Saturday, 2015-02-21

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Nokius_Oh Yes I need to go on the :-/ /cc sledges08:50
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r0kk3rzpiggz still working on the DesireHD?13:06
r0kk3rzmight try it out on the Vivo, get a lot of ROMs that are taken from the DHD for that phone13:08
r0kk3rzhmm, anyone tried to use ubuntutouch as a base before?13:14
r0kk3rzwhere does it do the device check?13:42
locusfI've tried on a Jolla13:47
locusfit wasn't very fruitful13:47
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locusfyeah deffo afternoon here :)13:50
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r0kk3rzhey piggz, im breaking my old htc with your sailfish port13:53
piggzr0kk3rz: excellent ... do you want yesterdays image instead ... ive not announced it :)13:53
r0kk3rzwe'll see if this one works13:53
r0kk3rzi have my doubts13:53
r0kk3rzis a vivo, not an ace13:54
piggzyesterays is better ... it is the latst sailfish + a modified qt which fixes animations + a mod to lipstick to start up better13:54
piggzah ok13:54
mgroverquick question to anyone around, has anyone tried to boot the latest alpha with cm12?13:54
r0kk3rzbut they are very similar13:54
r0kk3rzbut on the offchance this actually boots, i might grab that newer image off you13:57
mgroverwe'll find out in a few seconds lol13:58
mgroverwhats a good time to let it sit at the google sreen?13:58
locusfwhich device?14:00
mgrovernexus 514:00
locusfit probably won't work as its not patched14:00
mgroveryeah its been stuck on the google screen for a good 2mins now14:00
mgrovertime to install ubuntu on a virtual machine and run through the HADK14:01
piggzis there any other ports to devices as old as the ace, which use pmem?14:02
piggzim def gonna re-base on the cm12 kernel14:04
piggzsee if i can solve this mem alloc problem14:04
r0kk3rzyou mean the first boot screen? mines been sitting on that for a few min now...14:04
locusfpush patches to hybris-12.0 if sledges or Stskeeps let you :)14:05
mgroveri dont know much so ill probably mess this up very quickly lol, am just curious if newer drivers would maybe solve some of the sensor and camera issues that might avoid a rewrite of gst14:06
piggzno ... the ace uses something called pmem which was phased out of android years ago .... but the graphics drivers for the ace need it iirc ... i found that only the first memory allocation worked, so i hacked the kernel to remember the address, and on subsequent calls, just return the first address if the allocation failed .... most stuff works, but i think its whats stops the on-screen keyboard displayiing at the same time as other14:07
piggzcontent ... seems like only one layer/window can be drawn14:07
r0kk3rzpiggz: theres a cm11 rom for the vivo14:10
r0kk3rzusing tesco kernel14:10
piggzr0kk3rz: whats a tesco kernel? i thought they just sold food ;)14:14
sledgespiggz: qt is still broken yes, did you apply qtfix?14:14
r0kk3rzsomething szezo cooked up for the vivo14:14
piggzsledges: i added the repo to my .ks so the latest includes qtfix14:14
piggzr0kk3rz: the ace has a fairly strong project behind ti
piggzsledges: did you see my other neat .ks hack?14:15
sledgespiggz: lipstick? very neat indeed:))14:15
piggzyeah, the default startup timelimt doest cut it on the ace!14:17
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piggzr0kk3rz: interesting ... that tesco kernel includes a PMEM -> ION wrapper ....14:26
piggzwhat egl driver is used?14:26
r0kk3rzno idea14:27
r0kk3rzworks though14:27
r0kk3rz << thats the rom i used14:28
r0kk3rztake 2 installing sfos, now using cm10.1 base image...14:31
piggzafk for a few hours14:36
r0kk3rzso, if it doesnt boot past the initial boot screen14:41
r0kk3rzwhat can you do?14:41
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klopsi-u3r0kk3rz: not sure what stage you are in. can you telnet or ssh to the device via USB?15:10
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iluminator105has anyone install sailfish on moto x15:57
iluminator105moto x 201415:58
iluminator105or moto g 201415:58
locusfnope, afaik16:00
iluminator105what currently support port devices for sailfish16:02
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klopsi-u3iluminator105: there is a wiki page listing devices and status of ports16:21
klopsi-u3i think it is mentioned in the topic16:21
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ruthenianboygood evening guys18:30
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piggzr0kk3rz: back18:48
piggzhows it going18:48
piggzyou can do some debugging to see if the kernel works by using lsusb -v18:48
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MSameeri wonder if it's possible to "load" sailfish on an android device without erasing the data partition...19:10
SamZaNemesisYou can with multiboot or with some clever chrooting19:10
locusfI once forgot to format /dats, nothing special happened19:11
locusf /data19:11
MSameeri don't want to destroy my data, I just need to try sfos on my oneplus19:12
SamZaNemesisMultirom is available on the OnePlus although it`s a huge hack19:13
MSameeri'd rather not go that route then19:14
MSameeri can even load it in ram if possible19:14
MSameerin theory it's doable19:15
SamZaNemesisSailfish with libhybris use part of a CM11 userland, which is the stock firmware of the 1+119:15
MSameeryes but i don't want to destroy it :)19:16
piggzfor the android side of ports, do you guys use the repo command to update repos, or just git on its own?19:16
SamZaNemesisYou could theorically flash it over without problems, and to get back to CM just flash a kernel that runs the android init instead of sailfish's systemd19:16
MSameerSamZaNemesis: good point19:16
MSameerlet me see19:16
locusfpiggz: yes repo where applicable, otherwise pushing to git dieectly19:17
vakkovMSameer: locusf: isn't just /data/.stowaways needed?19:30
MSameerthat is easy then19:30
MSameervakkov: thanks19:31
MSameeri can unpack the tarball there and load the kernel19:31
vakkovdid they fix the oneplus port?19:32
vakkovMSameer: last time i heard of it it was in this section :P
vakkovor maybe you don't need the graphics19:32
MSameerwell, I can try to debug at least19:32
StskeepsMSameer: it's #define QCOM_BSP needed in the droid-hal-bacon.device liekly19:33
locusftalk with vgrade about that, its not going to be trivial19:33
SamZaNemesisIs Weston supported by sailfish19:33
Stskeepser, not .device, .spec19:33
StskeepsMSameer: it tries to use allocSize instead of alloc cos of the insane qcom gralloc.h differences19:33
MSameerafter some success with various issues last week, I'd like to try my luck ;)19:33
StskeepsMSameer: so it ends up trying to allocSize major size buffers => oom19:34
MSameerStskeeps: ic19:34
Stskeepsanyway, that's my current guess, given how other devices i've tried out with qcom adaptation works19:34
MSameerstrange it does that19:34
Stskeepsjust some engineer at qualcomm who needs a hit with a foam bat19:34
Stskeepsfor having done that in first place19:34
StskeepsQCOM_BSP is defined in android build but not in libhybris+etc build19:35
MSameerwhy it fails is the question19:35
SamZaNemesisI'd beat qualcomm's management instead of the engineer for keeping everything under the foams and propietary and deciding they want to do everything their own way19:35
MSameerit should not oom like that19:35
StskeepsMSameer: because it tries to allocate <garbage> argument19:35
MSameerStskeeps: aha19:35
vakkovMSameer:  if you can help somehow .. i have the omx devices and the modules now19:35
MSameerso i need to know where tha garbage comes from19:35
MSameervakkov: forget gst 0.1019:36
StskeepsMSameer: nah, it just needs to #define QCOM_BSP in the droid-hal, rebuild the libhybris etc rpms19:36
Stskeepslike we have it for exynos devices (grep in droid-hal)19:36
Stskeepsso it starts using the right alloc() function pointer19:36
MSameerStskeeps: +1 :)19:37
MSameervakkov: the error is from alsa19:38
nykacStskeeps: > foam19:38
MSameervakkov: try gst-launch-0.10 playbin2 flags=99 audio-sink=fakesink uri=...19:38
nykacStskeeps: you're too kind sir, methinks a clue-by-four would be more appropriate19:38
vakkovyeah, i saw that but the maiuling list shows that it was also present on the jolla19:39
MSameervakkov: but really, forget 0.1019:39
vakkovMSameer: any way to get video playback working then?19:39
MSameervakkov: build droidmedia, build latest gst-droid, build qtmultimedia from 5.5 branch19:39
MSameervakkov: get the minisf and minimedia services running19:40
MSameervakkov: and you should get video playback in gallery with gstreamer 1.019:40
vakkovhaha awesome; now i at least have steps :P19:40
MSameervakkov: OR build this (mer-stable branch)19:40
MSameervakkov: the above steps worked on nexus5 but I did not try them on anything else19:41
MSameerit will be unstable and it might need some fixes19:42
MSameervakkov: and submit a PR with your app ops stuff :p19:42
vakkovoh and btw i don't know who is in charge of gst-omx but is it possible to move the gstomx.conf to the jolla adaptation package because not all devices are qualcomm based :P19:42
MSameervakkov: or don't bother with qtmultimedia, in gst-droid there is tools/player which builds you a simple video player that you can use for testing19:43
vakkovMSameer: totally forgot about the app ops; you have probably made more changes already :P will send it soon19:43
MSameervakkov: gst-omx is dead. gst 0.10 is dead19:43
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MSameervakkov: I will no invest any time in getting gst-omx fixed. there is really no point in that19:44
MSameerwe already have gst 1.x being cooked and it works on 3 different HW configurations19:44
vakkovookay, i'm deleting it19:46
vakkovand gstreamer-0.1019:46
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MSameervakkov: you can keep it for now. it's used by media player and SW video playback?19:47
vakkovMSameer: whic i doubt to work anyway19:48
MSameersw decoding should work19:49
MSameervakkov: just build droidmedia and gst-droid, run the services and try with gst-droid/tools/player19:54
MSameerdon't bother with qtmultimedia for now19:54
MSameeror even with gst-launch only19:56
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MSameervakkov:  droidmedia branch20:12
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piggzin my hybris-boot/ i still have an uncomitted change which hardcodes the paths for the prtitions.  ths was becuase back then it would get stuck in an infinite-loop.  is this still required/fixed?20:30
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vakkovMSameer: is there a repo that has this built -
MSameervakkov: should be in sailfish already20:36
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piggzsledges: (anyone) ... i have a modified which removes init-debug ... was that fixed elsewhere?21:30
vakkovpiggz: fixed elsewhere?21:40
piggzvakkov: i assumed it was looked at my someone, somewhere :)21:40
vakkovMSameer: pkgconfig(vo-aacenc) is needed by gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad-1.4.5-1.armv7hl21:41
vakkovcant find voaacenc; should i just get it from some repo and build it21:42
vakkovoh, my bad, missed it somehow21:43
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ruthenianboyguys, in chapter six of HADK, settin nsb2, there's only armv7hl target available, but my device is armv7l. Does it make difference? Should I set armv7l as target?22:53
ruthenianboysorry for typo. *setting sb222:53
MSameerwhich device is that?22:54
MSameervakkov: grep PKG_CHECK_MODULE and install all of them via zypper in 'pkgconfig()'22:58
vakkovruthenianboy: what is your device. keep in mind that android is soft float but yur cpu probably supports hard float22:59
vakkovMSameer: doing it now :P22:59
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ruthenianboyMy phone is lg l90 - w7n. I am not familiar with that stuff about cpu. So i can use armv7hl named package for armv7l due to compatibility then. Cpu is qualcomm msm8226 if someone is interested23:11
ruthenianboyI asked because i've seen that there are soft float and hard float packagas available so want to be sure and select proper version.23:16
vakkovsledges: have you checked my PR on maguro kernel23:17
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vakkovruthenianboy: sfos is hard float; just follow the hadk23:19
vakkovwhich packages are soft float?23:19
vakkovMSameer: nemo-gstreamer-interfaces not found ;  that's not nemo-gstreamer0.10-interfaces23:23
vakkovwhich is @ nemomobile/github23:24
MSameervakkov: get it from sailfish23:24
vakkovMSameer: can't find it? both on the phone and the sd23:24
MSameerzypper in 'pkgconfig(nemo-gstreamer-1.0-interfaces)'23:24
vakkovMSameer: nothing found23:25
sledgesvakkov: reached out for beidl (i hope no austrians in here reading this now)23:26
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