Thursday, 2015-02-05

antranigvthe USB port00:00
klopsi-u3as if i needed to ask :/00:00
antranigvwell, I'll fix it as soon as I get to my home country00:00
klopsi-u3good luck, i heard that can be very difficult00:01
klopsi-u3where are you from?00:01
antranigvand buy a device, to port Sailfish on it, if my own devices wornt work00:01
klopsi-u3maybe you would be interested in a droid 4 from ebay. it has a 5 row keyboard and 1GB ram00:01
klopsi-u3also called droid xt89400:02
antranigvklopsi-u3: where did you till now ?  Mer is done ?00:02
klopsi-u3where did I what?00:03
antranigvwhere did you get till now :D00:03
antranigvdamn, it's late night, I can't feel what am I typing.00:03
klopsi-u3so far i managed to build sailfish OS and boot into it on the device00:03
klopsi-u3and telnet and ssh to it00:04
antranigvwell, you got almost everything then ?00:04
klopsi-u3no screen working, no keyboard working, no gui00:04
antranigvI see00:04
klopsi-u3no camera, gps, wlan00:04
antranigvSSH via USB ?00:05
klopsi-u3works great00:05
klopsi-u3hah there is a cellphone with 1440x2560 resolution00:06
antranigvsorry, what? o.O00:06
antranigvor, why ?00:06
klopsi-u3yeah, why indeed00:06
antranigvwho needs that :D00:06
klopsi-u3motorola Droid TUrbo00:06
klopsi-u3i am hoping to get the UI up and running in 201500:07
antranigvklopsi-u3: how many days are you working on that ?00:07
klopsi-u3maybe 5 days00:07
klopsi-u37 perhaps00:08
klopsi-u3within the past few weeks00:08
klopsi-u3i got a lot of help here00:09
antranigvthe phone is sexy00:09
klopsi-u3droid 4 or droid turbo?00:10
antranigvis there a global version of it?00:10
antranigvdroid 400:10
klopsi-u3i think the frequencies work in europe00:10
antranigvAsia ?, we use GSM00:10
antranigvanyway, I wont use it as phone anyway00:10
antranigvjust internet00:10
antranigvso sometimes I might need00:11
klopsi-u3yeah i want to chat and stuff with it00:11
antranigvit's GNU after all :P00:11
klopsi-u3you can buy a droid 4 and we can work on porting sailfish together :)00:13
klopsi-u3but maybe you prefer to try it on a samsung00:14
antranigvI agree (: as soon as I get home :D00:14
antranigvnop, I need real keyboard00:14
antranigvhow much are they ?00:14
klopsi-u3100-140 euro used00:14
antranigvah very cheap!00:14
klopsi-u3they arent that bad00:15
klopsi-u3on android i can record 1080p video00:15
antranigvI wonder if we can port maeomo on it :P00:16
klopsi-u3i dont think so00:16
antranigvso now you have mer and sailfish running, no GUI and no touch ?00:17
antranigvso just the core00:17
antranigvah and no WiFi00:17
klopsi-u3there are two stages to initialize the debug mode00:19
klopsi-u3first stage free shows only 24 MB used00:19
antranigvMB of ram ?00:19
klopsi-u3then second stage between 200 and 400 MB depending on what gets started00:19
antranigvyou get full os just by 400 cool00:20
antranigvnow many MB you see now ?00:20
antranigvin top, or free -h anyway00:20
klopsi-u3phone is off at the moment00:20
antranigvthe last time ?00:21
klopsi-u3i think 300 roughly00:21
antranigvahh cool00:22
antranigvso with full GUI we'll get like 400-500 ?00:22
klopsi-u3i think it is supposed to be below 40000:22
antranigvwow (:00:23
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klopsi-u3but i hope that tomorrow some people are here who know more about sailfish, to answer your questions00:25
antranigvwell, now I hope I'll buy droid 4, then port Jolla00:26
antranigvSailfish I mean00:26
antranigvI miss GTK00:27
antranigvI'd like to have Pidgin, but sailfish is just Qt (I think)00:27
antranigvklopsi-u3: where are you from ?00:27
antranigvklopsi-u3: I'm next to you00:28
antranigvstuck here :D00:28
klopsi-u3why stuck?00:28
antranigvlost my passports00:28
klopsi-u3oh dear00:29
klopsi-u3can your consulate help?00:29
antranigvwhat consulate ? I'm a Syrian citizen :D00:29
antranigvno consulate, no embassy, anyway00:30
antranigvso hope Armenia will get me in (cz I'm etnic Armenian)00:30
klopsi-u3good luck!00:30
antranigvand buy a Droid 4 from there :P00:30
antranigvthanks! I'll need luck! :D00:30
antranigvklopsi-u3: how did you "port" till now ?00:31
antranigvI mean, you made a package and then using SD you booted it like flashing roms ?00:32
klopsi-u3i dont remember all the steps. I used the Hardware Adaptation Guide and got a lot of help00:32
klopsi-u3yes basically00:32
klopsi-u3first i flashed Cyanogenmod 10.1 to the phone00:32
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klopsi-u3antranigv: when will you find out where you can live?00:37
antranigvklopsi-u3: tomorrow I have some studd to check, if everything goes fine, I might be home after one-two weeks00:41
antranigvand buying (and money) is not a problem, after I get home00:41
klopsi-u3good to hear, do you have some experience with redhat or .rpm based distributions?>00:42
antranigvyupp (:00:43
klopsi-u3that will help00:43
antranigvI use Funtoo00:43
antranigvit's a Gentoo varient00:43
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antranigvused RPM for work00:43
antranigvbut I still hate systemd. :P00:44
klopsi-u3good so you have some background with linux and shell scripts and stuff00:45
klopsi-u3here is the basics of porting
antranigvaha aha (: more, I don't use X much :P also browsing in Shell00:46
antranigvyupp I saw that, just reading it00:46
antranigvit's soo detailed lucky us00:47
antranigvklopsi-u3: and the nice thing is, it can run Android apps.00:49
antranigvbut to be honest, I wont need that, since most of programs are non-free00:49
klopsi-u3the sailfish for android phones does not include alien dalvik, so we cant run android apps00:49
antranigvahh why ?00:49
klopsi-u3alien dalvik costs money and they dont sell it to end-users, only OEMs00:50
klopsi-u3as far as I know00:50
antranigvtoo bad00:50
klopsi-u3yes i would have likes mapfactor navigator for offline GPS navigation00:51
antranigvwell, it would be nice, if programmers port their apps to Sailfish00:51
antranigvnot the other way around00:52
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klopsi-u3maybe there is an openstreetmap client that can be ported00:54
antranigvthere is for maemo00:55
antranigvit GTK00:55
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klopsi-u3yeah i still use n900 for my main phone00:56
klopsi-u3the gps is pretty bad though00:56
antranigvit's an old phone for these days, but still works good00:56
klopsi-u3cool, gPodder works on sailfish00:58
antranigvthere is something name openrepo I think ?00:59
antranigvaha, open repos01:00
antranigvany idea if there is python in sailfish ?01:01
antranigvso I can run python code there01:02
klopsi-u3there must be, gpodder uses python iirc01:02
antranigvdidn't know that. cool01:02
antranigvreal hacker phone :P01:02
klopsi-u3i would be happy to have a webbrowser, terminal+ssh+wlan, a youtube player01:05
antranigvand an email client01:06
antranigvthere is a music player.01:07
klopsi-u3yeah that too, and music player and podcast client01:07
antranigvyou can make it a piratebox :D01:07
antranigvjust compile lighttpd and iw01:07
antranigvand here you go, a web server01:07
antranigvfor some people, a phone is a phone01:08
antranigvfor some other, a phone is a mobile computer01:08
klopsi-u3we will see how it goes with the porting01:10
antranigvsleeping time (: c ya tomorrow with good news!01:17
klopsi-u3ok nice to meet you antranigv01:17
antranigvme too klopsi-u3 ! ^^01:19
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jerpeleahi all07:03
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jerpelea_anyone around?08:33
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jerpelea_locusf: how do i add a new packages for my device (aries) on the Mer OBS08:56
jerpelea_i have succesfuly configured it and compiled helo08:57
*** zGrr <zGrr!~grr@> has joined #sailfishos-porters08:57
zGrrmoin :)08:58
locusfjerpelea_: you need to contact lbt to get them to mer obs09:03
locusfjerpelea_: I'd recommend testing the packages locally first when generating the image09:03
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uhhimherei thought linaro was just a compiler09:06
uhhimherecan someone explain to me what kind of additional source/drivers are needed for a CM port to a samsung device? after all samsung puts all their source on
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Guest94628Can anyone confirm that cm11 works when porting to an android device?  Been reading the HADK and it states 10.1.X.09:36
mal-the Nexus 5 port of sailfish is based on cm1109:37
Guest94628Thats good to know, thanks.09:38
carepackuhhimhere: sure that samsung also provide device drivers? Since not every driver came from samsung theire als working with blobs.09:38
mal-I have also a partially working port on another device based on cm1109:38
Guest94628That's cool, I was just wondering. I didn't think there would be an issue with cm11 however you can never be so sure.09:40
Sail0rI didn't get my Kindle Fire HD to boot with my cm11 mod09:40
Sail0rit immediatly gets do bricked09:40
Guest94628softbrick or...?09:41
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jerpelea_locusf: explain please howto get package localy09:49
uhhimhereSail0r: isnt that the BCM28155 SoC based USB thingy09:50
*** Guest90975 <Guest90975!~joel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters09:52
Sail0ronly soft brick09:52
Sail0rI can flash it afterwards with cm1109:52
Sail0rand it's running cm11 perfectly fine09:52
Sail0rbut when I flash sailfishos it immediatly goes to recovery mode09:52
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sledgesSail0r: debug time;)10:40
Sail0ryeah ;)10:41
Sail0rbut without any output it's a bit hard to debug *g*10:41
Sail0rI think the installed cm11 version differs from the one I build against10:41
sledgesSail0r: lsusb method in hadk ;)  i; sure cm version miss will be last thing you'll worry about;)10:46
Sail0rI thought that could maybe a problem *g*10:47
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vgrade_jerpelea: for local build, chapter 13 then chapter 811:19
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antranigvsledges: I see that you ported Sailfish to Nexus 4, right ?11:33
*** joel__ <joel__!~joel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters11:35
sledgesantranigv: it was team effort11:36
sledges*jolla team;)11:36
antranigvI see (: cool11:36
sledgesnow community is bringing bluetooth to it11:37
antranigvtoo bad there's no dalvik on it.11:38
antranigvyesterday klopsi-u3 said that ported sailfish has no dalvik, some OEM stuff. anyways11:39
sledgesit seems chicken and egg: hardcore developers who would be able to come up with android layer are just happy with native apps instead, and everyone else is asking for dalvik support :D11:39
antranigvoh btw, after long conversation, I decided to buy Droid 4 to port Sailfish to it.11:40
antranigvI'll be honest and say, I don't care either, we need native apps, not Java stuff :P11:40
sledgesit's a matter of time before major part of users will be having a set of apps they need11:41
antranigvI want GTK :(11:41
antranigvfor pidgin11:41
antranigvand pidgin-otr11:41
sledgescongrats on droid4! i think there were graphics issues11:41
antranigvyes, no GUI.11:41
sledgessailfish has unified messages hub, and a separate irc client11:42
sledgesand hopefully soon the messaging plugins go opensource so community can integrate telepathy and what not11:42
antranigvbut is it possible to port GTK ?11:42
antranigvjust compile and go11:42
sledgesXorg has already been ported;)11:42
sledgesbut simply looks ugly :P11:43
sledgesand impractical11:43
antranigvyea, sure.11:43
sledgesfor touch11:43
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antranigvsledges: you have Jolla ? or just sailfish on N4 ?11:44
sledgesjolla it is :)11:44
*** joel__ <joel__!~joel@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)11:44
sledgesi use 2 android apps on it ;)11:45
antranigvwhich one?11:45
sledgesok 311:45
*** zGrr <zGrr!~grr@> has joined #sailfishos-porters11:45
antranigvor, which 3 ? :D11:45
sledgesgoogle maps (in my city traffic dodging is a must, and gmaps is unbeatable in real-time traffic and avoidance)11:45
sledgesand instant car check, to lookup car engine data by its licence plate when i see a nice one:)11:46
sledgesthinking to implement an OCR after camera shots:))11:46
antranigvhmm cool11:47
antranigvviber - we have XMPP anyway11:47
antranigvsome people think that viber/skype/etc is a magic11:47
antranigvOCR ?11:47
sledgesoptical character recognition11:47
sledgesfor them licence plates11:48
antranigvyea, like, can you OCR books? :D11:48
sledgesmy eyes do my best, but it just never happens with books :D11:49
antranigvI will be also happy to port maemo to Droid 4 haha11:50
antranigvright now there's no encryption for chatting, right ?11:51
antranigvsome empathy bug they said. or what.11:52
antranigvlike, OTR :)11:52
antranigvon Sailfish11:52
sledgesprobably guys at #sailfishos would know better:)11:53
antranigvoh, yea11:54
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klopsi-u3hi antranigv and sledges and mal-13:15
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locusfbootlogger: can't write into /var/log/systemboot.log <- I get this kind of error while booting huawei p614:28
locusfdevice reboots straight after this14:28
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Taaeemlocusf: problems with accessing storage in huawei p6?14:47
locusfTaaeem: nope, system mount works fine14:48
locusfit just doesn't get that far as systemd dies to dsme error above14:49
Taaeemlocusf: ah okay because we had some problems in the last few month that after flashing some ROM, you couldn't access the storage and to fix that you've had to wipe/format data and the internal storage14:50
locusfTaaeem: if you are the person from twitter, other update is that minimer works, although again with EGL_PLATFORM=null and it is not going to launch apps with that configuration14:53
locusfso the situation is the same with cm1114:53
Taaeemlocusf: yes same person ;)14:53
Taaeemokay sad14:54
locusfTaaeem: yup it is, I wonder what surdupetru tried with the CM11 vivante open source drivers though14:56
locusfhe has removed those now as it contained proprietary files14:57
Taaeemlocusf: oh you're right just saw that on xda15:01
Taaeembut for now you mean that it's still impossible to get a port working right?15:01
*** s5pik3 <s5pik3!~Spike@> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:11
locusfTaaeem: yes15:12
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TaaeemThen I have to wait until I buy me a new phone which will be a Jolla ;) or maybe Vsenn15:20
TaaeemDoes anyone here know about somebody trying to port to a HTC? Because these phones are looking great and the speakers are also very very good15:21
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locusfthere is just one guy doing the ace, I don't know his name though15:24
locusfah its piggz15:25
Taaeemahh yeah but nobody tried for one of the htc one's?15:26
locusfafaik no15:26
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locusfTaaeem: best bet is to buy a Jolla, you can get one now with 199 off of with discount code FOSDEM201516:00
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antranigvklopsi-u3: I found a Droid 4 for 60 euros16:44
antranigvhere in NL16:44
klopsi-u3is it in good condition?16:44
antranigvcan you check it ? I have the link, it;s in netherlands language16:45
antranigvmaybe you can translate16:45
antranigvthis is for 60
antranigvthis is new for 160 8c285449651fa109c354bbabe740c1b&previousPage=lr16:46
antranigvthis is new for 160
antranigvand another one for 85
antranigvmaybe the 85 is good16:47
antranigvI can buy it after tomorrow, or next week16:47
klopsi-u3just enter the url into
antranigvneed another laptop, this one is without X :D16:47
klopsi-u3oh dear ok16:48
*** Taaeem <Taaeem!55b1611b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:49
antranigvthe 80 euros one is clean :)16:50
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off16:51
antranigvOR I should buy the 60 one, what do you think ?16:51
klopsi-u3the 60 euro one has a problem with the power button, apparently16:51
antranigvI can diassamble and check that16:51
antranigvwait, I have a techinchan friend16:52
antranigva friend in need is a friend indeed :P16:52
klopsi-u3i cannot make the decision for you16:54
antranigvah, I'll buy the 85 one, cool.16:54
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:36
Taaeemlocusf: I would buy a jolla but my problem is as a student 200€ for a OS I didn't used before with hardware which is not soo good, I wait til the next Jolla phone drops or buy a Android with a stable sailfish port17:40
locusfTaaeem: understood :)17:41
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*** erikys <erikys!4e3d8c69@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:06
erikysLietuviu yra?18:06
sledgesenglish pls :P18:06
sledgesbet yra;P18:07
erikyssorry, please tell me: are HTC have sailfish?18:08
sledgesnp, we have a port for Desire HD18:08
sledgesand Desire Z (with hw keyboard)18:08
erikysI are from mobili Erikas_Trick18:08
sledgesi recognised you;) welcome aboard!18:09
erikysYeah thanks:P18:09
sledgesI'm sledge/Simonas who keeps spamming that lithuanian mobile forum about jolla and stuffs;D18:09
sledgesso what phones have you got lying around?18:10
erikysI home have Sony, LG, and HTC I must buy18:11
sledgeswhich sony?18:11
erikysXperia Z1 Compact18:11
sledgesif you want hardcore saifish experience and no android apps - buy nexus4;)18:11
sledgeswhoops, check the link under "More info" at
sledgesyou'll see z1 compact is all red :(18:12
erikysI want nexus 4 but I didn't found cheap18:12
*** zetaz <zetaz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:13
sledgesstrange, nexus4 is quite an oldish phone already18:13
sledgesmust be still popular/hackable as we see:)18:13
*** erikys_ <erikys_!4e3d8c69@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:13
erikys_sorry i lost connection and page restar:(18:14
sledgesclick on 2nd link in the topic for channel log in case you missed anything18:14
ZeDestructorit s a case of everyone has a nexus 4 lying around they have no issues permabricking18:14
sledgesthe onle phone which got permabricked on this channel was oneplus one, and only once ;)18:14
sledgesit should be totally mindless to permabrick a nexus i think:)18:15
erikys_Meaby be Jolla jolla2?18:16
sledgesbut yea, since they are -so- hackable18:16
sledgeseasy to go careless:)18:16
sledgeserikys_: jolla tablet is the next thing;)18:16
sledgesthis week you can get jolla for 199€ with special discount code;)18:16
erikys_I want Jolla!18:16
*** erikys <erikys!4e3d8c69@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)18:16
erikys_But I don't have money... :(18:17
sledgescode for sailfish ;) this is how one guy got rich:
*** erikys_ <erikys_!4e3d8c69@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Client Quit)18:18
jerpeleahi all18:18
*** erikys <erikys!4e3d8c69@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:18
erikyswhat inch is Jolla screen?18:18
sledgeswell, specs is the wrong way to start assessing a full-blown sailfish (linux) device ;) or you won't go far :)18:19
sledges4.5" (specs are on the bottom - intentionally;))18:20
erikysthanks, sorry I dont wery good write English :)18:20
sledgesno problem, you can message me in PM in Lithuanian ;)18:21
erikysBut I don't now where is PM... Here18:21
sledgesi just PMd you:)18:21
sledgessee the next tab in your browser with my nickname18:22
erikysMeaby yes18:22
jerpeleadoes anyone have a comparison betwen android and sailfish18:32
jerpeleaperformance and battery impact ?18:32
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*** erikys <erikys!4e3d8c69@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:51
erikysare in stella imposible chanche wallpaper?18:52
jerpeleasledges:i am confident that we will change that red to green in z1 compact18:53
jerpeleaError <creator>: Unable to find pattern: Jolla Configuration aries18:53
piggzsledges: tested jewelrush on ace with fixed Qt ... it much better, but performance sucks a bit18:56
*** erikys <erikys!4e3d8c69@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)18:58
sledgesjerpelea: that's good news;)19:07
sledgeserikys: you might be able to hack the wallpaper yourself, young android tinkerer;)19:08
sledgespiggz: good to know it was some timer-related qtdeclarative stuff also in your case19:08
piggzsledges: possible to get actual dpi instead of 100?19:10
sledgesjerpelea: sailfishos battery life on nexus4:
*** Nokius_ <Nokius_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)19:11
*** Nokius_ <Nokius_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:11
piggzsledges: QGuiApplication::primaryScreen()->physicalDotsPerInch() returns 10019:12
piggzshould be ~21719:12
sledgespiggz: i'll ask our internal guy he's been looking at this lately19:12
jerpeleasledges:i thought that you have a comparison not just a thread19:13
piggzsledges: cool ... makes it difficult to draw gui items at reasonable size19:13
sledgesjerpelea: didn't arrive at such level of PR, probably never will;) unless dalvik support gets in so we can sell this to masses19:14
sledgeslinux has been good enough keyword19:14
sledgeswith obvious expectations that no java means good battery;)19:14
jerpeleai know what you mean but i want to research also this aspect19:15
jerpeleaby the way do you pack dalvik in comunity builds?19:16
sledgeshasn't been researched in detail19:16
jerpelealets get it runing on sony devices19:16
sledgeswhat would be a benchmark objectively reflecting performance changes between bionic/dalvik and glibc/qt?19:16
jerpeleayes or no19:17
jerpeleabecause one of the biggest power hogs is display19:17
jerpeleathe others are gpu and cpu19:17
jerpeleaso as less we stress those 2 the better the live is19:18
sledgesand we keep optimising;) today for example
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klopsi-u3cool stuff sledges19:24
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erikyssledge atleisk kad lt bet kaip pakeist screen stella?19:32
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antranigvsledges: I ordered a Droid 4 :) is that good news?19:43
*** erikys <erikys!4e3d8c69@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:44
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sledgesantranigv: very good news! community is all about scratching your own (or a recommended) itch ;)20:34
sledgesso whatever floats your boat (sic:))20:35
klopsi-u3it will be interesting to see if he gets the same reboot starting droid-hal-init20:47
sledgesklopsi-u3: did you disable all *rc ?20:49
sledgesservices not only in init.rc but all others too;)20:49
sledgesbinary search20:49
klopsi-u3not yet20:49
*** eleroux <eleroux!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)20:49
sledgesno worries, maybe antranigv will;)20:52
antranigvafter I get the phone, I'll do that everyday :P20:55
antranigvwe can have a mobile webserver haha20:56
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Nokius_vgrade: cm has no licince on ther wiki page so fare I saw :-/ (quick checked it yesterday)21:21
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* Nokius_ ah found devjerpelea hint 21:32
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