Friday, 2015-01-23

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glassercBoot failed :(02:17
glassercIs there a HOWTO on how to diagnose that? I'm stuck at the bootloader02:45
glassercI guess it must be the kernel but I'm not sure what to do about it..02:59
klopsi-sdkhi glasserc04:20
klopsi-sdkone thing to check is : connect device via USB and on pc type dmesg04:21
glassercAt recovery?04:22
klopsi-sdkno trying to boot your sailfish image04:22
klopsi-sdkconnect usb, then boot04:23
glassercIt shows a new high-speed device, which it then identifies as a Fastboot falcon S04:24
klopsi-sdkcan you ping it from your PC ?04:24
glassercHmm, does it have a networking stack up?04:25
klopsi-sdkon my PC the device automatically sets up USB networking04:25
klopsi-sdkinterface is usb0 and IP is
klopsi-sdkone of my problems is, device not responding to pings04:26
klopsi-sdkoh the devices IP should be
glassercI'm running Ubuntu on that machine and it didn't set up usb0. Does that maybe mean anything?04:28
klopsi-sdki also have ubuntu and it sets up usb0 :/04:29
klopsi-sdki guess that is a bad sign04:29
glassercI don't think I'm as far as you, since I'm still at the bootloader.. not sure that it sets up networking so early.04:29
klopsi-sdki have flashed initram and kernel, but not installed the OS proper yet04:30
klopsi-sdkneed to drag girlfriend out of bed, be back in a couple04:30
glassercHmm, that's interesting, are you following the HADK thing? I somehow generated a file which I tried to flash over a cyanogen.04:30
klopsi-sdki followed the HADK with a lot of help04:36
klopsi-sdkyou got through it alone?04:36
glassercI asked a few questions here and muddled through04:36
glassercI'm sure I screwed up some steps and that's why it isn't working :)04:36
klopsi-sdkok well during the first stages of booting04:37
klopsi-sdkit runs a script called init04:37
klopsi-sdkthat sets up usb networking, mounts some important mountpoints, and starts the telnetd daemon04:38
glassercHmm, thanks. Let me try going to recovery and using adb shell to poke around.04:40
klopsi-sdkif you run dmesg after trying to boot sailfish OS, you should see "Mer Boat Loader"04:42
glassercWell, I definitely am not getting that far :)04:53
glassercI see that there's hybris-boot.img and hybris-recovery.img, but I'm not sure which partitions to flash them to. The boot partition?04:53
klopsi-sdki had to do this04:54
klopsi-sdksudo adb push hybris-recovery.img-kernel /mnt/etc/kexec/kernel04:54
klopsi-sdksudo adb push hybris-recovery.img-ramdisk.gz /mnt/etc/kexec/ramdisk.img04:54
glassercHmm, my device doesn't have /mnt/etc.05:00
klopsi-sdki think its different on different systems05:00
klopsi-sdkdo you have an /etc/kexec dir?05:00
klopsi-sdki am a total newbie at android and sailfish05:01
glassercI'm pretty new at this low-level stuff too :)05:01
klopsi-sdkcurses, my debug output did not get written to sdcard05:01
glassercI'm in clockworkmod recovery and I don't have /etc/kexec nor /proc/kexec.05:01
glassercAnyhow I'm going to go to sleep, thanks for the suggestions.05:02
klopsi-sdkok see you around05:02
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klopsi-sdkmorning alin07:35
klopsi-sdktrying to get debug output from my init script07:35
klopsi-sdk#KLOPSI DEBUG mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 /sdcard-ext echo "TESTING1" > /sdcard-ext/klopsi.out07:35
klopsi-sdkahm there is a carriage return after DEBUG07:35
klopsi-sdkstupid paste07:36
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vakkov1.1.1.27 on maguro13:21
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sledges\o/ vakkov: gremlins present?13:22
vakkovwell, there was a battery drain in the opt-in ... let's check this one out ;D13:24
sledgesim talking rendering issue13:25
vakkovyes, it's even laggier :D13:25
merbotNemo bug 785 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead][mako] SailfishOS "not responding" banner keeps appearing" [Major,New]13:25
sledgesreproduce: maximise/minimise same app many times in a row13:27
sledges(except fingerterm and dialer)13:27
vakkovthe transition is awful, yes13:27
sledgesdialer transition fine :p13:27
vakkovactually, no; i am wrong13:28
vakkovit minimizes settings ok13:28
sledgesmin is ok13:28
vakkovbut when i get to the previous menu13:28
vakkovthe transition is absent13:28
sledgesmax is not13:28
vakkovwehn i swipe back in settings for example it just shows the previous menu without a smooth transition13:29
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* klopsi-sdk serves cheese and crackers14:06
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klopsi-sdkI can write to the sdcard from my pc17:16
klopsi-sdkbut cant write to it from inside "init"17:16
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tbrklopsi-sdk: are you able to mount it inside initrd?17:18
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klopsi-sdktbr that is the next thing to check.. i can write to the write $ANDROID_USB/iManufacturer "MerBoatLoader" the result of mount command, i think17:39
tbrone thing I stumbled over in the past: /dev/ node missing, as it needs to be created by hand in the initrd filesystem (either at runtime or when the initrd is created)17:42
tbryou don't notice that on a booted system because either it has udev or the android rootfs has a populated /dev17:42
klopsi-sdkso without /dev, there can be no telnetd?17:43
klopsi-sdki am also getting no ping response... but i can mount the sdcard17:43
klopsi-sdkfrom pc17:43
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tbrwhat do you mean "from pc"? over USB?17:46
klopsi-sdkyes over usb17:46
* tbr isn't that familiar with the HADK, but I guess something is working then17:47
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klopsi-sdkhave you started your own porting project tbr?17:48
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tbrI work with embedded hardware fairly often and read early versions of the HADK. I'm mostly here out of curiosity and for the occasional moral support.17:50
tbrthe last more serious project was porting MeeGo tablet HA to the Archos5IT, it included me writing a initrd based "boot menu" (glorified userspace selector and some cleanup logic)17:51
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tbrit died a swift death because of the vendors not giving a damn about generic work.17:52
* tbr probably won't ever forget the name/number: BMC#561617:52
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alinlbt: hi17:52
alinlbt: fortran17:53
klopsi-sdkwell i have peppered my init script with attempts to write some debug info to sd card17:53
klopsi-sdkfor e.g.17:54
klopsi-sdk    umount /dev/block/mmcblk0p117:54
klopsi-sdk    mount  /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 /sdcard-ext17:54
klopsi-sdk    echo "TESTING3" > /sdcard-ext/klopsi.out17:54
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tbrcan  you boot into e.g. android and check something?17:55
klopsi-sdkone moment17:55
tbrls -la /dev/block/mmcblk0p117:55
klopsi-sdki can boot into android "recovery" and do that via adb shell17:56
tbrthat will work, yes17:56
klopsi-sdkbrw-rw---- root     mot_tcmd 179,  97 2015-01-23 17:51 mmcblk0p117:56
tbrmknod /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 b 179 9717:57
klopsi-sdkah, what will that do to my system?17:58
tbrtry putting that somewhere in your init script before you try to access the device17:58
tbrit's a quick hack. It makes sure that the device node is there by trying to create it17:59
tbralso a "mkdir /sdcard-ext" wouldn't hurt18:00
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tbrthose are the two main pitfalls I can think of18:00
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klopsi-sdkyeah i should have thought of that mkdir myself18:01
klopsi-sdkthanks for the mknod tip18:01
tbrIIRC a missing device file once cost me a few hours ;)18:01
tbrwhat was a god-send was a serial console cable18:02
klopsi-sdkone of the weird things about this device is that the "ramdisk.img" containing "init" resides in /ss/safestrap/rom-slot1/system.img which gets mounted -o loop18:02
klopsi-sdkmount /ss/safestrap/rom-slot1/system.img /mnt -o loop18:03
klopsi-sdkand then the kernel is /mnt/etc/kexec/kernel and /mnt/etc/kexec/ramdisk.img18:03
klopsi-sdkat least when i am writing the images to device18:03
klopsi-sdkyou know the motorola droid 4 tbr?18:05
tbrnot familiar with the device18:07
klopsi-sdka phone with a 5 row hardware keyboard18:08
klopsi-sdkomap4 soc18:09
klopsi-sdki am hoping to create the successor to the N900 :D18:09
klopsi-sdkoh man, thank you tbr18:13
klopsi-sdknow i got debugging output on the sdcard18:13
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* klopsi-sdk frolics18:17
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* klopsi-sdk frolics some more19:38
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