Friday, 2015-02-13

sledgesdid you add all mer kernel config flags required?00:00
sledgesi shouldn't check for continuity with my elbow on the keyboard00:02
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Makalaksledges: ya, but kernel is not building, "Please add the TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG variable to your"00:04
sledgesplyz bild da kernelz00:05
Makalaksledges: thats what im trying to do... i have settings to toggle build on/off... but its not accepting them00:06
sledgesjust add your kernel to local manifest and resync00:07
sledgesmake hybris-boot will pick it up00:07
sledges(or hybris-recovery)00:07
Makalakah fuck... ill just change my other kernel setup to build the kernel for this00:11
Makalakenable Ethernet Bridge tables?00:13
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Makalakits building, fingers crossed it works :$00:22
sledgesfingers cross(compil)ed00:23
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transpARentsledges: I have flashed the new version00:31
transpARentsledges: applied the qtfix00:32
transpARentsledges: last line printed is "Specified repositories have been refreshed."00:32
transpARentand blinking cursor )) should I wait or what?00:33
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sledgestranspARent: that is not last line00:36
sledgesthat is zypper ref qtfix00:36
sledges3 more lines to go :)00:36
transpARentalso managed to recover settings from backup00:39
sledgesyou're getting a knack of it)00:40
transpARentdoes it take long to update the zypper cache>00:40
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Makalaksledges: no luck, even after recompiling the kernel00:42
transpARentvakkov: wb ))00:43
vakkovtranspARent: just run the script on every restart until we fix this :)00:44
sledgesMakalak: your goal is to get Mer Boat Loader on iSerial00:45
sledgeswhich means ensuring kernel went into initrd00:45
sledgesif it didn't, you'll need to know why00:45
Makalakthats what im trying00:45
transpARentI have got Error building the cache:00:45
transpARent[|] Valid metadata not found at specified URL(s)00:45
transpARentWarning: Disabling repository 'adaptation0' because of the above error.00:45
transpARentis this normal00:45
transpARenteverything else seems to go fine00:46
transpARentupdated some packages00:46
vakkovyep, it is probably really slow becuase of this00:46
sledgesMakalak: what do you get on your host kmsg log?00:46
vakkovhold on00:46
sledgeswhen rebooting00:46
sledgesand booting into mer kernel00:46
vakkovzypper mr -d adaptation000:46
vakkovthis should disable it00:47
Makalakcant get kmsg :p, ill try dmesg00:49
Makalaknothing seems to be working :p00:49
klopsi-u3nothing is real00:49
klopsi-u3and nothing to get hung about.. strawberry fields forever00:50
Makalakwell dmesg shows last fastboot00:50
transpARentvakkov: I guessed everything finsihed fine00:50
transpARentjust need to run the bluetooth script00:50
transpARentvakkov: one more question00:51
transpARentwhen I'm trying to login with to Jolla Store with my account00:52
transpARentI get an error00:52
transpARentan error occured while registering this device with the given username00:53
transpARentwhat's the cause00:53
transpARentsame problem existed in the older firmware00:53
vakkovwell, there was once a way to get jolla store on the maguro (check in some of the other hadk devices xda threads) but for now there is no official support for android devices; unfortunately i am not an employee of jolla so i can't tell you much :D00:53
vakkovyou needed to add some repositories before00:54
transpARentoh I see :))00:54
transpARentit's sad that to not be able to install some apps )))00:54
transpARentfor daily use00:55
sledgestranspARent: user warehouse+openrepos00:55
vakkovtranspARent: warehouse works fine;00:56
transpARentI just found it :))))00:58
transpARentI'm unable to enable the installation of untrusted software01:04
sledgestranspARent: pkcon install jolla-devicelock-plugin-encsfa01:04
transpARentFatal error: jolla-devicelock-plugin-encsfa-0.1.27-10.19.1.jolla.armv7hl conflicts with jolla-devicelock-plugin-encpartition provided by jolla-devicelock-plugin-encpartition-0.1.27-10.19.1.jolla.armv7hl01:05
Makalaksledges: well, no progress, but i noticed that when i run hybris-boot i can see adb, but its offline.... but with hybris-recovery.. nothing01:06
sledgestranspARent: which sailfishos version?01:07
sledgesMakalak: with any hybris-*.img you should not see adb01:07
sledgesit provides usb iSerial and then telnet (through subsequent usb_rndis driver)01:07
sledgesand proper debugging is needed to get as to why there's no usb01:08
sledgeshave you compield all mer kernel flags into .config?01:08
Makalakyup... ran the check and everything is in there... but as i said01:09
MakalakList of devices attached01:09
sledgesnever had adb via Mer device, so can't say about that :D01:10
Makalak config01:10
sledgestranspARent: rpm -e jolla-devicelock-plugin-encpartition01:11
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sledgesand repeat install01:11
Makalaksledges: oh about that, it's probably my *.rc setup01:12
Makalakthe usb thing01:12
Makalakwith that said... do you have a special *.rc since my device tree didnt sync, since it was modified initially01:13
Makalakthe adb thing*01:14
sledgesMakalak: the first telnet01:14
sledgesdoesn't execute any .rc01:14
sledgesand is where recovery stops01:14
Makalakthat explains why adb doesnt show up...01:15
sledgesif you are getting adb on -boot, means it already went into 2nd stage telnet01:15
sledgesand you can connect to it01:15
transpARentsledges: ok managed to install the warehouse01:15
sledgesvia telnet port 232301:15
transpARentat least clicked on tapped on install button01:15
sledgesMakalak: buy you still need usb-net ;p01:15
transpARentbut don't see it added anywhere )))01:15
Makalaki know :/01:15
sledgesMakalak: and usb should still show iSerial01:17
sledgesMakalak: so can be that whole usb susbystem is bonkers01:17
sledgesin the past it used to be helpful to comment out "import *usb*" in init.rc01:17
sledgesand similar01:17
sledgesbut you should get a sane usb networking with hybris-recovery first01:17
sledgesto get all those RCs out of the equasion01:18
Makalak last kmg from hybris-boot.. full one, but still useless01:18
transpARentoh also I have lost mobile network :?01:18
sledgesMakalak: you should take CM kernel01:18
sledgesand run it through mer kernel check01:18
Makalakthat was cm01:18
sledgesi hope it is CM kernel config01:18
sledgeswithout your mods;)01:18
Makalakonly mod is kexec hard boot, and its disabled in cm config01:19
sledgesstudy init-script01:19
sledgesthat line01:20
sledgesand perform equivalent inside your CM01:20
sledgesto see if USB is sane there01:20
sledgesit can be that sysfs path differs or something01:20
Makalaksledges: your using write $ANDROID_USB/functions01:21
sledgesMakalak: stuffs like this might differs (a diff from another HTC):
sledgesMakalak: yes01:22
Makalak+ write /sys/class/android_usb/android0/f_mtp/on 001:22
Makalakthats an example of how its activated01:22
Makalakbut that mtp01:22
Makalakill find rndis01:23
sledgeswe don't do mtp01:23
sledgesyou're jumping ahead of yourself01:23
Makalakya im just trying to say we dont use function, but f_*01:23
sledgesfirst is to figure out why iSerial doesn't work, probably there's a graver issue01:23
sledgesthat ;)01:24
sledgeswho's "we" if i may ask? ;)01:25
Makalakhtc one x devs.. i was more refering to the phone01:27
sledgesso yes, i think you found the culprit;)01:27
sledgesand i just soldered a damn bypass in a ribbon cable01:29
sledgesi think it's a good logical point to call it a night:)01:29
Makalaksledges: before you do, even with no functions on, shouldnt there be a iserial01:31
sledgesit should01:31
sledgesand that's why the best fallback to doublecheck is to boot to cm01:32
Makalakcould that be something i should enable enable_diag_mdm_rmnet01:32
sledgesor custom recovery01:32
sledgesyes it could01:32
transpARentvakkov: I have lost mobile network connection01:33
sledgestranspARent: are you APN settings in order?01:33
Makalakenable all things!!01:34
Makalakno change, i should probably call it a day01:35
transpARentsledges: hmm.. it was set to prefer 4G.. changed to 3G and restarted01:35
sledgesgnite'all! was a dangood porting streak:)01:36
transpARentsledges: for some reason it sets preferred network to 4G01:37
transpARentah! night :)) thanks for all your help ;)01:38
sledgestranspARent: maybe this will help you, at least to play about:
sledges(reverse it or smthng, not an expert here ;p)01:40
transpARent))))))))) ok, I'll take a look01:40
sledgesyou -are- a night owl :p01:41
transpARentyeah )))))))01:42
transpARentbut have to sleep to to get up for work )))01:42
sledges"Mer device porting, successfully promoting lack of productivity at work, procrastination, and sleep deprivation, since 2011"01:44
Makalaksledges: if you're still there, looking at init-script, there is a function called bootsplash01:46
Makalaknever seen a bootsplash, so it means the problem is further up01:46
Makalakif im looking at the right place :p01:46
Makalakprobably not, but ill add the bootsplash in the else as well, to see if anything actually happens01:48
sledgesMakalak: nope, bootsplash was never implemented01:50
sledgesOEM logo remains01:50
Makalakdamn, i was hope for some reference point01:50
sledgesMakalak: your reference point is echo 1 > /sys/.../android/.../f_...01:52
sledgesunder normal CM01:52
sledgesor (clockwork or whatnot) recovery01:52
MakalakTWRP will do?01:52
sledgeswhichever talks to USB01:52
sledgesand if setting iSerial succeeds, same should be replicated in init-script01:53
sledgesnow there's a catch01:53
sledgesto enable functions01:53
sledgesyou need to disable USB first01:53
sledges...whilst, being on a usb! :D01:53
sledgesso best to do from CM01:53
Makalaksledges: yup /sys/class/android_usb/android0/f_rndis/on works01:53
sledgesor write a clever backgrounding/daemonising script01:54
Makalakjust calling that disables and enables it01:54
sledgesMakalak: so you need to change that01:54
sledgesinside init-script01:54
Makalaki did01:54
sledgesand regenerate hybris-*.img01:54
Makalak      write $ANDROID_USB/f_rndis/on     101:54
sledgeshave you ensured it's inside .img?01:54
sledgesthere might be some leftoves in out/01:54
sledgesand recompiling such things take a bit of grunt work01:55
Makalaki delete everything everytime beside obj01:55
sledgesuse split_bootimg01:55
sledgesto re-verify01:55
sledges(gunzip the initrd)01:55
sledgesdon't forget to doublecheck if your usb interface dev is usb001:56
sledgesor rndis001:56
sledgesor something else <- in this case things would still not work01:56
sledgesok, over'n'out ;) all other tasks done for today01:56
Makalakits there... :'(01:58
Makalaki really have to call it a night as well, night everyone01:58
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johnyz89hello all07:48
*** olafh_ <olafh_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters07:48
johnyz89i've got a problem with sf port07:49
johnyz89just cant open more than 4 apps07:49
johnyz89here is log
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johnyz89any sugestions ?07:49
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carepackgood morning08:12
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uhhimheresince dalvik is a java VM and oracle owns sparc i was wondering ...for shits and giggles : could you run android on a sparc machine08:47
nykacuhhimhere: dalvik isn't a jvm08:55
nykacuhhimhere: it runs its on bytecode format08:55
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ChrisPHLhi there09:01
sledgeshi ChrisPHL09:17
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ChrisPHLI'm working through the SailfishOS-HardwareAdaptationDevelopmentKit-, wanting to port sailfish OS to my Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100g) which is well supported by cyanogenMod.09:38
ChrisPHLsetting up the environment (mer-sdk and HABuildSDK) went just fine but now I'm stuck at "breakfast $DEVICE", p14 of the tutroial.09:40
sledgesChrisPHL: stops indefinitely?09:43
ChrisPHLsorry, needed some moments to upload to pastebin09:43
ChrisPHLwhat does that mean, "fatal: duplicate path hardware/samsung", this manifest file does contain string "hardware/samsung" in section for i9300 only...09:44
ChrisPHLI think there's missing
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carepackChrisPHL: deleted the roomservice.xml?09:49
ChrisPHLyes, of course09:50
ChrisPHLsorry, not as simple :-|09:51
carepackthought this is the solution already. Damn ;)09:52
ChrisPHLmaybe some further information helps: $ANDROID_ROOT/manifest.xml is a softlink to ./manifests/default.xml09:58
sledgesChrisPHL: try breakfast instead of lunch09:59
* sledges should get one himself :D09:59
sledgesChrisPHL: yes i really need food09:59
sledgestry lunch instead of breakfast is what i meant :D09:59
ChrisPHL:-) yes, you should get to eat, suggar for your brain ;-)10:00
ChrisPHLwaht's the difference between these commands?10:00
sledges:D im off today so lazying around10:00
sledgesthe difference is fairy dust10:00
sledgeslunch is more full(sic)10:01
sledgesi9xxx devices have had this lunch problem i remember10:01
ChrisPHLhm, seems better but: "Invalid lunch combo: i9100g"10:02
ChrisPHLnot a very good sign i would say10:02
sledgesrun lunch without params10:03
ChrisPHLremember, the device id is i9100g10:03
sledgesit will give you a menu list;)10:04
ChrisPHLarg... ther's something wrong with build/ line 491: column: command not found; have to investigate...10:05
sledgesChrisPHL: sudo apt-get install bsdmainutils10:05
ChrisPHLnope, it is installed already10:06
ChrisPHLhm, couldn't find on the system, sudo updatedb; locate; echo $? --> 110:09
ChrisPHLand looking manually I find it at $ANDROID_ROOT/build/envsetup.sh10:10
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ChrisPHLgrmbl... which locate --> /usr/bin;  HABuildSDK$ echo $PATH | grep "/usr/bin/" --> <empty>10:13
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sledgesChrisPHL: always use ./build/ as per HADK10:21
sledgesChrisPHL: echo $PATH | grep "/usr/bin" :P10:21
sledgeshave you entered HABUILD_SDK$ via ubu-chroot ?10:22
sledgestype 'column' there10:22
ChrisPHLcommand not found, as expected10:22
sledgesrepeat sudo apt-get install bsdmainutils10:23
ChrisPHLI'm working on this10:23
ChrisPHLwithin HABUILD_SDK ?10:23
sledgeslst_release -a10:23
sledgesprecisely there10:23
sledgeslsb_release -a10:23
ChrisPHLsudo is not allowed within: sudo apt-get install bsdmainutils10:24
ChrisPHLsorry, wrong text pasted10:24
ChrisPHL--> sudo: effective uid is not 0, is /usr/bin/sudo on a file system with the 'nosuid' option set or an NFS file system without root privileges?10:24
sledgesChrisPHL: you need to remount your $HOME withut nosuid10:25
sledgessorry about that, limitation :(10:25
ChrisPHLwithout sudo it is not working neither10:25
ChrisPHLi know, but that's not as easy b'cause it is an encrypted container10:26
sledgesboot into rescue mode and edit fstab10:26
sledges(or just edit fstab and reboot)10:26
ChrisPHLshort solution for that error: cp `which column` ~/bin/10:31
ChrisPHLOK, lunch presents me a list but it's very short and does not contain any "i9100g"10:32
sledgesdid you add local manifest?10:33
ChrisPHLnot yet, this comes some lines ahead in SailfishOS-HardwareAdaptationDevelopmentKit-
ChrisPHLI'll give it a try10:34
sledgessorry the guide is a mess, so please bear with me and follow the links as they appear10:35
ChrisPHLmanifest as shown on page 42?10:35
sledges(chapter 2.1 explains the matters, that you need to follow chapter 14 with references fro and back)10:35
sledgesif you want to port a new device, local manifest is what should be first thing10:36
ChrisPHLused for and back but I seems to got out of the right order...10:40
sledgesChrisPHL: hadk was written primarily for those who want to reproduce an existing port (many reasons back then), next iteration will be laid out for new device porters10:51
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mal-it would be quite logical that way, just give instructions what to skip for those who reproduce an existing port10:53
sledgesmal-: indeedski10:54
ChrisPHL...but hadk is the way one has to choose atm...10:55
ChrisPHLso no alternative10:55
sledgesbut needs some upkeeping10:55
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ChrisPHLI'm working with the help of self modified versoin of these ones:
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ChrisPHLis there any way to point lunch to my i9100g.xml manifest?11:01
sledgesif it's called local_manifest.xml and put under dir hadk says, yes11:02
ChrisPHLpdf-file says: cat <<EOF > .repo/local_manifests/encore.xml ...11:04
sledgesand lunch still not picking up .repo/local_manifests/i9100g.xml11:05
sledgesyou should repo sync11:05
ChrisPHLsync complains about "local_manifest.xml" is depricated and if I remove that file it makes no output but "fatal: duplicate path hardware/samsung in /home/christian/mer-root/android/droid/.repo/manifest.xml"11:07
ChrisPHLlunch does not find i9100g... :-|11:07
ChrisPHLhm... $ANDROID_HOME/device/samsung/i9100g/ (and files are in place11:11
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ChrisPHLafk for a while, I need to have (real ;-)) lunch11:12
ChrisPHLah, commented the entry <project path="hardware/samsung" name="mer-hybris/android_hardware_samsung" revision="hybris-10.1" /> in ./manifests/default.xml and sync seems to fetch some more files that are pointed in my i9100g.xml file11:17
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uhhimherewould an array with a single string in it be considered a 2 dimenional array?11:22
uhhimherewrong channel11:22
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johnyz89hi sledges, i've got a problem with sf port. Just can't open more than 4 apps, journal is here Any ideas whan might be wrong ?12:50
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Makalakgood morning people13:47
johndaveGOOD evening13:48
ChrisPHLgood morning!13:48
johndaveits rainy evening here in my place Makalak13:48
Makalakits never rainy on the internet13:48
Makalaklooking at init-script
Makalakthis statement should be true when using hybris-recovery.img, yet when i unpacked that image, there is only /init and no /init-debug to run initially?13:50
Makalakwell, i should start by asking, show that statment be true is -recovery.img or not?13:51
mal-in first stage no, in second stage yes13:52
Makalakrecovery is only 1st stage, so no (y)13:52
mal-when you first start the phone, it stop in first stage, you can then telnet into that and tell it to continue to second stage13:53
Makalakthe problem is, i can't get telnet to start, no sign of life from an sort of usb connection, so im picking at the code trying to see where its breaking13:54
mal-one way is to mount sdcard or some other partition as rw and output some debug info to that13:55
Makalak^ that, will try that13:57
mal-for example the output of these commands would be useful and of course /sbin/ifconfig -a13:58
Makalakis it safe to assume when running hydris-recovery, its irrelevent if sailfish os is install or not13:58
mal-yes, first stage of hybris-recovery does not need sailfish os at all13:59
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Makalakmal-: ofc it worked this time14:16
Makalakwith that said, i kexec the kernel, unlike last time where i just flash it to the boot partition14:18
*** flyser <flyser!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:26
Makalakyup, with kexec it works, without it doesnt :/14:31
*** flyser <flyser!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)14:33
uhhimhereare there dyson-esque cyclonic filter alternatives for PC fans?14:36
mal-but that't not really a problem?14:36
Makalakmal-: refering to me?14:38
Makalakyes and no, the real issue is getting it to boot, kexec or not, after which i'd rather find a way to boot it normally14:39
Makalakthe initial problem was, that telnet wouldnt start with a normal hybris-recovery.img flash... but as i said, when that is kexec'ed it works14:39
Makalakim flashing the os now and will kexec hybris.img and see if that gets anywhere, if not, back to *-recovery.img14:40
*** uhhimhere <uhhimhere!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)14:42
mal-Makalak: would it be better to kexec hybris-recovery.img for debugging purposes14:44
Makalakmal-: ya, but im kexec through the kernel and not bootloader as thats disabled14:45
mal-I really don't know anything about kexec14:46
mal-except that one other device needed kernel and ramdisk to be manually copied to correct place for kexec14:46
Makalakkexec just allows me to boot a kernel/ramdisk without flashing them14:48
Makalakbut ya for debug its better to kexec14:48
mal-but for now you should stay with hybris-recovery14:49
mal-easier to debug problems14:51
*** electrolux <electrolux!~Adium@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)14:56
*** iGhost <iGhost!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:56
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uhhimhereis there such a thing as an opensource bubble?15:09
*** johnyz89 <johnyz89!> has quit IRC (Quit: Wychodzi)15:22
Makalakmal-: this is init.log15:22
Makalakonly thing i can see is, date and ps with certain param segfaulting15:23
mal-that's normal15:26
Makalakattempting echo "continue" does the same restart thing, so what next?15:26
mal-so you can now telnet to that through usb networking?15:27
mal-ok, then there is some problem15:27
Makalakya, thats how im getting the init.log15:27
mal-the reboot should not happen15:27
*** iGhost <iGhost!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)15:27
Makalaki would have guess :p should boot to os15:28
mal-that "continue" will start sailfish15:29
Makalakum just connected to telnet 2323...15:29
Makalakand reboot15:29
Makalakill grab last_kmsg15:30
mal-so the device reappear after "continue"?15:30
Makalaki ran, cp init init-debug this time... but yes15:31
Makalakill try without15:31
Makalakwith that, the screen went dark and on aagin but it wasn't a reboot15:31
mal-well that cp init init-debug is permanent15:32
Makalakuntil reboot, or part of continue?15:33
Makalaklast_kmsg, quick skim there few error, cant find this and that, probably a mount issue
mal-that overwrite of init-debug will always stay like that, it will force you to do a extra step in second telnet15:35
Makalakdoesnt make much sense, since / is should be part of the ram15:36
Makalakanyway a quick ls shows no init-debug, after a reboot15:37
mal-init-debug is in second telnet15:40
Makalak"fs_mgr: Cannot open file /fstab.endeavoru", this and so /system is not mounted leading to "cannot execve('/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/servicemanager'): No such file or directory" down the line15:41
*** zGrr <zGrr!~grr@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)15:41
mal-you should try to find out why it's missing, or just create that file15:46
*** uhhimhere is now known as unbreakable15:49
*** unbreakable <unbreakable!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)15:54
Makalakmal-: thats what i was trying to figure out, created it for now and reboot :/15:55
Makalak[ 1400.252695] fs_mgr: Error parsing mount_flags, probably wrong fstab :p15:57
Makalakwith fstab created the logs end early "[  177.607601] systemd-journald[737]: Received request to flush runtime journal from PID 1"16:09
Makalakor what that cause i sent a 2nd continue too early?16:10
mal-are there any errors anymore related to /system?16:13
*** VDVsx <VDVsx!~VDVsx@2001:2060:53:beef:60e4:a954:7d29:22b1> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)16:14
Makalakmal-: nope, if you remember the earlier log... this last one ends before even getting to that part16:15
Makalakim now trying fstab with no data partition, since it should already be mounted16:15
mal-so after second "continue" the phone just reboots?16:18
Makalakthe screen goes off 1st, then back on but much differ, a bit after that the phone reboots16:18
*** carepack <carepack!> has quit IRC (Quit: Lost terminal)16:18
Makalakwell, it seems screen goes dim, then off, back on and still dim16:20
*** flyser <flyser!> has quit IRC (Read error: No route to host)16:20
*** flyser <flyser!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:21
Makalakfs_mgr: Failed to mount an un-encryptable or wiped partition on/dev/block/platform/sdhci-tegra.3/by-name/APP at /system options: barrier=0 error: No such file or directory16:21
Makalakneed to create system... or probably us mmc0* as a reference16:21
mal-is that device really correct?16:22
Makalakmal-: yes, but it's probably not linked to the actual block16:22
*** zama <zama!~zama@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)16:23
mal-you should find out the real block16:24
*** zama <zama!~zama@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:24
Makalakthat will be my next test16:24
Makalak"[  159.772800] fs_mgr: Failed to mount an un-encryptable or wiped partition on/dev/mmcblk0p12 at /system options: barrier=0 error: No such file or directory"16:35
Makalakwhen attempting to use the read block16:35
Makalakthough i noticed that /dev/block is segfaulting when trying to open it16:36
Makalakso its possiblly the problem, since recovery/cache are still trying to use it..16:37
Makalakinit is trying to load modules16:40
Makalakstill rebooted... but i got this far, by removing everything from fstab and leaving /system /cache only16:41
Makalakand i also went and created the /system /cache directory to be sure they exist to be mounted onto16:41
*** johnyz89 <johnyz89!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:44
Makalakwould i need to worry about /rfs /rca?16:45
Makalakand devlog?16:45
mal-what are those?16:48
mal-sailfish only needs /system16:49
mal-those modules look bad, did you install cyanogenmod normally?16:53
Makalakmal-: yes... how else can it be installed?16:54
Makalakmal-: anyway, the modules its expecting are those from my kernel, since thats how hybris.img are built... but its finding cyangenmod's modules16:55
Makalakthose it should still boot, i just pushed those modules to test16:55
mal-I don't know what that version mismatch does16:56
Makalakmal-: exactly as i described, it means the kernel flashed is not the same kernel the module expect... that should be fix.. im testing that part now16:57
Makalaknot version mismatch and no errors to go by :/17:01
Makalakwell mac80211 & wl12xx are mismatching since those modules have to be built separately17:03
mal-then some of the services that sailfish start most likely fail and cause a reboot17:04
Makalaksledges: any suggestions now?17:05
mal-one thing is to disable user interface17:06
Makalakmal-: ?17:06
MakalakTassadar: did you port sailfish os to grouper?17:08
Makalakalterego, junnuvi you guys ported sailfish to grouper, did you run into anything like this?17:10
mal-Makalak: in second telnet cd /etc/systemd/user and then ln -s /dev/null lipstick.service17:11
Makalakand continue?17:12
Makalakmal-: lipstick.service wasn't there initially, im guessing it should have17:15
Makalakthat directory is empty17:15
mal-it should not be there17:15
vakkovlocusf: are you there17:15
Makalakok, so what would have that done?17:15
locusfvakkov: yes17:15
vakkovlocusf: so lipstick on sfos on n9 is broken and unusable?17:16
locusfvakkov: afaik yes17:16
vakkovlocusf: that's interesting because right now i am playing with sfos on n9 :D17:16
mal-Makalak: the real lipstick.service is elsewhere and by adding a symlink to null in that location prevents it from starting17:16
vakkovand i am not even using hybris :D17:16
locusfvakkov: okay nice :)17:17
*** zetaz <zetaz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:17
Makalaki'm guessing it's not starting to start with17:17
mal-it should try to start it after second continue17:17
Makalakinit: process 'droid_init_done', pid 759 exited17:18
Makalakshould this happen?17:18
mal-don't know, I don't have my logs with me now17:19
locusfvakkov: last I heard it was broken in a sense that it crashed all the time17:20
mal-Makalak: so does it still reboot after second continue?17:20
vakkovlocusf: did they have orientation issues?17:20
locusfvakkov: yes17:21
vakkovlocusf: i only had to make some adjustments17:21
vakkovlike several echo-s to the dss and framebuffer17:21
vakkovbut filippz has tried that afaik :D17:21
vakkovand after that i rotated the touchscreen17:21
vakkovbecause it was 90 degrees to the other way :D17:22
Makalakmal-: ill probably go out in a bit, phone is at 10% charge, so i'm restoring and leaving it charge, thanks for the help17:22
mal-maybe sledges or someone can help you more with debugging later17:23
Makalakonly thing left is to mount /rca and /rfc which i believe are wifi related, so i wouldnt image them causing a reboot.. but should cover all the bases anyway17:23
vakkovlocusf: laggy as hell, i will go for hybris soon.. the kernel builds with android drivers now; i suppose everything is broken ad needs debugging but ... it will be worth it i guess :D17:23
locusfvakkov: cool, keep at it man :)17:24
vakkovlocusf: btw all this stuff should also work on n900 :D17:24
locusfvakkov: great :)17:24
locusflets test that some day17:25
mal-Makalak: yes, those most likely do not cause a reboot17:25
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:29
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off17:34
alteregoBeen ages since I touched grouper sailfish, was going to look at it again at some point this weekend.17:35
alteregoAs I have now got another N7 as my gf stole my original one ;)17:36
*** eleroux <eleroux!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:39
Makalakalterego: hehe fair enough, but when you did the porting.. did you get to a stage where, the logs seem fine, but the outcome was a reboot?17:58
vakkovwhen he was porting it was wroking afaik :D17:59
vakkovi also had a working n7 and never came to try on it ... after that it died :918:00
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*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)18:04
alteregoYeah, everything worked for me :P18:11
alteregoWell, everything that is mentioned as working in the hybris devices chart on the merproject wiki18:13
Makalaki get you... i was more interest in initial boot18:13
Makalakupto os start18:13
alteregoWhat's happening? You can't get it to boot then?18:14
Makalakim working on htc one x, which also uses a T3 chip, so i though there might be a common issue18:14
alteregoOooo, right18:14
alteregoHow far have you got (succesfully) in HADK?18:15
Makalakeverything is built18:15
Makalakeverything flashed18:15
Makalakbut when trying to boot, it stalls for a bit then reboot18:15
*** plfiorini <plfiorini!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:15
alteregoAnd usb debug output?18:15
alteregoDid you telnet in to the device?18:16
Makalakyes... and slowly chipped at few problem18:16
alteregoJust wondering if it's some kind of watchdog18:16
Makalakinitial i was getting missing fstab, which resulted in failed exec, since thing didnt mount.. so fixed that... the modules version mismatch... then no errors18:17
Makalak last kmsg18:17
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:17
Makalakonly thing that's of some 'interest' is this "init: process 'droid_init_done', pid 759 exited"18:18
Makalakthe question is, should that happen or is that a problem18:18
Makalakmaybe this "init: service 'console' requires console"18:19
alteregoAh, so that's where it halts?18:19
Makalakummm.. no that when its reboot18:20
alteregoAnything in journal?18:21
Makalakby halt... i just meant boot duration before reboot18:21
Makalakwhat do you mean?18:21
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!~sk@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)18:21
alteregosystemd journal18:21
Makalakdidn't try mal was trying to help... and im limited in my knowledge18:22
alteregoWondering about this too: [  111.044916] fs_mgr: Failed to mount an un-encryptable or wiped partition on/dev/block/mmcblk0p14 at /data options: nomblk_io_submit,errors=panic error: Device or resource busy18:22
Makalakdata was already mounted...18:22
alteregoAs /data is where the OS should be installed (iirc)18:22
alteregoOh okay.18:22
alteregoYeah, good point, that's android init.18:23
Makalaksince you cant get this fair if it wasnt18:23
alterego*brain fart*18:23
Makalaki'm guessing i should call systemmd journal on 2nd stafe?18:23
alteregoWhilst it's booting you can do: journalctl -af18:24
alteregoThat'll dump all the log and continue following system messages as they come.18:24
alterego(-f for follow)18:24
Makalakok, can't try now, phone is charging and i want to go out.. but ill try that18:24
Makalakbut i have probably an hour 2 burn, while the phone charges to brainstorm18:25
Makalaki should look for stopped services i guess?18:25
alteregoI think figuring out how far it gets in the boot process, and systemd is where everything kicks off, it's what starts droid hal init and all the other services. So it's the best way to debug stage 2 boot.18:26
Makalak[  111.467872] systemd-journald[602]: Received request to flush runtime journal from PID 118:27
Makalakthe kmsg provides some into about systemd18:28
Makalakbut nothing in the log about hal_init18:28
Makalakso im guessing it doesnt make it that far18:28
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:31
alteregoWell, all the messages after systemd being started are caused by the init process, which is controlled by systemd, so that's the log you want to look at really.18:33
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piggzhas there been any developments in libhybris in the last months ?19:25
vakkovpiggz: some hwcomposer fixes i think19:33
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