Thursday, 2015-04-16

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zGrrmoin :)06:33
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oleidsledges, I think I have a new lead.... qcks, the "kickstart" target, seems to fail. nothing obvious so far, but I'm comparing straces of cm11 and sf.08:33
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oleidsledges: it seems as qcks is responsible for uploading of firmware, at least for the modem....08:35
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sledgesoleid: good lead!08:50
oleidsledges or anyone: does the firmware name ta.bin ring a bell? this bin file is generated by cat-ing some binary blobs together and uploading them, however it seems as if the generated ta.bin is too short on sf:
sledgesoleid: looks like ta2bin needs a closer look09:04
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oleidsledges: yup... *sigh* millions of black boxes :D09:06
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oleidsledges: oh, I just learnt from the strace log that qcks launches a shell, which can't find ta2bin... /system/bin isn't obviously in it's search path. is it that simple?09:12
oleidsledges: I hope that's still the issue when being launched from droid-hal's service manager :D09:13
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vgrademorning all10:02
Stskeepsmorn vgrade10:03
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oleidsledges: success, a sim card is found now :D but only after making sure Sonys "trim area daemon" is working :D10:24
* oleid makes a happy dance :D10:25
sledgesoleid: \o/10:25
sledgesthat rewarding feeling :)10:25
oleidyep, I feel hungry... off to lunch :D10:26
sledgesgood idea:))10:26
oleidbut it's kind of funny, that two weeks of digging boils down to: ln -s /system/bin/ta2bin /bin; chmod a+x /sbin/*tad_static10:30
sledgesyou'll be surprised ;)10:31
oleidand the modem doesn't work due to something totally unrelated as a flash memory trimming daemon^^10:32
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mal-welcome to the wonderful but sometimes strange world of porting :)10:33
sledgesthe world of one character fixes :D10:34
oleidthanks mal- :D10:37
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mal-oleid: now that you have made some progress with your port, you might want to add it to adaptations list10:55
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sledgesqtfix can finally be dropped11:26
sledgesbecause it's shipped with update11:26
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sledgeslbt: could you add sailfish_1.1.4.28 to obs pls?11:32
mal-maybe now I can drop some of the obs built packages11:41
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sledgesmal-: statefs - nope11:43
sledgesjust qtdeclarative11:44
mal-sledges: why not statefs "replace upower provider with udev one"11:45
sledgesmal-: didn't know it made it! \o/11:45
sledgesvgrade: dang! better stick with sailfish :D11:46
mal-also mce has "Signal hw keyboard availability state over D-Bus System Bus."11:47
mal-hopefully that also has the fix needed for my device, will see after I know the version shipped with that update11:49
mal-1.43.6 or later is good for me11:49
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vrutkovssledges: have you seen 'make: *** No rule to make target `updater', needed by `hybris-hal'.  Stop.' before? I think somebody had this problem, but I found no solution for this12:39
* sledges looks12:55
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vrutkovsweird, I've got bootable/recovery and bootable/recovery-cm, but updater is not being picked up13:02
sledgesvrutkovs: yes there,
sledgesvrutkovs: make modules should pick it up13:03
sledgesif exists with LOCAL_MODULE := updater13:03
sledgesor chuck the non-cm one out13:03
sledges(move out of tree)13:03
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vrutkovsyeah, it seems to work, thanks13:10
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lbtbuilding disabled ?14:17
lbthmm no - now shows unresolvable14:18
Stskeepslbt: monday?14:18
* lbt blames jolla obs :)14:19
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lbtI still think it's broken that dhd requires config since any rebuild of config will trigger a rebuild of dhd and that's what we were trying to avoid :/14:20
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vgradeis monday code for you're in the wrong channel?14:21
lbtoh yeah ...14:21
vgradethought I'd seen it before.
lbtvgrade: I think we need Stskeeps' code book14:23
lbtsledges: we should really think about having dhd export the hal stuff to other projects to produce rpms14:24
lbteg img-boot14:25
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sledgeslbt: do you have a screen to my browser, which had opened for past 10 minutes? ;p14:25
lbtgreat minds...14:26
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lbtdo you think it would make sense to have something like img-devel rpm ?14:26
sledgeslbt: but this is not BR, it's just a Require, shouldn't trigger rebuild14:26
lbtwell, I thought that too14:26
sledgesand -probably-, it won't ;) we just didn't tag configs yet:)14:27
lbtbut (internal, old) OBS clearly won't build without it14:27
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oleidmal-: as soon as telephony and backlight work, I plan to use sailfish as default operating system on my phone and then I get a better overview of what works and what not. then I'll add it^^14:43
mal-oleid: ok :)14:44
oleidit seems as if telephony doesn't work, yet. I'll have to check the logs14:45
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nh1402it's pretty clear how audio, accelerometer input, and drawing to the screen works, but how does apkenv get touch input?15:34
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sledgesvakkov should know ^ ;)15:35
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nh1402vakkov: are you asking me or telling me?15:42
nh1402I'm just trying to get a grasp of how the code works and try and contribute where/if I can.15:47
locusfnh1402: I guess he means that sdl handles it15:48
nh1402locusf: thanks, makes sense15:49
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nh1402It looks like it's too low level for me to contribute in any meaningful way.16:00
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oleidmal, sledges: okay, current status: outgoing and incoming calls don't work:; the outgoing call leads to a ringing phone, but the UI tells me, that the call failed. sending SMS doesn't work either. On the bright side: incoming SMS are working :D16:07
oleidmal-, not mal^^16:09
oleidany idea what might be the issue here?16:10
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mal-oleid: your phone number sensoring failed, there is the same on the next line16:17
mal-but not sure what could be the problem16:18
mal-oleid: what does logcat show on sf when you try to make a call?16:18
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oleidmal-: only audio and video stuff, logcat radio is empty.16:24
sledgesoleid: rm /dev/log && ln -s /dev/alog /dev/log16:25
sledgesand then retry radio16:25
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oleidsledges, right, I forgot the override this time^^16:27
mal-what could cause those "E/qdhwcomposer( 1274): isValidDimension: layer handle is NULL" messages16:33
oleidsledges: here you are:
sledgesmal-: looks familiar, no?16:33
mal-sledges: not sure16:33
sledgesoleid: you got your error right there16:34
mal-sledges: others have reported the same error with isValidDimension16:37
oleidsledges: it looks error-ish, yet I'm not sure what to do about it^^16:39
sledgesoleid: ril is opensource, do it:))16:39
oleidsledges: probably the error is in the bloddy qcom plugin, but well... ;D16:42
mal-oleid: do incoming calls show up in any logs on sf?16:42
sledgesoleid: fun fact, replace + with 0016:44
oleidmal-: no, nothing. but I'm not sure if ofono really outputs every ril command on trace... And there is no additional output in logcat's radio channel...16:44
mal-oleid: I was thinking if android logs had something16:49
mal-but too bad16:49
oleidmal-: it's possible that the device is in some invalid state now. new calls don't add any new output, not for ofono and not for rild... restarting...16:50
mal-could be16:51
mal-next time try incoming first16:51
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vgradeoleid: beware answering calls, I've run up some unexpected charges during my 1+ ril testing17:03
vgradeoleid: does mobile internet work for you?17:04
mal-vgrade: what kind of charges?17:04
vgrademal-: call charges.17:05
vgrademal-: drained my payg balance. call connected but obviously did not disconnect17:05
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vgradeoleid: your call results match my experiance on 1+17:06
mal-ok, then I should be careful, the sim card I use for testing is from another country17:06
vgradeoleid: what device are you on? I can't find you on
mal-vgrade: oleid is using xperia z17:09
sledgesvgrade: ask me to call you in, i got plenty of minutes :D17:09
oleidvgrade: no, mobile internet doesn't work. do the calls disconnect when the other end hangs up?17:09
oleidI found a "qcril_qmi_voice_nas_control_convert_radio_tech_to_radio_tech_family: invalid radio tech = 16"  after reboot in my radio log...17:12
vgradeoleid: I open dialer, press on number , dialer does not transistion to dialer status screen for approx 30 seconds, call rings other party, if I close call from other party I get caller dialer screen showing dialing , then call ended on both devices.17:14
vgradeoleid: if I try to dial again I get dialer status at once then call ended17:15
vakkovnh1402: check out the _input_update methods17:15
vakkovfor every platform17:16
vakkovand yes, i meant that sdl handles that17:16
oleidvgrade: interesting... did you ever try ubuntus ofono fork?
oleidI'll be afk for a while, cu later!17:20
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sledgesreview appreciated:
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nh1402vakkov: yes sir17:45
nh1402vakkov: So as I understand it, the only part that apkenv currently does is the "installation" and "Resources and Native Code" part of this  diagram, and the library part is SDL and abstraction for sound and accelerometer.18:00
vakkovArt/dalvik don't have much to do with apkenv18:01
vakkovapkenv runs native apps (c++ apps written using the android ndk)18:01
vakkovit has something similar to a fake vm that binds some JNI functions (not sure how to explain it :D)18:02
nh1402yh, the native parts of the diagram18:02
vakkovdalvik (and now art) on the other hand run pure shitty java code18:02
sledgeshi-res icons in update13, shiny Nexus5 now! \o/18:02
klopsi-u3what resolution is nexus5?18:03
vakkovon that diagram they just explain the difference between dalvik and art (the way they load the java stuff)18:03
vakkovi think :P18:03
klopsi-u3ah 1080x1920 pix18:04
nh1402I'm just using the diagram as a way to see how the installation procedure works for an apk18:04
nh1402rather than the actual vm comparison18:05
vakkovwell apkenv just opens the apk and runs it18:06
vakkovart iirc compiles the java stuff while installing18:06
vakkovdalvik uses just in time (jit) compilation18:07
vakkovwhile running18:07
nh1402you have recalled correctly18:07
vakkovapkenv can't handle the java stuff :)18:08
nh1402finally found a link to the diagram by itself
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Nokius|mobile_sledges: can't wait to see it on the find5 =)18:12
nh1402vakkov: If I understand the art runtime correctly then ART gets the dex files and uses dex2oat to convert the dex files to oat files which are then run natively.18:15
sledgesNokius|mobile_: i thought so too :))18:16
mal-let's see when the target appears online for building18:17
sledgesmal-: i built on update11 as you can see in
sledgesobs and sb2 target18:17
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sledgesall works18:17
sledgesmeans no api/abi breakages18:18
Nokius|mobile_have to find a find5 porter to join the movement so we can get to it more stable soon =) so next step get the stuff public18:18
* sledges goes afk a bit18:18
* Nokius|mobile_ goes hime =p18:19
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mal-sledges: ok18:20
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nh1402vakkov: I would say to replace the fake vm with the art runtime, as it also runs native code (not the same kind of native code as from C++, but native code none the less). If I was given a clear task for how to go about doing it then I would.19:01
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vakkovnot that simple19:46
vakkovat all19:46
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Nokiusdoes mer/nemomobile have a fund? some guys like to buy me a beer but pushing mer/nemo is where I like to see the money :)20:06
mal-hmm, looks like the usb cable detection is not working very well, if I connect it to my pc it sometimes is recognised as ac power supply and sometimes as usb power supply20:16
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nh1402vakkov: having read some of the source code of the art runtime I concur.20:31
nh1402although I don't know why a file is found in the art runtime section.20:33
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alinsledges: hi20:35
alinsledges: there is one issue I have with having all installable from store20:35
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alinsledges: we will end up with a very poor default install20:35
alinsitu: maybe filemanager and weather we shall build them in the repo so we install them by default20:36
alinsledges: ^20:36
alinsitu: sorry wrong nick20:36
alinalso you say update 13 so will be no update 12?20:36
zetazalin : "1.1.3/u12 got dropped early in the RC phase" ->
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alinzetaz: thanks out of loop been away this week20:48
zetazalin: it is fresh from today, you're not late20:50
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alinzetaz: he he thought was 15...20:51
alinlbt:  do we get it in obs or is already there?20:51
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sledgesalin: only filemon got dropped because it never worked anyway21:29
sledgesweather is closed source21:29
mal-how to debug why kernel sends a disconnect signal for usb just as developer mode is initialized in usb-moded21:32
mal-I can see with udevadm KERNEL[1702.111856] change   /devices/virtual/power_supply/hsusb_chg (power_supply) right after it sets up usb network21:34
mal-and I assume that is the disconnect signal because usb-moded then gets a udev signal and disconnects21:36
sledgesmal-: disconnect is usually resulting from uevent "remove"21:36
sledgesso i think usb-moded is interpreting the "change" event in a wrong way21:37
sledgesas there was no "remove" "add" events21:37
mal-there is also KERNEL[1702.099954] change   /devices/virtual/android_usb/android0 (android_usb) before that hsusb_chg (power_supply)21:37
sledgesmal-: how does jolla1 behave?21:38
sledgesin that regard21:38
mal-in udevadm it has also KERNEL[203830.313941] change   /devices/virtual/android_usb/android0 (android_usb) just after network initializing21:41
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mal-but nothing with power supply right after that21:42
mal-sledges: I tried to follow the /sys/class/power_supply/hsusb_chg/online value while running usb-moded and it changes all the time between 0 and 121:55
mal-sledges: what is actually responsible for changing that value?21:57
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sledgesmal-: as if you were pluggin/unpluggin your cable, or the charging mechanism keeps resetting22:08
mal-sledges: looks like plugging/unplugging22:11
mal-at least I could not see any changes in /sys/class/power_supply/ac/online22:11
mal-which is the other possibility for cable22:12
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mal-sledges: the disconnect signal comes with the change   /devices/virtual/android_usb/android0 (android_usb)22:41
mal-T could see that when I used --property parameter of udevadm22:42
mal-then it makes a connect signal soon after that22:43
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