Sunday, 2015-04-26

sledgesmorning's wiser than the evening:)00:00
alinsledges: i dount it in my case00:00
alinsledges: good night!00:00
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klopsi-u3i silll xhut up04:41
klopsi-u3good morning Stskeeps04:45
klopsi-u3you aare making the world better04:46
Stskeepsright now, my coffeei  is04:46
klopsi-u3i tried to make a sfos port but failed04:47
klopsi-u3but thats ok04:47
Stskeepsah, i'm sure you'll get there sometime04:48
klopsi-u3it would have been the greatest device04:48
klopsi-u3the droid 4 with 5 row keyboard04:48
klopsi-u3nokia n900 successor04:49
Stskeepswhat's not working, ooi?04:50
klopsi-u3i have followed your work since n900 days04:53
klopsi-u3you are a great person - respect04:53
klopsi-u3say hi to carol from me04:53
Stskeepswill do, next time i see her04:54
Stskeepsmeanwhile, wearable glass factor drops to 199 USD:
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Nokiussledges: 0.o still building :O06:51
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alinspiiroin_: hi aren't you the master of sensors?09:06
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brobostigondo we have a python vm?09:42
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sledgesbrobostigon: use ? to get virtualenv in09:48
sledgesthere is one for python3 too09:48
brobostigonthank you, sledges09:49
spiiroin_alin: more like: sensors in general = lpotter; sensors that mce uses = me too09:51
alinspiiroin_: ok... a question.. is there any app that will list all the sensors so one can look at... i remember qtsensors exampel09:53
alinspiiroin_: but that of course is not shipped and building it is non trivial...09:53
alinspiiroin_: next apparently n5 has a barometer... have you ever read that sensor?09:53
alinspiiroin_: even something like read_sensors analogous of test_sensors would be nice which prints the current values of the sensors09:54
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spiiroin_alin: sensor availability comes from sensorfwd; adding new sensors there is something I know very little about, better ask from lpotter09:56
alinspiiroin_: is already there nothing needs to be added Name: BMP280 Barometer09:59
alinspiiroin_: I was wondering how difficult is test_sensors to read the current value of the sensor rather than just the info09:59
spiiroin_alin: ther is dbus api, I think the current values should be visible there - I'll dig around a bit10:00
alinspiiroin_: will that work.. for example running test_sensors as user does not have the permissions to access them10:02
spiiroin_alin: I'd assume it should work if sensorfw has needed configs & plugins etc10:05
spiiroin_alin: qdbus (from qt5-qttools-qdbus) is quite handy for ad-hoc investigation10:06
spiiroin_a) list sensors: /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qdbus --system
alinspiiroin_: cool i know qdbus I was wondering why is not default10:07
spiiroin_b) choose something, eg als:  /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qdbus --system /SensorManager/alssensor10:07
spiiroin_c) observe property interface "method QDBusRawType::(tu) local.ALSSensor.lux()" -> "local.ALSsensor"10:08
spiiroin_d) list props: /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qdbus --system /SensorManager/alssensor org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.GetAll local.ALSSensor10:08
spiiroin_... seems to need "--literal" to print out the value, but other sensors should go about the same way10:10
alinspiiroin_: yap but I see a lot of them are missing10:11
alinspiiroin_: they do nto seem exposed10:11
spiiroin_AFAIK the sensorfw configs etc are hw specific -> needs some adaptation packages10:12
spiiroin_but I've never dealt with them10:13
sabainadminHave both the 1.1.2 and 1.1.4 nightlies for maguro built (latest as of last night) let me know if there has been any movement and I should do a rebuild, or if i should just go ahead and upload these10:14
alinspiiroin_: thanks so I found it...  lpotter is indeed... I was looking at his compass aplication10:18
alinand guess what  it fails10:18
sledgessabainadmin: you can always check latest timestamp of the repo:;O=D10:21
sabainadminAh yes i was looking for this this morning and couldn't find it! Excellent thanks10:21
sabainadminIll create a node service that checks that repo for changes and emails me so i don't have to bother you guys10:22
sledgesthat's really cool! and do bother us pls:D10:25
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alinApr 26 11:27:51 abbaton sensorfwd[913]: Invalid interval requested for node ' "compasschain" ' by session ' 15 ':  1010:29
brobostigonso, pkgcon install python-pip ?10:32
sledgesssu ar pip
sledgeszypper ref pip10:33
sledgespkcon install python-pip10:33
brobostigonclose, :)10:33
alinsledges: solved the provides problem10:38
brobostigonpkcon is saying, it cannot find package, python-pip10:41
alinsledges: on rfkill this one shall pull it bluetooth-rfkill-event-configs10:42
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alinsledges: ok works correctly...10:46
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alinsledges: in this one droid-configs/droid-configs-device/droid-configs.inc10:47
alinsledges: provides at line 70 and probably a require too10:47
alinsledges: then there is no need for anything10:47
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sledgesalin: but it doesn't require rfkill10:47
alinsledges: what do you mean?10:48
sledgesnothing pull is it in (like your tests with mic confirmed)10:48
sledgesit just Provides: bluetooth-rfkill-event-configs10:48
alinsledges: bt will not work10:48
sledgesalin: line 70?
alinsledges: no... after line 70 we need to add provides: ofono-settings10:48
alinsledges: and requires rfkill10:49
sledgesalin: if every device will require rfkill, i'll get confirmation from bt guy tomorrow10:49
sledgesalin: and no, we can't put provide there10:49
alinsledges: why?10:49
sledgesbecause not every devices provides it10:49
sledgesonly hammerhead10:49
alinsledges: but that is hammerhead specific... 4g on10:50
sledgesso anything device-specific cannot go into a file which affects all other devices (.inc)10:50
sledgesand other devices won't conflict10:50
alinsledges: no   57 Name:     droid-config-%{rpm_device}10:50
sledgeshence they don't have that ofono provides in their .spec, only hammerhead10:51
sledges(in monolithic)10:51
alinsledges: thought that config is defice specific10:51
sledgesmodular should reflect the same10:51
sledgesalin: yes10:51
sledges13:47 < alin> sledges: in this one droid-configs/droid-configs-device/droid-configs.inc10:51
sledges13:48 < alin> sledges: no... after line 70 we need to add provides: ofono-settings10:51
sledgesalin:  but this file is not device specific10:51
sledgesit's generic .inc10:51
sledgesevery device's .spec includes it10:51
alinsledges: I am confused... what is rpm_device expands too...10:52
alinsledges: I see what you mean now...10:53
alinsledges: so maybe a flag to see if 4g is on10:53
alinsledges: and if on add the thing10:53
alinsledges: like with have_vibration10:53
sledgeslet's wait with that, until another 4g devices comes along for a test10:53
sledgesit might differ10:54
alinsledges: I see10:54
sledges"if it works, don't touch it"10:54
alinsledges: good one... one of the few things I afree with the old jews10:54
sledgesSimplicity--the art of maximizing the amount10:54
sledgesof work not done--is essential.10:54
alinsledges: scrap that crap...10:55
alinsledges: there is a good quote by alexandrescu about agile and facebook10:55
alinsledges: if agile and other process techniques will be as good as they say... we will have picasso's en masse10:56
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alinsledges: all these methods are great for places where the motto is we work we do not think... aka car factories10:57
alinsledges: borat was not mandarin speaker10:59
alinsledges: all the grammar mistakes follow that pattern10:59
sledgesalin: don't get distracted pls;P11:00
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alinsledges: ok... soon I will have to... I need to go to buy some gifts for kids11:01
sledgesi gtg now, will bbl11:02
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alinok thhe irc client shall expand all these bbl gtg11:27
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tathhupython-pip on Jolla.. livestreamer too? :-D12:02
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alinsledges: that one too12:43
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Nokiusoh done13:29
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Nokiussledges: looks like I have no source for nss-3.16.5-1.3.1.armv7hl :-/13:50
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Nokiusmissing peace is nss-ckbi14:07
Nokiusvgrade_: oh now on i3 what ditro u have heard the support of the new dell is bad workmate switch to MB now14:16
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stephg_So following on from: , cm-11.0-XNPH44S-bacon-5fa8c79c0b is a release of android_system_core, which  I see we also have in mer-hybris16:22
stephg_XNPH44S is from Dec 2014 but the one in mer-hybris is older, so I tried against the cm-11-44S branch16:22
stephg_but no joy there, I've missed something, what is it?16:22
mal-stephg_: what branch did you use when you did repo init?16:29
stephg_it's the contradictory error I don't get: Default revision cm-11.0-XNPH44S-bacon-5fa8c79c0b not found in android_device_htc_m7. Bailing. and then it says it found branches cm-11.0,12,12.1 and stable/cm-11.016:30
mal-it just lists what it finds and tells that it did not find what it wanted16:32
mal-but why doesn't it use the repos you defined in local_manifests16:33
stephg_that m7 local manifest looks sane yes?16:33
mal-if you want to hack it to work, add those from local_manifests to manifest.xml or what ver it was called16:35
stephg_oh, so my .repo/manifest.xml has this fragment in it:
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UmeaboyIt it possible to get write access to fork the yuga-part for the sfa-mer script?17:28
UmeaboyI'd like to port Sailfish OS to my Sony tablet which after many if's and but's runs CM12 fully rooted.17:29
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UmeaboyAnyway....... Have to go.17:31
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stephg_mal-: I don't follow, literally adding the projects from my local to the proper manifest also doesn't work but I wouldn't expect it to?17:34
stephg_or did you mean something else17:34
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mal-stephg_: repo sync is trying to automatically find the device repo from github so I thought if manually defining those in menifest would prevent that17:36
mal-but fails to find those because of the wrong default revision17:38
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merbotNemo bug 811 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead] dev-mtp.mount fails" [Normal,New]18:07
phdesweralin: thanks!18:07
alinstephg_: I think some magic may be needed sledges knows18:07
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alin!see lpotter18:12
merbotalin: Error: "see" is not a valid command.18:12
alin!seen lpotter18:12
merbotalin: lpotter was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 1 week, 6 days, 19 hours, 52 minutes, and 5 seconds ago: <lpotter> jolla doesn't own aliendalvik18:12
alinspiiroin_: is lpotter in some kind of holiday?18:13
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krnlynghi, i am trying to build mupen64plus using mer obs but it fails. it worked previously, i changed a submodule to direct to my repository and now it seems the submodule isn't properly fetched, the build log says some files are missing...18:14
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krnlyngdo i have to wait for some time or what can i do so that the submodule is properly fetched?18:16
*** faenil <faenil!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:21
sledgeskrnlyng: i use combination of git submodule init; git submodule update18:33
stephg_ I'd be grateful; I'm sure I'm derp'ing somewhere but I dunno where :D18:43
* Stskeeps glues faenil to irc18:47
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faenilI didn't remember irssi command and did a mess :D18:47
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iKozzzHi! \o/18:52
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sledgesstephg: export ROOMSERVICE_BRANCHES="hybris-11.0 cm-11.0"19:24
sledgesfaenil: hi, how's you?!19:26
faenilsledges: yo! I'm fine! :) having fun in London :)19:26
faenilhow are you old dog? :D19:26
sledgeshaving fun in Bristol ;P never been better!19:26
sledgesseen much of the UK yet?19:27
faenilI was thinking of going to Weston for the bank holiday, but probably won't19:27
sledgeshaha, i've been to weston last weekend19:28
sledgesbut not the one you have in mind;)19:28
stephgsledges: trying...19:28
ljpalin: not on holiday19:29
sledgesfaenil: since BBQ season's officially open, you're very welcome to pop 'round!19:29
sledges(same applies to stephg ;)19:29
faenilsledges: \o/19:30
alinljp: is you?19:30
stephgI'm in as soon as she's old enough (only a few more weeks I hope)19:30
faenilstephg: great19:30
sledgesnice when you're weeks away from old:))19:30
faenilstephg: how is she doing?19:30
stephgvery well, smiley gurgling feeding pooping machine19:31
faenil:D hehehe19:31
stephgsledges: I have a dupe repo but dinner first then I'll be right back19:31
sledgesstephg: yep, dinner first, then breakfast19:31
* sledges goes to pop some chopped beef in a cooking bag19:32
*** ljp is now known as lpotter19:32
lpottersensorfw does not have support for Barometer sensors19:32
piggzsledges: so, if your libhybris is no good, am I out of luck?19:33
alinlpotter: ok in the sense it does not exist or in the sense is not activated...19:33
sledgespiggz: i truly don't know your case, so can't tell your luck. what was the last working version? and what broke it?19:33
alinlpotter: anyhow the question is... I have installed your compass on n5 and it does not work19:34
faenillpotter: is you brain that active already?19:34
alinlpotter: will you expect to work19:34
lpotterdoesn't exist at the moment. QtSensors supports QPressureSensor19:34
piggzsledges: 10.1 + hacks works, 11.0 doesnt .... my aim is to get it working without kernel hacks19:34
lpotterso it would only take adding new adaptor/sensor to sensorfw19:34
* lpotter adds to tasks list19:35
sledgespiggz: then i guess first thing on your list would be to make 11.0+hacks work19:35
piggzsledges: actually, 11 without hacks doesnt get as far as 10.1 without hacks ... 10.1 without hacks atleast brought up lipstick, nothing happens with 1119:36
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piggz10.1 was using fbdev, but im told its better to use hwcomposer?19:37
piggzsurfaceflinger comes up ok on ym kernel btw19:37
faenillpotter: isn't is something like 5:30 over there?19:38
lpotteryes. I wake up earlt19:38
piggzsledges: what is the env var to print trace info from libhybris ... thats the only thing i havnt done wiith your libhybris19:39
faenillpotter: yeah I remember19:40
alinlpotter: so you put on your list the barometer or the compass?19:40
alinlpotter: also do you want a bug on compass?19:41
lpottercompass is already supproted19:41
lpottersupported, even19:41
alinlpotter: yes butdoes not work... I mean your application19:41
alinI have installed it and it does not work says something about invalid delay19:41
sledgespiggz: HYBRIS_LOGGING_LEVEL=debug19:42
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sledgespiggz: tried minimer with 11.0?19:43
piggzsledges: yes ... that what im going to get the debug trace from now...19:44
piggzsledges: this is what i got..
sledgespiggz: have you fixed your android display-caf's hwc?19:46
piggzsledges: as i dont know what you mean, probably not19:46
sledgespiggz: from line 25 onward:
piggzsledges: yes, i did do that19:47
sledges(if needsbe)19:47
piggzsledges: not a qcom_bsp device19:48
piggzsledges: tho, i dont thin ive done line 28, is that new?19:48
sledgespiggz: yes, but you don't even get to apps19:48
sledgespiggz: fbdev time?19:50
stephgsledges: :D19:50
piggzsledges: egl_platform=fbdev gives the same trace output19:51
sledgespiggz: null?19:51
sledges(as that worked in 10.1)19:51
sledgespiggz: =null?19:52
sledgespiggz: can  i see your local_manifest.xml ?19:54
*** locusf <locusf!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:55
sledgespiggz: you mentioned explosions around alloc(...)19:56
sledgeswhich might be some other incarnation of qcom_bsp:
piggzsledges: with hycomposer, crash was at
sledgespiggz: cd hardware/libhardware; git remote -v; git branch20:01
piggzgithub  git:// (fetch)20:02
piggzgithub  git:// (push)20:02
piggz* (detached from dd3bcdd)20:02
sledgespiggz: which cm version and date are you flashing first?20:03
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* Nokius let's see was this week will have for us :-) short one for me \o/ 20:06
sledgespiggz: gdb backtrace with hwcomposer ?20:06
mal-sledges: piggz should not have qcom_bsp according to boardconfigs20:06
sledgesmal-: yes, just checked20:06
mal-but the crash happens where that causes problems20:07
mal-which does not make sense20:07
sledgesmal-: piggz: did you try with QCOM_BSP regardless?20:09
sledgesmal-: i would like to see piggz checking out the whole cm source code (involving opendesireproject repos too)20:09
sledgesnot necessarily building it20:09
mal-true, that could helps solving the problem20:10
piggzsledges: the backtraces look useless to me, suggests corrupt stack20:15
piggzsledges: i havnt tried with qcom-bsp20:15
piggzsledges: backtrace
piggzsledges: you mean get repository by following ?20:27
sledgespiggz: hmmp that isn't anything what you haven't done already, pretty much20:36
sledgesn!n Nokius20:36
sledgespiggz: try with qcom bsp, and test_hwcomposer20:36
piggzsledges: ok20:36
sledgesit won't hurt20:36
sledgesi.e. just rebuild dhd and libhybris for that20:36
sledgesand try20:37
Nokiusjust found out N1 has no kernel source atm :-/ and it's not on alibaba :D20:37
stephgbreakfast seems not to honour the .netrc?20:38
sledgesstephg: it shouldn't be downloading loads, if anything20:38
stephgodd it seems to be20:39
*** arcean <arcean!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)20:40
sledgesstephg: what's it?20:40
stephgwell I had the dupe device error so started going through removing entries from local_manifests/${DEVICE}.xml20:41
stephggot as far as removing the second entry and on the third try I now get a 40320:41
stephgoh let me tinker with repo sync let that sort it out first20:43
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Nokiussledges: I not sure what I did wrong but I looks like my rpm is sour :(20:44
alinsledges: do you think is time to close telnet by default on n5?20:44
alinsledges: since nowadays we seem to get it right and more and more people use it on a daily20:45
Nokiusbtw. found out when using volume key to take a shot (and hole it a bit down) focus used proper20:47
Nokiuso/ gn820:47
klopsi-u3n8 Nokius20:52
sledgesalin: i'll see how they closed it on tablet, we'll see20:53
stephgno that also isn't right; repo sync now complaining about missing refs20:54
stephg(which are missing)20:54
alinsledges: how to close it is simple.... we used to do it before...20:54
stephgI should perhaps wonder over to wherever the xda lot hang out and ask20:54
sledgesNokius: ah, i'll try to tap and hold shutter soft key too then, thanks20:54
sledgesalin: i want to re-use code20:54
alinsledges: ok I see20:55
sledgesnot fragment it20:55
alinsledges: by the way will the tablet have a modem for 3g/4g?20:56
sledgesalin: nope20:57
* sledges afks a bit20:57
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stephgright, bed time; good night folks, happy hacking and catch you in the morning21:15
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iKozzzIs there known issue about "Can't change earphone volume during call" ??21:25
iKozzzdevice hammerhead21:27
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sledgesiKozzz: check , not been brought up here21:47
alinlpotter: the other sensor you may know about... the nfc sensor21:48
aliniKozzz: for sure worked in past...21:48
aliniKozzz: I know was leaking music in calls at one moment...21:48
iKozzzalin: also i need to fix vibration daemon. It's only vibrate once at call start and once at the end.21:50
iKozzzbut it's a general issue i think21:50
aliniKozzz: why shall vibrate during call?21:51
*** beidl_ <beidl_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:51
aliniKozzz: never had a phone that vibrate during the call... is this some over 18 version?21:52
iKozzznot to miss the call21:52
aliniKozzz: I see you mean during the ring21:52
iKozzzuntil you hang up ofcourse)21:52
iKozzzalin: i tried to edit config file but without success21:54
*** beidl <beidl!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)21:55
sledgesiKozzz: you need to receive the type of event and apply different delay21:55
sledges(duration of vibration)21:55
iKozzzalin: so it's deeper than i thought. I used the one in the running system21:56
aliniKozzz: now I will call myself to see if vibrates21:57
alinsledges: someone commented that hears the crassking but none in here21:59
alinsledges: it may be someone who is on the wrong image21:59
sledgesalin: ask 'em22:00
sledgesalin: what fixed that?22:00
sledgesiKozzz: ffmemless.ini is inside qt5-feedback-haptics-ffmemless22:00
aliniKozzz: you are right mine does not vibrate at all22:01
aliniKozzz: despite vibrate always22:01
alinsledges: do you know who did the soundtrack for the ringtone?22:01
sledgesOpening music composed by Petri Matara (Volume productions Helsinki Oy).22:03
alinsledges: sounds good... has something from i am x22:03
alinsledges: that is a good video22:04
alinsledges: short and many versions22:04
sledgesand 3yo UI :D22:05
iKozzzalin: about bug 798, it's image you gave me22:07
merbotNemo bug 798 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead] sound cracks when screen on and sensors working" [Normal,New]
alinsledges:  you know is like wine22:07
aliniKozzz: strange I do not have it anymore...22:07
aliniKozzz: what are you playing?22:07
iKozzzalin: play mp3 and cover proximity sensor22:08
aliniKozzz: ok you may be right... i hear one faint crack22:09
aliniKozzz: but not continuous as in the past22:09
iKozzzalin: it crack untill screen fading from bright to darken22:10
iKozzzalin: try to put your finger to sensor few times and you'll see22:12
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iKozzzbye! o/22:17
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* sledges flogs off22:48
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klopsi-u3cya sledges22:52
*** alin_ <alin_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:58
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yangmhow's the battery on nexus 5? thinking about using as my daily driver23:09
sledgeswithout SIM card it lasted 1 week on moderate usage (checking emails etc)23:15
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yangmuh... why can't I run android apps on my sailfish?23:37
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