Monday, 2015-04-13

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kjokiniesledges: lbt: any comments for this
kjokiniesledges: lbt: basically for that to work in local builds you should add that variable in the hadk.env07:53
Stskeepskjokinie: monday?07:54
* sledges passes kjokinie a coffee:)07:55
kjokinieStskeeps: damn it..07:55
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kjokiniesledges: lbt:
sledgeskjokinie: so this snippet here is not needed anywhere anymore? (cc locusf , as you needed those image build tools for your samsung port)08:01
kjokiniesledges: yes, it's not needed.. it was just to add a build target dependency, but lbt pointed out that I can just add that to hybris-hal build target08:04
kjokiniesledges: locusf: it's still not a perfect solution as HADK users need to know to add that ENABLE_HYBRIS_TOOLS=1 to hadk.env.* file to make it work on local builds08:06
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kjokiniewell, ok, I guess it's hard to make more automatic than that as the it's always adaptation specific if you need special version tools or not. I guess making a patch to make the variable bit more visible on dhd side for those who need it would be nice.08:10
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kjokiniesledges: lbt: I updated the droid-hal-device part now:
kjokiniesledges: should be quite easy to use actually now08:27
kjokiniejust enable that one tools knob on the device specific spec file and you get ready made tools08:27
sledgeskjokinie: sadly dhd is built after hybris-hal..08:32
kjokiniesledges: on the OBS based the hybris hal building is part of dhd08:33
kjokiniesledges: should I post some patch for the non-obs branch?08:33
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kjokiniesledges: hmm.. err... not sure now if the obsbuild branch actually builds the hybris when you run it locally08:36
kjokinieshould probably add some check in the install part to check if the files actually exist and then add some help print if they are missing to build with ENABLE_HYBRIS_TOOLS08:38
sledgeskjokinie: obs-building branch doesn't build hybris-hal when run locally. local builds follow hadk (for understanding-how-things-work and ability-to-debug purposes, obs build is when port is sane, or for nightlies)08:55
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sledgeskjokinie: how does aosp/cm incorporate those tools? Is my assumption correct: device X needs a special version of mkbootimg, but there some generic mkbootimg already in the system (e.g. obtained via apt-get install android-mkbootimg ) - how is the needed one picked up? possibly it's already doing those checks in an .mk file09:07
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Nokius|mobile_welcome back sledges  =)09:10
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sledgesNokius|mobile_: good 2 b bak :)09:11
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locusfsledges: whats the context on that pr, custom tools stage?09:26
locusfI don't use those in the note build but thanks:)09:29
sledgeslocusf: oh ok:)09:29
locusfit was some other black magic09:30
nh1402energycsdx: I was having a brain fart moment yesterday and couldn't get root access on the Sailfish VM, done it now09:50
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kjokiniesledges: I  don't know how aosp / cm handle that. My assumption is that their manifest or whatever that is that defines which git trees and commits to fetcg on repo sync will get the correct version they need. the thing is just that in dhd we don't use the version built from the android tree (ok, we use for mkbootimg, but that doesn't help me since I  need to run that specific version outside hadk -> obs to be precise)09:54
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kjokiniesledges: again new version:
kjokinieSage__: ^^09:58
sledgesi'm just trying to find a way without flags, e.g. more automagical, gimme a moment09:59
sledgeskjokinie: ^10:00
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kjokiniesledges: ok. the requirement for me is that I need to be able to run specific version of those tools in OBS. ubuntu chroot is not ok because I can't pull in OBS packages there10:02
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sledgeskjokinie: to what you said earlier: in dhd use a generic mkbootimg: . aosp/cm does this:
sledgesto me it looks safe to *always* build android image tools10:12
sledgese.g., make them part of hybris-hal10:12
kjokiniesledges: well, that would make it much nicer10:14
kjokiniesledges: can I make it so?10:14
kjokiniesledges: ^^10:17
sledgeskjokinie: it's 100% safe for mkbootimg10:17
sledgeskjokinie: lemme check the other tools..10:18
kjokiniesledges: the question I guess is that do all source-trees we build against have system/core/ there10:18
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sledgeskjokinie: yes. i thought other img tools would be device/vendor specific10:20
sledgeskjokinie: system/core is always there:
kjokiniesledges: ok, so I can drop the variable and just build them?10:21
sledgeskjokinie: yes, i'll then test things on nexus510:21
kjokiniesledges: thanks, I'll fix the PR10:22
sledgeskjokinie: i suggest making new PR (from a new branch of yours)10:22
sledgesin case something fails10:22
sledgeskjokinie: we'll also need to make look like
sledgesfor local builds to be consistent10:22
kjokiniesledges: so... I fix the to build "$(HOST_OUT_EXECUTABLES)/simg2img$(HOST_EXECUTABLE_SUFFIX)" like it's in config.mk10:27
kjokiniesledges: what is that for ?10:27
sledgesfor aosp/cm needs10:28
kjokiniesledges: mainly wondering why that doesn't already make the tools build10:28
sledgeskjokinie: just add mkboogimg simg2... et al. to hybris-hal definition10:28
kjokiniesledges: ok10:28
sledgesbecause we do make hybris-boot for our image prep which uses hybris-boot/, not `make bootimage` (which would then use
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kjokiniesledges: how does that look:
kjokiniemkbootimg is used by the boot image module10:53
kjokinieused -> required10:53
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kjokiniesledges: wondering now should we build those always?11:11
kjokiniesledges: though they are not always needed11:11
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sledgeskjokinie: previous PR won't work: make: *** No rule to make target `out/host/linux-x86/bin/mkbootimg'.  Stop.11:14
sledges(or any other tool)11:14
sledgesneed to call `make MODULE`11:15
sledgesbut which one to build? there are two flavours: one with _host and one without, for each (e.g. simg2img and simg2img_host)11:15
kjokiniesledges: so make MKBOOTIMG11:15
kjokiniesledges: well the host one is the one11:16
sledgeskjokinie: i've already done variable expansion11:16
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kjokiniesledges: ok. so do we need to add some new module there to run that make module there?11:20
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kjokiniesledges: like I had that fake module in beginning?11:20
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sledgeskjokinie: commented on PR11:24
sledgesvgrade: morning, how are you?:)11:24
kjokiniesledges: ok, fixing it.11:25
sledgeskjokinie: i tested on nexus5 (simply make img2simg_host simg2img_host ) -- worked11:25
sledges(the build itself that is, nothing broke)11:25
vgradesledges: good. a good holiday?11:26
kjokiniesledges: should I remove the MKBOOTIMG definition change as well?11:28
kjokiniesledges: it's not strictly needed for the thing to build I guess?11:28
sledgesvgrade: yes, very reforming:)11:31
sledgeskjokinie: MKBOOTIMG is not about the thing to build, but which binary hybris-boot will use to bake an .img11:32
kjokiniesledges: exactly, so not related at all, except it's being buildrequired for the bootimg target11:33
kjokinieso it gets built via that11:33
sledgeskjokinie: yes, it's addressing a separate issue11:33
kjokiniesledges: do you want the line changed? I'll put it to a separate patch if yes11:34
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sledgeskjokinie: i thought you needed it ;P all ports worked fine as-is11:35
kjokiniesledges: no, I don't need to change the line.. it worked fine as it was11:36
kjokiniefor what I test it on11:36
sledgesvia local build? and thus using a generic mkbootimg ?11:36
kjokiniealso I think it will break this line if we change it:11:36
sledgeslet's keep it unchanged then11:37
kjokiniesledges: I mean the dependency worked fine, so the binary did get built11:37
sledgesless suspects11:37
sledgeskjokinie: if you're fine with local build using generic mkbootimg, we won't touch it until we find a device where it isn't a case anymore11:38
kjokiniesledges: you are not getting what I'm after I think..11:38
sledgeskjokinie: i am, just reminding local vs obs builds and different tools versions11:39
kjokiniesledges: I need to package mkbootimg that gets built from whatever android source tree I use11:39
kjokiniecurrently it does already build with hybris-hal11:39
kjokiniethen I need to add a thing to dhd that packages that to a OBS package11:39
sledgeswhat you package is a separate activity, the question is, does your device break with generic mkbootimg. if yes - that line needs to be changed.11:40
kjokiniewhich I can use instead of the mkbootimg in droid-hal-tools11:40
kjokiniewhen I build a kernel image in OBS11:40
sledgeskjokinie: if you are not even building your device locally, then we won't change current define11:40
sledgesand keep other ports in any way unaffected11:41
kjokiniesledges: what is your definition of "generic mkbootimg" ?11:41
sledgesapt-get install android-mkbootimg11:41
sledgeswhich current hybris-boot is using11:41
kjokiniesledges: ok, the hybris-hal doesnot use that!11:42
kjokiniesledges: hybris-hal builds the mkbootimg from android and uses that specific mkbootimg11:42
kjokiniewhich is device specific11:42
kjokiniesledges: are we reaching closer to being on the same page?11:43
sledgesit does not11:43
sledgesit uses mkbootimg from path11:43
sledgesas opposed to what aosp/cm is doing11:44
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kjokiniesledges: I'm running with that stuff and I can assure you it does run the mkbootimg that gets built from the android tree11:47
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sledgeskjokinie: you are right, because . build/ adds out/host/linux-x86/bin/ to PATH11:48
sledgesmy other project requires mkbootimg provided externally (old android version)11:48
sledgessorry about this, but then i got confused with your first PR comment from the beginning11:49
sledgeskjokinie: "Some devices require images to be created with specific versions of11:49
sledgesimg2simg, simg2img, and mkbootimg"11:49
sledgesso what are "generig versions" on your understanding?11:49
kjokiniesledges: ok.. that is bit far reaching comment, meaning that I need to get that stuff into a OBS package11:50
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mal-one question about headphone recognition, is it possible to get it working if no input device is reporting the event?11:50
kjokiniesledges: because in OBS we only have droid-hal-tools which is not at all device specific11:50
Stskeepsmal-: well something obviously has to do that somewhere.. i'd presume11:51
kjokiniesledges: maybe I should rephrase that to specifically mention OBS building as the main goal there11:52
vgradekeesj: \o11:52
mal-I can see the status somewhere in /sys if I remember correctly and in dmesg11:52
sledgeskjokinie: yes please, especially when there truly might exist some device/vendor specific tools like it was with samsung11:53
sledgeskjokinie: "Some devices require images to be created.." <- actually any device can either have installable .zip for sideloading, or set of .img files for flashing11:54
kjokiniesledges: please read the whole sentence11:57
kjokiniewhat they require is specific version of tools... not that all devices would not require image files11:58
kjokiniebut I'm rephrasing11:58
sledgeskjokinie: i did. if you want to create a set of fastboot-understandable .img files, you use simg2img et al11:58
sledgesand with hadk tree we have one and only source for those tools, at least until now we did11:59
sledgesso without OBS in context, it's what goes through my head reading it11:59
kjokiniesledges: we use hadk to build random android trees from different hardware manufacturers11:59
sledgeskjokinie: one tree is used for one device12:00
sledgesin obs context, the needed tools would then be packaged under per-device projects12:01
kjokiniesledges: as I said, I'm rephrasing to add the info that we need a replacement available in OBS12:01
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alinis there any reason why we miss qtquickcontrols?12:04
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sledgesalin: there hasn't been a reason to include it:)12:10
alinsledges: ok I was trying to build some qt5emaples the sensor_example12:10
alinsledges: I suspect can be done with silica12:10
alinsledges: also remember me next time I do th eimage to include sailfish-weather12:10
sledgesalin: weather can be downloaded from store, for those who want, by just clicking on the widget first time12:11
alinsledges: not really... for a reason did not find it12:11
alinsledges: someone was complaining and I tested... unless store was fixed12:11
alinsledges: anyhow matters little the app is very nice deserves to be put by default12:12
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alinsledges: remember I can offer debug info for roaming issue12:12
sledgeskjokinie: now i undestand what you mean by "generic tools":
kjokiniesledges: ok, good :)12:18
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sledgeskjokinie: killer question: do we still need those binaries inside droid-hal-tools now that we always build specific ones?12:21
kjokiniesledges: I think yes.. sage mentioned something about doing some simgingnismging when updating firmware images on device12:23
sledgeskjokinie: and will generic ones work on device, if it requires specific versions instead?12:24
kjokinieSage__: help!12:25
sledgeskjokinie: i just forecast seeing mkbootimg and mkbootimg-host and others under /usr/bin, and that creates confusion12:27
sledgeswhen updating firmware images on device, device-specific tools could be installed just as well12:27
sledgesso one package to rule them all12:27
sledgesbut this can be left for later12:28
sledgesbecause atm we do need host-side tools and device-side tools (i know Sage__ will say exactly that now ;p)12:29
kjokiniesledges: no, that's the more like 100 packages to rule 100 devices... the android "device" tools won't work on sailfish target.. or maybe they could, but they look for some system/bin/linker12:29
kjokiniei.e. bionic skeit12:29
sledgescorrect, one more player on stage:))12:30
sledgesatm we need device-specific host-side tools, and that's why i just LGTMd your both PRs:)12:33
sledgesdroid-hal-tools role needs revisiting (we do run bionic binaries fine on device, and linker problem might be able to get away with)12:33
sledgesyes, Sage__'s input would be useful12:34
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alinsledges: he he broke camera with the sensors12:38
alinsledges: MSameer install this one qt5-qtsensors-plugin-generic and cameraplus is dead12:39
sledgesalin: you need to compare ril logs in cm and in sf, and find where diversion appears12:39
sledgesalin: why are you installing that?12:39
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alinsledges: I was trying to see if there is any silly app that lists all sensors12:40
*** Nokius|mobile_ <Nokius|mobile_!~Nokius|mo@> has joined #sailfishos-porters12:40
sledgesalin: test_sensors12:40
alinsledges: the sensor explorer app from qt examples12:40
alinsledges: yes I know test_sensors...12:40
alinsledges: but I wanted one for silly people... with a gui12:41
alinsledges: also do you know of any app that reads the current values of the sensors?12:41
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alinsledges: this one
alinsledges:  I see shakeit is built already it may help12:43
alinthough I wonder if would be available to a user12:43
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alinthe weather app needs some love
sledgesalin: something with a gui, but not for silly people: zypper install csd12:48
alinsledges: then is tough if silly are not allowed to use it...12:49
alinsledges: just noticed what we may miss a code bar reader... now that we have the camera12:49
kjokiniesledges: could you merge and tag the PRs? I don't seem to have write access12:50
sledgesalin: at least something to contribute to your odissey. don't tell me jolla store hasn't got a whiplash app yet :D12:51
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alinsledges: no idea what is a whiplash app12:52
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sledgeskjokinie: merged both12:55
kjokiniesledges: thanks!12:55
sledgeskjokinie: tagging is futile, as hybris-boot is rolling in a manifest, and dhd is a submodule12:55
kjokiniesledges: ok12:56
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kjokiniesledges: I started thinking now if the right solution really is just to have 100 packages to rule 100 devices?13:08
kjokiniesledges: I mean, just add README to that says, please fork this for your project if you need specific version of droid-hal-tools for your device...13:09
kjokinienot very out-of-the box but I guess that is how it has been done in the past13:11
alinsledges: reported in sailfihos... coderus said is the fault of the app13:12
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alinsledges: scalability issues... and other fancy words13:12
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alinsledges: do all the sensors that test_sensors report exist?13:18
alinit reports 17 of them... and one of them is a barometer13:19
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kjokiniesledges: never mind.. tried that already on my device and I now remember another reason for doing it this way was that there are some dependencies in the source base that make building them tools outside the android tree also very painful13:21
sledgeskjokinie: the big picture is full of redundancy - all pulseaudio configs, all qcom common hw bits - they repeat themselves per nearly every device packaging. but in data mining, redundancy is not always bad. important is the source code is one13:23
alinsledges: says nothing... except some people with serious issues of understanding what pressure is...13:25
sledgesalin: there is barometer in n513:27
sledgeskjokinie: and sadly there are duplication of source code for my named bits. there aren't any for image tools13:27
alinsledges: yap... now the thing is how we can read it... probably half of the answer is in test_sensors source code13:28
alinI will try to get it13:28
alingoing to look after a power supply shall be back soon13:28
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zGrrmoin :)14:47
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*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:13
oleid1sledges, any idea what could be wrong, if qmuxd hangs on opening /dev/hsicctl0 and the kernel spits out "hsicctl hsicctl0: rmnet_ctl_open: Timeout opening hsicctl0" ?15:39
oleid1moin zGrr! :)15:39
*** phdeswer <phdeswer!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:42
sledgesoleid1: permissions?15:53
sledges(long shot without digging)15:53
oleid1sledges: I'll cross my fingers for your build test :D15:56
*** PhompAng <PhompAng!~PhompAng@> has quit IRC (Read error: No route to host)15:59
oleid1sledges: there seems to be no permission problem... strace just sais: "open("/dev/hsicctl0", O_RDWR|O_LARGEFILE) = -1 ETIMEDOUT (Connection timed out)"15:59
sledgesoleid1: so sfa-mer re-uses existing $ANDROID_ROOT thus avoiding repo sync and make hybris-hal? (it didn't do those steps for me)16:00
sledgesoleid1: you need to tap on the same scenario with CM (re /dev/hsicctl0 timeout)16:01
oleid1sledges: qmuxd has no timeout on cm11...16:04
oleid1sledges: yes, sfa-mer should reuse $ANDROID_ROOT, as does the original version of the script.16:05
sledgesoleid1: you need to debug kernel for the spat timeout message16:05
oleid1sledges: I guess so, but I'm wondering what changed, as a nearly identical kernel (same options, but settings for systemd) works on cm11...16:10
sledgesis what we'll find out;)16:10
sledgessome preconditions missing16:10
sledgesbut can be anything16:11
oleid1sledges: maybe I should try to inject my kernel into cm11^^16:12
sledgesoleid1: i think something from userspace is not pressing all buttong16:14
sledgesdoesn't hurt to just swap kernel out for starters16:15
*** arcean <arcean!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:19
*** Nokius|mobile_ <Nokius|mobile_!~Nokius|mo@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:23
Nokius|mobile_sledges: tried to get the sensor up the last days but had no luck as you told16:24
oleid1sledges: I noticed, that the ownership of a few files in sysfs is different and some files don't exist at all:  -- when launching qmuxd manually, I changed the permission beforehand. but it could be, of course, that some other daemon might not have had access and thus couldn't push the imaginary buttons.16:24
oleid1sledges: the ownership of the sysfs are configured in the ueventd file for my device:
oleid1sledges: but it seems as the ones with an asterisk are ignored...16:26
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!~chatzilla@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:29
nh1402vgrade: after failing to get android side working via CM11, and failing to get chromium working on sailfish, I'm going to look into NaCl and ARC and see if I can get a standalone sailfish app as a way of sandboxing android apps. It's going to be a while before I make my way through that.16:32
*** plfiorini <plfiorini!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:39
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:55
sledgesoleid1: build finished without errors, but it forgot to add store enablement due to commented (cc alin )17:00
alinsledges: yap... I tested and seems to build the image... I waited for dmt to come from holiday17:01
alinneed to run now17:02
sledgesalin: i need to start moving nexus5 to modular, that's the reason im prying the script a bit17:03
piggzlo *17:04
piggzwhere did we leave my build problems :)17:04
alinsledges: shall be not problem to move...17:04
alinnow I really need to fo17:04
alinsee you later17:04
sledgesalin: but testing if anything boots and everything still works - will be ;)17:05
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)17:05
Nokius|mobile_wondering why Bluetooth is not pairing =-\ hope yacuken_off has hint for me17:08
*** Nokius|mobile_ <Nokius|mobile_!~Nokius|mo@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)17:13
*** Nokius|mobile_ <Nokius|mobile_!~Nokius|mo@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:14
piggzsledges: energycsdx: make modules now shows the correct hwcomposer17:19
energycsdxpiggz: after you removed that condition?17:19
piggzenergycsdx: no ... changed the condition on line 117:20
piggzthe last commit in the repo, which was a change to use 'pathmap'17:20
piggzi asked the maintainer on G+ and he remembered17:21
sledgesgood stuff, so you'll need to backport it17:23
piggzsledges: energycsdx: so, after buildng the new hwcompser, how do i install it? just copy the files to the right place?17:28
energycsdxpiggz: AFAIK make should copy to proper location17:29
sledgespiggz: energycsdx: you'll have to copy it manually to the phone's /system/lib/hw17:30
energycsdxsledges piggz: try to do make out/target/<device>/system/lib/hw/hwcomposer.msm7x30.so17:35
sledgesenergycsdx: it didn't work that way with mkbootimg today (see logs)17:36
sledgesmake hwcomposer.msm7x30 should do the same (and with 100% success)17:36
sledges(what i think piggz is already doing)17:37
sledgessince we don't pack/ship /system, manual job is in order17:37
sledgesto scp the file over17:37
piggzsledges: energycsdx: yeah, its all built
*** OrokuSaki <OrokuSaki!470bf285@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:40
OrokuSakiwell... I realized in android, if I remove the omx ffmpeg decoders from media_codecs.xml, I cannot play big buck bunny, in CM11... but with the ffmeg, I can. I noticed you guys lack those entries, but the hammerhead currently uses them in cm11.
OrokuSakiSo I suppose my question is, how can we use omx.ffmpeg decoders in sailfishos?17:42
OrokuSakiMSameer: I guess you are the man for that one.17:43
OrokuSakiAnd you are right, I do not have "Adaptive Playback"17:43
piggzenergycsdx: sledges:17:43
piggzsh-3.2# EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer test_hwcomposer17:43
piggzSegmentation fault17:43
*** Nokius|mobile_ <Nokius|mobile_!~Nokius|mo@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)17:44
*** Nokius|mobile <Nokius|mobile!~Nokius|mo@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:44
sledgesoleid1: how did you obtain -filtered.txt ? i'm pulling same files from n5 now17:44
sledgespiggz: did you reboot?17:44
Nokius|mobilehi OrokuSaki you ping last weekend about the sensors17:44
sledgespiggz: comparing to last bottom of the strace/bt what mal- asked back in the day, would be useful17:45
OrokuSakiNokius: Yeah... I decided to leave my sensors "stock" in the kernel. Waiting for SFOS2 for "true landscape" but I did get the browser to work. I decided to be happy that I even got the screen to rotate.17:45
OrokuSakiThe On Screen Keyboard in the browser is on the wrong side of the screen....17:46
OrokuSakiI am not sure how to change that, but I haven't really looked. I figure SFOS2 will be out soon anyways... And I REALLY want to play a video.17:47
Nokius|mobileOrokuSaki: i did change anything in the kernel17:50
piggzsledges: gah, somehow my init is all messed up and and its not booting property17:50
OrokuSakiNokius|mobile: ?17:51
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:52
Nokius|mobileOrokuSaki: *didn't17:52
* Nokius|mobile getting ready to sail home =) 17:53
OrokuSakiNokius: No, sometimes I will change some values in the kernel which I guess tricks the orientation for sensors, but I reverted that.17:53
OrokuSakiEither use omx.ffmpeg in android or use gst 1.0 ugly\bad17:54
sledgesOrokuSaki: what do you mean by "I noticed you guys lack those entries" ?17:55
OrokuSakiclick on the github link and scroll all the way to the bottom, you will see the ffmpeg decoder entries. mer-hybris lacks them, though at one time it was forked from cyanogenmod, I guess since then they altered the xml file17:56
sledgesOrokuSaki: link to mer-hybris ?17:56
OrokuSakiyes, the cm11 branch17:57
OrokuSakimy touchpad will not play most videos in android without those entires in cm11, not sure why17:57
sledgesOrokuSaki: it's all there:
sledgesOrokuSaki: hammerhead plays bigbuckbunny fine (at least the mp4 one i tried)17:57
OrokuSakiOh, I looked at the cm-11.0 branch17:57
OrokuSakiand hybris-11.0 branch17:58
OrokuSakiI thought you "stake in the ground" would be older.. anyways... I cannot play any vids without those entires, and I think gst-droid is trying to use omx.mpeg4 instead of omx.ffmpeg... If that sounds right17:58
OrokuSakiSome devices in the world seem to be able to play videos in android without omx.ffmpeg, but I cannot17:59
Nokius|mobilecu later17:59
OrokuSakihave a careful flight17:59
piggzsledges: ha ... i think it was refusing to boot due to the kernel configs :/18:00
OrokuSakiSo I thought about ripping mpeg4 and dvix decoders out of my xml file and recompile cm11 and then maybe recompile gst-droid and etc. to see if gst-droid still tries to use omx.mpeg18:01
OrokuSakiBecause I don't want it too18:01
OrokuSakiThat is what I am doing18:01
*** Nokius|mobile <Nokius|mobile!~Nokius|mo@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)18:03
sledgespiggz: how come it started fail to boot all of a sudden? :D18:03
sledgesOrokuSaki: do you have a video that plays via hw, for starters?18:04
OrokuSakione video will play so far... its mp418:04
OrokuSakinot high res18:05
OrokuSakimy avi videos won't play in android18:05
piggzsledges: well, i was trying to go back to a clean cm-11 starting points (without my pmem hacks) ... so, i checkout out the kernel fresh, and when I applied the config, it was to the wrong tree cos i have a couple of kernel dirs here!18:05
OrokuSakiwell, without the omx.ffmpeg entires in my codec list18:05
*** nh1402 <nh1402!021f7802@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)18:06
OrokuSakiI considered removing qc_registry_table.c entires and recompiling to see if that works... but I doubt gst-droid will try omx.ffmpeg.. at least without asking you guys... in sailfish I notice logcat doesn't use ffmpeg stuff at all...18:06
OrokuSakiOr at least I never see it18:06
*** electrolux <electrolux!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:09
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Write error: Broken pipe)18:29
OrokuSakiGuess this answers my question:
OrokuSakiffmpeg is not listed18:31
OrokuSakiWondering what would happen if I changed.. this: to say something about ffmpeg..18:35
*** gogeta <gogeta!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:37
*** gogeta <gogeta!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)18:40
*** phdeswer_ <phdeswer_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)18:41
*** oleid1 <oleid1!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)18:44
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:54
piggzsledges: shortly after booting, i get a reboot, journlctl doesnt say a great deal...18:56
situpiggz: is selinux disabled ?19:02
piggzsitu: nope, enabled19:04
situpiggz: disable it.19:04
piggzsitu: ta, rebuiding..19:04
MSameerOrokuSaki: that is not the question. the question is: do you have a video file that does not work with sailfish?19:09
piggzsitu: thx, boots further now19:20
piggzsledges: mal-: slight improvement:19:22
piggzsh-3.2# EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer test_hwcomposer19:22
piggzwidth: 480 height: 80019:22
piggzSegmentation fault19:22
piggz(the width/height)19:22
situpiggz: test_hwcomposer may never work19:23
situpiggz: try to get minimer running.19:24
*** itviewer <itviewer!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:26
*** cloanta <cloanta!~sailfish@> has quit IRC (Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9)19:28
*** itviewer <itviewer!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)19:31
Nokius__OrokuSaki: was just a train ride :)19:32
*** Nokius__ is now known as Nokius19:33
*** beidl <beidl!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:33
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)19:34
* Nokius wondering what we did to get the first frame on find5 may it helps piggz 19:35
Nokiuspiggz: ls -l /system/lib/hw shows what?19:36
*** beidl_ <beidl_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)19:37
Nokiuspiggz: can you run gdb backtrace?19:38
*** schiggn <schiggn!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:39
OrokuSakiokay so.. learning more.. I guess if your device uses ffmpeg, then it doesn't involve hardware acceleration? If this is true, what should we do in sailfish, if under this umbrella?19:40
OrokuSakiMSameer: Oh, I didn't see your question. Yes, I have a video file that won't play in SailFish. None of the big buck bunny videos19:41
NokiusMSameer: what you mean ? also for me the BB movies are played but no video is shown in Gallery19:42
Nokiusogg version in growser works19:43
MSameerOrokuSaki: which video codec?19:43
MSameerNokius: which gstreamer version?19:44
MSameerNokius: do you have all the droidmedia bits in place?19:44
*** harha <harha!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)19:44
piggzNokius: nothing in gdb of interest19:44
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:44
OrokuSakiMSameer: mpeg419:44
MSameerOrokuSaki: do you have all the droid media bits in place? GST_DEBUG='*:2' jolla-gallery and paste all the output somewhere19:45
MSameerNokius: OrokuSaki there is no such thing as: BB videos do not work. there is a video file of a certain container with an audio codec and a video codec19:45
MSameerand BB has MPEG4, H264, ogg and aac sound or ac3 sound19:46
piggzsitu: minimer:
MSameerhow can I tell which one does not work? provide details so one can help you19:46
OrokuSakiMSameer: mpeg4 video ac3 for audio I will paste19:47
NokiusMSameer: Installiert  gstreamer-0.10.36-1.1.3.armv7hl19:48
NokiusInstalliert  nemo-gstreamer0.10-interfaces-0.0.20131118.0-1.3.3.armv7hl19:48
mal-piggz: why do you not have EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer?19:48
*** zGrr <zGrr!~grr@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)19:48
MSameerOrokuSaki: ac3 does not work19:48
NokiusMSameer: looks like I have no dorid-media (gets clam)19:48
MSameerNokius: gstreamer 0.10 is not going to work19:48
situpiggz: Set EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer HYBRIS_LOGGING_LEVEL=debu19:48
MSameerOrokuSaki: that file should play video only19:49
situpiggz: Set EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer HYBRIS_LOGGING_LEVEL=debug19:49
piggzmal-: ^19:50
Nokiusmal-: the durty way with surfinger a try for piggz ?19:51
mal-Nokius: does not seem like that problem19:51
situpiggz: strace it19:51
mal-gdb might also be helpful19:51
MSameerNokius: if you want to get camera/video working check with sledges19:52
MSameerhe knows what needs to be done19:52
NokiusMSameer: okay will do sledges o/19:52
piggzsitu: strace
mal-piggz: when you recompiled the hwcomposer library, did you check that it used the correct source19:53
piggzmal-: looks ok, i touched hwc.cpp, recompiled and it has built the right file19:55
piggztarget thumb C++: hwcomposer.msm7x30 <= hardware/qcom/display-legacy/libhwcomposer/hwc.cpp19:55
piggznothing in gdb from a bt19:56
piggzthe backlight flashes mometarily, thats about it19:57
*** electrolux <electrolux!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)19:57
MSameerOrokuSaki: where is the log?19:57
situpiggz: Check android logs when crash happens.19:57
situpiggz: logcat19:58
situpiggz: Also try to run surfaceflinger and see if it brings up graphics.20:00
MSameerOrokuSaki: try with the video with aac audio20:00
piggzsitu: mal-: logcat
piggzsitu: how do i bring up sirfaceflinger?20:01
Nokiuso/ BT data-trancfare works20:02
piggzsitu: i ran surfaceflinger and got a CM logo20:02
situpiggz: Good.20:02
piggzso i guess that works20:03
Nokiussledges: is it a koning bug taht the visibile time goes crazy when transfaring data?20:04
mal-piggz: was that last strace minimer or test_hwcomposer?20:04
piggzmal-: minimer20:04
*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:05
situpiggz: I am not sure if it's trying to open correct device "initoverlay:: opening the device:: /dev/graphics/fb0"20:05
*** swex <swex!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)20:06
situpiggz: Try to compare logs with other device where minimer works.20:06
piggzmy cm10.1 base with fbdev works (ish) ... but trying to get something more stable with cm11 + hwcomposer20:07
beidlhello hello, fine people20:08
*** harha <harha!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)20:09
Nokiusbeidl: 0/20:12
situpiggz: /system/bin/getprop20:12
beidlNokius: \o20:12
Nokiusbeidl: long time no see still in the army?20:13
beidlNokius: haha no, finished my army service beginning of february, started at my new job 3 weeks after that :D20:13
Nokiusbeidl: sounds good ;) are now on call (army)?20:14
*** Nokius|mobile <Nokius|mobile!~Nokius|> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:15
beidlNokius: nope. my service is done, they would have to drag me in there, kicking and screaming lol20:16
situpiggz: Since we don't have backtrace of the crash, it might be crashing anywhere. Best way is to compare logs ( journalctl, logcat, strace etc.) you have with other cm11 based device.20:17
situpiggz: I have to run to sleep now. See you!20:18
piggznp, thx20:18
beidlwhat has happened in the last 2 months? anything exciting that would be relevant to my interests? :D20:18
Nokiusbeidl: oh good read today that CZ will size up there reservists pool, hope you like your day job :)20:19
beidlNokius: poor devils. thank god I'm austrian :D20:21
*** schiggn <schiggn!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)20:22
Nokiusyacuken_off: so transfare is working only paring fails when started on the find5 side but works from my Jolla :-/ cc sledges20:25
Nokiusmh [W] BluetoothAdapter::createPairingFinished:437 - BluetoothAdapter::createPairing() failed: QDBusError("org.bluez.Error.ConnectionAttemptFailed", "Page Timeout")20:28
* Nokius gn8 cu 20:34
piggzso,looking through the hybris code, it is crashing in the destroyBuffers code, after being called in setBufferCount()....doesnt get into the loop in setBufferCount20:36
OrokuSakiMSameer: Strange, now the video app just crashes when playing the same file converted to aac. Aborted. Plays in android. Logcat only says: F/OMXCodec(  765): frameworks/av/media/libstagefright/OMXCodec.cpp:2512 CHECK_EQ( (int)bufInfo->mStatus,(int)OWNED_BY_NATIVE_WINDOW) failed: 3 vs. 220:36
*** zetaz <zetaz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:38
MSameerOrokuSaki: latest git?20:38
OrokuSakidroidmedia or gst-droid?20:39
MSameerOrokuSaki: both?20:40
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)20:40
OrokuSakigst-droid, latest... droidmedia, no20:40
OrokuSaki"4 hours ago"20:41
MSameerwhich git revisions?20:41
mal-piggz: my guess is that the real problem is somewhere before that20:43
mal-piggz: wondering about this in logcat writeHPDOption: state file '/sys/devices/virtual/graphics/fb-1/hpd' not found : ret-1 err str: No such file or directory20:44
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:45
mal-piggz: if you want you can add some debug output to that place to see what is happening20:47
mal-piggz: maybe to setBufferCount to see if it really crashes in destroyBuffers or in the loop before the trace20:48
mal-it's possible it failes in HWComposerNativeWindowBuffer20:49
piggzmal-: the writeHDPOption occurs in surfaceflinger, so seems ok20:49
mal-piggz: good20:50
mal-my guess is that it could fail in HWComposerNativeWindowBuffer::HWComposerNativeWindowBuffer20:50
mal-when allocating the buffer20:50
mal-that would a logical place20:51
mal-piggz: curious thing is that I understand correctly that is the place problems with QCOM_BSP happen, but your device should not use it20:58
piggzhurrah for not being simple :)20:59
OrokuSakiMSameer: not sure last time I did a repo sync... went ahead and did it. ping you soon21:04
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)21:04
MSameerOrokuSaki: now i don't know which error you get with which revision21:05
MSameerimpossible to debug anything21:05
MSameerE/OMXCodec( 1141): [] Timed out waiting for output buffers: 2/321:06
MSameerE/        ( 1141): DroidMediaCodec: Error 0x6e reading from codec21:06
MSameerOrokuSaki: this is from here:
MSameerand it is the reason why video does not play21:06
OrokuSakiI am going to guess April 11th... that is the last time I at least created a new image21:06
mal-piggz: just to be sure grep your device tree for QCOM_BSP21:06
piggzi have ... and asking the cm dev...21:07
OrokuSakiMSameer: that was with the ac3 audio and mpeg4 video, yes21:07
MSameerac3 has nothing to do with that21:08
OrokuSakiI didn't think so21:08
MSameergit pull latest and try again21:08
MSameeri did some fixes today and I think they should benefit you21:08
OrokuSakiI guess I am a tad bit confused... In android, I can't play these files with that decoder.. so I am just surprised I am trying to play it through hybris using that decoder21:09
*** swex <swex!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:09
MSameerOrokuSaki: ignore android21:09
OrokuSakilol... Okay21:09
MSameerOrokuSaki: we have a different media framework. the video will work without audio21:09
OrokuSakiI guess that sounds right, because last week when you wanted me to change the buffer from 2 to 3 or higher, I could see frames, they were just frozen, etc.21:10
OrokuSakiErr... 2 weeks ago21:10
MSameertry with the fixes i did today and tell me if they work or not21:11
OrokuSakiMSameer: Nod21:12
piggzmal-: so, I have the line that crashes....21:24
piggzmal-: i added the following traces ... and it didnt print 'done'
piggznow for sleep21:28
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)21:41
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!~chatzilla@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)21:44
*** arcean <arcean!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)21:44
*** alin <alin!~alin@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:47
*** alin <alin!~alin@> has quit IRC (Changing host)21:47
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:47
alinsledges: ok back21:48
alinsledges: thought you said the only issue is some init-debug21:48
sledgesalin: yes, that's the 100% issue ;)21:49
alinsledges: can't I just remove it in post install in the image?21:50
alinthis will give us a booting image and time to investigate21:50
OrokuSakiMSameer: How do you guys do that...21:51
OrokuSakiMSameer: IT PLAYS!!! GREAT WORK!21:51
OrokuSakisound is working with aac, but I have already installed gstreamer1.0-libav21:53
OrokuSakitime to try another video21:53
*** keithzg <keithzg!~keithzg@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:54
OrokuSaki720p with ac321:54
klopsi-u3what device OrokuSaki ?21:54
alinOrokuSaki: he he... try ytplayer or so21:55
alinOrokuSaki: you can play youtube crap21:55
OrokuSakiHP Touchpad21:55
OrokuSakiIt plays with mpeg4 and aac audio with the latest21:55
alinOrokuSaki: remove libav21:56
OrokuSakiI haven't tried the browser at all.. except for the keyboard being in the wrong position, if I fix that... I will be happy21:56
alinOrokuSaki: but i doubt you will have sound21:56
OrokuSakiremove libav?21:56
alinOrokuSaki: the video as far as I know is hardware21:56
OrokuSakiokay... I will try that too21:56
sledgesalin: just add the old init-debug to the sparse for time being21:57
alinsledges: ok...21:57
alinthursday I fly back to dublin21:57
alinfriday I cannot work on making a new image21:58
sledgesOrokuSaki: yoohoo!\o/21:58
OrokuSaki720p is playing... nicely... no sound with libav... so I will remove gstreamer1.0-libav21:58
alinbut saturday... my gf goes away for few days and I can bake an image with the modular21:58
OrokuSakiSledges: That was it! \o/21:58
MSameerOrokuSaki: you are lucky :)21:58
OrokuSaki=) I feel lucky. =) Great job Sameer21:58
alinsledges: by then let us hope we merge the scripts21:58
OrokuSakiso should I or should I not have libav installed?21:59
MSameerOrokuSaki: ac3 is not supported21:59
OrokuSakias in.. period21:59
sledgesalin: we just need to uncomment repos.ini, i'll retest and will be good to merge21:59
MSameerOrokuSaki: libav has the aac decoder so do not remove it21:59
OrokuSakiahhh okay.. so that is why it plays... okay21:59
alinsledges: there are few more things about packages but I will fix it after22:00
OrokuSakiaac plays, ac3 does not22:00
MSameerOrokuSaki: there is work to have an aac decoder in gst-droid based on stagefright but it is not ready yet22:00
alinsledges: I will ping dmt to have a last look at it22:00
OrokuSakiwhat about gst-ugly or whatever?22:00
MSameerOrokuSaki: so you need libav to play aac for now22:00
MSameerOrokuSaki: feel free to rebuild gstreamer1.0-libav and include ac322:01
sledgesalin: cool, thanks22:01
OrokuSakiMSameer: you guys are awesome...22:01
alinMSameer: so you sorted out the audio hw playback?22:03
mal-piggz: that was also my assumption for the cause of the crash22:06
*** Nokius_ <Nokius_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:10
sledgesmal-: should piggz try carsten's surfaceflinger branch of hwc?22:10
MSameeralin: there is no audio hw playback22:10
MSameeralin: they are sw codecs22:10
*** zetaz <zetaz!> has left #sailfishos-porters22:10
MSameeralin: I have a prototype but the decoders need some work. maybe the fixed I did today fixed some of the issues but I have not tested22:11
MSameeralin: encoders are not working for mal- for an unknown reason22:11
*** Nokius|mobile <Nokius|mobile!~Nokius|> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)22:12
alinMSameer: ok... by the way did you merge the cap fix in the main droidcam branch so we can follow again that?22:12
MSameeralin: yup22:13
MSameeralin: after you confirmed that it works ;)22:13
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)22:14
alinMSameer: cool thanks I will change in experimental22:14
MSameeri guess i should push all the droidmedia branch to master soon22:14
OrokuSakiany instructions on how to compile programs in the sdk? Consider adding `AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR([m4])' to and.....22:30
OrokuSakisb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -msdk-install ./autogen.sh22:31
OrokuSakiOh, I guess the -R -msdk-intall is not necessary22:34
sledgesNokius_: video and camera setup is in piratepad22:43
mal-MSameer: sorry, I didn't try the encoder again today22:44
mal-I'll try tomorrow, had to take a day off from hacking22:45
mal-sledges: not sure if surfaceflinger branch will be useful22:45
mal-sledges: quite odd that the error happens in the alloc22:45
mal-when there is no QCOM_BSP needed22:46
MSameermal-: your day off is a day off for me too :D22:59
*** GodGinrai <GodGinrai!~godginrai@unaffiliated/godginrai> has quit IRC (Quit: leaving)22:59
*** cxl000 <cxl000!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)23:06
OrokuSakicompiling libavcodec23:17
OrokuSakilooks like everything is enabled by default... lawyers suck?23:18
OrokuSakiMSameer: YAY.. playing AC323:32
OrokuSakiMy new libgst is 25MB (I think it is debug) you know how to slim it down?23:32
*** olafh <olafh!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)23:35
vgradealterego: Nexus dbus log with working calls
vgradealterego: Oneplus dbus log with broken calls
vgradealterego: two divert at , oneplus log line 247 . After this 1+ reports reply not received line 27823:54
vgradealterego: digging further23:54

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