Friday, 2015-02-06

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uhhimhereporting to a new device "Ensure your device boots CM."03:07
uhhimherewhy CM?03:07
uhhimherewhy not just android?03:07
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sledgesuhhimhere: aosp is fine too, provided you patch it (just like each cm version we have has been patched)03:31
sledgeswhat to patch? look at Modifications chapter, and simply study repos under github/mer-hybris/android_* of what we patched03:32
sledgesnight night03:32
klopsi-u3night sledges03:34
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uhhimheresledges, kthnx04:04
uhhimheresledges: so i just skip chapter 5 entirely?04:07
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uhhimhereanybody know if the slides from that presso is available05:32
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locusfuhhimhere: ask lbt, he might have them somewhere05:50
uhhimherelbt: hey can you help with ^05:52
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uhhimherelbt: hey do you have the slides for
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Nokius_uhhimhere: the one from xda not the same but nearly the them
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uhhimhereNokius_, im looking for "Recycle your Android devices for anything : run real Linux on them"08:48
locusfit is essentially the same presentation afaik08:48
Nokius_yes FOSDEM one has some more slides about the HADK part08:51
uhhimhereok so i checked on google and AOSP doesnt have my device on the list08:52
uhhimhereso all I have is device firmware from sammobile and source from opensource.samsung08:53
uhhimhereis there anyway of getting sailfish to build on it? GT-S758008:53
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cxl000uhhimhere, unfortunately the HADK methodology of porting sailfishos assumes that you can build a working android (ASOP or CM 10/11) for which libhybris can be built.09:26
uhhimherecxl000, ok09:27
uhhimherecxl000, any reason libhybris cant be build for stock?09:27
cxl000You probably need to start at porting ASOP or CM to you device first then you can look to porting sailfishos09:27
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cxl000Do you have everything to build stock?09:30
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cxl000Have you successfully built a full stock rom?09:31
zGrrmoin :)09:31
uhhimherecxl000, no ive only built kernel(successfully)09:32
uhhimherecxl000, IM not sure, what do i need?09:32
cxl000If you can it might then be possible however the further you are from CM 10/11 the more the HADK is just a guide and the more you need to do.09:32
uhhimherewhat do you mean further away from CM10/11?09:33
uhhimheremy device runs 4.2.209:34
cxl000I dont know what you need. I'm not an android porter. I've only followed the guids on ASOP and CM for my devices which have already been ported.09:36
cxl000You might need to try an android forum09:36
uhhimherewhat do you mean further away from CM10/11?09:36
* uhhimhere thinks its hilarious that uhhimhere is lookign for a proper guide on porting an android system09:38
cxl000The HADK is based on a starting point of having CM10 or CM1109:38
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uhhimherecxl000, yeah but arent they based on a certain android version09:41
cxl000The share a common parentage with latter versions folded in but they are not identical.09:45
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uhhimherewhat do they mean "device tree" is that the same as the kernel's device tree source?:
cxl000They are probably referring to all the source that sits under device in the adroid repo09:51
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cxl000that tells how to build android for a specific device09:52
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uhhimhereso its like a board file09:54
uhhimhereor a defconfig09:54
uhhimherewhere do i get that for my device09:54
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cxl000I suspect that the first person to port android to your device get to write it09:57
cxl000and that they need to know android quite well to be able to do so09:58
cxl000and know the device quite well09:58
cxl000Have you looked at the vendor supplied sources?09:59
cxl000not just the kernel but everything10:00
sledgesdoesn't have any instructions? they should say which branch tag of aosp to repo sync, and how to inject vendor-specifig (samsung) hardware adaptation bits10:00
sledgesthen lunch menu should have the new device(s) name added to the list10:00
sledges(lookup breakfast in hadk if you don't know what i mean by lunch;)10:01
sledges(the two commands complement each other)10:01
uhhimheresledges: aside from the kernel source in the tar.gz there is a platform tar10:02
uhhimherethats what it says10:02
sledgesthere you go10:03
cxl000uhhimhere, so there are instructions10:03
* sledges goes afk10:04
uhhimhere"2. Copy module that you want to build - to original android open source"10:04
uhhimherewhat does that mean10:04
cxl000read the building instructions at android open source10:05
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cxl000read the HADK10:06
uhhimherewheres that10:06
tbrread the topic10:07
cxl000 will have build instructions10:07
uhhimhereim there10:07
cxl000HADK has instructions streamlined10:08
uhhimhereyup im on there10:11
uhhimhereso this builds AOSP but AOSP wont include drivers for say my GPU10:12
uhhimherehow do i add that10:12
cxl000esssentially you set up your build env, use repo to download sources, add the vendor bits, build, then if you have everthing right install the rom10:12
uhhimhereand where do i find the vendor buts10:13
uhhimherexd bits10:13
cxl000I think there is a step to extract the binary blobs from your phone. It should be covered in the instructions.10:20
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uhhimherecxl000, which instructions? google?10:35
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cxl000uhhimhere, yes start with the google instructions10:47
uhhimherenah they only have binaries for their nexus devices10:48
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uhhimheretbr: so I found this :
uhhimherewould that work for AOSP11:20
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uhhimhereoh ok11:42
uhhimherewell its for the 21553 which is a armv6 SoC11:43
uhhimhereand the 21664 is a Armv711:43
uhhimherewould that matter or since its the same GPU doesnt matter?11:43
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uhhimherehi guys just wondering if this graphics stack released for a BCM21553 SoC (Armv6) could be used to build AOSP on a BCM21664(armv7) phone . They both have the same VC4 GPU :
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RaYmAnit might be a lot easier to just use libhybris for graphics using the android drivers for the phone12:20
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uhhimhereRaYmAn, where can you get the drivers?12:32
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RaYmAnuhhimhere: from the phone?12:36
RaYmAnor if there is an e.g. CM port or AOSP port12:36
uhhimhereno this is for a CM/AOSP port12:36
uhhimherehow do you get it outta the phone12:37
uhhimherejust copy a binary folder or something12:37
uhhimhereRaYmAn, how do you get the drivers outta the phone?12:41
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energycsdxuhhimhere: yes you can copy blobs from phone, but you should build libhybris against headers that was used for blobs build13:15
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uhhimhereenergycsdx: so why even bother w/ aosp then... just dump Sailfish OS over devicekernel & use exported binaries w/ hybris built against stock?13:26
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energycsdxuhhimhere: because you also need bionic lib c with hybris patches14:25
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sledgesa bit offtopic:
sledgesbut hey it's froyday :D15:22
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keithzgI feel silly that I somehow entirely missed the kickstarter period for TOHKBD. Yeesh, what was I doing with my life back in November?19:49
sledgeskeithzg: that'll cost you extra ~20€, preorders are still open;)19:50
keithzgsledges: wait, really? ooh!19:54
keithzgUhh . . . hmm. I appear to be blind because I can't see where to still order.19:58
*** erikys <erikys!4e3d8c69@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:00
sledgeskeithzg: take your quest from here: :)20:00
sledgesi should point to dirk that it's hard to find;)20:00
keithzgHmm yeah I had run into which at the bottom says "buy it" and has a link, but it's back to kickstarter, so I had been assuming the info for how to purchase it was up on the kickstarter page somewhere.20:01
dwangoACsledges: Greetings!  I'm using N4 as my full-time phone right now.20:01
sledgeskeithzg: dig deeper;)20:02
dwangoACsledges: How go things on an official release?20:02
keithzgsledges: Heh yeah, seems to be the ticket20:02
sledgesdwangoAC: nice? did you burn your headset? ;)20:02
dwangoACsledges: I managed to find the last corded hands-free kit on the shelf20:03
sledgesdwangoAC: things are a go ;) did you see opt-in news?;)20:03
dwangoACsledges: Since I can't get BT to work;  I *was* able to get my Think Outside BT keyboard to work20:03
dwangoACsledges: No?20:03
dwangoACsledges: Got a link?20:03
sledgesdwangoAC: yes some keyboards work20:04
dwangoACsledges: Making the setting now20:08
sledgesdwangoAC: it won't work on n4 ;p20:09
dwangoACsledges: Awww20:09
dwangoACsledges: Well, I opted in :)20:09
sledgesbut it will work for porters:)20:10
sledgeswho would make a release earlier20:10
sledgesso will involve grunt work20:10
dwangoACsledges: Any news on N4 movement?  What I'm running now has a non-functional proximity sensor, annoying problems with vibrate mode only doing a single extremely short vibrate, the camera app crashing frequently, the notification light getting stuck on, and a host of other small annoyances.20:10
dwangoACsledges: I've been putting off getting a compile environment put together for a while, but I assume that's probably the next logical step20:11
*** erikys_ <erikys_!4e3d8c69@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:11
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sledgesdwangoAC: indeedski ;) start with biggest scratch:) i'll show u around20:12
dwangoACsledges: I appreciate it - for starters, is there a document that describes getting a Linux development environment set up?20:13
sledgesinstall a linux distro:)20:13
sledgesloads of ram20:13
*** erikys <erikys!4e3d8c69@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)20:13
mal-I activated zram on my port, seems to be working fine20:14
*** phdeswer_ <phdeswer_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:14
mal-however, it does not affect the real problems20:14
mal-but at least that should give some extra memory20:15
*** erikys <erikys!4e3d8c69@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:15
* keithzg just pre-ordered TOHKBD2, couldn't resist and also ordered a SolarTOH20:16
* sledges wants a solartoh now :p20:16
*** phdeswer <phdeswer!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)20:16
mal-does it really work? considerig how small the area is20:17
dwangoACsledges: That's all easy enough, I've got that part already :)20:17
dwangoACsledges: In my case, Linux Mint20:17
keithzgmal-: claim is, in airplane mode it'll get about 3% per hour.20:18
dwangoACsledges: And if by loads of RAM you mean truly obscene amounts of RAM, there's a system that won't be in use next week here that has half a tarabyte of RAM20:18
Stskeeps-j64 time?20:19
klopsi-u3i only have 4GB and things went pretty fast20:19
dwangoACStskeeps: Heh20:19
mal-keithzg: ok20:19
dwangoACMy personal experience: In airplane mode, I was able to go three weeks with my N4 sitting on my bedside table before it started plantively beeping at me to plug it in.20:20
sledgesdwangoAC: we are talking about solar charger other half for jolla20:21
dwangoACsledges: Ahh, cool!20:21
dwangoACsledges: I missed the context20:21
dwangoACsledges: And by development enviornment, I was specifically talking about what was required to cross-compile20:22
sledgesdwangoAC: read the pdf, in the first link in topic20:22
dwangoACsledges: Oh, hey, that's been updated!20:22
dwangoACsledges: OK, thanks.20:23
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keithzgHmm the lack of definite articles in the SailfishOS tutorial is a bit odd20:47
*** gogeta <gogeta!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)20:47
keithzgex. "This is Lock Screen" instead of "This is the Lock Screen".20:48
sledgeskeithzg: i never understood need of articles as per my language, i wasn't writing the docs, but sailors are also from eastern/scandinavian europe;p20:49
sledgesdang i should've said docs instead of the docs:p20:49
keithzgYeah, it's not a big deal obviously, it just sounds weird to my native English ears.20:50
klopsi-u3evening sailors20:50
*** erikys <erikys!4e3d8c69@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)20:50
klopsi-u3or fishes20:51
sledgeskeithzg: link?;)20:51
mal-even non-native ears that sounds a little weird20:51
sledgeswe'll feed it through microsoft office grammar checker next time:))20:52
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keithzgHeh. Already skipped through the tutorial so I can't offer exact corrections, although I guess the tutorial text might well exist in plaintext on the device, eh?20:53
klopsi-u3maybe fixing up grammar isnt the best use of time20:54
sledgeskeithzg: where is that text?20:54
sledgesklopsi-u3: itch scratching:20:55
sledgesklopsi-u3: ah ok, the tutorial app20:56
sledgess/ klopsi-u3 / keithzg /20:56
keithzgsledges: When first starting up SailfishOS, it's the tutorial, and the first few things that pop up on screen to describe what's being demonstrated, yeah.20:56
sledgesi was lurking about the new which i could fix on the spot;)20:56
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sledgeskeithzg: just submitting your the lockscreen suggestion into the internal translation tool21:03
sledgeshow about21:03
sledgesSwipe up again to return to previous view21:03
sledgesSwipe up again to return to the previous view21:03
keithzgYeah, definitely.21:03
sledgeskeithzg: done, thanks!21:04
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!~liar@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:04
keithzgsledges: No problem, glad to help!21:04
sledgeskeithzg: but stylistically avoiding articles is however also an art ;)21:05
faenilsledges: any idea why irssi highlighted me on keithzg's msg? :/21:05
sledgesthey are implied21:05
sledgesfaenil: which msg?;)21:05
*** faenil is now known as faenil_away21:06
*** faenil_away is now known as faenil21:06
faenilsledges: No problem, glad to help21:06
faenilkeithzg: can you write it again?21:06
sledgesfaenil: ? ;)21:06
sledgeslol ok21:06
sledgesNo problem, glad to help21:06
keithzgOdd that that'd highlight you, yeah21:07
keithzgsledges: No problem, glad to help21:07
Stskeepsfaenil hilights on 'problem'21:07
faenilyeah it highlighted me again!21:07
sledgesStskeeps stop hacking faenil's irc configs21:17
faenilisn't there a way to highlight me even when faenil is just part of the word?21:17
faenilI want to be highlighted on "faenilsucks" for instance :P21:17
sledges /hilight21:17
sledges23:17    6 sledg[eas]+  -regexp21:17
sledges23:17    7 sledg21:17
sledgesone of them works21:18
faenilHilight:    1 help21:19
faenilnow all is clear :P21:19
sledgestell a lot about you ;)21:19
sledgesi have21:20
sledges23:17    5 Pull request.*opened #mer-boss -regexp -color %k21:20
faenilI may leave that :D21:20
sledgeswhich sadly never worked21:20
*** Tassadar|nym <Tassadar|nym!~tassadar@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:26
faenilok highlighting is fixed \o/21:32
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keithzgHmm I'm really not that experienced with systemd yet, clearly; how do I actually tell it to go ahead and remount something defined in a /etc/systemd/system/*.mount file? The classic "mount" command has no idea since the target isn't defined in fstab.21:38
keithzgI'm sure a reboot would accomplish this, but that's just me avoiding learning then ;)21:39
sledgessystemctl restart blabla.mout ?21:39
sledgesjust a long shot really21:39
*** nykac <nykac!~nycat@unaffiliated/nykac> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:40
keithzgsledges: actually, that did it! Although since I had changed the definition it warned me that I also had to run "systemctl daemon-reload" too.21:40
*** Tassadar|nym <Tassadar|nym!~tassadar@> has quit IRC (Quit: Segmentation fault)21:40
*** nykac <nykac!~nycat@unaffiliated/nykac> has quit IRC (Quit: ZNC -
keithzgI mean, I'm going to have to reboot it anyways now, but it's definitely good for me to start leaning how to deal with systemd, heh, especially since I'm tempted to upgrade one of the core servers at work to Jessie once it's released.21:43
*** Nekron_ <Nekron_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:47
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*** faenil is now known as faenil_away21:58
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keithzgHmm, is it expected that the Nexus 4 won't see 5.0GHz networks? The radio itself can definitely do so, since I was connected to one earlier today in Android.22:12
nykackimmoli: you need a special radio version I think22:13
keithzgkimmoli: methinks nykac got tripped up trying to single-letter tab complete my nick, heh22:14
keithzgnykac: Oh, well it doesn't work at all unless I have radio-mako-m9615a-cefwmazm-2.0.1700.48.img mounted as /firmware22:14
nykackeithzg: I got it working with the previous build once22:15
nykackeithzg: I think i used .3922:15
keithzgnykac: actually using 5GHz? Huh, here I was just assuming it was an issue with connman's config or such, that it didn't even know to search for 5GHz networks.22:16
nykackeithzg: yes22:16
nykackeithzg: but that version had qt 5.1 and there were a lot of issues with apps crashing22:17
nykacbecause of 5.1 5.2 version mismatch22:17
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