Thursday, 2015-02-12

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klopsi-u3i guess if samsung does something with linux it is worth a look00:04
klopsi-u3but i wonder if korea is ready for an open-source community effort00:05
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locusflibc_common.a(__set_errno.o): multiple definition of '__set_errno_internal'05:38
locusfit is defined in both the static and shared library05:38
locusfthat internal errno is used in 64-bit assembler, thats why its needed05:38
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sledgeshell o08:51
uhhimhereyou know 10 years ago the cellphone industry trend was to go small...everybody kept making smaller and smaller phones09:02
uhhimherenow its all about going big09:02
uhhimhereweird huh09:02
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carepackhi sledges09:54
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sledgeshey carepack , how's exams?09:58
johnnydaveyhello to all :)09:58
johnnydaveygood evening :)09:58
sledgesmorning johnnydavey :)09:58
johnnydaveysledges, :)09:58
johnnydaveysledges, i really would like to try sailfishOS in my android device09:59
johnnydaveybut i am not sure if it is suported.09:59
sledgesjohnnydavey: you've come to the right place for starters:)10:00
sledgesjohnnydavey: try
johnnydaveydo I need to have some coding experience?10:00
sledgesthe desired traits are listed here: ;)10:00
carepacksledges: we'll see when the result are ready. But my feeling says good. thx for asking ;)10:03
sledgeswhich exam was it?:)10:04
carepackit infrastructure10:07
carepackthum up10:08
johnnydaveyi think my device is not supported :(10:13
sledgesjohnnydavey: so what is your miracle device then?:)10:14
johnnydaveycubot 20810:14
sledgesjohnnydavey: wow a very rare species:)10:21
johnnydaveyits a great device :)10:22
johnnydaveythat is why i would like to try it in this device10:22
sledgesI'm sure it's great, but the amount of work required there looks unfeasible - you need to obtain its up-to-speed and buildable kernel sources first and foremost to say the least10:25
johnnydaveythat is beyond my knowledge :(10:26
sledgeswe hadn't a mediatek device either10:26
johnnydaveyahh i see10:26
sledgesso just obtain a 2nd hand portable phone10:26
sledgesand try sailfish launcher app for android in the meantime;)10:27
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vgrade_interesting to read about caf display12:52
vgrade_oneplus is on caf-new !12:52
Stskeepschecked my QCOM_BSP stuff?12:52
vgrade_Stskeeps: not yet12:52
vgrade_might get a chance this weekend, valentine permitting12:53
sledgesspeaking of which, see you on monday:) (im here today still though)12:54
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mal-vgrade: caf-new does not contain the same bugs as caf12:58
mal-just checked that12:59
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Makalakhi, i will attempt to port sailfish os to htc one x, but before i start, i have cm11 repo setup which i use for recovery/kernel building but not cm11 itself, would i use it as my base, or have a seperate base for mer?13:36
sledgesMakalak: hi and welcome aboard; you could in theory, just replace .repo/manifests/default.xml with mer's and do repo sync13:37
Makalakgreat, might just do that13:38
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Makalakok thats done... now for setting up .hadk.env, should i ignore/remove mer_root and set android_root to my cm11 root directory?14:02
sledgesMakalak: let's sync(sic): did you pull the hybris-11.0 manifest?14:03
Makalaksync'ed already14:03
Makalaksurely i wasn't trying to chnage that xml all that time :p14:03
sledgessure, just syncing up to be sure you got the right manifest14:04
sledgesand yes, $ANDROID_ROOT can point to anywhere, as long as it's on $HOME partition14:04
Makalakjust to confirm, replace .repo/manifests/default.xml and sync14:07
Makalaksync done14:07
sledgesyes, perfect14:07
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MakalakI feel like im missing something HABUILD_SDK & MER_SDK just a fancy way to say mer_sdk directory, or am I missing something?14:17
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sledgesMakalak: missing re-reading 1.2.1 :)14:27
Makalaksledges: ya just set that up, I was still trying to understand how the pdf was layedout14:28
sledgesMakalak: it's using a mess layout14:31
sledgesi'll admit that with straight face ;) plans are to rectify that for next release;)14:31
Makalakhaha, to be honest, it's not all that bad, but once i finish X.1 i go back thinking i'm done14:33
Makalakchapter X.1*14:34
sledgesMakalak: the whining bit is in 2.3 2nd paragraph for now ;p14:34
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Makalakwould i be make -j4 hybris-hal now... would that need any proprietorial binaries or will i go ahead14:36
Makalaksince i only use cm11 base for kernel/recovery never needed to grab them before14:37
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sledgesMakalak: no need for proprietary blobs at build time, for most devices14:42
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* Makalak crosses everything14:43
Makalak"make hybris-hal is 16 GB" what??!! i only have 5 GB free :p14:44
klopsi-u3gparted time14:45
mal-the source before compiling is alreaduy quite large, especially for hybris-1114:45
sledgesindeedski, and you should thank we trimmed the build down a bit ;) building whole CM is even more14:45
sledgesthe complete trimming is on 10.114:45
sledges11.0 could even do with some more14:45
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mal-it seems there was a little too much trimming done in 10.1, I had to add some repos back to it when I tried to compile14:46
mal-and I'm not talking about driver repos14:47
sledgesmal-: hwcomposer is not foreseen to be rebuild by hadk in normal cases;) but looks like we've hit the can of worms14:50
sledgesif not driver, what repos do you mean?14:51
Makalakgeez.. this OS better be worth it14:51
sledgesMakalak: Linux is all about choice ;) (ArchLinux TM)14:52
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mal-sledges: not related to that15:02
mal-I don't remember exactly what those were15:02
mal-I think at least CyanogenMod/Superuser was needed on system, when using 10.115:06
sledgesyes, that can happen with certain devices15:07
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sledgeswhich need explicit root for things15:07
locusfit seems that the bionic thing for lollipop aosp is getting quite troublesome with 64-bit funniness15:09
sledgeslocusf: the only 64bit factor here should be your build machine15:10
locusfsledges: no really, there is a separate errno handler for 64-bit assembler which I can't get to compile with hybris patches15:11
sledgeslocusf: a link to offending hybris patch pls?15:16
locusfof course my complete toolness in c is also a factor :)15:19
mal-it seems that for some reason __set_errno.cpp has been renamed to __set_errno.c in mer-hybris15:20
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sledgeslocusf: try applying functionality-first approach, without drastic patching15:30
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sledgesstepping across from cm to aosp and also up the android version doesn't sound a piece of cake:)15:31
Makalaksledges: for mountpoint, we're now using our ISD as /data and UDA is useless.. so will i reference the UDA block to ISD?15:33
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sledgesMakalak: as long as it won't brick the device, you are free to shuffle partitions around15:34
Makalaksledges: it shouldn't, but im asking as i don't know exactly how the mountpoints are managed?15:35
Makalakwhat i mean is... when you look at /platform/sdhci-tegra.3/by-name/* ISD and UDA still refer to their correct block, but in the fstab we just mount ISD to /data15:37
sledgesMakalak: sfos boot process is starting in initrd, where udev is not there, so /by-name/ does not exist. fixup mountpoints ensures that correct mapping is done at that time15:39
Makalakand are you using fstab to mount /system /data?15:40
sledgesinitrd just mounts data to later perform switch_root15:40
sledgesafter switch_root systemd mounts any extra units found15:40
sledgesextra units are automagically generated during hybris-hal build time by scanning *fstab* files15:41
sledgesand filtering out unneeded ones15:41
sledgesyet initrd doesn't know which partition numbers data belongs15:41
sledgesso it's a dual approach15:41
sledgesit also helps for recovery .zip installation phase to work orderly15:41
sledgesbut since you are swapping out date with ISD, you need to doublecheck things look sane before flashing image15:42
sledges(i'll tell where to look)15:42
Makalakok, so ISD and UDA should remain as they are, its the fstab that needs to be change (y)15:42
sledgesMakalak: and possible this too:
Makalaksledges: ya but thats what i'm talking about... if this only maps /dev/block/mmc* to /platform/sdhci-tegra.3/by-name/* nothing needs to change15:44
Makalakits what mount those to /data /system that i need to worry about15:44
sledgesMakalak: precisely15:45
sledgesjust best to cover all bases in mind, when doublechecking at the end15:46
Makalakill build ahead, worst comes to worst, it will just use the old data partition, which is currently empty.. so no harm done15:46
sledgestrue too15:46
Makalak"/data appears to live on /dev/block/mmcblk0p14" ya, so i have to swap them15:54
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Makalakmb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build16:18
MakalakFatal: htc-endeavoru-armv7hl is an invalid sb2 target16:18
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Makalakwhat is hat refering to?16:19
sledgesMakalak: doublecheck chapter "Setting up SDK target", with hello world working in the end16:19
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Makalaksledges: you affiliated with this project?16:41
sledgesMakalak: couldn't be more:)16:41
Makalakjust to point out "SETTING UP SCRATCHBOX2 TARGET" TARBALL=$(curl $TARBALL_URL | grep ’armv7hl.tar.bz2’ | cut -d\" -f4) is not working correctly16:41
Makalakwhats your relation?16:42
sledgesright ok, sorry that breaks quite often due to multiple targets rolled out at times16:42
sledgesMakalak: im a sailor16:42
sledgesMakalak: how does that .json file look like atm?16:43
sledgespoint me to $TARBALL_URL pls, i don't have pdf in front of me atm16:44
sledgeshmmmm all sane16:44
sledgesit should work16:44
sledgespaste err pls16:44
Makalakthere isnt one... but when i echo $TARBALL its empty16:45
Makalakthus the next line doesnt work16:45
sledgespaste the breakdown16:46
sledgesi see now16:46
sledgesquotemarks are beautified ’armv7hl.tar.bz2’16:46
sledgesthey should be single quotes '16:46
Makalakstill doesnt work16:47
Makalakwhen i removed the beautified qoutes they were replaced with weird ? characters16:48
sledgesthanks for finding this, that's a regression in the latex document, i know how to fix it and this will bring next rev of hadk closer16:49
sledgesMakalak: yes ofc, it's unicode and your terminal doesn't like it16:49
Makalakjust as well, walking through the pdf, i feel most of these steps can be automated16:51
sledgesthey have been16:51
sledgeswithin first days of releasing the pdf ;)16:51
Makalakthen why am i doing this :p16:51
sledgesso you understand what porting is about16:52
sledgesand get down to corner cases16:52
sledgesyou won't know where to start looking, when device simply won't boot, or something doesn't compile16:53
sledgesas every device is a different beast16:53
Makalak"Hello, universe!!"16:53
sledgesgood stuff16:53
sledgeshadk is "learning through pasting"16:53
sledgesand reading between codeblocks ;)16:54
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Makalakim learning to cheat, the next step much check .config which i dont have, as i build the kernel in a separate location17:01
Makalaksimple, steal .config and throw it where the check wants it :p17:01
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MakalakI'm assuming the actual build doesnt reply on the kernel per se.. and i can build a correct kernel later?17:02
sledgesdoesn't reply? halts?17:03
Makalakit stopped, it need more cheating :/17:04
Makalaki might as well build the kernel17:04
sledgesknown issue17:04
sledgesyou have extra *fstab* files which confuse the perl script17:05
sledgesif make hybris-hal halts17:05
Makalakconfig/kernel.release: No such file or directory17:05
Makalakno its not hybris17:05
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sledgesfair play17:05
Makalakmb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build17:05
sledgesthis expects hybris-hal already run17:06
sledgesand kernel built during it17:06
Makalakit didn't i have the kernel in separate setup, to avoid rebuild everytime17:07
sledgesrebuild is incremental17:07
Makalakya, but still tends to be the slowest step17:08
sledgesclang is the slowest, good it is one-off17:09
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Makalakhow many unofficial ports are there, if you have a no.?17:14
mal-that contains most of the known ones, and information about what works17:17
locusfsledges: seems so :p17:18
Makalaknot too shappy17:19
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Makalakthe end is nigh18:02
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klopsi-u3no reason to add the droid 4 port to the list yet18:08
sledgesklopsi-u3: well there are totally red ones :P18:09
klopsi-u3ill get back in gear soon18:14
klopsi-u3you interested in getting a droid 4 sledges?18:17
sledgesim interested in extending time of day, sorry man18:17
klopsi-u3whatever that means18:18
sledges24hours is not enough18:18
klopsi-u3oh i agree18:18
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Makalakshould i build v2.0?18:22
Makalaklol not released yet18:22
Makalakthe latest then?18:22
Makalakthere should be a value=latest/latest-stable etc to save the hassle from checking18:24
sledgesthere's no such thing because we will be offering early releases to volunteers with the coming update (called opt-in) and then it's just mess to automate that with all defines18:25 article is good enough i was so glad to find community has created it18:26
Makalakfair enough18:27
Makalaksledges: i cant seem to be able to resolve qtscenegraph-adaptation depedency18:36
sledgesbuild it18:37
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Makalaki did... 1 sec18:37
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:39
MakalakWarning: repo problem: nothing provides qtscenegraph-adaptation needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-endeavoru-0.0.6-201502121743.noarch,18:40
Makalakthere is that when trying to build it, mv: cannot stat `RPMS/*.rpm': No such file or directory18:41
sledgesdid qtscenegraph build corectly?18:41
Makalaknot listed with packages to build :/18:43
Makalakfatal: repository '' not found18:44
Makalakits asked me to log in to github, so its either missing or private18:44
Makalakalso this Fatal: 'rpm/qtscenegraph-adaptation.spec' doesn't exist (and could not be made from a yaml)18:46
mal-change it to
mal-so mer-hybris to mer-packages18:47
Makalakfound the problem18:47
Makalakmal-: should i change it still?18:48
Makalakthe hybris seems more upto date18:49
mal-ok, then you should not change18:49
mal-just wondering that the repository was not found18:50
Makalaksledges: it seems to be a typo in the package rpm/qtscenegraph-adaptation.spec is what the pdf says, while its rpm/qtscenegraph-adaptation-*droid*.spec in git hub18:51
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:51
Makalakhaha my memory caught up with me18:52
*** Sfiet_Konstantin is now known as SfietKonstantin18:52
*** SfietKonstantin is now known as Sfiet_Konstantin18:52
Makalakproblem is, this is a development partition im using, it doesnt even have porn to delete18:53
* sledges afk18:58
* Makalak goes search afk19:03
* Makalak goes searching afk19:03
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Makalakbuilt :019:22
Makalaklets hope it runs19:22
*** gogeta <gogeta!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:25
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mal-sledges: I give up trying to build only parts of cyanogenmod, I'll build the whole thing during the weekend19:51
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius19:52
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*** ruthenianboy <ruthenianboy!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:09
ruthenianboyI adjusted some file to match my device so it can build hybris-boot with proper dtb. But it is failing with following message: . Any ideas? I am still stucked with step 5.221:12
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vgrade\o, does anyone remember the recent graphic of the sailfishos stack and where I can find it?22:07
vgradefound it22:11
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off22:14
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*** transpARent <transpARent!~transpARe@> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:47
transpARent hi there22:48
transpARentI'm running sailfishos on my galaxy nexus (maguro) v1.0.8.9 alpha 222:48
transpARentwould like to know if there is a newer version available22:48
klopsi-u3Note: Current release is based on SailfishOS (Tahkalampi)22:49
sledgesruthenianboy: reproduce a clean build of your CM in a separate tree (just make bootimage for validating the kernel build), an trace the possible differences22:51
sledgestranspARent: klopsi-u3: we need the maguro team back: beidl_ & vakkov ;)22:52
sledgesquite many things are upstreamed, so shouldn't be difficult to take over though22:52
vakkovhey tere22:52
vakkovthere *22:53
vakkov :D22:53
transpARentthat would be awesome22:53
sledgestranspARent: wanna take over?;)22:53
sledgeswe just volunteered you:)22:53
vakkovuploading it in a minute; you will have to do some steps to fix the bluetooth22:53
sledgesvakkov: lol good stuff :D22:53
vakkovbecause i haven't added them to the image22:53
sledges*whip sounds*22:53
transpARentI would like but never got into stuff like this )))22:55
sledgesinto whipping?22:55
transpARentI'm a developer though, won't mind trying )))22:55
sledgestranspARent: do you know btw how to transfer your settings across reflashes? ;)22:58
transpARentI have done the first flash of sailfish yesterday22:59
sledgescheck the question #13:
sledgeslol ok :D22:59
transpARentI don't have much to keep though :D22:59
sledgesfair play:))22:59
sledgesjust though i'd keep you busy while vakkov's uploadin'22:59
transpARentI'm reading *looks busy*23:00
vakkovsledges, paste the steps that fix the animations on hadk devices here23:00
vakkovmaguro support is kinda messy, sorry about that :D23:01
transpARentbtw, I'm unable to login to my jolla account23:01
sledgespart of maguro team was in the army;)23:01
transpARentvakkov: I've never seen such a great support yet :P23:01
transpARenthahah I see23:02
transpARentwhere are you from guys btw23:02
vakkovthe other part is trying to be everywhere ;) :D23:03
sledgestranspARent: yourself?23:03
sledgesyour nickname is one of the Jolla values btw ;p23:03
sledgesthat is being attempted hard to pursue :")23:03
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)23:04
sledges:D is like 3am there? ;)23:05
transpARent3:05 yeah :D23:05
vakkovnotes: the bluetooth is not getting suspended and drains the battery :D23:06
transpARentI never use it anyway )))23:06
vakkovi will now find the files and give them to you; when you restart you will just need to run one simple script23:06
transpARenthopefully it's also not getting enabled on boot )))23:07
vakkovthe problem is that the script and the broadcom patram program thatl oads the firmware are not included in the image and the kernel fails to suspend the bluetooth (even if you are not using it)23:07
vakkovit seems to be :D don't worry; let me just find which files you need because i forgot to take notes the last time i messed up with the maguro :)23:08
transpARent:D ok23:08
vakkovtranspARent: while you are waiting you can run the script that sledges posted23:09
vakkovit will make transition into apps smooth again23:09
klopsi-u3vakkov are you maybe interested in the Droid 4?23:12
transpARentI'm trying to connect to the device23:14
transpARentconnected once but dropped and refuses to connect again now23:14
vakkovdid you telnet 232323:16
vakkovand change the root pass with passwd root23:16
vakkovtelnet into the device, change the root pass and use the new pass to ssh into it23:17
transpARentI am connected23:19
transpARentI have tried to run the script manually23:19
transpARentI got this so far after running the script23:28
transpARent[root@Jolla nemo]# ./qtfix.sh23:28
transpARent./ line 2: No such file or directory23:28
transpARentRepository 'qtfix' not found by its alias, number, or URI.23:28
transpARentUse 'zypper repos' to get the list of defined repositories.23:28
transpARentSpecified repositories are not enabled or defined.23:28
transpARentUse 'zypper addrepo' or 'zypper modifyrepo' commands to add or enable repositories.23:28
transpARentBuilding repository 'adaptation0' cache ..................................[done]23:28
transpARentBuilding repository 'apps' cache .........................................[done]23:28
transpARentBuilding repository 'hotfixes' cache .....................................[done]23:28
transpARentBuilding repository 'jolla' cache ........................................[done]23:28
transpARentLoading repository data...23:28
transpARentReading installed packages...23:28
transpARentComputing distribution upgrade...23:28
transpARentRepository 'qtfix' not found by its alias, number, or URI.23:28
transpARentUse 'zypper repos' to get the list of defined repositories.23:28
sledgestranspARent: pastebin23:28
transpARentsorry :)23:28
sledgestranspARent: redownload qtfix.sh23:30
sledgesjust fixed23:30
sledgesthanks for finding23:30
Makalakso, my 1st time attepting to boot mer, stuck on htc logo, and the phone restarts after few seconds23:30
Makalakthis is last_kmsg, but i had to reset it myself, so i can boot the recovery to pick it... cant really see anything useful, noth that i'd recognize it anyway23:31
sledgesMakalak: debugy times ;)23:32
sledgesMakalak: fastboot hybris-recovery.img instead23:32
sledgesit stops in first telnet23:33
*** olafh <olafh!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)23:33
*** olafh <olafh!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:33
Makalakas a kernel or recovery?23:34
sledgesafter kernel mounts initrd, it stops there, spawns telnet to step into later stages23:34
sledges(and starts usb ethernet ofc)23:35
Makalakya but should i flash it as recovery or a kernel, from the sound of it as a kernel :/23:35
sledgesbest if you don't flash it23:35
sledges(non intrusive)23:35
sledgesfastboot boot hybris-recovery.img23:35
sledgeskernel partition expects only kernel23:36
sledgesthis .img contains everything extra23:36
sledgeswhere did you flash hybris-boot.img to?23:36
sledgesjust overwrite that23:36
Makalakit should work the same23:36
sledgesprobably by saying kernel you mean "boot"23:36
Makalakso kernel partition, as long as it small enough23:36
Makalakoh ya23:36
sledgesyep ok23:36
sledgesboth .imgs are the same contents23:37
sledgesjust a flag is different:)23:37
Makalakthat makes more sense.. i was think of recovery as a you know recovery, but its a boot-debug-recovery kind of thing23:37
transpARentsledges: what was the actual fix in
transpARentI have got the same problem after redownloading23:38
Makalakok next?23:38
transpARenttried to edit the scripe and bring the second line to 123:38
sledgesMakalak: boot it, it should not reboot23:38
sledgestranspARent: yes, line 1 and 2 got merged, and now ssu should not fail23:38
Makalakit hasn't yet23:39
transpARentnow I get a warning that packagekit is busy23:39
transpARenttelling it to quit does not fix the problem23:39
sledgeskill it23:39
vakkovtranspARent: untar it in /    the directories should match :D then reboot and run /sbin/bcm4330-bluetooth-activate.sh23:39
sledgestranspARent: pkill PackageKit23:39
transpARentvakkov: thanks :))23:39
sledgeskill kill kill %)23:39
transpARentsledges: let me see ))23:40
vakkovyes reboot after untaring, transpARent23:40
vakkovtranspARent; just in case - chmod +x /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/brcm_patchram_plus   and chmod +x /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/rfkill23:41
vakkovthe rest should be ok :D23:41
Makalakand now what should i do?23:41
transpARentokay ))) rebooting now ))23:41
sledgesMakalak: telnet
vakkovunfortunately the script has to be run on every restart, i will fix that when i have more free time and i will release that image together with the qtfix23:41
vakkovookay, ping me if there is anything wrong23:42
transpARentsledges: btw, I guess fixing the has failed ))) I have fix it again after re-downloading )))23:43
vakkovto check if the bluetooth is suspended dmesg | grep suspend   on a turned off screen and you should see some eerors from the bcm driver if it is not suspended (means that the firmware was not loaded)23:43
Makalaksledges: don't think it will work, didn't see anything about a new connection popping up23:43
sledgesvakkov: isn't this needed: ?23:43
sledgesvakkov: in conjunction with
sledgesshould autostart..23:44
Makalaknow i have to debug the debugger :'(23:44
sledgesMakalak: nothing in dmesg?23:44
sledgesMakalak: check lsusb23:44
sledgesthe bit where pdf doc mentions iSerial23:45
sledgesdebugging via USB cable info strings :D awesom23:45
vakkovsledges; the .service file is in the image; the udev rule is in the archive i just linked. no, something is broken in the newer updates and it doesnt autostart (as far as i remember)23:46
sledgesvakkov: ahok23:46
sledgesMakalak: pastebin pls lsusb -v | grep iSerial23:46
Makalak"Couldn't open device, some information will be missing" and   iSerial                 123:47
Makalakor 023:47
sledgesas root?23:47
Makalakoh no... :[p23:47
vakkovsledges: transpARent; oh it actually autostarts after the files are untared but bluetooth couldn't get activated in newer versions of sailfish23:48
Makalakshould have rang a bell :p23:48
Makalaknothing with an ip address or net connection23:48
vakkovcouldn't get activated form the ui *   (from settings )23:49
Makalakcan post pastebin if you still want it23:49
sledgesip/net that's already a luxury to have ;)23:49
sledgesMakalak: pastebin that greap23:49
sledgesso we all see Mer Boat Loader is alive23:49
sledgesand just misinterpreted enablement of some usb0/rndis0 internally in the phone23:49
sledgesMakalak: dang23:50
sledgesso device plugged in?23:50
sledgescan you run kmsg log tail?23:50
sledgesand re-boot?23:50
Makalakfrom the recovery?23:50
transpARentvakkov: that's cool too )))23:51
sledgeswhich has hybris-recovery23:51
Makalaki have no access to telnet or adb, how would i?23:51
sledgesMakalak: longpress23:52
sledgesand ultimately - longpress+volDown23:52
Makalakto boot to the phone recovert to get one23:53
sledgesMakalak: to reboot out of current state23:53
sledgeswith htc logo23:53
*** arcean <arcean!> has quit IRC (Quit: Application terminated!)23:54
Makalak i had to boot to the phone's custom recovery and get last_kmsg, thats the only way to get anything23:56
Makalakmight have found the problem... with the kernel/recovery, 1 sec23:57
Makalaki dont think the zimage was being built correctly23:58
sledgesif you are inside recovery23:59
sledgesand it managed to mount something23:59
sledgesit's good enough to carry to telnet point23:59
sledgesbut you should see things on usb first23:59
sledgesvia grep iSerial though..23:59

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