Tuesday, 2014-12-30

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* Stskeeps looks at nokia xl having cm1108:19
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mal-Hi, another problem, when running "mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build" I get "error: failed to create directory %{_sourcedir}: $ANDROID_ROOT/rpm: Read-only file system", does anyone have ideas why it complains that? I have checked that the folder has write permissions for user.09:21
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uuhimherei have a galaxy trend plus lying around and would like to try sailfish OS; can someone help me?09:29
stephgmorning guys09:31
uuhimheredo you know if its possible to run sailfish os on a galaxy trend plus?09:32
tbris there CM10.1 for it?09:33
tbrif not then it's rather unlikely to get anything going on such a device09:40
r0kk3rzthere might be a community release of CM11 for it on XDA09:42
spiiroinmal-: something similar It happened to me when using older kernel than libc (in sbox) expected -> statvfs() buffer was not cleared and kernel did not fill in all of it -> bitfield from random stuff at stack made something think fs is read only09:47
uuhimherer0kk3rz, http://forum.cyanogenmod.org/topic/87086-samsung-galaxy-trend-plus-gt-s7580/page__st__14009:47
mal-spiiroin: how did you solve the problem?09:48
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spiiroinmal-: replaced the ancient debian stable I had on laptop with something more recent ...09:49
mal-I am using debian unstable, which has 3.16 kernel09:49
mal-sorry, debian testing, pretty much the same thing at the moment09:49
spiiroinprobably not that then "Linux distribution (one in a virtual machine works well), running 2.6.37 or newer kernel" at https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Platform_SDK#Installation_.2F_setup09:50
alinany chance to get an update 10 in here http://releases.sailfishos.org/sdk/latest/targets/targets.json09:52
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stephgalin: I think they said the new sdk would be out on the 6th or the 7th09:53
alinstephg: thanks I must have missed this one...09:53
mal-spiiroin: any ideas what to try to solve my problem?09:54
stephg(think it was in the ML, am looking)09:54
spiiroinmal-: strace might reveal what the failing syscall is09:56
stephgalin: https://together.jolla.com/question/71741/release-notes-software-version-11127-vaarainjarvi/09:56
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alinstephg: yap I missed it... too long the bloody thing... I see is burried somewhere in the middle09:59
alinstephg: a pitty I had some free time to tinker09:59
stephghehe :) I'm sure you'll find something to scratch your tinkering itch alin10:04
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uuhimherecould sailfish OS be ported to a MIPS device?10:09
Stskeepsstrictly speaking yes10:10
Stskeepsbut we didn't ever build it for mips internally10:10
uuhimheresomething like this : http://elinux.org/MIPS_Creator_CI2010:10
tbralso you would have a problem with the lack of all the lovely closed source parts10:11
tbryou could of course run those through qemu for "added performance"10:11
Stskeeps(of sailfishos?)10:11
alinstephg: yap... digikam... and openchemistry10:11
tbruuhimhere: I'd expect nemomobile to be a much easier port10:12
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uuhimheretbr: ok... only reason I ask is cause imgtec ported kitkat 4.4 to it10:14
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tbrI remember there was a MIPS port of Mer, not sure if the target is maintained.10:20
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Stskeepsit is, https://build.merproject.org/project/show/mer-core:mipsel:devel10:22
Stskeepsbut some errors on it10:22
tbrever tried libhybris on MIPS?10:22
Stskeepsno, but should work with a bit of grease work10:23
tbrlooks like qtbase is what's holding back10:24
tbrand probably some basic package cleanups10:24
Stskeepsis mips32, too10:25
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gogetapiggz, run on desire hd11:49
piggzgogeta: ?11:56
gogetalast sailfishos11:57
gogetai got reboot at the end of user.target11:58
gogetasledges, is here ?11:58
piggzive just created a image and th touchscreen isnt working so i cant get past the into :/11:59
gogetai've started directly with
gogetaand is a cm11 device12:00
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gogetai need some help12:25
gogetadevice died after x seconds afterboot12:25
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gogetaStskeeps, if no libui_compat no party ?13:00
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Stskeepswe dont' use that13:01
gogetai've run test_egl13:03
gogetaand looks for libui_compat13:04
gogetabtw android wear13:04
gogetai think is not fully android 1=113:04
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Stskeepsshouldn't use libui_compat13:05
gogetaother strange thing13:05
gogetausing multiuser doesn't reboot13:06
gogetain display target13:06
gogetasomething happens13:06
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gogetaStskeeps, i think this is stupid for you13:07
gogetahow to activate sdk mode by default13:07
gogetaonce is fully booted i've got just flash exported but no rndis13:07
gogetaphdeswer, are you here ?13:16
phdeswerhi gogeta13:16
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gogetahere can i change usbmoded13:16
phdeswerflash exported and no rndis sounds like you are still in the recovery13:17
gogetano no13:17
gogetai was in realrootfs13:17
phdeswerah so you mean the mtp?13:17
gogetai talk about ported device13:17
phdeswergogeta, I got that ;) What I mean is that I just want to make sure you're actually have usb-moded running or are using the stuff from the recovery which is completely different.13:18
gogetalast worlds from journalctl -fa13:20
phdeswergogeta, ok. So to change the default mode you need to edit /etc/usb-moded/usb-moded.ini or use usb_moded_util...13:21
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phdeswerI also don't know if on the device you use the usb plugin event is communicated correctly (the latest usb-moded has an auto-detect now but I don't think you have that on your image yet)13:22
gogetais based on last
phdeswerso no... Also to make sure it always tries to bring up a connection you can make it start with -f (/lib/systemd/system/usb-moded.service if I remember right)13:24
* phdeswer should have remembered about the configure usb connected or not option a long time ago13:26
gogetaalso disabling usbmoded13:27
gogetausb switch to export flash13:27
gogetaphdeswer, funny :-D13:28
phdeswerthat's the recovery13:29
phdeswergogeta, well disabling usb-moded should not be needed normally. It is just often misunderstood how it works. Some "failures" are by design (as no usb when no ui due to devicelock)13:33
phdeswerThat is why there is the rescue mode stuff (and I really hope jolla-rnd-device can now be included in experimental images)13:34
phdeswerI'll try to write some doc about those things tonight.13:38
phdeswercatch yo uguys later13:43
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gogetai'm in14:15
gogetausbmoded with right conf ..14:15
gogetaand sensors and batter works too with dsme14:16
gogetanow how to start some wayland things14:16
* gogeta gogeta's watch is now on the internet without google limitations 14:23
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locusfnice :)14:48
locusfgogeta try EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev14:51
gogetalocusf, nemo and dory14:51
gogetathe same problem14:52
locusfgogeta: is it pure nemo or sfos? :)14:52
gogetafor now is sfos14:52
locusfI could give you the .ks14:52
gogetai need to fix libui thing14:52
gogetatouch works14:52
gogetabacklight works14:52
gogetavibration works14:52
gogetanetwork works14:53
gogetavia usb14:53
gogetablutooth doens't work14:53
gogetasensors and temperature sensors works14:53
gogetai think we are few footsteps away from the goal14:53
locusfyou probably need to run the android init in order to get graphics afaik14:54
locusfand change the EGL_PLATFORM to fbdev in compositor settings14:54
gogetai got that error about libs everywhere14:55
locusfah yes the libui14:55
gogetasome expert on linking are needed14:55
locusfgogeta: have you tried running cyanogenmod on it, does it work?14:59
gogetanot exsist14:59
gogetayou know14:59
gogetabut the libs15:00
gogetaare in place15:00
locusfhmm that cannot locate points to something about lollipop15:00
gogetathe watch is still 4.415:01
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piggzStskeeps: vgrade: (anyone): did something change in ? .....16:06
piggzthis is the first version where the touchscreen isnt working...16:08
piggzDec 30 11:39:02 Jolla jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session[1745]: [W] QEvdevTouchScreenHandler::QEvdevTouchScreenHandler:326 - evdevtouch: The device is grabbed by anoth16:08
piggzwhat would grab the device?16:08
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locusftry lsof?16:10
piggzlocusf: ^16:10
piggzlocusf: there is a lot with it open!16:10
locusfwhat is that gmain process?16:11
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piggzlocusf: mce --systemd16:17
locusfps axu|grep 145716:18
piggzlocusf: ive rebooted 0:16:19
locusfdid it help?16:19
locusfis the gmain process still there?16:20
locusfgrabbing event116:20
locusfok 147916:21
piggzlocusf: you mean 1418?16:22
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piggz1479 is the tid?16:22
locusfwell can you figure out what that thread is?16:23
locusfI wonder why mce wants the input16:26
piggzlocusf: i dont know, but stopping mce.service fixes the touchscreen!16:28
locusfpiggz: okay lol :)16:28
locusfmust be new mce then16:28
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r0kk3rzlongish but good read16:40
piggzspiiroin: why is mce stealing my input device?16:45
piggzlocusf: so, the simple fix is to resart mce after lipstick/startup wizard17:00
locusfpiggz: ok good to know17:00
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mal-I figured out the problem I had earlier today, the command does not work if $MER_ROOT is not under home folder.20:54
mal-Which is quite obvious now that figured it out.20:55
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jcbjoeold question21:14
jcbjoeis there a list of images for the nexus 421:14
jcbjoeie ..
jcbjoeor are they scattered everywhere21:15
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