Friday, 2015-02-20

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carepackgood morning08:22
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klopsi-u3morning carepack08:37
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ChrisPHLhi @all08:49
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hard_coretexlocusf, hows pi-sail going?08:54
locusfhard_coretex: I was thinking about doing today08:54
locusfbut later in the vening though08:54
locusfand doing a pure adaptation this time08:55
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uuhimherelocusf, what are you going to do about LCD?09:12
locusfuuhimhere: I don't know yet, I tried linuxfb yesterday and got mouse cursor09:14
uuhimhereyou should design a case as well for it... maybe even make it an "other half" for the Jolla XD??09:15
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locusflol that'd be cool too :)09:19
locusfI wonder if pi has i2c09:19
locusfprobably not but a good idea09:19
uuhimhereother half uses i2c?09:20
locusfand nfc09:20
uuhimhereisnt i2c for Si modules09:20
uuhimherebetween processors etc09:20
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locusfI mean I squared C09:23
uuhimheresorry i was confused with something else09:24
locusfthere is i2c for raspberry pi09:25
locusfanyone up for tohkbd for raspberry pi 2 ?09:27
uuhimherethat would be cool09:31
locusfkimmoli: would think its possible even in theory :) ?09:33
uuhimherelocusf, if you pull off sailfish on a pi w/ gsm im pretty sure the floodgates would be pried open09:34
locusfuuhimhere: I'd first need the damn gsm board first :)09:34
uuhimherewhat would you use09:35
uuhimhereany candidates?09:35
locusfthe one I've looked at only does it directly to the GPIO pins, but I've got the touchscreen there09:35
locusfI only need RX TX 5V GND for the modem09:36
carepackgsm,gprs,gps for 11,50€09:36
uuhimhereyeah it looks like you could plop an LCD over that?09:38
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locusfcarepack: nice good find :)09:43
carepack;) np09:44
locusf91,45with shipping ...09:47
uuhimherewhich one09:49
locusfI added to cart with the GSM breakout board + gsm antenna09:50
locusfwhich that one needs09:50
locusfshipping is 1609:50
locusflol well its still cheaper than a Jolla :D09:51
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locusfPiolla :)09:54
uuhimherepiolla :)09:55
uuhimheresounds like paella09:55
locusfheheh :)09:56
uuhimhere190 09:58
uuhimhere40 euros for that arduino to pi adapter09:58
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locusfoh hey its payday next week09:59
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locusfdo you guys really wanna see this pulled off :) ?10:00
uuhimherehow often do you see a homemade cellphone running on a fancy smancy phone OS?10:01
locusfnot every day :)10:01
tbrthere's a brazillion of dev-boards running android. hooking it up with a stupid AT-command RIL and a modem shouldn't be that hard10:04
locusfyeah so it loses its novelty factor a bit10:04
locusfbut sailfishos makes this unique10:04
kimmolilocusf: wut?10:04
locusfkimmoli: tohs for raspberry pi10:05
kimmolithere is HATs :)10:05
locusfkimmoli: theres i2c onboard10:05
kimmoliyes. just need to adjust the voltagelevel of i2c10:05
tbrtoo bad that pi by defintion are non-free non-starters10:06
uuhimheretbr, how do you mean?10:07
tbruuhimhere: needs binary blob to even boot → nope10:07
uuhimheretbr, but thats well documented no?10:08
tbruuhimhere: yes, cyanide is also well documented, still not going to take it just because of its great documentation.10:08
tbrhardware that needs a binary to boot is a big nope.10:09
uuhimheretbr, you wanna eat the pi? why?10:09
tbrI prefer my pie without chunks of PBC and silicon, thank you.10:09
tbrin addition neither are OSHW, just makes it further 'meh'10:11
locusfall to their flavors10:11
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locusfuuhimhere: I made the order :)10:14
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uuhimherelocusf, nice!10:20
uuhimhereitd be nice to see it running sailfish os & making phone calls!10:20
uuhimheretbr, yeah well maybe you and RMS can come up with a blob-free phone from GPU to GSM and hopefully youd do better than openmoko10:21
tbruuhimhere: there are plenty of SoCs that don't require a blob to boot. I'm not as fundamental about things as RMS, thank you.10:22
uuhimheretbr, what difference does it make whether it needs a blob to boot or if it needs a blob to print hello world or a blob to make a phone call to your mom or a blob to connect to a wifi access point?10:23
uuhimherea blobs a blob and your point is moot in the context that we're in10:23
tbrthat's in my opinion dangerous ignorance of important topics10:24
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uuhimheretbr, splitting hairs is in my opinion dangerous10:26
tbruuhimhere: so you're saying blobs are cool, as long as somewhere you can run your own software? go and run windows then, thanks. (hyperbole to make a point)10:28
uuhimheretbr, no. im saying you are in context, in a blob dependent field.10:29
uuhimheretbr, a smartphone is nothing more than a conglomeration of plastic and glass if not for all the blobs that make it function as a phone10:29
tbrI'm saying "look there is all this hardware that doesn't need a blob to boot" and you start frantic handwaving trying to divert the topic10:29
uuhimherena na10:30
uuhimhereyoure the frantic handwaiver10:30
uuhimhereim just saying this is the phone world10:30
uuhimherethe fact is the BCM shares pedigree with a bunch of smartphone socs that could benefit from sailfish on PI2 as well10:30
uuhimherethe BCM blob boot thing is just another different iteration of control from the same set of philosophical ideas in the smartphone world10:31
tbrit is fundamentally different in the fact that you can't boot without it. I can run a board without 3D graphics just fine if I don't want that blob. I actually do that for embedded applications.10:32
uuhimherewe're not talking about running boards10:32
uuhimherewe're talking about building a smartphone10:33
uuhimherea homemade smartphone with a fancy smancy OS10:33
tbrand that must have as many blobs as possible, I understand.10:33
tbrhave a nice day *plonk*10:33
uuhimherelol ok well why dont you come up with a "tbr's acceptable number of blobs for smartphone development" guide :P10:34
uuhimhereanyways i think it would be cool to build a homemade smartphone that could run a fancy OS like sailfish10:37
uuhimhereand at 35 bucks10:37
uuhimherethe pi2 is very enticing10:38
klopsi-u3the odroid c1 is an alternative to the pi210:41
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tbrthat at least seems to be directly supported by u-boot10:49
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uuhimherewell tell that to locusf , its his project10:51
uuhimhereif you guys wanna do it on the odroid all the better!10:51
uuhimheremore homemade options!10:51
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uuhimherei personally still like the pi2 just because the sheer volume of its userbase implies that if something like this gets off the chances of further innovation/development/mods is higher.10:57
klopsi-u3i think 5 million pi1s have been sold10:59
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klopsi-u3somehow they had good marketing and a good name10:59
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ruthenianboyhi all11:02
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klopsi-u3hi ruthenianboy11:03
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klopsi-u3what rule did he violate? i dont want to make the same mistake11:09
tbrah, ignore and all that...11:09
klopsi-u3just got banned11:10
tbrif you haven't followed, he's been annoying many people on IRC11:10
tbrand his attitude doesn't help11:10
tbrso I guess he managed to piss someone off enough11:10
klopsi-u3ok i guess I am safe then11:10
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supafluwhy did uuhimhere get banned11:11
tbrand I guess if you want to know which rule. I'd say "wheaton's law"11:11
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Stskeepswheaton's law. i should have warned more accurately, but proceeding to then ban evading several times is as best sign as you get for bad behaviour. if we are being jerks to eachother nobody wants to participate in the channel.11:19
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vakkovguys, can you open review.cyanogenmod.org11:32
ruthenianboylooks like busybox in ramdisk is not proper. Getting segmentation fault for 'date' and 'ps -wlT' included in init script. But other functions are working.11:33
vakkovi always forget about those :D11:33
kimmolilocusf: Piolla ?11:33
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locusfkimmoli: I have no imagination, sorry :p11:34
ruthenianboyi mean commands instead of functions11:35
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vakkovnow, that's new -
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vakkovsledges: i decided to open the browser for the first time (i think) in upd 10 -
vakkovthe journal is in the message above11:57
locusfvakkov: which device?11:57
locusfhaven't touched it in a while11:58
vakkovyou are probably running glacier on it anyway :P11:58
locusfyes :p11:58
carepacktbr: googled wheatons law. vey funny12:08
tbrit's short and to the point12:08
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piggzis it possible to build a .11 preview version image for ports?13:31
Stskeepsprobably if you know the release number13:31
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piggzStskeeps: according to my g+13:35
locusfI just did for rpi213:35
piggzi wonder if its something i could manage in my post-newyork tired state13:38
piggzi wondered if there was some limiting to the release dir depeneding on if ppl opted into it13:41
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stephgAard had said over in #jollamobile that the subscribers were about what he hoped for but less than he expected; I note that the weather app as 1k+ downloads now, even if that's an inaccurate indirect indication15:02
stephg(if that's what you mean piggz)15:04
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vgradejust seen this news, , sad15:25
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piggzim clearly too tired to build an updated ace image .... its all going fine, until creating the final .zip :/15:38
piggzzip error: invalid command arguments (short option 'a' not supported)15:38
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sledgespiggz: does it complain about sailfish-release file not found ?15:51
piggzsledges: yes15:52
piggzits not done this before ... what should be in sailfish-release?15:53
piggzthere is a .3 hadk now? i missed that15:54
sledgesfix is not in .315:55
sledgesas it's just a fresh release15:55
sledgescp $INSTALL_ROOT/etc/sailfish-release $IMG_OUT_DIR15:55
sledgesadd this to %post --nochroot15:55
sledgesin .ks15:55
sledgesand remove sailfish-release from %attachments15:56
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piggzsledges: whats the .diff between hadk .2 and .3 ?15:58
sledgespiggz: bugfixes15:58
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piggzsledges: cp: cannot stat `/etc/sailfish-release': No such file or directory16:07
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sledgespiggz: do your patterns contain sailfish-version? just add it to .ks %packages for better measure16:12
piggzsledges: hmm, well, the package count hasnt increased16:14
piggzstill 64416:14
piggzyep, its in the .packages files16:16
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piggzsledges: what is used as the rootfs install dir?16:20
piggzsledges: where do the rpms get installed before being bzip'd?16:22
sledgeswhy'd need that?16:23
piggzjust to see if the file is there16:23
sledgespiggz: bunzip ;)16:24
sledgesnow files are gone16:24
sledgesinstallroot somewhere in mic cache, dunno16:24
piggzi found it16:24
piggz /home/piggz/mer/sdks/sdk/var/tmp/mic/imgcreate-dJpf0p16:24
sledgesinside sailfish-version you'll find sailfish-release.template, but on rootfs it should be finalised16:25
sledgesand .ks should find it16:25
sledgesor there's some other error16:25
sledgeswhich i've not come across internally16:25
piggzlooks ok so far16:26
sledgesbut cp is not picking it up hmmmm16:28
piggzsledges: sorry, my bad16:30
piggzi didnt see the %end16:30
sledgespost-newyork state :D16:32
piggzsledges: im still warming up
sledgesgood stuff, im sure you had a ball;)16:37
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piggzsledges: still has broke Qt???19:16
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ruthenianboyGood evening guys. I am not able to get diagnostic access to hybris-recovery.  I see some errors in dmesg on host machine. Could some check it an advise? Thanks.
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mal-ruthenianboy: does usb0 interface show up in host computer ifconfig -a?20:10
ruthenianboyyes, and i tried to assign IP to that interface but cant telnet to that IP20:12
mal-which ip have you tried to telnet?20:14
mal-and port20:14
mal-should be port 2320:16
ruthenianboyI tried this ip and port but connection is refused. It points to host machine instead of phone. I have init.log if you want to check20:18
mal-why would that ip point to host machine?20:18
mal-also pastebin ifconfig -a of host machine20:19
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ruthenianboyI am not at home now. Will post later. But usb0 is present in ifconfig -a.20:20
mal-the ip of that interface interests me20:21
ruthenianboyBtw, what about that errors in dmesg? It can't be caused by this?20:27
mal-no idea what causes those but since after those everything looks ok I don't think it's a problem20:28
carepackgood evening senors20:40
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dwangoACcarepack: Good evening carepack - thanks for the N4 work20:41
dwangoACcarepack: Is there anything after Beta 3?20:41
carepackdwangoAC: hihi20:42
carepackuntil now no :-(20:42
carepackwe're working on20:42
dwangoACcarepack: No worries, I hope to compile from source soon20:42
carepackyou'll setting up the environment?20:42
dwangoACcarepack: I started on it two weeks ago but then a series of unfortunate events happened20:44
carepackreal life ;)20:45
carepackhope nothing bad?!20:45
dwangoACcarepack: Tree fell on our house20:45
dwangoACcarepack: Car blew a head gasket (it's almost done getting a new top end)20:46
carepackthat's bad20:46
dwangoACcarepack: Oh, and the con artist who put my mom in the hospital and stole her car last year showed back up and we couldn't find my mom for two weeks20:46
dwangoACcarepack: We finally found her in a homeless shelter in Tulsa, OK (just talked to her yesterday for the first time in a couple of weeks)20:46
dwangoACShe's OK, but it hasn't been a good situation20:47
carepackthat's normally not real life. rather movies.20:48
dwangoACcarepack: I'd almost prefer it if I made all that up, but that's really what happened20:48
Stskeepstruth is sometimes a lot stranger than fiction20:48
carepackrigth word!20:49
*** klopsi-u3 <klopsi-u3!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)20:49
dwangoACcarepack: Anyway, life is *finally* getting to be a bit more normal20:49
dwangoACcarepack: My hope is to compile and see if I can sort out a few things that are really bothering me20:49
dwangoACcarepack: At the top of my list is seeing if there is some way to get the phone to vibrate more than once on an incoming phonecall when the ringer is turned off20:50
carepackhappy for you20:50
dwangoACI keep missing phonecalls20:50
carepackbecause of that20:50
dwangoACcarepack: Also, I want to troubleshoot what's going on with bluetoothd going to 100% when I attach my hands-free kit20:50
*** klopsi-u3 <klopsi-u3!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:51
carepackcool. :-). Everytime when you connect or found a possible workaround?20:52
dwangoACcarepack: Pairing works fine but for as long as the device is on it goes to 100% CPU20:52
dwangoACcarepack: As soon as I turn off the switch on my hands-free device CPU usage returns to normal20:52
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:53
carepackok. hope you'll in combo with others fipgure it out20:53
*** phdeswer <phdeswer!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:56
carepackwould somebody have a look on this please:
carepackcoming up during build the android hal20:57
carepackdevice = mako20:58
carepackhybris = 11.020:58
piggzsledges: i modified the .ks file again, in the --nochroot section, adding this which make it work much better on the ace21:00
piggzsed -i '/^\[Service\]/s/$/\nTimeoutSec=120/' $INSTALL_ROOT/usr/lib/systemd/user/lipstick.service21:00
carepackanother question would be... in the file the target is defined as droid. But this got nothing to do with the droid directory or?21:00
neothemachineI'm new, so maybe stupid question: when porting a phone supported by CM, why is it really necessary to fork the whole CM kernel repo for that device? I mean, if it already runs on CM, wouldn't it be enough to create some generic porting process/tool which just has a small set of config files for each phone, instead of having to maintain the forked repo for each and every device?21:26
neothemachineafter reading the pdf about porting I'm really not motivated anymore as it all seems very repetitive. So, am I wrong? What didn't I consider here?21:26
*** arcean_ <arcean_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:31
*** arcean <arcean!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)21:32
dwangoACneothemachine: I sort of ran out of time after starting on the .PDF file myself and while I can't answer your question I'd be interested in the answer21:32
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean21:32
dwangoACneothemachine: Hopefully sledges will reply when he's on next21:33
*** methril <methril!~methril@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)21:34
stephgneothemachine: evidently it's not enough ;)21:35
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)21:36
neothemachinewell, maybe it was just the straightforward thing to do for a single device, but I really can't imagine this for all of CMs devices21:36
*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:38
stephgneothemachine: there's a spread of kernels across all devices even with 'the same' CM versions21:38
stephgso why's that a surprise?21:38
stephgwhich device in particular are you interested in btw?21:38
neothemachinethe sony ericsson xperia ray21:39
neothemachinewhat do you mean with spread of kernels? different kernel versions?21:39
stephgversions (whose trees may vary wildly), build options,device specific blobs to build against with their own requirements, and probably plenty more21:44
neothemachinesure, but this exists at CM already, so I guess my real question is: what kind of modifications are necessary to make it compatible to sailfish? because if it's just general improvements, then this should probably be done in CM directly, right?21:47
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:50
stephgit's not about modifying CM per se, it's the CM kernel playing nicely with libhybris and vice versa21:51
stephgif there's a problem and you need to change one or the other, then you need the source21:53
neothemachineok now we're getting closer, and libhybris is the interface between kernel and sailfish?21:55
stephgbetween bionic c and glibc21:56
neothemachineok right, so it's a compatibility layer to run any native code that is written for android22:00
stephgwell it lets you run 'linuxish' things on hardware using 'native' android drivers22:02
vakkovactually this definition is kinda close since apkenv that is actually a layer that runs some native android code uses the same linker functions -
stephgsomeone finally joins that knows what they're talking about ;)22:06
neothemachinebut it still sounds like it should "just" work, so the specific changes required in the kernel repos are still somehow a mystery for me22:06
vakkovthe changes are required by Mer to run :D :D22:07
vakkovread the hadk, kernel section pls, it should be written there (i suppose)22:07
*** harha <harha!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)22:09
neothemachineyes, it mentions only that some configuration options must be enabled or disabled22:09
neothemachineah sorry, wait... the section before that has more info22:10
vakkovthere are cgroup and systemd configs that are needed; what is the problem with that22:12
*** ruthenianboy <ruthenianboy!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)22:14
neothemachineno these are fine, and it were only these they I would have said why not *just* maintain these configs, but yeah, in section 12.2 it mentions all the other things in "lower levels of Android [that] need to be modified"22:14
neothemachine*and if it were only these then22:15
neothemachineso if I wanted to port a new device, then I would have to fish out the relevant commits from the existing forks I guess? Because section 12.2 doesn't contain all the necessary details for the required changes22:18
stephgwell the changes depend per device22:21
neothemachineaha, no wait!  all the things described in 12.2 are generic and not part of the kernel repos, so we're back to the fact that the kernel repos should only need config changes according to 12.322:24
neothemachineI think the kernel section should be expanded a bit as there's apparently more to it as you say22:25
sledgesthis channel is the expansion of hadk ;)22:25
neothemachinemaybe it's better to take an example...
neothemachinesledges: can you say what kind of changes these are? where do they come from and why aren't they in CM?22:32
sledgesneothemachine: click on the #2 of the PR22:35
sledgesthe whole explanatios is right there22:36
sledgessoz, #422:36
* sledges keeps reading the backscroll22:37
neothemachineI don't really mean the content, but this patch also applies to CM, so shouldn't it be applied there and then be merged downstream?22:37
stephgo/ sledgsticles :)22:37
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)22:38
sledgesneothemachine: it's been backported22:38
*** gogeta <gogeta!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)22:38
dwangoACstephg: That... is one very odd pet name for sledges :)22:38
neothemachineah I see22:38
stephgdwangoAC :)22:38
sledgeshey fiddlestephgsticks!22:39
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)22:39
sledgesjust came back from yet another panto :P22:39
sledges(oh yes I have)22:39
stephghe's behind you!22:40
sledgesyou're not following the script:))22:40
neothemachinethanks guys, I think I have a better understanding now of why the forks are useful22:41
sledgesneothemachine: we try to mod kernel or androidy bits as less as possible22:41
sledgesonly touch kernel config is main aim22:42
sledgesyet inevitable22:42
*** plfiorini <plfiorini!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:43
*** phdeswer_ <phdeswer_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:43
neothemachinehow big is the kernel actually? the whole repo is 10GiB says the pdf, that's why I was a bit scared of creating forks all over the place just to modify one or two config files22:44
neothemachinemaybe shallow cloning would be a good way to save some disk space and bandwidth22:45
sledgesneothemachine: hybris-10.1 is already trimmed several gigs as compared to cm, so only needed bits are pulled22:47
sledges11.0 build is less trimmed, so it results in 20G after source checkout and make hybris-hal22:48
sledgesmobile making is a hungry thing ;) (enough to look at build machine min specs)22:49
neothemachineso shallow cloning is already used?22:49
mal-normal cm-11 took 50 GB after compiling on my system22:49
sledgesno, shallow cloning is not used22:50
mal-so hybris takes a lot less than that22:50
neothemachinebut what do you mean with trimming then? I mean, even if you remove files and commit that, it's still in the git history?22:50
sledgesit just doesn't clone projects it doesn't need22:50
neothemachineah I see22:51
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:51
neothemachineso you could actually really save some space with shallow cloning, considering how huge the kernel repo is22:51
sledgesand best not to shallow clone, as you never know what project you'll need to debug once you dig deeper into your device22:51
sledgesespecially the kernel22:51
sledgesis best to save commit history for traces22:51
sledgesgit blames22:52
sledgesand file histories22:52
sledgeswhen e.g. you're porting bluetooth to work22:52
sledgesand such22:52
neothemachineI thought with newer git versions this is all more transparent, so that you can load old history if you want at a later point22:52
sledgesdisk space issue has been negligible thus far ;) we concentrate on porting, which is resource hungry ;)22:53
sledgesand kernel repo is big, but not as big as the rest of cm projects22:54
neothemachineok, maybe I should just give it a try and then come back here, I'm sure then I have different troubles than disk space as well :p22:54
sledgesso you woldn't gain much22:54
sledgesdisk space will be the last thing on your mind ;) having a ball porting is what keeps us buzzing here:)22:54
sledgesneothemachine: do you have 64big build host?22:56
sledgesok good22:56
sledgesso these usually come with lots of ram and also big harddrives, no? ;)22:56
neothemachineby the way, has anyone ever tried it in a hw-accelerated vm?22:56
neothemachineyes, I have 16gig of ram22:57
sledgessailfish SDK runs in a vm22:57
sledgesthe emulator22:57
neothemachineI actually upgraded a few weeks ago, so also nice new cpu22:57
neothemachinei5, don't need hyper threading22:57
* sledges just got himself an i7... on a laptop:))22:58
neothemachine3.2ghz quad, should be enough22:58
sledgesto use as build box while travelling22:58
sledgesyea, now im jealous :D22:58
neothemachinewow, I hope it doesn't fry itself :D22:58
sledgesgood point, the rackserver here (with gutted half-fans due to noise reduction) has never heated up when building hybris22:59
*** prophecy <prophecy!~prophecy@2a02:810b:380:2c4:8e89:a5ff:fec6:eb43> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)22:59
sledgesdead proof meaning that we just build a required minimum22:59
sledgesyet when time came for me to build the whole aosp, i thought i can cook eggs22:59
sledgesso, laptop is safe as long as it's sailfish:)22:59
sledges(haven't tried yet though:))23:00
*** ruthenianboy <ruthenianboy!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:00
neothemachineso, the thing is, CM doesn't support xperia ray for >10, and I need 10.1 right? would it be tricky to use what these guys did: ?23:01
sledgesneothemachine: you're not the first one23:01
neothemachinethat's good23:02
ruthenianboyI was fighting with kernel config today as output .config was not the same as defconfig file. Reason was defaults in Kconfig files.23:02
sledgesmal-: ^^23:02
mal-neothemachine: how about using legacyxperia?23:03
sledgesruthenianboy: shouldn't config override default?23:03
mal-neothemachine: in legacyxperia there is Xperia Ray (urushi) in supported list23:03
neothemachinemal-: yeah exactly, just wondering if there's anything different to do, I haven't started yet23:03
mal-I am using legacyxperia kernel in my port23:04
mal-xperia pro23:04
neothemachinecool, do you have a repo link or something?23:04
*** phdeswer_ <phdeswer_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)23:04
ruthenianboysledges: i thought that .config is generated from defconfig directly, but it is overrided by defaults in some way. Warkround was to chcange relevant defaults in Kconfigs23:05
mal-neothemachine: not for kernel yet, and since there are different kernel configs for all devices it wouldn't help you23:06
neothemachinemal-: ok, sure, just wanted to have a look at something which is possibly somehow maybe similar23:06
vakkovsledges: welcome to the i7 mobile club then :)23:07
mal-neothemachine: I have some repos for porting here , but those are basically just what comes out after doing as hadk says23:08
neothemachineby the way, is it planned that there is some kind of central place to upload ported sailfish images? like the CM download section23:08
sledgesneothemachine: mal- : is legacyxperia providing only kernel(and device repo?) that you botch on top of cm-10.1?23:09
ruthenianboymal: i solved connection issue finally. It was easy - to reconnect cable after fastboot upload to get phone recognized again :D23:09
sledgesvakkov: thanks:))23:09
mal-ruthenianboy: it does that also on my system sometimes23:09
mal-I mean during booting it just loses things and reconnecting cable helps23:10
mal-sledges: mainly yes23:10
sledgesneothemachine: and there were some joint efforts by Nokius_ to do this but stood still for a bit23:12
neothemachinesledges: yes I saw this before and was a bit confused because so many devices were not linked to some page where the effort takes place23:12
sledgesirc is the meet point;)23:13
sledgesis a very dynamic activity23:13
neothemachineok, how long is the android porting been going on already?23:13
sledgesover 6 months23:14
sledgesalways room for improvements23:14
neothemachineall right, then it's fine, 6 months are like nothing23:14
stephgwell you had devices on show at MWC last year and the first hadk must have been a couple of months after that23:14
ruthenianboymal: now i am able to connect. In init.log i seen segmentation fault for date applet of busybox. But still better than nothing :)23:15
neothemachinesleeping time, see you soon I hope!23:16
sledgesinternally in jolla it all  started in the end of 201323:16
stephgnight neothemachine23:16
klopsi-u3cu neothemachine23:16
mal-ruthenianboy: that should not matter, as long as everything else is ok23:17
*** neothemachine <neothemachine!> has quit IRC ()23:17
*** Lipevakala_ <Lipevakala_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:17
klopsi-u3the only way to install windows is while drinking23:18
stephgright I'm going to follow him/her. Good night folks see you tomorrow or sunday, and happy hacking as always23:18
klopsi-u3happy sleeptime stephg23:18
ruthenianboyI am porting for lg l90 (D405n), later will do other LGs if this port will be successfull.23:18
sledgesglad u have an unlocked one ruthenianboy23:20
mal-ruthenianboy: so if you can telnet into the init then you should make sure everything is mounted correctly and sailfish root is in correct place and then you'll want to "continue"23:20
ruthenianboyTelnet is working fine, commands works fine too. But no sfos dir on /data yet so I will continue. You can expect my questions :).  How long way i completed by making hybris-boot?23:24
mal-have built the whole sailfish zip and installed it?23:25
ruthenianboySo hybris is easiest part of that, right? Ehm...23:26
mal-so how much of hadk have you done? only hybris-boot?23:27
sledgeswell, the rest is all mer sdk23:27
ruthenianboyyes, only hybris. I was facing to many problems as i never ported anything or built custom rom23:32
*** zanac <zanac!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)23:35
ruthenianboyGoing to bed now, so cu tomorrow guys. Thanks23:38
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)23:38
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:46
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)23:47
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