Sunday, 2015-02-15

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klopsi-u3havent seen him around today Makalak00:20
mal-oops, I ran out of memory while building cyanogenmod00:21
mal-I think it already built the file I need so I can try to use the fixed library in the morning00:24
klopsi-u3you are building cyanogenmod why?00:25
Makalakklopsi-u3: sailfish os... and im still trying to get it too boot00:29
Makalakoh not to me :p00:30
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klopsi-u3i wish you best of luck Makalak00:36
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locusfNokius: yeah that was quite nice to use :)03:53
vakkovguys, how can i add back the meat boat loader to the boot image03:59
vakkovnot that i remember how it was removed ..03:59
vakkovbeidl: ideas? ;D03:59
locusfyou just need the initramfs04:06
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uhhimhere"What happened for Videocore happened outside my sphere of influence, i personally would never have touched that hw with a 10ft pole, and i must applaud the fearless Videocore guys for undertaking a job which is even an order of magnitude harder than what we have to deal with on the 4 normal GPUs."04:55
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uhhimhereand now we have a pi2; i wonder if sailfish OS could be run on a PI204:56
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locusfie. I just did04:57
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vakkovbadass :P05:03
uhhimherei dont see no pi05:03
uhhimhereyoutube videoz plz05:04
vakkovlocusf: i removed usb-moded and did what i wanted :D now i need the same for another device :D should i just build a bootimg with a different initramfs somehow05:06
vakkovi dont know what the capabilities of the android source tree are here ;D never needed them05:07
locusfvakkov: take a look at how hybris-boot works, it should be straightforward05:07
locusfuhhimhere: sure, in a sec05:08
locusfuhhimhere: I've got the raspi running nemo now, is that ok since they are similar systems :p ?05:16
uhhimhereand now we have a pi2; i wonder if sailfish OS could be run on a PI205:17
uhhimherelocusf> uhhimhere:
uhhimhere<locusf> ie. I just did05:17
locusflol oh well05:17
locusfjust a moment05:17
locusfuhhimhere: 6 minutes05:30
locusfgood thing I made a backup :p05:31
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locusfgood enough :) ?05:38
uhhimhereyup :)05:38
uhhimhereyou know what they say05:38
locusfI'll try loading some ambiances next time so its prettier05:38
uhhimhereif you aint got no video... then the folks they dont wanna know!05:38
locusfhehheh :)05:38
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uhhimhereofftopic :07:04
uhhimhereA real "Luke, I am your father" moment. Here we were, trying to get open source hardware out in this world, only to find it was a corporate product all along. Maybe I'm overreacting, and I knew I didn't manage particularly well community-wise for projectvga, but this was simply too hard to grok.07:04
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mal-klopsi-u3: I rebuilt it because there were some serious bugs in the display system08:41
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mal-now I have a new problem, overlay initialization fails with hwcomposer: E/qdoverlay( 2885): Failed to call ioctl MSMFB_OVERLAY_SET err=Invalid argument10:56
mal-later on I often get error like this:10:58
mal-W/Adreno-EGL( 2816): <qeglDrvAPI_eglSwapBuffers:3718>: EGL_BAD_SURFACE10:58
mal-W/Adreno-GSL( 2816): <gsl_ldd_control:393>: ioctl fd 13 code 0xc0140933 (IOCTL_KGSL_TIMESTAMP_EVENT) failed: errno 22 Invalid argument10:58
mal-W/Adreno-EGLSUB( 2816): <SwapBuffers:1329>: gsl_device_3d_add_fence_event failed10:58
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ruthenianboyI am desprate. I still cant build hybris-hal images with proper dtb however I copied dtb files from original source, modified kernel/lge/msm8226/arch/arm/mach-msm/Makefile.boot to include proper dtb files, and also modified  device/lge/w7/ to look for proper dtb during image build. Where else I have to look? For info, i used kernel sources and device related stuff from repositories from which CM was successfully buil14:58
ruthenianboydt.img is present after compilation in out/target/product/w715:00
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sledgesruthenianboy: define "can't build"16:51
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ruthenianboysledges: hybris-boot.img and its parts as kernel, ramdisk, dt.img are built but image do not contain dtb part so it is not usable16:53
locusfhey sledges :) some new device this weekend16:53
sledgesruthenianboy: did you ever mkbootimg it by hand?16:53
ruthenianboysledges: yes16:54
sledgeslocusf: rpi2? yeah great things:)16:54
mal-sledges: I have some odd problems, random memory corruption when using qmlscene, if not then overlay initialization fails every time, this however is not fatal but seems to prevent anything from showing up on display16:54
sledgesruthenianboy: so port it to hybris-boot16:54
locusfsledges: yeah good stuff :)16:55
sledgesmal-: not enough gpu mem for textures? (it was in logs once)16:56
sledgesmal-: remove graphics files from minimer16:56
ruthenianboysledges: I tried to build image manually but image did not booted. It should provide usb connectivity for debug. But nothing happen after "fastboot boot hybris-recovery.img". It simply booted into system :)16:57
mal-sledges: ok, I'll try that16:57
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mal-sledges: no effect17:04
mal-this error does not look like memory related "Failed to call ioctl MSMFB_OVERLAY_SET err=Invalid argument"17:05
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sledgesruthenianboy: which system? cm or sf17:07
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sledgesmal-: interesting
sledgesmal-:  do you also get MdpCtrl failed to setOverlay, restoring last known good ov info ?17:17
sledgesso what is the last known good one?17:18
mal-as you can seen in the pastebin, not very good one17:19
mal-I think it never succeeds17:19
sledgesmal-: must be some caps/flags/params wrong17:21
mal-I tried to see what differences there are in test_hwcomposer and qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin but could not find anything relevant17:23
mal-since in test_hwcomposer there is no similar problems17:24
sledgesqt creates overlay17:25
sledgesas it's more demanding17:25
mal-the same initialization are done in both, i.e. the call to hwc_prepare17:26
mal-which fails in qt but not in test17:27
mal-the hwc_prepare is in android display-caf17:30
sledgesbut what about overlay17:30
mal-qt implementation is split in to so many files I'm not quite sure what happens where yet, but I made in diff of all initializations and those looked the same17:33
mal-HWComposer::present which calls both hwc_prepare and hwc_set is the same17:36
mal-I'll try to look what happens in the actual overlay prepare function17:39
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locusfbionic built, was a simple makefile removal thing18:01
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mal-just wondering if android uses the overlay or not18:12
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sledgesmal-: i think camera does18:16
mal-maybe I should try to modify that one struct to see if it affect anything18:17
Makalaksledges: you're here :)18:19
Makalaki got recovery working.. but i need to go showeer18:19
sledgesMakalak: awesom!18:20
Makalaki dont know why it wasnt working.. but it dont work when flashed to the phone.. but works normally when kexec'ed18:20
Makalakdidn't* work when..18:20
Makalakpossibly a decompression issue... though the normal boot worked fine :/18:21
Makalakanyway more after i get cleaned18:21
MSameervakkov: sledges I think I made a series of commits that broke :/18:38
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erikyshi everybody! i have 1 question: are HTC desire have sail fish?18:42
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locusflbt: any tips on how to generate content similar to this commit for 5.0.2 busybox?18:49
sledgeserikys: supported phones are found clicking the first link in the channel topic, then go to Step 4 and click "More info"18:50
sledgesMSameer: vakkov: rebase ftw;)19:03
MSameeror I simply need to do it myself19:03
sledgesvakkov sounds quiet, even from PM, must be away :D19:04
vakkovsledges, MSameer: just got home from shopping; give me a few mins19:06
MSameersledges: that's recently :p19:06
MSameerdamn droidcamsrc19:07
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MSameervakkov: I broke the library and fixing it now20:32
vakkovMSameer: and i am already porting :D ok, waiting20:32
MSameervakkov: it will not compile :p20:33
MSameervakkov: done20:35
Makalaksledges: you still around, so we can see if we can get somewhere with this device?20:43
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BluesLee_MSameer: I guess you are making progress on the camera front20:51
MSameerBluesLee_: sort of but nothing to demo yet20:52
BluesLee_MSameer: developing progress is not digital:-)20:53
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sledgesMakalak: fire away:)21:00
sledgesChrisPHL: hello21:00
MSameerBluesLee_: :)21:01
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Makalaksledges: really sorry sledges, busy with friend, give me 15-30 mins, if you're around, otherwise, whenbever i catch you21:03
sledgesMakalak: np, that chicken is asking for an oven anyway now ;)21:05
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* vakkov is not sure what major and minor to use for mknod /dev/rpmsg-omx021:14
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vakkovperhaps sledges could assist21:15
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vakkovMakalak: i forgot to tell you to also create a symlink for droid-hal-init.service in /etc/systemd/system/user21:17
vakkovsorry, mate :(21:17
Makalakalrigh, no worries21:17
vakkovit breaks the boot up ..21:17
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sledgessymlink to /dev/null?21:24
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vakkovlipstick is already symlinked, reboots ~30 seconds after second continue21:25
sledgesyes, hardmasking to /dev/null is first thing21:25
vakkovof which existence i didnt even know about ;D (talking about 2nd continue)21:26
MSameervakkov: merged. thanks21:38
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Makalaksledges: ok free to mingle :p22:28
Makalakwill flashing sfe as secondary rom make any difference?22:28
Makalakrecovery probably wont work... ill make a backup, and do a proper flash22:29
sledgesMakalak: do what vakkov said22:42
Makalaksledges: will, install sfe now22:44
Makalakvakkov was helping the last 2 days, and one thing we got was hwcomposer is v122:45
vakkovit was one night :P22:45
Makalakthe next morning22:45
vakkovsledges: minimer is not starting for some reason22:45
Makalakalso should mer/targets/device/blah/ be rootfs?22:46
Makalakas the fstab i added there didn't showup22:46
Makalaksince im disabling init.. should do i need to disbale lipstick this time?22:48
Makalakand should i "cp /init /target/init-debug"22:49
Makalakdone ln22:53
sledgesyes to both22:53
sledgesecho continue22:55
sledgestelnet 232322:56
Makalakthat was the 2nd telnet :p22:56
Makalaksame ip?22:58
Makalakrebooting still22:58
sledgesdroid-hal-init hardmasked?22:58
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Makalakwithout .service22:59
Makalakmay bad22:59
sledgesgetting there:)23:00
Makalakill give you that, you're more patient than me23:01
sledgesim doing other stuffs meanwhile;P23:02
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Makalakstill reboot23:07
mal-sledges: I was thinking about the struct modification, and I don't really understand why it would change anything, since all display related things are compiled during hybris build anyway and should therefore cause problems, camera related things I understand since camera libraries are vendor blobs23:08
Makalaki grabbed a journal this time23:08
Makalakcd /etc/systemd/user23:09
Makalakln -s /dev/null droid-hal-init23:09
Makalakln -s /dev/null lipstick23:09
Makalakdid it to both droid and lipsitck and did it with *.service as well23:09
Makalakssh did start though Listening on OpenSSH Server Socket.23:10
vakkovMsameer: when the device is restarted it finds the 2 cameras and after we stop the service and start it with strace it outputs 0 cameras. in the strace i noticed that the minimedia service fails to open "access("/system/lib/hw/", R_OK) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)23:11
Makalakso did this "systemd[1]: Started droid-hal-init."23:11
vakkovand it's not looking for the file23:11
vakkovthat's why i made a symlink  "/system/lib/hw/" to "/system/lib/hw/"23:12
vakkovand it finds the 2 cameras again23:12
MSameervakkov: I think android does not expect the service to be restarted23:12
MSameervakkov: yes of course!23:12
vakkovwell, we stop it and when we start it it fails23:12
vakkovhtat didnt make much sense :D23:12
MSameerbecause when we start it using system/bin/start it's under the control of droid hal init23:12
MSameerwhich fixes some stuff23:13
MSameerbut when we run it manually it is not23:13
* MSameer slaps himself23:13
MSameervakkov: it actually makes sense. I missed that. sorry :D23:13
vakkovi now created the 2 missing nodes and set the permissions by hand23:13
vakkovbut that still doesn't help much23:13
MSameerdoes it still fail?23:14
vakkovadding them to the init script doesnt help too because the nodes are nto getting created although the commands are working fine23:14
vakkovmm yep23:14
vakkovCamera 1: Orientation: -1093010956, facing: 123:14
vakkovInitializing camera 123:14
vakkovbut hold on23:14
MSameeri really don't know why the commands do not work23:14
vakkovthis is yesterday's servuce and lib23:15
vakkovshould i update to the ones from today23:15
MSameerperhaps they are run before the device nodes get created?23:15
MSameervakkov: it does not matter23:15
MSameerI only did some cleanup and refactoring but no fixes23:15
vakkovnormally they are in the ueventd that is right before the init script23:15
MSameerit only matters if you are using gst-droid ;)23:15
vakkovso it should be fine, for some reasons the nodes are not created at boot up23:15
MSameersledges: do you have any idea ? ^23:16
sledgesMakalak: cd /etc/systemd/system for droid-hal-init.service23:17
vakkovhere is where i have put those omx nodes23:18
Makalaksledges: so lipstick is correct in user?23:18
MSameervakkov: sledges isn't on_boot done after everything is up?23:19
MSameeri don't know about android init that much23:19
sledgesMakalak: yes23:19
vakkovMSameer: nope, as ypu can see the pvr driver (sgx) gets permissions on boot23:19
sledgesvakkov: MSameer: best bet is to add next to other devnode creations/permissions, in .rc23:19
vakkovunfortunately there aren't are nodes in this rc file but it is right after the first device permission23:20
Makalaksledges: rebooted :/23:20
sledgesis that device permission working?23:21
MSameervakkov: maybe add them in the minimedia service section ? ;)23:21
vakkovi also checked here23:21
sledgesMakalak: ls -l /etc/systemd/system23:21
Makalakdrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Feb 15 22:43
Makalaklrwxrwxrwx 1 root root    9 Feb 15 23:18 droid-hal-init.service -> /dev/null23:21
Makalakdrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Oct 26 18:29
Makalakdrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Feb 15 22:43
Makalakdrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Oct 26 18:29
Makalaklrwxrwxrwx 1 root root   34 Feb 15 22:43 -> /lib/systemd/system/actdead.target23:21
sledgesMakalak: did systemd still say anything about executing droid-hal-init ?23:21
vakkovthey are now in init.tuna.rc (the galaxy nexus specific init) i will add them to init.rc :P23:21
Makalaknope, but sshd crashed, no ssh keys23:22
* MSameer kicks zypper dup23:22
sledgesMakalak: is reboot immed after?23:26
Makalaki think it takes few seconds23:26
Makalakill give it another go to to count23:26
*** prophecy <prophecy!~prophecy@2a02:810b:380:2c4:8e89:a5ff:fec6:eb43> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)23:26
Makalaksledges: no sshd error this time, but still rebooted23:28
sledgesMakalak: don't echo continue from telnet 232323:29
sledgesbut just launch droid-hal-init manually23:29
sledgesis /system get mounted btw?23:29
Makalakso far init not causing a crash23:30
Makalaksledges: no reboot yet23:32
sledgesMakalak: no continue means no partitions mounted except data23:34
sledgesso how is /system in order?23:34
Makalaksh-3.2# ls system23:34
Makalakaddon.d  app  bin  build.prop  etc  extras  fonts  framework  lib  lost+found  media  priv-app  recovery-from-boot.bak  tts  usr  vendor  xbin23:34
Makalakcould it be the fstab?23:34
Makalakwhen i was with vakkov, we got /system/bin/blah not found, so i added it23:35
sledgesshould be ok then23:36
sledgesso it means that something else triggers reboot23:36
vakkovsledges: will i break the boot if i enable ueventd ?23:36
sledgesyou need to start hardmasking other services like ofono23:36
sledgesvakkov: noidea:}23:37
vakkovhe was getting some ofono errors in the journal right before reboot23:37
Makalakok... system or user?23:37
sledgesdepends where it is23:38
sledgesif it's under /lib/systemd/system23:38
sledgesthen system23:38
sledgesif /usr/lib/systemd/user23:38
sledgesthen ...;)23:38
sledgesyes, continue23:39
Makalakit was system23:39
Makalakwait-session-to-start[1190]: In wait loop (0)23:41
Makalakreboot happens after this23:41
sledgesbecause of lipstick23:41
sledgesstill reboots?23:41
Makalakso maybe this Starting system-autologin.slice23:41
sledgespulseaudio hardmask time23:42
sledgesuser iirc23:42
vakkovMSameer, sledges: i tried "on boot",  "on init" and god knows what else; the ueventd service is started "on boot" i will enable it and do a last try23:43
sledgesvakkov: you can always mknod via a systemd/.sh23:44
sledgesgrep droid-hal-device for examples23:44
vakkovi though of it23:44
vakkovbut it is again late23:44
sledgesMakalak: connman23:44
vakkovthe pint is to be before hte media service we are using has started23:44
sledgesvakkov: udev?23:45
sledgesadd a rule23:45
vakkovsledges: unless i do it the nitdroid way :P i will add a script in init.rc :P with a service and the media service will depend on that service23:46
vakkovls: cannot access /dev/rpmsg*: No such file or directory23:46
vakkovmight give it a try but isn't it still after init.rc?23:46
sledgeswasn't a module supposed to create those?23:47
sledgesiirc from pandaboard times23:47
sledgesif droid-hal-init.service says After udev - then no ;)23:47
Makalaksystemd[1]: Unit droid-late-start.service entered failed state.23:48
sledgesMakalak: you choose :P :D23:48
vakkovtheoretically it should be the stupid ducati firmware (which before was spamming the dmesg with its firmware not being loaded) but now it seems everything is loaded... i think ueventd makes them23:48
vakkovcreates them*23:48
vakkovthey are the first two lines23:48
vakkovMSameer: remember when we tried with your camera app before? here in this channel23:50
*** Apteryx <Apteryx!~maxim@> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:53
Makalaksledges: disabled sensord.service and the journal made it further down23:54
Makalakstill reboote23:54
MakalakFailed to open private bus connection: Failed to connect to socket /run/user/100000/dbus/user_bus_socket: No such file or directory23:55
sledgesMakalak: keep disabling23:55
sledgessomething triggers something, as we are sure nothing happens until we continue into systemd malarkey23:55
Makalakthis is madness!!23:55
sledgesso binary search should divide and conquer eventually :P23:55
MakalakI like it ::)23:56
sledgeswhy? every device is different, and you'll see some insignificant service offending the whole thing23:56
sledgesmost likely, in the end23:56
Makalakim sure i can stop this...23:56
Makalakdisable systemd23:56
vakkovbtw, ehy the hell is systemd adopted by mer ;d23:57
Makalakwould it be fair to say, i should disable something above the new log?23:57
sledgestry to pull of an init system as complex as contemporary mobile phones require :P23:58
sledgesgoodnight all!23:59

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