Sunday, 2015-01-18

sledgesCorvetteZR1: that tethering needs some love..00:00
sledgesusb-moded is the project, if you want to look at ;)00:01
mal-sledges: what command did you use for file transfer? I was trying to find some suitable but could not find one yet00:01
CorvetteZR1cool, thx00:01
sledgesmal-: UI :)00:01
sledgesback in the day i used hci* commands00:01
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sledgesor obex for internet sharing00:01
sledgesthose were the days:)00:01
mal-could not find obex in the package repos00:02
sledgesit was rfcomm for internet sharing00:02
sledgesnow that i think about it00:02
sledgesklopsi-u3: i think it used slip/ppp on its own00:02
sledgesit=my laptop, internet on phone (htc wildfire) yeaars ago00:02
sledgesnot even jolla existed:)00:03
sledgesp.j. and a.d. :D00:03
klopsi-u3you are a young padawan :)00:04
sledgessorry had to look that up :PD00:05
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dwangoACsledges: Oh?00:12
sledgesoh yes:)00:12
dwangoACsledges: Glad to hear you got bluetooth working on the N4!00:12
sledgesit was zanac who got it;)00:12
dwangoACsledges: Cool - umm... still reading, where do I snag it?00:13
sledgeswait till next release or recompile kernel yourslf:)00:13
dwangoACsledges: When is the next release scheduled?00:14
dwangoACI'm not opposed to compiling myself, but quite honestly, I'd like to take a break from it :)00:14
dwangoACAh, OK00:14
sledgeswell, it's justa kernel rebuild00:15
sledgesno other bits00:15
dwangoACI can wait for asap, that sounds like days / weeks as opposed to months00:15
sledgeslol yea ok00:15
sledgesdang it can't find me bt keyboard00:15
sledgesso i painted it yellow in the table for now00:15
dwangoACsledges: Bummer, I love my BT keyboard (ThinkOutside 3-row with Fn key for numbers)00:15
sledgesmy one is motorolla00:15
dwangoACOh, I can test the keyboard once I get a build00:15
sledgesprobably needs some additional hci hid flag in kernel00:16
dwangoACsledges: Keyboard not working won't stop me from using BT hands-free kit, and that's what I'm required by California law to use00:17
dwangoAC(well, when driving)00:17
sledgesremember, i tested only pair2pair ;)00:17
dwangoACsledges: Fair enough.  BTW, what does Android app support look like for the N4 (community or otherwise)?00:18
dwangoACNever going to happen, may happen but only if the community does it, or something else?00:18
dwangoAC(My choice would be to pay you guys for it.)00:18
sledges"never happen" is always hampered by the presence of community ;)00:19
dwangoACHeck, I'd pay near-obscene amounts of money if I had to ($50 to get Android app license?  I'd flinch, but I'd do it... :)00:19
dwangoACThis is mostly driven by my reent joy with HumbleBundle Android games like SpaceChem00:20
sledgesbut how many developers within that community crave for android apps (i mean they already have an android phone they might be switching away into sailfish)00:20
sledgesgames run natively00:20
sledgesthey are most of the time just c binary using opengl00:20
sledgesi unpacked angry birds and it just worked back in the day00:20
sledgesthese days you have apkenv for that00:20
sledgesthere was community effort around apkenv recently00:21
dwangoACsledges: Wait, the community support is that far along?  I clearly have some reading to do00:21
sledgesvakkov: ^ ;p00:21
dwangoACFeel free to tell me to go read something00:21
sledgesexplain "that far along"00:21
sledgesapkenv is only for games, not for dalvik00:21
sledgesstephg: sneaky sneaky what's up!? ;)00:22
dwangoACsledges: Still, the fact that you were able to get Angry Birds gives me hope that other HumbleBundle purchases I've made might make it (SpellTower is awesome)00:22
sledgesyea all those cut the rope, fruit ninja etc00:23
stephgnot alot, been busy finishing up work before going back to,er, work on monday00:23
dwangoACsledges: Those work now?  Is there a page with any information on this?00:23
stephgmadam on my shoulder right now00:23
stephgand i want to go to bed but cant00:23
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sledgesxkcd 38600:24
sledgeslol this is what google search suggested:
sledgeshumblebundle sounds like retro games00:25
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dwangoACsledges: Reading now00:26
stephgooh if I slouch I can use both hands00:27
stephgsledges: hope you're well00:27
sledgesdwangoAC: im sure you'll like this one:
dwangoACsledges: HumbleBundle sells all kinds of different games00:27
dwangoACsledges: Oh, heh00:27
sledgesstephg: yes, just working before going back to work:)00:27
sledgesstephg: going to FOSDEM?00:27
sledges(long shot but worth asking;)00:27
stephgis too soon unfort :( would very much like to tho00:28
stephgI have brownie points as I won't be able to go to Le Mans this year (because of a wedding) meaning I should be owed a trip00:28
stephgwhat other conferences/*cough launch events cough* are there later this year I should be attending00:29
* sledges coughs00:29
dwangoACsledges: Hmm.. that's not a very long list, but it's a start.00:29
* stephg only joking00:29
dwangoACsledges: Also, this seems to be really, really outdated00:30
dwangoACsledges: Is there a page for Android app store community efforts?  (Again, seriously, I'd much rather just buy this from you guys somehow :)00:31
stephgdwangoAC: you mean app store or runtime?00:31
dwangoACI could... er.. buy a Jolla handset that I can't use and copy the binary?  But then I'd probably have to violate some EULA00:31
sledgesit won't run on non-jolla00:31
dwangoACstephg: Take stand-alone Android games and run them in Sailfish00:31
dwangoACsledges: That would be the "have to violate some EULA" part, now wouldn't it :)00:32
dwangoAC(I wouldn't actually do that, BTW>)00:32
sledgesmany  tried;)00:32
dwangoACsledges: So if there is such demand, why not allow people to buy it?00:32
stephgsledges is as usual technically correct00:32
sledgesdwangoAC: 3rd party, ever heard of myriad alien dalvik?00:33
dwangoACsledges: Yes00:33
dwangoACsledges: Back in the N9 days00:33
sledgesthat's what's inside jolla phone00:33
dwangoACI want to buy that.00:33
sledgesyou're not the only one, and it's not about money00:33
dwangoACBut their site, last I checked, had nothing.00:33
klopsi-u3whats it about?00:34
sledgesbut let's see what the future brings00:34
sledgesthere's more to it than money when it comes to business, and those things are non-disclosable00:34
dwangoACklopsi-u3: My guess, politics / licensing.00:34
dwangoACAnd possibly an exlusive use?00:34
sledgessupport / maintenance (<- my guess, as i don't know real sit)00:34
sledgeswhat's there to use if it doesn't run on other hw?;)00:35
dwangoACTizen? :)00:35
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sledgesTizen uses OpenMobile ACL00:36
dwangoACsledges: I'm thinking in a parallel direction - perhaps they are also marketing this toward the Tizen devs00:36
stephgdwangoAC: if I were them I wouldn't have waited...00:36
dwangoACstephg: Yeah, there's something funky about Tizen too00:36
sledgeseven if they do, it would not run on sailfish devices except jolla00:36
sledgesand ubuntu00:37
dwangoACWell, I guess I'll just hold out hope00:37
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sledgesdwangoAC: you are a tas master aren't you? ;p00:37
dwangoACsledges: Sort of :)00:37
dwangoACI most recently TAS'ed a *lot* of Joust clones (that didn't end well) and C64anabalt, the Commodore 64 port of Canabalt00:38
dwangoACWell, Joust ports00:38
sledgesjolla, binary, alien, nexus4, tas00:39
sledgescatch my drift? ;)00:39
dwangoACsledges: Yes. Sort of.  Umm.. not really, that'd be hard to get rerecording support for :)00:39
sledgesanyhow, im just blabbering:)00:40
dwangoACsledges: Let's phrase it this way, I'll go just short of violating the law to get Android app support working00:40
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sledgesyou'd definitely get caught if you started distributing it00:40
dwangoACBut I'm not into stealing if there's a way for me to buy something, any way at all - the Olympics were a prime example, there was no way in the US to buy access to the Olympics coverage if you didn't already have a cable subscription00:41
dwangoACSo... I set up a proxy server in the UK and pretended to be in the UK, streamed to the US, worked great!00:41
dwangoACAnd I don't even think it was illegal00:41
Sazpaimontechnically you could have still paid for it by getting a cable subscription00:42
sledgeswe might as well all confess now :))00:42
klopsi-u3cloning this repo *9+GB* will take me a long time00:42
dwangoACSazpaimon: Even *I* have morals, and the only option in the area is Comcast which is not something I will do.00:44
Sazpaimonso its not there being a way to buy something00:44
Sazpaimonits there being a way to buy something that you're happy with00:44
dwangoACSazpaimon: Well, that and DirectTV, which locks you into an unbreakable contract and mistreats customers.00:44
Sazpaimonwhich leaves a lot of room for exceptions00:45
dwangoACSazpaimon: I'm thrilled that I'm able to use as my ISP, they don't do evil things00:45
stephgright she's asleep, which means I can be too00:45
dwangoACstephg: Daughter?00:45
stephgnight all, catch you in the morning00:45
klopsi-u3n8 stephg00:45
dwangoACstephg: Heh - congrats, I remember those days. :)00:46
stephg:) nn00:46
dwangoACSazpaimon: Let me phrase it this way - with Comcast, I'm not willing to support criminals, and their behaior, at least in this area, has been utterly criminal00:47
sledgesalin: gremlins on nexus4 too means we did everything right on our part with nexus5 image00:48
dwangoACSazpaimon: Someone at my church had Comcast and they used a Vonage VoIP over Comcast to send faxes.  One day, faxes just wouldn't go through, and even voice quality was rough.  Around that time, she started getting several mailers a month promoting Comcast's VoIP offering.  They were later caught deprioritizing Vonage's packets.00:48
klopsi-u3you are mr offtopic :)00:49
dwangoACLong story short, extremely anti-competitive behavior,b blatantly in violation of the law - I am not impressed.00:49
dwangoACklopsi-u3: Indeed I am, sorry about that.00:49
dwangoACklopsi-u3: I *was* on-topic. :)00:49
klopsi-u3no problem really00:49
klopsi-u3i cant do anything till my cyanogenmod repo downloads00:50
dwangoACThe other day when I was talking about the TAS stuff, now *that* was off-topic :)00:50
sledgeslol gotta <3 the community00:50
klopsi-u3i miss the days when nokia gave me free hardware for porting games00:52
dwangoACklopsi-u3: I miss the days when Nokia wasn't a name that Microsoft is dropping like a hot potato00:52
dwangoACAnd I don't mean that in the "name-dropping" sense of the word00:52
klopsi-u3at least there is jolla00:53
klopsi-u3and in 2015 i want a phone running jolla00:53
sledgesa bastard child which is kicking ass to momy and dady %)00:54
sledgesklopsi-u3: running sailfish you mean;)00:56
dwangoACsledges: Heh00:56
klopsi-u3yes sorry00:56
klopsi-u3i see in the libhybris matrix two phones have gps working00:56
sledgesno pb00:56
dwangoACsledges: Well, I'll leave you alone, thanks for the TASing hint, I didn't hear it here and all that.00:56
sledgesklopsi-u3: that's untrue, gps works nearly on every phone - they all should be yellow00:57
dwangoACsledges: I'll keep my eyes open for the build.00:57
sledgesas package blocking them from UI is one ring to rule them thing %)00:57
klopsi-u3ah what means "not hooked up to U,,.."00:57
klopsi-u3oh i dont understand00:57
klopsi-u3the gps driver works but somehow the GPS map program cannot talk to it?00:58
sledgesdwangoAC: sure. btw i understood how come so many peeps like TAS - i just watcher 3mins of zelda links awakening runthrough and it brought back many memories, especially when completing the game :)00:58
sledgesone of those games in everyone's life that leave deep footprint:)00:59
sledgeswhilst most other games are just meh:)00:59
dwangoACsledges: Heh, yep!00:59
dwangoACsledges: I bought a LttP cartridge just so I had it01:00
dwangoACHaven't touched it yet, but I will, with my son, soonish I hope01:00
sledgesklopsi-u3: yes01:00
sledgesklopsi-u3: sailfish apps cannot talk01:00
sledgesto gps01:00
klopsi-u3so for that libhybris needs more work ?01:01
sledgesno, it's a middlware piece missing, libhybris delivers best effort already01:01
sledgesbrings out android low-level drivers to linux-sailfish world01:01
sledgesso where you see at least yellow in table, libhybris worked01:02
klopsi-u3ok i see two green phones HTC Desire and Sony Xperia Z101:02
sledgesthey should be repainted yellow01:02
sledgesporters didn't know the meaning01:03
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klopsi-u3the middleware will be "write once, run on any phone"?01:06
sledgesit's already ready, just licencing/opensourcing issues01:07
sledgesbecause it needs to be decoupled from proprietary bits01:07
sledges(as you know jolla is using agps services from nokia)01:07
sledgesjolla phone01:08
sledgeswhich naturally means non-jolla devices will get gps fix slower01:08
*** CorvetteZR1 has joined #sailfishos-porters01:08
sledgesbut as test_gps shows, that happens still quite quick01:08
klopsi-u3i have decent fix on droid 4 without a sim card installed01:09
sledgeswe talked about why businesses can't just start selling to more demand - it's huge overhead, similar questions were about why jolla maps doesn't have live turn-by-turn navigation01:09
sledgesi don't have the answers why, but just saying that externally trivial things in reality are not that easy01:10
klopsi-u3mm ok01:10
sledgesbut we have nice opensource alternatives like modrana01:11
klopsi-u3that has turn by turn?01:11
klopsi-u3on android i use mapfactor navigator with OSM maps01:12
klopsi-u3even has hiking trails in germany01:12
sledgesim talking about native apps01:12
sledgesas you know no android apps supported on sailfish devices for now;)01:12
klopsi-u3hmm modrana is from maemo?01:13
klopsi-u3i think ill sleep now and hopefully find time to work on my SDK tomorrow01:15
klopsi-u3nice chatting sledges01:16
sledgesu2, n!n01:17
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locusfokay got more information on the hwcomposer returning -22, its -EINVAL, returned in this file04:53
locusfthe strcmp fails, this is replicant as base system and hybris-10.1 as nemo rootfs04:54
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mal-I get droid-util.c: Unknown entry AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_ANC_HEADSET09:38
mal-droid-util.c: Failed to parse configuration from /system/etc/audio_policy.conf09:38
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos-porters09:38
sledgeslocusf: and what hwmodule name does libhybris request if not "composer"?09:42
sledgesmal-: is that entry amongst your android headers (audio.h) ?09:42
sledgespa entry checking just got stricter, but should be relaxed again soon09:43
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mal-so too new cm maybe09:44
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters09:46
mal-sledges: that entry is at least in /usr/lib/droid-devel/droid-headers/system/audio.h09:49
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klopsi-sdkbreakfast maserati :)09:55
sledgesmal-: rpm -qf /usr/lib/droid-devel/droid-headers/system/audio.h09:55
sledgesklopsi-u3: buon apetit!09:55
mal-sledges: droid-hal-iyokan-devel-0.0.6-201501110839.armv7hl09:56
mal-that reminds me that it's time for breakfast09:57
sledgesmal-: means that file is from system/core/include/system/09:59
mal-which means what?10:03
sledgesmal-: you'll need to backport to droid-util.c10:06
sledgesalso don't forget
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters10:07
sledgessad fragmentation i'm seeing now in that code10:07
sledgesjusa_: any refactory possible?10:08
sledgesmal-: check for FM_* too if your audio.h haz it10:08
sledgesand proxy10:08
mal-sledges: all of those seem to be in system/core/include/system/audio.h10:10
sledgesfull patch backport then;)10:10
mal-I was going to do that anyway10:11
jusa_sledges: humm10:24
mal-looks like I only have to patch the droid-util-44.h10:25
*** filippz has joined #sailfishos-porters10:25
sledgesmal-: oh yes, you are on cm1110:25
mal-the qcom specific parts are only for 4.110:25
sledgesjusa_: but i guess that's the way that project is structurised anyway10:25
mal-no idea why those have not been included into 4.410:26
sledgesmal-: they worked on nexus510:26
sledgesand you are pioneering your way into first non-nexus qc 4.4 chip10:29
mal-there seems to be only partial qcom support in droid-util-44.h, only AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_PROXY10:30
sledgesyes, but that's been sufficient for nexus510:31
mal-there is a not very nice detection for qcom devices i.e. they are hardcoded10:32
sledgesand huge comment ;)10:33
sledgesthat arm=qualcomm10:33
sledgeswith exceptions10:33
jusa_when dhd gives arch it would help10:33
mal-aa, I read that wrong10:33
mal-so no problem then10:33
sledgeswhen dhd will give "chipset_vendor"10:34
jusa_sledges: that10:34
jusa_I don't make sense, I'm in a hurry..10:34
sledgesno rush:)10:34
sledgesthanks for being around for community on a sunday;)10:34
gogetahi sledges10:36
gogetasee you at fossdem ?10:39
sledgesi'll be there!10:39
sledgesglad you made it out:p10:39
klopsi-sdkhmm breakfast maserati fetched all files 100% but then gave an error10:40
klopsi-sdkbuild/core/ *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/motorola/maserati/]]: "hardware/ti/omap4xxx/security/" does not exist.  Stop.10:40
klopsi-sdk** Don't have a product spec for: 'cm_maserati' // ** Do you have the right repo manifest?10:40
*** piggz has quit IRC10:41
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters10:41
mal-klopsi-sdk: pastebin your local_manifest i.e. .repo/local_manifests/maserati.xml10:42
klopsi-sdkfile not found10:43
klopsi-sdkonly roomservice.xml exists10:43
mal-tou have to add custom repos to that file as is said in HADK10:43
klopsi-sdkoops missed a step10:44
mal-usually at least one for device and one for kernel, could be more10:45
klopsi-sdkrm'ed roomservice.xml10:45
klopsi-sdkoh i can recreate it10:45
mal-roomservice.xml should be removed10:46
mal-sledges: interesting, system/core/include/system/audio.h does not define AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_PROXY as qcom whereas droid-util-44.h defines it as such10:46
klopsi-sdksearching HADK for "local_manifests"10:46
klopsi-sdkok found 14.3.1 Device repos section10:48
sledgesmal-: means your version of SoC doesn't have that10:54
sledgesor it's not yet in your cm10:55
*** piggz has quit IRC10:56
klopsi-sdkok based on the example in HADK i will create a manifest xml, substituting maserati for encore?10:58
sledgesand you'll have to patch kernel10:59
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters11:01
klopsi-sdkthe kernel needs patching to interface with libhybris?11:03
sledgesto pass mer-kernel-check11:03
mal-klopsi-sdk: you only need to patch configuration of the kernel11:04
mal-sledges: recompiling pulseaudio-modules-droid11:05
klopsi-sdkok i have a modified maserati.xml
klopsi-sdkis the project path ok? and should i have hardware/ti/wlan and wpa_supplicant in there?11:08
sledgesno need for wlan/pwa11:10
sledgesand clone android_kernel_motorola_omap4-common to your home repo first11:10
sledgeson github11:10
sledgesthen adjust that path11:10
sledgeswith your username in front11:10
mal-I should have done that forking also, so far all fixes are just on my computer11:12
sledgesyes, upstream upstream upstream ;)11:12
klopsi-sdki see HABUILD_SDK [maserati] ... /android/droid/kernel/motorola/omap4-common/ is already there. will cloning the kernel overwrite that?11:16
sledgesit will only upgrade it11:17
sledges(after repo sync)11:17
klopsi-sdki havent used github before11:17
sledgeswelcome to github:)11:18
klopsi-sdkso after forking i would have something like
klopsi-sdkdo you know what command I issue to do that?11:19
sledgesclock "fork" in your browser11:19
klopsi-sdkregistering username...11:20
klopsi-sdki need to create a paid account to have a "private repo"?11:21
sledgesyes, github promotes open source ;)11:21
sledgesdon't worry, your repo is public and read-only to others ofc11:22
mal-sledges: considering how much changes I had to make I'm not even sure any longer know what I have done :)11:23
*** vrutkovs has joined #sailfishos-porters11:23
*** vrutkovs is now known as vrutkovs|home11:23
*** filippz has quit IRC11:23
sledgesmal-: takes time getting used to, it's a challenge!;)11:24
*** piggz has quit IRC11:26
klopsi-sdkok fork created11:26
klopsi-sdkso now i specify my remote repository with "android/droid$ git remote
sledgesyes you can do that to avoid repo syncing: git remote add fork
klopsi-sdksorry if this is frustrating to watch11:32
klopsi-sdk:/android/droid$ git remote add fork
klopsi-sdkfatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git11:32
sledgescd kernel/motorola/omap4-common/11:33
klopsi-sdkah i see there a .git file, thanks11:33
klopsi-sdknow i see my fork with "git remove -v"11:34
klopsi-sdknow I "git checkout master"?11:35
sledgescarry on with hadk now, once you reach mb2 stage, you'll see curses in kernel config, and then it will be time to patch it11:35
klopsi-sdkoh ok11:35
klopsi-sdkor.. it would be "repo sync" to sync the git repositories?11:38
sledgeschecking the branch, why there was 10.1-staging chosen by hadk authors11:38
sledgesah, just because there wasn't any other for encore :D11:39
sledgeswe went with 10.1 for mako so (not staging), and it looks a bit newer and shouldn't be too unstable11:40
sledgesfor all devices i checked11:41
sledgesso git checkout cm-10.1 is a better bet11:41
klopsi-sdkdo i run that from android/droid?11:42
sledgesnope, from where .git is11:42
klopsi-sdki find ./android/.git11:43
* sledges sighs11:43
sledges13:32 < klopsi-sdk> fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git11:43
sledges13:33 < sledges> cd kernel/motorola/omap4-common/11:43
sledges13:33 < klopsi-sdk> ah i see there a .git file, thanks11:43
sledgesrepo is a beast11:44
sledgeshaving said that, don't run repo sync now at all costs :D11:44
klopsi-sdkSwitched to a new branch 'cm-10.1'11:44
klopsi-sdkheh that would redownload 10GB?11:44
sledgesespecially after you patch something and not push upstream yet11:44
sledgeso, it will overwrite your work11:44
sledges(possible to restore though instantly, but no need for that hassle now)11:45
sledgesand learning "repo project" would be just too much too :D11:45
klopsi-sdkok so i have a omap4-common, and a fork on github11:48
klopsi-sdkcan i make -j4 hybris-hal ?11:49
sledgesdid you do 14.3.2 ?11:50
klopsi-sdkah not yet11:50
klopsi-sdkin i see $(warning ********************* /boot appears to live on $(HYBRIS_BOOT_PART)11:53
klopsi-sdkok so i need to add an entry for maserati in fixup-mountpoints?11:55
locusfsledges: I haven't been able to discern it yet11:58
klopsi-sdki dont know how to do that mal :(12:01
klopsi-sdklooking through to see if it tells me where to put /boot and /data12:01
mal-you need the check in the actual device what are the correct mountpoints12:02
mal-14.3.2 tells where to look for those12:03
klopsi-sdkah look in the recovery fstab12:03
klopsi-sdkhmm recovery.log shows some interesting stuff12:08
klopsi-sdk/dev/block/loop-userdata /data ext3 rw12:08
klopsi-sdk/dev/block/loop-system /system ext3 rw12:09
klopsi-sdk/dev/block/mmcblk1p23 /osh ext3 rw12:09
klopsi-sdk/dev/block/mmcblk1p20-orig /systemorig auto rw12:10
klopsi-sdk/dev/block/mmcblk1p25 /ss vfat rw12:10
sledgesklopsi-sdk: you need to boot into recovery and check with adb shell12:12
klopsi-sdkin /etc i see fstab and recovery.fstab. which should i inspect?12:15
klopsi-sdkok fstab contains 8 /dev/block mountpoints12:18
klopsi-sdk3 are loop12:19
klopsi-sdk5 are /dev/block/mmc...12:19
sledgesls -l /dev/block/mmcblk*12:19
*** vrutkovs|home has quit IRC12:19
klopsi-sdkthere are 26 entries12:21
sledgesklopsi-sdk: good, reboot into cm and do the same12:21
sledgesfixup-mountpoints creates a map between partition name and devnode number12:22
mal-sledges: my patch to droid-util-44.h did not work, it won't compile, have to debug later today12:22
sledgesin addition, some phones (like galaxy s3) don't even have mmc devnodes under /dev/block/ , they put it under /dev/ instead12:22
klopsi-sdkok, I see for example mmcblk1p20 -> /dev/block/loop-system12:23
klopsi-sdkrebooting into cm12:23
sledgesmal-: ok12:23
mal-it complains about non-defined stuff12:23
mal-the newly added parts12:23
sledgesit takes values from audio.h12:23
sledgesthat of cm12:23
klopsi-sdkphone does not respond to power button press, and there is no reboot command in ADB shell12:24
mal-but which audio.h, there is one in system and one inhardware12:24
sledgesklopsi-sdk: hold power+voldown12:24
sledgesmal-: the one i pasted today earlier, system iirc12:25 might interest you ;)12:25
sledgesit's part of libhybris magic12:25
mal-droid-util includes hardware/audio.h12:25
mal-it seems12:25
sledges11:59 < sledges> mal-: means that file is from system/core/include/system/12:26
mal-yes, that has those defined12:26
sledgesand hardware/libhardware/include/hardware doesn't ?12:28
mal-it does not12:28
sledgesso do only those which are in hardware/libhardware/include/hardware12:28
mal-it doesn't contain any of those12:29
alinsledges: ok... so there is nothing we can do at the moment12:29
sledgesalin: i'll ask giucam12:29
alinsledges: perfect12:29
alinsledges: do you know anything new happening with the camera/gps?12:30
mal-sledges: i'll need to look more into where things come from12:30
sledgesmal-: inspect hardware_legacy too12:30
klopsi-sdk/dev/block has system->/dev/block/loop-system and systemorig->/dev/block/mmcblk1p20 and userdata->/dev/block/loop-userdata and userdataorig->/dev/block/mmcblk1p2412:30
mal-sledges: I'll grep the whole source tree for those and see what comes ou12:31
sledgesklopsi-sdk: ls -l /dev/block/platform/12:31
sledgesmal-: let's backtrack - why did you get that entry in config on the first place?12:31
mal-because pulseaudio couldnot parse /system/etc/audio_policy.conf12:33
mal-I need to take a break now, I can't think anymore12:34
sledges#include <system/audio.h>12:34
sledgesfrom hardware/libhardware/include/hardware/audio.h12:34
*** edubai has quit IRC12:34
sledgesalin: for gps ping Stskeeps on geoclue12:35
sledgesi have no clue &)12:35
Stskeepsdoes test_gps work12:35
sledgesyes, on most devices12:35
klopsi-sdk/dev/block/platform contains "omap" and omap contains omap_hsmmc.0 and omap_hsmmc.112:35
alinStskeeps: iirc was something about releaasing some jolla componnent12:35
sledgesalin: for camera, gather a team of testers for gst1.0 work12:36
mal-sledges: so it seems, but why are those defines not seen12:36
sledgesis that audio.h pulled in within droid-headers?12:36
klopsi-sdkafk coooking12:36
sledgesklopsi-sdk: and inside those two?12:36
alinsledges: testers are not enough... we can put gst1.0 in a repo... the idea is feedback mush not end up in the mythical bit bucket12:37
mal-sledges: looks like it: extract_headers_to system \ system/core/include/system12:37
sledgesalin: first video playback via gst10 should work12:37
sledgesthen a glue will be needed for camera12:37
alinsledges: i suspect all we need is here12:38
alinsledges: just built for the latest12:38
alinthe problem is that looks pretty stalled12:39
sledgesdeveloper is on vacation12:39
sledgesa well deserved one :p12:39
*** Tassadar has joined #sailfishos-porters12:40
sledgesif you ever dealt with hw-tailored gstreamer and hw accelerations, you shuld know ;) add android ot the picture :D12:40
mal-could be that the QCOM_HARDWARE define might be missing12:41
sledgesit picks all arm devices12:42
mal-but if it failsfor some reason12:42
alinsledges: thought was the opposite... once you get at hw level you can never take vacation...12:42
sledgescan't remember when MSameer had vacation before this one :p12:42
mal-don't know how or why, but that looks like the only reason12:42
alinsledges: i deleted vacation from my vocabulary... in reality is working from outside office12:43
alinsledges: that is not the point... the point is for testing we need to bring that in a mainstream repo12:44
sledgesmal-: how come it works for 41qc folk... what are the differences with 44 (in #defines)12:44
alinsledges: and of course more important liase with the developer...12:44
mal-sledges: in 41qc only DROID_DEVICE_SBJ has QCOM_HARDWARE12:45
MSameeralin: sledges hello. what's up? ;-)12:45
sledgesalin: isn't gstreamer-1.0 already sideloaded since update10 ?12:45
sledgesMSameer: speaking the devil:D12:46
alinsledges: MSameer gstreamer not you12:46
MSameerhehe :)12:46
MSameerwhat's the issue?12:47
alinsledges: I do not know... lemme check it12:47
sledgesalin wantz cameraz12:47
MSameerwe all want12:47
alinsledges: i think map is more important and simpler...but since I understand involves pm dealing12:47
alinsledges: probably fixing a taough technological problem is a bagatelle12:48
MSameerok so the whole code which is public is a big hack that needs cleanup12:49
MSameerand it does not fully work yet12:49
alinMSameer: not fully working is miles above not working12:50
MSameeri mostly develop on jolla phone12:50
alinsledges: gstreamer is there... some things are missing12:51
MSameerthe library that glues gst and android should be ported to various android versions12:51
sledgesexactly like pulseaudio-modules-droid we just talked about :))12:52
alinnemo-gstreamer0.10-interfaces libgstreamer0.10-gralloc gstreamer0.10-omx gstreamer0.10-droideglsink  gstreamer0.10-droidcamsrc12:52
sledgesthat's 01012:52
alinyap so we need 1.0 of all these... iirc12:52
MSameergive me an hour and i will be more free to explain12:55
alinMSameer: ok... maybe I will get something to eat in between12:57
sledgesMSameer: sure, i believe there will be many volunteers wanting to have cameras, so all needs to be done is for that "glue" package to offer ability to write nice android-version-dependent units (i won't be here in an hour, so just braindumping)12:57
alinsledges: was not the complicated bit to get the things build against gstreamer1.012:57
alinsledges: qt bits12:57
sledgesalin: why u ask me? ;)12:57
alinsledges: because I think this was one of the issues at the time12:58
MSameer5.4 has gstreamer 1.x support12:59
mal-sledges: now I see what is the difference, 41qc does not define those parts as qcom, they are always there13:00
mal-that's why it works, so I'll just remove the qcom conditions13:01
sledgesmal-: but qcom conditions are in effect for 4413:01
alinMSameer: yap I know... but the jolla pushed 5.213:02
MSameerthat means nothing :)13:03
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos-porters13:03
MSameerwe can push qt 5.4 or backport qtmultimedia 5.4 or just push qtmultimedia 5.413:04
MSameerI don't know yet what will happen there but we can do something13:04
MSameeror we have to do something :)13:05
StskeepsMSameer: welcome back13:05
MSameerStskeeps: thank you13:06
alinStskeeps: now I remember you pused some gst01 stuff like omx conv... do they have 1.0 equivalents?13:12
alinMSameer: you need to port webkits too to 1.0 or to build it against 1.013:13
alinotherwise they will conflict..13:13
alinany comments on the unresolvable? I mean which one  I shall prefer13:24
alinok all build13:32
alinnot all... seems
alinzic failure... preety strange...13:35
mal-sledges: yes, but the conditions do not seem to be working on my system13:43
*** blueslee has joined #sailfishos-porters13:44
sledgesalin: gst-av is non-redist13:46
sledgesand at anyrate, i haven't worked on gstreamer since ti times13:47
alinsledges: the issue is not gstreamer related13:47
alinsomething funny with failing zic13:47
sledgeswell, or gst-av ;)13:47
sledgesgtg now, o\13:49
*** phdeswer has quit IRC13:52
bluesleealin, sledges: if you need a N5 tester just drop some lines here, i am reading the logs.. much more activity today than before13:54
bluesleealin: did you played with bluetooth already, pairing works but not more13:56
*** Lipevakala_ has joined #sailfishos-porters13:57
*** alin has quit IRC13:59
*** zanac has joined #sailfishos-porters14:00
*** filippz has joined #sailfishos-porters14:06
*** filippz has quit IRC14:10
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters14:16
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters14:16
sledgesblueslee: filetransfer worked for me too (when pairing worked) - note, pairing and seeing other device is not thesame14:24
sledgesand sometimes the formed doesn't work, retry retry reboot retry14:25
sledgesspeak in the evening14:27
*** Lipevakala has joined #sailfishos-porters14:32
*** Lipevakala_ has quit IRC14:34
*** Lipevakala has quit IRC14:37
*** Lipevakala has joined #sailfishos-porters14:37
mal-sledges: I made some checks, the define is ok, but when it includes hardware/audio.h and from there system/audio.h it does not use the define14:38
mal-this does not make any sense14:39
*** Lipevakala has quit IRC14:56
*** Lipevakala has joined #sailfishos-porters14:56
*** faenil has joined #sailfishos-porters15:04
*** blueslee has quit IRC15:10
*** vrutkovs has joined #sailfishos-porters15:16
*** vrutkovs is now known as vrutkovs|home15:16
*** zanac has left #sailfishos-porters15:17
*** gogeta has quit IRC15:25
*** vrutkovs|home has quit IRC15:38
locusfok got further again with complete init on p311015:42
locusfComposer HAL failed to load compatible Graphics HAL15:43
MSameeralin: ping15:43
locusfthis is in logcat15:43
locusfand still EINVAL15:43
alinMSameer: pong15:43
MSameeralin: so what do you want to know ? :)15:43
alinMSameer: first I need to build it15:44
alinMSameer: against the latest15:44
MSameeralin: build what?15:44
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC15:44
alinMSameer: your harcour camera15:45
alinMSameer: then we notice will not work...15:45
alinMSameer: and add the missing things15:45
MSameergstreamer 0.x will not work on your kitkat adaptation AFAICT15:45
*** BluesLee has joined #sailfishos-porters15:47
locusfseems that I was looking at the wrong EINVAL15:49
MSameeralin: your best bet is to wait (or help) the 1.x migration which should be way easier15:52
alinMSameer: i suspect the 1.x migration is some internal movement15:54
MSameeralin: not true. the code is available :)15:55
MSameeralin: it just is not working yet. kind of prototyping phase15:55
alinMSameer: ok...let us see15:56
MSameeralin: there is a library being built on top of camera service and media service (similar to ubuntu but thinner). on top of that gstreamer bits sit15:56
MSameeralin: so you port the library to kitkat and it works. you port it to android 5 and it should work and so on15:57
MSameeralin: but we are just not there yet15:58
alinMSameer: ok... but first one needs gstreamer and firends in and built15:59
alinMSameer: i see some are in but not all15:59
MSameeralin: what are you looking for?15:59
alinMSameer: gst-libav for eg16:00
MSameeralin: for 0.10 or 1.0 ?16:00
alinMSameer: first step I wanted to build all the things from your gstreamer repo 1.016:01
MSameeralin: ignore my repo for now. it's a private one and not for jolla16:01
MSameeralin: gst-libav has not been packaged for sailfish yet16:01
MSameerthat is why it is missing ;)16:01
alinMSameer: ok... so let us see what the migration to 1.x implied16:03
alinMSameer: I suspect is some glue16:03
MSameeralin: I don't get you16:03
alinMSameer: ok... so there is gstreamer 1.0 as far as I know16:04
alinMSameer: your camera up exists... but needs gstreamer 1.x16:05
alinand for that to work we need some glue in between... at least this is what i understand16:05
MSameeralin: my camera can work with 0.10 and 1.x (compile time setting)16:05
MSameeralin: you need gstreamer 1.x or 0.10 for it to work and both do not exist :/16:07
alinMSameer: which bit does not exist?16:09
alinMSameer: I see both gstreamer 1.0 and 0.1 on my phone16:09
MSameeralin: gstreamer 1.x does not exist for sailfish yet. gstreamer 0.10 needs to be ported to each platform16:09
alinMSameer: I think we speak about different bits that do not exist16:12
MSameerperhaps yes16:13
*** vrutkovs has joined #sailfishos-porters16:18
*** vrutkovs is now known as vrutkovs|home16:19
BluesLeei think basic camera  functionality is a big driver for people considering other devices with sfos as a daily phone16:20
BluesLeenevertheless there are a handful of issues or missing functionalities16:21
klopsi-sdkwould Cyanogenmod 10 and 11 have the same mountpoints for /boot and /data?16:25
*** phdeswer has joined #sailfishos-porters16:27
mal-sledges: I think I figured out the problem with the includes, module-droid-card.c includes the hardware/audio.h and system/audio.h already before droid-util.h and at that time QCOM_HARDWARE is not defined yet, then when it includes droid-util.h it defines QCOM_HARDWARE but won't reinclude already included headers and therefore fails16:27
mal-reorganizing the includes in module-droid-card.c might solve the problem16:28
mal-sledges: that indeed solved the problem16:32
klopsi-sdknice work16:33
mal-klopsi-sdk: that would be my guess16:34
mal-about the mountpoints16:34
klopsi-sdkdo you have a ssh server installed on your droid device?16:35
klopsi-sdkwondering whether i need to buy one to continue this porting thing16:35
klopsi-sdkso i can paste what is under /dev/block/platform16:36
klopsi-sdki am trying to complete section 14.3.2 Configure mountpoint information16:36
mal-isn't adb connection enough?16:37
klopsi-sdkadb can connect to a PC?16:37
mal-I don't undersatnd what you are trying to do16:38
klopsi-sdktrying to provide sledges with information on the mountpoints existing on the device16:38
klopsi-sdkso he can tell me how to modify fixup-mountpoints16:39
mal-if you connect to the phone with adb shell, it would be quite trivial to copy the result of commands you run16:39
klopsi-sdkok i will google how to do t hat16:40
mal-where do you run the commands at the moment?16:40
klopsi-sdkfrom a terminal app in regular android cm1116:40
mal-don't do that16:41
klopsi-sdkthere is also a shell on the phone from the "recovery mode" before it boots16:41
mal-14.3.2 tells "To double check, you can boot to CM and adb shell to examine /dev/block* and /dev/mmc*"16:41
mal-so you run adb on your computer to connect to the phone through usb16:42
klopsi-sdkok i never did that before16:42
mal-do you have adb on your computer?16:42
mal-what distro are you using?16:43
klopsi-sdkapt-get search adb |grep adb didnt show me an "adb" package16:43
mal-it is included in some other package16:44
klopsi-sdkah i see android-tools-dab16:44
mal-I think it is also included in MerSDK16:45
*** BluesLee has quit IRC16:47
klopsi-sdkdid you need to create udev rules for ubuntu to correctly identify the device when it is plugged into the USB port?16:47
klopsi-sdkok the adb usage guides i have seen say to do that16:48
klopsi-sdkwhat do you run to get an adb shell?16:48
klopsi-sdkok booted my phone into recovery mode16:49
mal-you just run "adb shell"16:50
mal-on your computer16:50
klopsi-sdkwhat must be done on the phone?16:50
klopsi-sdki see an "adb sideload" button under "advanced"16:51
klopsi-sdkadb devices16:53
klopsi-sdkList of devices attached16:53
klopsi-sdk????????????no permissions16:53
klopsi-sdkadb shell16:53
klopsi-sdkerror: insufficient permissions for device16:53
mal-hmm, odd, in recovery it should work16:54
klopsi-sdkphone shows up with lsusb16:54
klopsi-sdksame permission error running as root16:54
klopsi-sdkadb version16:55
klopsi-sdkAndroid Debug Bridge version 1.0.3116:55
mal-try adb root16:57
klopsi-sdkok i needed to run adb start-server as root16:58
klopsi-sdknow it works yaay16:58
*** r0kk3rz has joined #sailfishos-porters17:02
klopsi-sdknow according to the Adaptation Guide, i need to map the /boot and /data partitions17:03
klopsi-sdkBUT.. the exsting $DEVICEs in fixup-mountpoints have many more partitions, and are not named /boot and /data17:04
mal-I didn't even have /boot :)17:05
klopsi-sdkhow did you figure-out what to add to fixup-mountpoints?17:06
mal-I had the easy situation "If you’re lucky the device will simply use /dev/block/<somedev> and you can use the i9305 approach"17:08
klopsi-sdkhere is my /dev/block.. does it look like the easy situation?
mal-so pastebin your fstab from the cm17:09
mal-I would say that looks similar, however I don't know why there is that loop-system thing17:11
klopsi-sdkin /dev/block userdata points to > /dev/block/mmcblk1p2417:14
Stskeepsjust pondering why mmcblk1, usually it's blk017:17
klopsi-sdklooks like /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 /sdcard-ext vfat rw17:18
klopsi-sdkis the ext SD card17:18
*** vakkov has quit IRC17:26
*** furikku has quit IRC17:28
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters17:41
*** Nokius_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:46
*** phdeswer has quit IRC17:46
*** vakkov has quit IRC17:46
*** Nokius has quit IRC17:50
mal-sledges: pulseaudio seems to hang, pactl for example just timeouts, logs don't give any help17:51
alinmal-: had similar when I was using the wrong cm17:55
alinmal-: which cm version do you use?17:55
mal-which is not a official version17:57
mal-log shows that pulseaudio starts ok, it just won't respond17:57
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters18:00
*** beidl_ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:16
mal-don't know if can find any image that corresponds to the official one18:16
*** beidl has quit IRC18:19
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters18:55
*** piggz has quit IRC19:12
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters19:17
alinmal-: strange it had the behaviour you say when pa was not starting19:26
alinmal-: that was because I have a too new cm1119:26
alinmal-: for n5 seems after cm11 m9 things were not so cool19:27
mal-I had to fix the pulseaudio-modules-droid so that it supports my system19:41
mal-maybe similar solution could work for newer cm11 for n519:42
mal-alin: did n5 give some errors when starting pulseaudio?19:43
klopsi-sdkdidnt sledges want to stop by tonight?19:43
mal-klopsi-sdk: which part are you doing now?19:47
klopsi-sdkconfiguring fixup-mountpoints19:47
klopsi-sdki bought a second droid 4 so I can install cm1019:48
klopsi-sdkdidnt want to ruin my working droid 4 phone19:48
klopsi-sdkmaybe the i9305 settings would work but i dont want to guess19:50
mal-I would just add your device next to i930519:50
alinmal-: yes something about failing to parse19:52
*** phdeswer has joined #sailfishos-porters19:52
klopsi-sdkok 14.3.3 Additional packages: "devices based on the U-Boot bootloader require the mkimage utility"19:53
klopsi-sdkhmm droid 4 has mbmloader.bin and mbm.bin19:55
mal-alin: then it could be the same problem19:56
*** alin has quit IRC19:57
klopsi-sdksomeone writes "if you delete your mbmloader you need to push uboot back to your device"19:57
klopsi-sdkok lets skip that for the moment19:59
klopsi-sdkdo i run "mka hybris-hal" from ~/android/droid?20:00
mal-in mersdk20:01
klopsi-sdk/android/droid$ mka hybris-halbuild/core/ *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/motorola/maserati/]]: "hardware/ti/omap4xxx/security/" does not exist.  Stop.20:01
mal-I mean HABUILD_SDK20:01
klopsi-sdkyep i was in HABUILD_SDK20:01
klopsi-sdki had some internet troubles while downloading20:02
klopsi-sdki have no hardware/ti directory20:03
mal-you need to add that to local_repositories20:03
mal-this one CyanogenMod/android_hardware_ti_omap4xxx20:04
klopsi-sdki can not find a file local_repositories in android/droid20:05
mal-the file you previously modified in .repo20:05
mal-it is actually .repo/local_manifests/maserati.xml20:06
klopsi-sdkah that one20:07
klopsi-sdkadding <project path="device/maserati" name="CyanogenMod/android_hardware_ti_omap4xxx" revision="cm-10.1" />20:08
mal-no, you need to chnage the path20:08
mal-all of those need to have correct paths20:08
mal-my guess is hardware/ti/omap4xxx20:09
klopsi-sdkeven if there is no hardware/ti directory?20:09
*** phdeswer_ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:10
klopsi-sdki see for e.g. hardware/samsung20:10
mal-it will create needed paths20:10
mal-could you pastebin that xml file20:10
mal-just to check that the other paths are ok20:11
klopsi-sdkso i change the path in line 420:12
mal-I'll fix all of those and paste a new one20:13
klopsi-sdkto hardware/ti/omap4xxx/security ?20:13
klopsi-sdkok thanks20:13
mal-no need for the security part, others are also wrong20:14
mal-maybe even remove the -staging from kernel20:17
mal-not sure if that is good thing or not20:17
klopsi-sdkmka hybris-halbuild/core/ *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/motorola/maserati/]]: "hardware/ti/omap4xxx/security/" does not exist.  Stop.20:18
mal-you need to do repo sync20:18
klopsi-sdki thought sledges warned me not to do that?20:19
klopsi-sdkcause changes would get lost?20:19
klopsi-sdkmaybe it is needed now since files are missing20:19
mal-but you haven't made changes yet?20:19
klopsi-sdknot to any source files, just the xml20:20
mal-at this stage it is needed, later on you should avoid it20:20
klopsi-sdki see, ok20:20
mal-the xml won't go away20:20
mal-did you remove the -staging?20:20
klopsi-sdkwill so now20:20
klopsi-sdkfatal: remote error:  Repository not found.20:23
mal-which one?20:24
klopsi-sdkerror: Cannot fetch lbt/android_kernel_motorola_omap4-common20:24
klopsi-sdkerror: Cannot fetch CyanogenMod/android_device_maserati20:24
mal-I'll check those20:24
mal-replace lbt with CyanogenMod20:25
mal-and the other should be CyanogenMod/android_device_motorola_maserati20:25
mal-lbt: sorry :)20:25
mal-it seems my previous check was not very good20:26
klopsi-sdksync done!20:26
klopsi-sdkmka hybris-hal20:27
klopsi-sdkbuild/core/ *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/motorola/maserati/]]: "device/motorola/omap4-common/" does not exist.  Stop20:27
mal-add this <project path="device/motorola/omap4-common" name="android_device_motorola_omap4-common" revision="cm-10.1" /> before the android_device_motorola_maserati line20:28
*** vakkov has quit IRC20:30
mal-and repo sync again20:30
mal-oops, that was wrong should be <project path="device/motorola/omap4-common" name="CyanogenMod/android_device_motorola_omap4-common" revision="cm-10.1" />20:30
klopsi-sdkah i begin to see the pattern, editing20:31
klopsi-sdksync complete20:32
klopsi-sdkafk girlfriend issues20:35
*** phdeswer has quit IRC20:37
klopsi-sdkok another one build/core/ *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/motorola/maserati/]]: "vendor/motorola/maserati/" does not exist.  Stop.20:42
klopsi-sdkwiill try to fix that20:43
klopsi-sdknope, i have no ideas20:45
mal-just a moment20:46
klopsi-sdkdevice/motorola/maserati exists20:46
klopsi-sdkbut no file maserati-vendor.mk20:47
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:47
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:47
mal-try to rerun breakfast maserati20:47
klopsi-sdkok it is saying Device maserati not found. Attempting to retrieve device repository from CyanogenMod Github (
klopsi-sdkyep it is finding something20:48
mal-this could help <project path="vendor/motorola/maserati" name="STS-Dev-Team/android_vendor_motorola_maserati" revision="master" />20:49
klopsi-sdkfatal: duplicate path device/motorola/maserati in /android/droid/.repo/manifest.xml20:49
klopsi-sdkbuild/core/ *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/motorola/maserati/]]: "vendor/motorola/maserati/" does not exist.  Stop.20:49
mal-do you have the roomservice.xml there?20:50
mal-remove it20:50
klopsi-sdkthen add the SDS-Dev_team line to manifest.xml?20:51
klopsi-sdkdoes it matter where to insert it?20:51
mal-should not20:52
klopsi-sdkbeginning, end20:52
klopsi-sdkok syncing20:52
mal-check that you don't have two device lines with device/motorola/maserati, don't know why you got that duplicate path error20:53
mal-have you addes anything to .repo/manifest.xml20:53
klopsi-sdki will repaste manifest.xml once sync is done20:54
mal-did you make modification to that or to .repo/local_menifests/*.xml?20:55
klopsi-sdkrepo local_manifests/maserati.xml20:55
klopsi-sdkuups have a duplicate line in there20:56
mal-I think it should be ok after that, hopefully20:57
mal-aa, one thing that could be overwritten by repo sync is the fixup-mountpoints21:00
mal-you should check that after sync and before building21:01
klopsi-sdkah will check that. repo sync finished without complaints21:01
klopsi-sdknope changes are still there21:02
mal-when building check if the mountpoints are reported correctly21:03
klopsi-sdklastlog common-vendor21:03
klopsi-sdknow it complains21:04
klopsi-sdkmka hybris-halbuild/core/ *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/motorola/maserati/]]: "vendor/motorola/omap4-common/" does not exist.  Stop.21:04
klopsi-sdki see vendor/motorola/maserati21:04
klopsi-sdkand repo sync didnt complain about our STS-Dev-Team addition21:06
klopsi-sdkconfused again21:06
klopsi-sdkfor reference there is the maserati.xml
*** zetaz has joined #sailfishos-porters21:10
mal-where did you put the kernel?21:10
*** Nekron_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:10
sledgesalin: blueslee: launch app from cmdline with WAYLAND_DEBUG=1  and lookfor gremlins21:11
sledgesfrom giucm with love :D21:11
sledgesi'll be back in 20mins21:11
klopsi-sdki dont have a "motorola" in android/droid/kernel yet21:11
mal-klopsi-sdk: <project path="kernel/motorola/omap4-common" name="CyanogenMod/android_kernel_motorola_omap4-common" revision="cm-10.1" />21:11
giucamyeah, and ask for anything. i'll be sleeping soon but i'll answer sooner or later ;)21:12
klopsi-sdkok ty!21:12
mal-but still that vendor stuff is missing21:12
mal-klopsi-sdk: follow this , the part Extract proprietary blobs21:13
klopsi-sdknow I have a kernel/motorola thnks21:14
klopsi-sdkwill do21:14
mal-that should get the missing vendor files21:15
mal-but before that do the repo sync21:15
mal-maybe comment out the other vendor line from maserati.xml21:16
mal-before that21:16
klopsi-sdkwhat is the comment character for an xml file?21:18
klopsi-sdknvm found docs on that21:18
mal-same as in html <!-- comment -->21:18
*** DaZ has quit IRC21:19
klopsi-sdk"ensure that your Droid 4 is connected to your computer via the USB cable"21:21
klopsi-sdkit is connected but errors with errors like "remote object '/system/etc/smc_pa_pk_4_8Mb_ipa.bin' does not exist21:22
klopsi-sdki am still in adb shell21:23
klopsi-sdkin recovery mode21:23
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters21:25
klopsi-sdkrunning a find / -name smc_pa* in the adb shell returns nothing21:25
*** piggz has quit IRC21:26
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters21:27
klopsi-sdki will chew on this tonight21:28
*** edubai has joined #sailfishos-porters21:28
mal-did you start adb as root like before?21:28
klopsi-sdkadb is still running21:29
klopsi-sdkso yes with root perms21:29
klopsi-sdkshould smc_pa**.bin be in /etc on device?21:30
klopsi-sdkor /system/etc21:30
mal-in /system/etc21:30
klopsi-sdkboth /system and /systemorig are empty (to ls)21:30
klopsi-sdknb i still have cm11 on the device21:31
mal-you have cm11 now?21:31
mal-maybe the files are different for that, I'll check21:32
mal-the lists of files look the same21:33
mal-but the binaries might be different anyway21:34
klopsi-sdkah i see it is using "adb pull /system/$DEST $BASE/$DEST"21:34
klopsi-sdkhmm strange i cant find the files on my phone21:35
mal-don't know if recovery mode is different, maybe you should oot to normal and enable adb in there21:35
klopsi-sdkwill try that21:37
*** Nekron_ has quit IRC21:38
klopsi-sdkdo you know how to enable adb from a booted android device?  just connect usb and run "adb shell" on the PC21:39
mal-no, some menu has option to enable it21:39
mal-but anyway I don't think it a good idea to get the binaries from wrong cm version, of course you can try it like that but for for final build you should have correct versio21:40
klopsi-sdkextracting files from a booted system works!21:41
klopsi-sdki can get things set up now and when i get cm10 on the other phone i can rerun extract-files.sh21:43
klopsi-sdkmka hybris-hal21:43
klopsi-sdkbuild/core/ *** No matches for product "full".  Stop.21:43
mal-rerun breakfash maserati21:44
mal-just wondering my text is full of typos now21:44
mal-annoying :)21:45
klopsi-sdkok breakfast threw up a few errors :)21:46
klopsi-sdkfatal: duplicate path device/motorola/maserati in /android/droid/.repo/manifest.xml21:46
klopsi-sdk/bin/bash: bison: command not found21:46
klopsi-sdkbuild/core/ *** Error: could not find jdk tools.jar, please install JDK6, which you can download from  Stop21:46
klopsi-sdkapt-getting bison first21:47
klopsi-sdkdid you have to install jdk6?21:47
mal-I had some jdk21:47
mal-pastebin the manifest.xml21:47
sledgesklopsi-sdk: did you ubu-chroot into HABUILD_SDK ?21:48
sledges(sorry if i drop in the midst of something obvious)21:48
klopsi-sdkyep my prompt says HABUILD_SDK [maserati]21:48
sledgesklopsi-sdk: type java21:50
sledgesklopsi-sdk: type lsb_release -a21:50
klopsi-sdkubuntu suggests packages containing java21:50
klopsi-sdkDescription:Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS21:50
sledgesklopsi-sdk: ls -l /usr/bin/java21:53
klopsi-sdkls: cannot access /usr/bin/java: No such file or directory21:53
*** Nekron_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:54
sledgesdid you download this:21:55
sledgescurl -O$TARBALL21:55
*** phdeswer has joined #sailfishos-porters21:56
sledges(in 4.4.1)21:57
klopsi-sdki think i did... i have ~/mer/sdks/ubuntu21:58
sledgesas it comes with jave pre-installed21:58
sledgesls -l ~/mer/sdks/ubuntu/usr/bin/java21:58
klopsi-sdk/home/klopsi/mer/sdks/ubuntu/usr/bin/java -> /etc/alternatives/java21:59
sledgesls -l ~/mer/sdks/ubuntu/etc/alternatives/java22:00
sledgesklopsi-sdk: is your build PC 64bit ?22:00
klopsi-sdklrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 46 Jan 17 23:18 /home/klopsi/mer/sdks/ubuntu/etc/alternatives/java -> /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64/jre/bin/java22:00
sledgesls -l ~/mer/sdks/ubuntu/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64/jre/bin/java22:01
klopsi-sdk-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 6360 Apr 19  2014 /home/klopsi/mer/sdks/ubuntu/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64/jre/bin/java22:01
sledgesok, time to re-enter HABUILD_SDK22:02
sledgeshow do you do that?22:02
klopsi-sdki have a terminal with it open22:02
klopsi-sdkhadk iirc22:02
sledgesok, in that terminal execute /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64/jre/bin/java22:02
sledgesdoes it work?22:02
klopsi-sdknope, no such file or dir22:03
sledgespress Ctrl+D22:03
sledgeswhere do you get back into?22:03
klopsi-sdkahh term closed22:04
klopsi-sdki wasnt in the chroot22:04
sledgesyou need to be inside mersdk first22:04
sledgesand then in the chroot22:04
klopsi-sdk(but i had the prompt)22:04
sledgeshow come your prompt was HABUILD_SDK then?22:04
sledgesprobably you executed inside Alt+F2 window22:04
klopsi-sdkheh dunno22:04
sledgesubu-chroot -r $MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu22:05
sledgesis how to enter22:05
sledgesfrom within mersdk22:05
sledgesotherwise ubu-chroot command is not available22:05
klopsi-sdkok i need to understand this. i need to source ~/.hadk.env22:07
klopsi-sdkto set env variables properly22:08
sledgesyou need to enter mersdk22:09
sledgesthen type hadk maserati22:09
sledgesand all variable will get set22:09
sledgesthen enter chroot22:09
sledgesand type hadk maserati again22:09
sledgesno need to source .env, as hadk function (defined in .mersdk.profile does it itself22:10
klopsi-sdkwhat is the first thing i do to enter mersdk, from a brand new terminal window?22:11
sledges00:09 < sledges> you need to enter mersdk22:11
sledges00:09 < sledges> then type hadk maserati22:11
klopsi-sdk"cd mer"?22:11
sledgesdoesn't matter where22:11
sledgesall is explained in detail how to understand the guide code blocks in 1.2.122:13
sledgesevery codeblock has "hadk" in it22:13
sledgessorry to be too much specific, maybe that confused you, when i said "hadk maserati", because i do it this way (multiple devices lying aroudn:p)22:15
sledgesbut typing just "hadk" should also be sufficient for you, simply speaking just type whatever the codeblock in the document tells to you type22:16
klopsi-sdki am definitely missing how to: < sledges> you need to enter mersdk22:17
sledgeslast command22:17
klopsi-sdkok this is wierd. i have in .bashrc in ~ export MER_ROOT=/home/klopsi/mer \ alias sdk=$MER_ROOT/sdks/sdk/mer-sdk-chroot22:19
klopsi-sdkklopsi@klopsidev:~$ sdk22:20
klopsi-sdkNo command 'sdk' found,22:20
mal-are you using bash?22:20
sledgesdid you do all the commands in that tl;dr section?22:20
klopsi-sdki thought .bashrc was read with every new term window22:20
mal-klopsi-sdk: don't know about that22:21
klopsi-sdkok ... i can cd ~/mer/sdks/sdk and run ./mer-sdk-chroot22:21
klopsi-sdkMerSDK klopsi@klopsidev:~/mer/sdks/sdk$ hadk22:23
klopsi-sdkEnv setup for maserati22:23
sledgesubu-chroot time with command above22:23
klopsi-sdkah that breaks cause my .bashrc $MER_ROOT isnt set, setting it manually now22:24
klopsi-sdkMerSDK klopsi@klopsidev:~/mer/sdks/sdk$ export MER_ROOT=/home/klopsi/mer22:25
klopsi-sdkMerSDK klopsi@klopsidev:~/mer/sdks/sdk$ ubu-chroot -r $MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu22:25
klopsi-sdkEnv setup for maserati22:25
klopsi-sdkHABUILD_SDK [maserati] klopsi@klopsidev:~/mer/sdks/sdk$22:25
klopsi-sdkMerSDK klopsi@klopsidev:~/mer/sdks/sdk$ hadk         HABUILD_SDK [maserati] klopsi@klopsidev:~/mer/sdks/sdk$ which java22:26
*** BluesLee has joined #sailfishos-porters22:26
*** plfiorini has joined #sailfishos-porters22:27
klopsi-sdkuups bad paste22:27
klopsi-sdkanyway which java finds java22:27
sledgeshey BluesLee , hunting gremlins with WAYLAND_DEBUG=1 jolla_messages now, join if u want:)22:28
mal-klopsi-sdk: now run like 5.2 says22:28
sledgesklopsi-sdk: ok u are good to go22:28
BluesLeesledges, alin, giucam: gremlins seem to appear when app is started with invoker command22:28
sledgesBluesLee: yes, and invoker is a must22:28
sledgesotherwise you end up with black covers22:28
BluesLeesledges: okay, but i do not gremlins in that case22:29
sledgesyes, problem is in invoker22:29
BluesLeesledges: no error messages on console with activated debugger22:30
sledgesbut why voicecall-ui works with invoker?22:30
sledgesanyway, you need to close the app first, then re-run from console22:30
BluesLeei did that22:30
sledgesit's full of messages22:30
sledgesensure ps ax it's not running22:31
sledgesWAYLAND_DEBUG=1 jolla-message22:31
sledges(i mistyped the dah)22:31
sledgesBluesLee: but without invoker the little gremlins still remain (the smooth scroling of homescreen to show/hide icons is gone)22:33
sledges(when app is maximised)22:33
sledgesand after numerous maximis/minimise the app, i got gremlins even without invoker now22:34
*** arcean has quit IRC22:35
BluesLeesledges: i am testing with harbour-tidings22:35
sledgesoh tidings of comfort an joy %)22:36
BluesLeewithout invoker i cannot force gremlins so far22:36
sledgestry jolla-messages22:36
BluesLeeplease check just jolla-messages without wayland debugger activated from console22:39
BluesLeeno gremlins at all22:40
sledgesgot gremlin22:40
sledgesafter ~10 times of rapid min/max22:40
BluesLeelet me check22:41
sledgesso gremlin is not rootcause - we need to find out where all those fancy transitions gone, which are causing knock-on effects22:41
sledgesand this is what comparing wayland_debug will help, doing it now22:41
sledgeswith jolla on the side22:41
*** Nekron_ has quit IRC22:42
BluesLeenope, no gremlins here22:43
sledgesthe fact that we have no wayland debug makes app perform faster22:43
sledgesim doing it on nexus4 :P22:43
sledgesso it's still slow enough to cause occasional "not responding"22:44
BluesLeegood theory22:44
BluesLeebut you are right, i was wondering about the ui performance that its too fast on the n5, the transitions are missing22:46
BluesLeesledges: i opened about 10 apps and now i get the gremlins without debug on and without invoker22:50
BluesLeei closed one of those and they are gone again:-) cool stuff..22:52
klopsi-sdksledges: after running ubu-chroot -r mer/sdks/ubuntu, should i be chrooted to mer/sdks/ubuntu/home/klopsi?22:52
klopsi-sdkrather chrooted to mer/sdks/ubuntu22:52
sledgesjust chroot22:52
sledgesthe way hadk asks22:52
BluesLeesledges: talk to you tomorrow, cu22:52
sledgesBluesLee: thanks cu22:53
sledgesklopsi-sdk: in 4.4.222:53
sledgesklopsi-sdk: then when you need to change dir22:53
sledgeshadk will tell22:53
sledgescd $ANDROID_ROOT22:53
sledgesin nearly every code block there22:53
sledgesjob done22:53
BluesLeesledges: you are welcome,  i thank you22:53
klopsi-sdkoh i see22:53
*** BluesLee has quit IRC22:53
klopsi-sdkHABUILD_SDK [maserati] klopsi@klopsidev:~$ echo $ANDROID_ROOT22:54
sledgesnot oki22:54
sledgesyour 4.1 wasn't completing22:54
*** piggz has quit IRC22:55
klopsi-sdkyeah i am not back to my android dir22:55
klopsi-sdkfor some reason22:55
sledgesANDROID_ROOT is composed of MER_ROOT22:55
sledgeswhich wasn't set for some reason you mentioend above22:56
klopsi-sdkyeah i see22:56
klopsi-sdkthat gets set in .hadk.env22:56
klopsi-sdkHABUILD_SDK [maserati] klopsi@klopsidev:~$ echo $MER_ROOT22:56
klopsi-sdk[insert value of your choosing]22:56
*** phdeswer has quit IRC22:57
sledgesgets set here and goes into .bashrc22:57
sledgesmy distro .bash_profile sources .bashrc22:57
sledgeswhat about yours?22:57
sledgesrememebr, login shell is not a console shell22:57
klopsi-sdkmy .profile sources .bashrc22:57
sledgesthen it should pick up22:57
sledgesis mer_root set in bashrc?22:58
klopsi-sdkklopsi@klopsidev:~$ echo $MER_ROOT22:58
klopsi-sdkit is set in the regular shell22:58
sledges00:24 < klopsi-sdk> ah that breaks cause my .bashrc $MER_ROOT isnt set, setting it manually now22:58
*** Tassadar has quit IRC22:58
klopsi-sdknow it is getting set22:58
klopsi-sdki just opened a new term and echo $MER_ROOT works22:58
sledgescat ~/.hadk.env22:59
sledgesit wrote it in due to early evaluation probably :/22:59
klopsi-sdkoh what the heck, i forgot to change that22:59
klopsi-sdkklopsi@klopsidev:~$ cat .hadk.env22:59
klopsi-sdkexport MER_ROOT="[insert value of your choosing]"23:00
sledgeskap tik skubini, tap į subini23:00
sledgesignore that :D23:00
klopsi-sdkah android/droid is on my real root filesystem23:08
klopsi-sdknot under /home/klopsi23:08
sledgeswhere then?23:09
sledges /srv?23:09
sledgesprobably because you created it there23:09
sledgeswith sudo etc...23:09
sledgeshope it's chowned and all23:09
klopsi-sdkklopsi owns everything23:10
klopsi-sdkah the ubuntu chroot does work23:13
klopsi-sdkso should i mkdir ~/mer/sdks/ubuntu/android && mv /android/droid ~/mer/sdks/ubuntu/android  ?23:15
sledgesno it's fine23:15
klopsi-sdkah but it is not visible when i am in HABUILD_SDK23:16
sledgesyes it is23:16
sledgesbut that's why it's better to keep things at hom;)23:17
sledgesyep u right23:17
sledgeseven though just prepending /parentroot/ will work in sdk and habuild23:18
sledgesnot the end of the world23:18
klopsi-sdkso this is ok? mv /android/droid/ ~/mer/sdks/ubuntu/android/23:19
sledgesif you insist ;p23:19
*** Lipevakala has quit IRC23:19
klopsi-sdkas seen from the real root filesystem, where should android/droid reside?23:21
klopsi-sdkok trying make -j4 hybris-hal23:30
klopsi-sdkYour version is: java version "1.7.0_55" // The correct version is: Java SE 1.6 or 1.7.  <-- is that a problem?23:31
klopsi-sdk/android/droid/external/busybox/scripts/ line 11: cc: command not found23:31
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC23:31
sledgesbad path23:32
sledgesor you didn't move it?23:32
sledgesanyway, cd /usr/bin23:32
sledgesln -s gcc-4.6 gcc23:32
klopsi-sdki moved it so it is in CHROOT /android/droid23:32
klopsi-sdkhmm i have gcc-4.723:33
klopsi-sdkshould i also ln -s gcc-4.7 cc   ?23:34
klopsi-sdkstill says line 11: cc: command not found23:34
sledgesthat's safe23:34
klopsi-sdkhybris/hybris-boot/ *** There should be a one and only one device entry for HYBRIS_BOOT_PART and HYBRIS_DATA_PART.  Stop23:35
sledgesyou need to inspect all *fstab* files within23:35
sledgessome of them have duplicate entries23:35
klopsi-sdkHYBRIS_FSTABS := $(shell find device/*/$(TARGET_DEVICE) -name *fstab* | grep -v goldfish)23:37
klopsi-sdkshould I replace that find with "device/motorola/maserati" because right now it is also looking in asus + common + lge + samsung + sony directories23:39
klopsi-sdkHABUILD_SDK [maserati] klopsi@klopsidev:/android/droid/device/motorola/maserati$ ls *.fstab23:40
klopsi-sdkrecovery.fstab  vold.fstab23:40
klopsi-sdkah it only pulls in directories named maserati?23:40
klopsi-sdkok so i am inspecting recovery.fstab and vold.fstab23:41
klopsi-sdksdcard and sdcard-ext occur in both files23:43
sledgescomment those out in recovery23:43
*** vakkov has quit IRC23:44
klopsi-sdkgot same error> hybris/hybris-boot/ ********************* /boot appears to live on23:44
klopsi-sdkhybris/hybris-boot/ ********************* /data appears to live on /dev/block/userdata23:44
klopsi-sdkhybris/hybris-boot/ *** There should be a one and only one device entry for HYBRIS_BOOT_PART and HYBRIS_DATA_PART.  Stop.23:44
sledgesdebug the script then, as you already started doing successfully23:45
mal- /boot seems to be missing still23:45
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters23:57

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