Tuesday, 2015-02-17

sledgesMakalak: cd /dev; mknod log_main c 10 44; mkdir alog; cd alog; ln -s ../log_main main00:00
Makalaklogcat read: Invalid argument00:01
Makalaksledges: should /mer/targets/$device/ be rootfs.. aka be representive of build.tar.bz2?00:07
sledgestarget is just a uber-handy skeleton for compiling against needed headers/libs00:07
Makalakbut if i add something, shouldnt it be added to build no?00:08
Makalaklike fstab and such?00:08
sledgesit's only a target, nothing to do with final rootfs00:08
sledgescompilation/scratchbox's target00:08
Makalakif i want to add something, where should I?00:09
sledgesdepends what00:09
sledgesfstab is not used00:10
sledges.mount units are00:10
Makalakandroid-init does00:10
sledgesdoes what?00:11
Makalakwell.. when i was testing with vakkov.. we were getting /system/bin/blah not found.. but that was fixed after adding the fdtab00:11
Makalakmount using fstab00:11
sledgesfstab *shouldn't* be used ;)00:11
sledgeseverything goes through systemd00:12
Makalakfstab.endeavoru to more exact...00:12
Makalakin that case... could that be causing problems?00:13
sledgesbut better sort it sooner than later00:13
sledgescat /lib/systemd/system/system.mount00:13
Makalakdoesnt exist00:14
sledgesls -l /lib/systemd/system/*.mount00:14
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Makalaksledges: cat /lib/systemd/system/*.mount | grep /system, returns nothing about the /system partition00:17
sledgesls -l /lib/systemd/system/*.mount00:17
sledgeson host: find $ANDROID_ROOT -maxdepth 5 -name "*fstab*" -exec grep -Hw system {} \;00:19
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sledgescat ./device/htc/endeavoru/ramdisk/fstab.endeavoru00:22
sledgeshtc fstabs are totally in a wrong format!00:24
Makalakthats for the recovery00:24
sledgeson host: find $ANDROID_ROOT/device/htc/endeavoru/ -name -exec grep -H mmcblk {} \;00:26
Makalakthats probably the one you want... but since i have my own init, i dont use any of them... thus the mess you see :p00:26
sledgesyes ./device/htc/endeavoru/ramdisk/fstab.endeavoru:/system        ext4    /dev/block/mmcblk0p12   flags=backup=1;display="System"00:27
sledgesis not what you linked00:27
Makalakwhat did i link?00:28
sledges02:26 < Makalak> https://github.com/teemodk/android_device_htc_endeavoru/blob/b-d/ramdisk/fstab.endeavoru00:28
Makalakwill just placing that in device tree fix that00:29
sledgesi've no idea what else is wrong00:29
sledgesclearly .mount units were not generated00:29
sledgesfirmwares/modem and other needed bits among them00:30
sledgesjust backup your device repo, and repo sync with CM00:31
Makalakthere is no fireware partition00:31
sledgesit's not called firmware00:31
sledgesbut there are plenty of relevant ones00:31
vakkovsledges, this is the one that has to be removed, isnt it - /lib/systemd/system/usb-moded.service00:34
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sledgesvakkov: ya00:35
sledgesgnite peopleos!00:36
vakkovsledges, on n9 this blocks the ssh :(00:38
vakkovlike, it doesnt even appear00:38
vakkovon the pc00:38
Makalaksledges: before you go... how far back will i need to go for the rebuild00:39
sledgesMakalak: make hybris-hal00:39
sledgesvakkov: ssh or usb0?00:40
vakkovifconfig -a no usb000:40
vakkovand no ssh obviously00:40
sledgesand if you leave that .service in place?00:41
vakkovi just had ssh before i moved the service to .service.bak00:41
vakkovi need to have ssh to debug the new kernel ;(00:41
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sledgesvakkov: don't move that .service00:44
vakkovsledges: also happened when i removed it before00:45
vakkoveven when i delete the service file00:46
vakkovssh stops working00:46
sledgesdon't delete00:46
vakkovit seems that charging also dies00:46
sledgesdon't move00:46
sledgeswhat happens then?00:46
vakkovi have ssh when lipstick starts00:46
vakkovthat happens00:47
sledgesvakkov: got wlan?00:48
vakkovsledges: i'll try to start it, the framebuffer is reverted again and the fix is through ssh00:48
sledgesgo back to working lipstick state00:49
sledgesremove usb-moded00:49
sledgesssh via wlan00:49
sledgesand modprobe usb_rndis (you need to find out exact driver name)00:50
vakkovlipstick works, the framebuffer has to be rotated with fbset (the service that the guys have made for some reason fails to do it on boot up)00:50
sledgesonce you setup working usb connection, add that to some startup file/settings00:50
vakkovto a startup file?00:51
sledgesor just wait and ask phdeswer instead, telling him that it's the non-hybris n9 without telnet00:51
vakkovlike a systemd service?00:51
sledgesvakkov: anything goes00:51
sledgesdroid-hal-device has lots of examples how to modprobe and how to execute scripts on startups, as you know00:51
sledgesdepends what you'll need00:51
sledgesto reverse engineer usb networking00:52
sledgesor there will just be a package phdeswer will tell you to install00:52
sledgesand on non-hybris case, that will work (hopefully)00:52
sledgesnight night00:52
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spiiroinMakalak, sledges: That dsme strace looks normal for dsme-wdd proces (="dsme" in journal). If there are problems, they are probably in dsme-server process (="DSME" in journal)01:56
spiiroinif the latter gets stuck somehow, watchdog reboot is what should happen01:58
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vakkovsledges, i built https://github.com/nemomobile/usb-moded02:01
vakkovbut i removed --enable-meegodevlock from the spec file02:02
vakkovsledges: the resulting version is 0.70 which is lower than 0.8002:02
vakkovthat is used in sailfish in n9 :P  but lipstick just started and i have been in ssh for ~30 seconds :P :P02:03
klopsi-u3no reboots yet vakkov ?03:02
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ruthenianboyGood morning guys. I need advise. I built hybris-boot and recovery. But it looks somthing is screwed. It is not booting, usb debug functionality is not started. Kernel is working, i tried it in stock boot. Any idea where to look?07:17
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vakkovruthenianboy: the kernel that you built for sailfish booted stock? nice08:13
vakkovothwerwise, can you give us some dmesg from the host?08:13
vakkovis it showing something about a new usb device?08:14
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phdeswervakkov: Aha, I know what is wrong with the USB on N9. It uses regular modules so you need to install other usb-moded config packages than on the hybris/android port versions as they use the android gadget08:38
vakkovphdeswer: i built usb-moded without the --enable-meegodevlock option and it seemed to work08:39
vakkovis this it08:40
phdeswervakkov: UI not coming up?08:40
vakkovit is, i want to have ssh even if it doesnt08:40
vakkovgoing to experiment with the kernel ..08:40
vakkovnow debugging it to be more precise :D08:40
phdeswervakkov: ah ok, so the N9 config setup is right then (good to know). You need the rescue mode.08:40
vakkovwhat is this rescue mode, phdswer08:41
phdeswerBut yeah without the devicelock is also an option08:41
phdeswerIt is a some systemd magic that starts usb-moded with a flag to ignore the devicelock until UI comes up08:41
vakkovphdeswer: nice, which file is this08:42
phdeswerI'd hoped that by now the jolla-rnd-device package would be in the open, but I am not sure.08:42
phdeswerAlthough there is an alternative. usb-moded-systemd-rescue-mode08:43
phdeswerThis does more or less the same08:43
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ruthenianboyvakkov: i repacked stock boot.img dumped from phone with kernel built for sailfish an it booted up. But hybris-boot or recovery packed with same kernel is not booting.  Without this, i cannot continue in porting. I am using fastboot on windows. I will try linux fastboot binary and tail of dmesg at afternoon.08:51
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carepackgoogd morning08:54
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klopsi-u3morning carepack09:04
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klopsi-u3anybody want to buy a motorola droid 4?09:06
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erikysSledges online? Please pm16:17
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sledgessitu: no triage today, no bugs, and super busy too16:51
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situsledges: Alright16:52
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Makalaksledges: before I test hybris*.img, i tried building a custom recovery image... and it refused to boot, would that be expected?17:27
Makalakthe reason i did that was to confirm/(make an assumption) the build is fine, if the recovery booted, since i've gotten it to boot before, but if it didn't boot, then something is wrong, and there is little point trying to run sfe, which doesnt boot, when something that does isn't starting initially17:29
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ruthenianboyi build hybris-recovery and boot but looks like init script is not executed18:41
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mal-debugging random memory corruption is not fun19:16
ruthenianboyany idea how to troubleshoot ramdisk/init issue?19:19
mal-how do you know it is not running?19:20
ruthenianboydebug function is not running, for example. I modified init script to create file in /data to be sure init was executed. But nothing happen.19:22
mal-I had a problem that the ramdisk was in wrong format i.e. not gzip19:31
tbruse the usb description field debugging19:32
mal-actually the ramdisk was correct but kernel thought it would be different19:32
tbror if in any way possible, gain a real debug uart19:32
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ruthenianboytbr: how to use that usb debugging?19:42
tbrruthenianboy: should be explained in HADK19:42
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ruthenianboytbr: if you mean section 9.2 of HADK, this is not possible in this case19:46
*** CarlosMazieri <CarlosMazieri!~carlos@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:47
ruthenianboytbr: because init script from ramdisk is initializing USB section. But i cant manage init script to be executed. And need to find out why19:48
tbrruthenianboy: you could try to compile with a fbconsole19:51
tbrthen you could pipe out kernel console messages to it19:51
juicemeevening... Started looking into integrating guest account into SFOS, has anybody done anything yet towards that?19:52
juicemewhat needs to be done; a launcher that enables you to select the login account instead of starting direclt as "nemo"19:53
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locusfthis needs stuff for systemd user session, not trivial, but might want to ask on #sailfishos instead of here :)19:56
juicemelocusf thx, well systemd is not that complicated :)19:56
juicemeI was kind of thinking the expertise would be here rather than on #sailfishos :)19:57
locusfah ok :)19:57
juicemejust wanted to know if someone has already done anything for it, so not need to start from scratch...19:58
tbrmight be more of a #mer or #nemomobile thing even. same difference of people in the know though19:58
juicemeyes. so what's your opinion on where to discuss this, since the same people probably inabit all those channels?19:59
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Guest57139What is the command to log into account, log time since using IRC.21:35
sledges /msg nickserv identify PASSWORD21:36
Guest57139thank you21:36
Guest57139Roughly how long does it take to change?21:40
sledgesGuest57139: first use Makalak's command, then mines21:41
Guest57139I've been trying however no luck21:42
Makalak/nick username21:42
sledgesGuest57139: we haven't seen you issuing /nick USERNAME21:42
Makalakit should be immediate21:42
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Guest57139That's weird as I'm spamming it.21:43
sledgesGuest57139: maybe nick security kicked in21:43
Makalaktry anoterh name21:44
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AmadeusXNet_It's like 10 years or so, last time i used xchat.. :)21:55
klopsi-u3time speeds by21:55
AmadeusXNet_Yes it does :)21:56
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klopsi-u3try Miles Davis - Kind of Blue sometime23:22
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