Thursday, 2015-01-08

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uhhimhereholy crp05:22
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uhhimherei notice on apt-get there is a heimdal-servers program. Is this related to heimdall the odin replacement?06:29
locusfprobably not06:31
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uhhimherehow do i install samsung usb drivers on a linux machine06:35
uhhimherewhere do i get them06:35
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Stskeepsa bit of google can probably figure that out06:36
dinsdaleHey, I see you guys were talking about basing a sailfish build off of aosp instead of cm.06:38
dinsdaleI've had no luck with the porters handbook setup or a full cm build for my oneplus, but I did get aoKp to work06:39
dinsdaleso am I right to understand that any android build will do for building drivers? (which is what the android build is for if I understand correctly?)06:40
dinsdaleSo I just need to port the libhybris changes to aokp and then "Bob's my uncle?"06:41
dinsdaleI got down a bit of a rabbit hole trying to understand how to build android but I think I am much better off now.06:43
dinsdaleI am going to try again with cm soon but wanted to know if I could just plow forward with what I have working now.06:45
dinsdaleargh, kids are awake again. I'll check the channel log in the morning. Thanks guys! Laterz...06:46
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uhhimherehi guys i am trying to get heimdall to work on linux but dont know how07:12
uhhimherei cant even find the readme file on the website07:12
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uhhimhere<uhhimhere> hi guys08:54
uhhimhere<uhhimhere> im having issues w/ heimdall : Setting up interface...08:54
uhhimhere<uhhimhere> ERROR: Setting up interface failed!08:54
uhhimhere<uhhimhere> whenever i try to read PIT08:54
uhhimhere<uhhimhere> adb shell works fine08:54
uhhimhere<uhhimhere> so im not sure whats going on08:54
uhhimhere<uhhimhere> can some1 help me>08:54
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sledgesuhhimhere: you have to delete one (.p iirc) file from rootfs / folder, which causes recovery to fall into protected mode. googleshoud reveal  more09:01
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sledgesdinsdale: vgrade and Sazpaimon_ built off cm11, as that has patches ready. you'd have to patch aosp first, extra work. and one+  is cm devce;)09:05
uhhimheresledges: can i access / from adb09:06
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sledgesif you had libminui compile  problems, ensure you are using feature-freeze (latest) hybris-11.0 manifest, and don't use latest kernel and device of one+ - try to match the dates09:06
sledgesuhhimhere: from recovery09:07
uhhimherecan i use adb with cwm recovery mode09:12
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uhhimhere/sbin/sh: ls: Permission denied09:16
uhhimherein recovery09:16
uhhimherei cant do anything but cd & pwd09:18
uhhimherefrom adb in cwm recovery mode09:19
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uhhimheresledges: in cwm mode same09:35
uhhimherebut i see all in adb09:36
uhhimherei still dont know what file to delete09:36
dr_gogeta86guys O/09:52
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uhhimheresledges: cant find it10:08
uhhimheresledges: on the internets10:08
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uhhimherecould sailfish be run on this :
tbruhhimhere: we covered this topic here or in an adjacent channel recently: short answer: no, long answer: yes, but it would take quite some work to bring the Mer MIPS port up to speed and then Jolla would need to be convinced to rebuild all their proprietary binaries for the MIPS target.10:29
dr_gogeta86sledges, Stskeeps
dr_gogeta86libhybris already on gwatch ... make me cry :-(10:51
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dr_gogeta86hi Tassadar11:44
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uhhimheresledges: i cant figure out why i cant use heimdall13:32
uhhimherestill getting Setting up interface...13:32
uhhimhereERROR: Setting up interface failed!13:32
uhhimherewhen i try to print PIT13:33
uhhimheretbr: you know anythng bout heimdall13:33
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tantymal-: you and the IRC log saved me today, I was not knowing why the mb2 build "error: failed to create directory %{_sourcedir}  ... Read-only files system"13:36
tantywas about and now I figured out it was because of building on a soft link to a mount point out of /home13:37
tantythanks! :)13:37
sledgeswe like hard links :)13:37
sledgesand avoiding /srv for now13:37
mal-good that the logs help, I've gotten a lot of help from the logs also13:38
sledgesuhhimhere: it was different error in my .p file recovery case (Signature verification failed), sorry just realised13:39
tbruhhimhere: no13:43
locusfuhhimhere: why do you need to print pit?13:44
uhhimheredoesnt that show you the partition table13:45
locusfwhat do you want to do with heimdall?13:45
uhhimhereload roms13:45
uhhimhereand maybe *maybe mess with partitions13:46
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locusfok that involves unzipping of the rom and using --factory, --kernel and such options to flash the separate parts of the rom13:47
uhhimhereand i would like to see the table first13:47
locusfyou shouldn't really touch the partitions, could lead to device bricking13:47
locusfinside android the partitions are in /devdisk/by-name usually13:48
uhhimhereoh yeah , sure, but id still like to see 1. how it is & 2.the comms link work13:48
uhhimherei need to see it to understand better13:49
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locusfwell if print-pit doesn't work then you're not supposed to see it :)13:54
sledgescan you not fdisk them too?13:55
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locusfI guess13:59
uhhimhereshell@android:/ # fdisk -l13:59
uhhimheresh: fdisk: not found13:59
uhhimherethrough adb13:59
uhhimhereas su14:00
locusf/system/sbin ?14:00
locusfalso cat /proc/partitions14:02
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uhhimhereshell@android:/ # ls /system/sbin14:02
uhhimhereno such file14:03
uhhimhereok proc has some output14:03
locusfwell that tells you only so much :p14:05
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uhhimherewhich one is my kernel14:05
locusfls /dev/block/by-name/14:05
uhhimhereshell@android:/ # ls /dev/block/by-name/14:06
uhhimhere/dev/block/by-name/: No such file or directory14:06
sledgesboot cm14:06
sledgesor whichever android you have on it14:06
uhhimherei dont have cm14:06
uhhimhereit cant run cm, yet14:06
uhhimherei have stock with a flipped bit ro14:06
sledges16:06 < sledges> or whichever android you have on it14:06
uhhimhereits been booted all the while14:07
uhhimherecant adb in download mode14:07
uhhimhereand in cwm recovery all i can use is cd & pwd14:07
uhhimherenot even ls14:07
locusfwhats in /dev/block anyways :p14:07
locusfjust try to reach a platform and then check its by-name directory14:08
uhhimherehowbout mount14:09
uhhimherewould mount show everything14:09
locusfno if its not mounted14:09
locusfit shows some but not all14:09
uhhimherethis is just rootfs no14:12
locusftry that platform14:13
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uhhimherewhat platform14:13
uhhimherei dont understand14:13
uhhimherewhat do you want me to try14:13
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locusfthat directory14:14
locusfshould tell you enough14:15
uhhimherewhy didnt the names come up earlier14:16
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locusfthat shows the partition labels14:16
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locusfnp :)14:19
uhhimherewhat does /*/by-name do14:20
uhhimhereis that standard ls?14:20
uhhimhereoh its a location14:21
uhhimhereoh ok14:22
uhhimhereso where are those partitions14:24
uhhimherewrt to one another14:24
uhhimherei see the table contents but i dont see the layout14:25
uhhimhereor is that how its laid out14:25
uhhimherefrom 0000 to ffff14:26
uhhimhereor do i follow the pxx suffix on mmcblk0pxx?14:26
uhhimhereeg dtsbk before dts?14:27
uhhimherep12 before p1314:27
uhhimhereis that it14:28
locusfthat would be the job for fdisk if it worked14:28
uhhimhereis it because busybox isnt running?14:30
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uhhimherewhen i run commands through adb14:47
uhhimheream i running it through dalvik still14:47
uhhimhereor is it kernel14:48
uhhimherelocusf: i just installed busybox14:53
uhhimhereand fdisk spits out nothing14:53
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locusfuhhimhere: fdisk -l /dev/mmcblk0 ?15:00
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faenilok, I'll stop sshing to my phone D15:58
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dr_gogeta86good evening17:58
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dr_gogeta86sledges, hybris repo manifest got external rsyn17:59
dr_gogeta86sledges, hybris repo manifest got external rsync17:59
dr_gogeta86got repo down ue dmca17:59
dr_gogeta86  Repository unavailable due to DMCA takedown.17:59
dr_gogeta86See the takedown notice for more details:17:59
dr_gogeta86sorry picotts18:00
sledgesdr_gogeta86: thanks, tripped on it today myself18:01
dr_gogeta86i wanna fire up that watch18:01
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stephgthere I was hoping the takedown would be the porn ones I'd read about today18:13
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sledgesyes so lipstick under threat too ;)18:18
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sledgesit's odd because CM will now lose their mods to svox, such as 24d101ab999b779ca11a5d53f54b219c92407136 Install PicoTTS to /system/priv-app18:24
sledgesyet they claim they don't make any [probably significant] changes there:
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: fixed, repo sync18:32
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