Saturday, 2015-04-25

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UmeaboyYaaaaaay! I managed to root my new Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet. :)05:01
UmeaboyAnd I got twrp recovery installed.05:01
UmeaboyAll I need now is to build CM in order to build Sailfish.05:02
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Nokiussledges: have no problems to take an other path07:25
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brobostigonis there currently a way, of installing apk's and running them, as per my research it says, due to licensing, alien dalvik exists only on the official jolla phone,09:48
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klopsi-u3brobostigon: not that I know of10:05
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brobostigonok, oh well, just curious.10:05
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nh1402brobostigon: There is no current way. I'm not sure if apkenv works on Sailfish, it looks like there was an update on Github to support it, but even then it's only for some android apps that use the NDK.10:06
brobostigonthank you, nh140210:10
nh1402brobostigon: How knowledgeable are you with Linux and Android?10:13
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brobostigoni have been using gnu/linux based os for the last 15 years or so, and android almost since it started.10:14
nh1402what about the low level daemon/services side of Android10:15
brobostigonlittle bits and pieces, i have been making an android app for my pebble the last year or so.10:15
nh1402because there are three ways you could theoretically get android app support working.10:18
brobostigonan art or dalvik vm?10:18
nh14021. enable android services (via CM11 which Sailfish is flashed over). I have attempted this, and can get to the setup page of CM but input doesn't work.10:18
nh14022. get Chromium working on Sailfish and then add ARC/ARChon/ARC Welder (would need chromium for ARM with wayland support)10:19
nh14023. get ART/Dalvik VM working, possibly as an extension of apkenv, but is a very big task, and you'd have to know what you're doing.10:20
brobostigonthe first seems the best option, however input not working, makes it somewhat unusable.10:21
nh1402#2 might not work if there are dependency issues which might break sailfish if you add them (ie. updating python etc.) which is a possibility.10:22
nh1402brobostigon: Which device do you have10:22
brobostigonnexus 410:22
brobostigoni am only thinking about this, because i need something like pushover/pushbullet to get notification from my works irc channels,10:24
nh1402#1 is probably the easiest option of the three, and if you could help get input working, we would be one step closer to android app support.10:25
brobostigoni could try and help, yes.10:25
nh1402There is also an XDA thread which is a tad more general, but that is a bit more clearer for option #110:26
brobostigonok, let me have a look at it. thank you.10:27
nh1402here is the XDA thread:
brobostigonthat is, unless there is a pushover/pushbullet client that already exists which i cant find. but i will help anyway, it sounds a good challange.10:29
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sledgesNokius: you should build xulrunner-qt5 just like you build any mw package11:01
sledgesusing the information (for $PKG and $SPEC variables) from that OBS project11:01
sledgesbut build with mb2, not osc11:01
mal-sledges: is the description of the build_packages.sh11:03
mal-really meant to be droid-hal device packaging converter: from monolithic to modular11:04
sledgesmal-: haha, well spotted, copy/paste err:)11:06
sledgesactually also copyright is wrong11:06
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piggzhas there been any more recent developments that may help bringing up graphics on my ace?11:08
sledgespiggz: you mean 11.0? (you got UI up on 10.1 iirc)11:09
sledgespiggz: what have you tried so far and how did it result? (forgot already:)11:09
nh1402it is quite old but have you seen this:
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piggzsledges: yes .. im trying a vanilla 11.0 kernel, without my pmem hacks11:23
sledgespiggz: maybe try upstream libhybris?
sledgesit's still WIP, but good enough for testers11:25
nh1402brobostigon: Have you got to the same stage, booting into CM from Sailfish with your Nexus 4?11:25
brobostigonnh1402: no, not yet.11:26
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mal-piggz: where did the tests you made end? segfault, hang, black screen?11:28
stephg_anyone have an inkling as to how long the github rate limiter lasts?11:28
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nh1402brobostigon: The main changes are re-enabling the android services that were disabled, and adding "start ueventd" on line 2211:29
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brobostigonnh1402: ah, thank you.11:30
sledgesstephg_: add your gh credentials to .netrc11:30
sledges( piggz: repull lh tree, i just pushed a good fix)11:31
* sledges afks a bit11:31
nh1402brobostigon: I think starting ueventd was the last kick it needed to get it to boot11:31
brobostigoni see.11:32
piggzsledges: ive tried surfaceflinger branch, fbdev and hwcomposer ... crash is similar to hardware which uses qcom_bsp but mien doesnt11:32
piggzsledges: crash is when allocating memory for a window11:33
mal-piggz: there was one device that claimed not to use qcom_bsp but actually did, have you tried enabling that?11:33
mal-but I thing there was need to recompile hwcomposer and gralloc of android side11:34
piggzmal-: i havnt, but i spoke to cm dev and he said it didnt use it, only for newer hw11:35
mal-then it's a little strange11:35
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mal-piggz: I would suggest trying what sledges said11:39
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mal-quite quick test and nothing to lose11:39
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piggzmal-:sledges: the tests ended in adding debug code to hwcomposer_window.cpp in HWComposerNativeWindowBuffer::HWComposerNativeWindowBuffer around the alloc line11:45
piggzthe debug before printed, the debug after didnt11:45
stephg_alin_, sledges thx11:45
piggzin HWComposerNativeWindowBuffer11:46
piggzstatus = m_alloc->alloc(m_alloc,11:46
piggz                            width, height, format, usage,11:46
piggz                            &handle, &stride);11:46
piggzi will try the newer libhybris11:46
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alin_MSameer: hi12:02
alin_MSameer: remember I was bothering you wih gstreamer not playing hls streams12:02
alin_MSameer: the good news is that apparently is fixed in the git master12:02
MSameerwhich git master?12:04
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alin_MSameer: gstreamer12:06
MSameergoot to know. I will check the commit logs at some point12:06
alin_MSameer: ok I will ask them if they have a commit number12:07
MSameerif it's in master then it should be in 1.6 at some point and highly unlikely we will get that soon12:07
MSameerbut if you can point me to the commit, I can try to backport it to our 1.4.x12:07
* MSameer imagines the reaction of the airport security check when they see all the electonics in my backpack :P12:08
alin_MSameer: he he... good one... I was randomnly selected for a manual check12:09
MSameeri opted in for that ;)12:09
MSameerbut i have only 5 phones, a laptop and a tablet12:09
MSameeri decided not to take much12:09
MSameerbut I remember i used to travel with a lot of things that the guy took them out of the bag and spread them in front of him wondering12:10
alin_MSameer: he he... usually have only phone, laptop and camera12:10
alin_plus the wires12:10
alin_spare battery with wires12:10
MSameeri had 2 laptops, chargers, phones, chargers, camera, cable, gps, cable, bluetooth adapter, batteries, battery charger12:10
MSameerand what else?12:10
MSameeri was planning to carry 3 tablets with me this time but decided to have one only12:11
MSameerand 6-7 phones12:11
alin_[13:08] <slomo> there were multiple related commits about improving typefind12:11
alin_[13:08] <slomo> typefindin12:11
alin_[13:09] <slomo> g12:11
alin_[13:09] <slomo> you'll have to check which actually fixed your case12:11
alin_MSameer: that was about gstreamer12:11
MSameeralin_: ok then, I will investigate them at some point12:11
MSameeri am there already BTW :)12:11
MSameerbut don't ping me there12:12
MSameeri am doing the final packing before leaving12:12
MSameeralin_: and please, file github issues for all your cam+ bugs/problems so they don't get forgotten12:13
MSameercya in 24 hours :D12:14
alin_MSameer: yap only one12:15
alin_MSameer: but I need to start it with debug12:15
alin_MSameer: to add some info12:15
stephg_I'm being retarded/confused. What am I doing wrong here and where on earth did bacon come from:
alin_stephg_: usually bacon comes from pigs12:17
alin_lbt: hi any chances for update13 in target?12:19
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BluesLeealin: how is the porting life?14:58
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vakkovwhen you are porting there is no life :P15:37
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BluesLeevakkov: you succeeded running apkenv, right?15:59
vakkovdepends ;D mainly on the point of view16:00
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BluesLeevakkov: what does that nean?16:00
vakkovthat it runs on the n9; doesn't run on hybris devices16:00
vakkovkrnlyng should also be tagged for the apkenv efort16:01
BluesLeevakkov: what about using the underlying android infrastructure approach?16:02
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vakkovBluesLee; now i should ask you; what do you mean by that16:02
BluesLeevakkov: all the ports use cm or not? kill sfos ans start android, sort of ..16:03
BluesLeevakkov: its a matter of time someone comes with a solution. in the end it would be a nice to have, nothing i need16:05
vakkovi really don't know how you guys come up with those solutions; but i am getting more and more deranged everytime i read them16:07
vakkovwell, i hope someone does come up with a solution :P16:07
vakkovlocusf : btw the problem with apkenv on hybris devices seems to be in hybris itself :D some things need to be hooked but not all of them are compatible with glibc16:09
locusfvakkov: okay, good to know16:09
locusfI'm bashing my head on the wall with libhybris + 5.0.116:09
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vakkovthat's too new for my devices16:10
vakkovbut the latest changes in libhybris got the situation with maguro a lot more better16:11
vakkovlocusf: you should try it on your maguro and glacier16:11
locusfvakkov: apkenv?16:11
vakkovi am talking about the graphic glitches16:11
vakkovfor example when one scrolls through a list with a lot of items16:11
locusfI should get my maguro out of my closet16:13
locusfcleaned up my desk so I hid it there16:13
locusfhaven't been looking at porting in a couple of months16:14
locusfbeen working on the rpi2 stuff with dirk16:14
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krnlyngvakkov: thp and i think that the hybris issue might be because of eglGetProcAddress,
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vakkovkrnlyng: omg, why haven't you shown me this before16:29
vakkovmy device runs upstream hybris now16:29
vakkovi'll hook __cxa_finalize in this upstream hybris and try16:29
vakkovkrnlyng: cheers16:31
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sabainadminNew nightly thread
sabainadminfor Maguro16:44
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vakkovkrnlyng; thp: it now needs "close" :D :D17:02
krnlyngvakkov: does it work now?17:03
vakkovno, the "close" function needs to be hooked now17:04
vakkovin the latest hybris they have wrapped open17:04
vakkovwe still havent reached the egl problems17:04
vakkovthat's what i am trying to say17:04
vakkovbut it is nice that thp has given a prediction on this17:05
krnlyngvakkov: maybe you should add some printf in apkenvs linker and/or in hybris-s linker to see which one is actually failing to find its functions17:05
vakkovit says bro :D17:06
vakkovthose errors that you thought were from libhardware17:06
vakkovprogress, now __stack_chk_fail has to be hooked in hybris17:21
*** Tassadar_ <Tassadar_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)17:35
piggzsledges: your libhybris segfaults also17:37
*** arcean <arcean!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)17:39
*** Anonyneko <Anonyneko!~Takemikaz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:43
*** electrolux <electrolux!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:46
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)17:50
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:53
vakkovpiggz: strace it?17:54
alinsledges: ping17:54
vakkovthp: krnlyng: cannot locate '__aeabi_idiv'...17:54
vakkovthis can't be hooked i think17:54
krnlynghmm there is something weird going on if it can't find that function...17:55
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:56
*** electrolux <electrolux!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)17:56
Nokiussledges: Okay18:01
Nokiusworking on a flash how-to for others  public18:02
Nokiussledges: to get camerplus in to the image I have add it to the pattern or?18:04
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)18:12
sledgesalin: pong18:12
sledgesNokius: to .ks %packages section18:12
Nokiussledges: thanks18:12
sabainadminsledges: Doing todays nightly, has anything changed for maguro?18:13
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:16
sledgessabainadmin: nope. custom libhybris needs sideloading, i can put it to repos temporarily for you to see if there's any improvement.18:17
sledgessabainadmin: vakkov found out scrolling improved18:17
sledgesbut that WIP version is at risk of mem leaks18:17
sledgesalin: krnlyng: update13 target and obs repo will be available when u13 will be rolled out to all public18:18
* sledges afks for 15min18:18
vakkovin that upstream hybris some egl stuff has changed and something (possibly the changes on eglswpabuffers) has had a positive effect for us :D18:20
vakkovsabainadmin ^18:21
alinsledges: thought was rolled out on 2218:23
sabainadminsledges: yes please that would be perfect :)18:24
tathhualin: early adopters only ;)18:27
sabainadminvakkov: Im currently building now so ill let you know if I am seeing any improvements over the previous build (yesterdays build) thank you :)18:28
vakkovsabainadmin: you are only going to see an improvement if you use that new libhybris -
vakkovsabainadmin: and you patch the spec file like that -
*** sabainadmin <sabainadmin!4e12f081@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)18:33
piggzmal-: whats the env var for printing libhybris trac einfo?18:36
locusfgah, fixed some bugs in libhybris concerning errno 12 but getting segfaults in test_hwcomposer18:37
sledgessamppah: vakkov: i'll push to obs those things, sec18:37
Stskeepsdon't use test_hwcomposer as a reliable source of stability18:37
vakkovsledges: you can add those two commits from the upstream :D18:38
locusfERROR: failed to open framebuffer: (Operation not permitted)18:38
vakkovi meant this18:38
locusfStskeeps: okay18:38
locusfStskeeps: minimer ok?18:38
mal-piggz: no idea18:38
Stskeepsminimer is always better18:39
Stskeepsotherwise test_sensors for example18:39
vakkovsomeone who has an idea how to compile libhybris so that it includes the path of libgcc.a18:40
locusfany idea on failure to open framebuffer?18:40
vakkovStskeeps ^18:40
vakkovshould be something in the makefile18:40
Stskeepsvakkov: what on earth did you do to make it require that..?18:40
*** sabainadmin <sabainadmin!4e12f081@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:40
vakkovit's not me; it's libcutils ...18:40
Stskeepsnext question..18:41
vakkovStskeeps: trying to get apkenv to work on hybris (works on n9 sfos already); but when it comes to opening libcutils (needed by the graphics libs) it has a lot of stuff that needs to be hooked18:41
vakkovunless you could tell me a way where hybris hooks all those functions that i fix manually by itself when it runs (apkenv does something similar)18:42
Nokiussledges: okay lets see what I will get18:42
Stskeepstry current libhybris master as of today18:42
vakkovStskeeps: i am with it basically; sledges' hybris is this plus those 2 commits that i cherry-picked18:43
Stskeepsmm no18:43
Stskeepswell, maybe18:43
vakkovinkerlinker.c:1934| ERROR:     0 could not load needed library '' for '' (reloc_library[1344]:     0 cannot locate '__aeabi_idiv'...18:43
vakkovthat's the exact error18:43
vakkovso i need libgcc.a when hybris is built18:43
Stskeepssmells like your bionic is sour18:44
sledgessabainadmin: kick off a build when these turn green:
vakkovi already got several functions in such errors and hooking them to glibc does the job18:45
sabainadminsledges: Nice! Like a better Jenkins, okay ill keep an eye on it and then kick off the build again!18:46
vakkovsledges; sabainadmin: without that bcm bluetooth (the script that loads the bluetooth firmware) service started on boot-up people are going to experience a battery drain because the bluetooth won't suspend18:47
sledgesvakkov: push :P18:47
vakkovand currently it doesn't start automatically18:47
*** swex <swex!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:47
vakkovi dont have an idea how to make it work properly now :D that's what i am asking you for the past month :D :D :D18:47
sledgesvakkov: thanks for heads up anyway, it's nightly;)18:48
sledgesvakkov: i dont have a maguro18:48
sledgesnor time18:48
vakkovthe service itself works fine18:48
sledgesyou have all bt hacks from other decices, none of them fits? or a combo18:48
vakkovit just needs to be started :D18:48
vakkovis there a hack where something is loaded by systemd on boot up18:49
vakkovi recall checking them some months ago and nothing could help18:49
vakkovthis should basically work similar to our ofono hack (that sets the radio to online)18:49
vakkov   <--- this maybe18:50
sledgesvakkov: do like this does:
vakkovStskeeps: can you elaborate on that; i am tired of hooking already :D18:55
Stskeepsvakkov: as in whatever you're using as a bionic isn't full18:55
*** mispp <mispp!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:55
alinsledges: did you merge dhd so I can have a dry run?19:03
vakkovomg, maybe we have to rfkill the bluetooth first ;D19:07
sledgesalin: added comments19:22
sledgeslicence missing19:22
vakkovsabainadmin: don't hurry with the new nightly :D i think i figured out the bluetooth problem19:24
alinsledges: what license?19:25
* sledges still afk19:25
vakkovbut it needs a more "working " solution19:25
sabainadminHahah to late already kicked off the build, but i can just rebuild once thats done and I've tested it locally19:25
vakkovsledges: everytime the bluetooth is started (from the icon in settings for example)19:25
vakkovit needs to be rfkilled19:26
vakkovoh, we also should add the rfkill package to the build *** sabainadmin19:26
sledgesvakkov: rfkill is already in sfos19:26
sabainadminvakkov: then whenever you get those changes committed (if its before the night is out), ping me and ill rebuild19:26
vakkovsledges; so how should that happen. i can now start the bluetooth as many times as i want but the rfkill line is in the script19:27
vakkovand that means i should restart the systemd service19:27
vakkovsledges: yes, i saw; i noted that we should pre-built the pakcage in the image because it is needed :D19:27
vakkovso sledgesl how should we rfkill when the bluetooth icon is clicked19:28
*** ikozzz <ikozzz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:30
Nokiuso/ ikozzz19:35
alinvakkov: i think someone did some magic for n519:35
ikozzzHi! o/19:35
tathhu"some magic" :D19:36
alinsabainadmin: me too19:37
sabainadminyou'll rebuild it or you'll test it?19:37
alintathhu: on clarke definition... not the catholic church19:37
alinikozzz: all is built now and works19:37
*** mispp <mispp!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)19:39
*** dhbiker <dhbiker!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:39
ikozzzwell, i'm kinda rebuilding now "from scratch" and our modular script is seems to be working)19:40
alinikozzz: ok I did a little bit more19:44
alinikozzz: if sledges finally decides to merge19:45
alinikozzz: you can try the full one19:45
ikozzzbut google boot logo is still there after image booted (led blinked with blue light as usual). If i press powerbutton it shutdown with red led. All as usual but no UI, just logo =(19:45
sledgesalin: could you put the licence in?19:45
ikozzzwhat is wrong with me?! ;)19:45
sledgesim afk (phonecall)19:45
alinsledges: no.. because I have no idea what you want to put19:45
sledgesbsd-3-clause preamble19:45
alinsledges: so you put it so everybody is happy19:45
sledgesand your email19:46
sledgesand name19:46
alinsledges: alin@elena.space19:46
alinsledges: you know my name19:46
alinalin m elena19:46
Stskeepsthere's .space?19:46
alinStskeeps: yes19:46
alinStskeeps: 6 euro a year19:47
alinStskeeps: i got from this ones19:47
alinStskeeps: i see now is 719:47
alinStskeeps: now they have xyz cheap19:48
ikozzzalin: what i miss with these days?19:48
alinikozzz: nothing sledges fixed all the bugs19:49
ikozzz=) don't say "all the bugs" to me19:50
alinikozzz: all the known ones19:50
alinStskeeps: by the way what about the glue for gps19:50
ikozzzgood, really good) You guys are awesome!19:51
alinikozzz:  I can give you an image which almost works...19:51
ikozzzyes please)19:51
alinikozzz: needs bt package installed19:51
sledgesalin: this licence, bsd-3-clause:
alinand you can chek against yours19:51
sledgesand then your email as author19:51
sledgesattributing also oleid and sfa-mer19:51
sledgesas we took buildmw from there19:52
Nokiussledges: okay box is slow :D19:53
alinsledges: i wrote a lot of it.... but that does not matter...19:54
alinsledges: I think we shall put only sfa-mer19:54
sledgesalin: that'ß why you'¶e the author19:54
sledgesand just attribute parts of WTFPL you re-used19:55
alinsledges: or we put all three and the sfa-mer if we start putting people19:55
alinsledges: and you too19:55
sledgesand then Jolla19:55
sledgeslike in link ^^19:55
alinsledges: anyhow you see this is the part I do not like..  bickering about licenses19:55
sledgesi didn't like either19:55
sledgesbut comes a point in life where they come into play19:56
sledgesi can do it, will finish phonecall soon19:56
sledgesdhd is bsd-319:56
sledgesnothing we can do otherwise19:56
alinsledges: i use MIT usually19:56
alinsledges: sometimes gpl19:56
sledgesjust adhere to existing bit19:57
sledgesis my motto19:57
alinsledges: bsd always sounded to me like bullshit daemon19:57
sledgesand im also employed19:57
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)19:58
sledgesi can go and bang on our legal to go gpl or anything, but i'd rather just code19:58
sledgesand use licence i code the project for19:58
sledgesto keep everyone happy19:58
sledgesinstead of timewaste19:58
alinsledges: ok you do the license bits as you please and as they are kosher...20:00
alinsledges: I will try to do the bug for MSameer20:00
sledgescheck spec, licence there :) done:)20:00
sledgesok, i'll do that20:00
sabainadminNew build almost done yay :)20:04
alinsabainadmin: so which part of .ie are you from?20:07
sabainadminKildare / Dublin, how about yourself?20:07
alinsabainadmin: dublin only20:08
alinsabainadmin: but adopted not irish20:08
sabainadminAh deadly, where are you from originally?20:08
alinsabainadmin: .ro20:09
tathhuWinland \o/20:09
sabainadminAh Romanian! Very good, and what do you do? I presume you're doing this as a hobby?20:09
alintathhu: e?20:09
alinsabainadmin: yap... in real life I do borying stuff... science20:10
sabainadminhaha science isn't boring, what sort of science are we talking?20:10
alinsabainadmin: physics... computational physics... work in some supercomputing centre20:11
sabainadminWow, nothing boring about that! Do you work with the Irish SC Grid or do you guys have your own Super Computer?20:12
alinsabainadmin: this is the national centre i do not know of any other around20:12
sabainadminAh very cool, I went to university in Cork and worked with the Grid but that was a few years back now, don't know the field too well anymore20:14
sabainadminIm a developer turned start up guy20:14
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:15
alinsabainadmin: there were many grid initiatives over the years in ireland... one worst than other... but more profitable for the guys who advocate them20:16
*** locusf <locusf!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)20:16
sabainadminSo I'm told, I was only using the cork one for big data analysis and relational modelling so it was little more than a tool to me, not a whole lot of emotional investment20:18
alinsabainadmin: heard horror stories about... but the tax payers paid... so all is fine...20:19
sledgessabainadmin: what's your start-up?20:19
sledgesif no secret ofc :p20:20
sabainadminReal time, Context aware music discovery and recommendation20:20
sabainadminits a mobile service20:20
sabainadminIts not stealth but its pre-release20:20
*** locusf <locusf!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:23
tathhuAnd app for sailfish? :P20:24
sabainadminIts was under discussion, with its own custom other half (Would allow us to do more around context than we can with iOS & Android)20:25
sabainadminreached out to Jolla about it, never replied.20:25
sabainadminBig disappointment really20:25
sabainadminBuilds done :D20:26
vakkovwell, try it then20:27
sledgessabainadmin: contact funkyotherhalf instead;)20:27
sabainadminWe wanted support from Jolla directly, we could build an OH no problem. For a start we where looking for some relief on the price of actual test devices20:28
sabainadminWanted a few, had hoped for a discount20:29
sledgessabainadmin: what kind of support did you expect?20:29
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)20:29
sabainadminAn email back asking us what kind of support we might expect at the very least20:29
sabainadminIt was more testing the waters as to wether they cared enough to engage with us20:30
sabainadminWe would be the first official music service on their store so we wanted to see if they'd take the proposition seriously20:30
sabainadminno given up on the idea, just not going to focus on it till our 1.7 release at the earliest20:31
alinsabainadmin: which services do you support?20:34
alinsledges: bug reported20:34
sabainadminThis hasn't been announced yet but the few i can mention are Google Music, Spotify, Rdio & Deezer as well as Nest and Fitbit20:35
alinsabainadmin: i see so you are some king of aggregator too20:35
sabainadminThats one of the benefits of the service yes, the ability to combine multiple services and use them in one place with our context layer on top20:36
ikozzzalin: thanks20:37
alinikozzz: you need to install by hand with that image this bluez-configs-sailfish20:38
alinikozzz: anythow I am curious what did you get wrong20:39
alinikozzz: cause I never managed to get it wrong like that...20:39
alinikozzz: usually is all or nothing... when I get it wrong it does not boot20:40
alinor does not install20:40
ikozzzmaybe because i'm a QA =)20:41
ikozzzi don't know how to explain this20:42
alinikozzz: QA? questions and answers? or quality assurance20:42
alinsledges: found the reason why the battery fails20:43
ikozzzi mean quality assurance)20:43
alinikozzz: i got you20:44
sledges22:46 < alin> sledges: you know my name20:44
alinsledges: does not exists20:44
sledgesalin: ok cool20:44
alinsledges: /system/bin/battery_monitor this thing... I have to see whom shall provide it20:45
alinsledges: this looks like from android crap?20:45
sledgesalin: yes, dez replied, read backlogs20:46
sledgeslate night yesterday20:46
*** _Razor_ <_Razor_!> has quit IRC (Quit: leaving)20:46
alinsledges: blimey...20:47
*** harha <harha!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)20:47
*** _Razor_ <_Razor_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:49
alinsledges: interesting a quick grep does not show anything... interesting... just references for config20:54
sabainadminJust some info on the new nightly that just finished building20:57
sabainadmini loaded it up and scrolling performance seems a touch better but still jumpy20:58
sabainadminI'll build the 1.1.4 version of it now20:58
sabainadminvakkov: let me know if you get the blutooth sorted20:58
*** aironeous <aironeous!4c5ea017@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:00
vakkovit's still jumpy but at least doesnt fail all the benchmarks21:01
vakkovmore has to be done but now we know where :P21:01
*** aironeous <aironeous!4c5ea017@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Client Quit)21:01
sledgesoleid: ping21:05
vakkovand we also have to fix the battery messages that came with the new statefs21:05
sledgesalin: ok with ?21:05
sledgesoleid: your name there too ^21:05
sledgesvakkov: can't remember, did they disappear after adding experimental:gstdroid repo?21:06
vakkovsledges: they didn't; but i reflashed this morning so it's gone now21:07
vakkovi'll have to add it again21:07
sledgesyea, but as you say, adding it won't get rid of them. you'll just be on later(s) statefs, which is good for debug yep21:08
*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:08
alinsledges: the sfa-mer was authored by dmt and I then refactored by Olaf21:11
alinsledges: with changes and input from vgrade_ and you...21:11
alinsledges: so that is why I said put only sfa-mer so nobody gets upset21:11
*** harha <harha!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)21:13
sledgesalin: ok21:16
alinsledges: not on serious things... I look into this battery_monitor... grep finds nothing in all the cloned, in cm there is no binary21:17
alinsledges: I wonder if we really need that service21:17
sledgesalin: updated21:17
alinphdeswer: ^^^^21:18
sledgesalin: but it's part of sfos21:18
sledgesit's part of new configs21:18
alinsledges: better.... by the way I am Alin Marin Elena not Alin Maria Elena...21:18
alinsledges: I have already enough women name in my name21:19
alinsledges: by the way Marin in british isles seems to be a name for women too.21:19
alinsledges: in monolitich too21:19
sledgesalin: typofixed:)21:19
alinsledges: I wonder if this battery_ is coming from newer versions?21:19
sledgesalin: yes, old service21:20
alinsledges: cool... old... so we can get rid of it?21:20
alinsledges: now looks cool21:20
alinsledges: this is the new ahal in sfa-mer21:21
alinsledges: of course we will need to update the latest paths but looks a little bit cleaner21:21
sledgesalin: diff? ;p21:22
sledgesalin: droid-battery-service is failed also on monolithic, not a regression21:23
alinfunny is life... you do not hear about your old colleagues of uni for a while... then you hear they are in nepal in some silly avalanche21:24
alinsledges: yes I know it failed before too... not I just looked in them... there is one more failing21:24
alinsledges: that one probably is phdeswer teritory21:24
* sledges ....opens original sfa-mer ahal.sh21:24
alinsledges: why?21:24
alinsledges: was huge like hell21:24
Nokiussledges: box is still blocked :-( lets wait for tomorrow morning21:26
sledgesNokius: choky!:)21:27
sledgesalin: pastebin looks good21:27
sledgesalin: next step - grep for Provides and Requires21:27
sledgesand move those aroudn...21:27
sledgesalin: hmmm can't find a .spec to test those against, that was tablety... %)21:28
alinsledges: give me the link about provides... I remember was a note somewhere21:29
alinso frustrating when you do not find things21:34
sledgesalin: we can skip that, none of droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec files have them21:37
sledgesso all safe21:37
sledgesi would even remove it from that line21:37
alinsledges: in the ols one there is a ofono-configs21:37
alinsledges: the one in monolytic21:38
sledgesah lol21:38
sledgesit -was- the hammerhead that i didn't check :D21:38
sledgesshouldn't this and bits above be upstreamed to dhc?
sledgesi think rfkill is already pulled in21:38
sledgesif we address it now21:39
sledgeswe'd simplify migration21:39
sledgesalin: LGTY?
alinsledges: yes the requires in general are pulled automatically21:39
sledgescomment and i mergy21:39
sledgesNokius: lol!21:39
*** sabainadmin <sabainadmin!4e12f081@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)21:42
alinphdeswer: one for you dev-mtp.mount fails on n521:42
alinsledges: yes that seems like shall be there...21:45
*** sabainadmin <sabainadmin!4e12f081@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:45
alinsledges: dhc says some configs... maybe shall say all configs21:45
alinvakkov: you asked about rfkill and bt?21:54
vakkovkind of21:54
vakkovi am getting the bluetooth working21:54
alinvakkov: ok... I suggest you to have a look to how is done in n521:54
vakkovlike beidl did before21:54
alinvakkov: the same issue was there too21:54
vakkovi saw it already21:54
vakkovi am trying to get it from the UI21:54
alinvakkov: what do you mean get it from ui?21:54
alinvakkov: when the bloody thing get activated on hci needs an unblock...21:54
alinvakkov: plus needs some magic to make the mac persistent21:54
sledgesalin: if we can drop lines 13-16 we can nuke Provides Requires malarkey from dhd2modular21:54
*** beidl_ <beidl_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)21:54
phdesweralin: ok. Do you have more details?21:54
alinphdeswer: no but I can give you if you ask21:54
*** beidl <beidl!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:54
vakkovalin: i know that21:54
vakkovit's not that simple here21:54
phdesweralin: well only know the bits in kernel space, and dev-tmp,mount sounds like something just above that.21:54
Nokiussledges: :P21:54
phdeswerI'll need to get my n5 from the office to check that21:54
alinphdeswer: i have /dev/mtp and /dev/mtp_usb and systemctl
alinNokius: night21:54
alinsledges: one wat to check....21:54
alinsledges: give me a second21:54
*** juiceme <juiceme!~juice@Maemo/community/council/juiceme> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)21:55
phdesweralin: yep sounds like missing functionfs in the kernel android gadget driver21:55
alinphdeswer: once you tell me about kernel and things like that... you lost me... I21:55
*** juiceme <juiceme!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:55
*** juiceme is now known as Guest2716821:56
*** r0kk3rz <r0kk3rz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)21:56
phdesweralin: No problem. I'll have to take a look at it in detail, but won't be able to do that before monday21:56
*** sabainadmin <sabainadmin!4e12f081@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)21:56
alinphdeswer: no worries21:56
alinphdeswer: let me know if you want a bug on it21:56
alinsledges: I notices in dhd there is a z file21:57
sledgesalin: my next thing to vacuum ;)21:58
sledgesgit add . during rebase (facepalm)21:58
alinsledges: you too... tried to vacuum a cloged pipe for two hours today21:58
sledgesi was clogging the chassis of my old bucket today, with anti-rust cavity wax %)21:59
phdesweralin: a bug might be a good idea anyway, if only it is just to remind me22:00
alinphdeswer: ok np... I will do it22:00
phdesweralin: thanks22:00
sledgesphdeswer: what car engine were you working on recently?:)22:00
phdeswersledges: a 6 in line petrol engine from a Volvo C304. tbr's awesome camper van :)22:01
alinphdeswer: sledges thought all of you have teslas already22:02
sledgesphdeswer: yes, saw them pictures, what a truck! 8)22:02
sledgesalin: the less electronics in the car, the better :P22:03
alinsledges: ok... so you take a russian approach22:04
phdesweralin: would not mind a Tesla :) Now I could also live with a Tesla engine and battery to fit in my old Nissan... could use the extra torque to pull those 35" tyres...22:04
alinsledges: what is your twitter handle?22:05
sledgestesla has the whole underside glues with batteries:) a friend testdriven it (for free!), he said from 60 to 80MPH you are still rammed to the back of your seat when put the foot down %)22:05
sledgesalin: sledgeSim22:05
alinso today... I wanted to report a bug... the keyboard on landscape is broken... then I realised is intnesion22:06
sledgesit's literally broken:D22:06
alinsledges: it is indeed22:06
alinsledges: ok tweeted... n5 camera picture22:07
*** sabainadmin <sabainadmin!4e12f081@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:09
* sledges raises a pint to alin 22:09
sledges(of squash%)22:09
alinsledges: if the squash was let to ferment... is good enough22:09
sledgesyes, becomes indistinguishable between cider AND ale at the same time :D22:10
alinsledges: ok so is an indian pale ale22:10
alinsledges: in the picture atlantik is what you want22:11
*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:11
alinsledges: i removed the provides and requires from the .spec and build22:11
phdeswerhmmm beer22:12
alinsledges: I want to see if they are nicely pulled as shall be22:12
alinphdeswer: iirc you are french... you do not know what beer is22:12
phdesweralin: I am Belgian, I do know my way around beer. And I have a basement to prove it ;)22:13
alinphdeswer: you are good wine and more good wine22:13
vakkovalin: pls run rfkill list on your n5 and show me the output22:13
alinphdeswer: ok...chappeau22:13
phdesweralin: well that is a nice brand of interesting fruit lambics ;) (if you drop one p)22:13
alinphdeswer: get even better...22:14
vakkovalin: and your bluetooth's firmware is now loaded and the bluetoot works, right?22:14
alinphdeswer: ok... i am on trappisten.... though the one I will put on my top list is la trappe... from netherlands...22:14
phdesweralin: The banana one is quite exotic but good22:14
alinphdeswer: I know chapeau22:15
alinphdeswer: my gf spent some time in belgium... and since I could not source good wine anymore... I had to specialise in beer... belgium beer22:15
phdesweralin: ok, good :)22:15
alinvakkov: yes22:16
sledgesalin: trappista is hungarian cheese%)22:16
alinvakkov: I mean I could transfer files22:16
alinsledges: seriously? I am 8% hungarian... but I missed that22:17
phdeswerI know Hungarian cheese is shite (although written differently ;) )22:17
alinphdeswer: if you milk the sheep with love... cannot be shite22:17
phdeswerGood thing it does not taste like what the word seems to hint at...22:17
sledgesi had no choice, my ex was 100% hungarian.. oh wait a minute22:18
alinsledges: it seems you had a choice since she is ex22:18
sledgesalin: you got it22:19
alinsledges: anyhow seems crazy you are the third guy I hear with an hungarian (ex)-gf22:19
sledgesphdeswer: speaking of roquefort :<)22:19
alinsledges: cheese or beer?22:20
alinsledges: the ofono-confings is needed... otherwise we get a mad conflict22:20
sledgesalin: after your trappisten case, i'm not surprised you asked22:20
alinsledges: Warning: file /etc/ofono/ril_subscription.conf conflicts between attempted installs of ofono-configs-mer-1.14+git79-1.23.1.armv7hl and droid-config-hammerhead-1-1.armv7hl22:20
sledgesalin: argh ofc22:21
sledgesthat's the trick22:21
vakkovsledges: i need the bcm4330 to become the hci0 somehow22:22
vakkovjust like alin's log22:22
alinphdeswer: there is one of the old trappisten I did not have... westvleteren22:22
UmeaboyHi sledges!22:22
* phdeswer still thinks the best way to have Trappist, is with bread and it's assorted cheese22:23
alinphdeswer: anyhow I have to admit that when comes to strong beers .be is the king22:23
sledgesor 600 types in menu to choose from22:23
alinphdeswer: exactly... I tried to explain the irish this22:23
phdeswervakkov: hci0 sounds like a bt adapter not wlan22:23
alinphdeswer: the could not get it... that you can have good cheese with beer...22:24
*** arcean <arcean!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:24
vakkovand why do you think i am messing up with wlan22:24
UmeaboyWould I brick my Xperia Z3 Tablet if I ran the unlock bootloader string again to check that it's really unlocked? I managed to softbrick it and I then revived it by flashing the 4.4.4 firmware with works fine.22:24
vakkovand not bt22:24
phdeswervakkov: bcm4330 is a wlan driver22:24
UmeaboyJust don't know any program that can tell me if it's locked or not after this.22:24
sledgesUmeaboy: there is a way on sony devices to enter "service mode"22:25
vakkovphdeswer: surprise - bcm4330 is combined wlan + bt :)22:25
alinUmeaboy: does not sat at start?22:25
phdeswervakkov: ah it seems to have bt too... What a mess...22:25
sledgesUmeaboy: by dialing a magic sequence22:25
vakkovused in most devices in the past 2 years22:25
Umeaboysledges: Yeah.22:25
sledgesand my good friend works for bcom...22:25
UmeaboyBut I thought that is only used when you unlock it.22:25
sledgesUmeaboy: it should show unlock status22:25
sledgesat least it did on xperia mini22:26
UmeaboyBootloader still unlocked as it seems. ;)22:28
UmeaboyStill need to find a way to use a trustworthy kernel to root it.22:28
UmeaboyI managed to flash CM Recovery or TWRP, but there's no rom out for my model that it can install.22:29
alinsledges: 647 packages.. do you remember how many I had before?22:29
UmeaboyI tried with the scorpion, but it failed.22:29
sledgesalin: did you move Provides: ofono-configs to dhc?22:30
UmeaboySetting up the Android repo to build my own version with settings from the build.prop I pulled before I softbricked it.22:30
* phdeswer heads to bed. Had to get up early today for metalwork/welding class22:30
alinsledges: first I want to see if we need the provides and requires...22:30
alinsledges: so we need the provides22:31
UmeaboyI recall that someone made a hardware hack on some Android device so that it's unbrickable.22:31
sledgesalin: 647, depends if you got the z2.0 right22:31
UmeaboySomething with the nvram?22:32
sledgesphdeswer: good ntigh ;)22:33
alinphdeswer: night22:33
sledgesalin: yes, we need that provides, and it needs to be moved to dhc (did you do that by hand?)22:33
alinsledges: not yet... soon22:34
alinsledges: let me see if I need the requires22:34
sledgesalin: if you never moved by hand, how did everything work for you?:)22:34
sledgesi see22:35
sledgesignore me22:35
sledgesalin: ok, shouldn't be longer needed22:35
sledgesbluez went ahead with versions, and rfkill is bundled with sfos22:35
sledgesbut "trust, but check", as russians say22:35
alinsledges: yap... but you never know I found 648 packages in in the working one...and was missing bluez configs22:36
alinsledges: I am scientists... remember trust does not exists without scientific method22:36
*** arcean <arcean!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)22:36
sledgesalin: ok unignore me22:38
sledgesalin: Provides is copied from mono dhd spec to modular dhd spec22:39
sledgesbut ril...conf is now with dhc22:39
sledgesso why is it not conflicting all the time22:39
sledgesprobably because it's late already :P22:41
alinsledges: 648 with the requires there... so something is fishy22:41
sledgesalin: rfkill not in patterns ghgh22:41
alinsledges: now I commented it.. I will confirm in few minutes22:42
alinsledges: but you may be right22:42
alinsledges: no owrries I have a method22:44
alinsledges: rfkill indeed is missing... from pattern22:46
alinlet us check bluez22:46
alinI checked... bluez is pulled22:47
sledgesalin: didn't you just now have rfkill in %packages?22:48
alinsledges: what do you mean? I commented the rfkill requires in the .spec and is gone from the list of packages in the image22:49
alinsledges: bluez require is not needed indeed22:49
alinsledges: the rfkill is needed by the bt workaround/solution22:50
*** elcaset <elcaset!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)22:50
alinsledges: so maybe bluez shall pull it22:50
sledgesalin: im sure there are more ways than rfkil, so bluez upstream can't just pull like that22:50
alinsledges: no idea...22:51
sledgesi'll ask bt guy22:51
sledgeslet's bundle it now with n5 image22:51
sledgesadd to n5 patterns only (manual work, but hey ho)22:51
alinsledges: ok I will explicetly add it to the image with the rest22:51
alinsledges: moving by hand the provides does not help22:52
alinsledges: which is normal since does not provides the things22:53
sledgesalin: it does:
sledges(this goes into modular dhc)22:55
alinsledges: yap it shall22:56
sledgesso im baffled , and i think you do move some provides around22:57
*** Stocco <Stocco!bd045911@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:05
sledgesalin: i'll do forced push to sledges/dhd dhd2migrate branch (vacuum up z), so if you have some changes to build_packages or, fire away before that happens23:09
alinsledges: nope I do not have23:10
alinsledges: that ofono-configs is comming from some jolla repo we do not build it23:10
alinsledges: so I start to wonder why it pulls it23:11
alinsledges: I think I know... local repo higher priority23:11
sledgesofono pulls it23:13
sledgesand it's needed23:14
sledgeswe override it23:14
sledgesand we provide it23:14
alinsledges: yap...23:25
sledgesalin: so "Provide: .*" lines should be grepped and moved out to dhc .spec23:27
sledgeswe forget about Requires23:27
sledgeswe'll deal when needs comes up(if ever)23:27
alinsledges: yes I did that for provides... but somehow it ignores is23:27
alinsledges: put it in hybris/droid-hal-configs/rpm/droid-hal-configs.spec23:28
sledgescorrect, but it doesn't exist at early time mind23:28
*** olafh__ <olafh__!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)23:34
sledgesalin: vacuumed pushed23:37
alinsledges: maybe dhd shall require the dhc23:37
*** Anonyneko <Anonyneko!~Takemikaz@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)23:37
sledgesalin: it does:
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)23:44
alinsledges: I think we shall use prefer23:44
*** ikozzz <ikozzz!> has quit IRC (Quit: ikozzz)23:45
sledgesalin: prefer is in prjconf23:45
sledgesand there it already does:
alinsledges: indeed....23:46
alinsledges: ok i do not know how ignore works23:47
sledgesalin: keeping it as it used to be: if dhc wants to override at least one file of a configs package X, it has to copy all of its config files to sparse/, and add Provides: X23:49
sledgesfor dhd2modular: if dhd had Provides: X, this shall now be moved to dhc23:49
sledgesyou said yourself, that removing Provides ofono configs results in mic conflictė23:50
sledgesso we won't remove, but move to proper place23:50
*** Stocco <Stocco!bd045911@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)23:50
sledges(i.e. all the monolithic world was happy with dhd .spec Provides: ofono configs, all we're doing now is moving it to dhc, because sparse/ has also moved23:51
alinsledges: yes23:52
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)23:52
alinsledges: but stil makes no sense23:52
alinsledges: why fails23:52
sledgesi gather it wouldn't break23:52
sledgeswhat fails then precisely?23:52
sledgesalin: show me the code that you moved that line over23:54
*** Stocco <Stocco!bd045911@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:54
alinsledges: line 15 in
alinsledges: I think I shall sleep I am already asleep23:56
sledgesalin: it should get moved to hybris/droid-hal-configs/rpm/droid-hal-configs.spec23:58
sledgesalin: why is it called droid-hal-configs for you?23:58
sledgesit should be under hybris/droid-configs/23:58
sledgesshould not be touched23:59
sledgeshybris/droid-configs/rpm/droid-hal-configs.spec should23:59
sledgesi wonder how many configs we can fit in one pathname %)23:59
sledgesalin: gnite!23:59

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