me see14:55
alinin another order I try to root a nexus 5 32GiB bootload HHZ12d14:56
alinanyone managed?14:56
alinadb does not seem to see it14:56
sledges#android-root ? ;)14:56
alinsledges: maybe14:56
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alinsledges: nothing strange in the mic file15:02
sledgesalin: paste them over15:04
alinsledges: one sec I have found another issue15:04
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alinsledges: I wonder if it may dislike that has to repos the same url15:08
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jcbjoecarepack: you alive ?15:09
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sledgesalin: chuck in an empty one of them15:13
alinsledges: I redo a clean one to see15:14
jcbjoesledges: you here about the update ?15:15
sledgesalin: why? just paste the mic command15:15
alinsledges: no I just wanted to be paranoid15:15
sledgesjcbjoe: rule of irc: don't ask to ask, ask ;)15:16
carepackjcbjoe: alive15:17
jcbjoei don't know who the porter is you or sledges lol15:17
sledgesyour question might be answered by anyone15:18
sledgesrepo --name=extra-hammerhead-@RELEASE@ --baseurl=x15:22
alinsledges: blimey that shall not be there... how the hell I missed it15:23
alinI totally forgot to make all the repos consistent...15:25
alinseems to download the things for mic15:25
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sledgesjcbjoe: any wishes from new update that you would like to have on Nexus4 sooner, or would you like us update just because it's out? ;)15:34
jcbjoesledges: don't know how the proccess works .. just saw an updated and notified you guys15:39
jcbjoesaw them post it in #sailfishos15:39
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sledges17:09 < jcbjoe> does that mean its going to the nexus4 soon ?15:43
alinsledges: done15:43
sledges;P is where im coming from15:43
alinsledges: do you want ot try15:43
sledgesalin: great15:43
alinI am uploading it on skydrive15:43
sledgesim installing multirom15:43
alinsledges: me too15:44
alinsledges: with android 515:44
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alinsledges: alpha415:47
alinsledges: works?15:51
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sledgesalin: yes downloading15:52
alinsledges: ok let us see rooted another n415:57
alinsledges: you may beat me at it this time15:57
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sledgesi cheat, i skipped multirom, as that would take wipe, cm, twrp, mrom, patched kernel, test, and only then sf15:58
sledgesso no multirom test for now15:58
alinsledges: I will do that no worries15:59
sledgesi'll need to do mrom in the coming days, so trust you on that15:59
sledgessound works16:00
sledgesbacklight dims16:01
alinsledges: good16:01
alinstill does not remember the wireless16:02
sledgesthe solutions is described in a bug16:02
alinsledges: I missed it16:02
sledgesi never got round to do it :( out of time
MerbotNemo bug 731 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead] Does not connect to known wifi after reboot" [Normal,Assigned]16:04
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sledgesalin: adding store account does not offer WLAN connection dialogue, connected to WLAN manually, but now store is stuck as Loading apps16:09
alinsledges: when did you add the store?16:10
alinsledges: I added by hand using the sim16:10
sledgesno sim16:10
sledgesadded by hand later16:10
alinsledges: strange16:11
sledgesdo you get apps on store?16:12
alinsledges: yes installed mecast16:12
sledgesi'll reboot16:12
sledgesalin: works after reboot16:15
sledgesadd to known issues: "registering for Jolla Account during start-up-wizard causes issues"16:15
sledgesalin: so it's the first release where store works16:19
alinsledges: I think the alpha3 had it too16:20
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sledgesi forgot to update relnotes then16:21
sledgeson xda16:22
sledgesalin: your .ks:16:23
sledgeswhy is this like that:16:23
sledgesbtw, all xt9 are not pulled in anymore, fixed \o/ so chuck them out from .ks16:23
sledgesalso instead of this:16:24
sledgeshas to be16:24
sledgesthen we need a new image :(16:24
alinsledges: no problem that is simple16:24
sledgesotherwise devicelock and untrusted software are now broken16:24
*** beidl_ is now known as beidl16:24
sledgesqtscenegraph should be in16:24
beidlnew stable release? hmm, lets wait for some maguro magic :)16:25
jcbjoebeidl: dosen't everything work on that phone16:26
beidljcbjoe: almost, there are some quirks regarding reading from SIM16:26
jcbjoebeidl: how is the battery life .. its a 1500 mAH to start16:27
jcbjoeright ?16:27
sledgeswell.. and camera?:)16:27
alinsledges: ok so you want to remove xt9 related stuff?16:27
beidlsledges: yeah, totes forgot about that :P16:27
beidllets see16:28
sledgesalin: yes16:28
alinbeidl: ahoe... how is army?16:28
beidlalin: hello! well, ~4weeks remaining16:28
alinsledges: qt-scenegraph no idea why I remove it16:28
beidlexcluding christmas vacation16:28
alinbeidl: he he... so you started the count down16:28
beidlalin: can't wait until it's over16:29
alinsledges: ok shall I leave qtscene in it?16:29
beidlI should get a higher rank at the end of this month also, which means a raise of *holy cow, can you believe it* 100€16:30
alinsledges: by the way the wlan worked16:31
alinand the store too16:31
sledgesalin: during SUW or after?16:31
alinsledges: maybe did not work16:35
alinsledges: worked to create the jolla acount16:36
alinnot really to install restarted16:36
alinsledges: by the way new image on the way16:36
sledgesso i'll put to known issues on xda: "Skip Jolla Account creation on first boot and add it only when you have manually connected to WLAN" - good?16:39
sledgesalin: ^16:39
alinsledges: yes good16:40
alinsledges: but for us asked for wlan and indeed we needed to tell to restart16:41
sledgesalin: i can't install meecast, problem with store it says16:41
sledgesnor any other app16:41
alinsledges: strange let me check16:41
sledgesjust stays ad downloading for long while, and says "Problem with installing MeeCast"16:42
sledgessame with beidl's ownCloud client16:42
alinsledges: here may be the same16:42
sledgesso i don't think store ever worked16:42
alinsledges: works on mine16:43
sledgesinstalled an app?16:43
alinI will try to see the difference16:43
alinsledges: yes... but is with the old image16:43
beidlsledges: what does the journal say?16:43
* beidl should talk to people to get the store work on maguro, finally16:44
sledgesalin: paste your ssu lr16:46
beidlsledges: don't want to mention names and sound threatening :P16:49
sledgespassive agressive then:D16:49
alinsledges: on mine words16:50
alinsledges: ssu authentification failed16:51
alinon mine works16:52
sledgesalin: i have dhd on mine16:52
alinso I do not know what to say16:52
sledgesand you have extra16:52
alinsledges: that shall matter little16:52
sledgesyou don't have dhd16:52
sledgesand i don't have extra16:52
sledgesalso you have xt916:52
sledgesand i dont16:52
alinsledges: yes but dhd shall not matter for store16:53
sledgesalin: if there are conflicts...16:53
alinsledges: ok I see what you say16:54
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sledgesalin: I get Needs authentication on Dec 18 19:01:59 Jolla packagekitd[1844]: Needs authentication:
sledgeshow come you are not getting it?17:02
jcbjoesledges: sorry to intruupt i didn't get your question earlier .. i would like you to update cause its out lol if that answers the question from earlier17:02
sledgesjcbjoe: ok just plain curiosity then, not that you were waiting for some specific feature like calDav. thanks for feedback! ;)17:02
sledgesalin: fixed17:07
sledgesadd this to .ks (just before %end of first %post): sed -i -e 's|^adaptation=.*$|adaptation=|' /usr/share/ssu/repos.ini17:07
sledgesalso that mw repo is not needed at all17:08
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sledgesalin: does .ks for dhd repo have --save parameter on that same line?17:09
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vakkovomg, omg17:34
vakkovnew version of sailfish17:35
vakkovis there a toolchain?17:35
sledgesjust use u917:35
sledgesqt5.2 and all17:35
sledgesif any other serious api/abi breakages have been introduced, we'll then find out ;)17:36
vakkovso i should just build the image with a .ks for u10 and there is no need to rebuild the droid-hal17:36
sledgesdon't know, trial error ;)17:37
vakkovbeidl, New rendering engine that significantly reduces both CPU and GPU load17:44
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters17:44
alinsledges: sorry17:46
alinsledges: ok I was away17:46
alinsledges: did you spot anything wrong with the store17:46
sledgesalin: all fixed17:47
sledgesin backlog17:47
alinI see now17:48
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beidlvakkov: those are the scene graph improvements from Qt 5.217:55
alinsledges: no --save parameter involved17:59
sledgesalin: ok, i wonder why it enter ssu lr then17:59
sledgesbut we can live with that i guess17:59
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alinsledges: done18:06
alinsledges: I build the image and upload18:06
alinthen I will go18:06
sledgesso no release today? :(18:07
alinsledges: of course will be a release18:07
alinsledges: I will update the image before I go18:07
sledgesalin: how about start uploading to after i test your upload18:07
alinsledges: so you can test18:07
alinsledges: I put it on the onedrive18:07
alinfaster than me18:07
sledgesbut release means images and .ks on devaamo18:08
alinsledges: yes18:09
alinsledges: I can copy the .ks later18:09
alinsledges: the image if is ok you can copy it for me18:09
sledgesok, i'll ask tbr for account on devaamo then18:10
* tbr drags himself in and looks around18:10
sledgestbr: may i give you me pls?18:11
*** Beralt has joined #sailfishos-porters18:11
alinsledges: strange I cannot even login18:11
sledgeswhew, i though you were talking about store `,:)18:12
alinsledges: yes in the store works18:12
alinsledges: image ready18:12
tbrsledges: you don't have an account yourself? are you kidding me?18:13
sledgestbr: no18:13
tbrwell anyway, let me try to find my last bits of motivation. message me your preferred ssh user name. you'll get a password and can then deploy your key and change it.18:14
alinsledges: uploading18:15
alintbr: can you remember my user please?18:16
sledgesit's alin18:17
alinsledges: perfect... and my key?18:18
alinsledges: or I have none though I think I have setup one18:18
alinsledges: is there can you look at it18:19
sledgesalin: no .ssh/ under your home, so no keys18:21
alinsledges: ok18:21
alinsledges: so no idea what is my password then18:22
alinsledges: host name is
alinsledges: ok forgot my password18:24
alinsledges: ok did you get the image?18:24
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alinsledges: back20:12
alinsledges: image ok?20:12
alintbr: may I have a pass reset please?20:12
sledgesalin: image ok yes20:12
alinsledges: store too?20:12
alinsledges: brilliant20:13
alinsledges: I will copy the ks then once I get my password20:13
alinsledges: and you can announce it20:13
*** zetaz has joined #sailfishos-porters20:14
sledges.ks and .packages ... you know the drill20:15
energycsdxlooks like i miss u10, need to check email more frequently20:19
alinsledges: yap once I get the password20:28
alinor I can email them to you20:29
alinsledges: pm me an address and I email them to you20:30
*** eleroux has quit IRC20:37
alinsledges: sent20:39
*** alin has quit IRC20:47
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:48
*** Taaeem has quit IRC20:48
alinsledges: sorry this thing crashes like hell...20:52
sledgestell me more :)20:54
alinsledges: no... konversation and my intel card20:56
alinsledges: not sailfish20:56
alinsledges: that is why I vanish20:56
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*** misprint has quit IRC21:00
alintbr: thanks chaned and add a key you can disable the pass login if you want21:01
*** Taaeem has joined #sailfishos-porters21:01
*** alin has quit IRC21:02
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters21:02
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters21:02
tbralin: I don't care, just change your password to something secure21:07
alintbr: I did21:07
*** piggz has quit IRC21:14
Nokiuslocusf: no mail today21:16
alinNokius: christmas waiting?21:16
Nokiusalin: kind of21:17
Nokiuswe are waiting for an answer from the fosdem committee about a SFOS community / mer /nemo stand21:20
alinNokius: night21:20
*** misprint has joined #sailfishos-porters21:30
*** misprint_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:30
sledgesalin: ok21:30
sledgesalin: you want me to upload them still?21:31
sledgeshaven't gotten 'round to yet21:31
alinsledges: yes21:33
alinsledges: I see you have created the folder and wall21:33
alinand all21:33
sledgesyes long time ago;)21:33
sledgesnot in last couple of hours ;)21:33
alinsledges: I can wget in it if you give me access21:33
sledgesalin: already uploading21:35
sledgesalin: what access?21:36
alinsledges: ok21:36
alinsledges: the permissions on alpha4 are sledges sledges21:38
*** Taaeem has quit IRC21:38
*** Taaeem has joined #sailfishos-porters21:39
sledgesoh dang sorry :))21:41
sledgesalin: fixed21:42 uploaded already21:42
alinsledges: cool21:42
sledgesyou wanna do the rest before i extract them from my inbox? :)21:42
*** wrongosaurus has quit IRC21:44
*** zetaz has quit IRC21:44
*** hexo_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:44
*** zetaz has joined #sailfishos-porters22:00
*** cxl000 has quit IRC22:06
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters22:10
piggzanything i should know about updating the ace image to sf 10?22:10
sledgesif you had it for u9, then it'll be simpler22:11
jcbjoesledges: you been up all day how you do it ? lol22:12
piggzsledges: yeah, i had 9 .. i will build 10 soon as i get this game out of the way .... which will come to sf too :)22:12
jcbjoeanyway this is for anyone .. im on sailfish os on my nexus 4 when im typing it seems that it double types also is there a spell check or an autocorrect .. or would i need to go to settings .. apps messages or something ?22:13
jcbjoesettings > apps > messages has nothing for autocorrect22:13
sledgesjcbjoe: maybe you'll find luck here: ?22:16
sledgesdouble type - just train your fingers :?22:16
jcbjoelol probably .. im used to swype on android keypboard .. not used to manually typing o_O22:17
sledgeshence the drag :)22:17
*** piggz has quit IRC22:18
*** polishdub has quit IRC22:24
sledges(and the rest of chan ofc)22:29
stephgcool :)22:31
alinsledges: cool...22:35
sledgesalin: thanks for all today!!22:38
alinsledges: my pleasure...22:41
alinsledges: see they got the camera to work on n422:41
sledgesit was already working22:45
jcbjoeyep been working22:46
* jcbjoe stops taking pictures with his n422:46
*** alin has quit IRC22:53
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos-porters22:55
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC22:56
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters23:00
*** arcean has quit IRC23:00
*** alin has quit IRC23:00
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters23:00
alinsledges: I still need to understand what do you mean by the comment on 731 about wireless23:02
*** Sazpaimon__ has quit IRC23:03
sledgesalin: adding jolla account on very first boot should pop up a WLAN/3G connection dialogue, but it doesn't23:07
sledgesand then everything goes t*ts up from then on23:07
sledgesso better to skip it23:07
alinsledges: for me when I tested it poped up23:11
alinsledges: I had a sim inside23:11
alinsledges: but I agree with you is better to skip and set accounts after23:12
sledgesmaybe because you had SIM..23:13
alinsledges: yap this was the only difference compared with your setup23:14
sledgesthe warning is out23:14
alinsledges: so... syable wireless23:14
alinhow do we get that one?23:15
sledgesthose who read it (very few), won't get this :D and if those who don't read changelog use SIM, problem most likely solved too ;) we're good23:15
sledgesalin: need to recompile kernel with CONFIG_ wireless card =m23:15
sledgesas module23:15
sledgesthen load the module -after- "persist" partition is mounted23:16
alinsledges: ok... does not seem impossible23:16
alinCONFIG_WIRELESS=y and CONFIG_WIRELESS_EXT=y in my kernel23:17
*** zetaz has left #sailfishos-porters23:19
*** hexo_ is now known as wrongosaurus23:25
sledgesalin: you need to find proper wlan driver23:30
sledgesnot enclosed namespaces23:30

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