Monday, 2015-02-16

Makalakvakkov: jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session[748]: [D] HwComposerScreenInfo::HwComposerScreenInfo:252 -  - Physical size: QSizeF(53, 95)00:02
Makalaksledges: night00:02
vakkovwohooo :P00:02
vakkovsledges: night00:03
vakkovsledges: hold on :D00:03
vakkovwhat was needed to stop the startup wizard :D something in .stowaways?00:03
vakkovMakalak: i think i will also be porting tonight :D00:03
Makalakvakkov: you think it was segfaulting causing the reboot?00:04
vakkovwhat segfaulting00:05
vakkovdo you still have a reboot?00:05
vakkovstartup wizard segfaults?00:05
Makalakvakkov: it is calling the same binary that segfault'ed on us00:06
Makalakso maybe? that's causing it to crash as well00:06
Makalakya still rebooting00:07
Makalakbut screen size shows up00:07
vakkovwhich same binary ;D00:08
vakkovwe tried minmer, didn't we?00:08
vakkovp.s. u are lucky... here one of the kernel configs breaks the telnet :P00:09
Makalakits the same msg anyway00:09
vakkovyou installed qmlscene manually iirc ... it is not used00:09
vakkovofc it is, that's from wayland ;P00:09
MSameervakkov: yup00:12
vakkovMSameer: why do i think it managed to open something then?00:13
Makalakat this rate, ill disable the entire os :p00:14
vakkovwhat have you disabled so far except lipstick and droid-hal and ofono00:14
vakkovstupid thing is you might disable something that can also cause a reboot (i think)00:15
*** beidl_ <beidl_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters00:16             droid-hal-init.service    ofono.service     sensord.service00:16
Makalakconnman.service                droid-late-start.service  mce.service              ohmd.service      sshd-keys.service00:16
Makalakdroid-battery-monitor.service  runlevel4.target00:16
vakkovsledges, it was CONFIG_TMPFS_POSIX_ACL that broke it00:17
vakkovare you disabling them just becuase they are dying00:18
Makalakdroid-hal-init          jolla-signon-ui.service                       lipstick          pulseaudio.service00:18
Makalakdroid-hal-init.service  jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session.service  lipstick.service00:18
Makalakyes.. and no.. im running out of things so, DISABLE ALL00:19
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MSameervakkov: i don't gey you00:20
MSameervakkov: i don't get you00:20
vakkovMSameer: forget about it; tomorrow i will try to get those nodes somehow ... might mess up with the kernel again00:21
Makalakoh the irony if it turned out to be sshd00:26
vakkovdisable the ssh, you have disabled the keys anyway :D00:29
vakkovsledges: can't reach second telnet though :(00:29
MSameervakkov: send sledges the phone for a night of hacking :D00:30
vakkovhe is already in the bed; but he will check the log tomorrow :P00:30
Makalakvakkov: what might try and access /dev/block/00:31
Makalaki know that segfaults00:31
vakkovthe radio00:31
vakkovbut you disabled ofono00:31
vakkovlog? *00:31
vakkovno, what is the log :D00:32
Makalaki have that set correctly00:32
Makalakfor what?00:32
vakkovMakalak: just a sec00:34
Makalakvakkov: disabled user session or whats called, to narrow it down a bit00:35
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vakkovsledges: if mount_stowaways doesnt work, how is it supposed to mount the rootfs and switch root (reading the init script)00:35
Makalaknow how do i disable DSME00:35
vakkovhahahahah :D00:36
vakkovhold on :D leaving this here for me tomorrow - systemd[1]: Starting Create static device nodes in /dev...00:36
vakkovwill check it for one of my phones ;P00:36
Makalaksometime i think you're too smart.... and lazy too00:37
vakkovFeb 16 02:33:24 Jolla systemd[1]: Startup finished in 4min 45.022s (kernel) + 25.198s (userspace) = 5min 10.221s.00:39
vakkovobviosly you have reached to an end?00:39
vakkovmaybe you have disabled too muchs tuff00:39
vakkovlet's check on one of my sh*ts00:39
Makalaki disabled the user-session, which disabled everything under its control00:40
vakkovwell, enable it ;D00:40
Makalaki suppose its not the culprit00:41
Makalakwhat does DSME does anyway?00:42
vakkovwhy has your kenrel taken 4 mins btw00:42
vakkovon the nokia-s it was ued for charging00:43
vakkovdunno, should be charging00:43
Makalakprobably the time it tokk me to disable a service00:43
Makalakill disable it then... if it is charging... it could cause voltage issue... reboot00:43
vakkovno no00:44
vakkov:D omg, that logic00:44
vakkovThe D-Bus interface provides services to request reboot, shutdown or powerup (from acting dead mode), indication of shutdown, thermal events and data save.00:45
vakkovok, try to disable it :D00:45
MakalakFeb 16 02:45:27 Jolla booster-silica-qt5[978]: [C] unknown:0 - Failed to create display (No such file or directory)00:46
MakalakFeb 16 02:45:27 Jolla booster-browser[977]: [C] unknown:0 - Failed to create display (No such file or directory)00:46
MakalakFeb 16 02:45:27 Jolla wait-session-to-start[734]: In wait loop (36)00:46
MakalakFeb 16 02:45:28 Jolla timed-qt5[763]: ERROR: dsme state query error: 'The name was not provided by any .service files00:46
MakalakFeb 16 02:45:28 Jolla wait-session-to-start[734]: In wait loop (37)00:46
Makalakstuck in this loop... no reboot00:46
Makalaki wanted to disable it from the start00:46
Makalakvakkov: ^00:47
vakkovso familiar with this ..00:47
vakkovno need to disable anything00:48
vakkovyur graphics have to be debugged ..00:48
Makalakno... this is because i disabled the display..00:48
vakkovthis shit was rebooting n900 when i was making the wayland attempts00:48
vakkovhow have you disabled the display?00:48
vakkovenable it ..00:49
vakkovlet's enable one by one :D00:49
Makalakthats the plan00:49
Makalakthats 15 reboots.. to test 1 by 1... lets do 300:50
Makalakvakkov: also... the reason might be a bit stupider... it could be caused by an app dependent of dsme... but we've narrowed it down00:51
Makalakremoved about 10 now, still ok00:58
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Makalakgot ssh working01:03
Makalakvakkov: still there?01:08
vakkovMakalak: still rebooting?01:09
Makalakvakkov: nope01:09
Makalakenabled all services exept dsme01:09
Makalaki have ssh01:10
Makalakbut no boot01:10
vakkovyou mean it's not booting?01:10
Makalaknot to the os atleast01:11
Makalakand dsme error are everywhere01:11
vakkovtoo many stuff depends on it01:13
vakkovbut you are not getting restarted?01:14
Makalakprobabky the time to test minimer again?01:15
Makalakalso i just tried you net enabler method and it didnt work01:16
vakkovwhat if you enable dsme01:17
vakkovleave it to reboot01:17
vakkovand then cat /var/log/systemboot.log01:17
vakkovis there going to be anything about dsme there01:17
vakkovwe'l try to get the graphics somehow, don't worry :D01:19
Makalakim not worried.. just sleepy01:20
vakkovenable dsme and cat this pls01:21
vakkovthe graphics will take time anyway :)01:21
Makalakas i said... htc one x and grouper use the same chip... Tegra 3 just a different variant.. so hopefully close enough that it helps01:23
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Makalak20150216_032143 Startup:  androidboot.mode=normal01:24
Makalak20150216_032143 Received: dsme internal state USER01:24
Makalaksame msgs about 20 times01:24
Makalakvakkov: ^01:24
vakkovno reboot requests and such stuff?01:25
Makalaknope just that01:25
Makalaki called dsme from telnet... give me the usages.. few lines and phone rebooted01:27
vakkovdoesnt sound nice01:28
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vakkovthis is what it should give you :D01:30
vakkovthats the manpage01:30
Makalaki know.. but even with just that it rebooted the phone01:30
vakkovsledges: is that a broken d-bus?01:30
vakkovor if you had it enabled your time has passed? :D01:31
Makalakgod, i have to be up in 4 an half hours, i better call it a day... good night.01:31
Makalakmy phone cant even charge in this time :p01:32
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locusfsitu: ping04:01
locusfsitu: if you ever got time, I'd like some help doing the busybox for droid 5.0.2, I'm just wondering on how did you make this commit happen:04:07
locusfhmm ok seems I won't be pasting it then04:08
locusfanyways its the middle commit for hybris-11.004:08
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vakkovstill can't go to second continue05:07
vakkovfor some odd reason05:07
vakkovthat's why i chrooted in /target and init-ed from there ;D sledges05:07
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locusfheh, well that works too :)05:11
locusfI'm trying a blind build of mesa for minnowboard max05:12
vakkovlocusf: it actually doesn't work ... and i can't understand why this stupid sony can't swtich the root05:16
vakkovwhen the root is the same partition05:16
locusfwhich sony?05:16
vakkovxperia miro (mesona)05:16
vakkovprobably something in he cm files is wrong05:17
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situlocusf: hey05:48
locusfsitu: yo05:49
situlocusf: I think I pasted the instructions in busybox commit.05:49
locusfsitu: oh ok, could you please show me?05:50
situsee commit description05:50
locusfsitu: alright, thanks a ton :)05:51
situlocusf: the description is not there in upstream commit, please add it.05:52
locusfsitu: alright, when I get there05:53
locusfnot this again05:55
locusfI can't paste the pastie05:55
locusfI get errors like "external/busybox" is not clean, due to .config existing05:56
locusfI guess the building has changed in 5.0.205:56
locusfsince there is no .config-full anymore but busybox-config.full05:56
situping lbt, he knows more about it05:56
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carepackgood morning08:02
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faenilTampere life, haha09:30
faenilmoro is typical of Tampere09:31
electroluxmoro poro :)09:32
* sledges needs more flakes:D yes, some sailors say that, and I liked it :))09:32
sledgeslol electrolux , nice nickname ;D09:34
sledgesdidn't notice when you changed it:))09:35
*** arcean <arcean!> has joined #sailfishos-porters09:35
electroluxsledges: yeah, I was forced to use it, king of vacuum :p09:35
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Makalakslegdes, you've probably have read that we found the cause of the reboot11:26
sledgesMakalak: yep, dsme11:27
Makalakits funny, that was the first error in the log... but i just couldnt find the service to disable it... smart me was searching for DSME instead of dsme11:28
sledgesMakalak: time to strace dsme when launched by hand (if that triggers reboot)11:30
Makalaksledges: it does, but ill do that 2night, i have to great read for college now11:30
sledgesMakalak: what's that to read? ;)11:31
Makalakbut where can i get strace from?11:31
sledgesMakalak: should do
Makalakbut there is alot to read :0 25 microbiology lecture, which i must complete by the end of this week :(11:32
sledgeswhops, i shouldn't have given you this link, or your microbiology will suffer;D11:32
Makalakslhaha... thats a schedule i put for myself, exams are still 2 months off... but ya.. i still shouldnt slake off just yet11:34
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erikysHi, answer me: what is latest sailfish os version?17:55
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erikysplease sledges ppm18:12
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stephg_good evening parpy-porters20:40
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mal-evening, which is once again full of debugging20:42
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klopsi-u3evening mal- you are a fighter :)21:04
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mal-hopefully I'll be able to solve the current problem21:06
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mal-it appears that for some reason the overlay dimensions are all zero, which causes kernel drivers to fail while setting overlay21:25
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mal-sledges: that is the cause for the invalid argument error21:47
mal-haven't yet found out why that happens21:47
sledgesqt requests an overlay, right?21:48
mal-well, I cannot find anything related to overlay in qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin21:49
sledgesmaybe w00t could help?21:49
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mal-I'm trying to trace the exact path from the plugin to the drivers21:50
mal-I think the overlay could be just something internal in display-caf21:52
Makalaksledges: strace requires perl.. perl requires more dependencies... is there a complete package?21:54
mal-dmesg gives this all the time which tells the real cause i.e. overlay size
sledgesMakalak: ps ax | grep connman21:58
Makalakmal-: route add default gw <-- is that on the phone or pc21:59
Makalak  796 ?        Ss     0:00 /usr/sbin/connmand -n --nobacktrace --systemd21:59
Makalak 1243 pts/9    S+     0:00 grep connman21:59
Makalaksledges: ^21:59
sledgesMakalak: yes, go with mal-'s advice ;) i just wanted to test your wlan21:59
* sledges hides :P21:59
* Makalak hunts slegdes, the work is yet to start22:00
sledgesi'll come back when you've connectivity ;p22:00
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Makalakmal-: if you posted it.. i missed it :p22:09
mal-Makalak: in my instructions the usb networking is set up like this:22:12
mal-host: sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o wlan0 -j MASQUERADE; sudo sysctl net.ipv4.ip_forward=122:12
mal-ssh: route add default gw
mal-ssh: echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf22:12
Makalakno luck22:14
mal-not sure if the gateway address depends on your settings22:14
Makalakmal-: is that the addr you use for telnet?22:15
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mal-Makalak: check on host computer what ifconfig -a reports as ip for usb022:19
mal-and use that in route add default gw22:20
Makalakmal-: yes that work... again smart me... i was looking at usb inside sfe and wlan in pc :p22:20
Makalakmy wlan is 192.168,1,15 so i missed it22:21
mal-I have to manually set the ip for usb0 on host computer and for some reason I use
sledgesMakalak: and reboot happened?22:30
Makalakyup but there was a delay,4-6 seconds22:31
sledgesMakalak: zcat /proc/config.gz | grep WATCHDOG22:31
Makalakthere are watchdog1/2/322:34
sledgesdsme -p /usr/lib/dsme/ -v722:38
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sledgesMakalak: without strace pls, soz22:43
Makalaksh-3.2# dsme -p /usr/lib/dsme/ -v722:43
MakalakDSME 0.67.1 starting up22:43
Makalaksledges: i did that first.. it restarted... so i did it with strace22:43
Makalakwith that said.. i didnt call 2nd continue22:44
sledgesMakalak: pls run after 2nd continue22:44
Makalaksledges: from ssh or telnet or either?22:45
Makalaksledges: reboot, no extra msgs22:46
Makalaksledges: also i managed a reboot by cat /dev/watchdog*22:48
Makalakthe cat was only yo attempt accessing the watchdogs22:48
Makalakummm i take that back for a 2nd test22:52
Makalakit took way to long for the reboot to happen with cat, so it could be something else.. ill now leave it be and see if it reboots22:52
sledgesMakalak: we'll worry about dsme later, it is not essential for device to function22:54
Makalaksure lead the way22:55
sledgesEGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer test_hwcomposer22:56
Makalakwidth: 720 height: 128022:57
MakalakOpenGL ES 2.0 16.0500122:57
MakalakSegmentation fault22:57
MakalakUnable to open log device '/dev/alog/main': No such file or directory22:58
sledgesEGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer strace test_hwcomposer22:58
Makalakaccess("/vendor/lib/hw/", R_OK) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)23:00
Makalakaccess("/vendor/lib/hw/", R_OK) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)23:00
Makalakits long ill post it.. but these fill the strace23:00
sledgesnot error23:00
sledgesas it's enough for one gralloc to be there23:00
sledgesand it can be named whatever;)23:00
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mal-Makalak: try this also EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer gdb --args test_hwcomposer23:06
Makalakmal-: gdb not found23:06
mal-install it23:07
mal-you'll need to set up networking to do that23:07
Makalakmal-: doing that now... is zypper always this slow?23:08
Makalakmal-: opened gdb console23:09
mal-it is, unless you remove adaptation0 repo23:09
sledgesopen("/dev/nvhost-gr2d", O_RDWR|O_LARGEFILE|O_CLOEXEC) = 2523:10
mal-Makalak: type run23:10
sledgesvery interesting23:10
mal-sledges: what's that?23:10
sledgeswriting bits and ioctls to it, causes segfault, but hopes up that gdb shows a segfault elsewhere23:10
sledgesas the bit above looks androidy23:10
Makalakhow do i remove adaptation0 repo?23:12
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Makalakgdb wants few more packages for debug23:12
mal-did it segfault as usual? after it does, type bt23:12
*** scientes <scientes!~scientes@unaffiliated/scientes> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:13
mal-so that's useless23:14
sledgesvalgrind time23:14
sledgesor it's indeed in android world23:15
Makalaksledges: i am using cm11.. i could go to cm10... but that'll take a while.. for once i dont have space for 2 sources.. so delete and redownload23:16
mal-I also use cm1123:17
sledgesEGL_PLATFORM=fbdev test_hwcomposer23:17
Makalaknothing else23:18
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius23:18
mal-try gdb also23:21
sledgesMakalak: ls -l /dev/alog23:28
Makalaksledges: doesnt exist23:28
Makalakmake it?23:29
sledgesMakalak: on your build host, cd $ANDROID_ROOT/bionic/23:31
sledgesgit log libc/bionic/libc_logging.cpp23:31
MakalakPatch to enable libhybris23:32
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Makalakdo you want the whole thing?23:32
sledgesnope, that's enough23:32
scienteslibhybris is gross23:33
scientesi'd much rather have FOSS drivers23:33
sledgesMakalak: ls -l /dev/log_events23:34
Makalaknot there23:34
sledgesMakalak: ls -l /dev/log23:34
sledgesMakalak: contents?23:35
Makalaksrw-rw-rw- 1 root root 0 Feb 17 00:53 /dev/log23:35
sledgesMakalak: ls -l /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/lib-dev-alog/23:36
Makalaklrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 26 Feb 16 23:33 -> ../system/lib/libcutils.so23:37
Makalaklrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 23 Feb 16 23:33 -> ../system/lib/liblog.so23:37
sledgesMakalak: have you issued 2nd continue?23:37
sledgesMakalak: did you remember to uncomment anything you might have possible commented out in /init*rc ?23:40
Makalaksledges: never touched *rc....23:41
sledgesMakalak: ok23:41
sledgesMakalak: ps ax | grep udev23:44
Makalak  620 ?        Ss     0:00 /lib/systemd/systemd-udevd23:44
Makalak 1956 pts/9    S+     0:00 grep udev23:44
sledgesMakalak: ls -l /lib/udev/rules.d/998-droid-system.rules23:45
Makalaksledges: actaully that was telnet23:45
Makalakssh has more23:45
sledgesMakalak: nm23:45
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sledgesMakalak: systemctl status systemd-udevd23:47
MakalakFeb 17 00:53:49 Jolla systemd-udevd[620]: specified group 'autobot_access' unknown23:47
MakalakFeb 17 00:53:49 Jolla systemd-udevd[620]: specified user 'autobot_access' unknown23:47
MakalakFeb 17 00:53:50 Jolla systemd[1]: Started udev Kernel Device Manager.23:48
MakalakFeb 17 00:54:05 Jolla systemd-sysctl[872]: Overwriting earlier assignment of kernel/sysrq in file '/etc/sysctl.d/sysrq.conf'.23:48
sledgesgrep ueventd /*23:50
Makalakcommented out :/23:50
Makalak/init.rc:    # This should occur before anything else (e.g. ueventd) is started.23:50
Makalak/init.rc:#service ueventd /sbin/ueventd23:50
Makalak/init.rc:#    seclabel u:r:ueventd:s023:50
sledgeswhere is your /dev?..23:51
sledges(rhetoric question;)23:51
Makalakaka /dev23:51
sledgesls /dev/23:51
sledgesls -l /dev/log_modem23:53
Makalaklrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 12 2015-02-17 00:53 /dev/log_modem -> /dev/ttyACM323:53

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