Sunday, 2015-04-12

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OrokuSakidamn Nokius... you have been at it for hours03:09
OrokuSakioh... 4 hours ago.. nvm03:09
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energycsdxHappy easter!06:57
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NokiusOrokuSaki: ?08:04
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mal-MSameer: I was looking at the source of your audio decoder and noticed that is has GstVideoDecoder as parent, is that meant to be so?08:26
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MSameermal-: ofc not. I wonder how it even worked10:12
mal-me too :)10:13
mal-I'm testing the encoder code, problems with caps again10:13
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mal-MSameer: there is also GstVideoDecoderClass parent_class10:15
mal-just mentioned so you won't miss that10:20
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nh1402MSameer: I few days back we discussed opening the src rpm file and modifying the spec file to get chromium working on Sailfish.12:24
nh1402here is the link to the src rpm file: If you get a chance then you can try it. I'll try it later once I'm free but I don't really know what I'll be doing at all.12:26
MSameernh1402: what srpm?12:26
MSameeri am too busy to work on such project alone12:26
nh1402chromium-arm build with wayland the original rpm is build for tizen, but the spec file can be modified and rebuilt for sailfish12:27
nh1402I would need some hand-holding to do it myself, I believe the basic steps were to download the rpm on the sailfish sdk VM and then unzip/open it and modify the spec file and then rebuild with mb2?!?, I'll get some time in the evening and try it then but I don't really know what to change in the spec file.12:29
MSameeri use obs12:30
MSameerbut does that rpm provide arc?12:30
nh1402That does not, But you should be able to install ARChon once chromium is installed12:31
MSameerthat was never my idea12:32
nh1402Having read this: ARChon runtime is a forked version of ARC, so it shoudl work12:33
nh1402it wasn't but it's a start12:35
energycsdxnh1402: i`ll try to build it12:38
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nh1402energycsdx: thanks, well I've gtg now, I'll be back in the evening.12:41
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OrokuSakiNo CDMA support? Curious12:49
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mal-MSameer: getting closer with encoder but current stuck with this [] Codec's input buffers are too small to accomodate buffer read from source (info->mSize = 4096, srcLength = 4608)13:56
mal-most likely some value it is supplied with is wrong13:59
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Stskeepsah! it was archon14:14
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MSameermal-: if you gave up, I can try to have a look15:01
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nh1402energycsdx: back15:10
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nh1402that looks like more dependencies required than the original rpm file15:11
nh1402energycsdx: come to think of it, those weren't the dependencies required before.15:12
energycsdxnh1402: it is build requirements, ninja forexample is build tool, other depencies looks tizen specific for me15:13
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energycsdxnh1402: pkgconfig(sensor) pkgconfig(haptic)15:13
nh1402energycsdx: So these are required by the build machine, or Sailfish15:14
energycsdxnh1402: that require to be installed on build machine15:15
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nh1402I could try and install the dependencies on my Ubuntu VM if required. So what do I need to do to get to the same stage as you?15:17
nh1402energycsdx: any ideas15:22
energycsdxnh1402: first 3 depency you should build that rpms and install inside sailfishos sandbox, rest i think you can try to comment out15:25
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nh1402energycsdx: how would you access the terminal in the sailfish VM from the SDK15:34
energycsdxnh1402: also you should resize VM disk15:40
nh1402energycsdx: thanks, I'll give it a shot.15:40
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nh1402energycsdx: it mentions root on the develop-faq page, but it doesn't mention how to get root access15:44
energycsdxnh1402: ssh private key will be used, you will not promted for root passwd15:45
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nh1402energycsdx: how would one initiate the key exchange, or generate the keys and give one to the VM15:54
energycsdxnh1402: it already done by SDK developers and keys placed to proper folders, Qt Creator uses that keys for build15:55
nh1402energycsdx: I'm using putty in windows15:56
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energycsdxppk file generated by tool puttygen16:04
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nh1402energycsdx: what about the public key16:06
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energycsdxnh1402 public key already installed into VM, private key installed in SDK folder on host, use puttygen to import it and generate .ppk16:07
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MSameermal-: managed to get the encoder to work here16:23
MSameernot sure why it fails to allocate buffers for you16:24
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mal-MSameer: did you make your own version of it?16:54
mal-MSameer: it allocates the buffer fine here but those are too small16:55
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MSameermal-: yes i did but it's still incomplete16:58
MSameerdamn, my nas has a broken hdd16:59
mal-MSameer: how did you setup caps in set_format?17:00
MSameerwhat's the problem you are facing?17:02
mal-just wondering if I did something wrong there and that causes wrong buffer sizes17:02
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MSameersomething is wrong17:15
mal-MSameer: do you have this sized buffers [] allocating 4 buffers of size 4096 on input port17:16
MSameerthe stream cannot be played back17:16
MSameerE/OMXCodec(13844): [] allocating 4 buffers of size 4096 on input port17:17
MSameerATM i am giving it mono input17:17
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mal-MSameer: I run my test by decoding a mp3 and tunneling that to the encoder17:34
MSameeri am doing aac17:35
MSameerto get the pcm data17:35
MSameergood point17:35
mal-I had problems with pulsesrc17:35
mal-could you try with 2 channel audio to see what happens17:36
MSameerworks here17:37
mal-maybe I'll give up since you are it also anyway so no point of doing parallel work17:37
MSameermy mp3 has 1 channel17:37
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MSameerE/OMXCodec(14727): [] Codec's input buffers are too small to accomodate buffer read from source (info->mSize = 4096, srcLength = 4608)17:38
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mal-so the same problem17:38
MSameermaybe the encoder supports only mono17:38
mal-could be17:39
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mal-the code looks like it should support more17:41
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MSameerkKeyMaxInputSize is missing on our side17:50
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mal-so it seems18:01
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MSameerworks fine here18:06
mal-I'll test when you add your code to github18:10
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MSameerdroidmedia and gst-droid (same branches as before)18:33
MSameermal-: code is bad and needs more work18:34
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piggzmal-: libhardware doesnt appear in my module list to build, how do i make it so?18:44
mal-piggz: do you need it somewhere?18:46
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piggzmal-: sorry, i meant hwcomposer18:47
mal-there is no module which has hwcomposer in it?18:48
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nh1402has anyone tried getting VLC working on Sailfish?, it has recently gotten Wayland support.18:49
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piggzmal-: just hwcomposer.default but i didnt think that was it18:52
mal-piggz: don't know why there is no others, you can always try that18:53
piggzmal-: i did, and it didnt build the modified files iirc18:54
mal-MSameer: seems to be working but cannot play the file19:03
MSameermal-: latest git is broken19:06
energycsdxnh1402: what is the reason to get VLC on Sailfish?19:14
nh1402nothing really, just experimentation19:15
* sledges finished reading backlog19:16
sledgesgood stuff fellows!19:16
mal-welcome back :)19:16
sledgespiggz: LOCAL_MODULE should say the name (of where you are modifying .c/cpp files, or a level up)19:16
sledgesmal-: thanks:) good to be back19:18
mal-as you might have read from backlog I got audio finally, still need to find a way to enable suspending of sinks and sources19:20
piggzsledges: thx, i'll look19:20
MSameermal-: try now19:23
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mal-MSameer: still unable to play output file, maybe I'm doing something wrong19:29
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sledgesmal-: yes, i've read that19:34
sledgespiggz: judging from your modules list  you might have forgotten to have breakfast:)19:34
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piggzsledges: have not!19:35
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piggzsledges: i think it may be hwcomposer.default....19:35
sledgesgood you didn't forget to add bacon:)19:35
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piggzits hwcomposer.something anyway...19:36
sledgespiggz: then it's useful to make clean-hwcomposer.default19:36
piggzLOCAL_MODULE                  := hwcomposer.$(TARGET_BOARD_PLATFORM)19:36
sledgesTARGET_BOARD_PLATFORM should be defined in your device/*/*.mk19:36
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piggzsledges: ok, so it shouldnt be default..19:38
piggzhtc/msm7x30-common/ := msm7x3019:38
sledgesrusty88: you might've gone through main bits during your research, but vgrade found a good read regarding modem: (cc oleid )19:38
sledgespiggz: and that is proved by camera.msm7x30 and other similar modules existing19:39
sledgespiggz: something's not picking up your hwc19:39
piggzsledges: not being up-to-speed with the androd build system, what could that be? a missing module i havnt fetched?19:43
sledgespiggz: every within the whole tree is read during every make command19:45
sledgespiggz: rename hwcomposer.$(TARGET_BOARD_PLATFORM) to hwcomposer.ahoy and check if it changes19:45
piggzsledges: it didnt19:47
sledgespiggz: means hwcomposer.default is coming from somewhere else19:50
energycsdxpiggz: module included to build if it is in PRODUCT_PACKAGES variable inside device/*/*.mk19:50
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willdrickHello, I've tried SailfishOS on my Galaxy nexus and really liked it. I'd like to know your opinion on how SailfishOS is going and if there is an approximate realistic date when would be functional and stable enough to make it a daily driver19:54
rusty88sledges: woow many thanks yup its been a pain19:55
willdrickCurrently I rolled back to AOSP until I find a way to install some essential apps like Whatsapp and Viber/Skype. But I really liked what I've seen and I'm willing to help testing builds. Running OpenSUSE 13.2 didn't have any problems connecting to SSH and managing my device from my CLI19:56
willdrickThanks in advance to the Maguro porters, it's been a fun experience trying a full-blown linux running on my phone!19:58
rusty88what i'm struggling the most is what commands should be sent to rild20:01
*** BluesLee <BluesLee!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:03
sledgeswilldrick: hi, welcome aboard. there's is a native whatsapp client up for testings:
sledgesrusty88: whichever ofono commands that would trigger rild to send its respective commands (that can be seen in android) further down the stack?20:05
BluesLeesledges: hi, welcome back. do you remember the bug regarding lost of mobile data APN configuration after reboot, do we have solution for it? still present in alpha9, N520:06
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nh1402sledges: Facebook might block Whatsup as its not an official whatsapp client, like they've done with the previous whatsapp client for Sailfish20:10
piggzsledges: energycsdx: hardware/libhardware/modules/hwcomposer/ := hwcomposer.default20:11
rusty88sledges: what do you mean? where in android?20:13
willdrickThanks sledges for the link. Is there any way of getting apks running or it's still complicated to get aliendalvik running on a port of sOS?20:20
willdrickI've been reading XDA and around the place and seems it's a mess. I still get an error related to my IMEI when I try to enter on the Jolla Store20:21
energycsdxpiggz: it`s a stubs
piggzenergycsdx: so, any idea why my real one isnt being picked up?20:24
sledgesBluesLee: i just reproduced the bug. looks like it's fixed in the mwc image, so future updates will fix it, unless we find a package to backport:)20:25
energycsdxpiggz: look for PRODUCT_PACKAGES variable20:25
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sledgesnh1402: wasn't it that facebook kill whatsapp+ community only because it had "whatsapp" in its name? and blocked mitakuuluu users because software lied about its protocol version (due to missing encryption implementations)?20:27
sledgesrusty88: iirc samsung-rild is at least somewhat opensource, so you can enable debug messages in both android (cm) and sailfish, and see at which command diversion comes in and sf stops working, and cm continues instead20:28
sledgeswilldrick: many approaches can be possible for android apk run (apkenv, archon - nh1402 is looking into that, ...)20:29
sledgeswilldrick: jolla store is not enabled for maguro, use warehouse for the time being20:29
willdrickWarehouse is the thing? there's almost no apps that run from there20:29
willdrickSledges: anytime a new port for Gnex is available, if you need testing you can tell me I'll do it20:30
willdrickI'm on TekSyndicate forums and/or IRC on efnet20:30
sledgeswilldrick: thanks, i'll see what can be done re jolla store20:30
sledgeswilldrick: vakkov has been doing dev builds20:31
sledgesbut he is busy silent lately:)20:31
sledgeswilldrick: xda gnex sfos thread has another guy who will do nightlies20:31
willdrickyes, but he hasn't posted anything since october :/20:31
sledgeswilldrick: he did post here on IRC20:32
willdrickfirst time here though :P20:32
sledgeslinks to dev preview zips20:32
sledgeslog grepping in order:)20:32
willdrickBeidl is it?20:33
sledgeshe started filling beidl_ in20:33
sledgesi use this to grep, awesome tool:
nh1402sledges: I think its just third party whatsapp clients in general20:33
sledgesnh1402: source confirming that?;)20:34
nh1402sledges: indeed, I would have found it sooner if I didn'r have a 400KBps internet connection
sledgesnh1402: just reading that myself:D20:36
sledgesnh1402: well time will tell then20:36
sledgeswilldrick: you've been warned ^^20:36
willdrickyes... I'm reading it... I hate whatsapp, but I'm forced to use it since it's what most people use20:36
nh1402sledges: hopefully we've got some form of android app support working by the time they block it, if they do. Which I think they will.20:37
willdrickI wish everybody used IRC. runs on anything, it's simple and there are no ties to client/platform20:37
nh1402I'm working on a messaging application myself, at the moment it works via SMS only. But have a list of features I'll be implementing over the coming months. What makes it unique is that it supports text formatting (italic, bold, underline, and SARCASM)20:38
piggzenergycsdx: in i found20:39
willdrickwell, I won't be able to use it. Here in argentina an SMS is charged almost like 1minute phone call D:20:39
piggz# Video20:39
piggzPRODUCT_PACKAGES += \20:39
piggzcopybit.msm7x30 \20:39
piggzgralloc.msm7x30 \20:39
nh1402well p2p messaging is on the list of features, so it'll work over the internet (without the use of servers), but realistically I don't think I'll be able to get that working for some time.20:42
energycsdxpiggz: in product file that your device use should be something like this $(call inherit-product, path/to/
piggzenergycsdx: yep, in device/htc/ace/
piggz# Inherit common msm7x30 configs20:44
piggz$(call inherit-product, device/htc/msm7x30-common/
sledgespiggz: grep for camera.msm7x3020:46
energycsdxpiggz: what is content of ? and what lunch combo did you try to build? can i look source of device repo?20:48
energycsdx ?20:49
piggzbranch cm-1120:51
piggzsledges: device/htc/msm7x30-common/    camera.msm7x3020:51
sledges23:39 < piggz> energycsdx: in i found20:52
sledges23:39 < piggz> Ihwcomposer.msm7x3020:52
sledgeswhich ?20:52
piggzsledges: same one20:53
energycsdxpiggz: i think is not included in any file21:00
energycsdxpiggz: can you insert echo statement here21:08
*** plfiorini <plfiorini!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:08
MSameermal-: gst-launch -e21:10
sledgesenergycsdx: but this would mean that board config is in:
sledges(because piggz gets camera.msm7x30 among make modules)21:14
mal-MSameer: gst-launch-1.0 -e filesrc location=file.mp3 ! mpegaudioparse ! droidadec ! audioresample ! droidaenc ! qtmux ! filesink location=foo.mp421:14
sledgesenergycsdx: ah only camera.msm.. and power.msm.. are valid modules, because they are within the same -common repo. things start to break for remaining stand-alone repos (like display etc)21:23
piggzsledges: ?21:24
*** schiggn <schiggn!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)21:24
sledgespiggz: add that echo that energycsdx asked21:24
piggzsledges: what does an echo cmd in a .mk look like?21:24
energycsdxpiggz: forget about echo21:24
energycsdxwhere did you found "LOCAL_MODULE                  := hwcomposer.$(TARGET_BOARD_PLATFORM)" ?21:25
piggzenergycsdx: thats in hardware/qcom/display-legacy/libhwcomposer/Android.mk21:26
*** BluesLee <BluesLee!> has quit IRC (Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9)21:27
energycsdxi do not see TARGET_BOARD_PLATFORM variable in BoardConfig.mk21:28
sledgesenergycsdx: libhwcomposer21:28
energycsdxsledges: it is included only ifeq ($(call is-vendor-board-platform,QCOM),true)21:29
energycsdxsledges: it is cm1221:30
piggzsledges: energycsdx: thx for the help, gotta go ... getting 'evils' :D pls email me if you get much more :)21:31
energycsdxsledges piggz: ok but it do not contains QCOM21:32
mal-MSameer: maybe I messed something up when updating, I'll retest tomorrow21:33
piggzok...i'll note that..21:33
piggzc ya guys21:33
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)21:34
willdricksledges sorry to bother again but I could barely find any info regarding apkenv... should I wait for a while until a newer build comes with that bundled or any other way of wrapping apk programs?21:36
sledgeswilldrick: you should follow nh1402 progress on the xda thread21:36
sledgesor here21:36
willdrickThanks nh1402 and sledges, now time to read :P21:38
nh1402apkenv will only work for apps that solely/mainly use jni/C++ for their android apps21:39
energycsdxsledges, piggz: it is hard to debug only by looking, i would comment "ifeq ($(call is-vendor-board-platform,QCOM),true)" condition and see what happends21:40
sledgesenergycsdx: piggz, yep21:41
sledgesnh1402: willdrick: apkenv might be able to launch the whole dalvik itself;)21:42
* sledges goes sleepy21:43
willdrickthat's no small feat. I started last night with this: I've just scraped the surface apparently- From what I can understand on that thread, we're kinda stuck until/unless jolla releases/sells aliendalvik or somebody comes up with a proper alternative21:43
nh1402sledges: I did see that on github but didn't think that it was working yet. wouldn't it be easier to use ART instead, as there's no JIT, and it generates native code.21:44
willdricknh1402 you read my mind, I was just going to ask about ART21:44
nh1402wildrick: Our current attempt is to get chromium working on sailfish and get ARChon runtime working, but like everything else, that's not easy21:45
willdricksince dalvik could be deprecated in the near future, as google pushes ART21:45
willdrickI'm aware of what I am asking, I know it's not easy and I have no problem with complex tasks. I just need to get my bearings here since these are all new things for me21:46
nh1402I was just talking generally speaking, seeing how apkenv works at the moment, ART might be easier to implement21:46
*** rusty88 <rusty88!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)21:47
nh1402wildrick: believe me I had no idea what I was getting in to when I decided that since other people are too busy, or not knowledgeable enough in the area, that I'll learn as I go, and see what could work and what couldn't.21:48
willdrickI just popped in here to get some news on the progress of the ports and how stuff was coming along. that and offering whatever help I could give.21:48
willdricknh1402 that's how I learned by myself a lot of things, I love it21:48
willdrickwithout internet or any help I managed to install and figure out how to run my first linux distro back in '0421:49
nh1402wildrick: how are you at building things in linux?21:49
willdrickpretty mediocre :P I usually fail to recognize when stuff is broken and take a lot of time figuring things out21:50
willdrickthat's why I only offered myself as a tester, since I feel more confident on that role than on building stuff from scratch21:50
willdricklook, I won't lie to you, I'm just a tinker and I love recycling and reusing old devices for new purposes. I can do a little bit of everything but I won't cut it for major dev work21:52
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)21:52
nh1402a jack of all trades but a master of none21:54
willdrickthat's right21:54
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willdrickI've been toying around with my galaxy nexus since I've bought when it launched. I tried several android roms, firefoxOS and Ubuntu touch. Last night I found sOS and when I read that I could use zypper for rpm management I almost pissed my pants (I am currently using OpenSUSE, which uses zypper too). So all this started out of curiosity21:56
willdrickFollowed the instructions on XDA, installed it successfully and played with it for about 3-4 hours. then after not being able to find out any relevant howto on apk installation, I decided to roll back to AOSP since this is my only phone and I couldn't lose whatsapp and viber21:57
willdrickI might try installing whatsapp on my tablet, if I can succeed in that, I'll give sOS an endurance test for this week21:58
willdrickberfore I do that, is there something newer than the port posted on XDA?22:04
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willdrickwell, time to go. Thanks for all the help! I'll be on #teklinux over efnet22:18
*** willdrick <willdrick!~willdrick@> has quit IRC (Quit: WeeChat 1.0)22:19
lpotterjolla doesn't own aliendalvik22:20
klopsi-u3myriad hasn't ever sold alien dalvik retail, have they?22:21
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