Sunday, 2015-01-25

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glassercOh, I got "preinit: (171.09) BOOTSTATE = USER" and "Booting to".00:14
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dwangoACChecked history, no mention of N400:53
dwangoACklopsi-sdk: And, yes ;)00:53
dwangoAC(I *do* have a Nexus 5, or rather, my wife does, I bought it to replace the Nexus 4 I intended to put Sailfish on but so far I haven't switched to it yet00:53
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mal-glasserc: have you checked that mounting is done correctly and that sailfish root is present in /target before you send "continue"08:20
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uhhimhereare there any phones out there that can be run with vanilla linux?10:09
klopsi-s1khi uhhimhere10:11
klopsi-s1kvanilla linux has no software for phones10:11
klopsi-s1knothing for touchscreen ui, nothing for making calls10:14
klopsi-s1kas far as I know10:14
klopsi-s1kyou can download a usermode debian for android though10:15
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carepackmorning gyus10:22
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tbruhhimhere: I think there are a few, rather old phones that can be run using a vanilla kernel, but often that comes at the sacrifice of functionality10:24
tbrI'd expect the openmoko (later gta) to be able to run vanilla kernel. The N900 /might/ too, but probably not fully functional compared to vendor kernels for it.10:25
tbrin general frankenkernels for devices are a sad reality. I'd recommend to look at the slides of Tim Bird's ELCE 2014 presentation on that topic, if you can get hold of them.10:26
carepackis it possible to build with sdk10 a update9 build?10:29
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klopsi-s1kwish they had included gdb and strace into the sdk build of sailfish os11:33
Stskeepsshould be easily installable11:34
tbrbeware to install it in the target :)11:34
mal-klopsi-s1k has a problem that the system hangs when trying hwcomposer and a forced reboot corrupts the system11:36
Stskeepswhat device?11:36
mal-droid 411:36
klopsi-s1kok retrying minimer on fb011:38
Stskeepsdroid 4.. what cpu/gpu?11:38
klopsi-s1komap 4 (4430?) and gpu is powervr .. need to google11:38
tbromap4 is enough11:39
Stskeeps4.4 based ?11:39
klopsi-s1kgpu powervr sgx 54011:39
tbrthere were only minor differences between 4430, 4460 and 447011:39
klopsi-s1ki had android 4.4 on it but then installed cyanogenmod 10.111:39
klopsi-s1kafter i run zypper install qt5-qtdeclarative-qmlscene , is the rpm for that still cached somewhere so I can copy it to a safe place?11:40
faenillook in /var/cache/<something> (zypper? yum?)11:43
klopsi-s1kis empty11:44
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faenilklopsi-s1k, then maybe caching is disabled ;)11:51
faenilklopsi-s1k, you can try "zypper mr -kt" to enable caching for online repos11:55
klopsi-s1kty faenil11:55
faenilnp, let me know if it works11:55
uhhimheretbr: that first link is very interesting11:56
uhhimheretbr: oh and if you must know i think i failed in my quest to port vanilla linux onto my samsung gt-s758011:56
uhhimherewell at least i learned how to compile and make my own rom11:57
* tbr is not the least surprised, such an endeavour usually consumes man-years from experienced developers11:57
uhhimhereit is somewhat satisfying seeing your username in uname- r11:57
tbrand it's good to see you learned something11:57
uhhimherewell the problem is that the hardware isnt described outside the corporate kernel11:57
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uhhimhereand this document explains alot11:58
klopsi-s1khello Guhl11:58
uhhimherethough i got a history lesson from one of the phone's dev over at armlinux11:59
klopsi-s1kGuhl: did you need to take any steps to get the hardware keyboard on your htc working?11:59
mal-klopsi-s1k: at least on my phone I can read hardware keyboard presses directly from device, since I don't have gui I don't know it those reach that far, but I don't see why they wouldn't12:01
uhhimheretbr: though i havent gone through the whole document is there a list of phones that can do vanilla linux12:03
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tbruhhimhere: I doubt that. I pointed out two likely targets12:05
tbrand Tim's presentation should make it quite clear why the list won't be long12:06
tbreven the N900, for which I know how much work went into all sorts of efforts around the kernel won't be able to do such things like power management using a vanilla kernel12:07
tbrwhich means that using vanilla comes at significant cost, like abysmal battery life12:07
tbruhhimhere: what makes you so interested in running a vanilla kernel on a phone anyway?12:08
uhhimheremucking about on the go12:09
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tbrwhat is there in a vendor kernel that does not allow "mucking about on the go"?12:13
uhhimherewell mucking about with different kernels12:14
tbrdifferent how?12:17
tbrI'm genuinely trying to understand the motivation, but so far see nothing that won't work with a vendor kernel.12:17
uhhimherewell for one id like to add things slowly and basically come up with an alternative to a vendor kernel12:18
uhhimhereand then also maybe try them on different kernels12:18
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uhhimheremucking around12:19
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Guhlklopsi-s1k, hi12:25
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Guhlthe hardware keyboard works kind of out of the box as an evdev device12:26
Guhlbut on the gui the letters appear always after you enter 3 characters12:27
Guhldid not have time yet to figure out why12:27
Guhli had enough to do do make the on screen keyboard disappear when the hardware keyboard is slid out12:28
klopsi-s1kcan you document how you did that somewhere?12:28
tbrGuhl: you should be able to reuse what tohkbd has done12:28
Guhltbr is a stripped down version of the tohkbd daemon12:29
tbrIIRC there is some stuff coming soon that should make this easier on a system level12:30
Guhlspiiroin had to add a signal in the mce (keyboard in/out)12:30
tbrah, yes12:30
Guhlklopsi-s1k, my github is not totally up to date - i will check my last changes and commit later today12:32
Guhlwhat is the status of the hybris-11.0 branch?12:35
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gogetalolipop ..... nooooooo13:30
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rbni have the EA4 installed on my nexus, and while making photos the flash turns on (to focus) but when taking the picture it's off, so the picture isn't lighted by it15:07
rbnis there any quickfix for that?15:07
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glassercmal-, I'm not really sure what to look for, but it looks like my userdata device got mounted at /data, /target, and /target/data15:27
glassercAfter I send "continue" and relog in, I see that it's mounted at / and /data.15:32
glassercAlso, the display is completely screwed up at this point -- black with streaked green lines. Is this maybe because I chose the wrong qtscenegraph-adaptation spec?15:34
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mal-glasserc: ok, so you can connect after "continue"15:36
mal-but at least you get something on the display15:37
mal-have tried the small program that could help debugging sledges told about in here a while ago
mal-try with different EGL_PLATFORM platforms and see what happens15:43
glassercCool, thanks15:43
mal-and in general check logs about lipstick as told in that log15:45
glassercHmm, so my device opens telnet the first time on port 23, then the second time on port 2323, and then if I say "continue" it shuts down the usb0 connection. (Sometimes it restarts, sometimes it just hangs)15:50
glassercI tried doing journalctl at the 2323 prompt but I got "no journals found".. maybe because I wasn't root15:50
mal-you only need to "continue" at telnet port 2315:51
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mal-glasserc: you should connect with ssh when you have telnet on port 232315:53
mal-you just need to set the password for user nemo on telnet 2323 first15:53
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glassercOK, I got connection refused..15:56
mal-from what?15:58
glassercWhat process is listening for SSH connections on the device? dropbear?15:58
mal-you connected like ssh nemo@ ?15:59
glassercI used .15 (which is the address I was telnetting into)15:59
glasserc.1 gives me "no route to host"15:59
mal-so are you still at the first telnet?16:00
glassercNo, this is at the second telnet. I can telnet in on port 2323, but no ssh.16:00
mal-but at that stage you should have telnet in address
glassercHmm. Looking at the init script, it doesn't look like it changes IP address.16:03
mal-it should run a different init16:03
mal-so you are stuck in the same16:04
glassercOh, I don't think I've gotten that far, based on USB messages16:04
mal-it should run init-debug from sailfish rootfs16:04
mal-what does usb messages say?16:04
glassercProduct: init-debug in real rootfs16:05
mal-so you are stuck in first init16:06
glassercSo I think I'm at the run_debug_session just before exec'ing preinit16:06
mal-could you reboot and in the first init before "continue" run diff init /target/init-debug16:06
glassercI copied init to that directory (per the suggestions in the /etc/
glassercSo there's no difference16:08
glassercMaybe I should try to restore the original?16:08
mal-yes you should16:08
mal-so you can actually start sailfish16:08
mal-when you do that, also comment out starting usb0 as you did on that first init16:09
mal-otherwise you'll have the same problem with not being able to connect16:10
glassercIt still disconnects the networking device and either hangs or restarts.16:25
mal-try moving /lib/systemd/system/usb-moded.service from your sailfish root to somewhere like $HOME16:27
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mal-so you cannot connect anymore after you run "connect"16:27
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glassercAfter "continue", right.16:28
mal-do see the usb0 network interface at all on you computer after that?16:28
glassercHmm, yes, it changed IP to
glassercWhich is unfortunately the same subnet as my wireless16:33
glassercI wonder if that's why16:33
glassercAnd then it disconnects16:33
mal-it get wrong, just a moment16:33
mal-run sudo ifconfig usb0
mal-my system always gets wrong ip after "continue" and i need to manually set it16:34
glassercAha, I was able to log in for just a second before it disconnected and restarted :)16:39
mal-try to move out that /lib/systemd/system/usb-moded.service16:40
mal-from first telnet before continue16:41
mal-which is of course under /target16:41
mal-maybe there is some other problem, because that should not cause a reboot16:42
mal-so when you are in first telnet check if there is any log in /targer16:42
mal-init.log of something16:42
mal-there could be some error log also16:43
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glassercOne cool thing I noticed is that in the original init.log, the line "ps -wlT" gets a seg fault16:44
mal-on my system I get a lot of segfaults in first init16:45
mal-most commands fail16:45
mal-don't know why16:45
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glassercOK, I'll ignore that then.16:47
glassercThe journalctl command doesn't show any errors about lipstick16:47
glassercThe last message in the log is systemd not being able to connect to a user bus.16:47
mal-are there any other errors or interesting things?16:47
mal-where are running that now?16:48
glassercThat's on telnet 2323, just before it rebooted16:48
glassercI see "the name com.meego.usb_moded was not provided by any ."16:48
glassercI think that's because I moved the file like you suggested?16:49
mal-could be16:49
mal-but why does it reboot16:49
mal-so the problem is something else16:49
mal-cold you connect at all before you moved that file?16:49
glassercI didn't try, I hadn't known about having to reset the IP address.16:50
glassercI can move it back and try16:50
mal-could you pastebin that init.log16:51
mal-and also journalctl output16:53
glassercSo, with the usb_moded file put back, I was able to log in briefly, then the same thing happened.16:55
glassercHere's the journalctl I got with the usb_moded file missing:
glasserc(With the usb_moded file put back, I only get as far as the fbdev stuff)16:56
glassercThis is what I could get of init.log, when the usb_moded file was in place
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mal-I think the init.log shouldn't even have more than that17:03
mal-maybe someone else could help you with debugging, I'm not familiar with this kind of problem, sledges maybe?17:05
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klopsi-s1kgood $timeodfay17:42
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phdeswer_mal-, glasserc : It's normal it disconnects as usb_moded re-initialises the usb interface. You should be able to reconnect if you set up the usb interface again.17:59
phdeswer_Are you btw sure there is no watchdog of some kind that might reset the device?17:59
glassercNo, what kind of watchdog might there be? How would I find it?18:00
glassercIs that something at kernel level or userspace?18:00
mal-phdeswer_: the reboot problem is more than a usb_moded problem18:01
phdeswer_mal-, well yes, but usb-moded most likely has nothing to do with it.18:01
phdeswer_check if there is some /dev/watchdog or similary named device.18:02
mal-yes, I gave that advice before I knew about the reboot problem18:02
phdeswer_mal-, well there is some usb issue sometimes created by the fact that it locks out the USB by design when UI does not come up. However I can't remember now if the rescue mode stuff to avoid that is now available in public and images are correct these days18:03
mal-klopsi-s1k had the problem that usb interface disappeared in a few secondes if usb-moded was active18:04
mal-so most likely what you just described18:05
glassercThere's no /dev/watchdog visible at the first telnet session18:05
mal-try the second one, if you manage before it reboot18:06
phdeswer_mal-, it will go away anyway for a bit (if everything works as designed) as the usb gets re-initialized. So make sure to check if the usb is really gone. Well showing mass-storage, otherwise it is something else even,18:06
mal-looking at logs, it seems that the device appears as mass storage18:07
mal-and no network interface anymore18:07
phdeswer_mal-, then the right advice is to try to install jolla-rnd-device package (and if it still is not fixed usb-moded-systemd-rescue-mode)18:08
mal-klopsi-s1k: ^18:09
phdeswer_That will allow login over ssh even if ui does not come up18:09
glassercNo /dev/watchdog at second stage either; just wcnss_ctl and wcnss_wlan18:09
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phdeswer_glasserc, seems there is no /dev/fb0 so probably some display driver issue18:09
phdeswer_however systemd not being able to start a user session is weird too18:09
*** gogeta <gogeta!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:10
phdeswer_upower also fails in a spectacular way (but well hopefully that will be gone soon)18:10
glassercSo should I be tweaking kernel compile options? Adding more kernel repos?18:12
phdeswer_glasserc, not sure. Did cyanogenmod work on that device?18:12
glassercYes, both cm11 and cm1218:12
phdeswer_It might be that your image is missing something then...18:13
phdeswer_btw did you check the kernel config with the mer-kernel-check script?18:14
phdeswer_As systemd is sooo easy to trip up and fails in soo many spectacular ways if something it expects is not there.18:15
klopsi-s1ki get usb interface and ssh without any usb-moded....18:19
klopsi-s1ki moved that file18:19
klopsi-s1kbut i have instability in the real os18:20
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klopsi-s1kafter a while i cannot run any command that accesses the filesystem18:20
phdeswer_klopsi-s1k, that's fine. just tired of having people blame usb-moded for things it is not responsable for due to some bad setup in the hadk atm.18:20
klopsi-s1kah ok18:20
mal-klopsi-s1k: yes, but adding that package you could readd usb-moded18:21
klopsi-s1kok added to notes18:21
glassercpshdeswer_ Yeah, I fixed all the complaints, except for CONFIG_WATCHDOG_NOWAYOUT, which wouldn't go away, even when I rebuild with CONFIG_WATCHDOG_NOWAYOUT=y. CONFIG_WATCHDOG is unset so I thought it would be OK, but maybe that's related?18:21
glassercOops, sorry, phdeswer_18:22
glassercAlso, I'm looking at the CM docs and it seems like part of the CM build process involves extracting blobs from the device, which I didn't do, so maybe that's why the graphics are so screwed up18:22
phdeswer_glasserc, hope so. But should be ok18:22
mal-phdeswer_: well, most people don't really know how things work in the background and I just found in logs that disabling usb-moded could "solve" the problem18:23
phdeswer_glasserc, And to avoid the extracting blobs situation I thought that was why it is required to flash cm first18:23
phdeswer_mal-, no prob, now you know the real fix ;)18:23
mal-yes, on my own phone, usb-moded won't even start :)18:24
phdeswer_mal-, really!? So you must have some weird fucked-up kernel with a very non-standard usb /sysfs path. (well there have been some before). But last version should be able to handle most of those cases.18:25
phdeswer_But probably is not in the hadk yet :(18:25
phdeswer_usb-moded does not start if there is nothing to use for cable detection18:26
*** klopsi-s1k <klopsi-s1k!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)18:27
phdeswer_usually that is /sys/class/power_supply/usb (but there are exceptions that do not follow the standard)18:27
mal-I'll check the logs for what happens18:27
phdeswer_mal-, probably will tell you something along the lines of no valid $power_supply found18:27
phdeswer_is easy to fix if you know what the path is. Ideally the newest version would be in the hadk (especially since usb-moded code is open)18:28
phdeswer_anyway need to go... will check later if there are some more questions and if I can help18:29
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klopsi-sdkah i need to keep a ping running or else my wlan disconnects18:32
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klopsi-sdkanybody know when i boot to sailfish os, terminal (ssh and telnet) stops responding to commands that access filesystem?18:42
klopsi-sdkps still works. ls does not18:42
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stephgklopsi-sdk: no idea as to sfos specifics but broken filesystems occasionally behave like that20:58
stephgstuff that comes out of the vfs layer will work but stuff not yet cached won't. What else does/doesn't work?20:59
klopsi-sdkany command from /bin /usr/bin etc20:59
klopsi-sdkfunny thing, the first day i had the OS running, all was well21:00
klopsi-sdkare you interested in sailfish on the Droid 4 stephg ?21:00
stephgklopsi-sdk: well more devices running sfos is a good thing21:01
stephgbut I wonder if you have a corrupt filesystem21:01
klopsi-sdki reinstalled SFOS and things worked ok for a while, then the problems reappeared21:02
mal-maybe the hard resets caused that21:02
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stephgklopsi-sdk: does dmesg show anything21:05
klopsi-sdkdmesg doesnt work21:06
stephgyou have a shell tho?21:06
stephgis it bash21:06
stephg(not sh, ash, busybox etc)21:06
klopsi-sdknot sure21:07
klopsi-sdki will look into reformatting the /data partition as mal suggested21:07
klopsi-sdkthen re-extracting sailfish os to it21:07
stephgklopsi-sdk: tbh if it is fs corruption I'm surprised it's booted as far as it did/that anything works at all21:08
klopsi-sdkyes and strange that things work fine - for a while21:09
klopsi-sdkthen suddenly boom21:09
klopsi-sdkdoesnt speak for a fs corruption issue21:09
klopsi-sdkalso i did a bad thing while building sailfish os21:10
klopsi-sdki extracted motorola proprietary android blobs from CM11, not CM10.121:10
klopsi-sdkmight need to correct that21:10
klopsi-sdki thought i might find more people excited about a sailfish phone with the best hardware keyboard21:12
stephgklopsi-sdk: when you say 'for a while' you mean dmesg et al. all work and then stop, or that the first few boots it worked21:12
klopsi-sdkall work then stop21:12
stephgevery boot?21:12
stephg^^ if so that's not fs21:12
klopsi-sdkyes, every one since the first day21:13
stephgklopsi-sdk: the droid4 was never on sail in the EU afaik21:13
klopsi-sdktrue, but someone is selling them on ebay.de21:13
klopsi-sdk100-110 euro21:13
stephgthis is the best keyboard phone tho :P
stephgklopsi-sdk: back to the droid4 had a colleague imported oen from the states and was very, very happy with it apart from some stupid carrier firmware that he had trouble with removing (caused problems with tethering) and the fact it's quite old now21:15
klopsi-sdkyeah the "non removeable" battery is also removeable with a single torx screwdriver21:16
klopsi-sdkthe ones on ebay are rooted and have CM1121:17
stephgklopsi-sdk: well that's something...21:17
klopsi-sdkyes, and mine arrived in as-new condition21:17
klopsi-sdkdoesnt feel slow when webbrowsing at least. the 1GB ram helps21:19
klopsi-sdkbut there is a lot of work to be done for sailfishOS on it21:20
klopsi-sdknone of the test-s worked on my build21:20
* stephg sets one handed with baby21:21
stephgklopsi-sdk: well the fact your build boots is a great start21:21
klopsi-sdkok if you find anyone interested in that phone, i can help them get the sdk running21:22
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:22
klopsi-sdkat least share the configs I have21:22
klopsi-sdki am curious if others will have the same problems I do21:24
stephgmy colleahue sadly dropped his21:24
stephgnow is on an moto E or G, which ever the better one of the two is21:25
klopsi-sdkdo those have hardware keyboards?21:25
stephgmuch newer21:26
klopsi-sdknewer isnt always better. for example lenovo dropping the trackpoint, or phones dropping the hw keyboards21:31
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klopsi-sdkyou know you are at the cutting edge when google has nothing23:49
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