Monday, 2014-12-29

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malHi, I trying to port Sailfish to Xperia Pro (iyokan) but I have problems compiling with make hybris-hal. I use LegacyXperia cm-11.0 repo for the device. After solving several other problems with vold yesterday I currently get error Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/bouncycastle/jce/provider/BouncyCastleProvider10:46
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sledgesmal: you shouldn't need java bits, have you checked with nexus5 manifest?11:08
sledgesor even nexus411:08
malnexus5 compiles ok11:10
malI'll try to clean up the manifest for my device11:11
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gogetahi sledges12:02
gogetasledges, can you help me12:07
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gogetamal, use hybris 11.0 branch and then add you device + kernel12:12
gogetasomtimes such device repos got some java dependancy12:12
malI have done that, I actually needed 6 repos for the device, could be that one of those is the problem12:15
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gogetaenergycsdx, so ?12:20
energycsdxgogeta: i think your device stuck on bootloader stage12:21
energycsdxanything interesting in cat /proc/kmsg when it boots?12:21
gogetai'm in with telnet12:22
gogetaon 232312:22
gogetaonce device bootup12:22
gogetashutdown rndis12:22
gogetathats all12:22
energycsdxand it detects as CD?12:23
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gogeta /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/servicemanager12:37
gogetano one found gpt on android devices ?12:39
energycsdxgogeta: it is usual on qualcomm12:42
energycsdxhave 32 partitions on my sony12:42
gogeta28 on my gwatch12:43
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energycsdxgogeta: somewhere on XDA was leaked qualcomm docs describing bootloader and what each partition is for12:47
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* gogeta something changed in framebuffer12:54
gogetaand reboots12:55
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gogetahi Nokius13:13
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gogetai dunno13:23
gogetawhy all device where i try to port reboots13:24
energycsdxgogeta: something changed between u9 and u1013:25
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gogetafor example13:50
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malI did some further checking for the source of the java error and it does not come from the device repos I added but the call comes from "build/core/Makefile" in place where it is said "Generate a file containing the keys that will be read by the recovery binary"14:44
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CorvetteZR1hey everyone.  is there a nexus4 port yet?  also, is there a site for latest ports available somewhere...besides xda forum posts?15:46
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malIt seems that the error I get is right at the end since the needed system and root folders are present and filled with reasonable content, also the hybris-recovery.img, hybris-boot.img are make successfully.18:07
malMaybe IƤll just ignore the error and continue with next step18:07
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locusfare the sources for /sbin/droid-hal-init publicly available?18:44
energycsdxlocusf: it is android init, you can find sources under system/core/init18:47
locusfenergycsdx: ah ok thanks :)18:47
locusfis it the same init for sbj?18:47
energycsdxlocusf: don`t know what is in sbj18:49
energycsdxlocusf: why do you ask?18:50
locusfenergycsdx: I gotta debug droid-hal-init service stopping but I can't figure out what it does since I haven't seen the sources18:50
locusfand this is ubuntu-touch as base system18:52
locusfso might be irrelevant for this channel except the droid-hal-init :)18:52
energycsdxlocusf:  it comes from android, it parses /init.*.rc and starts services, like systemd but much simple18:53
locusfenergycsdx: okay, good to know18:53
energycsdxsome blobs require daemons running, for example mm-camera-daemon for qualcomm camera18:54
energycsdxbtw i know one reasons why it may not start18:55
energycsdxdelete file /dev/__<something related to properties>__18:56
locusfapparently droid-hal-init also affects firmware loading18:59
energycsdxcheck init.rc files, it can write to sysfs, mount fs, chmod files and other things19:00
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locusfokay, didn't find anything in my grepping for firmware19:02
locusfit might be that it does something to sysfs19:02
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beidllocusf: trying to port ubuntu touch to the Jolla?19:53
locusfbeidl: yeah19:54
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beidlinteresting, I'd love to see how that turns out :)19:59
* Stskeeps predicts flames19:59
beidlI have my personal issues with ubuntu touch.20:01
locusfit didn't turn out too good20:02
beidlI got pissed when they dropped support for maguro.20:02
beidlit's what motivated me to port sailfish to it :P20:02
beidllocusf: what's wrong?20:02
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locusfthe compositor is different from wayland for example20:02
Stskeepslocusf: you'll likely have more pains from the fact it's 4.1 vs 4.420:02
locusfStskeeps: ah so what jolla is va what ubt expects?20:04
locusfhmm crap20:05
energycsdxlocusf: what is the point to do so?20:08
beidlooh ABIs, you so crazy20:13
locusfenergycsdx: for fun :)20:14
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blackdukehi guys22:17
blackdukelove the works that you are doing with the tablet and thanks for the blog updates22:17
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