Friday, 2014-12-19

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alinis normal for pulseaudio to take 20% of cpu when playing?08:32
stephgalin: what are you playing08:34
alinstephg: some radio stream08:37
alinstephg: using sailwave08:37
alinstephg: let me try a normal mp308:38
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stephgalin: you're on an n5 right? if so that does sound high08:47
alinstephg: yes n508:50
alinstephg: yap playing an mp3 now the same behaviour08:50
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Nokiuslocusf: MY fault why we did not get any response I just chatted with the guys over at #fosdem and I messed the application. So we have will have no stand  I'm SORRY :,(09:37
locusfNokius: ah, its alright, lets still meet up at Jolla stand, I'll bring in some Nemo propaganda there :)09:40
sledges<spam>to all UK folk out here: </spam>09:42
Nokiuslocusf: sorry edit wiki and tmo09:47
sledgesNokius: things happens, let's see about jolla stand (ping cybette on other channels)09:49
Nokiussledges: :-/09:50
Nokiuslets hope ^^09:51
sledgeschin up, it's friday! :D09:55
w00tand nearly christmas, at that10:00
sledgesyes, miracles and all that:)10:02
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Nokiussledges: will play a bit in the find5 Info after launch11:10
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Nokiussledges: So is this okay I edit the device_Info and we have to add to the CODENAME_Info the libhybris status?13:31
Nokiusthe find5 shows a beginning13:31
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Nokiusatm I have no Idea how to hide it if there is no information :-/13:32
Nokiussledges: ^13:32
sledgesonly add those devices which have info13:37
carepack /msg sledges syncing13:39
sledgescome out come out wherever you are :P13:40
carepackhere here13:40
Nokiussledges: I mean this
Nokiusbut this happen if there info is missing :( atm13:55
Nokiusmh and yes I have to find a way to fix the bg coloer :P13:56
sledgesNokius: i see what you mean now, use #if14:00
sledgesor just {{{display_status|undefined}}}14:01
NokiusI tryed {{#if:{{{device_libhybris_status|}}}|===Libhybris Adaptations status=== but it returns14:04
Nokius{{#if:|===Libhybris Adaptations status===14:04
Nokiussledges: ^14:04
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Nokiussledges: like to hide the hole table if device_libhybris_status is not yes14:05
sledgesdon't know..14:06
sledgescss needs to play here14:06
sledgesor more mediawiki magic14:06
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beidlhabe die ehre14:07
Nokiussledges: mh will figure it out14:08
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Nokiussledges: disablte it for the moment have to go :-/ cu later14:09
beidlsledges: \o14:10
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beidlsooo. it seems like an official ubuntu touch phone is going to get released early february for 150€... which will probably result in me trying to port SailfishOS to it14:12
beidljust to make the device better :)14:12
Nokiussledges: is it the idea okay or is it going into direction you don't like?14:15
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sledgesi wish them they do well, global linuxy progress!14:20
sledgesNokius: if you ask about big picture, all looks good. supporting separate ROMs can be done even later, with help of cunning python scripts;)14:21
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* sledges bows out for holidays! happy porting during your xmas projects ;) There's nothing what yu cannot do together! See you shortly after 2nd of Jan o/16:16
vgrade\o enjoy your break sledges16:19
sledgeswb vgrade :D16:20
vgrademy break already started16:20
jcbjoevgrade: your a porter ?16:22
vgradejcbjoe: when I get spare time16:23
jcbjoevgrade: you got a jolla phone ?16:23
vgradejcbjoe: yes16:24
jcbjoevgrade: you in the states ?16:24
vgradejcbjoe: uk16:24
jcbjoevgrade: my next phone will be a jolla phone .. i know i will only get 2g but oh well .. i hardly use data in the staes anyway i'm always checking my shit on wifi anyway16:24
jcbjoecurrently using sailfish on my nexus416:25
vgradejcbjoe: have you tried a HADK device16:25
jcbjoeloving it16:25
jcbjoevgrade: you tried the new, Vaarainjärvi ?16:26
vgradejcbjoe: not yet, waiting for the device to offer the update16:27
jcbjoeoh thats right its like any update it goes out slowly16:27
jcbjoewhats HADK ?16:27
vgradeits the doc which details how to port sailfishos to a CM device16:28
vgradesee topic for a link16:29
jcbjoeoh ok .. yea mine was easy .. the nexus 4 was very easy16:29
vgradeyea that was an already supported device, the HADK details how to bring sailfish to new devices16:30
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jcbjoeyea .. i get paid on the 1st boom straight to ebay to get my jolla lol16:33
jcbjoeuntil then i just check everyday and news and whatever to see if there are any updates for the nexus 416:33
jcbjoeim wondering when i get my phone how do i help here .. do i ask sledges or you what do i do with my phone to help contribue do you ask me to get something from my phone and email it or put it up somehwere so the experts can take it down or something16:34
vgradeusual contributions are people scratching their own itch, we don't tell people what to do.16:37
vgradecontributions can be anything from code, to bug reports, tranlations, wiki gardening, infrastructure management16:37
jcbjoeaw ok16:39
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vgradedocumentation, answering questions on
jcbjoevgrade: the reason why i'm excited is becuase i've been on windows os / blackberry / ios / android whatever phone and i by chance got a nexus 4 the other day and some guy mentioned sailfish os .. then i saw some vidoes on youtube and then tried it .. then realized the jesture based is where it was at16:40
jcbjoei've tried everything16:40
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alinsledges: what about wireless tethering?16:48
alinalso shall we try a
Nokiussledges: got a idea will try this with the #if statement16:50
jcbjoealin: isn't sledges on vacation16:51
Nokiussiting in the car helps sometime16:51
alinjcbjoe: no idea16:51
jcbjoe08:16:26       * | sledges bows out for holidays! happy porting during your xmas projects ;) There's nothing what yu cannot do together! See you shortly after 2nd of Jan o/16:51
alinjcbjoe: yap he vanished16:52
carepackI received a hotfix update now16:52
alincarepack: on jolla/16:52
carepackdescription: increase the stability of you're jolla phone16:52
jcbjoecarepack: you got a jolla ?16:52
alincarepack: yes...16:52
jcbjoei'm so late to the game16:52
carepackjcbjoe: yes i have one16:52
alincarepack: c
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carepackalin: thx16:54
alinlbt: do you know if update 10 in in obs?16:55
alinlbt: and if not can we get it?16:55
lbtits not - maybe this weekend16:55
alinlbt: ok16:56
alinlbt: now if you are here... two more questoins16:56
lbtprod me on sunday if/when I forget16:56
alinlbt: now you managed to build all droid?16:56
alinlbt: second what about fortran?16:56
lbton todo list16:58
alinlbt: which one?16:58
lbtthere's a bug isn't there?16:58
lbtI think someone was going to do a build out-of-core and see how to get it into mer-tools16:59
alinlbt: i think Stskeeps found it at the time fixpermissions or so was not properly compiled... cross compiled better said17:01
lbtyeah - I fixed that17:01
lbtI meant fortran17:01
alinlbt: but then shall work17:01
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alinlbt: I think that was the only issue17:01
lbtI'm a bit swamped at the moment wrt community side builds17:01
lbtI just finished the i9305 manifest ready to use17:01
alinlbt: that is samsung sii?17:02
lbtthen I'm doing the update to dhd-modular (also tested on i9305)17:02
lbtnah - it's a big update to dhd17:02
lbtsplits to per-device & common HA17:02
alinlbt: no.. i9305 is samsung sii?17:03
lbtyes, think so17:03
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lbtbbiam ... resetting ADSL17:03
jcbjoeppl still use ADSL ?17:03
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Nokiusi9305 is SIII17:10
alinNokius: ok... just got rid of a sii17:10
alinNokius: i was thinking soon I discover all works on it17:10
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jcbjoeguys i'm running this command  pkcon install jolla-devicelock-plugin-encsfa17:25
jcbjoeits not installing on my nexus 417:25
jcbjoeany ideas ?17:25
jcbjoei'm signed into my account17:25
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carepackany output?17:27
jcbjoe[root@Jolla nemo]# pkcon install jolla-calendar17:28
jcbjoeCommand failed: This tool could not find any available package: could not find jolla-calendar17:28
jcbjoei can't even install regular stuff17:28
cmazierihello guys,  having a N5 with android 4.4.4 and MultiROM already in it with SF as secondary image, how do I update both android to 5.0 and SF to the new image for N5?17:29
jcbjoei can reboot and try again carepack17:29
vgradecmazieri: you have to load the new SF image as a new secondary rom.  Updating primary image to 5.0 is probably covered on multirom pages17:32
cmazierivgrade: I know install new SF is pretty easy, but I'd like to update android to 5.0 first, I could not find any good explanation about it17:36
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alincmazieri: I do not know if you can upgrade them both17:36
alincmazieri: but you can install from scratch both17:36
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cmazierialin: thanks, if I install android 5.0 from using fasboot does it clear multirom?17:37
alincmazieri: I have no idea17:37
cmazierialin: thanks17:38
carepackjcbjoe: you're on multirom?17:38
carepackcmazieri: it depends on what you flashing via fastboot17:39
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vgradehas cmazieri have a word with Tassadar over at #multirom he will be able to guide you17:45
vgradesay hello from the sailfish-porters17:45
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cmazierivgrade: tanks17:45
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Nokiuswondering about a new adding a column for QWERTY and somting to avoid two Y any one a idea :)17:54
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situIs update10 target available on OBS ?18:41
vgradehi situ , lb said he had it in his list.18:42
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situOk, I hope it will be available soon.18:42
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beraltI am thinking of starting a little porting project over the holidays, as I just got a new phone19:31
situberalt: which device ?19:31
beraltthat is the question: should it be my old one (SE Xperia Pro (iyokan)) or the new one (Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen)19:31
beraltwas wondering if anyone is already working on any of these19:31
beraltand actually, I wanted to try to find out what you people think about chances of success19:33
Nokiusboth are not in list as fare as i know19:33
beraltboth regarding the hardware and the fact hat I have no experiences in building roms for mobiles19:34
beraltI have cyanogenmod running on both19:34
beraltso as I understand from the porter's guide, it should work19:34
beraltwelll... it could work19:34
beraltthe "list" is reporting the success of the community in getting a (semi)functional ROM, as I understand?19:36
beraltif a device is not on the list, it only means that no one has given it a i correct?19:37
situberalt: Right and you have good chances of success too :)19:37
situGoing to sleep now. Night!19:38
beraltso what is the reason that there is only so few devices? just a lack of courage/experimentation?19:38
beraltn8, situ19:39
Nokiusberalt: I don't know its time consuming and sometime hard to get a good result19:40
Nokiusbut ?19:40
beraltonly problem might be my computer19:41
beraltits a 4 year old thinkpad with only 4 gigs of RAM19:41
beraltcore i5, 2nd gen... might take ages to compile19:41
Nokiusyeah may true19:41
beraltso do i understand it correctly: in the sdk you basically emulate a certain android device, and then I am compiling the sailfish OS part against the drivers provided by a cyanogenmod19:44
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beraltand do you think its possible to take the kernel/drivers that come with other custom roms based on CM?19:46
vgradeberalt: we tend to start with a particular CM version which we have sources for typically a kernel and device tree19:48
vgradeas we use the android binary drivers on the device we need to make sure that what we are bulding the sailfish parts against match those19:48
vgradeI see there is a device tree for , moto g is falcon right?19:50
beraltits the new one, titan19:50
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vgradeok, I don't see that at
beraltthere is one for my xperia, iyokan19:54
beraltprobably start with this, then19:54
beraltthe additional benefit is that I am not using this atm19:54
vgradesounds like a plan19:55
beraltk... thanks for the help so far19:55
beraltI am going to do some more research19:56
beraltI am sure I will be back in the next days19:56
vgradeah iyokan is only cm919:56
beraltbut there are builds19:56
vgradewe only support cm10 and 11 at them moment19:56
beraltfor 10.x19:56
vgradeok good, freexperia?19:56
beralti mean19:56
vgradeshould be a good project as freexperia guys are doing great works unifying kernels and device trees so doing one device might open up others19:57
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vgradepop in anytime19:58
vgradeI was at the xdadev conf and jepella from the team was presenting, he's really pasionate about cleaning up kernels and device trees for Sony19:59
beraltis from the legacy xperia project20:00
beraltit is an aokp thingy20:01
beraltdo you think, that will work?20:01
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Nokiusplaying with coderus alpanubic patch stops me to work on the wiki :-/20:50
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gogetaguys i'm back21:52
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