Wednesday, 2015-02-18

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klopsi-u3yaay for food01:17
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Stskeepso/ stephg07:43
stephg\o Stskeeps are you off to barcelona?07:44
Stskeepsin what, two weeks?07:44
stephghehe I have no idea what's going on at the moment :)07:45
locusfyo stephg07:54
stephg'lo locusf08:07
NokiusAmadeusXNet_: are the hidden alarms working for you?08:26
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carepackgood morning08:39
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ruthenianboyGM all. Looks like I found why hybris-recovery.img was not booting. Flags CONFIG_DEVTMPFS and CONFIG_SYSFS was not defined in kernel defconfig. Isnt mer-kernel-check supposed to check that before build?08:49
ruthenianboyKernel is build from .config file or from *defconfig? Looks like other flags are not include also. How is .config file generated?08:51
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tbrthe kernel is built according to .config09:01
tbrwhich initially is often generated from /a/ defconfig09:01
tbrand you need to run the mer-kernel-check manually09:02
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ruthenianboytbr: my kernel is not configured according defconfig however i defined it in device/lge/w7/ . During compilation I am getting errors because some ifdef conditions were not met due to missing config flag. But needed config flag is included in defconfig file. I am confused09:12
ruthenianboytbr: so I want to know if thet flag have to be defined in defconfig only or need to be added somewhere else09:13
tbrruthenianboy: ideally you'd start from the config that was used for the original kernel running on your device09:14
ruthenianboytbr: where that config is located? I thought that defconfig file is copied to .config but it looks like it isnt. I have original source code from LG so I know how default kernel configuration should look.09:16
tbrdefconfig isn't necessarily the config I'm speaking of09:16
ruthenianboytbr: then I do not know about other kernel config fie other then defconfig09:18
tbrcheck on the running phone if /proc/config.gz exists09:20
tbralso wherever you obtained the original source it must include the original config used to build the kernel. It may not be obvious and is probably not called defconfig09:20
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ruthenianboyI think We do not understand the each other. I have original configuration file for kernel. But I do not know where to place it so "make -j4 hybris-hal" build will reflect configuration from that file.09:24
ruthenianboyIn android build for my target, TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG in device/lge/*/ defines kernel configuration file. But make hybris-hal is ignoring that configuration09:31
tbrHADK mentions ./out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config09:37
tbrbut that's likely some sort of result/output09:37
tbrbut yeah 14.3.509:38
ruthenianboyin my case ./out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config is wrong09:50
mal-wasn't there some information during building about what config it uses?09:52
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ruthenianboythere is10:25
mal-so what file does it use?10:26
ruthenianboymake  -C kernel/lge/msm8226 O=/root/mer-root/android/droid/out/target/product/w7/obj/KERNEL_OBJ ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=" /root/mer-root../arm-eabi-4.7/bin/arm-eabi-" VARIANT_DEFCONFIG= SELINUX_DEFCONFIG= w7n_global_com_defconfig10:26
ruthenianboynot sure if this line is proper but it is from compilation output10:27
locusfnow you need to find that defconfig which comes last10:27
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ruthenianboyLol, last string is my kernel config. But in ./out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config some values from that defconfig are missing. Thats the whole problem I am trying to solve10:29
tbrmake clean10:30
ruthenianboytbr: made previously without effect10:31
tbrcheck if there are multiple copies of that file around10:31
ruthenianboytbr: it is only the one file laying around10:35
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vakkovruthenianboy: add what's missing to the .config in /out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config and do the make with make  -C kernel/lge/msm8226 O=/root/mer-root/android/droid/out/target/product/w7/obj/KERNEL_OBJ ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=" /root/mer-root../arm-eabi-4.7/bin/arm-eabi-"16:56
vakkovand run the make with menuconfig that will edit the values so that the .config is not reseted16:57
vakkovreset *16:57
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sledgeslocusf: could you show my how you patched your aosp5 bionic?18:18
locusfsledges: sure, wait a moment18:19
Makalaksledges: I'm guessing it doesnt matter, but can my mer and android-root be seperate directories not inside each other (assuming i config hadk correct)18:21
locusfah damnit18:24
locusfI rebased and lost my changes18:24
sledgeslocusf: git reflog18:25
sledges(make a carbon copy of that git repo and respin)18:25
sledgesMakalak: yes they can18:25
locusfsledges: how do I get the commits out?18:25
sledgeslocusf: git reset --hard HEAD@{n}18:26
sledgesn is from reflog18:26
sledges(make backup as that will reset badly)18:26
locusfah found them again18:26
sledgesn - prior to rebase18:27
locusfI was at detached head18:27
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mal-sledges: current status of my display problems is that qmlscene seems to running but nothing is shown on display, logs do not reveal much, dmesg shows "mdp4_calc_req_mdp_clk: src_h is zero!" twice quite at the beginning but nothing after that18:58
mal-logcat does not show any errors18:59
mal-after running minimer test for a while errors start to appear19:00
mal-at that point also debug info from qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin stops19:02
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sledgesmal-: spinning a cm build on your build box and adding debug there?19:03
mal-this is what shows up in logcat after the errors start
mal-but it runs ok for a while19:03
mal-sledges: I have added so debug info to android hwcomposer, those also stop after the errors start to show up19:04
mal-btw, I had to use different branch of qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin19:05
sledgesmal-: i mean check a working codepath - cm's19:06
mal-carsten_ftbfs_surfaceflinger, since the master branch causes memory corruption somehow19:06
sledgescarsten's one shows black screen on nexus5 so19:07
sledges(yet ui underneath works, touch, sound and pulleys etc)19:07
sledgesmaybe it's time to start lipstick with that hwc? :D19:07
mal-ok, I'll try19:08
sledgesas nemo user19:08
mal-how should I run that19:09
sledgesmal-: with all those parameters (best to export them) from /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.services19:09
sledgesthen just run lipstick $LIPSTICK_OPTIONS19:09
mal-it's running19:13
mal-but blank display19:14
sledgestouch reacts/sounds/any other signs of life?19:14
mal-not really19:16
sledgeswhat does test_hwcomposer show with carsten's branch?19:17
mal-it seems nothing19:18
mal-I thought I tried it yesterday but seems not19:19
sledgesanything suspicious in logcat?19:19
mal-actually now there is19:19
mal-Failed to call ioctl MSMFB_OVERLAY_SET err=Operation not permitted19:20
mal-I'll go back to the master then19:21
mal-the problem is that I can't figure out why it keeps crashing due to memory corruption19:22
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mal-sledges: this is lipstick stdout with master branch
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mof-hsthi all19:30
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mal-sledges: there is still the problems with master branch that it gives "Failed to call ioctl MSMFB_OVERLAY_SET err=Invalid argument"19:32
mal-in qt, not in test_hwcomposer19:32
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mal-sledges: actaully after reboot carsten's branch also works with test_hwcomposer19:37
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mal-afetr killing lipstick the system is in a bad state19:44
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Makalaksledges: i sync'ed a new cm11 base yesterday and now trying to sync hybris on it.. if i do it normally, no mer_sdk, it fails with an error, if i do it within the sdk it works fine... though i know the instruction said from within the sdk but there is nothing about sync'ed onto of an already existing base... so should i start fresh or let it sync?19:45
sledgesmal-: if no progress, then cm-known-codepath-way it is..19:49
sledgesMakalak: repo init github mer-hybris -b hybris-YOUR_VERSION branch; any other way is not supported by hadk19:50
mal-sledges: what does maliit.service do?19:52
mal-maliit-server.service I mean19:53
sledgesmal-: soft keyboard19:54
mal-ok, it fails because lipstick is masked19:54
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mal-sledges: about the codepath determination, I assume at least a lot of debug to hwcomposer, any where else?19:57
sledgesmal-: just seeing what it takes to get a buffer flipped onto framebuffer19:59
sledgesif you inhibit cm ui from starting, you might even play with surfaceflinger19:59
sledgesif that uses hwc20:00
sledgesyou can always launch surfaceflinger (or bootanimation in some cases) in sailfishos20:00
sledgesfor better measure20:00
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sledges^ i just remembered :)20:01
sledgesmal-: and essentially it is something that qmlscene adds salt to it20:01
sledgesthat shows nothing20:01
mal-so I can do the whole thing inside sailfish?20:01
sledges as we have a valid working path - test_hwcomposer... hmmmm..20:01
sledgesmal-: you can play with sflinger and banimation yes20:01
sledgeswhen you think about it ^^20:01
sledgeswhat does qmlscene do to hwcomposer that messes things up20:02
sledgesso you can wait with cm way20:02
mal-that I have tried to determine20:02
mal-trying to find differences between the way test_hwcomposer and qmlscene work20:03
Makalaksledges: i meant HABUILD_SDK20:03
mal-at least initialization looks similar, haven't gone to rendering yet20:04
sledgesMakalak: ?20:04
Makalaksledges: im calling repo from HABUILD_SDK20:04
sledgesit applies to the whole dev env20:04
Makalakwell.... thats the instruction in the pdf20:05
Makalak"Checking out CyanogenMod Source"20:05
sledgesMakalak: yes, use repo from there20:05
sledgesit doesn't matter where you call repo from, as long as it's new20:05
Makalaksledges: shit... so i have to delete my cm11 base? :/20:06
sledgesMakalak: i thought the repo sync you ran with new manifest would overwrite your conflicting recovery repos20:06
sledges*device repos20:07
Makalaksledges: that was because I edited the repo... it should work fine on a newly sync'ed repo no?20:08
sledgesMakalak: yes, but your device repo bits remained as leftovers20:09
sledgesjust rename them and sync again20:09
sledges(ensure your local manifest points to a vanilla device repo)20:09
Makalakcm12 vanilla enough or aosp<-- if they even have my device/ or any device20:10
sledgeshadk supports 10.1 and 11.0 only for now20:11
Makalaki meant 1120:11
sledgesby saying vanilla i meant one from upstream, not dirty20:11
Makalakya cool20:11
Makalaksledges: ya also... device tree might have caused issues the last time.. as my recovery build broke as well... and had similar symptoms to hybris.img boot process(screen goes off and back on, light dims and freezes)20:12
sledgesgrep through channel logs on device tree voes20:13
sledgeswe talked a lot about how to incorporate dtb into boot image20:15
sledgesMakalak: ah20:16
sledgesdevice repository20:16
sledgesnot kernel dtb20:16
sledgesyea ok20:16
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MakalakI'm more confused... excuse me as i go wash my brain20:17
mal-sledges: btw, it there any way do get a local copy of old channel logs, grepping those from website is not nice20:17
Makalakendevouru doesnt use dtb20:17
Makalakmal-: is he talking to you... or i need to gain few more IQs?20:18
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mal-Makalak: I think he remembers wrong, there was a lot of talk about dtb with someone20:19
sledgesmal-: you said device tree, when you meant to say device repo20:20
sledgesMakalak: you said device tree, when you meant to say device repo20:20
sledgeslol same letter nicknames :D20:20
sledgesmal-: wget ;)20:20
sledges(with html stripping)20:21
mal-that's always an option20:22
Makalakmal-: give me a sec...i can help.. i have a script which strips links from kiss-anime to find me download links.. you can mode it to your use20:22
sledgessorry, no plain text logs20:22
mal-Makalak: thanks, I'll modify that20:25
Makalaksudo apt-get install html-xml-utils20:26
Makalakyou'll need this20:26
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Makalakmal-: any luck?20:53
mal-haven't tried yet20:54
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mal-I think I'll quit for today and let my brain rest for a while20:56
Makalakmal-: i editted it a bit, I'm using relative paths to hxwls, but you'll use (i dont know what they're called) path snce hxwls will be in your $PATH20:58
Makalakso just refresh befor you start editing20:58
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Makalaksledges: I'm an idiot... will a cm12 kernel work with hybris-11.0?21:07
sledgesMakalak: it might, but a cm11 is sure to work, or at least an obvious error away21:12
MakalakI havent started building, so ill switch to CM11, once we have a fully booted system, i might consider CM1221:12
MakalakI was trying to avoid a full rebuild, that i forgot my main kernel was CM1221:13
jcbjoeisn't there a link for a website that shows the porting status ?21:34
jcbjoenot for xda but to another site21:34
jcbjoethanks carepack21:36
carepacknp ;)21:36
Makalaksledges: where is updater-script thats used to create the flashable zip, i found one and updated it to use set_metadata but i never saw the effect on the flashable zip?21:48
sledgesMakalak: it's inside droid-hal-device repo (rpm/)21:49
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nicolostdo you know what does it mean "lune OS" according to sailfish os?21:59
sledgesnicolost: according to WebOS, it's its nickname:) The newly reborn WebOS shares the same hardware adaptation principles as SailfishOS22:01
nicolostin fact, I was looking for a port of sailfish OS on gt-i8190, I found this wiki But the link allowing to download the image targets this page:
nicolostI think it's just not ready for gt-i8190 isn't it?22:04
sledgesthe fancier the phone (or rare), the less chances it's been already ported22:04
nicolostyes of course... for you which device could be the best to test sailfish OS (without to buy the jolla phone)?22:07
nicolostor where I could find the most accurate documentation about sailfish port progress?22:08
sledgesclick on first link in the topic22:08
sledgesthen on "More info"22:08
nicolostthe hadk topic?22:09
sledgesthis channel22:09
nicolostsorry, I didn't see the link you are talking about :/22:14
nicolostI found that:
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nicolostsledges: so are you using daily the nexus 4 with sailfish or just for mako development?22:18
sledgesim using jolla22:18
sledgesbut carry mako around when i need a good camera:))22:19
carepackwith multirom both is possible22:19
*** OrokuSaki <OrokuSaki!48369a6e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:21
OrokuSakiCan anyone give me a hand with this error running lipstick? hwcomposer_backend error...22:21
OrokuSakifbdev is my egl_platform22:21
*** jcbjoe <jcbjoe!~jcbjoe@2601:c:a480:1402:b01e:68fa:7162:5c45> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)22:25
AmadeusXNetGosh, Rebooting the Raspberry Pi 2 that runs Sailfish is pretty fast. Wish every system would reboot as fast as that (~5sec) :)22:26
*** jcbjoe <jcbjoe!~jcbjoe@2601:c:a480:1402:f0c2:ca28:2e40:96e0> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:26
OrokuSakiDid you get lipstick running? If you are that guy on twitter...22:26
AmadeusXNetYou mean locusf :)22:26
OrokuSakiYeah... locus... it is me.. Justin22:26
OrokuSakican't run lipstick with my device... at the moment22:27
OrokuSakiI used too22:27
AmadeusXNetI'm not locusf, just another person from Finland :D22:27
OrokuSakiahhh !!!! Did he get it going?22:27
OrokuSakiI guess he is not using libhybris....22:27
AmadeusXNetIt's up running, but screen orientations isn't really nice22:28
OrokuSakisweet though22:28
OrokuSaki@stskeeps or @thp if you guys get bored can you take a loot at my pastebin...  =)22:28
AmadeusXNetOh, yes. Sailfish is a lot faster on the Raspberry Pi than I thought :D22:29
sledgesOrokuSaki: EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer lipstick -platform hwcomposer22:29
OrokuSakisweet I shall try now22:29
OrokuSaki @sledges22:30
OrokuSakino go22:30
sledgesOrokuSaki: what device?22:31
OrokuSakiRunning the HP Touchpad on the 3.4 Kernel22:31
OrokuSaki2.6 was the last I had working22:32
OrokuSakiI had 3.0 working with ubuntu touch last year...22:32
OrokuSakiattempting 3.4...22:32
OrokuSakiI do not have framebuffer enabled in kernel config22:32
sledgesOrokuSaki: same tenderloin: ?22:33
OrokuSakiI can upload a device/vendor/kernel if anyone wants to give it a shot.. and the lvm approved ramdisk22:33
OrokuSaki@sledges, I rememeber that error... let me run logcat22:35
sledgesthere's a patch for it in that link22:37
OrokuSakifor ion?22:37
OrokuSakithat would be SOOOO kick ass22:37
OrokuSakiHow in the hell do people FIND the error???22:37
sledgesyour dmesg say that22:37
OrokuSakiI don't want to know...22:37
OrokuSakiI do have some ion error in dmesg when I ran lipstick22:39
Makalaksledges:   CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT=y, is given in diagnosis.log but not the .config tester22:40
OrokuSakiSledges.. if that works, can I send you a beer22:40
OrokuSakiI will22:40
sledgesMakalak: apologies, they are not in sync22:40
OrokuSakiHow in the hell did you know that?22:40
sledgesOrokuSaki: somone added that link into wiki22:40
Makalaksledges: just giving you a heads up :)22:41
OrokuSakif*cking awesome22:41
sledgesMakalak: ta:)22:41
MakalakOrokuSaki: do you use cec with rpi 2?22:44
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Makalaksledges: I'm back in recovery... what can we test23:10
*** jcbjoe <jcbjoe!~jcbjoe@2601:c:a480:1402:f0c2:ca28:2e40:96e0> has quit IRC (Quit: WeeChat 1.0.1)23:12
Makalaki have a slightly different result this time... the screen went off and stayed off23:13
OrokuSaki@sledges I think my dmesg is different, and my ion is not the same as that patch.... ION is not in staging either...23:16
OrokuSakithat is what is in my dmesg... What do you think?23:17
OrokuSakiReally want it to run... =)23:17
sledgesOrokuSaki: add this to your .spec:23:18
sledges%define android_config \23:18
sledges#define QCOM_BSP 1\23:18
sledgesas you hp seems qcom23:19
sledgesand we found this error recently (grep channel logs for more info)23:19
OrokuSakinod... libhybris spec?23:19
OrokuSakiI remember something about that from thp's 10.223:19
sledgesit's a new thing for cm11.023:20
OrokuSakisweet... time to "clock out" will try when I get home. =)23:20
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