Monday, 2015-02-23

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locusfvakkov: some but not much04:49
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carepackgood morning08:16
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klopsi-u3morning all09:36
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zGrrmoin :)12:32
klopsi-u3goodday zGrr12:33
locusfhello, I'm trying to link my busybox binary inside android AOSP source tree, busybox is from cm-12.0: out/target/product/aries/obj/EXECUTABLES/busybox_intermediates/libbb/appletlib.o:appletlib.c:function applet_main: error: undefined reference to 'dhcprelay_main'12:47
locusfI know I'm supposed to edit busybox-full.sources but I don't know the source paths12:47
sledgeslocusf: doesn't aosp have its own busybox?12:47
locusfsledges: it doesn't12:48
locusfsledges: at least for sony stuff its all cyanogemod12:48
sledgesfor sony stuff its all cyanogemod12:50
locusffor busybox at least12:50
sledgesdoes sony use busybox per se?12:51
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locusfI'm not sure13:16
locusfits not in default aosp repos13:20
locusflbt: ping13:20
locusfcould  you please take a look at busybox configuration for cm-12.0, ie. the above error message?13:21
lbtso yeah - busybox is from CM13:22
lbtI'm sorting out a new disk on mer atm so a bit busy13:22
locusfyeah take your time, noticed in #mer :)13:22
lbtping me in an hour13:22
locusfokay will do13:22
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locusftbr: just made me appreciate your services so much more :)14:11
locusflbt: reminder ping ?14:18
lbtstill working on stuff :)14:18
locusfokay :)14:18
locusfI'll flash meanwhile14:19
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locusflbt: precarious ping :)14:54
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sledges17:48 < lbt> PSA : OBS going down16:00
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sledges(from #mer)16:00
vakkovnoooooooooooo :D why didn't i getthe packages last niight16:02
vakkovfor how long? sledges16:02
lbtwon't be long16:02
vakkovoh, perfect then :)16:02
sledgesfamous last words:))16:05
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locusflbt: ping?16:38
lbtmmm yes16:39
lbtwaiting for the disk to be plugged in16:39
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lbtlooks like there may be an issue with the HW ... waiting for remote hands :/16:41
locusflbt: lets take it to tomorrow? I have no rush16:42
lbtok - I've been on vacation so I'm catching up a bit16:42
locusfits alright :)16:42
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r0kk3rzcm10.1 still the recommended cm version?18:36
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sledgesr0kk3rz: go for 11.0 via hybris-11.0-44S branch18:37
sledgesit's cm11 on 4.4.418:37
vakkovis it still down?18:37
r0kk3rzcm11 it is18:37
sledgesvakkov: replied to you on #mer18:37
vakkovsledges: is the mer git working?18:38
sledgesvakkov: yes18:39
vakkovgive me a link pls18:39
vakkovsledges: i don't remember the address :P18:40
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sledgesvakkov: git.merproject.org18:41
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vakkovsledges: awesome; danke18:43
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sledgesvakkov: bulgarians say merci ;p18:45
vakkovsledges: they actually say blagodaria :D18:46
vakkovmerci is kinda french, you know :D18:46
sledgesvakkov: that was the whole point me saying it ;)18:47
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* vakkov being vakkov again18:48
sledgesall good as long as you're not beidl:))18:49
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vakkovsledges: the channel would be jammed by too many smart people then18:51
sledgesi was referring to the meaning of his nickname ;)18:52
vakkovMSameer: Problem: nothing provides orc1 needed by gstreamer1.0-libav-1.4.0-1.armv7hl;   but i have the Mer orc ;( ora maybe i should have used uours18:52
vakkovsledges: see? i am still right18:52
MSameervakkov: because you are using gst-libav from my repository18:53
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vakkovMSameer: well, which one to use then18:54
MSameervakkov: use the stuff from sailfishos18:54
sledgesvakkov: you lost me there, we're even now :S18:55
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vakkovMSameer: totally forgot about it :P18:56
vakkovsledges: i am still too dumb to: 1. know that beidl means a penis;   2. make the association :P18:56
sledgesok, sorry everyone, it's my fault that there was foul language used in the channel18:59
* sledges gives himself a first strike &)18:59
MSameervakkov: and 3) stop drinking before working on media stuff :p18:59
vakkovMSameer: quill-qt5-utils; where do i get it from19:05
MSameervakkov: don't try to build cameraplus. it will not work19:05
MSameerand you will not be able to build it easily19:06
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r0kk3rzre section 14.3.1 of the HADK, what do i need to do to setup a new manifest? do i need to manually clone the github repos to the folders?19:19
r0kk3rzor does repo sync do that for me19:19
mal-repo sync clones those automatically19:21
r0kk3rzok then, the manifest file example seems to be lacking info then19:22
r0kk3rzunless there is some voodoo behind the scenes19:22
mal-what do you mean?19:22
mal-it assumes the repos are on github19:23
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r0kk3rzyeah right, i think i understand now19:24
mal-the name parameter is the rest of the address to that repo on github19:24
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vakkovMSameer: i guess you mean binaries-droid.tgz19:31
r0kk3rzhmm it got the repos, but breakfast still doesnt work19:36
vakkovsledges: what do yu have in binaries-droid.tgz  here -
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r0kk3rzim going have to update the manifest.xml with the cm11 repos arent i19:45
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r0kk3rzah i see, need to change the android repo to cm1119:52
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sledgesvakkov: that is an old grave, stop digging:)20:12
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sledgesas one shouldn't ship any tarballed binaries like that on OBS, thanks for reminding about that, now it's gone;)20:25
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klopsi-u3woot woot20:49
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beidlI'm fine with being a beidl, I'm just hanging out21:00
beidlhi btw :)21:01
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klopsi-u3same here21:09
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piggzargh crappy android kernels pmem rubbish21:18
r0kk3rzhmms will i run out of hdd space21:41
r0kk3rzmight have to figure out how to remove the cm10.1 stuff21:42
vakkovsledges: anything that replaces this section (78-84) in mer? i dont have those lines in my init.rc and they are needed by sensroservice which is needed by the media stuff21:55
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sledgesvakkov: section where?22:40
vakkovsledges: oops ;P
sledgesvakkov: in hybris it comes from
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vakkovI/CameraHAL( 1354): camera_device open23:05
vakkovD/        ( 1354): PPM: Standby to first shot: Sensor Change completed -  :608.459 ms :  1424732631673 ms23:05
vakkovkinda stuck23:05
vakkovthe fix is ln -s /system/lib/hw/ /system/lib/hw/sensors.default.so23:05
vakkovi will now add sensorservice to init so that i dont have to do this23:05
MSameervakkov: no need for the symlinks. the problem is test camera is a bionic app23:07
MSameerthis hack is not needed for normal glibc apps23:07
vakkovMSameer: it is needed because everything that tries to open the camera first wants sensormanager here23:08
vakkovsensorservice *23:08
vakkovincluding simple-camera23:08
MSameersensorservice is needed yes but the symlink is not23:08
vakkovMSameer: sensorservice needs the symlink otherwise it tries to open the default file which does not exist23:09
vakkovand the real hw fle (tuna) is not even loaded by something :D23:09
MSameervakkov: yes because you are starting it manually23:09
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vakkovMSameer: well, the only other way is to add it to init?23:10
MSameerif you add it to init.rc then it will be under the control of droid hal whatever (cann't remember its name) which will fix these things for you23:10
vakkovthat's why i said i will add it to init so that i won't need to symlink :D :D23:11
MSameerthat's what I said too23:11
vakkovMSameer: any idea why it is stuck on the first camera?23:13
MSameerisn't it waiting for sensorsservice?23:13
vakkovMSameer: no, sensorservice is working now23:13
vakkovcheck the log23:14
vakkovthe pastebin23:14
vakkov<vakkov> MSameer:
MSameernothing in logcat?23:14
vakkovonly what i posted before the symlink23:15
vakkovseems like it doesnt close the camera23:15
*** zetaz <zetaz!> has left #sailfishos-porters23:16
MSameer <- this is not logcat?23:16
vakkov<vakkov> I/CameraHAL( 1354): camera_device open23:16
vakkov<vakkov> D/        ( 1354): PPM: Standby to first shot: Sensor Change completed -  :608.459 ms :  1424732631673 ms23:16
vakkovthis is the logcat23:16
vakkovomg, if my internet connection stops my messages again i will be mad.23:17
MSameeri saw that but did not reelate both of them23:18
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)23:18
MSameermaybe because we are not passing what the camera needs?23:19
vakkovwhat does it need23:19
MSameerget_parameters, set_parameters, ...23:19
MSameerI wonder if gst-droid/tools/simple-camera still works23:20
vakkovMSameer: yep, it also tries to open the camera ;D23:21
MSameerI don't understand23:22
MSameervakkov: try tools/simple-camera23:22
vakkovit also destoys it23:22
vakkovE/CameraHAL( 1354): Adapter state switch PREVIEW_ACTIVE Invalid Op! event = 0xf23:22
vakkovD/        ( 1354): PPM: Focus finished in:  :-1419417.-268 ms :  1424733721946 ms23:22
vakkovI/CameraClient( 1354): Destroying camera 023:22
MSameerbuild it, copy the binary and the 2 .gep files to the same directory and launch it23:22
MSameerE Invalid Op! event = 0xf <- WTF23:22
MSameervakkov: try simple-camera from gst-droid/tools23:23
MSameeri donnot if it will work or not23:23
vakkovMSameer: ouch, i have missed the two .gep files23:24
vakkovthat's probably why it doesnt work :D23:24
MSameerI really don't know what to do23:24
MSameerI give you instructions, you skip half of them :p23:24
vakkov:p if only i could get the instructions before i tried it :p23:25
vakkovnothing in logcat MSameer23:27
vakkovi clicked on start23:27
MSameerok try this23:27
vakkovis tis an issue - GST_ERROR_SYSTEM gstelement.c:1835:gst_element_message_full:<video-encodebin> posting message: Your GStreamer installation is missing a plug-in.23:27
MSameer1) kill minimediaservice. 2) launch the app like this: GST_DEBUG='*:2' simple-camera 3) press start23:28
vakkovi think minimedia service was auto starting even after /system/bin/stop23:28
vakkovlets check23:28
vakkovMSameer: the fact that after clicking start nothing in logcat changes and libcameraservice does not start tells me that simple camera is probably not working23:30
MSameervakkov: install gstreamer1.0-libav from sailfish23:31
MSameerit is complaining about aac encoder which should come from -plugins-bad23:32
vakkovi thought i have it23:32
vakkovand this too ;D23:32
vakkovi | gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad23:32
MSameeredit video.gep and comment out the last block: streamprofile-mpeg4-video-123:33
MSameeruse # to comment (IIRC)23:33
MSameervakkov: perhaps -plugins-bad you have does not contain the aac encoder23:33
MSameerthat's why I asked you to wait for the next update a few days ago :p23:34
vakkovMSameer: zypper does not show libav but i have built in on my pc, should i install23:34
MSameeranyway, comment the block23:34
MSameervakkov: no23:34
MSameervakkov: plugins-bad is what contains aac encoder not libav23:34
MSameerand libav is statically linked to the plugin anyway23:34
MSameerlibav cannot be changed easily. if you update it like that you will break a handful of things23:35
MSameerjust comment out the block23:35
vakkovI/ServiceManager( 1795): Waiting for service
vakkovand the app crashed23:36
vakkovnot sre if i havent broken them already :D23:36
vakkovno, i havent cameraplus has its own folder :P23:37
vakkovit needs minimedia to start the camera service?23:37
MSameerminimedia is the camera service23:38
vakkovotherwise it is full of I/ServiceManager( 1795): Waiting for service
vakkovW/Camera  ( 1795): CameraService not published, waiting...23:38
MSameerwhy did you stop minimediaservice?23:39
vakkovyo told me so?23:39
vakkovor you wanted me to kill it so that it restarts?23:39
MSameerI told you to kill it23:39
MSameernot to stop it23:39
MSameerdoesn't it restart by itself if killed?23:40
vakkovit does23:40
MSameerso why did it not start this time?23:40
vakkovbecause i stopped it; i didnt just kill it23:41
vakkovnow i started it23:41
* MSameer whips vakkov 23:41
* vakkov cries23:41
MSameerwhere is the GST output?23:42
vakkovfun fact: last time we did something with the camera i was whiped23:42
vakkovit is there23:42
vakkovscroll down :D23:42
vakkovusing one paste now because the limit is near23:42
MSameerit fails because it tries to enable face detection :@23:43
vakkovwhat is this face detection23:44
vakkovi doubt a simple camera client t have a face detection as the one i think of :D23:44
MSameerwhy does it enable it23:44
MSameervakkov: ok this will be huge23:44
MSameerand if that does not show me what I need then I will ask for even more logging23:45
MSameervakkov: meanwhile try this patch23:46
MSameermind the offsets ;)23:50
vakkovMSameer: /home/nemo/gst-droid/gst/.libs/libgstdroid.so23:53
vakkovwas this where it should go23:54
vakkovor this /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/libgstdroid.so23:54
MSameer /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/libgstdroid.so23:54
vakkovand the memory one?23:54
MSameerno need for it this time23:54
MSameerit's a shared library whose ABI has not changed by that simple patch23:55
vakkovshould i restart minimedia23:56
vakkovkill it*23:56
MSameerplease not again :D23:56
vakkovlogcat at the end23:57
vakkovstill the same23:57
MSameerno way23:57
MSameeri dont believe you23:57
MSameerwe commented out that block of code23:57
MSameerso no way it is outputting it23:58
vakkov-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 486917 2015-02-24 01:55 /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/libgstdroid.so23:58
vakkovMerSDK MerSDK MerSDK vakko@vakko-G750JS:~/MerSDK/android/droid/gst-droid$ ls -l ./gst/.libs/libgstdroid.so23:58
vakkov-rwxrwxr-x 1 vakko vakko 486917 Feb 23 18:52 ./gst/.libs/libgstdroid.so23:58
MSameergstdroidcamsrcdev.c:958:gst_droidcamsrc_dev_enable_face_detection: error enabling face detection23:58
MSameergstdroidcamsrcdev.c:958:gst_droidcamsrc_dev_enable_face_detection: error enabling face detection <-- you commented that out23:59
vakkovlines 955 - 962 are commented23:59
MSameerso how come it prints it?23:59

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