Saturday, 2015-03-28

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starkDbl07here is alsa info extracted from procfs of bacon:
starkDbl07where can I find the 'ucm' configs for 'msm8974taikomtp'?05:23
starkDbl07to correct - msm8974-taiko-mtp-snd-card05:26
starkDbl07i found the ucm config from - ''05:59
starkDbl07here is the logs for running pulseaudio before and after adding the ucm configs -
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vakkovthis is what i meant07:43
vakkovno icons or tiles in the tutorial07:44
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Stskeepsmooorn sledges08:48
sledgesstarkDbl07: jusa_ is your go-to guy08:48
sledgesvakkov: is it only tutorial that's broken?08:49
vakkovsledges: no idea; it generally works but without icons and tiles :D never knew there were ones08:49
vakkovsledges: is there a possibility that this is related to the compositing issues we have on maguro08:50
sledgesvakkov: but lipstick composites fine?08:50
sledgestutorial is actually a dummy, not a compositor iirc08:50
vakkovsledges: yes. if we don't count the lag ;D08:50
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starkDbl07sledges: ok, i will poke him for help. thanks.08:53
sledgesstarkDbl07: so vgrade's found defines have been sorted out already?08:53
mal-sledges: did you see the point where the freeze happens in Nokius port?08:53
starkDbl07sledges: sorry, didnt get you.08:54
sledges19:07 < vgrade> and explains why pulse is not starting08:54
sledgesstarkDbl07: ^08:54
mal-those need to be added to pulseaudio-modules-droid (or removed from audio_policy.conf)08:57
sledgesstarkDbl07: vgrade: if not, then you'll need to grep your android audio*.h for that define, and do something like mal- did here:
mal-was just about paste that as an example :)08:57
sledgesmal-: looking into nokius' bt now08:58
starkDbl07sledges: ok08:58
sledgesstarkDbl07: but you seemingly get pa to start already08:59
sledgesstarkDbl07: yet you need to start pulseaudio with same command line parameters as systemd does (check .service file)09:00
starkDbl07sledges: ok, i will check it out.09:01
sledgesmal-: so it freezes here:
mal-sledges: yes09:02
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sledgesNokius: make the function look like
* sledges afks09:15
starkDbl07sledges: i missed the --file parameter in pulseaudio, thats why is started though was of no use. may be skipping some configs in '' will help. I will give a try.09:28
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jusa_hi, people trying to get audio working I presume.. :) busy checking other stuff, but I'll read backlog at some point..09:47
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vakkovsledges: test_hwcomposer fails here :D :D line 16010:01
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locusfjusa_: are you also responsible of the mediaplayer application or is it MSameer ?10:39
jusa_locusf: I haven't done mediaplayer, but I have my hands on the qtmultimedia resource policy stuff10:40
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locusfAmadeusXNet: repeat your question to jusa_ here :)10:45
AmadeusXNetjusa_ : How come that Mediaplayer is switching sound modules?10:47
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AmadeusXNetBecause the original will switch from "modprobe snd_bcm2835" to Sailfish own. And that's the problem :) jusa_10:50
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locusfmorning vgrade11:17
vgradejusa_: thanks,11:17
vgradelocusf: \o11:17
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vgradestarkDbl07: I linked a file last night where the defines should be added11:26
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Ford_PrefectIs there any interest in using ALSA directly on devices where we have a port, btw?11:41
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jackdanielhow hard would it be to port mer to phone, given that kernel is quite recent and drivers (egl inclusive) are present?12:09
vgradejackdaniel: \o, which phone?12:11
jackdanielsony xperia z1 - haven't done anything yet12:12
jackdanielwith it, just making reconessanse12:12
vgradejackdaniel: for a list of devices currently being ported12:16
vgradejackdaniel: have a read of this
vgradejackdaniel: welcome aboard12:16
jackdanielvgrade: thanks :-) but isn't libhybris for adaptating compiled android drivers for mer? i tought about building freedreno at first12:17
vgradejackdaniel: you are correct. I don't think anyone has tried with freedreno but feel free, make sure you have the required extensions for wayland in the driver12:19
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jusa_AmadeusXNet: hrm.. what do you mean switch modules?13:02
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vgradeyacuken: morning13:05
yacukenvgrade: afternoon)13:07
vgradeyacuken: check the logs for my wlan.ko comments13:08
vgradeyacuken: when systemd loads the module something is not ready (fw, cal file) so it fails insmod.  I think we need something similar to to wait for dependencies before doing insmod13:10
yacukenvgrade: oh. thanks. i'm looking for same fix on ubuntu touch source for 1+13:15
locusfjusa_: his kernel module was unloaded and some other module loaded instead when pressing start on mediaplayer (raspberry pi 2)13:16
vgradeyacuken: do ubuntu touch have wlan working now, last time I looked it was still WIP13:17
yacukenvgrade: i don't know. just found this
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vgradeyacuken: ok, let me know how you get on, I'm looking at audio today13:24
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MSameerlocusf: I don't do media player anymore14:00
locusfMSameer: okay14:01
MSameerwhat's the issue?14:01
locusfMSameer: raspberry pi 2 adaptation sound issues in media player14:03
locusfaplay works but jolla mesia player doesn't14:03
MSameermediaplayer uses qtmutimedia <-> gstreamer <-> pulseaudio14:04
MSameerlocusf: paplay works?14:04
locusfyeah thats it14:04
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MSameerlocusf: try gst-launch-0.10 audiotestsrc ! audioconvert ! pulsesink14:09
MSameerlocusf: if you don't get sound then pulse is not working14:09
locusfMSameer: will relay this to my cowriter, hes using the audio right now14:09
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MSameerlocusf: media player uses qtmultimedia directly and doesn't do anything special IIRC so if it's not working then it's something underneath it14:11
MSameerdo the system sound effects work?14:11
AmadeusXNetMSameer: yes14:12
MSameeryes = it works?14:12
AmadeusXNetOh yes :)14:13
AmadeusXNetWith the system sounds. not with the media player14:13
MSameerand with gstreamer?14:13
AmadeusXNet[nemo@Jolla root]$ gst-launch-0.10 audiotestsrc ! audioconvert ! pulsesink14:14
AmadeusXNetSetting pipeline to PAUSED ...14:14
AmadeusXNetPipeline is PREROLLING ...14:14
AmadeusXNetPipeline is PREROLLED ...14:14
AmadeusXNetSetting pipeline to PLAYING ...14:14
AmadeusXNetNew clock: GstPulseSinkClock14:14
AmadeusXNetNo sounds14:14
locusfpastebin plz14:14
MSameerseems like a pulse audio issue14:15
MSameermaybe jusa_ can help here14:15
locusfhe already is :)14:16
AmadeusXNetHe is helping me/us :) I even tried in: /etc/pulse/ switching on same line as module-alsa to: hw:0,014:16
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MSameermaybe it's a resource policy configuration issue14:16
MSameerthere should be /etc/pulse/xpolicy* IIRC14:17
Ford_PrefectHaving a dump of pactl list might be useful14:19
Ford_Prefectand amixer -c 014:20
jusa_MSameer: 99% resource policy /config issue14:33
MSameerjusa_: I feel so14:33
AmadeusXNetNow i've got the gst launch ! pulse sink working :)14:33
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AmadeusXNetBut, still this issue with the Mediaplayer :D14:41
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yacukenok. i'm getting wlan up automatically15:36
situMSameer: Are you aware what package provides qmlscene ?15:44
MSameerunfortunately not15:48
situIt was qt5-qtdeclarative-qmlscene in earlier versions but can't find this package anymore.15:49
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vgradeyacuken: ok, good. how did you doit16:23
yacukenvgrade: like for mako. wait for /data/misc/wifi/WCNSS_***.ini and modprobe16:59
yacukenvgrade: and add symlink for droid-wlan-up.service to /lib/systemd/system/
vgradeyacuken: great, I'll add that to the next release17:10
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yacukenvgrade: okay.17:22
yacukenso how to boot to sailfish? without mer boat loader17:23
vgradeyacuken: after you telnet in do you have a file called diagnosis.log at the top level? It will tell you why you were dumped into mer boot loader17:30
vgradeprobably missing kernel config options17:30
yacukenvgrade: thanks*17:32
yacukenand who's maintain this page ?17:32
vgradeyacuken: its a wiki , feel free to add yourself there17:35
yacukenvgrade: i don't want to create account for now. just del teapot from 1+ porters :) teapot it's me aka yacuken. aka Nikita17:43
vgradeyacuken: ok, no probs, I'll add you17:45
vgradeas yacuken17:45
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vgradeStskeeps: how much of that is in the browser?17:47
yacukenvgrade: thanks again.17:47
Stskeepsvgrade: it's like an insane libhybris.. replaces entire bionic17:47
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vgradeStskeeps: does he give details on how to build _platform_specific/nacl_x86_64/17:53
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Stskeepsvgrade: not sure17:59
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alinsledges: hi18:49
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klopsi-u3hi alin, nokius19:12
Nokiushi klopsi-u319:12
Nokiussledges: I get build errors19:20
Nokiusah looks like it was me19:26
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oleidgood evening (or whatever your time zone is ;) )^^19:34
klopsi-u3hi oleid19:34
oleidsledges: I moved my chatting needs to an android vm on my home server, thus I don't need multirom anymore to test my yuga build :)19:35
oleidhey klopsi-u3!19:35
Nokiussledges: :-/ not sure if it's me bit it looks like fence is the problem
Nokiusadd snip from cpp and the build error19:36
klopsi-u3i think i will cancel my github account19:36
mal-klopsi-u3: why?19:36
klopsi-u3because i'm not a developer19:37
mal-have you given up completely with your port?19:38
klopsi-u3i am hoping a newer sailfish version will fix my problems19:38
oleidsledges: Yet, the phone does nothing when booting it with my build, like the last time when I though fastboot mode wouldn't work anymore. nothing shows up in dmesg, lsusb shows nothing new, the red LED is glowing. The other day, when we talked about multirom, you mentioned, that I'd take special care when flashing the kernel. What did you exactly mean back then?19:39
oleidsledges: And furthermore, is there a way to get some kind of serial console for my yuga?19:40
mal-Nokius: try replacing fence with fenceFd, not sure if that is allowed but worth the try19:41
Nokiusmal-: tried Frence not FenceFd :-( build is running19:43
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oleidAh, there really is a way to get a serial console from sony devices:  -- yet, you need to open the case..19:52
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Nokiusno luck with fence Fence FenceGd19:58
mal-did you use fenceFd or FenceFd?20:03
jcbjoei can't find my nexus 4 i'm so pissed20:03
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mal-Nokius: it should of course be with small first letter20:11
Nokiusmal-: okay try as we type20:12
Nokiusmal-: other error
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mal-Nokius: ok, so it's not allowed to use that20:15
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vgrademal-: Nokius maybe it needs to use the accessor functions,
vgradenote the missing 's' on line 620:33
Nokiusbuilding THX vgrade20:34
vgradeNokius: probably wrong thing20:34
vgradevgrade: I mean it just makes it compile and may not be what was intended by sledges20:38
vgradebtw, there is a good video I'm watching around the subject,
vgradetrying to get my head around it now20:39
Nokiusmh freezy bt is here
Nokiusvgrade: found it yesterday but was to sleepy20:43
vgradeNokius: ooi what happens if you comment out the sync_wait20:47
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Nokiusvgrade:  let's see20:53
vgradeNokius: in fact both as we have 2 now in that function20:58
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mal-Nokius: it works?21:06
Nokiusmal-: yes21:07
mal-but does the animation show on screen normally?21:08
Nokiusyes the spiral is moving21:08
mal-very good21:09
mal-Nokius: next trial is to comment out
vgradeNokius: , rebuild qpa plugin. Try minimer21:10
Nokiusit's not stopping21:11
Nokius:( Hello is not in the ff esr21:11
oleiddoes anybody know what the difference between boot.img and hybris-boot.img is which I can find in out/target/product/$DEVICE/ ? could I use boot.img to boot a regular cyanogenmod? just wondering, what the best way is to find out, if my kernel is *generally* working...21:13
vgradeNokius: test_hwcomposer loops for 1020*60 iterations, so at 60fps thats 1020 seconds,
vgradeoleid: boot.img is a stock cm boot.img.  hybris-boot.img is the kernel build with an init ramdisk which includes the mer bootloader, this sets up usb networking mounts the data partition and switches root to the sailfishos rootfs21:16
vgradeoleid: you can fastboot boot boot.img to test to see that your generated boot.img does indeed boot cm21:17
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oleidvgrade: Okay, in that case I guess that somehow my boot.img/kernel is bad... As the phone does basically nothing, I guess it just crashes...21:19
oleidvgrade: Which is strange, considering that I compared /proc/config.gz from CM-10.1 running on the device with my kernel config and it's basically the same plus the changes the config check tool suggested...21:21
Nokiusmal- uncomen this and vgrade I have to add the fix correct?21:21
vgradeNokius: just do the same you did for the present function in test_hwcomposer.cpp its the same function in qpa plugin21:23
vgradeoleid: any errors from fastboot boot command?21:24
NokiusI have this Version of the cpp
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Nokiusso going back to master?21:31
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mal-I think it would be better for testing21:31
vgradeNokius: switch back to master21:31
mal-just clone the master if you don't have it anymore21:31
oleidvgrade: only success reports...21:33
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Nokiusvgrade: it stopped as you sad21:36
vgradeNokius: 1020 seconds21:36
Nokius17 min and 6 sec :) but may I was bit to slow pressing start :D21:37
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vgradeNokius: we have a saying "good enough for government work"21:38
vgradeoleid: try building with the options you got from /proc21:39
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Nokiusvgrade: you got me with the missing s :D21:39
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Nokius\o/ minimer !21:43
vgradeNokius: loverly21:45
vgradeshould be good for full stack test21:47
oleidNokius: congrats! :)21:47
NokiusCredits goes to mal- sledges vgrade21:48
vgradeNokius: how does the animation look? smooth?21:49
Nokiusvgrade: yes21:49
Nokiussmooth and great21:49
*** GodGinrai <GodGinrai!~God@unaffiliated/godginrai> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:53
GodGinraiHey guys, anyone here messing around with the sailfish OS port for the OPO?21:54
Nokiusevening GodGinrai21:54
vgradeGodGinrai: \o, a couple of us yes21:54
GodGinraivgrade: oh, just noticed you were actually in here XD21:55
Nokiusso reboot and see what happens?21:55
GodGinraiI just got an OPO to fiddle with as a dev device and wanted to try SailfishOS with it using multiROM as suggested in the main topic on the OPO forums21:55
vgradeNokius: did you stop lipstick etc from running21:56
*** Guest30175 <Guest30175!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:56
vgradeGodGinrai: you don't need multirom.  Just flash the then the sailfilsh.zip21:57
GodGinraivgrade: yea, but I want to use multiROM because I also want to put LuneOS on here21:57
vgradeNokius: or do you stop them running everytime you rebooot21:57
Nokiusvgrade: only systemctl stop user@100000.service21:58
Nokiusvgrade: yes21:58
vgradeNokius: ok, systemctrl restart user@100000.service see what pops up21:58
vgradeGodGinrai: ok , many people have used multirom so far, make sure you get the latest versions of multirom and multirom revovery21:59
vgradeNokius: minmer looks good22:00
Nokiusvgrade: stays dark/black22:01
mal-Nokius: anything interesting in journal log?22:02
Nokiusservice is running ands lipstick is up
vgradenew video? or wrong paste22:04
mal-looks like minimer22:04
Nokiusah sorry
mal-Nokius: lipstick is no running22:05
mal-at least according to ps output22:05
*** Guest30175 <Guest30175!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)22:05
Nokiusah danm missed grep -v grep22:06
mal-paste the journal log after you restart user@100000.service22:06
vgradeNokius: might be best to restart, was just trying to save a reboot.  Did you mask any services, I know sledges asked for some before22:08
*** ammyt <ammyt!bc6b1a64@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:09
Nokiusvgrade: iirc only the debugfs is masked22:09
vgradeNokius: ok22:10
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)22:12
oleidvgrade: the self-made boot.img with the original cm-10.1 config pulled from /proc does a bit more; it shows the sony logo and the LED changes, but I can neither enter recovery nor boot the system.22:13
vgradeoleid: sure you have the right source code?22:15
Nokiusmal-: how I can see it /var/log/journal is empty22:15
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:15
vgradeNokius: journalvtl22:15
vgradeNokius: journalctl22:15
Nokiusstill no lipsticl22:15
*** ljp <ljp!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:15
Nokiusvgrade: thanks22:16
vgradewell it won't run lipstick until its done the startup=wizzard22:16
vgradestill blank screen?22:16
*** Sequenced <Sequenced!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:16
*** lpotter <lpotter!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)22:18
vgradelets check the logs22:19
oleidvgrade: yes, it was automatically pulled when checking out the hybris-10.1 branch of mer-hybris from github... and the source is just a copy of the cm-10.1 branch of the kernel source provided by cm.22:20
*** Guest30175 <Guest30175!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:27
vgradeline 36222:27
oleidvgrade: or maybe it didn't take my injected config, the builld system might have overwritten it... rebuilding kernel...22:28
vgradeNokius: what user did you run the minimer and test_hwcomposer as, root or nemo?22:29
Nokiusvgrade: root22:29
vgradeNokius: it may be that nemo does not have permissions to open fb device22:30
Nokiusworks also for nemo22:30
vgradeNokius: ok22:30
Nokiussame test_hwcomposer22:31
vgradeNokius: what do you have in your compositor conf file22:31
Nokiusvgrade: which file?22:33
vgrade /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf22:33
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!~chatzilla@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)22:33
vgradeNokius: platform should be hwcomposer22:34
vgradealso can we check while we are here the touchscrfeen22:35
vgradecan you cat /dev/input/event022:35
GodGinraiwell, got the ROM added, but it seems to have blackscreened on me as soon as I accepted a language22:35
vgradeand touch screen. Do you see output?22:36
GodGinraioh wait, got the terms of use to show up somehow22:36
vgradeGodGinrai: single press on power22:36
Nokiusvgrade: changed it to hwcomposer22:36
vgradeGodGinrai: good news22:36
vgradeNokius: see comments above about touchscreen22:36
*** Sequenced <Sequenced!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)22:37
Nokiusvgrade: no output22:37
vgradeok, try event1 then 2 etc until you see some output22:38
Nokiusits 222:38
vgradewhen you touch the screen22:38
Nokiusoh event 1 sorry22:38
vgradeok, set that in compositor conf file22:38
Nokiusvgrade: restart user@100000.service  ?22:41
vgradewhy not22:41
vgradeoh no22:41
vgradesorry , I think startup wizzard is pre user session22:42
GodGinraiwell, the good news is that Sailfish OS seems to be working fine, aside from a possible problem that I just skipped for now.  However, it seems that installing multiROM killed my primary ROM, so I need to figure out how to fix that <.<22:44
vgradeGodGinrai: known issue if you are not on latest multirom recovery (21st march)22:45
GodGinraiwhat, killing the primary rom?22:45
Nokiusvgrade: check my tweeter feed :) reboot now22:45
vgradeGodGinrai: yes22:45
GodGinraiI'm on the latest recovery22:45
vgradeGodGinrai: dated?22:46
vgradeNokius: \o/22:47
vgradeGodGinrai: strange , you are the first to report that.  What did you have in primary?22:48
GodGinraivgrade: whatever came installed on the device.22:49
GodGinraiI think CM1122:49
Nokiusvgrade: stays black :(
GodGinraiI may have done this wrong, there were no instructions anywhere telling me to add a primary ROM somehow to multiboot, so I assumed that what I already had installed would become my primary.  Is that supposed to be the case?22:50
vgradeGodGinrai: from the addrom menu you should have seen a sailfishos radio button22:51
GodGinraivgrade: yes, that's where I added Sailfish OS22:51
vgradethis would have then promted you for a cm zip AND a sf zip22:51
GodGinraiyup, and I added both of those22:51
vgradebut did you flash anything else22:52
vgradeok just flash cm11 zip to your primary and you should be good to continue22:53
GodGinraicool, I'll try that.22:53
vgradeNokius: so you rebooted. Got the language selector. Selected a language, then what happened22:54
oleidvgrade: okay, my kernel seems to be good, however the ramdisk is bad -- i just created a boot.img with my kernel and the ramdisk of the working boot.img ^^22:55
vgradeoleid: ok, progress22:55
Nokiusno I did systemctl restart user@100000.service and than reboot and got the log and have black screen22:55
vgradeNokius: well I'm confused now. When did the language selector show22:56
Nokiusvgrade: sorry the language selector shows up when I run systemctl restart user@100000.service before I rebooted22:57
Nokius<23:46 vgrade: check my tweeter feed :) reboot now>22:58
Nokiusvgrade: looks like it's not able to start the service now after the reboot it gave up22:59
vgradeNokius: ok so maybe its got confused as to where is it in the init sequence22:59
*** arcean <arcean!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)22:59
vgradedid you select any language?23:00
Nokiusvgrade: no23:00
*** olafh_ <olafh_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:00
*** olafh__ <olafh__!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)23:01
vgradeok, in /home/nemo do you have any hidden . files named like startupwizzard23:01
Nokiusvgrade: no there is not such file23:03
GodGinraiwhat would happen if I try to install SuperSU using the recovery?  I don't see an option to choose which ROM it installs it on...23:06
vgradeGodGinrai: I don't know sorry.23:09
vgradeGodGinrai: I'm assuming primary but one for google I think23:10
Nokiusvgrade: the classic self lockout ?23:10
GodGinraiso flashing CM11 into my primary23:13
GodGinraiapparently reverted the kexec kernel patches23:13
GodGinraithat allowed sailfishOS to be booted23:14
GodGinraiand the version I flashed in doesn't have any google apps, so I don't have google play for reinstalling the multiROM app to do the patch again -_-23:14
Nokiusvgrade: restarted from cli abd select a language23:15
GodGinraiis there a url where I can find the CM11S used by the OPO so I can flash that as my primary ROM?23:15
vgradeGodGinrai: yes, you need a kexec cm11 capable kernel , you can get a link on the multirom site23:15
Nokiushave now the jolla-startupdone-done23:15
vgradeGodGinrai: see opo forums23:15
vgradeNokius: ok so what did you see after language select?23:16
Nokiusvgrade: I'm in23:18
vgradeNokius: congrats on the longest sailfishOs port on record23:19
Nokiusvgrade: apps are lunching23:20
oleidyummy! it seems, as if the boot.img contains also mer stuff and thus can't boot plain CM^^
Nokiussettings don't let me go forward than the beginning screen get Wait or close23:22
Nokiusfingertetm chashes23:23
*** plfiorini <plfiorini!> has quit IRC (Quit: Sto andando via)23:23
vgradeNokius: see bug for fingerterm I think its a wrong define in compositor conf23:24
vgradeoleid: that should not be the case, the boot.img should be stock , the mer bootloader should  only end up in hybris-boot and hybris-recovery23:25
* Nokius HAPPY!!!!!!!23:25
vgradeNokius: I saw some mention of setting as well but can;t recall23:26
* vgrade hands Nokius a beer23:26
Nokiuscoz -->
Nokiusis 87% normal? battery?23:27
*** mugna <mugna!57068354@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:27
oleidvgrade: maybe, but at least it explains why it doesn't boot... kernel is fine, that's all I wanted to know^^23:27
vgradeNokius: I seem to recall that something around 80 is the default, although I seem to recall 82%23:27
NokiusSFOS on fullHD looks BAD ASS!23:28
vgradeNokius: oh yes, smooth?23:28
Nokiusyeah !23:28
NokiusHave to go on from here sorry Jolla but If we / I get the rest I will switch :)23:29
Nokiusand go on for quadHD :P23:29
Nokiusare the icons also small on the bacon? realy small for me23:29
vgradelook about the same, those Jolla chaps have the 2.0 running which scales properly on hidpi23:31
Nokiusah I have to wait now in the Seting Settings23:31
vgrademaybe waiting on network, what does the journal say23:32
Nokiuscli satrt says this :D23:32
Nokiusokay no audio but we can fix that aslo cam is not working23:33
vgradeNokius: lots to keep us occupied on these devices23:34
Nokius;) SURE!23:34
vgradeI'm surprised that there are no graphical issues due to the hammer blow of removing the sync_wait23:34
Nokiusno IMEI == no working modem?23:35
Nokiuswow the brightnis is working :O23:36
Nokiuslang is not working correct switch from English to German23:36
vgradeNokius: never tried that23:37
Nokiusvgrade: there is a glitch23:38
vgradeNokius: ok23:38
NokiusBut I guess it happen because the screen is bigger than the Jolla one?23:39
mal-Nokius: finger can be finxed by changing HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM=hwcomposer to EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer23:39
*** schiggn <schiggn!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)23:39
Nokius? Is it Time for my first post in the oppo forum? what you guys think?23:40
vgradeNokius: can you describe the glitch23:40
vgradeis it tearing?23:41
Nokiussure I selected ambianeces as favorite and If I swipe to the right on open appliaction view the buttom is not correct also the picture looks in corect skaled23:42
vgradeah so a scaling issue, thats ok, I was worried it was an issue with vertical sync23:43
Nokiushow about the post? wait for alpha or tell the world.23:43
vgradeI think some scaling issues were fixed in the internal lipstick23:44
Nokiuswill recorde little video23:44
vgradeI think a post would be good and a video and nice still are always usefull for the bloggers23:44
*** oleid <oleid!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)23:50
GodGinraiw00t.  Finally got both my primary ROM and Sailfish OS booting properly :)23:54
vgradeGodGinrai: good23:55
vgradeGodGinrai: look out for an update tomorrow23:55
* vgrade cleans up a few gist tabs on his browser23:56
vgradeNokius: could you do a gist of the final state of the present function in qpa plugin so it can be discussed23:57
* Nokius fixed find5 in the table --> 23:57
vgradeNokius: LED not working?23:58
GodGinraibtw, I saw something about WiFi being fixed.  Is that in this coming update?  Because when I go to WiFi in the current image, it tells me to restart the device to get WiFi working23:59
Nokiusvgrade: how to test?23:59
vgradeGodGinrai: yes23:59
GodGinraialright, cool23:59

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