Wednesday, 2015-04-15

dwangoACHas anyone figured out how to force vibrate to last longer than one little blip? I'm *constantly* missing calls on my N4 (but have been so busy I haven't had a chance to compile from source yet)00:02
dwangoACWell, busy, and need to free up some disk space :)00:02
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kjokiniesledges: updated PR
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sledgesoleid: add debug info to udev/uevent parts inside the kernel, so they are spat in dmesg:) you might want to filter only for certain device;)07:01
sledgesdwangoAC: happy coding! :)07:01
sledgeskjokinie: commented07:01
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oleidsledges: good idea! and I should increase the log ringbuffer, I guess^^07:15
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Nokiusmorning mh somtimes lipstick (UI) freezy :-/ have great day ;) and hack on07:16
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dr_gogeta86hi guys07:20
dr_gogeta86sledges, lollipop status ?07:20
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sledgesoleid: fun fact: you should be able to boot cm with sf kernel07:21
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: ping locusf07:21
oleidsledges: I tried that before, yet it didn't work. probably because I disabled selinux via kernel config...07:22
sledgesah ok07:22
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oleidsledges: for some reason the hybris-boot image only picked up selinux=0 when I made "make hybris", the resulting sailfish zip didn't contain an boot image with that option. but maybe something else went wrong, I might try that again^^07:25
oleids:make hybris:make hybris-hal:07:25
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kjokiniesledges: you will have to walk me through that default tools build thing.. how does one override a .mk file with that?07:39
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kjokiniesledges: or even pass a .mk file to begin with?07:40
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zGrrmoin :)08:06
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kjokiniesledges: trying to add the make -f lines to the makefile in dhd/helpers.. hope that will satisfy the requirement. I was thinking to have there "MKBOOTIMG ?= $(pwd)/" and friends so that one could override those in environment.. does that sound like the right thing or should I look for some other way of doing it?08:28
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sledges(cd rpm/helpers; make -f -C %{android_root}/system/core/mkbootimg/)08:50
sledgeskjokinie: ^08:51
sledgeskjokinie: if block stays08:51
sledgesbut if you pull "MKBOOTIMG ?= $(pwd)/" that's even better08:52
sledges*pull off08:52
kjokiniesledges: I did that, but now I'm not sure how I could set that MKBOOTIMG in the device specific spec file08:52
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kjokinieas it I guess should be before the include droid-hal-device.inc08:53
sledgeskjokinie: let's minimise the number of steps for the vendor08:53
kjokiniebtw I renamed that to MKBOOTIM_MK08:53
sledgesif there exists rpm/helpers/, use that, and the thinktank should remain in .inc08:53
sledgeswith least mods to .spec as possible08:53
kjokiniesledges: ok, that should do it08:54
* sledges nods08:54
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kjokiniesledges: the diamond has been grinded here:
sledgeskjokinie: very polished, makes me happier every time:) i have a gut feeling this will work on OBS too, so about to LGTM it09:13
sledgeskjokinie: to double-check, you don't need host-side tools anymore, since these will get into sb209:13
kjokiniesledges: the tools should run in OBS, at least they do for our other project09:14
kjokinieregardless of what %summary says for them09:14
sledgesi have a gut feeling this will work on OBS -> i have a gut feeling this will build on OBS too09:15
kjokiniesledges: they should run also in sb2 target which is enough for me09:15
sledgeshence the reverts, ok09:15
kjokiniesledges: or they do run there as I checked that09:15
sledgesyes, they ran for n5 too09:15
kjokiniesledges: if you are happy with it, feel free to merge.09:18
sledgeskjokinie: merged09:20
sledgeskjokinie: hybris-boot too09:21
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oleidsledges: modem works on cm11 with my sf kernel + selinux; it doesn't work with sf + sf kernel + selinux enabled in kernel but disabled via cmdline.09:41
oleidsledges: I have two lengthy logs of the boot process, but to me all it shows is that rmnet_usb initialization stops somewhere, however not why...09:42
sledgesoleid: sammy had a nasty /sbin/cbd to make its modem work (and as you know /sbin under cm is in initrd, so another differentiator between two of the worlds)09:47
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oleidsledges: cbd, eh? I'll have a look into that... First of all, food and maybe some sun bathing ;D it's 25°C here today, summer is coming!09:53
vrutkovssledges: hey, is there a strict requirement for cm-10.1 only? I've realized flo has cm-10.2, which might solve crashing apps problem09:55
oleidvrutkovs: many are already on cm-1109:56
sledgesoleid: indeed!09:56
sledges(to both of what you said;)09:56
vrutkovsdoh! Okay, I'll probably start with cm-11 then09:56
sledgesvrutkovs: haven't you tried that already and got apps to crash? iirc there isn't a cm-10.1 for your device09:57
sledgesbut yes, 11.0 will have video/camera support09:58
vrutkovssledges: nope, haven't tried cm-10 (overlooked it, I guess)09:58
sledgesvrutkovs: i meant to say, i thought you tried cm-11 and got apps crashing10:00
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vrutkovssledges: yep, though I've realised qcom support for flo is disabled, so I'm thinking which would be best - start w/ 11 or try 10.210:01
vrutkovsI'll probably go with cm-11 again from scratch10:01
mal-vrutkovs: which programs crash? and at which point?10:02
vrutkovsmal-: all of them, the same on cm-11 mako afaik10:02
vrutkovssome time after startup10:02
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smokuwhere should I report HADK bugs?12:00
Stskeepsto sledges, for example :)12:01
smokusledges, ? :)12:02
smokuunfortunately ubu-chroot assumes that I use bash as my login shell :/12:03
smokuMerSDK [smoku@smk ~]$ ubu-chroot -r $MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu12:03
smokusudo: /usr/bin/fish: command not found12:03
Stskeepsmaybe more over in lbt department then12:03
smokuthere's "sudo -i" there...12:04
lbtsmoku: patches welcome ;)12:04
smokulbt, sure... but it's a design issue12:05
lbtsorry but I don't even have fish installed - and it probably won't go into the ubu-chroot12:05
smoku-i uses /etc/passwd - always12:05
lbtcan we fudge it ?12:05
smokuhmm... if /etc/passwd was a directory, I could mount over it... but now? :/12:06
lbtyou may be able to simply instgall fish in your own ubu-chroot t12:06
smokubut fish won't parse sh specific .profile and .login12:07
smokuis there a reason that -i is there?12:07
smokumaybe I could just remove it?12:08
vgradesitu: around? we have some fish-shell related questions?12:09
situvgrade: hey! Sure.12:09
vgradesmoku: is trying to use it with HADK, see backlog12:10
situsmoku: I use bash only in chroot as I had some weird issues with fish that I don't recall.12:10
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situsmoku: fish is not posix compliant and HADK is not tested to work with non-posix shells.12:11
smokusitu, yeah. me too. but ubu-chroot starts my login shell via "sudo -i" - which is fish, which is missing in sdk ;-)12:11
smokudoh... it starts shell just to "exec bash -i" next... so sudo should work without -i :)12:12
situsmoku: To be honest I don't use ubu-chroot for compilation, I just compile stuff directly on my fedora machine.12:12
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situsmoku: One workaround is to make a separate account and set bash as your default shell there.12:14
situsmoku: so each time you want to use ubu-chroot, you use that account.12:15
situBut I agree that HADK should be fixed to use bash only.12:15
smokulbt, changing "/usr/bin/sudo -i -u $user exec bash -i" to "/usr/bin/sudo -u $user /bin/bash -i" helped :)12:16
smokulbt, does that qualify as a "patch"? :D12:16
smokusitu, oh. cool idea with a separate account.  I could then keep its home on a separate drive I carry arounf my places :D12:17
vgradelove this bug on Nexus 5, reminds me of cds skipping back in the day12:23
merbotNemo bug 798 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead] sound cracks when screen on and sensors working" [Normal,New]12:23
smokulbt, "/usr/bin/sudo -u $user -H /bin/bash -i" works even better12:29
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Aoyagi_trashtopjoin sailfishos12:38
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lbtsmoku: OK - commit/MR would be nice please13:16
lbt-i is important as it sets up env13:16
oleidsledges: I can't find /sbin/cbd for yuga; there is no file cbd anywhere in my cm11 build directory or in any of the makefiles; now browsing in the init scripts...13:20
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sledgesoleid: just an instance from sammy, your binaries might be called different. iirc, /sbin/cbd was called from /init*.rc scripts13:27
sledgesso check for calls from sbin13:27
vrutkovshalp! make: *** No rule to make target `updater', needed by `hybris-hal'.  Stop.13:28
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oleidsledges: already on it! :D13:37
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smokulbt, care to point me to a repo this code sits in?14:05
stephgafternoon porties14:06
sledgessmoku: rpm -qi $(rpm -qf $MER_ROOT/sdks/sdk/mer-sdk-chroot) | grep URL14:08
sledgesstephg: hoy!14:08
sledgesmmm porkpies14:11
stephgin porting news I'm about to inherit an HTC one14:16
stephgnext week hopefully14:16
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vgradestephg: which version14:18
sledgeswho wants to earn some ca$h?
stephgnot sure14:19
stephgan old one?14:19
stephgvgrade: I'm asking...14:20
stephgit's the one before the m814:22
stephgso a couple of years old I think now14:22
stephgoh blimey14:23
stephgdidn't know there were so many!14:23
oleidsledges: As far as I can tell, there is nothing in CM's recovery that is of any importance for the modem. There are a bunch of chmods and echos to sysfs files, however, they are probably done in droid-hal-init, too. The only thing I could think of is, that it's too late then. According to my kernel log, it takes about a minute until the deamons from droid-hal are running. Maybe those writes to sy14:26
oleidsfs need to be done earlier to prevent some time out in rmnet_usb?14:26
vgradestephg: maybe14:26
stephgyeah I think so14:27
stephgI'm double checking with him now14:27
nh1402yh the original HTC One is the m7 from 201314:29
stephgthat would figure given it's age:- and he says it's definitely not the m8 as it was from before that14:29
nh1402the m7 has a Snapdragon 600 CPU, 2gb ram, 1080p display, 8mp back camera, 2mp front camera (I think), dual front facing speakers14:31
vgradestephg: looks like that one has unlockable bootloader, root, cm11 kernel and android device trees, and qcom so a very good chance of a good port14:32
nh1402Snapdragon 600 was the flagship from Qualcomm before the 800 was released later that year. The 600 did struggle a bit with a 1080p display.14:33
vgradenh1402: a good test of sailfish and qt then14:33
stephgvgrade: here's hoping. I understand the audio on it doesn't work in some capacity and it's currently in ethiopia as a backup phone for someone on holiday so it needs to come back too :)14:33
mal-there was someone thinking about porting m7 a while ago14:34
sledgesoleid: in recovery, cp /init /target_init_debug to halt before systemd starts, mount /system and run droid-hal-init manually (you can add all this to /init_debug for maximum speed)14:34
mal-stephg: when you start porting make note that it is using QCOM_BSP14:35
sledgesoleid: */target/init_debug14:35
stephgmal-: k14:37
mal-stephg: so you'll need to add some defines, all is described in hadk-faq14:38
oleidsledges: thanks, I'll try!14:38
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nh1402The Huawei P8 was just announced14:56
dwangoACsledges: Thanks to the pointer in the code!  I don't think I would have been able to find that easily.  It'll still be a while before I can get enough hard drive space and time to compile from source but I'll try to do so as soon as I can.15:11
sledgesdwangoAC: just compile that package on OBS. 0 hard drive space required:)15:12
dwangoACnh1402: Interesting, and yet bummer because yet again there are no keyboard phones (I know, I know, always a pessimist :)15:12
dwangoACsledges: Compile on OBS?15:12
sledgesdwangoAC: absolutely. Branch this project to your home, change source code, rebuild, install rpm15:13
dwangoACsledges: Does this code affect the Jolla phone as well?15:14
sledgesas you can see, it's HA specific15:14
dwangoACsledges: OK, I thought so but wanted to double-check - so it's HA specific, but *all* HA, including, say, Nexus 5?15:14
nh1402dwangoAC: I've never actually used a keyboard phone before, but grew up seeing a lot of them. Would like to try one out some day.15:14
sledgesproject name says mako;)15:15
dwangoACnh1402: My N900 converted me.15:15
dwangoACsledges: It does?15:15
sledgesdwangoAC: when you modify it, it will have to be re-tested on nexus515:15
sledgesand others15:15
dwangoACI see mer-hybris15:15
sledgesbut since with vibra we only had successes on every single port15:15
nh1402don't you mean HW if you're referring to the word Hardware15:15
sledgesmaking it to vibra longer, will make everyone happy15:15
* sledges hides from punz15:16
dwangoACnh1402: I'm looking for a hardware keyboard, yeah15:16
sledgesHA - hardware adaptation15:17
dwangoACsledges: To make sure I absolutely understand what you meant, you're saying that the vibration code did not cause any problems when porting?15:17
sledgesdwangoAC: yes, only successes15:17
nh1402dwangoAC: I was tempted to get the Motorola Dext back in the day.15:17
dwangoACsledges: OK.  Looking at this code it's only vibrating once for all of 33 ms15:17
dwangoACThat's just crazy15:17
sledgesdwangoAC: happy you found it annoying enough to fix it ;)15:17
nh1402sledges: I see, thanks for clearing that up.15:18
dwangoACsledges: Annoying enough?  It makes silent mode nearly unusable, and after I missed two calls in a row from my wife yesterday and it was important it went up in priority :)15:18
* sledges thanks dwangoAC's wife15:18
dwangoAC(As in, I missed two important calls in a row, and my wife was quite upset, which is quite the motivator to find a solution.)15:19
dwangoACsledges: I regret to say that what needs to happen is likely beyond my level of C skills - I assume it needs to use near-continuous vibration with some breaks the duration of ringing for a phonecall, but not, say, for a text message15:19
sledgesdwangoAC: ffmemless.ini has all those durations in15:20
sledgesjust need to port over15:20
sledgesaccording to type15:20
dwangoACsledges: Where do I find that file?  I searched the project but only droid-vibrator.c references it15:20
dwangoACsledges: And the comment indicates that doesn't work yet15:21
dwangoAC(And the source code :)15:21
sledgesdwangoAC: if it worked, job would be done:)15:21
sledgesdwangoAC: is it not on your mako, first place to look?15:21
sledgesand then, naturally rpm -qf15:21
dwangoACsledges: You confused me because you said that ffmemless.ini has all those durations, as in, it sounded like it has them now15:21
sledgesdwangoAC: it had them on jolla phone, which used ffmemless15:22
sledgesi think the .ini file should've survived15:22
dwangoACsledges: OK, the pieces are coming together15:22
nh1402dwangoAC: someone should start a company that sells smartphones with keyboards.15:22
dwangoACnh1402: Oh?15:22
dwangoACnh1402: There's the N900 update people, can't remember the name of the project off the top of my head15:22
dwangoACbut they are cheating and re-using the keyboard (and, for that matter, the entire case) of an N90015:23
dwangoACYeah, taht one15:23
sledgesffmemless is a very clever vibra controller, a kernel feature (supports amplitudes, patterns and what not), which hybris ports don't have - android only has vibrator_on/off -_-15:23
sledgesi think TOHKBD team might have future, according to nh1402 ;)15:23
dwangoACsledges: OK.  This is quickly getting me into scary territory - I'm enough of a hack that I could double the 33 ms to 66 ms easily but there's no way I could quickly integrate all of that15:23
dwangoACsledges: US port?15:24
dwangoACsledges: As soon as there's a phone I can use at at least 3G speeds in the US, I'll buy it. :)15:24
dwangoACsledges: United States -15:24
sledgesUS port? seaside?;)15:24
dwangoACsledges: First, I can't buy the Jolla phone here, and even if I do, it sounds like it's limited to 2G15:24
sledgesdwangoAC: i was not talking about jolla phone15:25
dwangoACsledges: I thought you were talking about The Other Half KeyBoarD15:25
*** yacuken <yacuken!~archie@> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:25
sledges18:22 < nh1402> dwangoAC: someone should start a company that sells smartphones with keyboards.15:25
yacukenevening all15:25
sledgeso/ yacuken15:26
dwangoACsledges: Indeed, and that company exists, but I can't yet buy a phone where I live15:26
nh1402dwangoAC: I would like someone to not cheat, and have one with up to date specs with an IGZO oled display, and to have a large capacity Aluminium-ion battery once it becomes stable and have a high enough voltage to be usable.15:26
dwangoACnh1402: That's 4-5 years down the road15:26
dwangoACnh1402: Shorter without the requirement for the Aluminum-ion battery15:26
sledgesdwangoAC: TOHKBD team needs to start offering their addons to phone, is my idea complementing nh1402's, worldwide;)15:27
sledges*to phones15:27
dwangoACsledges: Oh, other phones than Jolla?15:27
sledgessince they have potential15:27
sledgeshalf job done15:27
dwangoACsledges: I have a cheap, chinese made bolt-on to a Galaxy S4, but it is unusable15:27
sledgesthan starting such company from scratch:)15:27
dwangoACIt tripples the thickness of the phone needlessly and is quite bad to type with15:27
sledgesthey could tap in closer than a bolt on, if they go to ODMs:)15:27
dwangoACsledges: Yep15:28
sledgesbut anyway, just wild dreams speculating here;)15:28
sledges(also because 4/5ths of TOHKBD is a N900 clone)15:28
nh1402there were advances in batterys which use Quartz or something which at least doubled the capacity and was 2 -5 years away at the time of announcement which was about a year or two ago now.15:28
nh1402alright that was last year15:30
dwangoACnh1402: I'm excited about the potential, but haven't yet seen actual product and thus doubt it can come to market quickly15:30
dwangoACsledges: Man, you're making me seriously want a Jolla phone with TOHKBD15:31
dwangoACsledges: Remind me again that it's a bad idea to buy a phone that can only do 2G15:31
mal-the estimated researchers make are usually quite unrealistic15:31
dwangoACmal-: That's been my experience15:31
dwangoACnh1402: But, yeah, there aren't even any Android phones worthwhile in the last 18 months with a hardware keyboard, unless I missed one15:32
nh1402dwangoAC: there hasn't been any15:33
dwangoACI didn't think so15:33
dwangoACI was hopeful though :)15:33
nh1402other advancements were using silicon to increase capacity, kevlar to make thinner batteries, carbon, and graphite. But nothing has yet been mass produced.15:34
dwangoACnh1402: The Carbon-Carbon (with different dopings) from the Japanese research team looked really interesting15:35
dwangoACnh1402: But I haven't heard any productization of it yet15:35
mal-going from lab scale to large scale is not as simple as it might seem15:35
nh1402unless the increasingly thin phones that are coming out use the kevlar battery thing15:35
nh1402one thing I hate about smartphone manufacturers is how they advertise their phones, as if they made the components themselves.15:43
*** arcean <arcean!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:49
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:00
mal-sledges: about the ffmemless vibrator, my device is using pm8xxx vibrator which has driver both with and without ffmemless, can I just enable the ffmemless?16:05
sledgesmal-: yes, gut out ngfd hybris, but then you're on your own16:05
mal-sledges: so if ffmemless is used, then ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator is not used at all?16:06
sledgesmal-: i can't say, i didn't work with jolla1 ffmemless16:07
mal-maybe I'll look into jolla to what it has16:07
sledgesmal-: why do you want to digress like that out-of-interest?:)16:08
mal-you were talkin about the different vibration times earlier16:08
*** zhxt_ <zhxt_!~zhxt@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)16:09
sledgesgoing back to ffmemless will be time consuming, and only your port will benefit16:09
*** zhxt_ <zhxt_!~zhxt@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:09
sledgesthe timings from legacy ffmemless configuration need to be brought to ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator16:09
mal-so ffmemless is the older api?16:09
sledgesis the way forward with hybris devices16:10
sledgesffmemless is doing things natively16:10
sledgesthink ffmemless vs hybris as freedreno vs android-hwc16:10
sledgesthe re-using of timings for calls, alarms, ... is the only beneficial legacy in textual form that ffmemless gives us16:11
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:24
*** harha <harha!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)16:27
*** zhxt_ <zhxt_!~zhxt@> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)16:27
*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:28
sledgeswho from the US would like to grab a previously-hijacked handle ?16:57
sledgeswriting here as i think many porters are from the US since the lack of jphone (cc dwangoAC OrokuSaki)16:57
dwangoACsledges: I'm not a big twitter guy16:59
dwangoACsledges: But good luck trying to get it17:00
sledgesdwangoAC: get what?:)17:02
sledgesa grabber?17:02
dwangoACsledges: Well, get the name17:02
dwangoACsledges: I'm trying to get @tasbot17:02
sledgesi just got it:)17:03
sledges;) will pass on to community dept.17:03
dwangoACsledges: How?  The one I'm trying to get is clearly a spam user, but Twitter doesn't really seem to have a way to release it17:03
sledgesdwangoAC: it has been released17:04
sledgesthe hijacker has renamed itself17:04
sledgesdwangoAC: file an impersonation claim17:06
dwangoACsledges: They were "first", as we created @MrTASBot *after* them, but TASBot had been around longer (it was a randomly generated name to spam / 411 scam people)17:06
sledgesdwangoAC: submit proofs about your website existence and other relevant material17:07
dwangoACsledges: Yeah, it apparently only works if you register it as a trademark and you're a business17:08
dwangoACAt least, that17:08
dwangoACthat's the gist of it from when I looked at it in January17:08
*** plfiorini <plfiorini!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:11
*** ro <ro!~rokaccia@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:17
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:20
*** Nokius_ <Nokius_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:49
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)17:52
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*** Nokius__ <Nokius__!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:06
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*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:08
mal-sledges: do you know if there some way to make charging while turned off possible in ported devices?18:12
mal-is that something that is done in init? since the device turn it self on if connected to usb while off18:13
sledgesmal-: rtc alarms are sent whilst powered off, and default it wakes device18:18
sledgeswhereas they should be ignored18:18
oleidsledges: is there a bootmode similar to init-debug for android? or maybe is it possible to boot cm11 using sailfish's init script?18:34
sledgesmal-: correction: it should boot into actdead mode if poweron reason is usb cable (you can see that on jolla1)18:36
sledgesmal-: what i was talking about earlier were rtc alarms kicking in when powering phone down, but it still powers on (happens on some models)18:36
sledgeswithout usb involved18:36
sledgeslike yuga iirc18:36
sledgesmal-: actdead is like full systemd boot, but only to charging ui, not activating any other peripherals18:37
*** CarlosMazieri <CarlosMazieri!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:37
mal-sledges: ok18:37
sledgesmal-: and that's controlled by preinit - and /sbin/preinit is enabled in the new version of /init-debug (see droid-hal-device modular repo)18:37
sledgespreinit halted nexus5 at google logo (but worked for jolla tablet, and naturally, for jolla1)18:38
sledgeswould be very useful to investigate that on other devices18:38
mal-hmm, maybe I'll try that modular repo then18:39
sledgesyou'd help me a lot if you looked into that18:39
sledgesmal-: first eliminate variables by just replacing with new /init-debug18:39
sledgeshold on with modular18:39
mal-what init-debug?18:39
sledgesoleid: not really, but i see what you're trying to do there18:40
sledgesmal-: this one:
sledgesessentially copied from hybris-boot/init-script18:41
oleidsledges: what's this preinit you are talking about? What rc files are processed there? I'm wondering if it's related...18:41
mal-sledges: ok18:41
sledgesoleid: preinit is disabled for all SFE devices for now18:41
sledgesoleid: so unrelated18:41
oleidsledges: Okay, I assumed /sbin/preinit was an android thing..18:42
mal-sledges: so you want me to just add that to my device and do what then?18:43
sledgesmal-: reboot:)18:43
sledgesand backup beforehand:)18:43
mal-sledges: so should I use that init-debug from the commit or the one from hybris-boot, or are they the same18:44
sledgesmal-: the commit indicates to use init-script from hybris-boot18:45
sledgesand removes the old one. this commit never made it to monolithic dhd as you see18:45
sledgesmal-: the only mystery remains - is such copying equivalent to recovery's cp /init /target/init-debug , because /init actually a sed`ed init-script18:46
sledgesand yields in different behaviour18:46
sledgesand everyone used to be happy doing cp /init /target/init-debug and then 2nd echo continue (including nexus5)18:47
*** nh1402 <nh1402!021f7802@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)18:48
* sledges pulls out n518:49
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:50
*** phdeswer <phdeswer!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:51
*** Aoyagi_trashtop <Aoyagi_trashtop!~Aoyagi@unaffiliated/aoyagi> has quit IRC (Quit: qat)18:51
mal-sledges: I think I have never used the second continue18:52
sledgestelnet .15 2323; echo continue; no?18:52
mal-not that I remember18:52
sledgesi'll try that now on n518:53
mal-sledges: should that know how to handle the partition variables etc18:53
*** cloanta_ <cloanta_!~sailfish@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:56
sledgesmal-: looks like it's never sed`: this is what jolla tablet is using now:
sledgesand it  boots18:57
sledgesbut the diff yields:18:58
* sledges pulls out tablet18:58
sledgescan be that other devices won't like it18:58
sledgesbecause this all looks really wrong (overlooked)18:59
sledgesi'll first try cp /init ... on n518:59
mal-should I ude the recovery image?19:00
sledgesi just did touch /init_enter_debug19:00
sledgesin normal boot19:00
sledgessame thing19:00
*** Aoyagi_trashtop <Aoyagi_trashtop!~Aoyagi@unaffiliated/aoyagi> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:00
sledgesyou should, otherwise you won't be able to to cp19:00
mal-so I should first try that cp /init /target/init-debug?19:01
*** cloanta_ <cloanta_!~sailfish@> has quit IRC (Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9)19:01
sledgesmal-: yes, that should stop 2nd time19:02
mal-why do I want that?19:02
mal-sorry but I don't quite understand wer are trying to do19:03
sledgesmal-: we're testing the new init-script19:04
sledgeswhich broke n5, so we never used it19:04
sledgesso we're trying to find out what exactly broke it19:05
*** plfiorini <plfiorini!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:06
mal-I'm now in the second telent19:07
sledgesmal-: asking for continue?19:07
*** iKozzz <iKozzz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:07
sledgesnow if you replace the 4 vars with non-sed`ed values (BOOTLOGO=%BOOTLOGO%) and reboot19:09
mal-should I try to continue first?19:09
sledgesit should boot to normal19:10
sledgesin my suspicion, it should also go through /sbin/preinit normally19:10
sledgesas it exists there19:10
sledges(in the new /init-debug you just copied)19:11
sledgesso now the bet is no longer on preinit, but on the bloody non-sed %...% variables19:11
mal-for the next reboot, should I have /init_enter_debug?19:12
sledgesargh! BOOTLOGO=%BOOTLOGO%19:13
sledges^ from the tablet19:13
*** Nekron_dev <Nekron_dev!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:13
*** harha <harha!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)19:13
mal-now in second telnet again19:15
*** ro <ro!~rokaccia@> has quit IRC (Disconnected by services)19:15
*** plfiorini <plfiorini!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:16
sledgesdid you replace the vars to invalid values?19:16
*** ro_ <ro_!~rokaccia@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:16
mal-sledges: yes19:16
sledgesthat's well weird19:18
sledgesmy n5 boots to google logo now19:18
sledgesso, every device behaves differently19:18
sledgesand it was only allowed upstream because falsely worked "just fine" on one device:))19:18
mal-sledges: those variables should not matter in init-debug, if I understood correctly it runs only the last else19:19
mal-# We're in the real rootfs running as init-debug19:19
sledgesmal-: i haven't looked there yet, good heads up19:19
sledgesmal-: i was in 1st telnet, false alarm19:20
mal-since the condition is if [ "$DONE_SWITCH" = "no" ];19:20
sledgeswhich is false19:20
sledgesok, i booted to ui19:21
sledgesafter 2 continues19:21
sledgesnow i rm /init_enter_debug19:21
sledgesand it halts19:21
sledgesas it should be19:21
sledgesbut tablet boots ahead19:21
mal-I'll try, just a moment19:21
sledgesthis what i always questioned - how would one just blindly copy the init-script to /init-debug , when that causes halt in 2nd telnet with or without sed lines19:22
mal-I'm first trying that it actually boots to ui first before removing the init_enter_debug19:22
sledgesapparently falsely mislead by tablet booting ahead19:23
sledgesgood news is that preinit was the wrong suspect19:23
mal-how can it even continue since the else also runs run_debug_session which ends in inject_loop19:25
sledgesim looking exactly there19:25
sledgessomething breaks on tablet19:25
sledgeswill add debug statements now19:25
mal-I mean without manual continue19:25
sledgesregardless of that19:26
sledgeswe need to make the preinit-enabled init-debug not to break, if it was copied not from recovery, but came with rootfs19:26
mal-sledges: n5 wait for the second continue with that always?19:27
sledgesi falsely thought it was preinit back in the day, assuming too much ;p19:27
mal-the same here, it wait for continue19:29
mal-sledges: there needs to be some kind of condition for the inject_loop?19:31
sledgesmal-: simply merge the old init-debug functionality19:31
sledgesthe condition being the value of e.g. DATA_PARTITOIN19:32
sledgesor doing it elegantly, add BUNDLED_INIT_DEBUG=y , which hybris-boot seds out for initrd19:32
*** beidl <beidl!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:33
*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:34
mal-sledges: shouldn't it also be ok to just check if we are in debug mode or not?19:34
mal-the second telnet would be useful for debugging so it should not be disabled completely19:35
sledgesmal-: not talking about disabling19:36
mal-what then?19:36
sledgesjust to take old init-debug's else block and adapt it to the new one, with conditional19:36
sledgesas old init-debug had telnet, but inject loop19:36
sledges*but no inject loop19:37
*** beidl_ <beidl_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)19:37
*** harha <harha!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)19:39
sledgeswell, there is no else block in old init-debug, but you catch my drift:)19:39
mal-but still my suggestion would be to just add a condition to check if debug mode is enable before running inject loop in else19:41
sledgesinject loop is run in run_debug_session19:41
mal-well, then add the check there, does not matter19:42
sledgeswe still need inject_loop in fallback case of     run_debug_session "init in real rootfs failed"19:42
mal-ok, then add some global failure variable before that which is checked also in run_debug_session19:45
sledgesmal-: how about ?19:47
mal-look ok, I'll try19:48
sledgesi'll try too:)19:48
sledgesbut we need to get rid if that patch for recovery init19:50
sledgesso BUNDLED_INIT_DEBUG=y time19:51
mal-what patch?19:53
sledgesbecause when  one will do cp, they don't want that functionality19:54
mal-but is there any need for cp anymore?19:55
sledgesyes, when porting19:55
sledgesand no UI19:55
sledgesor other boot problems (like oleid about modem)19:56
mal-i we would do it my way, using debug mode check then it would not be needed19:57
mal-then the inject_loop would be used if we are in debug mode19:58
mal-no need to copy anything19:58
sledgesbut i don't want to have two injects in every debug mode19:58
sledgesonly in droid-hal-init/systemd prevention19:59
mal-other option would be to have a secondary init_enter_debug20:01
mal-for the second inject20:01
mal-that would also remove the need for cp20:02
mal-just giving options20:03
*** GodGinrai <GodGinrai!~godginrai@unaffiliated/godginrai> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving Work)20:03
mal-sledges: that would also make it possible to skip the first telnet and only have the second20:04
*** Nokius__ is now known as Nokius20:05
sledgesmal-: i like the secondary init_enter_debug, but that's viable only when rootfs is available20:06
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:07
mal-sledges: what't the problem?20:07
Nokiussledges: are you around on the weekend? may we can push find5 stuff to github :) and we can get it to public so other can join the track :)20:11
sledgesmal-: i guess no problem, if first telnet is already dealt with and reachable ^_^20:11
sledgesNokius: im gone for good this weekend, sorry20:12
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)20:12
Nokiussledges: :)20:12
Nokiussledges: no probes so I can try camera :) and try BT more20:13
sledgesNokius: pushing to github is a must, regardless whether you have porters lined up or not;) if your port cannot be reproduced by others, it never happened;)20:13
sledgesNokius: yes, for camera you don't need me20:13
mal-I still haven't pushed everything :)20:13
sledgesbad mal- :))20:14
mal-not even fixup-mountpoints20:14
Nokiussledges: I know! that why I like to share it with the world :) but I'm not the best with git :(20:14
Nokiusmal-: I did that the first day :) and it was my first ever git thing :)20:14
sledgesyou can always push to your home repos, anyone with git knowledge can help there20:15
Nokiusused the web ui :(20:15
Nokiussledges: I will try my best20:15
sledgesmaking PRs is where i'll need to clone some upstream repos to mer-hybris, yes; but many can be done until that20:15
Nokiushope I will get that dine ;)20:16
* sledges is going to dine now, good idea20:16
mal-Nokius: I think you can easily get help here for pushing stuff to github20:17
Nokiusmal-: yeap20:17
Nokiusmal-: I know a bit about pushing we will see20:18
Nokiussledges: enjoy :)20:18
mal-I can do those myself at the same time20:18
Nokiuslearning by doing20:18
Nokiusmal-: o/20:18
Nokiusokay I will get some sleep20:19
Nokiusnight porters20:19
carepacknight nokius20:21
*** Nokius|mobile_ <Nokius|mobile_!~Nokius|> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:21
mal-sledges: it seems it still boots to ui with preinit, maybe it cannot figure out what boot mode it is20:32
sledgesmal-: that's next thing to look into, grep for actdead20:33
sledgesit's something out of my knowing20:33
sledgespreinit? then the rest of rootfs?:)20:33
sledgeshave you a jolla phone?20:33
sledgesit has boot_reason as commandline (or called similar), which also decides actdead20:34
sledgesi think act dead is special systemd target20:34
sledgeswelcome to terra incognita:)20:34
mal-preinit has something about ACT_DEAD and systemd has actdead.target20:34
mal-yes, I have a jolla also20:35
mal-/usr/lib/startup/preinit/get_bootstate has if grep -q 'androidboot.mode=charger' /proc/cmdline; then BOOTSTATE="ACT_DEAD"20:42
sledgeswell found! now we all know:)20:46
mal-expect I don't have androidboot.mode in comline20:47
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:52
mal-jolla has quite different conditions20:54
mal-maybe that has to be device specific20:57
sledgesjolla kernel source is available;)20:58
mal-where is that?20:58
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:58
sledgesmal-: it should be part of androidy patches in kernel:!msg/android-kernel/cz-K1QizIfQ/x0sdWjTFPHoJ20:59
mal-it seems I could use startup parameter for detecting actdead20:59
mal-in usb connection startup it is 0x00000020 but in normal startup it is 0x0000000121:00
mal-let's see what happens21:01
nykacso, does the wifi host mode work for anyone (on mako)21:01
*** phlixi <phlixi!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)21:02
*** phlixi <phlixi!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:03
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)21:04
mal-sledges: runlevel-change-done[501]: Reached new runlevel ACT_DEAD21:04
mal-but that did not seem to work very well, stayed on for a while and then the phone turned itself off21:05
mal-no charging animation came on screen21:09
*** arcean <arcean!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)21:17
mal-sledges: looks like something is not working in kernel, it should add androidboot.mode=charger in my device21:20
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)21:25
sledgesmal-: but "startup" was enough for a hack?21:33
sledgesthe big mystery is where your actdead target ends up21:33
mal-sledges: yes, startup is enough also21:36
sledgesnykac: internet sharing needs love ;) just tested on nexus5 - wlan tethering won't work21:36
mal-here is the journal log for the boot
sledgesall sane21:37
sledgescompare with jolla?21:37
mal-sledges: how can I get the logs from jolla in actdead mode?21:37
sledgesmal-: maybe battery_monitor missing is a prob?21:38
mal-sledges: yes, that is missing, not sure if it's needed anywhere21:39
sledgesmal-: attach a new .service file which dumps journal to file21:39
mal-sledges: one thing looks odd DSME[396]: state: Actdead (charger: off(?), alarm: not set)21:40
mal-could it be that because of the problems with statefs battery/charger states it does not work?21:42
sledgesmal-: but this should work since you're using latest statefs without upower, unless deztructor could help us tying loose ends on actdead21:45
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mal-sledges: the support for my device is not perfect yet, it seems charger state is reported in ui but battery state is not21:47
mal-but charge level is reported21:47
mal-I'll do some testing with jolla tomorrow, it's getting late21:48
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sledgeslol ok22:01
mal-looks like the problems is most likely the charger state22:02
mal-sledges: now got a little more log DSME[396]: usbtracker: usb state unknown; assume: no charger22:04
mal-DSME[396]: state: Normal shutdown22:05
mal-sledges: by looking at dsme source code it seems that usb-moded is needed for charger state recognition22:20
mal-looks like I have to find a way to fix usb-moded22:22
sledgesmal-: ooi do oyu have jolla-rnd-device installed?22:25
sledgesthat might help kicking usb-moded in time22:25
sledges(should be primarily used for UI-less early ports)22:25
mal-sledges: starting up usb-moded is not a problems, it just does not behave properly22:27
mal-it reports disconnect once per second if usb-cable is connected22:27
mal-which basically hangs the ui22:28
sledgesright, now i remember22:28
sledgeshowever it might think ui is not up, and go nuts, which the rnd package eliminates22:28
sledges(flogging a dead horse though;))22:28
mal-I can add that22:28
mal-ui reports the changing usb state anyway22:29
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* sledges calls it a night, early getup tomorrow22:34
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