Friday, 2015-01-09

sledgesaseppala: the new fingerterm scaling layout is true bliss to work on Nexus5, much thanks!00:06
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Sazpaimon_Ive been getting highlighted a few times here01:44
Sazpaimon_what's up?01:44
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zanacgood news, everyone!  i've got bluetooth working on mako!05:44
zanachad to enable CONFIG_BT_HCISMD=y in the kernel, then echo 1 > /sys/module/hci_smd/parameters/hcismd_set05:45
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zanactried pairing a2dp audio, appears to work, but i don't have very mamy other bluetooth devices handy to play with05:46
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zanaci'll try making a phone call or something in a little bit05:46
zanacso my question is, how can i get this upstreamed? :)05:46
Stskeepshmm sledges might know05:48
Stskeepsif it's just kernel + a echo it helps05:48
zanacyeah i stumbled upon a commit that the ubuntu phone people had to do to enable that kernel option05:49
zanacfor mako anyways05:49
zanac if anyone's interested05:50
zanachmm this might help bluetooth on other qualcomm-based devices, now that i think about it06:03
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zanacanyways it's late here, will catch up in the morning06:19
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zGrrmoin :)07:19
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uhhimheresledges: inline with my 1st moon landing attempt id like to now load a modded filesystem onto the 758007:57
uhhimhereso im playing around with buildroot07:57
uhhimheream getting this error "Compiling the C compiler identification source file "CMakeCCompilerId.c" failed. what do i do?07:58
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sledgesfeels like fryday ;P19:07
sledgesmore like freiday;)19:07
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zanacsledges: you there?19:11
sledgeswho? me?19:12
zanacyes! :)19:12
zanacso i ended up getting bluetooth going on mako..19:12
zanacit involves enabling a kernel config option: CONFIG_BT_HCISMD19:13
zanacand writing 1 to /sys/module/hci_smd/parameters/hcismd_set19:13
zanacand now i'm wondering how to upstream this19:13
zanacah ok, i'd pulled the cm mako kernel branch, i'll switch to that one19:14
zanaci tested a2dp and that works, but i wasn't able to successfully complete a phone call.  so some work still remains19:15
sledgessure thing, any basic BT functions work?19:15
sledgeslike file transfer19:15
zanacnot sure about file transfer.  i paired with my computer and tried sending a file to my phone, but i'm not sure where that would end up if successful19:16
zanacat any rate, i didn't get prompted to receive a file so it probably doesn't work19:16
sledgesyep, needs more tinkering19:17
sledgesbut bluetooth icon comes up?19:17
sledgesyou could look into hammerhead bt efforts19:18
sledgeswhat they did there19:18
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zanacok cool.  i'll play with it some more19:18
Sail0rok, let's get started Amazon Tate going for SailfishOS19:19
sledgesweekend best time to hack:)19:19
Sail0rCM11 works like a charm so far so it's time for Sailfish :)19:19
Sail0ryep :)19:19
Sail0rand it's windy and rainy so even better to hack19:19
sledgesgreat! you're half way there Sail0r ;)19:19
zanaci'm also a little confused about the timing of writing to that sysfs file.  i didn't know about this whole droid-hal-device thing, so i was just kludging it with a systemd service.  but if i try to write to sysfs right before bluetooth.service starts, it doesn't work19:19
zanacso hopefully i can just throw it in the official place to write these things and it'll all just work19:20
sledgeszanac: well tmpfiles start quite early19:20
Sail0rtheee thoughest thing was to solder the fastboot cable and get the damn windows drivers to work to get CM11 on the damn thing ;)19:20
Sail0rso SFOS can't be that hard *g*19:20
sledgesSail0r: oh lol ok19:21
zanacsledges: yeah the thing i'm not sure about is whether early is better or late is better.  "at the same time" seems worse, but "sleep 10; write" seems ok19:21
zanacbut i'll try19:21
sledgesSail0r: you sound like my neighbour, the weather is not-to-peek-a-nose-out today19:22
zanacthis whole CONFIG_BT_HCISMD thing is a qualcomm thing.. i'm not sure there are any other qualcomm-based devices that would benefit from this19:22
Sail0rsledges, hehe19:23
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Sail0rwell, we have official warnings about the storms here in germany so it's quiet strong wind19:23
sledgeszanac: well, the only other working one is nexus519:24
sledgesmust be all over europe then (UK here)19:24
Sail0ryeah, the warned of a storm tide at the northsea19:25
mal-now that I'm starting to repartition the sd card for my phone, does it matter for sailfish whether I make an extra yaffs2 or ext3/4 partition?19:25
mal-the existing partitions in the internal storage are yaffs219:26
sledgesmal-: on jolla sailfishos runs on btrfs, so no difference, it's linux;)19:28
mal-thought so :)19:28
mal-here in prague it's also rather windy19:28
Sail0rso there will be many adaptions after this weekend? ;)19:29
mal-if it works :)19:29
Sail0rI found my fail on the last try already19:30
Sail0rso it only could work better then my S2 try ;)19:30
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Sail0rthe cm11 tree is damn big19:59
Sail0rjust run out of discspace ^^19:59
sledgesuse our hybris-11.0 manifest19:59
sledgesit has apps gutted out19:59
sledgesand probably has more stuff to be safely removed20:00
sledgesand you'll have to use it anyhow, because it has needed patched bits ;)20:00
mal-even hybris-11.0 needed quite a lot of space20:01
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Sail0rI think I just add another drive to my vm and expand lv ^^20:02
sledgescompiling inflates the whole tree twice ;)20:02
Sail0rok then it's a good idea20:02
Sail0rdamn why the hell does virtualbox not have device hotplug for sata20:03
sledgesit has20:03
sledgeslinux has20:03
sledgesroadrunner / # echo "- - -" > /sys/class/scsi_host/host0/scan20:03
Sail0rI cannot add it in the panel of virtualbox itself20:04
Sail0rit's greyed out20:04
sledgessuspend won't help either :}20:04
sledgeshibernate? :D20:04
Sail0rI just remove libreoffice and so on it should free up space ^^20:05
sledgesdo. not. power. down.20:05
sledges2001 space odissey? :D20:05
Sail0rhm wtf20:09
Sail0rwhat do I have forgotten I am in the step "make -j4 hybris-hal"20:10
Sail0rand it says no gcc found20:10
Sail0ryep I am there20:11
mal-you forgot "source build/"?20:11
Sail0rbut it looks like breakfast $DEVICE does not work20:12
zanacsledges: hmm the android_device_lge_mako and droid-hal-device repositories don't appear to have kernel configs in them, unless i'm misunderstanding something20:16
zanacthese aren't used as the basis for the kernel make process, are they?20:16
sledgesSail0r: ls -l /usr/bin/gcc-4.7 /usr/bin/gcc20:17
Sail0rah /usr/bin/gcc is not their but gcc-4.720:17
sledgesSail0r: y20:18
sledgeszanac: my bad:
zanacsledges: thx20:18
sledgesSail0r: when was the last time you started HADK from scratch?20:18
*** zanac has quit IRC20:18
Sail0rI started today from scratch20:18
sledgeswhich version of HADK are you using?20:19
Sail0reven ubuntu was newly installed20:19
sledgesthat ^ ;)20:19
Sail0rhow can I check the installed version?20:20
sledgesnot installed20:20
sledgesis what you're reading20:20
sledgesthe .pdf20:20
Sail0rah from 2014-07-1820:21
Sail0rI guess a old one20:21
*** zanac has joined #sailfishos-porters20:21
sledgesjust couple of days, but fixes most of stuff we found on 1st weekend20:21
sledgesalso introduces ubuntu trusty with proper gcc20:21
Sail0rok now it runs but it blames recovery.fstab20:24
Sail0rthis means i have to check the partitioning via adb shell20:27
Sail0rand create a fstab ?20:27
sledgesyes and no:
Sail0rthese are the ones20:32
sledgesfind their matching numeric ones20:33
sledgesand patch fixup-mountpoints20:33
Sail0rhow to show that via adb?20:34
sledgesls -l20:34
Sail0rtoo easy ... ^^20:35
sledgesnot always;) su is also needed quite often:)20:35
sledgesgreat! only indentation is wrong;)20:42
Sail0ryeah, I will merge it if it works ;)20:43
Sail0rthanks for your help so far :)20:47
sledgesno pb:)20:48
Sail0rI owe you are a beer if we meet once ;)20:48
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters20:49
Sail0rmore like RIPE 72 or smth ^^20:49
mal-just to make sure, does sailfish put sd card as /dev/block/mmcblk1?20:50
sledgesSail0r: or elce;)20:51
mal-it looks reasonable at least, I have to format the ext4 on jolla since cm11 does not have mkfs.ext420:51
sledgesmal-: not got a linux pc?20:51
sledgesmal-: sdcard could be anywhere, depends on hw. are you asking about jolla, not sailfish?20:52
mal-of course I have a linux pc but not with a suitable memory card slot :)20:52
sledgestough job/)20:53
sledgesmal-: dev/mmcblk120:54
sledgesmal-: see it for yourself via journalctl -f when you insert the card20:55
sledgesand afterwards via mount or df -h20:55
mal-I think I'll trust that it is /dev/mmcblk120:58
mal-since /dev/mmcblk0 looks like the internal storage20:58
sledgesi always doublecheck, with dmesg, in such cases20:59
sledgesto many losses in the past ;)20:59
mal-now I can see it in dmesg20:59
*** eleroux has joined #sailfishos-porters20:59
mal-previously it was hidden by some later messages20:59
mal-it seems I don't have permission to do mkfs21:03
sledgesand umount21:05
Sail0rok on mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/ build there are many complains aboit kernel config params21:17
mal-read 14.3.5 from hadk pdf21:22
Sail0rbut for me the first step fails21:22
Sail0rnot the second21:23
sledgesskip .inc21:23
sledgesall good, go ahead21:23
mal-yes, the first fails21:23
sledgesnot it's not even needed to be executed21:23
sledges(will be fixed in next rev)21:23
Sail0rok step 2 fails but in other ways *g*21:25
mal-now my sd card is working ok, now I have to recompile everything so sailfish knows where to mount it21:25
Sail0rfor what do I have to search in this file $ANDROID_ROOT/device/$VENDOR/*/ when searching defconfig? because it's not mentioned21:31
*** gogeta has quit IRC21:34
sledgesSail0r: Check CM kernel’s commit history of the arch/arm/configs folder, look for defconfig21:35
sledgesthen Double-check which defconfig is taken when you’re building kernel21:35
sledges(^ pasting from the wip hadk revision;)21:36
mal-when will the new revision become public?21:36
Sail0ryeah I don't really understand the part at the moment21:36
sledgesmal-: more rework is in progress (package structuring) so it will take a bit. im here anyway ;P21:37
sledgesSail0r: which part?21:37
Sail0rthe whole part to debug the problem ^^21:37
mal-sledges: ok :)21:37
sledgesSail0r: you have to find the defconfig to patch21:37
sledgeswhere is your kernel git repo on the internets?21:38
sledges23:35 < sledges> Sail0r: Check CM kernel’s commit history of the arch/arm/configs folder, look for defconfig21:44
sledgesyou need to find defconfig for your device21:44
sledgesthat cm uses21:44
sledgesthe one edited the most - will be the one (usually it -is- only one there )21:44
Sail0rah ok21:44
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*** Lipevakala has joined #sailfishos-porters21:55
Sail0rok the one I edited was not the one used21:57
Sail0rdamn ^^21:57
*** Lipevakala_ has quit IRC21:58
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters22:12
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Sail0rstrange i fixed most errors22:15
Sail0rbut some don't go away22:15
Sail0reven if they are set in the kernel config22:15
Sail0rit still says it is unset22:15
Sail0rok but they don't seem to matter for mb222:16
sledgesthey are not critical22:17
Sail0rok now I am missing pattern files22:17
Sail0rah ok wrong path ;)22:18
Sail0rhow do I get the rpm/device-amazon-tate-configs?22:20
Sail0rnever mind22:21
Sail0roverread that22:21
Sail0rfor me the main problem of the HADK is the jumping around between chapters22:23
Sail0rit confuses over the time ^^22:23
sledgesyes that can be always improved, thanks22:24
Sail0rI would like to see a step by step guide for new devices without the jumping but that's only my opinion22:24
mal-it was quite confusing sometimes22:24
zanacsledges: so writing to that hci_smd parameter via tmpfiles.d does not work.  i guess it's too early.  i can tell that i've set up tmpfiles correctly since rerunning systemd-tmpfiles --create after boot is done makes bluetooth start working22:27
sledgeszanac: you can write your own service file then22:28
sledgesand add that it needs to start after bluetooth22:28
zanacyeah ok22:28
sledgesif sleep is required then it's a bit sadder :)22:28
zanacthat's pretty much what i already had anyways.  i found i needed a sleep, which is just.. unpleasant. :)22:28
sledgesadd sleep 10 to ExecPre22:29
sledgesat least22:29
zanacyeah that's what i'll end up doing.   at least it's all in the unit file22:29
Sail0ris RELEASE= still ok or are there newer ones for building?22:30
*** phdeswer has quit IRC22:30
Sail0ror is available?22:30
sledgeszanac: do these give any hints?
sledgesif you downloaded Update10 SDK target, go with
sledgeswhich is most probably the case since you did from scratch22:31
*** alin has quit IRC22:32
Sail0rwhat does it try to download?22:33
sledgesyou didn't read hadk texts ;)22:33
sledgesjust blindly copy pasted things :)22:33
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters22:33
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters22:33
sledgesi how we trap such cases haha :D22:33
sledgesjust kidding, in next rev i'll put up a huge warning box22:34
sledges8.2 2nd textual paragraph is not needed to be done22:34
sledgessadly you'll have to do everything manually22:34
Sail0rthe HA_REPO1 and so on22:34
zanacsledges: well i'm not really familiar with how bluetooth typically works but i don't think they're really related.  hammerhead looks like it directly exposes a serial device that hciattach can talk to.22:35
sledgeszanac: oh ok, just quick grepped so..22:35
zanacmako uses /dev/smd*, which is something a bit different.. and once you poke that parameter value in, immediately hci0 shows up and all of the bluetooth infrastructure is immediately happy22:35
Sail0rthx sledges22:36
zanaci'd be happy to be proven wrong though22:36
Sail0rWarning: repo problem: nothing provides qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-tate-0.0.6-201501092222.noarch,22:36
sledgesSail0r: you didn't read 8.1 ;)22:37
Sail0rsure I build it myself22:37
sledgesdid you build middleware?22:37
Sail0rbut didn't copy it22:37
sledgeswell then my bad :3 :D22:38
sledgesthe trouble is, you'll need to build couple of more packages22:40
sledgesand also sensorfw is not from the correct repo22:40
Sail0ris this right?22:43
Sail0rName:      libhybris22:43
Sail0rVersion:   0.0.022:43
Sail0rhm error: File /home/hadk/mer/devel/mer-hybris/libhybris/libhybris/rpm/libhybris-0.0.0.tar.bz2: No such file or directory22:44
Sail0rdid git clone then cd then git submodule update then cd22:44
Sail0ras described22:45
sledgesrpm -q sdk-utils22:48
*** mispp_ has quit IRC22:50
*** beidl has joined #sailfishos-porters22:51
sledgeszypper dup22:51
*** Tassadar has quit IRC22:52
*** beidl_ has quit IRC22:54
Sail0rwhy did it install an old version of sdk-utils?22:57
sledgesit comes in tarball22:58
sledgesafterwards dup is in order22:58
*** mispp has joined #sailfishos-porters22:59
*** eleroux has quit IRC23:03
Sail0rok there are packages missing which are not mentioned in the hadk qtscenegraph-adaptation23:03
sledgesneeds to be built23:05
*** faenil has quit IRC23:06
Sail0ragainst -droid spec or sbj spec?23:06
sledgesagainst their spec23:08
Sail0rohoh i think it finally runs mic without a prob23:11
Sail0ryay it build smth23:18
*** arcean has quit IRC23:22
*** jvb has quit IRC23:24
Sail0rhm k does not boot anymore *g*23:29
Sail0rimmediatly jumps to fastboot *g*23:29
Sail0rI'll do a new try tomorrow :) thx for the help didn't get that far last time23:30
*** jvb has joined #sailfishos-porters23:31
Sail0rbut one good thing backup and restore works like a charm :)23:32
Sail0rlooks like nothing happend when doing a restore to cm1123:32
Sail0rgn8 everyone23:33
*** Sail0r has quit IRC23:33
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC23:37
*** zanac has quit IRC23:41
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters23:52
vakkovfor what is swi-prolog used in mer?
* sledges hides23:53
sledgesvakkov: happy new year ye ole mucker! :D23:54
vakkovsledges: oh, i haven't posted here for that long! Happy new year to all of you, guys23:54
sledgesgood xmas?;)23:54
sledgesdid you go back home?;P23:57

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