Tuesday, 2015-02-24

vakkovis simple camera built against this lib00:00
vakkovor something like that :D00:00
MSameergst-inspect-1.0 droid00:00
vakkovhold on hold on00:00
vakkovwhy the hell is Feb 23 18:52 ./gst/.libs/libgstdroid.so00:00
vakkovfeb 23?00:00
vakkovit hasn't replaced the lib???00:00
MSameerare you asking me?00:01
MSameercheck the output on your screen :P00:01
MSameermaybe there is an error?00:01
vakkovit is not even creating a new one00:02
vakkovomg .00:02
vakkovnow i have to make clean00:02
vakkovand rebuild00:02
vakkovwas there any special configure for gst-droid00:02
vakkovyou know ./configure00:02
MSameer--prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc00:03
vakkovonly this?00:03
vakkovthank god i have 8 cores :D00:04
vakkovmore like 8 threads00:05
vakkovok, lets check out now00:05
MSameercome on. it's not android00:06
vakkovI/CameraClient( 1815): Opening camera 000:07
vakkovI/CameraHAL( 1815): camera_device open00:07
vakkovE/CameraHAL( 1815): Adapter state switch PREVIEW_ACTIVE Invalid Op! event = 0xf00:07
vakkovI/CameraClient( 1815): Destroying camera 000:07
vakkovwhen i build android i leave the laptop on the opened window's frame so that it stays cool00:08
MSameerit already choose an image capture resolution and a viewfinder resolution00:09
MSameerbut could not pick a video recording one00:09
MSameertry GST_DEBUG='droidcamsrc:7'00:10
vakkovbeidl: this white blinking LED when it is charged kills me00:10
sledgesvakkov: same on nexus500:10
MSameervakkov:  try GST_DEBUG='droidcamsrc:7'00:10
MSameerlet's see what the sensor reports00:11
MSameerthat is strange00:13
MSameerthe camera does not do video recording?!00:13
MSameerdo you have a link to your camera hal?00:13
vakkovlet me check00:15
MSameerhttps://android.googlesource.com/platform/hardware/ti/omap4-aah/+/a801c4a2f70c77d40245b51c2820d256251816aa/camera/BaseCameraAdapter.cpp ?00:15
MSameervakkov: also show me logcat00:17
vakkovMSameer: it's the same as in the last 10000 tests00:17
MSameerit is not00:18
vakkovI/CameraClient( 1815): Opening camera 000:19
vakkovI/CameraHAL( 1815): camera_device open00:19
vakkovE/CameraHAL( 1815): Adapter state switch PREVIEW_ACTIVE Invalid Op! event = 0xf00:19
vakkovI/CameraClient( 1815): Destroying camera 000:19
vakkovisn't it00:19
MSameeronly that?00:20
MSameerthe camera is not reporting any resolutions for video recording00:23
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vakkovsledges: any way to stop it?00:24
sledgesvakkov: gut out mce hybris plugin00:27
vakkovsledges: the only mce hybris thing i found is a folder /usr/share/doc/mce-plugin-libhybris-1.4.200:30
vakkovwith docs00:30
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MSameervakkov: might be something with omx but not sure00:30
MSameeri know why mediaservice is silent00:31
MSameerlater then00:31
MSameervakkov: still here?00:31
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sledgesvakkov: rpm -ql mce-plugin-libhybris00:31
MSameervakkov: cd /dev && rm log && ln -s alog log && killall -KILL minimediaservice00:32
MSameervakkov: that should get you logcat output00:32
MSameervakkov: he went to sleep!00:32
sledgesit's only half past midnight! 8D00:32
MSameerit's half past 3 am00:33
vakkovMSameer: sledges: hehe :D still here, dont worry00:33
MSameervakkov: then try that last thing please00:34
vakkovMSameer: this gives me the normal logcat i had so far?00:34
MSameershould give logcat AFAICT00:34
MSameervakkov: no no. should give more if there is more00:34
MSameerif that does not work then we will have to use printf :p00:35
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vakkovMSameer: where it says Waiting for service media.camera...   is the moment i had minimedia stopped, not killed00:35
MSameerno use00:36
MSameerwe have to use printf00:36
MSameeror strace maybe00:36
vakkovsledges: normally when you wake up i am still awake :P00:37
vakkovMSameer: ok, let it just be  fast :D00:37
MSameervakkov: it won't be fast00:38
vakkovugh, cane you leave some instructions for me00:38
MSameeri don't even know yet00:39
* vakkov says good night to all00:40
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MSameeri have a theory, we are unable to get video resolutions because preview is not running00:59
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locusflbt: ping, whenever you're ready :)06:58
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vakkovMSameer: shall i have the .conf files from gst-droid/data in /etc/gst-droid/09:29
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carepackwho works on porting for nexus5?10:16
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carepacksitu, vgrade, alin, dmt, sledges10:33
carepacksomebody around?10:33
situcarepack: Yes.10:33
carepacksitu: hi10:33
carepackyou've got problems with the kernel for hammerhead? Kernel checker results in warnings end errors. Modify defconfig. mako on hybris-11.010:35
carepackmodify defconfig?10:35
carepackerror log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10385419/10:36
situcarepack: I don't have any problems. Look at recent changes in https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_kernel_lge_hammerhead/commits/hybris-11.010:36
situcarepack: https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_kernel_lge_hammerhead/commit/562c2897eb4c4e2497b0730ec78146c360344e6310:37
carepackok. this config file has: # CONFIG_ANDROID_LOW_MEMORY_KILLER is not set10:38
carepackin my case this is also present in the defconfig. But the kernel checker says it's allowed instead not10:38
situcarepack: Not sure, ping sledges. I haven't followed up with porting work for some time.10:40
carepackok. thx anyway10:40
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situcarepack: Looking at https://github.com/mer-hybris/mer-kernel-check/blob/master/mer_verify_kernel_config#L127 it's not allowed10:46
situso you have to unset it.10:48
carepackyep. done.10:52
carepackcopied it form KERNEL_OBJ/.config to arm/configs mako_defconfig10:52
carepackthx a lot for the commit link10:57
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Guest944hello anybody there ?11:05
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carepackI think yes ;)11:18
carepackhello Guest94411:18
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jusa_get something else than silence with nexus5 microphone: https://github.com/mer-hybris/pulseaudio-modules-droid/pull/2711:38
jusa_(there's quite a bit other stuff as well, but among others this fixes microphone with nexus5)11:39
klopsi-u3cool jusa_11:39
sledgesjusa_: what else does it address?11:40
jusa_sledges: no bugs, just adding logging and setting active audio source to source proplsit11:41
sledgesbasically, what it says on the tin;)11:41
jusa_yes :)11:41
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MSameervakkov: no need.12:10
vakkovbeidl: sledges: this works on the maguro!! now if only i knew the password of the image :D12:11
MSameervakkov: boot android, start capturing logcat output, launch camera, record a video, stop camera, stop logcat, show me logcat output12:11
MSameermaybe that will help12:11
MSameerI don't know why your camera hal is not giving us video resolutions12:11
vakkovMSameer: ok; will send logs after the lecture is over ;p12:12
MSameeri won't have time to check before tonight anyway12:12
MSameerI have a full time job :p12:13
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MSameersledges: what have you achieved? ;)12:14
sledgesme? nothing :P12:15
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for_the_lulzStskeeps, hey will you unban uhhimhere?12:30
Stskeepsno, because you're obviously ban evading and impersonating being somebody else. please leave.12:31
Stskeepsyou're expressing bad irc behaviour.12:31
for_the_lulzim not evading anything i was just asking for that nick to be banned12:32
for_the_lulzi am uuhimhere12:32
for_the_lulzive asked many times via pm for at least reasons12:32
Stskeepsyes, you're evading bans. last warning before i forcibly remove you.12:32
for_the_lulzwell you didnt reply to uuhimhere12:33
for_the_lulzso youre saying im banned because of evading bans?12:34
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Stskeepsnow you are.12:34
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* MSameer hides12:51
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vakkovsledges: since i am now in android and i am logging some things i will ask before i have forgotten. what mounts the internal storage of the phone in sailfish13:29
vakkovthere was one service i think; that was failing on the maguro13:29
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vakkovMSameer: this is a logcat from a video http://pastebin.com/bJxMRviV13:34
sledgesvakkov: /lib/systemd/system/*.mount13:34
MSameeronly that?13:35
MSameervakkov: try (on android) adb shell dumpsys media.camera -v 113:35
MSameervakkov: try (on android) adb shell dumpsys media.camera -v 313:36
vakkovMSameer: should i now start the video ?13:38
MSameeryou might need to restart mediaservice13:39
vakkovMSamer: http://pastie.org/997824813:40
vakkovMSameer ^13:40
MSameernot enough13:40
MSameerrestart mediaservice13:40
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vakkovMSameer: when i write restart mediaservice or stop/start mediaservice nothing in the logcat changes ... but i am not root becuase the stupi su binary needs to be updated (oh, android)13:44
vakkovso, :D am i restarting it if there is nothing in logcat13:44
vakkovsomething like: media service died13:44
vakkovogh, i will just update su13:44
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vakkovMSameer: http://pastie.org/997827713:55
vakkovsledges: dev-mtp.mount                                                                                    loaded failed     failed          FFS mount13:57
vakkovthat's from dev-mtp.mount                                                                                    loaded failed     failed          FFS mount13:58
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carepackjusa_: hi. you're around?14:06
carepackyou've updated the pulseaudio-modules-droid repo14:09
*** s5pik3 <s5pik3!~Spike@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)14:10
carepackI'm trying to build the package against androis cm-11 headers14:10
carepackbut getting error14:10
*** ruthenianboy <ruthenianboy!~198811@ip-> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:10
mal-what kind of errors?14:11
carepackpastie: http://pastebin.com/Q6rY2tsj14:12
jusa_carepack: ah..14:15
jusa_carepack: I'll fix that..14:15
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jusa_carepack: could you try compiling "dev" branch from this repo? https://github.com/jusa/pulseaudio-modules-droid14:24
*** flyser_ <flyser_!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)14:26
carepackcompiling with this spec: pulseaudio-modules-droid-sbj.spec14:30
carepackor: pulseaudio-modules-droid.spec14:30
jusa_carepack: pulseaudio-modules-droid.spec14:30
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jusa_fix mako build: https://github.com/mer-hybris/pulseaudio-modules-droid/pull/2814:33
carepackwith the modified package what c/home/micha/mer/devel/mer-hybris/pulseaudio-modules-droid/RPMS/pulseaudio-modules-droid-5.0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm14:33
carepackcopy paste14:33
vakkovjusa_: on maguro we have an annoying popping sound right before the speakers begin playing something and right after they stop14:34
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vakkovunfortunately, i can't provide logs now but do you have an idea what is the possible cause of this14:34
*** SK_Work <SK_Work!c2623324@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:34
jusa_vakkov: amplifier switching on maybe..14:35
jusa_does that happen with speaker or headset or with both?14:35
vakkovjusa_: maybe it amplifies too much :D14:35
vakkovwith the speaker14:35
vakkovthe loudspeaker14:35
vakkovhaven't tried with headset14:35
vakkoviirc it is fine in android14:36
jusa_I could check if there something special with the maguro on maguro AudioFlinger code.. or then try writing silence a bit before and after writing data14:36
jusa_vakkov: could you check if the pop comes also if you do "pacat /dev/zero" ?14:37
*** SK_Work is now known as SfietKonstantinW14:38
vakkovjusa_: just got the phone14:38
vakkov[root@Jolla ~]# pacat /dev/zero14:38
vakkovConnection failure: Connection refused14:38
vakkovpa_context_connect() failed: Connection refused14:38
jusa_vakkov: as nemo user14:38
vakkovjusa_: agh, doesnt output anything14:39
vakkovjusa_: omg i am an idiot14:41
vakkovjusa_: itpops al ittle, yes :D14:41
vakkovvery low14:41
vakkovjusa_: and until i stop it it makes a sizzling sound14:45
vakkovjust like when it plays something14:45
vakkovfor example a sound from the os14:46
vakkovjusa_: do yu need some kind of a log or something14:46
vakkovbeidl_: do you experience those issues as well ^14:49
jusa_vakkov: no need for logs.. or hmm.. if you could get verbose logcat from your device that may be interesting14:50
vakkovjusa_: http://pastie.org/997848614:54
vakkovnothing useful to you i fear :D14:54
vakkovjust some netlink flood14:54
vakkovand nothing prints when i run the pacat test14:55
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carepackwhich step in hadk produces the pattern*.rpm15:00
carepackchecking for /home/micha/mer/android/hybris-11.0-rebase/droid-local-repo/mako/*-patterns*.rpm...15:06
carepackbut package not available15:06
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zGrrmoin :)15:14
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sledgescarepack: 7.1.215:22
sledges(naturally stemming from 7.1.1)15:23
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*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:31
carepackthe mer-kernel-config checker produces no errors. only warnings. but first mb2 command in 7.1.1 gaves me this: http://pastebin.com/skeZQYxR . All errors have to be solved?15:33
mal-it does not find your .config15:35
mal-"Can't open ./out/target/product/%{device}/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config"15:35
mal-carepack: which version of hadk are you using?15:35
mal-since that command should not be there anymore15:36
carepackthx. Should be seeing through myself15:36
mal-carepack: you are using an old version of hadk pdf15:37
carepackthx again. Using the on one from recents15:38
mal-topic has the link to the most recent one15:38
sledgeslooks like kernel hasn't been built15:38
sledgesah yes15:39
sledgesmal- is right ;)15:39
mal-that is using .inc not .spec15:39
carepackok. this was totally right. He is using now the current config and the errors are gone. rest are warnings. but the build stops anyway with this: http://pastebin.com/itdaBPBr and the last line15:43
carepackerror.GitError: rev-parse: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/micha/mer/android/hybris-11.0-rebase/kernel/lge/hammerhead'15:43
carepackwhy hammerhead15:43
sledgescarepack: hammerhead is still in the manifest (pre-loaded)15:46
sledgesand so it also has to reside on the filesystem15:46
sledgeseven if untouched15:46
sledgesthis error is during manifest.xml rebuild15:46
carepackpressed enter. build was going on. now he wrotes the patterns.rpm kernel-modules.rpm etc15:49
carepackworking now15:52
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vakkovjusa_: any ideas about this?16:08
jusa_vakkov: not yet really.. I'll have to take a look at the android sources at some point16:10
*** filippz <filippz!~filippz@93-137-233-18.adsl.net.t-com.hr> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)16:16
zanachmm so i've got a very verbose log for jusa_ to look at, but it's a bit big for pastebin.. (600KB or so)16:23
zanacah i guess i can just split it16:24
zanachttp://pastebin.com/b9kjVTb8 http://pastebin.com/nFJnjAvJ if jusa_ or anyone else is able to assist.. this is a log of a bluetooth phone call on mako, which appears to connect but no audio can be heard through the car kit16:28
jusa_zanac: I'll take a look later16:28
zanacoddly, the behaviour seems to have changed as well - without verbose logging, once the call connected, the car kit would believe that the phone disconnected, but now the car kit keeps thinking the phone is dialing even after i hang up16:29
zanacso maybe a timing issue?16:29
zanacthx jusa_ .16:29
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*** tanty is now known as tanty_off16:36
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locusfdamn busybox16:45
locusfyeah trying to apply hybris config16:46
Stskeepsah.. yes16:46
Stskeepslbt can involve you in his recurring nightmares on that topic16:46
lbtoh yes, locusf sorry - infra stuff has been a pain16:47
lbtthe new disk just failed :/16:47
lbtnot replacing it tonight though16:47
locusflbt: ah its ok, sorry to hear the pains on the infra16:47
lbtwell, I guess it's not as painful as bb config :)16:48
locusfhehe, really?16:49
locusfI've been pulling my hair out the last days in this16:50
lbtI'm trying to see if I made any notes16:50
locusfthe new version is nothing what happened to hybris-11.016:50
locusfthis is cm-12.0 based btw16:50
lbtI think I had a README - may have been on my build SSD which died16:51
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locusfI just wonder if it would have applied to this16:52
locusfI seriously have the only thing going which is the config, otherwise the patches don't apply anymore16:52
lbtwhat repo?16:53
locusflbt: I have to do this new build based on aosp-5.0.2-r116:55
locusflbt: I don't know if you met jerpelea16:55
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*** keithzg <keithzg!~keithzg@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:01
lbtlocusf: OK17:01
lbtso you're trying to "rebase" the hybris-10.1 to cm-1217:01
locusfor rather 11.0 but whatever17:02
lbthybris-11.0 maybe17:02
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situsledges: meeting today ?17:46
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sledgessitu: no chance - preMWC ;)17:52
sledgessoz and thx for remind17:52
situsledges: Good luck for MWC.17:53
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carepackhi again19:34
carepackmaybe someboday got a hint. hybris-11 mako image succesfully created. But won't booting. I see the google logo and then went back to recovery19:36
carepackwhere or how can I start to debug this?19:36
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carepackduring building the hybris hal I'm going to be asked many question (y,n) new. Is this due changes to the mako defonfig?20:13
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sledgescarepack: sounds like wrong .config20:14
sledgesi hope you didn't take it from nexus520:14
carepackwhere i the point he would taken this? I cloned (you know) and then getting to build. Where can hammerhead coming in?20:17
carepackkernel flag changes are don to obj/KERN***/.config then copied it to make_defconfi -> git add20:18
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ruthenianboygood evening20:24
ruthenianboycould someone tell me what I am doing wrong? http://pastebin.com/g8LqLFHH20:25
mal-ruthenianboy: are you sure you did 14.4.1 successfully?20:27
ruthenianboysure, otherwise file will not exist :)20:32
mal-so it exists and the contents is ok?20:32
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mal-just curious, have you been running all commands as same user, since you path seems to be /root/mer-root/android/droid/rpm/20:33
ruthenianboyyes, I am running it as same user, root user. This is whole step 14.4.120:35
mal-then why doesn't it find the file if it exists20:36
ruthenianboyI really dont know :(. This seems to me like rocket science20:39
mal-have you done zypper ref; zypper dup20:43
ruthenianboyyes, its in hadk. I am just following guide. I think error must be caused by sb2 target. Btw, In step 7.1.1 they should mention mandatory step 14.4.1 as this is porting guide20:46
mal-I understood that next version should have better structure20:49
mal-one more time check ls -l /root/mer-root/android/droid/rpm/droid-hal-w7.spec20:50
ruthenianboy-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 290 Feb 24 20:31 /root/mer-root/android/droid/rpm/droid-hal-w7.spec20:51
mal-I think the reason could be that your mer-root is not in /home/20:53
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mal-if I remember correctly it only mounts that20:53
mal-since mb2 is in chroot20:54
ruthenianboywhich chroot? sb2?20:54
carepackmal: maybe you've got a hint for me too the mb2 build command gives File "/home/micha/mer/android/hybris-11.0-rebase/.repo/repo/git_command.py", line 218, in __ raise GitError('%s: %s' % (command[1], e))20:55
carepackerror.GitError: rev-parse: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/micha/mer/android/hybriand the run on20:55
mal-ruthenianboy: I don't know the specifics, just remember that I also had some problems that mb2 commands did not work if mer-root was not in /home20:57
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ruthenianboythats bad...I am out of free space in /home20:59
mal-ruthenianboy: you can bind mount the real folder to home20:59
mal-something like this sudo mount --bind /root/mer-root /home/someuser/mer21:00
vakkovMSameer: i had video playback :P aaaand with the updates it's gone :D21:00
mal-ruthenianboy: then you need to change MER_ROOT in .hadk to point to correct place just in case, not sure if it's needed at this point21:01
ruthenianboylet me check21:01
mal-you can always try without changing MER_ROOT first21:02
mal-carepack: is the path in that error correct?21:03
carepackwhen I press enter he build the packages. But the error is anonouying21:06
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ruthenianboysomething is wrong with sb2 target. I was not able to compile main.c example. Also get error regarding file21:09
mal-not sure if the root user causes problems, try to recreate the target21:13
ruthenianboyyou ar not running that under root, right? Just want to know how others use that21:15
vakkovMSameer: ok, didn't notice that you have updated gst-droid ;P21:19
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mal-ruthenianboy: no, I'm running everything as normal user21:21
vakkovMSameer: GST_PLUGIN_LOADING gstplugin.c:739:gst_plugin_load_file: module_open failed: /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/libgstdroid.so: undefined symbol: droid_media_codec_write21:22
MSameerthat is what you get for using git master21:25
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ruthenianboymal: this should be also advised in HADK :D. I will reallocate space, move whole project to non-root user to see if it will help21:30
ruthenianboymal: thanks for hint21:30
mal-ruthenianboy: 1.2.2 "Do not point MER_ROOT outside your $HOME due to existing issues."21:39
*** uvatvmw <uvatvmw!~yuvraaj@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:39
ruthenianboymal: but home dir for root is /root :)21:40
mal-that's true, usually people won't use root user unless there is some good reason for it21:41
ruthenianboyi can say thats my job deformation then. Whole day working under root only.21:42
vakkovMSameer: vakko@vakko-G750JS:~/MerSDK/android/droid/gst-droid$ git branch21:44
vakkov* droidmedia21:44
vakkovMSameer: line 97 https://gitorious.org/gstreamer1-0/gst-droid/source/4bd9e5d39e1e343be5a682c6b40a74557993e3ec:gst/droidcodec/gstdroidcodec.c21:47
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carepackgn people21:57
ruthenianboygn carepack21:57
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vakkovMSameer: ?22:03
vakkovMSameer: i guess it should be droid_media_codec_queue_input_buffer (codec, &data, &cb); ??22:11
vakkovyep, showed the screen22:11
vakkovnow asynchroneous to true and should be fine again :P22:11
vakkovMSameer: yep, do you want a PR for that :P22:14
MSameerno i don't want22:15
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vakkovMSameer: what is needed to get Preview working23:32
MSameeri told you yesterday23:32
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