Sunday, 2015-01-04

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lpotterHmm dee de02:32
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uhhimherehi guys09:11
uhhimhereim working on a project :
uhhimherewas wondering if anyone with samsung experience wouldnt mind helping me out09:11
uhhimherefor starters i would like to build the device kernel from
uhhimhereand was wondering if there was anyway to update the kernel without messing with the fs09:12
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uhhimhereon the device09:15
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gogetauhhimhere, no way on sammy ... install a good supported recovery and backup the flash after the root09:26
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uhhimheregogeta, any recommended ?09:47
uhhimhereadb should fine right09:51
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gogetais exynos or qcom chipset ?10:17
uhhimherei think10:18
uhhimherevideocore 410:19
uhhimherethat is what ive found out about it so far10:19
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uhhimheregogeta: whatdya think10:39
gogetabcm ?10:42
gogetanever seen that crap since armv6 aces10:43
uhhimherewell that *crap* has open documentation10:49
uhhimherethe videocore 410:49
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gogetabtw you need to hybris android binaries11:00
gogetahere is the rule11:00
gogetaor you need to create a mer hal from scratch11:00
gogetalike mer-rpi11:00
gogetabut i think you got driver for gpu11:00
gogetabut not for baseband11:01
gogetaand other things11:01
gogetaif android boot and works11:01
gogetause their driver11:01
uhhimherethats alright11:03
uhhimherewrong channel11:06
uhhimhereum yeah11:06
uhhimherethe problem11:06
uhhimhereisnt all the higher level stuff11:06
uhhimhereits the board information11:06
uhhimherei want to use vanilla11:06
uhhimherewith a dts system11:06
uhhimherein the long run11:07
uhhimhereright now just need to be able to compile successfully11:07
uhhimherethe device kernel11:07
uhhimhereand boot it11:07
uhhimherethen once that is done gonna need some help writing a dts for the 758011:08
uhhimhereas i noted in the CM post; the 7392 has a dts and its quite similar in capability11:08
energycsdxuhhimhere: you can use it as starting point11:09
energycsdxbut again, broadcom is a crap11:10
uhhimherelol howcome11:10
uhhimhereenergycsdx: here's the kicker I dont know how to write DTSs11:13
energycsdxuhhimhere: worked on company and have deal with several chipset vendors including broadcom so i can say so11:13
gogetaenergycsdx, is not crap is for chinese smugglers11:14
gogetajust pay on black marked and you get more apis then regular one11:15
gogetaenergycsdx, magnum  apis ?11:15
energycsdxuhhimhere: read the docs, in general device tree is needed because not all devices can be detected on bus, so one way it to hardcode them in board file another is to write DTS11:18
energycsdxgogeta: what is magnum apis?11:18
uhhimhereyeah i found the board files(in the post)11:18
uhhimhereid like to make it a DTS11:18
uhhimherethat way I can keep up w/ upstream11:18
uhhimhereis there anyway to create a DTS from a board file11:19
energycsdxuhhimhere: no, you should write it manualy11:20
energycsdxbtw how will you pass dts to kernel?11:20
energycsdxcompile in kernel?11:21
uhhimhereno separately11:21
uhhimhereisnt that the core idea behind DTS?11:21
uhhimhereisnt it like this11:24
uhhimherethe dtb sits at a separate location11:25
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uhhimherethen the kernel11:25
energycsdxare you sure that your bootloader can pass dtb to kernel?11:28
energycsdxalso as for me much easy to port board c file to vanila then write dts11:29
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uhhimhereenergycsdx: no im not11:40
uhhimhereenergycsdx: how do i check11:41
uhhimhereits u boot isnt it?11:41
energycsdxuhhimhere: never seen uboot on phone11:41
energycsdxuhhimhere: about idea behind device tree11:43
energycsdxat boot kernel needs to init devices11:43
energycsdxbootloader pass machine id to kernel and it decides what to init11:43
energycsdximagine you have have two boards almost the same but on one board gyro is soldered to pin 10 and on another on pin 2011:45
energycsdxhere comes device trees11:45
uhhimhereyup i understand; it describes the actual platform11:46
uhhimherewhere is what on what address/chip select bus etc11:46
uhhimhereso 1st question11:47
uhhimherehow do you determine if the bootloader can do dtb11:47
uhhimhere2. if not can the bootloader be replaced?11:47
uhhimhere3. if not can it be daisy chained to another bootloader11:47
energycsdxyes devices tree is for describing but not for configuring11:48
energycsdxboard file read device tree description and do configuration11:48
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uhhimhereso board files are still required11:49
energycsdxin you attached files i see  board-hawaii_ss_kylepro.c do konafb_init and generic don`t11:49
energycsdxyes board files required11:50
energycsdxthere is machine init11:50
energycsdxdevice tree can make board file more flexible11:50
uhhimhereso the vanilla kernel by itself with the device description wont be able to machine init11:51
energycsdxuhhimhere: looks like vanila kernel don`t know about hawai machine type11:55
uhhimherewhere do you see that11:56
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energycsdxand nobody registers new machine type for each phone12:04
uhhimhereyup understandble12:05
uhhimherebut i see alotta samsungs in there12:05
uhhimherewhats that universal thingy12:06
energycsdxanyway your kernel should contain DT_MACHINE_START(HAWAII, "hawaii") and proper init code, will that init code read dts it is second question12:09
uhhimherewhere is the info on arm init12:11
uhhimhereor is it the same12:12
energycsdxread kernel docs12:14
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RaYmAnuhhimhere: doesn't the OEM have a working kernel source to use?12:19
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uhhimhereThe boot loader must ultimately be able to provide a MACH_TYPE_xxx12:20
uhhimherevalue to the kernel. (see linux/arch/arm/tools/mach-types).12:20
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uhhimherestep #312:20
uhhimherethere is a folder called mach-hawaii in device kernel12:21
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uhhimherewhich is where I got the board file12:22
energycsdxand board file have DT_MACHINE_START at bottom12:23
RaYmAnwhat are you actually trying to accomplish? Run mainline kernel?  It kind of seems like you're going about this all  backwards =P12:24
uhhimhereyes mainline kernel is one12:26
RaYmAngenerally speaking, porting a device to mainline kernel is *a lot* of work and requires quite a bit of knowledge. It's more than just copy pasting boardfiles :P Especially if the SoC isn't already supported by mainline12:27
RaYmAnis there any reason you can't just use the device kernel?12:29
uhhimhereSoC *is* supported mainline12:29
uhhimherewell at least the 21644.dtsi exists in mainline12:30
uhhimherei guess that insinuates support?12:30
RaYmAnthere seems to be some 21644 support, but that's no guarantee all the drivers are actually there, also, the machine name/id might not match what you have. But yeah, it should be theoretically possible =P12:34
uhhimherethis is the dts that uses it12:44
uhhimherei doubt thats for the phone12:45
RaYmAnPretty sure that's a devboard12:46
uhhimhereso going back to the start12:53
uhhimherei dont know12:54
uhhimhereprobably need to drawi something up on a piece of pepr12:54
RaYmAnYou might want to consider why you want mainline though.12:55
Stskeepsisn't the kernel source already published?12:59
uhhimhereim sure of why i want mainline just not sure if it actually exists13:01
uhhimherecontinuously updated graphics drivers13:02
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uhhimhereRaYmAn, Stskeeps: im confused13:27
uhhimherehere it says that the BCM21553 machine is supported13:27
uhhimherethe heck does that mean?13:27
uhhimhere i thought the BCM21553 is just a cpu not a board13:27
energycsdxmaybe eval board13:29
sledgesToday, Broadcom is releasing the full source of the OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0 driver stack for the Broadcom VideoCore® IV 3D graphics subsystem used in the BCM21553 3G integrated baseband SoC. VideoCore IV is used in many Broadcom products, including the BCM2835 application processor, which runs the popular Raspberry Pi microcomputer.13:32
sledges(src: )13:32
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gogetasledges, you solved the gles part13:33
gogetaand baseband13:33
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gogetaand other things ?13:33
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sledgesgogeta: im helping uhhimhere with his confusion13:34
gogetasledges, i've hitted the flor with g watch13:34
sledgeshope not literally;)13:35
gogetai've throw aways some stuff13:35
gogetai gotta got see later13:36
uhhimhereyeah but theres only one guy working on it13:37
uhhimhereIn June 2014 Eric Anholt left Intel to instead work for Broadcom to develop a free driver (DRM/KMS driver and Gallium3D-driver) for VC4 (VideoCore 4).[10] After just one week, he reported a noteworthy progress.[11][12]13:37
uhhimhereThe free licensed 3D graphics code was committed to mesa on 2014-08-09,[13] and first appeared on 10.3 release.13:38
uhhimhereeither ay13:38
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uhhimhereso if the device kernel's board files merely dictate how to configure the board and not describe the board itself; where would i find the latter in13:43
uhhimherethe old setuup13:43
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uhhimherethose ARENT the board files?13:47
uhhimherei thought those WERE the board files13:47
uhhimherei stand correcter13:47
uhhimhereanholt authored 2 days ago13:48
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uhhimhereim sorry so let me get this straight13:52
uhhimherehow do i tell if a file is a board file or a "configurator" file13:52
sledgesboard file configures the board ;P13:53
sledgesand is under arch/arm/mach-*/13:53
sledgeswhat do you mean by "configurator"?13:54
uhhimhereok so the board file configures the board. where is the board information stored>13:54
sledgesinside that file (hardcoded)13:54
sledgesif device-tree file is not present13:55
uhhimhereso its all in one13:55
uhhimhereand in the new system13:55
uhhimhereits broken into machine and dts13:55
sledgesthere is not old/new system, just some boards have dts files, configuring them all, or partially still in mach board file13:55
sledgesit's a long term transition13:56
uhhimherewell thats the diff between dtsi & dts isnt it?13:56
uhhimheredtsi is the core cpu13:56
uhhimhereand dts is supposed to be the implemented platform13:57
uhhimhereusing that cpu13:57
uhhimhereso I have a dtsi for the 21644; just not a GT-S7580.dts13:58
uhhimhereif I had a dts then I wouldnt need a board file still would I because the dts would configure everything13:58
uhhimhereno no13:58
uhhimherethe kernel would need a machine file on how to configure the board13:59
sledges< uhhimhere> dtsi is the core cpu -> SoC13:59
sledgesdo you have gt-s7580 .c board file at least?14:01
uhhimherelemme see14:05
sledges(to begin with)14:06
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uhhimhereim thinking they all use code names14:14
uhhimherei dont know. this is the source so it has to be defined somewhere14:15
sledgesdo you have kernel config at hand?14:15
uhhimheresomething wrong with my pc14:17
uhhimhereneed to reboot14:18
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uhhimhereconfig file?14:25
uhhimhereyou mean from a running system14:25
sledgesthat would do14:26
uhhimhereuhh no14:26
uhhimhereid have to look14:26
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uhhimherels /proc | grep config yields bcm_fuse_net_config14:29
sledgesls /proc/config.gz14:29
sledgesif no, then no14:29
sledgesmost likely it will be a set of arch/arm/mach-bcm/*.c14:35
uhhimherethere is that14:36
uhhimhere# Automatically generated file; DO NOT EDIT.14:37
uhhimhere# Linux/arm 3.4.5 Kernel Configuration14:37
uhhimherein the device kernel arch/arm/configs/14:38
uhhimherein fact thats the only config file there14:38
phdesweruhhimhere: you can ignore that # Automatically generated file; DO NOT EDIT. bit14:38
uhhimhereyeah and do ignore the entir file14:38
sledgesdoes arch/arm/mach-hawaii* exist?14:39
sledgesthere your board files will be14:40
sledgesyours is not mainstream kernel, no hawaii in here:
sledgesgrep MACH_HAWAII_SS_KYLEPRO_REV00 arch/arm/mach-hawaii/Makefile14:43
sledgeswill point you to your board .c file14:43
uhhimheretheres a makefile.boot as well14:49
sledgeswhere did you get the src tree from?14:50
uhhimhereyeah im talking device14:50
uhhimheredevice kernel14:51
uhhimherethere is no hawaii in mainstream14:51
uhhimhereobviously as there is no cat /proc/device-tree on the running device14:56
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sledgesso yes, you could take GT-S7392 dts as starting point, and come up with gt-s7580 dts one14:59
sledgesfirst compile a GT-S7392 image14:59
sledgesto see how dts integrates into the whole picture14:59
uhhimherehow do i know if the 7392 did indeed use dts?15:02
uhhimherejust because its there15:02
uhhimherethats the board file for 739215:02
uhhimhereyup like you said :MACHINE_START(HAWAII, "hawaii_ss_kyleve")15:03
uhhimhereat the end15:04
uhhimhereso where is the board -- dts connection15:04
uhhimhereor is that done transparently via a memory address somewhere during boot?15:04
uhhimherei think the name of the platform is KONA15:09
uhhimherehmm this looks interesting15:11
uhhimhere#include <mach/hardware.h>15:11
uhhimhereim off to bed15:15
sledgesuhhimhere: yes, u-boot loads dts in memory, locusf tried this new boot.img format for samsungs; also try asking in #edev (and ultimately, in #kernel)15:15
uhhimhereand did it work15:16
locusfyeah it was special repo for gnote and sgs215:16
sledgeslocusf: did it contain also dts (dtb)?15:17
locusfsledges: I don't know15:17
sledgesok, i thought it was different due to dts, but now iirc it didn't even have initramfs or something15:19
sledgesbut at any rate, kernel uimage, initramfs, and possible dts can all be bundled into boot.img15:19
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yacukenhi there.15:22
yacukencan anybody help me build sailfish for bacon(OnePlus One)?15:22
yacukensorry for my bad english15:22
sledgesyacuken: hi, follow HADK and these notes by vgrade:
sledgesSazpaimon_: how's your one+?15:25
uhhimherelocusf: does the term kona mean anything to you15:29
uhhimherelocusf: wrt to samsung smartphones15:29
locusfuhhimhere: nope15:29
yacuken1 more question. what branch on mer-hybris i need to use? hybris-10.1 or hybris-11.0?15:55
yacukensledges, thank you. I'll try15:56
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RaYmAnuhhimhere: kona is a broadcom thing.16:36
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uhhimhereRaYmAn: where can i get some info on kona16:59
RaYmAnI'm not really aware of any public documentation. Unless there is some overlap with Raspberry Pi17:00
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MSameerenergycsdx: perhaps the plugin crashed and thus got blacklisted17:14
energycsdxMSameer: already fixed it17:15
MSameerenergycsdx: sorry for the delay. I am on vacation and not checking IRC as usual17:15
energycsdxMSameer: have a nice vacation17:19
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vgrade_video of xdadevcon presentation is up18:18
sledgesvgrade_: welcome to 2k1518:19
vgrade_sledges: hny18:20
jcbjoehi sledges wb18:23
sledgeshey jcbjoe18:24
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sledgesfound fast and not expensive way to get to FOSDEM from UK: eurostar.com18:30
tbrshould go straight to brussels18:31
tbrone of my flight options is to fly to CDG and take the TGV...18:31
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sledgesand test WIMP auth on SBJ:)18:34
jcbjoeany word on an update for on nexsu4 ?18:36
*** vgrade_ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:36
sledgesjcbjoe: ping carepack18:36
jcbjoei will via the fourms don't see him here18:37
sledgesyes, he responds on xda18:37
Sazpaimon_sledges, still running android18:38
sledgesSazpaimon_: got the 2nd one?18:39
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Sazpaimon_Last I heard the GPU issues were a bit of hard blocker18:39
sledgesdid ubuntu touch got working on one+ recently?18:41
*** Lipevakala_ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:41
Sazpaimon_No idea, there's an XDA thread for it:
Sazpaimon_looks like the project died18:42
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*** Lipevakala has joined #sailfishos-porters18:45
sledgesah they've been taking screenshots:
sledgesat any rate, cyanogenmod works on one+one;) so all we need is a hwcomposer expert and their time18:46
sledgesthp springs to mind18:47
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Sazpaimon_I actually got a oneplus one just for sailfish18:53
*** vgrade_ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:53
Sazpaimon_because i knew one of the requirments was cyanogenmod, and the one has cyanogenmod out of the box18:53
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jcbjoewow this channel got some life today .. sledges you made people talk again19:11
* sledges hides interrogation lamp19:13
Nokius__Stskeeps lbt a half year later :P its online cool19:23
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vgradelbt: can ypu post slides online19:35
Nokius__vgrade: they are online ... in lbt home share on mer project19:39
vgradethanks Nokius__19:39
Nokius__vgrade: not sure if its pdf or the hole presentation19:40
Nokius__let me check my browser history19:41
Nokius__ah ~lbt19:41
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos-porters19:42
vgrade\o stephg , congrats19:42
stephgoh hey, I'm actually just watching you on telly right now19:42
stephgnice tshirt19:42
stephgand thanks btw :)19:42
vgradeNokius__: did the shirts19:42
stephgits a cool shirt!19:43
* Nokius__ Event wiki page updated 19:43
vgradeNokius__: thanks,19:44
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:49
Nokius__sledges Sazpaimon_ even Ubuntu runs on the find5 but SFOS (libhybris) has some graphic issues19:50
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sledgesstephg: congreetingz on many levels/occasions!21:14
sledgesNokius__: sounds like one should just go and dig how ubuntu clocks out those video pixels and do the same in hwcomposer21:16
sledgesandroid blob upwards21:16
sledgesthe logic shouldn't be -that- different21:16
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gogetasledges, mir now runs without hybris now ?21:20
sledgesno, just different approach in gpu stack21:21
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gogetasledges,are you here ?22:11
thpsledges: did someone say.. hardware composer?22:26
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sledgesthp: good you "unhide" on hwc hilight, and not the other way round:) hny!22:30
sledgesthp: OnePlus One fails with E/qdmemalloc( 1855): ION_IOC_ALLOC failed with error - Cannot allocate memory22:31
thpha! i don't have a hwc hilight.. :p22:31
sledges( )22:31
sledgesor you might be about to hide ;)22:31
thp" Nexus 7 (LTE 2003) "22:32
thpmore like 2013? ;)22:32
thpION_IOC_ALLOC .. wasn't that some ioctl on some /dev/ device to allocate memory?22:33
sledgesvgrade dug deeper but hasn't done braindump since22:33
thp A call to open("/dev/ion", O_RDONLY) returns a file descriptor as a handle representing an ION client.22:34
sledgesapart from scaring with there be dragons:)22:34
thpmaybe you misheard and he said there be lagoons?22:34
* sledges somehow just remembered "Loom" the game22:35
*** s5pik3 has quit IRC22:37
*** zetaz has joined #sailfishos-porters22:44
*** zetaz has left #sailfishos-porters22:59
*** arcean has quit IRC23:13
*** zanac has joined #sailfishos-porters23:23
sledgesawesome nick zanac , been watching longplay today :)23:23
zanachaha thx, one of my favourite shmups of all time23:23
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters23:25
zanacso i imagine that all the low hanging fruit for missing items in e.g. the mako adaptation are already dealt with.. i'm pondering trying to build sailfish for my n4 to see if there's any obvious things i could help with.23:28
sledgeszanac: cool, try the other way round - install .zip (presumably you already have) and see what starts to itch for you23:29
zanacwell in particular i'm just looking at anything not green on the libhybris adapations matrix23:29
sledgesthat too23:29
zanacbluetooth being red is a bit scary since that's quite a big itch.  :)23:29
sledgesbluetooth keeps many peeps from23:30
sledgesdaily drivin23:30
sledgesyes, look for personal itch to scratch - scratches the best ;)23:30
sledgesyet with BT one can start just basic pairing/comms to work, no need to support profiles (someone else could chip in then)23:30
sledges(pardon the pun)23:31
zanacdo you know if anyone's discovered the basic nature of why it's not working?23:32
sledgesit's working on nexus523:32
zanacyeah i guess that's encouraging23:32
sledgesso probably it's a low hanging fruit too, seemingly no-one looked into mako quite likoely23:32
zanacok.  i'll see if i can find some time to poke at it.  don't expect too much, thx.  :)23:33
zanacbut assuming i get some kind of idea, then it's just a matter of following the hadk instructions to get all the pieces to build a new image?23:34
sledgesi'll expect very much - if shoot for the stars, at least land on the moon ;)23:34
sledgesno need to rebuild at first - just poking an existing image should suffice23:34
zanacok cool.23:34
sledgeslater, arriving to stage of rebuilding kernel/android bits would then need the hadk, yes23:34
sledgesand even such case would not require reflashing - just replacing recompiled parts23:36
* sledges bows out, nn23:41

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