Saturday, 2015-01-10

vakkovyes, i did. it was the most boring and the most interesting holiday ever :D00:00
sledgeslol ok00:01
sledgesat the same time?00:01
sledgesawesome! (everything is ;P)00:06
sledges..everything is cool when you're part of the team....00:07
* sledges going crazy, time to bed00:07
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uhhimherewould sailfish OS run on openmoko06:33
uhhimherewhy not07:18
Stskeepswe only build/support armv7 and above07:20
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cybettelast call for oneplus one invites for anyone interested12:07
uhhimherewhats 1+112:12
cybette - MSM8974AC 801 - Adreno 33012:18
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locusfpondering between oneplus and n512:20
locusfbut go ahead, gotta save money :)12:20
uhhimhereis it 9 mm or 4.6 thick12:22
uhhimhereOur custom cut and engineered PCB boards are specially dyed and treated with a matte black finish, with each part meticulously aligned to be visually pleasing and functional.12:22
uhhimherephone itself looks solid though never heard of the company12:23
cybettelocusf: several people i know who have both opo and n5 prefer the opo (the battery alone wins votes)12:25
cybetteuhhimhere: subsidiary of oppo12:25
locusfcybette: I was talking about porting, sorry I didn't mention it :)12:25
cybettelocusf: ah ok :) well i have the opo so i'd love to see a port for it ;)12:26
uhhimheredo they have a device tree source with their kernel12:26
uhhimhereand is it more than a basic one12:27
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locusfcybette: last I heard the opo port wasn't too viable graphics-wise, things might have changed though12:29
uhhimhereadreno ?12:33
cybettelocusf: yeah that's what i heard too, and thought maybe some here would like to get the device to work on it12:34
cybettesince the price is decent, except that you need an invite12:34
uhhimhereinvite... reminds me of that one firefox OS phone12:35
uhhimhereforgot what its called12:35
uhhimherespanish company i believ12:36
uhhimherethats the one12:38
locusfcybette: it was the 64GB version?12:42
uhhimhereyeah that was the dev version i think12:44
uhhimhereGeeksphone MultiOS technology allows you to choose your operating system12:44
uhhimherebasically they got an open bootloader?12:44
uhhimhereor is it hotswap12:45
uhhimherethe newer ones are intel powered12:46
sledgeslocusf: n5 is mainly camera missing, depending on gst1.012:47
cybettelocusf: yep. 299€12:47
locusfsledges: yup12:48
locusfcybette: ok good to know12:48
uhhimhereso intels not bundling their own GPUs with their atoms?12:48
sledgeslocusf: what's your itch to scratch? gpu issues or video encoding;)12:50
locusfsledges: I dunno yet :)12:53
locusfaw damnit12:53
locusfI started to extract jolla recovery image but I think I accidentally went and overwrote my rootfs on mersdk :p12:54
* stephg slow clap :D12:54
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locusfwhy doesn't cpio -i extract to current directory?13:01
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locusf--no-absolute-filenames :p13:19
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sledgesi always used    cpio -idv without questioning :D13:42
carepacklocusf: cybette: support of oneplus is terrible -> if you need them sometime ;)13:48
carepacksold mine two days ago....13:49
locusfcarepack: ok won't go for one then13:49
carepackthe phone itself is great. witout camer. No stabilization sensor. You need a quiet hand ;)13:50
uhhimherei like how the 1+1 website(and most other smartphone manufacturers) brag about 1 day battery life13:55
uhhimheresoo youll see watch manufacturers doing the same and forget all about when battery life was never an issue13:55
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BluesLeehi, anyone successfully compiled for nexus 5?15:54
BluesLeeand what is the status on camera functionality? there was a non gst approach of a sfos porter regarding video?15:56
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Sageooi, what is the latest version of sailfishos someone has managed to put to n9? Found my n9 and noted that it lacks quite a bit of stuff already as no updates coming to the original firmware anymore :)19:21
locusfSage: I recall it was hedayat in #nemomobile who had it updated to Uitukka afaik19:22
locusfI have no idea where the image is though19:23
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Sagelocusf: ok. Was planning to give the n9 to my nephew, but as youtube does not work on the n9 harmattan I'll check sailfish on it ;)19:46
locusfSage: check out #nemomobile, hedayat dug it from somewhere19:46
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