Thursday, 2015-01-22

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dwangoACsledges: How goes a beta image with Bluetooth on N4?  (I know I ask too often...)00:15
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dwangoACnykac-: Yeah, for mako00:32
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klopsi-sdkgreat, my dsl just died00:55
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uhhimhereso who here has a octamom SoC?01:59
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glasserc1Hmm, I guess I have to learn how to build RPMs, because I got "File listed twice" as well as "Installed but unpackaged" files03:06
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glasserc1Nothing provides /system/bin/sh ... that seems kind of serious04:29
glasserc1Maybe I built the RPMs wrong because this one depends on both /bin/sh and /system/bin/sh.04:43
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sledgesglasserc1: check logs, known problem08:34
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jusa_allow for some unknown values in droid modules config parser:
jusa_sledges: ^09:25
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sledgesjusa_: nice, commented09:47
jusa_sledges: thanks.. hmm. how would you refactor? I'm too blind to my changes. I noticed a bug that count should be checked outside unknown at least..09:52
sledgesfix the bug first then, we'll see :) all comments show to very similar blocks of code, a function with a handful of parameters should be able to go about it09:54
sledgesjusa_: ^09:54
sledgesi'll have a go, once you're ready with the fix09:55
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jusa_sledges: yeah true.. refactored while fixed the bug..10:16
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jusa_sledges: updated pr10:20
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BluesLeesledges: hi, read your gremlins bug report comments10:26
BluesLeesledges: it sounds like we have to wait for u11 or even u12 i.e. several months10:28
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BluesLeesledges: for people like me its a showstopper but the same holds for missing camera functionality, so it might fit somehow10:30
sledgesjusa_: LGTMd10:31
sledgesBluesLee: hi, revert to u9 then;)10:32
BluesLeesledges: i guess i will spend more time with my children in the next months:-)10:34
jusa_sledges: thanks!10:43
sledgesBluesLee: lol. anyway i'm to make a u11 internal build for n5 to see for gremlins there, and narrow down suspects10:54
sledgessubscribe to that bug to keep updated10:54
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klopsi-sdkaha using Recovery, restoring /SYSTEM and /DATA restores phone fully including installed apps12:30
sledgesno need to do that, just put back original kernel and ramdisk.img12:30
sledgesas we anyway haven't touched anything else yet12:31
klopsi-sdkah yes12:31
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sledgesklopsi-sdk: one possible reason for no response from could be that usb0 is named differently in droid4, and if you enabled usb tethering in cm, you could ifconfig -a to see its actual name12:40
klopsi-sdkok good idea ty12:40
sledges(hybris boot currently handles only two names, usb0 and rndis0 as you can tell from init-script)12:40
sledgesbut if my guess is correct, internal udhcpd shouldn't have worked either..12:41
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klopsi-sdkgrepping "usb" in /etc/* reveals setprop ro.blan.interface usb0 in file init.mapphone_umts.rc12:51
sledgesgood enough, but tethering would be best (or just ifconfig -a)12:54
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klopsi-sdkifconfig not worky in Droid4 terminal12:56
sledgesifc it doesn't..12:57
sledgesklopsi-sdk: netcfg12:59
klopsi-sdkaha there i see a BUNCH of network interfaces including usb013:00
sledgesdoes your cm have usb tethering?13:00
klopsi-sdkyeah i found that in settings13:01
klopsi-sdkit is currently cm1113:01
sledgesenable and check if usb0 gets an ip13:01
sledgesalso check if rndis0 is affected too13:01
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klopsi-s1ki can ping the address of the rndis0 interface from the PC (
klopsi-sdkoh this is interesting13:05
klopsi-sdkafter ifconfig usb0 up on my PC13:05
klopsi-sdki see rndis0 UP on droid413:05
klopsi-sdkoh nevermind it was up before also13:05
klopsi-sdki can ping the address of the rndis0 interface from the PC13:05
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sledgesthen most likely rndis0 it is, but it should still ping back13:06
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klopsi-sdknaptime then more reading13:44
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glassercsledges: thanks, found it
mal-sledges: could you make pastebin the output of pulseaudio on hammerhead when you start it from commandline with a lot of verbosity, something like -vvvvv? I would like to compare to my outṕut14:17
glassercHmm, now the only thing in installroot that has /system/bin/sh are binary files. How smart is this RPM thing anyhow?14:27
glassercOh, it's still using the old RPM somehow.14:33
sledgesmal-: (gaps == pauses)14:48
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mal-sledges: thanks14:53
sledgesno pb14:54
mal-very few differences, except near the end where my log reports client.c: Created 4 "Native client (UNIX socket client)" whereas your log says client.c: Created 2 "D-Bus client"15:01
mal-and after that some other differences related to those15:02
sledgesis dbus running?15:02
mal-I'll have to check that this evening15:03
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mal-there was also this error in the middle of the log "E: [pulseaudio] policy-group.c: invalid (<null>) target sink for mute-by-route"15:06
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mal-but that does not look very bad15:08
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glassercDoes doing an "sb2 build" install anything? Where would I find the places where stuff got installed to? How could I uninstall them?15:19
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glassercAh, wait, maybe it's in targets/ and I can use zypper15:32
glassercYep, had to do a zypper refresh.15:34
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uhhimhereanybody here good at writing dynarecs?!topic/mupen64plus/kIlJdNEPlPI16:09
sledgesgremlins are still in update11 RC, i'll dig deeper16:13
sledgesuhhimhere: pls ask that on #sailfishos, i'll have a follow-up question there about mupen64plus-sailfishos ;)16:16
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klopsi-sdkdoes my hybris-recovery.img-ramdisk.gz look too small?16:58
klopsi-sdk514428 Jan 21 22:23 hybris-recovery.img-ramdisk.gz16:59
klopsi-sdkhere is the android cm11 ramdisk16:59
klopsi-sdk1126858 2008-08-01 12:00 ramdisk.img16:59
mal-the recovery image is small, that's no problem17:00
klopsi-sdkand according to sledges i push the hybris-recovery.img-ramdisk.gz, not the uncompressed one17:01
klopsi-sdkok my changed ramdisk with the suggested init script just reboots17:05
klopsi-sdkwill try the unchanged one17:05
klopsi-sdki hope i didnt get the versions mixed up17:07
klopsi-sdkok the unchanged ramdisk gives me usb0 network17:08
mal-I think you need to set the partition etc in the beginning of the file17:11
mal-just copy those lines from the working version17:11
klopsi-sdkok will extract "working" and compare init scripts17:12
mal-see if they are otherwise similar17:13
klopsi-sdkdiff shows they are almost identical17:15
mal-ok, then the problem is somewhere else17:16
mal-it still is in the script but we just need to find what it is17:17
mal-since that script should work17:17
sledgesklopsi-sdk: i didn't say use that linked script17:20
sledgesi said study it's contents17:21
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klopsi-sdkoh sorry bout that misunderstanding17:21
sledgesyou need to modify the script you have, uncompress, change 1 line, compress, flash, repest17:21
klopsi-sdki am guessing the new script didnt boot because DATA_PARTITION=%DATA_PART%17:23
klopsi-sdkinstead of /dev/userdata17:23
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sledgesbut it's not important right now :)17:27
dwangoACsledges: What's "most important" right now?17:27
dwangoAC(In general with the project, that is)17:28
klopsi-sdki dont understand this> 21:59 < sledges> change init-script to add debug info (you can add i to where it sets to Mer, to add more info)17:29
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klopsi-sdkscript seems to be running to at least here:17:31
klopsi-sdk    # Create /etc/udhcpd.conf file.17:31
klopsi-sdk    echo "start" > /etc/udhcpd.conf17:31
klopsi-sdkshould I look for a  /diagnosis.log in adb shell after booting the hybris kernel?17:32
klopsi-sdkthere must be debugging info stored somewhere in the device, right?17:32
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sledgesklopsi-sdk: nope, it's not persistent17:43
klopsi-sdkoh argh17:43
sledgesyou need to blind mount a partition (/data or /system) and log there17:43
sledgesor play with Mer usb export strings to give more debug info17:43
sledgesjust like that17:43
* sledges afk17:44
klopsi-sdkis that done in run_debug_session() { ?17:44
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mal-sledges: any ideas why usb descriptions, such as iProduct, would show only the first word19:27
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sledgesmal-: nope, but it's it's showing at least that for klopsi-sdk ;)19:29
mal-yes,we are trying to debug the init with klopsi19:30
mal-that makes it a liitle harder19:30
sledgesremove spaces ;)19:30
mal-Good idea :)19:30
sledgesiSerial (or whatever hadk suggests) should show all string19:31
sledgesMer Boat Loader19:31
sledgesit does for other devices19:31
mal-it only shows Mer19:31
mal-on my own system it shows the correct one19:32
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mal-sledges: am I doing something wrong since my password does not work after reboot, so I always have to change the password through telnet to ssh in to the phone19:52
klopsi-sdk[207646.733418] usb 4-1: Manufacturer: MerBoatLoader19:54
klopsi-sdk[207646.733420] usb 4-1: SerialNumber: MerDebugsettingup(DONE_SWITCH=no)19:54
klopsi-sdksomething was getting screwed up with spaces!19:55
klopsi-sdkping/telnet still no workee19:56
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mal-sledges: we have determined that telnetd fails to start, after that there should be another message in usb fields,, which never shows20:04
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klopsi-sdkwhat does lack of ping response tell us?20:19
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klopsi-sdkoh and mass storage mode gets activated and i can mount sdcard from the PC20:20
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klopsi-sdki dont understand the boot process well enough20:33
klopsi-sdkmaybe it would be possible to write a result for mkdir /dev/pts // mount -t devpts devpts /dev/pts  to a file on sdcard?20:33
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klopsi-sdksomeday someone will find a way...22:31
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alinsledges: hi23:01
alinsledges: so today went to pub... my friends wanted to see... sailfish and was full of gremlins...23:01
alinsledges: my only escape were the girls23:01
alinsledges: so when is the u11 out?23:02
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sledgesalin: u11 is also with gremlins23:24
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sledgesi wrote earlier23:24
sledgesat least i now got less suspects23:24
alinsledges: I missed that23:28
sledgesklopsi-sdk: if you can mount sdcard on pc, you can mount it inside your init script the same way, and log some info into it23:34
sledgesklopsi-sdk: if on PC it's /dev/sdb20,  inside phone it will be /dev/mmcblk0p2023:35
sledgesyou get the drift23:35
sledgesonce you can do that, ifconfig -a would be the first thing you want to see full output of in the logs23:35
klopsi-sdkcool thanks23:36
sledgesdon't forget to sync; umount it ofc23:36
klopsi-sdkin recovery and adb i can cat/proc/mtd to see mounts23:37
klopsi-sdkwould those be the same ?23:37
*** beidl has joined #sailfishos-porters23:37
sledgesyes, fixup-mountpoints is also same23:37
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sledgesgnite porters!23:38
klopsi-sdkgnite sledges23:41

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