Tuesday, 2015-01-06

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uhhimheresledges: ok i just got up and wget was still running02:24
uhhimhereso cancelled it and rmdired02:24
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uhhimheresledges: Resolving deltas: 100% (146/146), done.03:23
uhhimherewarning: Remote branch android-4.2.2_r1 not found in upstream origin, using HEAD instead03:23
uhhimherei decided to git03:23
uhhimhereway better03:23
uhhimheresledges: /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2: No such file or director03:28
uhhimheremake distclean03:28
uhhimherethats the compiler for 64bit host03:29
uhhimheresledges: using specdevice app i get android : 4.2.2 SDK17 S7580XXUBNA303:33
uhhimherethe original was compiled on x86_6403:44
uhhimheredont think there is a i68603:44
uhhimherethats the closes03:49
uhhimherehere goes03:49
uhhimheresorry that was cts03:50
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uhhimheresledges: /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2: No such file or directory04:51
uhhimheresame thing04:51
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uuhimheresledges: ok so i just used the buntu gcc arm compiler07:07
uuhimhereit compiled some warnings no errors i have image + zimage07:07
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uhhimherenow to learn how to sneak in my kernel into stock rom08:20
uhhimhereits not a zip file08:21
uhhimhereone of those .tar.md5s08:21
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uuhimhere sledges tkryger: so i just extracted the stock rom .tar.md5 file...and lo and behold... theres a "dt-blob" file08:47
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uhhimherealright i hit my first brick wall10:35
uhhimhereim trying to create a boot.img file with the kernel I created. Im following this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50mrsMJ9A9k . and at 18:34 the tool they use(mkbootimg) seems to have been compiled for a 64bit host while im on i68610:37
uhhimherethis is the command to get an idea of what its doing10:38
uhhimhere./mkbootimg --kernel boot/boot.img-kernel --ramdisk boot/boot.img-ramdisk.cpio.gz --base 0x82000000 --pagesize 4096 -o newboot.img10:38
uhhimherecan i use abootimg to do this10:39
sledgesmkbootimg is provided by aosp, even if you find its source and compile, you'll eventually need a 64bit host to do your next tasks, as that's the AOSP's requirement10:41
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uhhimherewould this work : abootimg --create  -f bootimage.config -k boot/boot.img-kernel -r boot/boot.img-ramdisk.cpio.gz10:47
uhhimhereyeah but im broke right now10:48
sledgesi don't know/never used abootimg10:49
uhhimherereading config file bootimage.config10:49
uhhimherePAGE SIZE: 4096: bad config entry10:49
uhhimhere  if (*p++ != '=')10:55
uhhimhere    goto err;10:55
uhhimhere  abort_printf("%s: bad config entry\n", token);10:55
uhhimherewow this sucks10:57
uhhimheresledges: did i tell you i found a dt-blob file in the stock rom image?10:58
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uhhimheresledges: alright compiled it11:18
uhhimhereand made my boot image11:18
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uhhimheresledges: so im about to create the tar.md5 file11:39
uhhimherebut need to know the correct flashing order so that i can tarball in the right sequence11:40
uhhimherewhere can i find that out?11:40
DerechoI only just joined the channel, but are you sure you want the tar.md5 file?11:55
Derechothat sounds like a textfile with the md5sum of the tar file11:55
Derechono actual image in it11:55
uhhimherethats samsungs default format11:56
uhhimherestock rom11:56
uhhimherebefore i open it up and replace the boot img11:57
uhhimherei would like to know what order to repack it11:57
Derechothe anser on that stackoverflow question confirms what I was saying11:59
uhhimhereno its not a text file11:59
uhhimherehey are essentially tar compressed archives with the md5 checksum appended to the end, so you can verify no data was corrupted.12:00
Derechothat would make the accepted answer wrong12:00
Derechooh well. as I said, I only just joined. I haven't yet tried sailfishos12:00
DerechoI just didn't want you to be bricking your device with a 40byte string :)12:01
DerechoI'll let the others help you.12:01
Derechoah the second, more upvoted answer, tells the story12:02
DerechoI've only had breakfast and already learned something.12:02
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uhhimhereboot.img > recovery.img > BcmCP.img>dt-blob >cache.img>system.img13:20
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uhhimheresledges: I have a working re-compiled device kernel based rom14:05
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uhhimheresledges: http://pastebin.com/xagRvJ4C14:27
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uhhimherecan we have grub on android?17:14
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sledgesuhhimhere: congrats on recompiling17:15
uhhimhereoh yeah im flashing it for the second time now17:16
sledgesnever heard of grub success on arm, even if there was, it didn't pick up17:16
uhhimhereso it uses dtb17:16
uhhimherego figure lol17:16
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SK_worksledges: thanks for the slides :)17:16
uhhimherethe reason it didnt show up on /proc/devicetree was because it was disabled in defconfig17:16
sledgesandroid's boot loader is whatever the vendor decides - google puts fastboot, samsung puts whatever they like etc17:16
sledgesbootselector (grub) is multirom what you should be thinking of (and other attempts)17:17
uhhimherecan we erase and flash that area or is it rom17:17
sledgesSK_work: np, Nokius_ dug them17:17
uhhimherei just recompiled and am flashing. lets see if i can get /proc/devicetree17:17
uhhimheresledges i just went with apt-get instal armeabi or whatever17:18
uhhimhereall the git stuff's 64bbit17:18
uhhimherethis is hilarious17:18
uhhimherefew years ago ud be lucky if you found any apps that were 64bit17:19
faebeis there a possibility to install sailfish os on the OnePlus One?17:19
sledgesfaebe: it has already been ported, but we have GPU issues, so no graphics for now, unless you are a ION memory expert ;)17:19
faebecan i try it whitout messing up my new oneplus ?17:20
faebehow have you done it?17:20
sledgesfollowed the porting guide17:21
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faebein zhe hadk of jolla?17:21
sledgesin hadk17:21
faebeor can install it using multirom like on the nexus 5??17:21
faebecan i restore the onplus if i ness up it??17:22
sledgesis there multirom for oneplus?17:22
uhhimherewell there is a device-tree directory17:22
uhhimherebut its empty17:22
uhhimherethats what i decompiled17:24
sledgesuhhimhere: sorry never worked with device trees at-hand17:25
faebecant i flash the nexus 5 version to the oneplus17:25
sledgesfaebe: no17:26
uhhimhereon the matter of grub2 couldnt it just be snuck into a rom to multiboot othr roms/kernels?17:26
sledgesdifferent hardware adaptation17:26
sledgesuhhimhere: i've seen grub only on PCs17:27
faebejust flash multirom to the opp and try17:27
uhhimheredaisy chaining bootloaders17:27
faebeor install mer bootlpader directly?17:27
sledgesiluminator105: here?17:29
sledgesfaebe: you need to build image ground-up and flash it together with cm, but i repeat - current port does not show any graphics17:30
faebewill there be any progress in this port i  the next weeks?17:30
faebecan i help sonethibg on it ??17:30
sledgesuhhimhere: will sure keep you busy ;) but this channel is about different approach17:31
faebeas a tester perhaps?17:31
faebeor with adb stuff?17:31
faebeso am i in the wrong channel, ?17:32
sledgesfaebe: gpu needs to be solved, so you can act as messenger and find someone who can fix - is how you can help ;) problem described in https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris/gpu17:32
uhhimheresledges does sailfish use MESA17:33
sledgesit uses wayland, and in ia it would go through mesa17:34
faebemessenger? maybe peogrammer or tester?;)17:34
sledgesfaebe: there's nothing to test until gpu's programmed right17:35
faebeaha eho programs that can i help them?17:36
sledgesintel architecture17:36
uhhimherewhy only intel?17:36
sledgesfaebe: they are not active atm ( vgrade Sazpaimon_ and few other one+one owners)17:36
sledgesbecause arm doesn't use mesa17:36
sledgeswe use other blocks for wayland enablement in arm17:37
sledgesfaebe: so if you find other one+one owner who is interested (or you talk them) into sailfish and has knowledge in low level stuff - bring them here - is how best you'd help really at the moment17:38
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sledgesthat scared them :D17:39
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sledgesuhhimhere: my knowledge in graphics stack is limited to devices we currently port17:40
uhhimhereyeah too bad VC4 would probably never see another phone implementation17:41
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uhhimheresledges: ok now that I have device kernel compiled17:52
iluminator105sledges, i am here what did you17:52
uhhimhereshould I just jump into the deep end and try to see what happens with a vanilla up stream17:53
uhhimherecan i compile device kernel, use the modules from that with a vanilla compiled image?17:53
sledgesiluminator105: moto g 4g (2014) looks doable, cm11 exists for it so17:54
iluminator105what is cm1117:54
uhhimherewhy do people keep using cm as a reference on whether or not something can be ported?17:55
uhhimherewhats so great? do they use upstream kernel?17:55
sledgesthey have most decent hardware support17:56
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sledgesaosp is available only for google devices, cm - for many more17:56
*** Nekron_dev has joined #sailfishos-porters17:56
uhhimhereso basically it allows for android to be run on... an iphone?17:56
sledgesis there cm for iphone?17:56
uhhimherewait last i checked androids were running on everything from game consoles to dev kits17:57
sledgesgoogle devices = google nexus devices17:57
uhhimherenone of them use cm17:57
sledgesdevkits have publicly available source codes17:57
sledgesBSPs issued by ODMs17:58
sledgesnow try to get all source tree for samsung17:58
sledgeswith touchwiz etc17:58
sledgesor HTC17:58
sledgesonly CMs exist for them17:58
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uhhimhereall source is available for samsung isnt it18:00
uhhimhere@ opensource.samsung.com18:00
RaYmAnonly GPL parts really18:00
uhhimhereand what do CM give?18:00
sledgeswhy should we support aosp, sammy, htc, huawey, when we can simply accept cm for their hw18:00
sledgesa working rom18:01
uhhimherehuh im confused18:01
sledgeswith working hardware18:01
uhhimherei thought CM was based on all of the above18:01
sledgescm takes stock/factory rom of a phone, and blobs itself on top18:01
uhhimherewell for one CM only supports the most uber of platforms18:01
sledgesthen we blob sailfish on top of that18:01
uhhimherelol blobtastic18:02
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uhhimheresledges: yeah so whats so special about that? i can appreciate that its a cleaner image but then you tie yourself down to what they want to develop on18:06
uhhimherethey dont like to work on less "l337" devices(ie midrange lower end) stuff like the GT-S758018:07
sledgesnext hadk generation will move more to aosp support, but will stay faithful to cm (and open gates to other derivatives like freexperia or older phones [can't remember now, vgrade remembers;P] - for which cm ports don't exist)18:08
sledgesuhhimhere: ^18:08
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uhhimherewheredya get that18:09
sledgesi'm in the hadk team18:10
uhhimhereoh ok18:10
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uhhimherei guess the next step in my quest to port mainline onto the GT-S758018:12
uhhimhereis to ...?18:12
uhhimhereany ideas18:12
uhhimherecan a rom be composed of nothing but kernel image?18:13
*** r0kk3rz has joined #sailfishos-porters18:14
uhhimhereso whats the deal with firefox os phones18:17
uhhimhereare they out yet18:17
iluminator105sledges, cm11 not cm1218:18
sledgesiluminator105: yes18:19
iluminator105why cm11 cm12 is not compatible18:21
sledgesit's just what's available18:22
sledgesfor now18:22
sledgesiluminator105: cm12 is rolling out only now: http://www.androidpolice.com/2015/01/05/first-cyanogenmod-12-nightlies-built-lollipop-5-0-1-rolling-select-devices/18:26
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mal-sledges: just curious what changes have been done to hadk, since I'm trying to port sailfish to a phone with only legacyxperia support, I managed to compile everything but testing is still to be done as I have to hack a little bit to make it fit, or use sd-card as additional storage for the os18:57
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*** furikku has joined #sailfishos-porters18:58
*** furikku has quit IRC18:59
mal-assuming that is possible19:00
sledgesmal-: since hadk will be a bit more aosp-centric, nothing else will change. the point is to apply needed patched to the base tree, be it aosp, cm, or legacyexperia19:01
sledgeswhich patches? look into our cm ones under mer-hybris19:01
mal-do you know if it is possible to mount (some partition of) sd-card to be used as for example /usr19:04
sledgesyes, should be19:04
mal-good, I thought it should be, that will solve my problem with small internal storage19:05
sledgesyou'll need to do that before switch_root, means inside hybris-boot19:08
mal-I'll look into it19:08
sledgeshave fun!19:08
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energycsdxsedges: mer-kernel-check should check of CONFIG_USB_FUNCTIONFS20:24
energycsdxmal-: yes it possible i do so, loop mount filesystem from sd card20:25
*** CarlosMazieri has quit IRC20:26
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sledgesenergycsdx: PR pls:)20:31
*** Carepack has joined #sailfishos-porters20:37
*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos-porters20:38
mal-energycsdx: how do you exactly do it?20:38
*** faebe has joined #sailfishos-porters20:39
faebewhats  your opinion about the jolla launcher vs the ported sailfish os rom20:41
sledgessame of you ask opinion about virtual machines vs native OS20:42
sledgesfunctionality wise it's another story ;P20:42
energycsdxmal- exact script not available now20:43
energycsdxmal- you need to patch function mount_stowaways in init-script of hybris-boot20:44
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mal-ok, I thought something like that would be needed when I looked at the script20:45
mal-energycsdx: if you could give me the script sometime it would be nice20:46
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energycsdxmal- : DATA_PARTITION=/dev/mmcblk1p1 in my case20:57
energycsdxmal-: btw what is your partition layout?20:58
sledgesenergycsdx: would Jolla.img then become readonly?20:59
energycsdxsledges: don`t know, didn`t try to write to it21:00
sledgeswell, /home/nemo/* starts writing configs immediately21:00
energycsdxok, what do you mean readonly?21:01
energycsdxfs mounted to /target is writable21:01
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sledgesenergycsdx: oh wow, the joys of extfs, i wonder if there is a performance hit due to it being a loop-mounted image21:03
*** Carepack has joined #sailfishos-porters21:04
energycsdxsledges: have nothing to compare21:05
energycsdxsledges: my device have 8Gb emmc21:05
sledgespartition your sd-card21:05
mal-energycsdx: my phone has /dev/block/mtdblock1 as /data21:06
energycsdxhalf of it is called "internal SD card" is 4 Gb partition on emmc21:06
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energycsdxother 4Gb divided into number of partitions including /data and /system21:07
sledgesah, it's not a removable sd card then21:08
sledgesif you don't keep anything else besides Jolla.img, just dd it into the whole partition21:08
sledges(not straightforwardly ofc)21:08
energycsdx /dev/mmcblk1 is removable sd card21:09
energycsdx16Gb fat with alot of files21:10
*** Carepack_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:11
energycsdxand mmcblk0 internal one, splited to 4Gb FAT called "internal SD card" and others android partitions, /data partiotion is around 1.5 Gb21:11
sledgesso you have plenty of nodes to experiment with (during your optimisation phase of porting)21:12
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energycsdxi`m try to keep emmc less intruded by sailfish os21:15
mal-energycsdx: thanks for the patch, I'll try it sometime soon21:15
energycsdxyou should assign DATA_PARTITION to your external sd card partition21:16
energycsdxmal- Jolla.img is created with mic create loop iirc21:17
energycsdxand i removed jolla additions to make .zip file21:18
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