Monday, 2015-01-05

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uhhimherewhere can i get stock android rom md5s?06:12
zanac uhhimhere: for nexus devices?
uhhimhereno galaxy06:13
uhhimhereu downloaded from sammobile but am dubious as to its validity(and my internet connection...i successfully "completed" multiple times at less than the full image size)06:14
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Nokius__sledges: yeap :D06:38
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uhhimheresledges: im just trying out cwm's recovery tool and it fails: cant mount /system08:06
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sledgeslook faenil's here!10:33
sledgesbuonanno roccia:)10:34
uhhimheresledges: so im going to try to compile the device kernel. IM looking at the linaro cross compiler10:37
faenilsledges: o/ buonanno! :)10:38
faenilsledges: still using webclient, meh xD10:38
uhhimhereis that version sufficient?10:38
uhhimhereor should i use 4.9 from linaro10:39
uhhimhereim not sure which one to use with the BCM21644 SoC10:42
sledgesuhhimhere: stick with android sdk for starters10:42
uhhimhereyeah the tutorial im using doesnt use that10:45
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uhhimhereim not too familiar with the android sdk10:47
sledgesfaenil: booo;)10:49
faenilsledges: yeah...I got this lazy :D10:49
sledgesfaenil: did you have a good xmas?10:49
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faenilsledges: indeed :) lots of time with family \o/10:50
sledgesuhhimhere: it will produce boot.img et al. so you better start learning it ;)
sledgesalso HADK is based on it (since you are in this channel ;))10:51
sledgesuhhimhere: question is, does samsung give you all pieces of puzzle?10:51
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sledges:D my xmas10:56
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faenilsledges: haah yeah10:59
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sledgesuhhimhere: you can go the good old make way, the best compiler is the one that samsung used ofc11:02
sledgeswhich one? you need to check what is in their manifest (once you learn about building aosp)11:03
sledges(too needs an answer my last question about sammy's puzzle ;)11:03
sledgesandroid open source project11:03
sledgeswhen i said android sdk, i actually meant aosp :P11:04
uhhimhereok ok right now11:04
uhhimherejust want to be able to follow that tutorial11:04
uhhimherethe youtube11:04
uhhimherewill anyone help me with linaro?11:05
uhhimherewell i would need a cross compiler11:06
uhhimherenot just an x86 one11:06
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the_mgt nice11:40
the_mgtthere seems to be at least one cm version that supports hdmi out11:40
* stephg reads backlog11:40
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stephgsledges congrats for the congreetz :)11:41
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sledgesstephg: how does it feel to be dad?:)11:41
the_mgtit is from a few days ago, about Motorola Atrix, which has a LapDock, a docking station that turns the phone into some kind of laptop. it had some ubuntu based ui11:41
stephgsledges: a mixture of adoration and extreme exhaustion :)11:42
stephghappy NY btw11:42
sledgesstephg: it shows:) to you too! new year's resolution 1080p? ;)11:42
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the_mgtgratz stephg, you may take this as a guide
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stephgthe_mgt: ^^ FACT11:43
sledgesor this
stephgsledges: I suspect my resolution this year will be more11:44
stephg3(NXDOMAIN) or 2(SRVFAIL)11:45
the_mgtstephg: I have had this for 5 years now 8-D11:45
the_mgtwithout the diapers and the wall coloring, but also without proper sleep11:45
stephgsledges: nice video, sending that on now :)11:46
sledgescredits go to w00t ;)11:48
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alteregoI have an idiot for a friend -_-14:14
sledgeskeep you entertained:))14:15
alteregoThe one time Id don't lock screen ... -_-14:15
alteregoHeh, probably would not have noticed if I didn't see him do it from the cafe counter :p14:16
sledgesa friend works in a place where they change your wallpaper to david hasselhoff and send out company-wide mass emails with "I love you!"14:17
sledgesand other "forgot to lockscreen" punishments:)14:17
alteregoHe's also casually racist, which at times is amusing. But in this case. I guess lucky it wasn't my other irssi session.14:19
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mal-when I was still studying at university some people used to post "funny" stuff to newsgroups if you forgot to lock your computer14:20
alteregoIs that better or worse than being subscribed to "funny" news groups I wonder.14:22
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sledgeslocusf: happy birthday!15:15
*** jcbjoe has joined #sailfishos-porters15:18
locusfsledges: thanks! :)15:22
sledgeslocusf: how does your y2k15 look like :) ?15:23
locusfsledges: good so far :)15:23
sledgeslol true, 5 days down :D what about the rest?;)15:24
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locusfwell first order of business is my job, then fosdem, after that thesis work15:27
sledgeswork+study, eastern europe style;)15:28
* sledges remembers good ole times..:)15:28
locusfheheh :)15:28
sledgesgreat, will be good to see you in fosdem!15:28
locusfyup you too15:29
jcbjoemy jolla is on its way coming from Manchester-UK15:32
jcbjoeso excited15:34
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uhhimhereso i just compiled the device kernel for the samsung GT-S758016:19
sledgesjcbjoe: excited for you too!16:19
uhhimhereno error16:19
uhhimherebut i cant find any image files16:19
sledgesuhhimhere: jab well done16:19
uhhimheresupposed to be @ /arch/arm/boot/zimage16:21
uhhimherenothing there16:21
sledgesls -lSrt ./arch/arm/boot/16:24
uhhimherewhat exatly did i compile16:25
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uhhimhereuhhh hope not....16:27
uhhimherenothing in x8616:28
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uhhimherei used /home/rootzilla/gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-4.9-2014.07_linux/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf-16:29
uhhimherei'll load meld16:30
uhhimhereand do a directory comparison16:30
locusfdid you do it in hybris sdk?16:30
locusfor just raw cross-compilation?16:31
uhhimhereyeah i think i know what happened16:36
uhhimherei dont lol16:37
uhhimherefunny i just ran make again16:37
uhhimhereand got an error16:37
uhhimherealso i found the DT makefile16:38
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uhhimheretargets := Image zImage xipImage bootpImage uImage dt-blob16:46
uhhimherei didnt see any image is ready message16:49
sledgesuhhimhere: this is how you cross compile a kernel:16:50
sledgesmake ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-eabi- distclean16:50
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sledgesmake ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-eabi- your_defconfig16:50
sledgesmake ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-eabi- uImage16:50
sledges(uImage target will require mkimage binary to be in path16:51
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uhhimhereis dist clean the same as running make clean be4hand?16:52
sledgesdistclean starts from the very scratch, discarding any tinkerings imaginable, clean doesn't16:52
uhhimhereand whats the last one about16:53
uhhimheremkimage path16:53
sledgeszImage is good too for starters16:53
sledgesuImage is needed for uboot/boot.img16:54
energycsdxi remember that my kernel didn`t compiled util i specified full path in CROSS_COMPILE var16:55
sledgesor put compiler to path16:55
zanacis anyone familiar with multiromming sailfish with android 4.4 primary on mako?  in particular about which modem image to flash.  is this just talking about the radio-*.img from the 4.2 factory images?16:55
sledgeszanac: yes, just radio16:55
sledgesbut if you flash an older radio, you primary rom might not like that16:56
sledgesalternative is to just loop mount a radio.img within sailfishos rootfs16:56
uhhimherethats the original kernel readme16:57
uhhimhereenergycsdx: yeah did you get an error?16:57
sledgesnever read that:))16:57
sledgesit essentially does the same16:58
uhhimhereonly thing i did different was a different toolchain16:58
sledgesbut to get better control, is good to specify make target in last command16:58
uhhimherealso its the newe hardware fpu one16:58
sledgestoolchain is crucial16:58
sledgesi had kernel not booting at all because of toolchain, it compiled however16:59
sledgesyou've been warned:)16:59
uhhimherei downloaded the android sdk manager tool thingy on windows to have adb17:00
uhhimherewould that thingymajig be able to compile my code17:00
uhhimhereill just follow instructions17:00
* sledges the Lego Movie17:01
zanacsledges: ah ok.  well i guess the announcement i'm reading implies that someone tested the 4.2 radio.img with 4.4 and saw some kind of success.  but i suppose i can just try it myself and be prepared to restore the original if it all goes bad17:02
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uhhimhere<sledges> make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-eabi- your_defconfig17:06
uhhimhere<sledges> make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-eabi- uImage17:06
uhhimhere<sledges> (uImage target will require mkimage binary to be in path17:06
uhhimhereso for the third step i gotta have uboot-mkimage installed17:06
sledgesuhhimhere: or just do make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-eabi- zImage17:06
uhhimherehere goes17:07
sledgesobviously you need to substitute to CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf-17:07
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uhhimherecan i pipe the output into a file?17:09
uhhimheremake | > text17:09
uhhimheresledges: yeah but i already have that hardcoded17:10
uhhimheresledges: in the makefile17:10
*** Lipevakala has quit IRC17:10
sledgesmake &> text17:10
uhhimherethats 1st step17:12
uhhimhere  HOSTCC  scripts/basic/fixdep17:15
uhhimhere  HOSTCC  scripts/kconfig/conf.o17:15
uhhimhere  SHIPPED scripts/kconfig/
uhhimhere  SHIPPED scripts/kconfig/zconf.lex.c17:15
uhhimhere  SHIPPED scripts/kconfig/zconf.hash.c17:15
uhhimhere  HOSTCC  scripts/kconfig/
uhhimhere  HOSTLD  scripts/kconfig/conf17:15
uhhimhere# configuration written to .config17:15
uhhimheresecond step17:15
*** Lipevakala has joined #sailfishos-porters17:15
uhhimheretime make -j3 zImage &> ../compilelog17:16
uhhimhereshould take about 30 mins17:16
*** Lipevakala_ has quit IRC17:17
sledgesmeans it finished with errors if no binaries under boot/17:17
sledgesyou had to scroll a bit up to see them, especially when you're running -j317:17
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sledgesas it finishes all other threads, and offending error is not at the bottom17:17
*** phdeswer_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:23
uhhimherethere were errors?17:27
*** zetaz has joined #sailfishos-porters17:30
sledgesif compiling took 30mins, and no binaries, yes17:30
sledgesno other explanation really17:31
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uhhimherei am running on an intel atom17:34
uhhimhereyeah but I didnt see any errors. WHy would it continue compiling with errors?17:35
uhhimherewouldnt it just break17:35
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*** Nokius_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:39
sledgesuhhimhere: other independent threads (because you indicated -j3 parallel compile) would need to finish17:41
sledgesand still be spitting output17:41
*** GranPC has joined #sailfishos-porters17:41
uhhimhereso they dont all spit into the same terminal17:41
sledgesthey all spit into the same terminal17:42
*** Nokius__ has quit IRC17:42
sledgesone errors out and then is waiting for others to finish17:42
uhhimherei see. ok well will have to wait for it to finish17:44
uhhimherei dont know i remember gentoo taking >>> 30 mins to compile on a dual core setup17:44
sledgesmaybe you still have that old terminal opened in the backlog? ;)17:44
uhhimhereso i thought this is normal17:44
uhhimherewhatdya mean17:46
uhhimhereopened in backlog17:46
uhhimhereerrors alright17:47
sledgesi bet on toolchain17:49
uhhimheredrivers/media/video/camdrv_ss_sr030pc50.c:30:39: error:17:49
uhhimheredrivers/media/video/camdrv_ss_sr030pc50.c: In function ‘camdrv_ss_sr030pc50_set_preview_start’:17:50
uhhimheredrivers/media/video/camdrv_ss_sr030pc50.c:30:39: error: inlining failed in call to always_inline ‘to_state’: function body not available17:50
uhhimhere extern inline struct camdrv_ss_state *to_state(struct v4l2_subdev *sd);17:50
uhhimhere                                       ^17:50
uhhimheredrivers/media/video/camdrv_ss_sr030pc50.c:500:26: error: called from here17:50
uhhimhere  struct camdrv_ss_state *state = to_state(sd);17:50
uhhimhere                          ^17:50
uhhimheremake[3]: *** [drivers/media/video/camdrv_ss_sr030pc50.o] Error 117:50
uhhimheremake[2]: *** [drivers/media/video] Error 217:50
uhhimheremake[1]: *** [drivers/media] Error 217:50
uhhimheremake: *** [drivers] Error 217:50
uhhimherei dont know what that means17:51
sledges19:49 < sledges> i bet on toolchain17:51
uhhimhereis that toolchain17:51
sledgesand pastebin if you have more than 4 lines in your clipboard17:52
uhhimhereyeah thats why i said sorry :P17:52
uhhimhereso illhave to get the same toolchain they used17:52
sledgesaosp hehe;)17:53
uhhimherethats whats in the readme18:00
uhhimherei know it only says example18:00
sledges13:04 < sledges>
sledgesis what's in the readme;)18:00
sledges :P18:00
uhhimherei dont see no toolchain18:01
sledgesyou need the whole thing18:02
situsledges: Welcome back.18:02
sledgesor find your android version (that samsung is running on your device) and extract the manifest file: from which you then download the toolchain-only18:02
sledgessitu: thanks18:02
situSame to you. I am doing great. :)18:03
uhhimherethe hecks a manifest file18:03
sledgesuhhimhere: welcome to world of android, sadly you couldn't escape that ;)18:04
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters18:04
sledgessitu: ambitions for the new year?;)18:05
uhhimhereandroid version 4.2.218:05
uhhimherekernel 3.4.5-239482818:05
situsledges: Make Sailfish OS better :)18:06
uhhimherebuild : jdq39.s7580xxubna318:06
sledgessitu: that's the way aha-aha i like it!18:06
uhhimherehow do i get the toolchain18:06
uhhimherefrom the website18:07
sledgesfind you version18:09
uhhimherehow do i find which release18:09
sledges20:05 < uhhimhere> android version 4.2.218:10
sledgesbest bet18:10
sledgesshouldn't differ much for toolchains18:10
uhhimhereok so i should find it in default.xml18:10
*** edubai has quit IRC18:12
uhhimhere"prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-eabi-4.6" ?18:13
uhhimheresounds bout right18:13
sledgesgood call18:13
uhhimherewould that work18:15
sledgesonly one way to find out18:15
*** gogeta has quit IRC18:15
sledgesbut mind they have patches all over the place18:15
sledgesbeen there sadly :(18:15
sledgesjust check that toolchain from their aosp git server18:15
sledgesand piece of mind18:15
uhhimhereso if the date of their patch is > the date of phone release then should be ok w/o patch?18:16
uhhimherewhere do i check patch dates18:17
sledges*they -might- have patches all over18:17
*** edubai has joined #sailfishos-porters18:17
uhhimherewhats that mean18:17
uhhimhereso just get it from android18:17
uhhimherei mean google18:17
sledgesit means they might have a customised toolchain18:17
sledgesso best bet is to use the one they have18:17
uhhimherewhere is their aosp git server18:17
sledgesrather than question errors18:17
sledgesit should be written at the top of the manifest18:18
uhhimherei suck at aosp can i just wget binaries18:18
uhhimherei mean git18:18
uhhimhereit always wants to download the entire internet18:18
uhhimhereme -->git --> go18:19
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:19
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters18:20
*** lbt has quit IRC18:20
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos-porters18:20
uhhimheregarbage in garbage out18:20
uhhimherei get it :P18:20
uhhimheremee go18:20
sledgesuse this to get that massive toolchain: git clone URL --branch branch_name --single-branch [folder]18:22
sledgeswithout downloading the whole internet18:22
uhhimherei dont see hawaii anywhere there18:23
sledges20:09 < uhhimhere> how do i find which release18:23
uhhimheredoesnt exist18:24
sledgesit does18:25
uhhimhereyeah sorry18:25
uhhimheregetting late18:25
*** gogeta has quit IRC18:25
sledgesnot darwin ofc18:25
sledgesbeen long day too :P18:26
uhhimhereyeah just noticed that18:26
*** uvatbc has quit IRC18:26
uhhimhere git clone --branch branch_name --single-branch [folder]18:27
uhhimherewhats branch ec18:27
sledgesthe one you found when searching for "4.2.2"18:28
sledges20:10 < sledges> r118:28
sledges20:10 < sledges> best bet18:28
sledges20:10 < sledges> shouldn't differ much for toolchains18:28
uhhimhere android-4.2.2_r118:28
uhhimhereand single branch?18:28
sledgeswhat time is there? ;)18:28
sledgessingle branch is a parameter:)18:28
uhhimhere3 am18:29
uhhimheretarget folder?18:29
uhhimhere git clone --android-4.2.2_r1 --single-branch /home/git18:30
uhhimhereor i run that in /home/git18:30
sledgesyou already were creative enough, in /home/rootzilla/gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-4.9-2014.07_linux18:30
sledgesso just put this toolchain where you want, no need to git ;)18:30
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters18:30
uhhimherehow do i do that18:31
uhhimherehow do i download it18:32
sledgesgit clone will download it18:32
sledgesno need to confuse the situation with /home/git is what i meant18:32
uhhimhereoh there is a home git? i just made that up18:32
sledgesthere isn't, and hence don't make them up :D18:33
uhhimhere git clone --android-4.2.2_r1 --single-branch /home/rootzilla/arm-eabi-4.618:33
sledgesyou forgot --branch18:33
sledgesand remove those '--' in front of android18:33
*** dhbiker has quit IRC18:33
uhhimhere git clone android-4.2.2_r1 --single-branch /home/rootzilla/arm-eabi-4.618:34
sledges20:33 < sledges> you forgot --branch18:34
uhhimherein front of android18:34
sledgesgit clone URL --branch branch_name --single-branch [folder]18:35
uhhimheregit clone --branch android-4.2.2_r1 --single-branch /home/rootzilla/arm-eabi-4.618:35
uhhimheredo i need to mkdir or will git do it18:36
sledgesit will18:36
uhhimherehere goes18:37
uhhimhereerror: unknown option `single-branch18:37
sledgesgit --version18:37
uhhimheregit version
sledges"Since git 1.7.10, of April 2012 you can also limit the amount of history you clone by cloning a single branch"18:38
uhhimherei have to download the internet18:38
*** zetaz has quit IRC18:39
*** zetaz has joined #sailfishos-porters18:39
sledgesremove --single-branch , update git, or gigo :)18:39
uhhimherecan i check how big that folder is18:39
sledgesi have aosp checkout here..18:40
uhhimherewell i cant easily update git18:41
uhhimhereid have to compile it18:41
uhhimheresince my distros way outdated18:41
sledgesupdate distro ;)18:41
uhhimhereuhh yeah18:41
uhhimherenot right now18:41
sledgessometimes it's good to start a new page, or when buying new machine:)18:41
uhhimhereyeah i suppose18:41
uhhimhereanyways is there anyway to use wget18:42
uhhimhereit isnt a tarball huh18:42
uhhimhereits a directory18:42
uhhimherewget -r ?18:42
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sledgesuhhimhere: just try git clone --branch android-4.2.2_r1 /home/rootzilla/arm-eabi-4.618:46
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters18:46
sledgestoolchain itself is ~190M18:46
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos-porters18:46
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uhhimherewget -r -l 5
uhhimherehere goes18:48
uhhimheresledges:  uhhimhere: bcm28155-ap is a reference board for that SoC without any RF components.  It was meant to show off the Application Processor which is why we used it to upstream the Linux drivers for the chip18:52
uhhimherefrom <tkryger>18:52
uhhimhereThis is in contrast to the Hawaii garnet reference board that was a fully functional cell phone in plastics18:53
uhhimhere<tkryger> There isn't really any link I can send you18:53
uhhimhere<uhhimhere> wheredya get that then18:53
uhhimhere<tkryger> I wrote some of the files you mentioned18:53
sledgesuhhimhere: wget downloads
sledgeshope you'll get lucky on that18:54
uhhimherehuh? lol im already downloading the internets18:54
sledgesthis is what your wget command downloaded as one of the files18:55
sledgesinside is the toolchain18:55
uhhimhereoh ok18:55
sledgeshope all good18:55
uhhimheretkryger> I was one of the main guys pushing the changeover to device tree and getting our drivers into mainline18:58
sledgesuhhimhere: it might be they haven't patched anything, at any rate, go for that gcc and let's see18:58
sledges(inside the +archive/ tarball)18:58
uhhimhere<tkryger> Unfortunately, Broadcom decided to exit the mobile business so we never managed to reach feature parity between mainline and our internal tree18:59
*** furikku has quit IRC19:02
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energycsdxuhhimhere: sorry was afk19:07
uhhimherewell a guy who was involved with " pushing the changeover to device tree and getting our drivers into mainline"19:08
uhhimhereis in armlinux19:08
uhhimhereso im trying to pick his/her brains19:08
energycsdxit`s bad that they don`t publish internal tree19:10
energycsdxbut i don`t expect from boardcom anything else19:10
piggzif i needed an alternate mce default config is the only way to build a seperate mce rpm for my device? ... i need to disable the TS plugin19:11
sledgespiggz: can't you go the mce configs way in /etc such as no-proxim19:13
sledges(hny piggz btw:)19:13
piggzsledges: i wondered becuase the PS is enabled in the default config (i meant PS, not TS)19:14
piggzno-proxm sounds like what i want19:14
piggzwhat is that>19:14
sledgespiggz: so just add the disabling one19:15
piggzah, ok19:15
*** Dinsdale has joined #sailfishos-porters19:21
uhhimheresledges: lib/gcc/arm-eabi/4.6.x-google/plugin/include/auto-host.h19:23
uhhimhere6 subdirectories19:23
uhhimherewget -r maximum 519:23
uhhimhereim off to bed19:23
uhhimherei guess i could wake up and go through them one by one19:24
uhhimhereand wget again manually19:24
sledgesuhhimhere: don't use wget, or untar the archive19:24
uhhimherewhere can i get the tarball19:24
sledgesspeak in the morning, as russians say, morning is wiser than the evening19:25
uhhimhereok cya19:25
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iluminator105can you install sailfish on moto g 2nd gen20:29
*** sebsebseb has joined #sailfishos-porters20:42
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters21:58
energycsdxdoes lipstick depends on sensors?22:09
*** arcean has quit IRC22:10
sledgesenergycsdx: vaguely iirc that yes22:13
sledgesi guess it's interested in rotation22:13
energycsdxsledges: looks like it prevents to send notification to systemd22:14
sledgesenergycsdx: the absence of lipstick?22:17
*** phdeswer_ has quit IRC22:17
energycsdxrestart in a loop22:17
energycsdxsledges: systemd kills it if it not started in few seconds22:17
sledgeswhat do you mean by "it" in your last two lines?22:18
sledges00:14 < energycsdx> sledges: looks like it prevents to send notification to systemd22:19
sledgeswhy does lipstick prevent? due to sensors not present?22:19
energycsdxlooks like sensord can stuck22:20
energycsdxlike this22:20
energycsdxmce-sensorfw.c: mce_sensorfw_set_standby_override_cb(): setStandbyOverride(): org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a r22:20
energycsdxand when sensord is stuck lipstick will not notify systemd22:21
sledgesmask sensord and reboot, does lipstick come up?22:21
*** phdeswer_ has joined #sailfishos-porters22:23
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*** piggz has quit IRC22:29
energycsdxsledges: everything fine when it masked22:30
sledgesenergycsdx: and no sensor in ps ax ?22:33
energycsdxneed to check22:34
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lpottersensorfw needs work when the sensor device is not available or present22:52
*** mispp has joined #sailfishos-porters22:53
energycsdxsledges lpotter: cant reproduce it now22:54
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