Monday, 2015-01-19

klopsi-sdkaha! uncommenting the #/boot line worked!00:08
klopsi-sdknow happily makeing00:08
sledgeslogical stop for good nighting ;)00:08
klopsi-sdkyep thanks a meelion!00:08
klopsi-sdkI will either get through this or donate a droid 4 to someone who can00:09
klopsi-sdkgnite sledges00:09
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klopsi-sdk/bin/sh: 1: /android/droid/prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.4.3/bin/arm-eabi-gcc: not found00:25
klopsi-sdkjust for reference tomorrow00:25
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mal-sledges: about the includes in this file , the includes are in wrong order, the #include "droid-util.h" should be before #include <hardware/audio.h>10:20
sledgesmal-:  #include <hardware/audio.h> should be redundant in that file, as utils include it10:22
mal-I was just about to ask if we should remove it10:22
mal-the real problem is actually system/audio.h10:23
mal-which is also included in hardware/audio.h10:23
sledgeslet me remove both, recompile, and retest on nexus510:23
sledgesdoes everything work when you remove them?10:24
sledgesfor you10:24
mal-well, actually I did not try removing, just moved them10:24
mal-but should not matter10:26
mal-that at least has #include <system/audio.h>10:26
mal-sledges: I still can't get audio, but at least pulseaudio starts now10:27
mal-for my phone I needed more changes than that, more about those later10:27
mal-I think droid-util-44.h should support all things that are in system/audio.h10:28
* sledges nods10:33
sledgesi think it's incremental support-as-we-go10:34
mal-I have added most of those for my system, don't know if any other changes are needed10:34
mal-I was just lazy and added without checking which are actually needed10:35
sledgesi.e., have the need, add, test; principle10:36
mal-I'll have try play with the config files for pulseaudio to see if those have any effect on problem10:38
mal-it just does not respond to for example pactl10:39
mal-backtrace shows only a single thread that is waiting, not sure if it should be like that10:39
mal-log does not show any clear problems, final things I see is that it suspends sinks bocause they are idle10:40
sledgesmal-: ping jusa_ if you get stuck10:42
mal-well I'm pretty much stuck already with that :)10:43
mal-anyway I'll still try the configs, I just copied those from some other phone10:44
mal-didn't seem to contain device specific stuff, of course I could be wrong10:45
sledgesif you notice, the same config is being copied around several phones10:52
sledgesdon't know the reasoning behind that though, or just pure luck10:52
sledgesmal-: removing those two includes worked, nexus5 still plays music10:53
sledgescould you please PR and describe, as you know exact path what goes wrong with your build env and hw10:54
sledgessince nexus5 worked ever since10:54
mal-I'll do that in the evening, could you also try the changes to droid-util-44.h on nexus5?10:56
sledgessure, fire away10:57
sledgesyou can PR to my repo10:57
mal-I'll send those in the evening, I don't have sources with me at work10:57
sledgeswhat's your daily job if no secret?;)10:57
mal-post-doc research in the field of chemistry10:58
sledgescool, broad spectrum of porters:)10:58
mal-I should finish adding a second harddisk to my laptop, replacing the dvd-drive11:00
mal-ssd is too small for the sources11:00
* sledges is getting an ssd to do lots of compiling, hoping there will be a performance increase11:01
sledgesbut mainly getting ssd for other goodies like faster app start time11:01
mal-other option would be to remove dual boot windows from the ssd, I use it very very rarely11:02
* stephg hearts ssds11:02
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klopsi-sdkam I supposed to have a /android/droid/prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.4.3 directory?12:16
klopsi-sdktrying to get it from google fails12:23
klopsi-sdkgit clone
sledgeshave you moved /android/?12:23
sledgesmove it back12:24
klopsi-sdkthen it will be invisible to the HABUILD_SDK chroot12:24
sledgesjust adjust your android_sdk var to point to /parentroot/android..12:25
klopsi-sdki do have an android/droid/prebuilts/ directory12:25
klopsi-sdkbut no /android/droid/prebuilt directory12:25
klopsi-sdk(missing s)12:26
sledgesgrep -w prebuilt $ANDROID_ROOT/.repo/manifest.xml12:26
klopsi-sdkok i can do that but how would that create the missing /android/droid/prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.4.3/bin/arm-eabi-gcc directory?12:26
klopsi-sdkreturns nothing12:27
klopsi-sdk/android/droid/.repo/manifest.xml -> manifests/default.xml12:28
sledgesi know12:28
klopsi-sdkand default.xml is present12:28
sledgescd .repo/manifests12:29
sledgesgit remote -v12:29
klopsi-sdkorigingit:// (fetch)12:30
klopsi-sdkorigingit:// (push)12:30
sledgesgit branch -a12:30
klopsi-sdkok shows a lot of remotes/*12:31
sledgesgit log12:31
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sledgespastebin just first screen12:32
sledgesalin: found a prob, wl_display.sync is not called for us12:32
sledgesbut can't find where it got fixed, current suspect - silica12:32
sledgescheck all others (hwc,qtwayland,..) - same version in a working image, and in a broken image12:33
sledgesbut silica is giving no clues :/12:33
sledgeswe might have to wait for update11 if we can't find what to cherry-pick backport12:33
sledgesklopsi-sdk: so you are on cm-10.112:35
sledgesis what you synced12:35
sledgesyou should then switch to cm-10.1 on kernel and device12:35
alinsledges: probably is better12:35
alinsledges: to wait the issue is aesthetic mainly12:36
sledgesand naggy12:36
alinsledges: and we can invest the time in better things... like drinking beer12:36
alinsledges: is there any et for u11?12:36
sledgesyes, it's eta_before_you_asked+1week12:38
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klopsi-sdksledges: for cm10 on device i will have to wait until i get my 2nd Droid412:40
sledgesyou can always nandroid12:40
klopsi-sdkthat backs up installed apps?12:41
sledgesit backsup all partitions into sdard12:41
klopsi-sdkhow do i check what kernel version I have in the SDK?12:41
sledgesrecovery supports this (it's not even mentioned that it's called nandroid)12:41
klopsi-sdk< sledges> you should then switch to cm-10.1 on kernel and device12:42
sledgescd kernel/motorola/maserati; git checkout cm-10.112:42
sledgesthat's it12:42
sledgesalso adjust local manifest12:43
klopsi-sdkunder /android/droid/kernel/motorola i only have omap4-common12:44
sledgesyou get my point12:44
klopsi-sdkshould i mkdir maserati and then run that git checkout?12:44
klopsi-sdkSwitched to branch 'cm-10.1'12:44
sledgessame for device12:45
mal-those should be already cm-10.1, at least when we modified local manifest yesterday12:45
mal-better make sure anyway12:46
klopsi-sdkso the next thing for me to do is 1) backup my droid4 2) install cm10.1  3) then 4) rerun make -j4 hybris-hal ?12:48
sledgeswhat is 3) ?12:48
sledgesyou can skip 1 and 2 for later12:49
sledgesah, the /vendor tricks...12:49
klopsi-sdkextracts proprietary blobs
sledgessomehow it could have been done without in the past12:49
sledgesfor nexus4 at least..12:49
sledgeswhere does it fail?12:49
sledgesah you don't know yet ;)12:49
sledgesdid you extract-files already before (from cm11 to cm10 tree?...)12:50
klopsi-sdkextracting blobs worked, but I am guessing i will need different blobs from CM10.1?12:50
sledgesok, go with 1234 then..12:50
klopsi-sdkok i have cleaning to do before the better half comes home :) thanks for the help, see you in a few hours12:52
sledges:) o/12:52
sledgesyears ago i had to clean linux on my better half's HP iPAQ h1930 before she came home, to put windows pocketpc backup back..12:54
sledgesis mainly the reason i ended up in this field really%)12:54
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alinanyhow now I need to fix the lolipop seems to refuse to boot13:20
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lbtsledges: /home/lbt/mer/android/droid/sfa-i9305-ea-
sledgeslbt: \o/14:42
lbtnow see if it boots14:42
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alinlbt: hi16:14
alinlbt: any chance to get did done in obs?16:15
alinif not maybe fortran16:15
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piggzsledges: just firing up the ace to confirm17:30
piggzsledges: yes,  think I know what you mean about smooth switching from app to i have another example of animations not working17:36
piggzin my game on warehouse (jewel rush) the blocks animate between positions ... but it just isnt happening on my ace ... works fine on android17:37
sledgespiggz: fingerterm and dialer have fine transitions/animations17:39
sledgeshas jewel rush ever worked on ace?17:39
*** zanac has joined #sailfishos-porters17:40
piggzsledges: i never tried on an older release17:41
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC17:41
piggzthe animations and timing suck though at the moment17:41
piggzim just hoping it works on a Jolla!17:41
sledgeswhere else have you tried it on then?17:42
piggzjust android and dekstop so far ... its fine on them17:42
piggzits not a complex animation ... just a Bahaviour on x and y ... and sailfish seems to be ignoring it17:43
sledgesask on #sailfishos ;)17:44
* sledges afk17:44
lbtalin: ?17:45
lbtdid ?17:45
lbtsledges: piggz: I've heard about fade animations not working too17:45
lbtw00t_: ^^17:46
*** Nokius__ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:47
piggzlbt: so, is a brown paper bag release? :D17:49
lbtno - I think there may be something in the device port - it works on the jolla17:50
alinlbt: dhd17:50
lbtfor i9305 ?17:51
*** Nokius_ has quit IRC17:51
alinlbt: hammerhead...17:51
alinlbt: the thing you started some time ago when we were young17:51
klopsi-sdkit is so nice to see make -j4 hybris-hal running17:51
lbtyeah - I'll be doing that in the next few days17:51
lbtklopsi-sdk: :)17:51
alinpiggz: you get gremlins too?17:52
klopsi-sdkwhat are gremlins?17:52
*** piggz has quit IRC17:52
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters17:53
klopsi-sdkah ty17:53
alinklopsi-sdk: in our case are not respoinnding flashing windows17:53
piggzsledges: ok i have a more concret example ... my other game on warehouse, galaxy attack has in info window that animates it ... before it was smooth, not it just appears17:53
piggzalin: lbt: w00t_: ^17:54
alinpiggz: ok.. so you do not get a not responding? sledges knows17:54
piggzi have a 'not responding' in the settings app iirc17:55
*** plfiorini has joined #sailfishos-porters17:57
alinpiggz: ok... after a while you will have a lot... give it around 2h17:58
alinpiggz: at least this is what happens to me... sledges promissed is fixed in update 1117:58
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mal-sledges: just wondering if there is some reason why the QCOM_HARDWARE conditions do not correlate completely between droid-util-44.h and system/audio.h18:20
w00t_what version is
w00t_there have been some subsequent fixes to animations (
gogetajo w00t_18:36
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mal-sledges: first PR sent, I'm preparing the other for you to test18:47
*** furikku has quit IRC19:00
sledgesw00t_: animations work fine for non-silica app (fingerterm) and voicecall-ui (prestarted always in memory), so something goes amiss in booster/qtwayland/hwc/who-knows-where, only in and only on non-jolla devices (so far we checked - all 3 expose symptoms)19:02
sledges*homescreen animations/app compositing19:03
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mal-sledges: I have problems deciding whether to put QCOM_HARDWARE to couple of new lines I'm about to add, in hybris-10.1 they defined as QCOM in audio.h but in 11.0 they are not19:10
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klopsi-sdkstill stuck at an error in make -j4 hybris-hal19:22
klopsi-sdkmake[1]: Entering directory `/android/droid/kernel/motorola/omap4-common'19:22
klopsi-sdkmake[2]: /android/droid/prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.4.3/bin/arm-eabi-gcc: Command not found19:22
klopsi-sdkso i downloaded the toolchain arm-eabi-4.4.3 from google19:23
klopsi-sdkcan i copy that dir to prebuild/linux-86/toolchain and rerun make? or is that error telling us something else is misconfigured?19:23
mal-ust wondering why you are missing that, I have that folder and file19:28
mal-I'll check my manifest.xml19:29
*** r0kk3rz has joined #sailfishos-porters19:29
klopsi-sdkin manifest.xml i see a bunch of "prebuilts" directories but no "prebuilt"19:32
mal-just a moment19:32
mal-try adding the following line to .repo/local_manifests/maserati.xml19:34
mal-<project path="prebuilt" name="CyanogenMod/android_prebuilt" revision="cm-10.1" />19:34
mal-then repo sync and make hybris-hal19:35
klopsi-sdkok i did not have that19:35
mal-while you add that, check that all of the lines in that file have cm-10.119:35
sledgesmal-: thanks for PR. QCOM_HARDWARE should be there in PA, where it is also in android's audio.h parts19:36
klopsi-sdkall have revision="cm-10.1"19:36
mal-klopsi-sdk: good, then repo sync19:36
klopsi-sdkyeah this sync will take a while, many GB19:37
mal-it should not redownload those that are already there19:37
mal-just update19:38
mal-and add missing ones19:38
sledgesalin: no promises;)19:38
klopsi-sdkthis will take a few hours.. need 20814 objects19:38
mal-sledges: well, for example the AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_PROXY is not defined as QCOM_HARDWARE in audio.h19:39
mal-klopsi-sdk: is it getting something else than that newly added one19:40
sledgesmal-: don't overestimate audio.h's credibility: research shows:
sledgesit's because cm is quite old there19:42
sledgesin mer-hybris19:42
sledgesi'm rebasing it to a fresher one, where they have already put those QCOMs most probably19:42
klopsi-sdkmal here is the output of the repo sync
mal-at least in cm12 they are19:43
*** spiiroin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:44
klopsi-sdki ran "repo sync" from klopsidev:/android/droid/.repo$  .. was that wrong?19:44
mal-I run it in android/droid/19:44
mal-not sure if it affects something19:45
klopsi-sdkok will run it from android/droid19:45
* sledges afk19:46
klopsi-sdkok cya sledges19:46
*** spiiroin has quit IRC19:47
klopsi-sdklooks like i am still at the very beginning of this project (Chapter 5.2)19:48
klopsi-sdkhow many days/weeks have you been working on your port mal- ?19:49
mal-since christmas :)19:50
klopsi-sdkevery day?19:50
mal-after new year mostly during weekends19:51
klopsi-sdkok. you have a bootable image and are working on audio support?19:51
mal-other serious missing features are display and call/sms19:52
mal-biggest problem I had was getting the system to boot, that was because of a missing kernel config parameter19:53
mal-most of the time went figuring that out19:55
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klopsi-sdkwhat phone model is it?19:55
*** the_mgt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:56
mal-Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro19:56
klopsi-sdkah very nice, with hardware keyboard19:58
klopsi-sdkyes now i see a picture of one19:58
*** the_mgt has quit IRC19:59
*** the_mgt_ is now known as the_mgt19:59
mal-yes, it has a keyboard19:59
mal-which seems to be working, at least I can get raw data from the device20:00
klopsi-sdkthat is great20:00
klopsi-sdkcan sailfish run OK with just 512MB RAM?20:00
mal-that is to be seen20:01
*** zetaz has joined #sailfishos-porters20:02
klopsi-sdkthe droid 4 xt894 has 1GB20:03
mal-sledges: I added a new PR to your fix-defines branch20:06
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters20:10
klopsi-sdkthis channel sure has a lot of lurkers20:11
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klopsi-sdkerror: Cannot remove project "vendor/motorola/maserati": uncommitted changes are present commit changes, then run sync again21:04
mal-does it continue after that?21:06
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters21:07
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters21:07
mal-move the vendor folder to somewhere else and then back after repo sync21:07
klopsi-sdkah now it is checking out files and completes21:09
klopsi-sdkrerunning make21:09
klopsi-sdkawk: cannot open sdk/files/ (No such file or directory)21:10
klopsi-sdkfind: `device/*/generic': No such file or directory21:10
klopsi-sdkunder device i have "asus  common  lge  motorola  samsung  sony"21:10
klopsi-sdkhangs there until i Ctrl-C21:11
klopsi-sdkin good news: i now have /android/droid$ ls prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.4.3/21:12
klopsi-sdkgoogling dor the awk error first21:16
klopsi-sdkfairly common error it seems21:21
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*** DaZ has left #sailfishos-porters21:27
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klopsi-sdkah i see lardman ran into the device/*/generic error before\21:43
*** vrutkovs has joined #sailfishos-porters21:43
*** vrutkovs is now known as vrutkovs|home21:43
klopsi-sdkwoo fixed the error21:47
klopsi-sdkneeded to rerun : source build/envsetup.sh21:48
klopsi-sdkexport USE_CCACHE=121:48
klopsi-sdkbreakfast $DEVICE21:48
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC21:51
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klopsi-sdkmake -j4 hybris-hal completed with no errors! :D21:58
*** phdeswer_ has quit IRC21:59
klopsi-sdkyour answer to lardman|work solved my issue22:02
klopsi-sdknow i do not see hybris-boot.img or hybris-recovery.img in out/target/product/$DEVICE/22:02
sledges23:58 < klopsi-sdk> make -j4 hybris-hal completed with no errors! :D22:03
sledgesshould complete with that message to be successful22:03
sledgesmaybe the error is somewhere up the logs22:04
sledgesand the last ones just waited to finish? (due to -j4)22:04
sledgestry -j122:04
klopsi-sdkah there is an error22:06
klopsi-sdkmake clean -C hardware/ti/wlan/mac80211/compat_wl12xx22:06
klopsi-sdkmake: *** hardware/ti/wlan/mac80211/compat_wl12xx: No such file or directory.  Stop.22:06
klopsi-sdkmake: *** [WLAN_MODULES] Error 222:06
sledges`take it out of local manifest22:06
klopsi-sdkdont see wlan modules in the manifest
sledgesso you need to add them back22:09
klopsi-sdkwhere do i find the correct object path and name?22:11
*** cxl000 has quit IRC22:11
sledgeswasn't it in the sample hadk as coincidence?22:12
sledgesotherwise- google22:12
mal-looks like the one in the example22:13
mal-klopsi-sdk: the example in hadk pdf22:19
klopsi-sdk<project path="hardware/ti/wlan" name="CyanogenMod/android_hardware_ti_wlan" revisi...22:20
klopsi-sdkit gets cut off22:20
klopsi-sdkbut i guess it is the same revision as the rest22:21
mal-dont't know if the next one, wpa_supplicant, is needed also or not, maybe sledges knows22:21
klopsi-sdkok repo sync // breakfast $DEVICE22:22
klopsi-sdkyeey got hybris-recovery.img and boot.img!22:27
mal-now you need to check the kernel config22:28
mal-in 14.3.522:28
mal-you were lucky, I had to patch the sources in several places to get it to compile22:30
mal-most likely because I used cm1122:31
klopsi-sdkck/mer_verify_kernel_config ./out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config22:31
klopsi-sdkok heh.. i will paste the output22:32
*** cmazieri has quit IRC22:33
*** cmazieri has joined #sailfishos-porters22:34
mal-you just have to make all of the suggested changes to the correct config in kernel/motorola/omap4-common/arch/arm/configs22:35
sledgesjust deal with ERROR: ones22:36
mal-I actually changed all :)22:36
klopsi-sdki guess CONFIG_VT is pretty important22:36
sledgessome recommended ones caused kernel panic recently on few hw22:36
mal-then I was lucky :)22:37
*** plfiorini has quit IRC22:38
klopsi-sdkin /android/droid/kernel/motorola/omap4-co22:38
klopsi-sdkshould I have a maserati_defconfig?22:39
sledges00:28 < mal-> in 14.3.522:39
klopsi-sdkok reading22:39
klopsi-sdksledges do you have access to fix errors in the HADK pdf?22:40
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC22:40
klopsi-sdkin 14.3.5, i think tmp/mer_verify_kernel_config should be ./hybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config22:41
mal-sledges: btw, you most likely know that some of the command have non-spaces in them which causes copy-paste to fail on those, and the commands end up on two line22:43
mal-good :)22:43
klopsi-sdkmmon/arch/arm/configs$ ls *maserati*22:43
klopsi-sdkno other *maserati* found22:44
sledgessometimes it might not have its codename withing22:44
sledgesthat's why all those methods of finding the true one were enlisted in 14.3.522:44
mal-at least from $ANDROID_ROOT/device/$VENDOR/*/ you can find TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG := mapphone_mmi_defconfig22:48
klopsi-sdki looked through all the *_defconfig22:48
sledgesrun make hybris-boot and observe the output before it's preparing the .config22:49
sledges2 b sr, 2 b sr22:49
klopsi-sdkmake hybris-boot gives the familiar error :22:50
klopsi-sdkawk: cannot open sdk/files/ (No such file or directory)22:50
klopsi-sdkfind: `device/*/generic': No such file or directory22:50
klopsi-sdkdo i need to rerun : source build/ and breakfast $DEVICE?22:51
klopsi-sdkand i am looking in the make output for a file in kernel/motorola/omap4-common/arch/arm/configs ?22:54
klopsi-sdkit should appear *before* # configuration written to .config22:58
*** zetaz has left #sailfishos-porters22:58
klopsi-sdkmake  -C kernel/motorola/omap4-common O=/android/droid/out/target/product/maserati/obj/KERNEL_OBJ ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=" /android/droid/prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.4.3/bin/arm-eabi-" VARIANT_DEFCONFIG= SELINUX_DEFCONFIG= mapphone_mmi_defconfig22:58
klopsi-sdkwoot found it. i think22:59
klopsi-sdkok in that file i see:23:00
klopsi-sdk# Character devices23:00
klopsi-sdk# CONFIG_VT is not set23:00
klopsi-sdkchange that to CONFIG_VT=y ?23:00
sledgesjust add it to the bottom23:00
sledgesoh lol23:01
sledgesactually you are right23:01
sledgeswe did it like you said:p23:01
klopsi-sdknow setting: CONFIG_NLS_UTF8=y23:03
klopsi-sdknow ERROR: CONFIG_FHANDLE is invalid23:04
klopsi-sdkdo i add CONFIG_DMIID and CONFIG_FHANDLE ?23:05
sledgesadd all what errored23:05
klopsi-sdkok added23:06
*** arcean has quit IRC23:07
klopsi-sdkok fixed up the errors23:11
*** Tassadar has quit IRC23:14
*** plfiorini has joined #sailfishos-porters23:16
klopsi-sdk./hybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config verifies no ERRORS in new kernel23:21
sledgestime for sleep 2880023:21
klopsi-sdkok thanks for the help and sleep well23:21
sledgeshave fu!n23:21
klopsi-sdkroger, wilco23:22
*** zanac has quit IRC23:23
klopsi-sdknext step Chapter 6: setting up a scratchbox2 target?23:25
klopsi-sdkor 14.4 Mer-side package building?23:33
klopsi-sdksb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl ./test23:47
klopsi-sdkHello, world!23:47
*** zetaz has joined #sailfishos-porters23:49

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