Sunday, 2015-02-22

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vakkovMSameer: stll trying to decide what video to use for stesting :D00:23
MSameervakkov: use anything00:23
MSameerthat is not funny :p00:23
M4rtinKvakkov: Sintel/Elephants Dream/Big Buck Bunny ? :)00:28
M4rtinKthe usual ones :)00:28
M4rtinKor maybe 10 hour nyan cat00:28
MSameervakkov: install gstreamer1.0-plugins-good00:31
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vakkovtotally forgot to install them on the phone00:32
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vakkovMSameer: [nemo@Jolla ~]$ ./player 20150222_001.mp400:35
vakkov[D] QWaylandEglClientBufferIntegration::QWaylandEglClientBufferIntegration:62 - Using Wayland-EGL00:35
vakkovlinkerlinker.c:1110| ERROR: Library '' not found00:35
vakkovlinkerlinker.c:1110| ERROR: Library '' not found00:35
vakkovand when i click on P:  [C] QtCamViewfinderRendererNemo::sinkElement:198 - Failed to create droideglsink00:36
vakkov[W] unknown:28 - qrc:/main.qml:28:9: QML VideoPlayer: error setting pipeline to PAUSED00:36
vakkov[W] unknown:28 - qrc:/main.qml:28:9: QML VideoPlayer: error setting pipeline to PAUSED00:36
vakkov[W] unknown:28 - qrc:/main.qml:28:9: QML VideoPlayer: error setting pipeline to PAUSED00:36
vakkov[W] VideoPlayer::bus_call:360 - Error Could not open resource for reading.00:36
vakkov[W] VideoPlayer::bus_call:360 - Error Could not open resource for reading.00:36
vakkov[W] VideoPlayer::bus_call:360 - Error Could not open resource for reading.00:36
vakkov[W] VideoPlayer::bus_call:360 - Error Could not open resource for reading00:36
MSameervakkov:  < 4 || pastebin00:36
MSameervakkov:   GST_DEBUG='*:2' ./player /home/nemo/20150222_001.mp400:36
MSameervakkov:   gst-inspect droiddec00:38
MSameervakkov:   gst-inspect-1.0 droiddec00:38
MSameervakkov: rm ~/.cache/*gstreamer*00:39
MSameeras _nemo_ user00:39
MSameervakkov: is it hard for you to add -rf to the rm command when you see the error?!00:41
vakkov:D :D00:41
MSameerdid you copy  to the phone?00:41
MSameerscp gst-libs/gst/memory/.libs/  gst/.libs/  nemo@
MSameervakkov: goes to /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/00:43 goes to /usr/lib00:43
MSameerand rename it to
MSameerdo you have minimedia and minisf running?00:43
vakkovMSameer: yes, do they need to be the latest ones00:50
vakkovthose are 2 days old :P00:50
MSameershould work00:51
vakkovmv /usr/local/lib/ /usr/lib/      mv /usr/local/lib/gstreamer-1.0/ /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/     jsut to be sure :D00:51
MSameeri guess so00:51
MSameergood luck00:52
vakkovwhat? is there smth wrong?00:52
MSameerstagefright does not like us00:53
MSameervakkov: as root00:54
MSameercd /etc00:54
MSameerln -s /system/etc/media_codecs.xml00:54
MSameerln -s /system/etc/media_profiles.xml00:54
MSameerrestart minimedia and try again00:54
MSameersomething with the omx implementation00:56
vakkovugh again00:56
MSameer Error initializing RPC00:56
vakkovf u TI00:56
vakkovyeah, i saw it00:57
vakkovMSameer: give me a few mins00:57
vakkovi can bet the FW has not gotten loaded again00:58
MSameertake your time00:58
vakkovyeah, i could insmod the modules again .. should have given me an error01:00
vakkovsledges, are you there01:05
MSameerseems not01:05
vakkov   ...01:05
MSameeri really cannot help with that :/01:06
vakkovMSameer: it comes from me .. fixing it in several mins ..01:09
MSameeri am not in a hurry01:09
MSameerI am backing up an android phone to unlock it01:10
MSameerwhich takes a while01:10
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vakkovMSameer: i am readyyy01:27
vakkovwe can now try the droidmedia test01:27
MSameerno need01:27
vakkovand the nodes are created by themselves01:27
MSameertry player like we did01:27
MSameervakkov:   GST_DEBUG='*:2' ./player /home/nemo/20150222_001.mp401:27
vakkovI/OMXCodec( 1317): [OMX.TI.DUCATI1.VIDEO.DECODER] video dimensions are 848 x 48001:28
vakkovhehe :P01:28
MSameerdid you copy ?01:28
MSameerbetter to update droidmedia01:29
vakkovit is in system/lib01:29
MSameerseems there is a symbol that is not found01:29
MSameerplayer: ../gst-libs/ext/droidmedia/hybris.c:46: __resolve_sym: Assertion `ptr != ((void *)0)' failed.01:29
vakkovmakes sence, this was ubilt against the newest i think01:29
MSameervakkov: but seems it started to work ;)01:29
vakkovyeah, thanks to beidl for telling me that i am an idiot :D01:30
MSameerbeidl: thank you for telling vakkov he is an idiot on my behalf :P01:30
vakkovtoday i modded the kernel and i have forgotten to make modules_install01:30
vakkovso there were just the modules in /system/lib :P01:30
vakkovnot /system/lib but /lib/modules01:31
vakkovMSameer: it now sounds rude01:31
MSameervakkov: stop rambling and go build droidmedia :p01:31
vakkovi am01:31
MSameervakkov: oh, now you know I am rude :p01:31
MSameervakkov: sorry man01:31
vakkovthen we have something in common :P01:32
MSameerI think you can copy it to /usr/libexec/...01:37
MSameernot sure anyway01:37
vakkovMSameer: was afk01:49
vakkovi got a pircutre on the screen01:49
vakkovlike 2 frames are layed01:49
MSameerdid it work?01:49
vakkovonly several frames from the beginning show up01:50
vakkovand black screen after that01:51
vakkovthen i can start it again :P01:53
vakkovsame error in the log, first frames played01:53
vakkovthe player doesnt crash01:53
MSameerso it plays the first few frames then stops?01:54
MSameerhow long is the video?01:56
MSameerand how much does it play?01:56
MSameerand can I see logcat please?01:56
vakkovthe logcat is in a loop01:58
vakkovthis is looping constantly01:58
vakkovthe video is 8 seconds long01:58
vakkovabout a second is getting played01:58
MSameeri can't see any error from droidmedia in logcat01:59
MSameerwhy the hell is dalvik running?01:59
vakkovit's not even enabled in init02:00
MSameerD/dalvikvm( 4629): Trying to load lib 0x002:00
MSameerD/dalvikvm( 4629): Added shared lib 0x002:00
vakkovand zygote02:00
vakkovthe services can't have started them?02:01
vakkovlet's check how i have defined them in init.rc02:01
MSameeri have an issue with droidmeedia anyway which leads to aggressively acquiring buffers from stagefright02:01
MSameerI need to refactor some parts toget that fixed02:01
MSameerwas planning to do that next week02:02
MSameeraggreeively acquiring buffers make stagefright unhappy02:02
vakkovit's from minisf, fixing02:02
MSameerwhy would minisf do that02:02
MSameerah you replaced surfaceflinger with minisf ? ;)02:03
vakkovthis would need a reboot02:04
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vakkovsomething broke ... when i su nemo nothng works... i'll be back02:11
vakkovMSameer: i'm back :D
MSameerE/BufferQueue( 1429): [DroidMediaCodecBufferQueue] acquireBuffer: max acquired buffer count reached: 2 (max=1)02:13
MSameeryeah I need to refactor02:13
vakkovMSameer: is this why minisf restarts02:13
MSameerwhich android version is that?02:13
vakkov4.2.2 i believe02:14
MSameervakkov: no idea why it restarts02:14
vakkovsince it had onrestart restart zygote02:14
vakkovand zygote was restarting, that's why i'm asking02:14
MSameeri honestly don't know how to fix that atm02:15
MSameeri need to dig and refactor02:15
MSameerbut it's 4 am02:15
MSameerbut at least that is good progress02:16
vakkovMSameer: shouldn' test_droidmedia_codec open /dev/alog/main02:17
vakkovopen("/dev/log/main", O_WRONLY|O_LARGEFILE) = -1 ENOTDIR (Not a directory)02:17
MSameerit's a bionic app02:17
vakkovwell it segfaults on this02:18
MSameerignore it02:18
MSameerit just dumps the codecsand exits02:18
MSameercodecs and02:18
vakkovand the camera test kinda freezes after this 2 cameras02:20
vakkovCamera 0: Orientation: 90, facing: 102:20
vakkovInitializing camera 002:20
vakkovopen("/sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace_marker", O_WRONLY|O_LARGEFILE) = 402:20
vakkovioctl(3, BT819_FIFO_RESET_HIGH, 0xbeb467a0) = 002:20
vakkovioctl(3, BT819_FIFO_RESET_HIGH02:20
vakkovbtw, i still have linked to camera.omap4.so02:21
MSameerit's waiting for a binder call to return afaict02:21
MSameermight be waiting on audioflinger02:23
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vakkovMSameer: do you have a way to get something from the camera after everything else works02:46
MSameerbut wait for the next sailfish update first02:47
vakkovis droidmedia now working on your devices02:49
vakkovthe buffer acquiring02:49
MSameerthere are some quirks02:51
MSameerthus i need to refactor02:51
vakkovMSammer: are they all android 4.4 based02:52
MSameerjolla phone is not 4.4 based02:54
MSameervakkov: they are just not mature as we want them to be02:59
MSameerthat is why gstreamer 1.x is not yet included in sailfish by default02:59
MSameervakkov: actually, you cannot have camera output in jolla camera before sailfish gets switched  to gst 1.x03:00
vakkovyeah, i know that03:01
vakkovbut your app uses gstrm 1.003:01
MSameeryes but I need to fix it so it works with the new stuff03:01
MSameerand I have no time these days03:01
MSameerI know it works because I saw it working but I need to fix it and make a public release03:03
MSameerbut we are in a better shape anyway03:07
MSameervakkov: are you using cm 11 or 10.2 or what exactly?03:07
vakkovMSameer: cm-10.103:08
vakkovmost of the devices are on this03:08
MSameerwill keep that in mind while refactoring stuff03:08
vakkovlogcat full of03:10
vakkovW/AudioSystem(  447): AudioFlinger not published, waiting...03:10
vakkovI/ServiceManager(  447): Waiting for service media.audio_flinger...03:10
vakkovobviously the camera test03:10
MSameerthat's camera03:11
MSameertry this:03:11
MSameerecho "" >> /default.prop03:12
MSameeror restart minimedia03:12
MSameerand rerun camera test03:12
vakkovMSameer: doesn't help03:17
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vakkovMSameer: is the minisf service printing something to the logcat when it starts/restarts03:20
MSameervakkov: nop03:23
MSameervakkov: wait03:24
vakkovMSameer: the PID doesn't change but how did it start zygote before i disabled that line ini init.rc03:25
MSameervakkov: apply this to android and rebuild cameraservice
MSameervakkov: frameworks/av03:26
vakkovMSameer: is it possible that the minisf restarts and BufferQueue::acquire() fails03:26
MSameervakkov: no03:26
MSameeracquire buffer fails because we try to acquire a lot of buffers AFAICT03:27
vakkovMSameer: my camera service is a lot more different :P03:30
vakkovbut i will use this as a reference03:30
MSameerwell, you get the idea03:30
MSameerthis is against 4.403:31
MSameerperhaps you can use some fuzz and apply the patch03:31
MSameerand if you do it, please push the PR to github03:31
vakkovMSameer: i guess it worked out :P03:53
vakkovI/CameraHAL( 1969): camera_device open03:53
vakkovI/ServiceManager( 1969): Waiting for service sensorservice...03:53
vakkovnow this message about sensorservice is being spammed03:54
MSameer/usr/bin/sensorservice &03:57
MSameervakkov: ^03:58
vakkovMSameer: /system/bin/sensorservice ?04:01
MSameerwhat is the problem?04:01
MSameermaybe it's sensorsservice04:01
vakkovstarted sensroservice in another terminal; the test failed for both of the cameras04:03
vakkovand some ugly logcat04:04
MSameershow me04:04
vakkovMSameer: the services at the end die when i stop sensorservice i think04:07
vakkovMSameer: mm no, they die by themselves :D04:08
vakkovMSameer: sledges: is it ok -
vakkovreally didn't know how to name the commit ;D04:17
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hereiamuhhsledges, hey how do i get unbanned?04:26
MSameervakkov: seems sensorsservice is not really running?04:36
hereiamuhhi thought youd have to have at least 4G to take advantage of 64bit s?04:37
nykachereiamuhh: nope04:39
nykachereiamuhh: more registers helps a lot too04:40
nykachereiamuhh: and some nice instructions for stuff like crypto04:40
hereiamuhhso 64bits for mobile isnt much to write home about04:43
hereiamuhhperformance increase wise04:43
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hereiamuhhsledges, hey10:13
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r0kk3rz so im going to need usb drivers for this htc10:18
r0kk3rzfind out where its borking10:18
r0kk3rzhmm isnt showing up in adb11:08
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r0kk3rzmust be really borked11:09
sledgesr0kk3rz: there's no adb in sailfish11:11
r0kk3rzmmm ok11:11
r0kk3rzso how should i try and talk to it?11:11
r0kk3rzdoesnt get past the initial boot screen11:11
r0kk3rzbuttons dont seem to work11:11
sledgesr0kk3rz: 9.2 section of hadk11:13
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piggzr0kk3rz: step 1: check output of lsusb ... hopefully the kernel has got that far11:28
r0kk3rzi dont think it has, i think there is a fatal flaw in what im trying to do11:29
r0kk3rzso i should probably start from the beginning11:29
r0kk3rzbut i should be able to reuse a lot of your work on the desirehd11:32
r0kk3rzas they use the same SOC and gpu11:32
ruthenianboyHey, where i have to look If bootsplash is not showed on lcd during hybris recovery, but it is enabled in init script? /dev/fb0 and fb1 is present in system but nothin showed if something is written to it. Its not mandatory feature of course, i am just wondering :)11:35
piggzsledges: where does this message come from:11:38
piggzswitch_root: can't execute '/init-debug': No such file or directory11:38
piggzi have a situation where I can telnet into in early boot, but if I continue the boot it reboots immediately. .... i dont even know why its giving me the telnet access11:41
sledgesruthenianboy: /system/bin/bootanimation or /system/bin/surfaceflinger or (z)cat bootsplash(.gz) > /dev/fb0 (bootsplash either from or home-grown )11:42
sledgespiggz: check /data and /target mounts11:43
piggzsledges: /target doesnt have a /sbin ... is that right?11:44
sledgestarget should have sfos rootfs11:44
ruthenianboysledges: in initramfs11:44
sledgesruthenianboy: i gave you options for either11:44
piggzsledges: seems most of my sfos is missing....11:45
piggzbut hey-ho11:45
ruthenianboysledges: a am talking about framebuffer issue in hybris recovery. It must show something even if i write random data to it11:46
sledgesruthenianboy: does it show in cm recovery?11:46
ruthenianboycant confirm that at this moment, but i think it will11:47
sledgesruthenianboy: it doesn't work in twrp on nexus5, so something's missing (maybe fb0 is kept locked)11:53
sledges(doesn't work also in hybris-recovery)11:53
ruthenianboywill check which kernel parameters are used in recovery kernel. It is something to do with this maybe.11:55
ruthenianboyOr maybe it will work if hybris recovery is flashed and booted directly from flash.11:56
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piggzsledges: after a wipe of /data and a reinsall it looks to all be there again12:12
vakkovsledges: oops, a little confusion last night12:16
sledgesvakkov: commented12:21
sledgesruthenianboy: recovery kernel doesn't work in n5 case, and hybris is flashed in flash - also doesn't work; did you get it working anywhere?12:22
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beidlhello hello porters elite! long time no see12:24
sledgesoV beidl12:25
beidlsledges: o/12:25
ruthenianboysledges: it was only my speculation. But good to know anyway. I will check at home12:25
sledgesbeidl: what are you doing here in this fine sun-day? (probably the rainiest one i remember though:D)12:27
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beidlsledges: cause it's fun-day! I'm playing around with the maguro port again. got a fresh and working maguro from my cousin, and vakkovs PR yesterday got me interested again :D12:28
beidlalso, I'll be starting my new job on tuesday. so I thought "well, I should get the hardest part done ASAP", meaning setting up the toolchain and building the middleware :D12:29
sledgesgood man! what's the new job? ;)12:31
beidlC++, Qt & Linux development. sadly nothing involving operating systems of finnish mobile vendors but still :P12:33
sledgesnearly there ;)12:37
sledgesall you gotta do is switch them to Mer :D12:38
beidlyou know me, that's part the plan to world domination ;P12:38
sledges(evil laughs)12:38
beidls/part/part of/12:38
beidldr evil aka dr beidl12:39
sledges:D beidlmayer12:39
beidlthats actually a new one12:39
vakkovsledges: is the message ok now?12:41
sledgesvakkov: I LGTMd it already12:46
alinsledges: hi...12:48
alinany new release?12:48
sledgesalin: go for it12:49
piggzany ideas on these errors?
alinsledges: that was a question12:49
sledgesalin: that was the answer ;)12:49
alinso was a new jolla release...12:50
alinI broke my n5 screen12:50
alinsledges: yap... I ordered a new digitizer... let us hope is doable otherwise I will need a full screen12:52
sledgesisn't that stick-glued?12:53
alinsledges: ok... is early I will wait for the proper one... when does it come in obs12:53
alinsledges: maybe12:53
sledgeswhen lbt is back12:53
alinsledges: holiday?12:53
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piggzso what do I need to do to gt sfos running on a cm-12 based system?13:05
sledgesthe same thing community did to come up with hybris-11.0 branches for repos under github/mer-hybris, using hybris-10.1 as reference13:06
sledges(android* repos)13:07
piggzsledges: so, all the repos that have revision hybris-cm-10.1 need updated to cm-12.0?  does this work exist yet? i was wondering if the drivers on cm12 would be more up to date for the ace and alll=ow me to fix the graphics bugs13:09
beidlvakkov: just installed the first image after a while. is it just me or does the touchscreen not work anymore?13:12
sledgesall android* repos with hybris-10.1 (or -11.0), yes; this work doesn't exist. does cm12 claim to have more hw things working? did htc release some better firmwares/aosp44 for ace (doubt it;)?13:13
vakkovbeidl: works fine on all updates here13:13
sledgespiggz: ^13:13
beidloh well, that means it's time for pre-rootfs debugging again13:13
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piggzsledges: so, reccomendation to stick with 10.1?13:20
sledgespiggz: try 11.0 as it's already there13:22
beidlwhat was the way to break boot pre rootfs switch? wasn't it something like cp'ing init-debug?13:26
sledgespiggz: use a freshly rebased hybris-11.0-44S manifest branch instead13:30
sledgesbeidl: touch /init_enter_debug13:30
beidlsledges: thanks!13:31
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*** ilan is now known as rusty8813:50
sledgesheey rusty88 wb!13:53
rusty88heyy sledges13:55
rusty88thank you13:55
rusty88good to be back13:55
sledgeshow've you been?13:55
rusty88fine thank you, finished my masters degree, got a new job13:56
rusty88'bout  you?13:56
rusty88well and a little sad that i've missed two sailfish updates13:56
locusfgreat job rusty88 :)13:58
rusty88thanks locusf :D13:58
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locusfI should too graduate, been way too long13:58
sledgesrusty88: congrats! me same old, just busier every day and lovin' it :D14:02
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sledgeslocusf: lol yes, myself exactly back in 2008:))14:02
sledgesrusty88: what do you do if no secret?14:03
rusty88locusf: been there done that xDD took me a while too to finish, but it was time14:04
rusty88sledges: embedded system and device drivers development14:04
rusty88for a startup here in portugal,14:04
sledgesrusty88: that's my man :D14:05
sledgesrusty88: androidy or more linuxy devboards?14:05
rusty88sledges: linux devboards14:05
rusty88and let me tell you that porting sailfish was of a great help xD, been using scratchbox14:06
* sledges used to do that 2010-201314:06
sledgeswow that's interesting14:06
rusty88and some other tricks i've learnt :D14:06
sledgesi'm in touch with a guy writing a book about embedded (Chris Simmonds), and he told me he wanted to add scratchbox next to buildroot, yocto etc, but he said nobody uses it :P14:07
sledgesor knows about it14:07
beidlsledges: let him spread the word14:07
rusty88sledges:  hmm i would be interested in such a book14:08
rusty88well i've find it quite useful,14:08
sledgesbeidl: i need to tell Chris about guys like rusty88 to give more usecases than only jolla ;)14:08
sledgesrusty88: it's out at the end of year, will keep you posted14:08
rusty88sledges: alrighty thanks :)14:09
locusfnice :)14:10
rusty88btw guys anyone tried running sailfish on odroid-c1 ?14:10
sledgesrusty88: btw:
sledgesPSA all ^ ;P14:11
sledgesyou can pre-order alredy14:11
rusty88just bought one and since it runs android why not run sailfish14:11
rusty88ohh great14:11
*** ruthenianboy <ruthenianboy!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:17
rusty88sledges: what about the jolla store access for android phones?14:19
rusty88is it available?14:19
sledgesrusty88: nope, that will be post-mwc14:19
sledgesour store guys were busy from one big milestone to another, you've no idea:) sorry14:20
rusty88no worries just wanted to know :)14:20
sledgesyou're not the only one:)14:20
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:20
rusty88i bet i'm not14:20
sledgesespeciall when jolla store is now opening more APIs (but look at the chicken'n'egg above;))14:22
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)14:25
beidlstrange. getevents and manually cat'ing /dev/input/event1 shows that the touchscreen successfully sends events on touch, but the UI doesn't react (and it surely does redraw properly)14:25
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:26
vgradebeidl: sledges some changes in PS, ALS sensors14:28
beidlo hai vgrade o/14:28
vgradebeidl: I recall some chat on here re lipstick and Proximoty or ALS14:29
beidlah yeah14:29
*** Makalak <Makalak!~Makalak@unaffiliated/makalak> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:29
beidlI remember that feature from update914:29
beidltripple-power-press, right?14:30
vgradesomething more recent I recall14:30
vgradecheck logs for last few days14:30
beidlvakkov: any changes that haven't been merged yet?14:30
beidlvgrade: I will, thanks14:31
vakkovbeidl: mm nope14:34
vakkovbeidl: i was planning to add this
vakkovbut it is more for personal use :D14:35
vakkovthey might soon add it to the jolla; it is in testing afaik14:35
beidlvakkov: when was the last time that you have rebuilt middleware packages14:36
beidlvakkov: also, that would be cool, but I'm not sure if the maguro kernel supports all of those config switches14:36
beidlvakkov: so several months ago :D14:37
vakkovbeidl: probably supports them after you enable CONFIG_NAMESPACES14:37
vakkovbeidl: well, i haven't built anything for the last update ;) i just updated from zypper14:37
vakkovworks fine14:37
vakkovand it's not several months ago14:37
vakkovit is rebuilt after something is updated14:37
vakkovbeidl: only qtscenegraph-adaptation needs to be updated14:40
vakkovbeidl: moving it to the upstream repo now14:41
beidlit was so simple it's not even funny, just a permission issue on the event device14:49
vgradebeidl: :)14:51
piggzsledges: wow, there is a lot more repos in cm-11, taking ages to d'ld14:53
beidlit must have been something I fixed from inside the kickstart14:54
sledgespiggz: yep, hadn't been cleaned14:55
vakkovsledges: i need help setting a webhook for one .spec file ;D :D14:55
*** prophecy <prophecy!~prophecy@2a02:810b:380:2c4:8e89:a5ff:fec6:eb43> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)14:55
vakkovsledges: oh no, found it14:56
vakkovadvanced - meta14:56
MSameerbeidl: we kicked video playback "yesterday" and it works for 1 second now then breaks :p15:02
beidlMSameer: nice! :D15:08
vakkovfor 2 frames :P15:08
MSameervakkov: didn't you say 1 second ? ;)15:09
vakkovbeidl: are you happy now :D
beidlvakkov: much better haha15:09
vakkovMSameer: you saw the log; it's 2 buffers15:09
MSameervakkov: I was confused by the 1 second you mentioned but if it's 2 frames then I might have a hack for you :P15:10
beidlI wonder though, I remember video playback running pretty well15:10
beidlexcept for when you switched from a playing video to another in the gallery where it deadlocked15:10
vakkovMSameer: it's one frame (max number of frames) plus one frame allowed by BufferQueue::acquireBuffer15:11
vakkovso, whats' the hack15:11
MSameervakkov: try this:
vakkovwas thinking of this an hour ago when i was reading it :D hahah15:12
MSameerif it works then fine but it will break camera. if it does not work then wait for me to fix droidmedia properly15:12
MSameerthe ideal solution is to hand gstreamer only 2 buffers: 1 for rendering and 1 for pre-roll in the beginning and that's it which will eliminate this hack15:13
MSameerbut that should be fixed when I refactor15:13
MSameeractually, 1 for rendering and another one mandated by the sink15:14
*** VDVsx <VDVsx!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)15:15
vakkovMSameer: doesn't work, borke it even more15:20
* vakkov is afk for 30 mins15:22
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vakkovWe can integrate SurfaceTexture but thart needs a lot of // change in the whole stack <--- MSameer: how much change exactly16:44
*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:45
MSameervakkov: that will let us get rid of minisf16:46
MSameerbut I don't mind having it running16:46
MSameervakkov: the issue with integrating SurfaceTexture is you lose the ability to pass buffers around16:46
vakkovMSameer: byt that you mean the patches?16:47
MSameervakkov: yup16:48
MSameerguessed from the names :P16:48
MSameerhave not really checked them16:48
vakkovkeeping it open - those patches art le patches -
vakkovubuntu compat layer uses them16:48
vakkovand if one applies them he can get it working16:48
vakkovMSameer: what normally does the work of DroidMediaBufferQueue::acquireMediaBuffer16:50
MSameerwhat do you mean?16:51
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*** ruthenianboy <ruthenianboy!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:22
vakkovMSameer: what normally acquires the buffers17:31
vakkovsensorservice: [android.gui.SensorServer]   look who started to work :P17:35
vakkovstill fails the cameratest17:37
MSameervakkov: gstreamer asks buffer queue to acquire a buffer17:39
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r0kk3rzandroid doesnt have a breakfast command anymore?18:35
r0kk3rzshould use lunch instead?18:35
locusfyeah lunch works for aosp18:35
vakkovr0kk3rz: which version are yu trying to build?18:37
r0kk3rzversion? im just trying to run through the HADK18:38
vakkovi meant which cm version ... breakfast should be there though :O18:39
vakkovu sure u ran envsetup?18:39
r0kk3rzyeah i think thats not running correctly18:39
r0kk3rzah there we go18:44
r0kk3rzi think this is the point where i need piggz help18:45
r0kk3rzbecause there isnt an official cm10.1 for the vivo18:45
piggzat this point, piggz is making tea, but feel free to ask and i'll see where i get18:45
piggzr0kk3rz: thats ok, there is no official repo for the ace either18:46
r0kk3rzyeah i know18:46
piggzyou just need the hybris-10.1 branch of .repo/manifests18:46
piggzthen, in your roomservice.xml, manually add the remaining repos you need, likely from github18:47
piggzyou just need the kernel, device, vendor repos etc18:47
piggzinfact, you maybe want to fork the kernel repo to your own github so you can make changes to it18:47
r0kk3rzyeah right, might have to hunt down some repos then18:49
piggzr0kk3rz: its kinda trial and error until you get all the repos you need, just keep trying to build, and when it fails, find the repo you need18:55
r0kk3rzyeah, dep hunting18:55
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piggzsledges: i think i'll go back to 10.1!19:53
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piggz[F] HwComposerBackend::create:74 - QPA-HWC: hw_get_module(HWC_HARDWARE_MODULE_ID, (const hw_module_t **)(&hwc_module)) in create returned -2219:53
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ruthenianboysledges: you were right about framebuffer in twrp. Its not working on my phone also. Same situation as n5.20:04
vakkovMSameer: setSynchronousMode(true);20:06
vakkovand video playback works20:06
vakkovMSameer: beidl: got the whole 8 second video :D20:06
vakkovMSameer: camera time :P20:07
beidlwhoah nice :D20:10
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)20:12
MSameervakkov: that works too but I need to check what android does normally20:15
MSameervakkov: beside, I will refactor regardless because android 4.4 devices are still broken20:16
MSameervakkov: good work never the less20:16
vakkovMSameer: read somewhere that normally setSynchronousMode is not touched :D20:16
MSameervakkov: it's easy to check. either read the code (GAH) or boot android with a patched libgui (GAH)20:17
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)20:17
vakkovwe are goingto have green line issues :)20:18
vakkovbut just on some videos20:19
*** plfiorini_ <plfiorini_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:23
MSameerthat is expected20:24
*** plfiorini <plfiorini!> has quit IRC (Disconnected by services)20:24
MSameerI think I know why but I did not have time to properly investigate and fix20:25
*** plfiorini_ is now known as plfiorini20:25
MSameervakkov: come on. You are the only community port with video playback :P20:25
* vakkov parties hard because of that fact20:26
MSameervakkov: the main issue is we have a function that tries to read from the decoder all the time and since the decoder is fast, it ends up pushing a lot of buffers to gstreamer which happily tries to acquire them20:26
vakkovwhat about the mako and hammerhead?20:26
MSameerat some point, the decoder realizes that it has no buffers to fill and blows up20:27
MSameerbecause even though the buffers are ready for rendering, the actual rendering will happen later in time when gstreamer decides that it's now the time to show that frame20:27
MSameerso the solution AFAICT is not to run the loop function like that but throttle it down a bit20:28
MSameerwhich will also help us with handing input data over to the decoding as we now need to throttle it manually20:28
MSameervakkov: mako worked with gst 0.10 but I have not yet tried with the new stack20:29
MSameersetting synchronous to true might help but it's not the "proper" way to fix the whole issue IMHO20:30
*** erde74 <erde74!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:41
beidlholy crap, getting hwc 1.1 to run on maguro is frightening me right now20:42
beidla big pile of kernel patches20:43
rusty88hmm well it seems that the last update to ofono broke my data connection, now i dont have voice neither data :(20:43
MSameerbeidl: why do you need it then?20:44
beidlMSameer: new OpenGL drivers for PVR and much better compositing20:51
*** erde74 <erde74!> has quit IRC (Quit: Verlassend)20:53
vakkovbeidl: that's why i gave up.  enough of pvr on the 2 previous craps :D20:53
beidlas much as I hate it, I have to do it, I just can't keep on running that nasty udev patch on my device :)20:54
vakkovthe patch is the smallest problem :D doesn't the new hwcomposer also have it20:54
vakkovtheu dev thing20:54
beidlnope, we can make it react to sysfs changes ala cyanogenmod20:55
beidlinstead of uevents20:55
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vakkovMSameer: do you have a patch for libgui21:37
*** cxl000 <cxl000!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)21:38
vakkovbetter 4.4 patch than nothing :P21:38
MSameervakkov: what patch?21:41
vakkovMSameer> vakkov: it's easy to check. either read the code (GAH) or boot android with a patched libgui (GAH)21:42
MSameervakkov: nop21:42
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vakkovlocusf: do you experience ui lag on maguro with glacier23:23
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