Saturday, 2015-01-24

klopsi-sdkthanks to mal- we got sailfishOS running on Droid 400:03
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klopsi-sdkIt's miller time00:04
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klopsi-sdkor Licher time, as they drink here00:36
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klopsi-sdk[nemo@Jolla ~]$ uname -a01:23
klopsi-sdkLinux Jolla 3.0.8-g67d26a7-dirty #5 SMP PREEMPT Mon Jan 19 23:16:04 UTC 2015 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux01:23
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glassercAnyone have a good reference on the boot order before/after fastboot? I don't have an "init" script (this is on a falcon device).03:16
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goastI'm back.04:18
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glasserc(Instead, I have an ELF executable called "init".. is this normal?)04:30
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sledgesklopsi-sdk: mal-: tbr: great work! photo, or this never happened :P (presentable photo for tweets pls ;)09:54
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sledgesglasserc: fastboot->kernel->initramfs->init-script(google hybris boot)- stops here if recovery.img is flashed-telnet on available (should be if usb ethernet interfaces are recognised)- echo continue ... takes you to mounted sfos rootfs, where telnet on port 2323 becomes available (IP might change to .1)10:14
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sledges*google for hybris-boot to examine template /init-script contents10:16
mal-sledges: still no gui on droid 410:18
mal-but at least it boots10:18
mal-sledges: init scripts needed some hackingfor that device10:19
mal-a problem was that it enabled both usb0 and rndis0 with same ip10:20
mal-by disabling usb0 it worked10:20
goastHi,sledges I met a problem.10:24
goastsledges:I port vivo , and created package.Connect the usb.Computer mount all partitions(rec,data,system,more...)10:26
goastsledges:In HTC screen mobile phone card.After a period of time mobile phone automatically restart.10:29
goastsledges:No output init. Log.10:29
gogetagoast, also for me10:31
goastgogeta: What is your phone?10:37
gogetais non phone10:45
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klopsi-sdkreviewing the HADK docs today, what a journey11:07
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Stskeepsgogeta: what exactly is your issue on lg watc?11:26
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mal-how can I determine why mic create fs says that droid-hal-$DEVICE cannot be installed11:32
Stskeepsdoesn't it usually say?11:33
mal-well it doesn't continue at all, I have compiled the middleware as usual11:33
mal-hmm, that is actually only a warning11:34
mal-Error <repo>: found 1 resolver problem, abort!11:34
Stskeepsok, and lines before that?11:35
mal-Warning: repo problem: pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-iyokan-0.0.6-201501240939.noarch requires droid-hal-iyokan, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: droid-hal-iyokan-0.0.6-201501240939.armv7hl[adaptation0-iyokan-]11:36
mal-at first it wasn't like that, but I followed the hadk to see what is the real problem11:37
Stskeepsokay, are the droid-hal- files in the repository?11:37
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mal-yes, in droid-local-repo[C[C[C[C[C[C[C11:38
Stskeepsand the .ks refers to that repository?11:38
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mal-yes, it has repo --name=adaptation0-iyokan-@RELEASE@ --baseurl=file:///home/mal/mer/android/droid-10/droid-local-repo/iyokan11:39
mal-which id the correct path11:40
Stskeepsand that path exists if you ls -al it in same session as you mic?11:40
Stskeepsthere's a repodata dir in there?11:41
Stskeepscheck the .xml.gz or .xml.bz2 files with zcat or bzcat  - do they mention droid-hal-iyokan?11:41
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mal-yes, there is that also11:45
mal-I have done building before, without any problems, I'm just rebuilding everything for different cm version11:46
mal-should I reuse the sb2 target?11:47
mal-or create a fresh one11:47
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Stskeepsfresh may be better11:50
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gogetaStskeeps, many ... first sometimes without any clue it reboots12:42
gogetadsme ?12:42
gogetasometimes stays also 24hr12:43
Stskeepswell that's first theory12:43
Stskeepsreboots while in hybris-recovery?12:43
gogetareboots once droid-hal-init  loads12:44
Stskeepstry keep it there and see how long12:44
gogetapure random12:44
gogetabut i think is my problem12:44
Stskeepsdroid-hal-init causing reboots can mean something fails12:45
gogetai suppose i don't have whole bsp12:45
gogetaStskeeps full sources aren't out12:45
gogetaif can you help me to port into this shit will be nice12:46
gogetai can't compile a full cyanogen for it12:46
gogetathat is all i get12:47
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goastpiggz:Have you ever had this problem?13:03
piggzgoast: which problem?13:04
goastpiggz:I port vivo , and created package.Connect the usb.Computer mount all partitions(rec,data,system,more...)13:05
goastpiggz:In HTC screen mobile phone card.After a period of time mobile phone automatically restart.No output init.Log.13:06
piggzgoast: i maybe did have similar experiences early on...13:07
piggzyou could reboot into recovery, then adb-shell13:08
piggzmount /data13:08
piggzand create the .init_enable_debug file13:08
piggzin /data/.stowaways/sailfishos13:08
piggzthen reboot, then reboot into recovery and check init.log13:09
piggzyou will also want an init-debug that you can edit13:09
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glassercsledges: Thanks. So I guess if it says "boot up failed" at the bootloader, there's something wrong with the kernel?14:34
glassercHow can I diagnose this? Is there a log file I can look at or something?14:35
sledgesyes,backlog of this channel of past 4 days;)14:37
sledgesim afk o/14:37
goastno init.log14:39
glassercThanks, have fun14:40
goastpiggz:this is init-debug
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piggzgoast: strange ... i always had an init.log to fall back on checking14:44
goastpiggz:I reboot again,look at.14:47
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piggzgoast: on the plus side, you do have the low level debuging ... use lsusb -v to see what stage in init you reach14:48
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bluesleesledges: usb host on N5 + SFOS works well, checked with usb mass storage14:56
bluesleesledges: maybe we can add an usb host column to the hardware / functionality matrix14:58
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klopsi-sdkusb host is the only thing that worked for me right from the start15:09
klopsi-sdkoh wait no it didnt15:10
klopsi-sdknothing worked right from the start15:10
bluesleeklopsi-sdk: you are building sfos from scratch, right?15:11
bluesleewhich device?15:11
klopsi-sdkmotorola Droid 415:11
klopsi-sdkthe one with the 5 row hardware keyboard15:12
klopsi-sdkwhat are you working on blueslee?15:13
bluesleeso, you are looking for an n900 replacement?15:14
klopsi-sdki hope there is interest in sailfish for droid 415:14
klopsi-sdkthe keyboard is wonderful15:15
bluesleei am a tester, bought the n5 just for that purpose, hoped that it can replace my jolla15:15
klopsi-sdkn5 is nexus 5?15:15
klopsi-sdkwhat is deficient in the jolla phone?15:16
klopsi-sdkwhat can the n5 do better?15:17
bluesleethe n5 has betters specs, 2gb ram for instance which turns out to be important as of the latest oom handling15:17
bluesleebigger screen, no edged corners, feels better in your hands15:18
klopsi-sdki thought sailfish would run fine in 1GB15:18
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bluesleeuntil the latest update i thought the same15:18
klopsi-sdkoh no...15:19
bluesleesfos starts to kill processes when it runs oom15:19
bluesleebut its okay as i will migrate to the n5:-)15:20
klopsi-sdkbut what causes 1GB ram to fill up? N900 ran ok with 256MB15:20
klopsi-sdkthe switch from swap to zram?15:20
bluesleein many cases browsers,  i guess their usage is overrated15:21
bluesleeyou do not have a jolla?15:21
klopsi-sdki do not15:21
bluesleebut the device + sfos + android support is a good choice overall if you are coming from maemo/ meego15:22
klopsi-sdki still use n900. i want a phone with hardware keyboard15:23
klopsi-sdkhopefully jolla will fix the memory issues15:24
klopsi-sdk640k should be enough for anyone!15:26
goastpiggz:Have you received my message?15:26
klopsi-sdkheh test_hwcomposer seems to be doing something.. phone is very unresponsive15:27
goastpiggz:lsusb: /sys/bus/usb/devices: No such file or directory15:28
klopsi-sdkboth telnet terminals hung: sh-3.2# top  sh-3.2# ps aux15:28
bluesleeinteresting that you still stick with a hardware keyboard, same thoughts when i switched to the n915:30
bluesleeklopsi-sdk: with a bigger screen and a good haptic feedback from a software keyboard i will not switch back15:32
klopsi-sdkno such thing as "good haptic feedback from a software keyboard" :)15:32
goastpiggz:lsusb -v in host.
bluesleei mean it works sufficiently good15:33
bluesleeand its hard to find devices with hardware keyboards15:34
bluesleethings change ...15:34
bluesleeklopsi-sdk: how far you get with your port?15:37
klopsi-sdki can boot kernel and ssh to device15:37
bluesleeokay, that's a good start15:42
bluesleewhat is next? some init scripts to fire up wayland?15:43
piggzgoast: been outside...15:46
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piggzgoast: lsusb -v | grep iSerial15:49
piggzwith the device plugged in, when it shows up as disks15:50
piggzgoast: so, its ot getting very far15:55
piggzgoast: have you tried using fastboot to boot the image?15:56
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goastpiggz:Two start are different?15:59
piggzgoast: no, just a double check, you can use fastboot to boot the debug image16:00
goastpiggz:our side time is a little late.see you tomorrow:D16:19
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mal-how can I determine where my droid-hal-$DEVICE suddenly gets a /system/bin/sh requirement, which cannot be met16:42
glassercOh, I know this one..16:43
glassercSome of the shell scripts have a shebang that says /system/bin/sh16:43
glassercFor my device they came from the vendor16:43
mal-ok, I just don't understand why previous build did not have that16:44
glassercWell, I can't help you there :)16:44
mal-there seems to be a few scripts with /system/bin/sh16:45
glassercYou can change them to /bin/sh, in case that wasn't obvious.16:50
mal-it was16:51
glassercOK, sorry :)16:51
mal-I just can't figure out where one of those comes from16:51
mal-I can only see that file in out/target/... folder16:52
mal-found it17:01
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mal-that dependency is still there even though I changed the /system/bin/sh to /bin/sh, now there is no /system/bin/sh in out/target17:28
mal-i've had it for today, I'll try again tomorrow17:29
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glassercI also had to do sb2 .. zypper ref to make it forget about the old packages.17:36
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mal-ok, I'll try that next time17:40
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glassercOK, following along with the last few days' of chat, I booted hybris-recovery, and it set up my USB interface and mounted a bunch of filesystems :)19:22
glassercDoing lsusb -v | grep iSerial shows that it's opened the telnet session, but I can't access it yet19:22
glassercIs safestrap a requirement or just extremely helpful? It doesn't exist for my device.19:26
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glassercping doesn't get any response, not even "Host unreachable", and telnet 23 gives me "Connection timed out". iptables -L doesn't show anything.19:33
Stskeepsifconfig -a19:33
glassercusb0 shows
glassercMy wlan subnet is 192.168.019:35
Stskeepsthen you should be able to ping 192.168.21519:35
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glassercYeah, but I'm not getting any response at all. Pinging .14 gets me "Destination Host Unreachable", .15 doesn't even get me that.19:35
Stskeepssince you obviously got the ip from somewhere19:35
glassercYeah, and the device hasn't hung because I can disconnect/reconnect via nm and get another DHCP lease..19:37
Stskeepsperhaps your firewall?19:37
glassercHmm, let me investigate that, I didn't set one up by myself but Xubuntu sets one up by default?19:38
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glassercNope, ufw was off, and even when I accidentally turned it on, still couldn't ping it.19:48
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mal-glasserc: there is one possibility, klopsi-sdk had a problem that the init script started two interfaces with same ip, the result was that evenry seemed like it was ok but you could not connect with telnet20:39
mal-after we commented out starting usb0 from the init everything worked20:40
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mal-your problem seems identical, at least the symptoms20:42
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glassercThanks mal-, I guess I didn't read that far in the logs, let me try that.21:04
mal-we solded that actually off channel21:04
mal-we did not want to spam the channel too much with debugging21:04
glassercMaybe we (I?) should start a guide to different problems and how they got resolved21:05
mal-would be a good idea21:05
mal-unofficial error-faq21:05
glassercmal-, that worked, thanks!21:06
mal-do the same for the init-debug in sailfish root21:07
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mal-glasserc: good21:08
glassercHmm, but I never got even this far when I flashed the Sailfish image, the bootloader would refuse to boot the image.21:10
mal-you can start sailfish from that recovery script if you have correct mountpoint setup21:11
mal-you can manually uncompress the rootfs as is said in hadk 11.121:13
glassercOK, something changes when I flash sailfish because this boot command stops working, I'll have to figure out what's going on there. Thanks again.21:16
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glassercOK, so if the sailfish OS updater-script doesn't flash boot.img, I can continue using the hybris-recovery image. But once it does, I stop being able to boot the device at all23:49
glassercWhen I try to send "continue" to the recovery image, it doesn't actually continue, but instead hangs.. I guess I get to figure out why that is in the meantime23:51
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